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Politics / Re: Why I Approved Redesign Of Naira Notes Locally – Buhari by kutashi: 2:26pm On Nov 23
Don't mind those 'didinrin'!
They've been crying since!
Most people criticizing the look of the new notes have no idea why the redesign was even done in the first place. They think the purpose is to make it look like the dollar.
Business / Re: Naira Redesign Won't Reduce Inflation Or Strengthen Naira by kutashi: 3:09pm On Nov 08
Don't mind the twitter Economist!

It actually would reduce inflation and strengthen the naira..

If you have over N2tr unaccounted for in the economy, redesign would force that out either into the commerce/economy or making the banks liquid..

The scramble for the new designed naira for restock both for ongoing campaigns and re-oiling the nation would see a less demand for dollar which reduces the rates.. so in essence, there is likely to be an imminent crash on the greenback sometimes between December and January..

It was a good move...
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: Mercedes-benz To Leave Russia, Sells $2b Plant by kutashi: 7:01am On Oct 27

I am actually disappointed as well....I just don't know why they are fighting like they are afraid of Ukraine despite d amount of hate d country is showing them...if they did 'shock & awe' like NATO usually does, dis shyt would have being over a few months back...NATO sees how soft Russia is in this conflict, dats why they keep pouring weapons in...I like Russias new general better grin

All his doing is a strategy! They thought he will finish the war quickly in matter of weeks (3-4 weeks Max) and now castigate Russia for life but they stupidily divulge their strategy by showing they want to cancel and annihilate Russia.

Hence, the slow war which eating up the west economy and media propaganda! Every intelligence know Russia is playing! And the long the war drags on, the higher the cost for both sides.

The funniest part to me is the mumu media propaganda, one day, they will tell us, how elite in Kremlin is angry how Putin is too lenient to the war because they have capacity to inflict maximum damage than their present results and the next day, they will tell us how counteroffensive is claiming lands than Russia grin
When it's obvious! Every where they claimed to have gotten back was direct order to withdraw! Kherson, Mauriopul and zapo.. is clear sign they withdrawn at will and fight where they don't want to leave!

Matlock, a former US ambassador to old USSR said that "The reality is that if the war continues Russia is capable of damaging Ukraine more than Ukraine can damage Russia without risking a wider war". And that exactly, what's happening!

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Business / Re: Old Currencies To Expire 31/01/2023 - Emefiele (Video) by kutashi: 5:09pm On Oct 26
Still doesn't change the fact that the Naira is completely useless to the Dollar under this moroniic administration.

“Goat na Goat, if you like wear am Gucci go London, na still Goat.”

And confirmed! You're a goat! Do you know what his trying to do? It is one of ways to address the issue you raised!

School! You won't go! Only to come here, demonstrating your stupidity!
Family / Re: Seven Major Causes Of Divorce In Nigeria by kutashi: 7:31pm On Oct 24
SAPA should also be on the list. Most women are only there when there’s something to gain. Either financially, materially, or connect. The moment these things are no longer available, they move on to another person.
What of you? Aren't you preparing to SAPA or already 'SAPAed' because nothing for you gain here!
Business / Re: Pos Transaction Problem by kutashi: 5:09pm On Oct 24
Absolutely well said!
Bulk of scamming has now being redirected through those wallet nonsense!
Listen to me carefully everybody. If you’re a POS agent or operate a POS outlet, NEVER EVER ACCEPT TRANSACTIONS (inflow or outflow) FROM NIGERIANS using OPAY, PALMPAY or KUDA BANK ACCOUNTS.

Those accounts are the primary accounts of YAHOO BOYS. They are mainly used to divert fraudulent attention away from their mainstream Bank Accounts.

If any of your customers cannot transact with their mainstream Bank Accounts (e.g First Bank, GTBank, Access Bank, UBA e.t.c)

Tell them to fvck off - otherwise, you’ll land yourself or your business in big trouble.

If I’m doing any transactions with anybody and the person dares mention OPAY or KUDA, I immediately block them off and tag them scammers.

95% of every Nigerian (especially from this current generation) has an active genome of fraud, scam & wickedness in their DNA.

Yahoo Boys are free to masturbate on my mention.
Business / Re: Pos Transaction Problem by kutashi: 5:06pm On Oct 24

Make u contact your banker. Write a statement through email to document your story, copy CBN too.
Op should just do this! I am telling you, this will take care of your headache.
Foreign Affairs / Re: World Reacts As Missiles Rain Explosions On Ukrainian Cities by kutashi: 12:47pm On Oct 12
You a decorated MuMu! Infact "OMN"
What a stupid comparison!

