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Travel / Re: Dublin by linapeace(f): 1:28pm On Aug 17, 2008

@ Lina how many children do you have and will you be able to take care of your financial need unti you are able to secure a job? Being an EU citizen you can move in freely, look for job and continue with life. If knowing someone is the problem i can be of help, i reside in Ireland and can assist you with more info needed. Though i work full time i can still create some time to help out a little bit. If you are serious and sincere i can offer you a room for 2 weeks for free after which you have to get a place. My cousin(UK citizen), just moved over to Ireland from UK he got a job a week after he moved here, he stayed in my house for a month and has now got a place for himself u can reach me on ayo.ayomikun@yahoo.ie

HI ayomikun, i have written you two mails but havent got any reply yet, pls i would like you to reach ma at nneibe@yahoo.com
i will like us to be in full contact pls.
Travel / Re: Dublin by linapeace(f): 4:02pm On Aug 13, 2008
Thanks so much ayomikun , i have already sent u a mail, am so happy that good kindhearted people like u still exist. stay blessed.
Travel / Re: Dublin by linapeace(f): 3:12pm On Aug 10, 2008
thanks bigkayy i will go thru the sites later
Travel / Re: Dublin by linapeace(f): 2:58pm On Aug 10, 2008

There are KGs but don;t know the rates.You can work and school it all depends how flexible you are.
They have a generous welfare system,CB for 2 kids is 332 Euros p/month.
Yes there are appartments,the rents are on the high side but there are ways around it which i can;t paste here(sorry)
Do you have a non-EU moving with you ?

no we are all Eu citizens. and the kindergarten in ireland is too expensive, why is it like that,is it for the whole day or just for some hours or what. pls tell me. here in germany it is calculated according to ur income, so how is it there pls
Travel / Re: Dublin by linapeace(f): 2:49pm On Aug 10, 2008
am in Germany
Travel / Re: Dublin by linapeace(f): 1:39pm On Aug 10, 2008

Read between lines,Shannon and Cork are two different cities and in different counties.I said 2/3 bed house and not appartment.
Dublin and Cork are the manufacturing, financial, and commercial centres of Ireland
i heard they rent house and not apartment in ireland, that is family living in a big house or small house without anyother tenant living with them, but is there no wany of one renting an apartment there.


just tell me what u want to know and i'll call my friend later to findout for you

well in my dictionary apartment and house are both the same thing to me

ok,i want to know more about child benefits, and how much it can cost for kindergarten of 2 kids, can i work and school at thesame time. these and other more are getting me confused.
Travel / Re: Dublin by linapeace(f): 1:20pm On Aug 10, 2008

Although i don;t live in Ireland,i do know much about the country from Economy,politics,education etc.I know rent is expensive.For example,a 2/3 bed house in Cork is about 1200-1500 euros.
There are jobs if you have the right credentials/experience,the immigration sucks especially for non EU(changes on the way).

ok brownbonno, i have my good credentials, i will like to take up a part-time study cos of the mini job i hope i will get and cos of my kids too. do you know if it will be difficult in enrolling kids under 5 years in nursery school.
why is the apartment so expensive, are there no other cheaper apartment, and which other city apart from dublin can u recommend for a family person. thanks so much ,waiting 4 ur reply


I think i have to disagree with you there brownbonno i was in Ireland about 2 weeks ago for the weekend and according to my firend that i was staying with in Shannon his rent for his 3 bedroom apartment is about 600 euros a month
then it is better ,pls do u no more about ireland?
Travel / Re: Dublin by linapeace(f): 12:28pm On Aug 10, 2008

Yours will be pretty straight forward as an EU citizen as far as rights of residency is concern.
There is job opportunity if you have a good CV/qualification.Anyway be specific on what you want to know.

