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Celebrities / Re: “divorce Is Allowed In The Bible” – Daddy Freeze Says; Quotes Bible Verses by kulobyno: 7:00pm On Nov 23, 2021
Business / Re: 10 Storey Building Constructed Under 2days in China [video] by kulobyno: 8:50am On Jun 22, 2021

This are mainly due to structural integrity
This are things China hide from the world
Presently they have a nuclear plant leakage
And pretending it's all OK, for the fact that it's Only US that can fix it, not even France who built it
And Russians can't,
China is doing very well for its self but its most for the outer beauty not the inner durability

Bro I think you are being somewhat speculative here. Read about the nuclear plant issue here and discover there's no issue there that the partnering countries cannot fix.

No one is saying China is all perfect but the rate at which they are going is such that has been giving not only the US but the entire imperial Western countries sleepless nights. Talks about China dominated the G7 summit. In the last months of Trump's Tenure, Pompeo had to tour many Asian countries to campaign against China. The truth is that the west don't like rivalry especially from countries they consider inferior.


Science/Technology / Re: China Becomes Second Nation To Plant Flag On The Moon After U.S by kulobyno: 11:12am On Dec 05, 2020
Foreign Affairs / Re: Only 3 Percent Of Americans Believe Trump Beat Biden by kulobyno: 11:24am On Nov 11, 2020
Only Nigerian fools support someone they have nothing to benefit from

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Science/Technology / Re: China Sends World's First 6G Test Satellite Into Orbit (video) by kulobyno: 2:45pm On Nov 07, 2020
Oh goodness. Some are still arguing speculatively about 5G. Most countries havnt even made up their minds whom to award the 5G contract and these ones are already testing 6G. No wonder US is very uneasy when their hear about their technological prowess.

Lalasticlala mynd44 oya push am. This is not celebrity and snake trash

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Foreign Affairs / Re: China To Inveest $400 Billion In Iran by kulobyno: 6:49pm On Jul 24, 2020
Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic Celebrates Her 45th Birthday Today. by kulobyno: 6:49pm On Jul 12, 2020

Not everyone is like you that needs to fvck or you will loose your mind and hence need to get married. Marriage is for people like you who can't live without sex. There are other ways of having companionship without marriage and without having to be a sex slave to the one you're married to.

If you can't live without sex, get married. Otherwise, the single life is sweet and peaceful. Many married Nigerians have sexually transmitted diseases which they caught from their philandering spouses anyway but they won't admit it. Most married Nigerians are STD walking corpses! Argue with your ancestors cool
Eeya. No be me frustrate you nah neither I'm I the reason your miserably single. It's obvious you are the victim of the std. Well take heart. I wish you quick healing. Meanwhile bitterness won't help you.
Religion / Re: Ancestral Curse- What Sin Did Our Forefathers Commit That Whitemen Didn't Commit by kulobyno: 6:45pm On Jul 12, 2020
Nairaland / General / Re: Nigerian Youth, Don't End Up Like This Boy by kulobyno: 4:52pm On Jul 12, 2020

It took a lot of difficulty to read and understand your English. Your diction is below poor. Your conveyance of meaning is barely mediocre. Your thought process is a shame to behold. People should read to be enlightened, but reading your statements seem to make people dumber. I have sieved your words, and they are all like chaff. I will have no choice but to throw all you've said away to the dust bin, they are unfit for purpose. My advice to you is to train yourself properly, read books to enlighten yourself. You will become brighter when you read a lot instead of spending your days becoming a disciple of Naira Marley who has nothing worthwhile to offer sensible people. I know it's hard, but if you try hard and don't give up, one day you will become bright and smart, and then I won't need to explain to you how worthless Naira Marley is to a youth. grin grin
How I wish you made sense.
Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic Celebrates Her 45th Birthday Today. by kulobyno: 4:15pm On Jul 12, 2020

Just look at what you've got here.
Do you think everyone wishes to get married? Some are single and happy! Not every woman feels good about marriage. Stop generalizing things.
For the records the ladies that say evil about marriages are :

Ugly ladies,

Those who have been used and dumped by several men,

Those that got married for the wrong reasons

Those that married another person's husband.