And go and read very US has done more than that and they will give you justification for doing it

The mumus supporting Putin on this thread, here is an illustration;

How will you feel if China wakes up one day to take over Nigeria because of our continuous loan from them?

If the west decides to give us reliefs by telling us to join an organization for us to be debt free, the federal government agrees to join, but China insists on the take over, and China decides to fight us and bomb our country, you fools will be the first to cry because you are at the receiving end, seeing other countries supporting and cheering China simply because they hate the west, how will you feel?


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Caption This Photo Of President Putin & Other World Leaders Together (Photos) by kutashi: 4:52pm On Sep 16
But I wonder how they communicate, is it in English?
Translator is always by the president side or back depending on the sitting arrangements.

As one is speaking, the translator will be translating it to the president and the translator at the other will be interpreting it likewise. So it will look like they understood each other.

Very funny when you are closed to them. Imagine someone speaking Hausa and the other speaking Yoruba and getting along quiely!

And in a situation where one speaks the language of the other, only one translator will be active but they will make a public address in their country's official Language.


Politics / Re: FG Slams ASUU, Insists On No-Work-No-Pay Policy by kutashi: 4:34pm On Sep 04
Someone said ASUU is asking for ransome using students academic life as hostage

They are Yahoo Yahoo professional!
Abi what make them different from Yahoo Boyz!

Barawo! They want to collect money they didn't work for.
Politics / Re: 4 APC Leaders, Thousands Of Supporters Dump Party For PDP In Zamfara by kutashi: 2:47pm On Sep 03
What are the names of the ''thousands of supporters"
Don't mind them! I swear! They are nonentity in Zamfara politics as of today!
Education / Re: Project Supervisor Leaves His Students In Confusion As He Relocates Abroad by kutashi: 10:08am On Sep 03
The implications of all these needless strikes will be visible 10-20 years from now
Visible in what sense?
Are those graduated claiming unemployed, employable?

Those employable don't know there essence of the course studied in the University or institution of their higher learning!

If each known the essence of what each studied, you wouldn't need looking for work!

And if you're thinking of Labour shortage which I doubt it will ever happen in Nigeria, all you need is to relax your immigration policy which luckily for Nigeria, our country is a professional in loosening our immigration policy!
Health / Man Diagnosed With HIV, Covid-19, And Monkeypox All At Once – Report by kutashi: 7:43pm On Aug 24
According to the Journal of Infection, this is the first known case in which the three viral diseases concurred in one individual
An Italian man has been diagnosed with HIV, Covid-19, and monkeypox simultaneously – the first known case of the concurrence of these three viral diseases, the Journal of Infection has reported.

According to an article published by the medical outlet last Friday, the 36-year-old male spent five days in Spain in June this year, developing a fever accompanied by a sore throat, fatigue, and a headache nine days later. A subsequent test yielded a positive result for Covid-19. To make matters worse, a rash appeared on the patient’s left arm soon thereafter, with small, painful vesicles spreading across the man’s body in the following days.

The man sought medical help and was hospitalized in an infectious diseases unit. The patient told doctors that he had had “condomless intercourse with men” during his sojourn in Spain.

Taking into account the appearance of pustules indicative of monkeypox, samples of the liquid contained in the vesicles were sent to be tested for the virus and came back positive as well.

Subsequent tests were carried out to check if the individual was infected with viral hepatitis, herpes simplex, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and lymphogranuloma venereum. None of these sexually transmitted diseases were identified. However, an HIV-1 test did come back positive.

Despite the combination of the dangerous diseases, the treatment administered by Italian doctors saw the patient recover relatively quickly, with visible signs of monkeypox disappearing almost completely within ten days.

The doctors noted that, given the scarcity of evidence, it is hard to tell at this point if this combination of viruses necessarily aggravates a patient’s condition.

The article points out that, given the rapid spread of monkeypox and the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, doctors worldwide should be aware of how the symptoms of these two diseases can overlap and co-exist. The authors also stressed that medical professionals should take note of a patient’s “sexual habits” and travel history. If someone tests positive for monkeypox, a complete screening for other sexually transmitted infections is recommended, the piece concludes.