ALTHOUGH i and my family stays in Europe but just want to change the route to island but we have no one there, that is the problem, i want to further my education and at the same time get a job, so that is why i need someone who resides there to give me more details, on dublin generally
Travel / Re: Dublin by linapeace(f): 4:06pm On Aug 09, 2008
my dear i also have the same question, cos am about moving to dublin myself but dont know how to start with my kids ,although we are Eu citizens ,i dont just know anyone there who will show me somethings about the city and all that, but incase u got answer to ur qusetions i will like to be part of it.
Phones / Re: Urgent Help Pls ,what Is Flash Card by linapeace(f): 2:01pm On Jun 07, 2008
pls am so confused of ur replies can transflash solve the problem, and where can she get it.
Phones / Re: Urgent Help Pls ,what Is Flash Card by linapeace(f): 1:33pm On Jun 07, 2008

Tel den u want NLAND DRAGNET, it has a g0at head shape like this,its jst like a cow's horn, dnt worry,most engineers knw it.

thanks everyone,
Who should she tell? the engineers or the phone parts sellers, do you think she can get it in owerri
Phones / Re: Urgent Help Pls ,what Is Flash Card by linapeace(f): 1:24pm On Jun 07, 2008
what does it look like ,and will the repairers understand what DRAGNET mean
Phones / Re: Urgent Help Pls ,what Is Flash Card by linapeace(f): 1:23pm On Jun 07, 2008
so can she get it in Nigeria
Phones / Re: Urgent Help Pls ,what Is Flash Card by linapeace(f): 1:13pm On Jun 07, 2008
dual core what is dragnet
Phones / Urgent Help Pls ,what Is Flash Card by linapeace(f): 12:57pm On Jun 07, 2008
I sent my Gx25 Sharp i was using to my mom in Nigeria, she informed me that it has stop working cos she put the left over pure water she was drinking in her bag and the water touched the phone , so it stopped working.

where she took it for repair they asked her to bring the "flash card" so it will start functioning again, but i don't know or understand what they meant by[b]" flash card"[/b] cos i have never encountered such problem before.

Pls anyone who has gone thru such before should pls try and explain to me more better so they could solve the problem fastly.

thanks and waiting urgently for ur replies.
Food / How To Prepare Nkwobi by linapeace(f): 4:39pm On Apr 23, 2008
pls i live in europe and want to surprise my darling by preparing nkwobi which he normally eats in igbos restaurant in nigeria, but i dont know how to go about it, i just bought cow legs ,i can also buy goat meat ,but how do i prepare it and with what ingredients.
pls fellow naijas help me out if you know how to make it. thanks
Education / Any Nairalander Living In Ireland by linapeace(f): 4:07pm On Mar 08, 2008
pls i need info on how to live and study in ireland, and will need the assistance of any of my nairalander in ireland, pls
Health / Re: Pls Help My Stomach Pain, It Is Unbearable by linapeace(f): 11:00am On Feb 17, 2008
thanks , tu u guys, well i have visited my doc. he did ultrasound and he said am not pregnant, but iwll see my period before 14days. and for the stomach pain, God really healed me of it ,after i layed my hands on my tommy in faith and prayed since yesterday till now i have not feel the pain again,
i beleive the healing is permanent , i want to say thank you jesus for healing me, and also ask him to heal each and everyone of us witnessing pain in any path of our body and in any area of our lives. Amen

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Health / Pls Help My Stomach Pain, It Is Unbearable by linapeace(f): 10:01am On Feb 16, 2008
I have just stop breastfeeding this ealier this month and have not yet seen my menstration , although i have been seeing it before i stopped brestfeeding. i now noticed since last week that i have been having this menstral sign of stomach pain since lastweek, but is is not yet out, still i keep on having this pain severly mostly in the night, morning, it comes and go but am not confortable with it. pls have any one gone through this b4 or any advice from docs. in the house.
thanks ,looking ernestly for your suggestion.
Family / Re: My Brother-In-Law And I by linapeace(f): 11:22am On Nov 25, 2007
it is really badoo, just stop the extra marital affair with your bro inlaws,
it almost happened to a my bothers friend wife. the husband based abroad,his wife with his pple. her brother inlaw i.e the son of his mother's sister, started coming closer to her, being nice and all that, she being naive and so young, almost fell for him ,

well she was a bit lucky that her brother inlaw only fingered her,but still her husband is still feeling the pain after she has confessed to him. he is always feeling hurt and betrayed even after she has given him kids.