Gold digging bitches that dug up ashes instead of "gold"
Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic Celebrates Her 45th Birthday Today. by kulobyno: 3:54pm On Jul 12, 2020
there's an inner pain that anyone who ends up with you or anyone like you will feel as well, las las marriage no go save everybody from inner pain.

married people even get it worse because now they are trapped, some even die in the process. either from physical attacks from their partner or emotional problem that comes with the relationship. so chill, if a single woman is sad doesn't mean getting married is their solution.
Sister why are you taking it personal nah. No be me frustrate you nah. Don't lose hope yet, you could be lucky in the next Shiloh.
Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic Celebrates Her 45th Birthday Today. by kulobyno: 3:51pm On Jul 12, 2020

You sound depressed!...If every body wanted marriage Oprah winfrey with all her money wouod hv gotten married!! Even in the time of Jesus ,it was stated thag not every one will marry. Don't let your pain be a determinant for some1 else's pain.
How marvelous it sounds when unlucky broke and frustrated single ladies quickly console themselves with the single status of Oprah Winfrey. Eeya
Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic Celebrates Her 45th Birthday Today. by kulobyno: 1:55pm On Jul 12, 2020

Unmarried women are the healthiest and the happiest: professor

Single ladies – the secret to happiness may never be putting a ring on it.

Women who are never married and don’t have children are the most content and outlive their married counterparts, according to Paul Dolan, a behavioral science professor at the London School of Economics.


Cry me a river ... grin
Why do we have to cite the personal opinion of a masturbating professor to counter nature. Find your own man, marry for the right reason, you will enjoy life better.


Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic Celebrates Her 45th Birthday Today. by kulobyno: 11:42am On Jul 12, 2020

I have actually met more married women in pain and regret than single ones of the same middle age or older... If marriage were that fulfilling why is divorce rate way over the roof??! Why are married women seriously outdoing men in infidelity??!...

Honestly, if I wasn't disciplined and principled with regards to sex, I would have more sexcapades with married women than single.

Bottom line, while marriage brings fulfillment to some women and men, it brings the exact same opposite to others... Everyone should be true to himself, and not following a dumb societal bandwagon.

So, yes... Marriage is not Everything!!! tongue

Bro everything in life needs special attention and care: Career, business, jobs. If you fail to administer proper care then be ready to tell a tale of woe.

For the fact that you encountered people who got married for the wrong reasons or people that refused to nurture their marriages and feeling disgruntled or are suffering the consequences doesn't mean that one should concede to the fallacious assertion that "marriage is not everything"
God made meant us to have life partners.


Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic Celebrates Her 45th Birthday Today. by kulobyno: 11:14am On Jul 12, 2020
Forget the camera smile and packaging. There's inner pain that an aging single lady suffers. The pain grows as she gets older. Forget the "marriage is not everything" and liberated woman bulshit. They all deny it publicly. When you are close to one you will understand her pain.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Nigerian Youth, Don't End Up Like This Boy by kulobyno: 4:57pm On Apr 28, 2020

Knock yourself on the head 7 times and in the morning go outside, kneel down and raise up your hands under the sun for 2hours as punishment for this nonsense you just typed up there! You are a disgrace to me and your mother!
You mean you want to talk about you mother who cannot give account of whose condom failed out of the many slowpoke "things" that has been laying her. Since the your supposed slimy father is a sorry to behold. I dedicate your future insults to your entire household and generations existing and unborn. Anu ofia. You better start insulting you generations now.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Countries With More Than 80% Recovery by kulobyno: 1:01pm On Apr 28, 2020
USA now has over one million cases and more than 56,000 deaths and counting.