Sourced from: https://www.rt.com/news/561469-simultaneous-monkeypox-covid-hiv-case/

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Politics / Re: APC Governors, Stakeholders Mull Adamu’s Replacement by kutashi: 10:41am On Aug 13
Party leaders push for Christian replacement, religious balancing

NWC fixes emergency NEC meeting for September

Nobody even asked for source of news! "APC matter kee u"
Politics / Re: Assessing Buhari’s Economic Outcome Vs Obasanjo, Yaradua & Jonathan (Pix Video) by kutashi: 5:29pm On Aug 11
Jesus Christ!!

Pdp 16 years of rule external debt no reach buhari 7 years!

This country don finish..

And in 16 year of PDP, you have a train or compare the km of road constructed! The gains from the Agricultural sector!

Most of didinrin on this platform with virtually-nothing-good-to-think-of will not be able to look beyond the nonsense comparison.

For instance, looking at external reserve saved up by PMB along with negative index should tell you, more info is needed!

How much generated under Jonah and what was done as well as how much saved up?

Winter is coming! When it will be tedious for the idiot and sense will not non sense among you!

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Politics / Re: FG Procures Technology To Monitor, Prevent Grid Collapse by kutashi: 2:46pm On Aug 11
Technology wey people wey dey sabotage the grid will still goan steal......

If people can wake up nd goan be stealing full Transformer so wetin no fit happen...

Steal technology? Are you here at all? That means internet can be steal from your Phone!

Is it by force you must criticise? Junk criticism has eaten better part of you

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Is Pork Haram? by kutashi: 8:09pm On Jul 22

. Simply because in the desert region the pigs use and demand for water is more complex than ruminants.

Pigs can't also survive in a hot environment hence no desert tribe would encourage its breeding hence its inclusion in jewish anf Islamic texts.

However nowadays using technology its easier to rear pigs in hot climates

These are the reasons why you should stop eating pork meat immediately:

1.Excreta: Pigs eats eat their own faeces, decaying animals and other pigs' cancer cells. They even drink their own urine.

2. Pigs do not sweet, this means that the sweet goes back into their flesh. You can imagine!

3. Pigs are extremely poisonous that it hardly dies when fed with poison

4. Pigs absorbs toxic elements very well, which makes them poisonous.

5. People that keep pigs allow them to fight with snakes because snake bites can not kill them.

6. The dead body of a pig is eaten faster by maggots more than any other animal's dead bodies.

7. No matter how you cook pork meat, the poison is still there. Can't you see?

8. Pork meat contains a lot of fast, which is unhealthy to human beings.

9. Pigs have about 30 diseases which they can transfer to human brings. Diseases like, Arthritis, Permanent hall bladder, Gastritis etc. This is one of the reasons why Allah commanded Muslems not to even touch the carcass.

After reading all these, I presume you stay away from pork meat, it tastes good and sweet but does more harm than good. It doesn't worth it, truly. There are other meats in the market that are good for consumption. Eat from those meats and stay clear from Pork meat.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Reshuffles Cabinet, Swears In Seven New Ministers by kutashi: 10:37pm On Jul 06
Mention the mess! Were tutu!
Buhari should be ashamed of himself for plunging Nigeria into this unprecedented mess.

Making new appointments won't help his ineptitude and cluelessness
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia & China's Nuclear Bombers Encircles Japan During Joe Biden Visit (Photos) by kutashi: 7:10am On May 25
And how many days it to US to return Taliban?
Stop supporting any side! All sides will lose! And this time, it could be everything!

Stop being a Russian puppet, it is not hidden news that Russia military is not modernize..
Almost a hundred days of war in Ukraine they still haven't gotten 100 percent air supiority..
You can't compare USA military with Russia they no be mate..
Russia that is facing logistics problems in their backyard and can't even move troops in around Ukraine I wonder how the will project power to aid China in avent of a war in the pacific..
Read about the USA navy blockade of Cuba.
Just one carrier group in the black sea


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia & China's Nuclear Bombers Encircles Japan During Joe Biden Visit (Photos) by kutashi: 6:43am On May 25
This is it! Wonderful!
Russian didn't went in to fight in the first phase. In fact, they went in thinking there will be no resistance and this fight is largely propaganda based especially on the side of Ukraine.

They are now experiencing what Russia ought to have done and what they can actually do! The Oponu UK (un)intelligence will be giving stupid and useless assessment every day and as the music change, they changed their tune as well!

