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Nairaland / General / Anambra Airport To Begin Commercial Flights On The 30th Of October 2021 by laposki(m): 5:17am On Oct 27, 2021
Anambra International Cargo And Passenger Airport.

Ndi Anambra , behold your long awaited airport that past administrations upon administrations couldn’t actualize . Here comes a time in history even the opposition will not fail to tell their children.

Commercial Flights to begin on the 30th day of October 2021.

Politics / Anambra 2021 by laposki(m): 3:54pm On Apr 22, 2021
The time is here once again to correct our political errors, the error of voting the wrong person in the right party, the error of selling your votes and the many years of enslavement that comes with it, this is a correction we must make until we get it right . Anambra needs a Governor that will be people oriented and a Governor with a blueprint. Ndi Anambra have waited for long, this is another chance to decide the direction we want to go. “Zoning” is good because it gives all zones fairness but then , what is most important is having the best person as Governor irrespective of the zone. I will prefer a man from Anambra south that have the interest of the people at heart , but then, if a man from Anambra East can do better than the man from Anambra south, then I will vote for the man from Anambra East. However, political parties have a role to play in the performance of an elected Governor, it is important as we decide who becomes our Governor, we also decide the political party with a good ideology. We all have the records, let’s not make the same mistake we have made in the past. We as Anambrarians have the task of finding the right man in the right political party and not the right man in the wrong political party or the wrong man in the right political party .
Engr. Stanley Chidiebere Ezenwenyi
Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy: Farm Supervisor by laposki(m): 10:08am On Oct 04, 2020
A farm located in the industrial layout of Gwagwalada is looking for the following :

Apply on or before Friday , 9th October, 2020. Send applications via email to Chidiezesolutions@gmail.com
Being Gwagwalada resident is an advantage.

1. Farm Supevisor with experience in animal and crop farming.

Summary of job role :

Supervising of farm operations such as animal farming, crop cultivation, fruit and vegetable production .

Job description:

1. Inspect Animals like cows , goats , as well as birds such as Chickens.
2. Determine soil use and crop rotation.
3. Coordinate with administrators and research project leaders on work plans and programs.
4. Make recommendations for improvements , cattle care, land preparation, fertilizing, spraying , planting crops, cultivation and harvesting.
5. Inspect cattle ranch, greenhouse and other units.
6. Advise farm manager .
7. Make daily and timely report on equipments, materials and productions to farm manager, keep record and prepare an estimate of farm needs.
8. Recruit , train and supervise farm workers.

2. Farm Labourers with experience in animal husbandry.

3. Cleaners
Politics / Obiano Fights Obi by laposki(m): 5:24pm On Jan 25, 2019
It takes emotional intelligence to maintain equanimity during difficult times. Indeed my Governor and party leader of APGA is having a difficult time supporting his own party presidential candidate Gbor John Wilson Terwase . What is Gov. Obiano afraid of ? Why so much hate for Peter Obi his predecessor ? Why is Gov. Obiano not happy with the endorsement of ATIKU/OBI by OHANEZE ?
Why is Gov.Obiano allowing his personal rift with Peter Obi to interfere with the general decision of Ndigbo? It is rather sad that, while Nigerians and Ndigbo in particular are enduring the pains of a failed government under Buhari, and waiting patiently to vote their son in February 16th presidential election, the Executive Governor of Anambra state is busy fighting against the will of the people.

I am very sure that, out of the four hearts of Obiano, Ofu-obi is telling him that,what he is doing is totally against the collective will of the people.