Why don't they make use of the same measures that other countries deployed rather Trump bickering on everything.


Nairaland / General / Re: Nigerian Youth, Don't End Up Like This Boy by kulobyno: 1:22pm On Apr 26, 2020
At the rate Nigerian youths are following empty vessels like Naira Marley up and down, this type might not be too far down the road in Nigeria undecided
I am not a fan of any music artist or entertainer but I Marcel at the way people wake up and easily condemn others. Can you explain how Naira Marley is an empty vessel. Someone whose music and life style is popular not only in Nigeria but in many African countries at least.
Can you prove that you earn better than him. That is if you have a job apart from free judging achievers in social media.
He has directly and indirectly created job opportunities for many. Pls state your hustle let's compare with his.
Foreign Affairs / Re: ₦14Million: Russia Develops World Deadliest Sniper Rifle, Over 2 Miles Range by kulobyno: 9:03am On Apr 15, 2020
That's what they think. America is always years ahead of them but they won't loud it until you try and see and believe
Why is Corona virus dealing with them so mercilessly to the height of them begging for assistance from med workers in shit hole countries whereas asslickers like you before now were boasting that the US has an anti Bio weapon technology that can disinfect US atmosphere in matter of hours. Smh
Health / Re: Can Masturbation Ever Make A Man Infertile Or Have Low Sperm Count? by kulobyno: 7:54am On Mar 17, 2020
you say what I can send you my pics and you can't do jack.... keep supporting masturbation you hear

Dear Mr. Yankee Wannabe. I don't have to insult or curse people before I oppose their views. It only portray the aggressor as a lowlife, morally bankrupt and inferior.
Health / Re: Can Masturbation Ever Make A Man Infertile Or Have Low Sperm Count? by kulobyno: 7:44am On Mar 17, 2020
You’re a man of the world. And you know what sad shape the world is in.... Poor illiterate... Keep masturbating and you will die soon with abject poverty !!! Foooooooooool 101
Don't be quick to curse so you won't be cursed. You are not God and no one is answerable to another.
No one holds the key to the heart of God. The way people carry another man matter for head. Well it's a faceless forum so everyone can say rubbish and get away with it.
Politics / Re: Mohammed Isah: Ugwuanyi’s Commitment To Our Goal Exceptional by kulobyno: 9:36am On Mar 12, 2020

I have not sold my soul bro. Stop yarning trash all over social media. Which government does work in every sector. How many years is Enugu in existence? Why have previous government not finished all the works? How many people in your family have u impacted their lives?

There are a lot you guys who have formed the habit of criticizing government for any frivolous reason.

Why not criticize constructively? Must everything attract criticism? Is it bad that the governor asked his appointees to declare their assets? Is the bad that he is the only state governor that have done so? Bro grow up abeg.
Who's this one again. What is he saying.
Are you sure you have been to Enugu let alone knowing Enugu.

90% of Enugu indigenes and residents are badly disappointed with the Governor.

The only development in Enugu are billboards of the governor. Damn too bad
Celebrities / Re: Nigeria Girls Come & See, Jennifer Lopez, 50, Flaunts Her Stunning Figure In Bra by kulobyno: 7:04pm On Mar 05, 2020
Wow she looks like she's in her 30s.

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Autos / Re: 4 Months Used 2007 Toyota Avalon XLE For 1.750m with thumb start by kulobyno: 3:30pm On Feb 20, 2020

So u have not seen Tokunbo vehicles without logos?have u not seen people selling their vehicles without their plate numbers on order for them to use on another vehicle,if u have nothing reasonable to say ,go to another thread ,I don’t have time to rubbish
Toyota Avalon XLE LIMITED?

Ok sir

Crime / Re: Yahoo Boys Killed Dagan Laetitia Naankang, Burnt Her Body - Guardian by kulobyno: 8:38am On Feb 20, 2020
Politics / Re: Enugu Youths Honour Ugwuanyi With Leadership Excellence Award by kulobyno: 9:27am On Feb 17, 2020
The truth is that God will one day punch all the sycophants and propagandists in our precious Enugu State being lead by a non performing Governor.