The sane people should just intervene or West come back to her senses as soon as possible to end the madness because Putin is too strategic, calculative and timely to lose any battle not to talk of war.

It's just laughable and it shows those who have no clue about the military and warfare. Logistics problem is part and parcel of warfare and no military can avoid it during war hence no army goes through war unscath. The Nazis who were the greatest military force in human history with technology more advanced that their time lost WW2 due to logistics problems. Allied Forces during the highly overhyped and excessively celebrated Normandy landings in western history took disastrous losses due to logistics problems. So, having logistics problem during military maneuvers is as normal as being in the military itself - it's about how you regroup and mitigate against it, which the Russians have done during the 2nd phase of the war.

US also had a lot of logistics problems in Iraq and Afghanistan hence a lot of their regular forces and special forces were killed in ambushes. It's also the reason why insurgency was very effective against them in both countries. And these countries aren't on Ukraine's level. Iraq is half the size of Ukraine and it was already demilitarised with arms embargo for a decade since most of Iraqi weapons were of US origin (the US propped-up Sadam to fight Iran and turned on him after that). Almost all of Iraqi lethal weapons were grounded because they couldn't get parts due to US emgargo. So the US attacked when Iraq couldn't even fight and all of Sadam's generals and their troops didn't fight because they thought the US would give them power once they get rid of Saddam. And once that didn't happen - they started the insurgency that broke the US' back, hence people tend to call the Iraqi insurgency the real US-Iraq war. As for Afghanistan: the country had no military and they're basically tribal goat herding militias with AK47 and RPGs. Evidently, none of these two countries had any army, if we're being honest. Ukraine (the 2nd biggest country in Europe) on the other hand had the largest army in Europe (only 2nd to Russia before the war) that was trained for 8yrs by NATO and was supplied the most sophisticated weapons.

The logistics problems Russian forces faced during the initial phase of this campaign were actually exaggarated due to this being arguably the first global war that happened during the social media era where you can see everything in real time and a lot of it is also propaganda. Most of these logistics problems weren't even because the Russians were incompetent - it was mostly because they didn't go in with an intention to fight a war of attrition. They went in thinking Ukrainians wouldn't put up a fight and would try to save their cities. Then both can get to the negotiating table. Hence they invade with a smal number of combatants and kept matching without guarding their rear. And that's basically why those ambushes were successfully. However, since they moved on to phase 2 and put their feet down to fight - how come the exaggerated logistics problems disappeared?

LMAO @ CSG and MQ-9B like China and Russia don't have advanced EW that would jam those overrated interfaces. Small Iran captured a much more advanced US drone that's superior to MQ-9B, with EW, without breaking a sweat. Ever wondered why even American F-35 stopped going anywhere near Iran? Well, it's because Russia gave Iran radars that can detect them from far away and knock them out of the sky. Now, imagine what Russia and China would do to them. grin Some of you just throw out names without any understanding of what the other side has.

BTW, China just launched semi-submersible surface ships. Russia on the other hand has stealth Corvettes that are fully submersible - so they can go under water or act as surface ships. NATO countries including the US don't have those capabilities. And when it comes to EW - there's no match for Russia right now in the world. Something to ponder on apart from all the other advantages they have.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Nobody Will Steal Money Under My Watch As President Of Nigeria – Atiku by kutashi: 9:12am On May 15
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ben Wallace: Russia Running Out Of Weapons, Can Be Defeated By Ukraine by kutashi: 10:28am On May 10
Russian say Ukraine will fall in just six days, now it's 3months! If you ask me, everything is gearing towards Russian loosing this war because almighty Russian couldn't fall Ukraine in 90days yet she wants to fight NATO and Americans? That's suicidal

Pls, send the link where Russia said, Ukraine will fall in 6 day.

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Politics / Re: Lagos-Ibadan Highway For Inauguration Next Month — Federal Govt by kutashi: 6:35am On May 07
PDP Dundees will have another thing to say.

"Jonathan initiated it"

"Na him money he take do the road?"

" GEJ has paid for it since 1469"

" Same kilometres of road cost 80% less in Tanzania."

"Road that rain will soon wash away"

Islam for Muslims / Re: Beware Of Bid’ah: There Is Nothing Special In This Jumu’ah! by kutashi: 11:03am On May 06
I think you should change your heading. It is misleading!
Please note that this Jumu’ah (last Jumuah in Ramadan) is just like any other Jumu’ah of this blessed month. It is not, in any way, unique or special; and all narrations about its uniqueness, excellence or recommended acts of worship are spurious and fabricated. This bid’ah was introduced during the reign of heretic Fatimid of Egypt.

