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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by LonAccBusScc: 6:13pm On Mar 31
@safeob27 :please can we connect I have an upcoming interview with Bournemouth University for MSC Nursing.Was your interview group or individual?pls help.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by LonAccBusScc: 7:56pm On Feb 28
i have responded

@ mex 551
Goodeveing ,I haven't seen your message in my mail.Do you know how this pm thing works on nairaland?
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by LonAccBusScc: 6:04pm On Feb 28
[quote author=mex551 post=110626448]Coventry is obviously cheaper to rent house. But uh need to factor in how many days commune a week. My wife communes only 2 times a week in some weeks while some weeks are online . They are jobs everywhere. Both oxford and Coventry . You can send me PM.

@ Mex551

Thanks for your prompt response.

I just sent you a PM ,it should come to your email.I'm new here I hope I did it the right way.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by LonAccBusScc: 12:26am On Feb 28
Goodmorning nairalanders,
Please does anyone know how much it costs to commute from coventry to oxford Brooke's daily and monthly?

Anyone going to oxford Brooke's university this september?
Any suggestions on affordable places to live ?
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by LonAccBusScc: 8:14pm On Feb 27
Nne, I don’t know how buoyant you are. I came to uk with full family. Got an unfurnished 3 bedroom, you mean I would buy all things new? Let me tell you what I did here in Coventry. I went to a Charity Shop, Emmaus, got three used beds and foams, full Living room sofa and one wardrobe for £420. They even delivered it the following day. I went to Facebook marketplace and got a double sized Fridge for £110, washing machine free, microwave £20. They are all working perfectly. Lass lass I am going now to lemigton spa to pick pressing ion for £5. I bought bedsheets and douvet brand new from Argos. We dey sleep well in the three rooms on the three beds perfectly.

So I furnished that house with less than £700. I was even regretting why I bought those foams because in my neighborhood since I came in late December , I have seen plenty foams free to collect here. My next door neighbour just brought out a freezer outside for anyone to take.

What if the house you came into was earlier furnished with bed and foam? You go thruway am? You no dey sleep for hotel?

@Doministic,pls how has it been living in coventry ?how much does your wife spend on commuting from coventry to oxford?are there jobs in coventry ?
I wouldn't mind if you can give me your email as I am also coming to oxford Brooke's sept.Any advise on accommodation would be appreciated.
Hello nairalanders pls I wouldn't mind your contributions on this as well. Thank you
Career / Labs Late Applications To The Masters Programme by LonAccBusScc: 3:22pm On Jun 28, 2021
Our last application deadline for our Masters in Project Management program in London Academy Business School, which will begin in August 2021, has passed. However, we recognize that opting to pursue a Master's degree is a significant emotional and financial commitment, and that researching and settling on which program to pursue can take longer than expected. As a result, we still accept a small number of late submissions from exceptional candidates who meet all of our late application requirements.

Late application criteria

If you have gotten approval from the Project Management Recruitment and Admissions team to submit a late Project Management application, you must meet all of the following requirements:
If we make you an offer, you must be willing to make initial fee payments (totaling GBP 3,000) within a few weeks after receiving the offer. Please visit our website for additional information on visa requirements.
If you fulfill the above criteria and would like to be considered for a late Project Management application, please send an email to Akin.adewolu@labs.org.uk with the following information:
• One page CV
• Short paragraph detailing your post-MiPM aspirations
After that, we'll contact you to approve or deny your late application request. Late applications will not be accepted automatically.

If your late application request is approved, you must then begin your application. You must complete our online application form, which includes uploading your credentials and resume. Here's a link to our webinar on how to write a strong application.

Next steps

The MiPM Admissions team will contact you once you have completed your application to let you know if you have been selected for an interview. Our MiPM alumni are in charge of this. Take a look at our website for additional information about the interview stage.
Please keep in mind that if you want to submit a late application, you must act immediately. This will improve your chances of succeeding. We are offering deferrals for late applicants if you are ready and committed to start this year.
The MiPM Recruitment Team is available to assist you throughout your late application process. You can contact us at admission@labs.org.uk with any questions. We also provide one-on-one meetings, during which we will answer your questions and provide you with personalized application assistance.