so you see just be carefulooooo
Family / Re: Our Maid Is Pregnant For Our Neighbour And It's Becoming A Nuisance. by linapeace(f): 5:22pm On Nov 10, 2007

do you know the person that brought her to you guys? if yes ask her to take you there, cos no one can take care of her alone, and talk to her to stop taking alcohol cos is dangerous to the unborn baby, or do sge want to have a disabled child, pls make her understand some certain things she has to avoid now that she is pregnant.

if you are a matured guy or babe, why not go and talk to your neigbour nephew in as much as you know them very well,

or better still

i will advice you take her to your private hospital or whatever ,so she can stay there till your mum is back

God bless
Romance / Re: What Is The Approximate Right Age For Marriage? by linapeace(f): 9:15pm On Nov 07, 2007
for a woman i think from 18 and men from 30
Family / Re: Marriage And Parent Issues - I Need Help - by linapeace(f): 11:18pm On Nov 02, 2007
oh sister i know how u feel ,well it is not really easy to get married to a rich mans daughter, cos they will always want their daughters to get married

from their class, a friend of mine withnessed the same problem and she has to go to the registrywith her husband and inlaws alone without her parents, all becos he didn't fit in their class,

i will advice you to pray very well about it ,once you have the peace in your innerheart anytime u are with ur fiance, or whenever you hear his voice ,then know that he is truely yours.

well your parents will want the party big cos their friends(who they also attend their partys) will also attend.

If your guy has not visited your parents with his people ,then let him do so fastly, he should not go alone, if you are an igbo girl,then it is traditional that his people go with him,there is more respect to it than when he goes alone.

And your elder sister, has she agreed to what you told her? may be she is not ready now so i suggest you don't push her into marriage,or her guy has not yet proposed which she can force him to.

above all may God help you out in all your preparations wishing you all the best.
Romance / Re: Am I Wrong in Sharing Her Problems On Nairaland? by linapeace(f): 11:10am On Nov 01, 2007
well you acted out of ignorance which she is supposed to understand, assumming you knew it will result into this,i beleive u wouldn#t have dared it. well  i know u didn#t use her real name on the post and her identity so she should just forgive u and u guys should forge ahead, that is not enough reason for her not to have anything to do with u ,if she truely loves you, let her forgive u atleast u have learnrd ur lesson.

wishing u all the best
Romance / Re: Wonders Shall Never End In This World. by linapeace(f): 10:08pm On Oct 29, 2007
oh i pity the preg woman, i can see the man have more girls outside not just ur girlfriend, i believe nairalanders with experience will show more light on this,have patient.
Jokes Etc / Re: The Speech by linapeace(f): 9:42pm On Oct 26, 2007
nice one dear
Jokes Etc / Re: Engineers Are Smarter Than Lawyers by linapeace(f): 9:33pm On Oct 26, 2007
oh very funny cheesy
Family / Re: You Must Get Pregnant Before We Can Wed! by linapeace(f): 10:42am On Oct 25, 2007
As for that i will say yes marriage is not all about childbearing but it is the essence of it. with out children the marriage will be boring, and the couples will get tired of each other quickly cos is just the two of them alone, they have nothing else to distract their attention in the house, the home will be always still, and then unnecessary agression and complain will erupt, the man will always want to stay with his friends who will keep him alert and where he gets his fun, well for the westeners they can be married and say no child cos ,they just want to enjoy their life and go for holidays always without any problem with child or children. they they can stay without child till they get old but most of them get divorced 5 or 6 times. but for we african it is another ball game, i remember when my hubby married me newly ,i was schooling for six months without preg. his father came to me where i was lying and said ,u dont want to get preg. u can continue like this without giving us our grandchild as if he doesnt have grandchildren already.
so my dear this is african culture and mentality

Politics / Re: California On Fire by linapeace(f): 10:17am On Oct 25, 2007
oh is very devastating, i just pity for them all. PLS CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO POST A TOPIC TO GENERAL PLSSSSS

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