Here are just a few of those spurious narrations:
1. “Whoever performs the five obligatory prayers on the last Jumu’ah of Ramadhaan, they will atone for him whatever he missed of his prayers throughout that year.”

2. “Whoever missed obligatory prayers that he has lost the count of in his life should perform a special prayer in last Jumu’ah of Ramadaan. Whoever performs this prayer and makes this supplication will have his sins forgiven for four hundred years.” Thereupon ‘Ali said, “Four hundred years?!” The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) responded, “It is rather one thousand years!” The people said, “O Allaah’s Messenger, but a man lives for only sixty to seventy years. Who is then going to have the surplus reward?” He answered, “His parents, children, relatives and his town’s people.”

3. The format of this prayer is four rak’ahs in which Al-Faatihah and Surahs Al-Qadr and Al-Kawthar are recited 15 times in each rak’ah. After Tasleem, a supplication, which time would not permit us me to relate here, is then recited.

Imam Ash-Shawkaanee, in his book, Al-Fawaaid Al-Majmoo’ah, have this to say about this narration and its various versions, “It is very clear that this is a fabricated report. I could not find it even in the books in which spurious narrations are purposely compiled. However, it is popular among some people in San’aa who claim to have knowledge and many people act upon it; and I do not know who fabricated it for them. May Allaah disgrace the liars!”

Equally baseless are names given to the last Jumu’ah of Ramadhan such as ‘Jumu’atul- Qhadaa’, Al-Jumu’ah Al-Hazeenah’ or ‘Jumu’atul Fawaait’.

The only thing special about the last Jumu’ah of Ramadhaan is: Nothing is authentically reported about its specialness.
Wallaahu ta’aalaa a’lam.

Abdur-Raafi Al-Imaam
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Guardian View On Putin’s Nuclear Threats Russia Is Losing In Ukraine by kutashi: 10:12pm On Apr 30
His myopic supporters won't agree on this. They'd say it's western propaganda as usual. Before Ukraine was invaded, I rated this guy so high. He shouldn't have made that move to remain respected. Nations don't take him seriously anymore.

Give it another name if it's not Western propaganda! I swear, he's even rated more high than before! USA, France, US, low budget US (Canada), and the Forty something 'Local government-countries' against just one country! Despite the nuclear-economic Sanctions and he's not on his knee yet! All of dindinrin NATO/US/EU have resorted to arm twisting to enforce their sanctions!

Abeg! He's one of the blessed! The intelligence apparatus of those nations even respect him more. They are even learning on how to embark on friendly tactical attack!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Amsterdam Trade Bank, A Subsidiary Of Russia Alfa Bank Declares Bankruptcy by kutashi: 8:00pm On Apr 28
We're gidi tutu ni e!
So, Russia will not look for solution abi!
Wheat is a food source majorly used throughout the world and who & who are the major producer?
Lol! Death on the street! I swear! Your brain is malfunctioning!

2 months is enough to determine the extent of what is coming for them! Hope you're watching the TV?! They're complaining bitterly that Sanction is not working! Russia has passed this nonsense phase you people are walloing in.

Most asset seized abroad is Oligarchs asset and Russia has resource they will always need. Either you agree or not, EU unity is under serious threat! Can you see how many meeting has been held on banning Russian gas without a valid agreement.

You're still sleeping and at your age, emotion is controlling your life! Ask yourself, how many countries are against Russia? And yet no direction, they are going to 6th round of sanction! They are dindinrin like you!

Have you noticed lately that no more report of Russia casualties like before they aren't playing again even the western intelligence had seen the game has changed. But nincompoop like you still seeing red when everything is already white!
Russia have already survived a sanction that is still ongoing barely two months. OGA YOU ARE SENSELESS

When this stupid government (Buhari govt) came on board do we start experiencing the effect of his bad government? No. Infact, some zombies were still supporting him at the early stage. It took upto a year before hunger start cribbing in gradually and today hunger has forced many people hate the idiotic president. That's what is happening to Russia. They are still in their early stage, the impact may not be visible now, hence they are still supporting the invasion. Wait until the sanction has entered 6 months or one year and start seeing death on their Streets due to hunger, frustration and stagnation

Likwise, other country that are directly or indirectly affected by this Sanction in the next 6 to 1 year will stabilize and be totally free from the effect as they keep looking for solutions of their wants from other countries that can provide but Russia is dead with no good and economic viable country to run to.