Ezenwenyi Stanley . C
Crime / Alleged Fake Soldier On The Run by laposki(m): 9:36pm On Nov 06, 2018
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by laposki(m): 10:58am On Oct 19, 2018
Hello Laposki,
There's no contact number here. Kindly call me on 08108777611. Thanks

calling you right away.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by laposki(m): 10:16am On Oct 19, 2018
Please i need a good and hard working UberTaxify driver or a good known company that manages Uber/Taxify.
Politics / Because Obi Is Involved. by laposki(m): 4:04pm On Oct 13, 2018
Politics is indeed a game of uncertainty, and where two or more are gathered, decision taking is always political, which turns out to be the beauty of democracy. Some days ago, when the news of Atiku occupied the airspace, I was totally indifferent about his candidacy. I resolved not to campaign for him, but there is this utmost desire to democratically send Buhari back to Daura by using my voter’s card as a tool, and this sweet hunger of voting out Buhari is the type that can never be quenched unless fulfilled, so I wasn't fulfilled knowing that , there is every possibility of Buhari being in power till 2023. So I said to myself, that I will just work against Buhari/APC the best way I can without necessarily campaigning for Atiku/PDP. A decision that was popular across the country with some people already demonstrating this new political dimension on social media. Today, there this happiness in me that the great PETER OBI is involved. Okwute like we call him in our Anambra state is a man with a blueprint who believes in education and who knows how to make Nigeria work again. Here is a man that will help Nigeria save money and cut down cost of governance in Nigeria. The jubilation around the corners of Nigeria from the east to the west is a great sign of acceptance. Nigerians are looking forward to a presidential debate where both the presidential and vice presidential candidates will tell us what they have to offer.

Meanwhile it will be strange to end this without saying that Buhari has done more damage to this country than good. Buhari has failed Nigerians .

Ezenwenyi Stanley C.

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Politics / An Open Letter To Governor Willie Obiano Of Anambra State. by laposki(m): 8:57am On Jul 24, 2018
Your Excellency Sir,

A very Good morning to you. Thank you for piloting the affairs of Anambra state and giving Anambra state a facelift under your leadership.

I want to use this medium to call to your attention the ugly situation in Nkwozu located in Ezinifite town of Nnewi South Local Government Area (NSLGA). The lives and properties of my people are at high risk. Your Excellency, the Nkwozu erosion site in Ezinifite calls for urgent attention , as the contractor awarded with the contract is not equal to the task. Your Excellency Sir, I pray you to send your Commissioner of works Mr.Marcel Ifejiofor to visit the said site and give you feedback on the work so far, this will help you ascertain the quality of work that is ongoing in the erosion site. The good people of Ezinifite are crying out for help.

Your Excellency Sir, this is a clarions call on the “people's governor” to hearken to the cries of the good and peace loving people of Ezinifite Town. Everyday, my people sleep with one eye open, they wake up in the morning with fast heartbeats, waiting for the day the breaking news will be announced, the very bad news that can be avoided now. The good people of Ezinifite are praying for intervention , an intervention their Governor whom they gave their votes, can bring to Ezinifite town.
Your Excellency, we the people of Ezinifite will be glad to see a change of contractor in the site, to a better company that can handle the erosion of such magnitude as seen in Nkwozu. Ezinifite Town will enshrine your footprints on the sands of time if you avert this mishap that is about to befall the town.Your Excellency Sir, it might interest you to know that Ezinifite people are feeling neglected. Your intervention will change this feelings.

Your Excellency, I will conclude by a quote from my humble self "History never forgets a responsive leader, especially when the protection of lives and properties are involved . "