Pensioners in Enugu State are yet to be paid their monthly stipends since over a year now.

Our Governor is not paying attention to the whole of Enugu Metropolis neither can he hold claim to any tangible project in other Local Governments Areas outside Nsukka Axis

All the roads in Uwani, Kenyetta Road, the whole of Idaw River Layout (umuchu, Mount, Ikiriki, Omachiana, Ozalla) as well as the road to the residential settlement behind Guru Maharaji (Aria Road) are amongst the worst, look at the whole Achara Layout: Awkunanaw Street, Etudo, Obianodo, Igbariam, Ubaka to mention but a few.

I don't want to talk about the roads in Abakpa or the ones in Emene but remember to wear diving gears if you want to follow Annunciation HOSPITAL road or Sooil Plaza Road.
One-Day road is terribly in deplorable condition so are all adjoining roads in their respective axis.

All the link roads from Enugu-PH express are terrible: the road linking the express to and from Amaechi flyover, the road linking Enugu - PH express to and from Ugwuaji fly over, Ugwuaji road is death trap, Oji River link road to Enugu - Onitsha Express to mention but a few.
Almost all the primary and secondary schools in the state are in deplorable condition.
The State Library before Ogbete is a house of rodents and hudlums.. His predecessors left high standards that he has never come close to making a match.

Sullivan did marvelously well, look at Akwatta in Ogbete, a right thinking Governor should have made it a priority to complement Sullivan's achievements on the road by doing something to the two roads leading to and from the market knowing fully well that the place contributes considerable quota in IGR of the state. Same goes to the industrial layout at Red Cross Road at Holy Ghost and the defunct Industrial Estate at Zik Avenue after First Bank before MTN office.

Rural Communities like Ogulogu in Ezeagu, Iwollo etc will believe that Christ's second coming will happen more quickly than their roads receiving government attention.

He knows he has done nothing commensurate with the funds the state is receiving from federal government that's why he spends a lot on image laundering.

Attn: babygiwa, chinwe1960, technuel, MANNABBQGRILLS netoc65, StateNews, Gboy101 and many others.

We know lots of you are doing your jobs as paid propagandists and image launderers. The hustle is real and unemployment rate is high but be mindful of the fact that everyone is well aware of his non performance. We are aware that you people pay your way to Frontpage in Nairaland.

Some even make the mods to hide or ban opposing views all in the name of hustle.
No be una fault sha but u people should know that Enugu State has never had it this bad and no condition is permanent

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Family / Re: I Hit My Wife by kulobyno: 10:13am On Dec 16, 2019

Your 1 and 2 is mature!
The rest aren't!

Physical abuse ALWAYS start with a single Slap/hit/push and the cycle never end.

Physical abuse must never be hidden. It must be exposed with all vigour. This first episode shouldn't lead to divorce but I think the wife is on track showing the seriousness of the consequence of such actions.

Should the wife also have provoked the husband by verbal assaults!? NO!
Whatever made you think you are in the position to tell me which of my opinion is mature and which is not.

My in laws can't run my home. My wife can't manipulate me if she's ready for marriage then we continue if she isn't then we part for peace.
Family / Re: I Hit My Wife by kulobyno: 10:12am On Dec 16, 2019
Marriage is not about EGO.... Both the wife and husband were wrong and any reckless decision will affect the 7 months old baby
She's the one with Ego problem. She was adamant to apologies and OP's effort to avoid her until she earned a slap then she went to sleep. What was she hoping to achieve when she was shouting and following him up and down.

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Crime / Re: Man Stages Fake Accident, Fleeces Woman Of N1.2m Hospital Bill In Osun by kulobyno: 10:06am On Dec 16, 2019

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