China is their only strong Ally but unfortunately, China had been warned of severe consequences should they support Russia. If at all China must support Russia in one thing or the other, not in all things cos no country has it all, they will do so hiding, thus, the support won't be affective and they will soon get fed up with it. For how long can they continue to do so unless, trust China,, would give Russia a STRONG TERM if they must continue in that supports.
Politics / Re: I Was Never A Party To Any Northern Consensus Arrangement - Atiku by kutashi: 12:48pm On Apr 23
The northern elders forum are as toothless as the Afenifere of the southwest when it comes to barking. What happened yesterday therefore is an attempt to be politically relevant.

The general elections is between Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar the Turakin Adamawa.

Any other permutations is dead on arrival

No! The contest is between Ahmad Bola Tinny and Prof. Osibanjo! Whoever emerged is automatically the president of Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: I Was Never A Party To Any Northern Consensus Arrangement - Atiku by kutashi: 12:46pm On Apr 23
No! The contest is between Ahmad Bola Tinny and Prof. Osibanjo! Whoever emerged is automatically the president of Nigeria.
quote author=emperor863 post=112199001]The northern elders forum are as toothless as the Afenifere of the southwest when it comes to barking. What happened yesterday therefore is an attempt to be politically relevant.

The general elections is between Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar the Turakin Adamawa.

Any other permutations is dead on arrival[/quote]

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Amsterdam Trade Bank, A Subsidiary Of Russia Alfa Bank Declares Bankruptcy by kutashi: 8:29am On Apr 23
You can't explain how they can survive this sanctions. So that makes you a stupid Islamic terrorist Nigerian. move along pls you are too shalow in your mayopic thinking
What an idiot! You're one deluded nincompoop deprived of sound logic reasoning! You see how your life is fading? Is Islam your headache? Or what part of my response talked about religion? Why are disgracing your parent up and down? You're are really a 'regretted sperm'!

They already survived the sanction and that's what I was telling you! Ordinarily, with waves of sanction directed towards them, they supposed to be on their knees begging but reversed is the case!

What is happening to Russia and her response will become subject in major economics classroom for decades!

Yesterday, Boris said, there is "realistic possibility that Russia will win". Indonesia ban export of Palm oil yesterday to avoid shortage at home, Dangote was asked about shortage of Potash mainly imported from Russia and Ukraine (find out his response), cost are rising in EU countries, Also, a bank Affliated with Russia declared bankruptcy. Can you add up all these variables and tell me the meaning? The answer is no because I'm very sure you're more in confusion than earlier and what will be running through your mind is "what's this one saying?" because you lacked proper education.

Allah has sanctioned your life in many ways so, I don't need to add my own sanction to your woes because you will forever remain in that state!

Werey tutu! Arindin sweet John.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Amsterdam Trade Bank, A Subsidiary Of Russia Alfa Bank Declares Bankruptcy by kutashi: 8:23pm On Apr 22
By July this year Russians will be falling on the road dying of severe hunger and kwashiorkor. And some fools says Russia can survive this. How? pls come and explain to us how they will survive this

Dindinrin! Even those who sanctioned them are still puzzled! Are you aware the World Bank and IMF reviewed down the % of how Russia economy will shrink.

By now, they supposed to be in serious trouble and rouble supposed to worth shit than Ghana cedis but reversed is the case!

You're Mumu Nigerian, you think better than that!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Amsterdam Trade Bank, A Subsidiary Of Russia Alfa Bank Declares Bankruptcy by kutashi: 8:12pm On Apr 22
I thought they said these sanctions were audio grin

Are you OK? The citizens of EU is the casualty here. Or you're reading upside down. The Oligarchs partners will definitely have other means for fending for themselves! Or you think all depositors will get 100%!
Foreign Affairs / Re: EU Agrees To Pay For Russian Gas In Rubles Without Breaching Sanctions by kutashi: 7:42pm On Apr 22
Putin is a drowning man.

Germany has announced that it will stop buying Russia's gas by the end of this year, other European countries will follow suit and that despot in Moscow will have no leverage left

Oil not Gas! Check the % of oil they buy compare to the quantity of gas and coal!

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