APGA member.
Politics / An Open Letter To Muhammadu Buhari By Ezenwenyi Stanley Chidiebere by laposki(m): 3:33pm On May 31, 2015
Now you are president of the federal republic of Nigeria, millions of Nigerians believe you will transform the economic growth of Nigeria, restore dignity in the mindset of foreigners, bring about rapid infrastructural development, end corruption, build refineries and finally bring about constant power supply. I went to Alaba International market yesterday the 30th day of May 2015 just a day after you took over the mantle of leadership and I was meant to understand that there has been power supply for some pretty hours and the man next to me said that Buhari is already working… your excellency, this shows that perhaps they think you are a magician because of your campaign promises, I remember you said Boko Haram will be a thing of the past within few weeks if you become president, a statement I have on video, so was awesomely embarrassed when your party APC denied you ever said that, Your Excellency sir, I was rather shamefully amazed when APC said you never said most of the things I have a video of you saying….i was also ironically disturbed that you said Goodluck Jonathan did not give you any useful hint just few days to your handover and yet you praised him on your inauguration day on how he cooperated in the transition process and you said “I would like to thank President Goodluck Jonathan for his display of statesmanship in setting a precedent for us that has now made our people proud to be Nigerians wherever they are. With the support and cooperation he has given to the transition process, he has made it possible for us to show the world that despite the perceived tension in the land we can be a united people capable of doing what is right for our nation. Together we co-operated to surprise the world that had come to expect only the worst from Nigeria. I hope this act of graciously accepting defeat by the outgoing President will become the standard of political conduct in the country.”
General Mohamadu Buhari (GMB) as we know you before the day you removed the title from your name, it may interest you to know that more than 15,424,921 Nigerians believe you can take this nation which is for now a definition of a failing state to the promised land where the dividends of democracy will be deposited at the door step of every Nigerian, regardless of religion, zone or tribe. If only you can fulfill just fifty (50) percent of your campaign promises in four (4) years, Nigerians will never forget you, please note that we do not want excuses. You and your party made lots of promises which seem impossible because we have known only bad governance which is a menace to our society as such the only disaster that can be likened to natural disaster experienced in other part of the world. I am sure you do not need empirical evidence (borrowed from Mrs Oby Ezekwesili) to say that Obasanjo, Tinubu, Atiku, Ameachi, Ngige, Saraki,Silva are corrupt, hence you will dare not probe them….meanwhile they are part of the problems we have today. Or did they turned holy because they are in your party unlike IBB and co ? Today as God may want it you are president of the federal republic of Nigeria, with all the powers bestowed on you which on the 29th day of May you started exercising by moving our military base to Borno state….hmmm, one may wonder if this is how you will be moving our military base, for instance if there is militancy in the Niger Delta, would you move the military base to Rivers or Delta state ? An answer to this question will clarify many facts. Your excellency sir, need I remind you that there were many campaign promises you made during your campaign? Well I believe you remember them because just few days after you were declared winner of the March 28th 2015 election you cried out to Nigerians that they should not expect a miracle, you never told them not to expect miracle during your campaign, so they saw you as the man with the almighty formula to solve Nigeria’s problem with the mantra CHANGE as the solution, even though I cried out that the CHANGE we need as a nation is different from what APC represents, they never listened and now we are here. Your excellency sir, were you not aware that our economy was and still is a shame when you were singing your campaign promises ? were you not aware that Nigeria was and still is in crisis during the campaign? Your excellency sir, the ugly but beautiful truth is that you were aware and you promised....so we will not accept any form of excuse. We the people will in the strongest term ever register our humble reminders in millions if need be. Mr President you must as a matter of no choice fulfill your campaign promises. Your excellency sir,remember the yardstick for good governance is not measured by the achievements of your predecessors. So we have already set a benchmark for your appraisal in 2019....we have started calculating your KPI sir. I pray for you to succeed because nothing can make me more happy than seeing a better Nigeria. So I will be glad if you disappoint me and about 12,853,162 Nigerians who voted for GEJ as against your 15,424,921 votes by delivering good governance. You have everything in your favour to succeed, highest number of states and lawmakers.
Mr President it may interest you to know that in 2011 I preferred you to GEJ even though I never voted for you nor for Jonathan then because I did not believe your stories, but somewhere along the lonely track of history mixed with reality I lost the trust I once had for you. I heard some of your utterances and I watched closely your body movement and your eyes, and they were saying different things, so I became confused. Most of my friends said you will fight corruption and I told them you will fight corruption to the best of your ability no doubt but I do not see you as the CHANGE we need because I saw your eyes saying you will fight corruption yet your mind was with them starting from Bola Tinubu,Rochas Okorocha,Bukola Saraki,Rotimi Ameachi, Olusegun Obasanjo, Atiku Abubakar, Chris Ngige and Timipre Sylva to mention but a few, so I asked my friend if you think this men are not corrupt ? He answered me and said “ I WONDER HOW GENERAL BUHARI WILL FIGHT CORRUPTION WITH THESE MEN SURROUNDING HIM,THEY WILL JUST BREAK HIS LEGS “ That was exactly what my friend said. Mr President if you really want to fight corruption then you must open the files of these men mentioned above, yes take us back to when they subjected this nation to hardship by using public fund.
Engr. Ezenwenyi Stanley Chidiebere

Politics / Why would obong of calabar try to stop the eze ndi igbo of calabar by laposki(m): 2:15am On Dec 11, 2005
find below an information on the issue...

Obong opposes Eze Ndigbo in C’ River

By Bassey Inyang

Correspondent, Calabar

The Obong of Calabar and grand patriarch of Efik kingdom, Edidem Nta Elijah Henshaw, has decreed against the plan by a section of Igbo people to create the office of Eze Ndigbo in Calabar or any part of Cross River State.

The monarch said the plan is an attempt to deliberately instigate communal chaos between members of the host community and Igbo resident in the state.

Henshaw said the move is a subtle way of conveying a message of disloyalty or divided loyalty to his person and office as Obong and to other traditional rulers in the state.

He made the declaration on Tuesday while addressing leaders and members of the Igbo community in Calabar that paid him a courtesy call in his palace.

To emphasise his descent to the plan, Henshaw ordered Emmanuel Ezenwenyi, a Calabar based businessman, to stop parading himself as ‘Eze Ndigbo (elect) Cross River State’.

The Efik monarch also ordered Ezenwenyi to stop using the term palace of Ezeigbo (elect) in his correspondence.

Most of the Me-Etubon (kingmakers) that were at the palace also echoed the sentiment of the Obong and declared that the move which was an indication of divided loyalty by Ezenwenyi who is an Ada Idagha ke Efik Eburutu will not be tolerated.

Both the Obong and the kingmakers said they had to react because Ezenwenyi had already written a letter to Governor Donald Duke, seeking government recognition as the Eze Ndigbo the state.

Henshaw said such a practice would never be accepted and advised Duke to disregard the letter.

The monarch said the only office recognised by his palace is the President-General of Igbo Community in Calabar, being held by Fidelis O. Onyebueke.

He warned that the Efik people would not accept the creation of a monarchy in Calabar or any part of the state by the Igbo or any guest community.

He said a similar attempt to create an ‘Oba of Calabar’ by the Yoruba people failed because the Efik fiercely resisted it.

The Obong, however, urged law abiding and peace loving members of the Igbo community to go about their normal businessed, as they would always enjoy the hospitable culture of their hosts.

Onyebueke, who spoke on behalf of the Igbo community Calabar, pledged the continued loyalty of Igbos living in Calabar to the Obong.

The president general noted that the reign of Henshaw has engendered social-re-engineering and psychological rebirth in the people, just as the period has witnessed the creation of an enabling environment for commerce and tourism to thrive in Calabar.

Onyebueke used the forum to appeal to the monarch and Efiks to provide more lands for members of the Igbo community who intend to build houses and reside in Calabar.

Apparently in veiled reference to the Eze Ndigbo controversy, Onyebueke used the forum to dissociate the Igbo community from the move.

His words: “Let us here and now assure the Obong and indeed the people of Calabar that our administration under my leadership has no room for mundane activities that are capable of jeopardizing the security of Ndigbo in this state and breach the peace.

“This administration therefore dissociates itself from any move directly or indirectly by any person or group of persons trying to challenge the sacred traditional institution of Cross River State, because our primary pursuit in Calabar is commerce. We are responsible citizens who respect the diverse cultures of our host communities. We hereby pledge our unalloyed loyalty to the Obong and indeed the people of Calabar”.

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