Best wishes,

The LABS Recruitment and Admissions Team


Career / Effective Communication Skills For Secretaries And Administrators by LonAccBusScc: 12:27pm On Jun 28, 2021
Despite the fact that one of the world's most pressing problems is the selection and training of good administrators and secretaries, there is surprisingly little agreement among top management or educationalists on what makes a good secretary and administrator. Some of the country's most prestigious corporations and colleges offer executive development programs with a wide range of objectives.
Administrative professionals play a critical role in keeping a team together, and many organizations would break apart if they were not present.
Professionals with strong administrative abilities contribute to the smooth operation of the company and are critical in the administration of projects and development efforts.
The Robert Half Salary Guide can help you figure out not just how much administrative employees should be paid, but also what skills they should have.
There isn't such a thing as a 'standard' administrative position. Companies are continuously on the lookout for administrative professionals that are a good fit for their company's aims and culture.
The search for the traits or attributes that will objectively identify the ideal executive who is equipped to deal effectively with any problem in any organization is at the root of this difference. As one recent industry observer put it:
‘’The secretary’s relationship with technology has not always been vexatious. After all, the typewriter was largely responsible for bringing unprecedented numbers of women into the office from the late 1880s. From the 1970s, early word-processing systems began to make real inroads into what had traditionally been the heart of secretarial work: dictation and typing. That was a good thing, as it allowed secretarial work to evolve into more varied, managerial tasks, even though it meant fewer secretaries hired as it also destroyed the one boss, one secretary ratio. Many believe there will always be a demand for secretarial jobs. It makes sense for the higher echelons of management to have someone act as a gatekeeper as well as to take care of complex but time-consuming tasks, freeing the boss up, Ms. Peril.’’
The goal of this essay is to propose what may be a more effective method for secretary and administrator selection and development. This method is centered on what successful executives do rather than what they are (their natural qualities and attributes) (the kinds of skills which they exhibit in carrying out their jobs effectively). A skill, as defined above, is a talent that can be cultivated rather than being inherent, and that manifests itself in performance rather than potential. As a result, efficient conduct under varied situations must be the primary criteria of skillfulness.
This method proposes that good administration is based on three fundamental developable abilities, which eliminates the need to define specific qualities and may give a beneficial way of seeing and comprehending the administrative process. This strategy arose from direct observation of executives at work, as well as research into current field research in administration.
An administrator is defined as someone who (a) controls the actions of others and (b) assumes responsibility for attaining specific goals via their efforts. Successful administration appears to be based on three core abilities, which we shall refer to as professional, ethical, and intellectual in this description. Although it would be unreasonable to claim that these abilities are unrelated, there may be actual value in analyzing and improving each one separately.

Skills Approaches for Administrators

1. Professional skill, as used here, refers to a grasp of and expertise in a certain type of activity, especially one that advanced functions, activities, protocols, or strategies. When a physician, a pianist, an economist, or an architect is doing his or her own specific job, it is pretty easy for us to envision their technical expertise. Professional talent entails expert knowledge, analytic abilities within a specialty, and proficiency with the instruments and procedures of the field. Professional Skill is arguably the most recognizable of the three abilities discussed in this article because it is the most concrete and because, in our era of specialization, it is the skill needed of the greatest number of individuals. The majority of our vocational and on-the-job training programs are focused on honing this particular technical competence.

2. Ethical Skill: A person who has a high level of ethical skill is aware of his own attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs about other people and groups, as well as the utility and limitations of these sentiments. He is adept at comprehending what people actually mean by their words and conduct by recognizing the presence of perspectives, perceptions, and beliefs that differ from his own. Ethical skill, as defined here, refers to the executive's capacity to operate successfully as a team member and to foster cooperative effort among the team members he supervises. ethical skill is largely concerned with dealing with people, whereas professional competence is mostly concerned with working with “things” (processes or physical items). This ability is exhibited in the way a person sees (and acknowledges the perceptions of) his superiors, equals, and subordinates, as well as how he acts in response.
Since it requires sensitivity not just at moments of decision-making but also in the individual's day-to-day conduct, true competence in working with others must become a natural, ongoing activity. Ethical Skill can't be a "once-in-a-while issue." Techniques can't be used at random, and personality qualities can't be put on and taken off like an overcoat. Because everything a CEO says and does (or leaves unsaid or undone) affects his subordinates, his actual personality will eventually emerge. As a result, in order to be successful, this talent must be organically developed and unconsciously exhibited in the individual's every movement. It has to become a part of his entire existence.

3. Intellectual Skill: As used here, intellectual skill entails the ability to see the enterprise as a whole, as well as the ability to recognize how the various functions of the organization interact with one another and how changes in one part affect the others. It also entails visualizing the relationship of the individual business to the industry, the community, and the political, social, and economic forces of the country. The administrator should be able to operate in a way that enhances the overall welfare of the company by recognizing these relationships and perceiving the significant factors in each scenario.
Not only does the intellectual ability of the administrators engaged affect the effective coordination of various sectors of the business, but so does the organization's overall future direction and tone. A top executive's attitudes impact the entire character of the organization's response and determine the "corporate personality" that distinguishes one company's ways of conducting business from another. These attitudes are a reflection of the administrator's intellectual ability (referred to as "creative ability"wink, or how he perceives and responds to the business's future direction, company objectives, and policies, as well as investors' and employees' interests.
A secretary or administrator assists professionals with both clerical and administrative tasks, either as part of a team or independently. You'll be involved in the execution and integration of office operations, and you'll be in charge of specific tasks and projects on a regular basis. In some situations, you may be responsible for overseeing and supervising the work of junior employees.
The job description varies a lot based on the industry, the size of the company, and the amount of responsibility. The majority of your work entails written and vocal communication, as well as word processing and typing, and necessitates related abilities including organizational and presentation skills, as well as the ability to multi-task and work effectively under pressure. And for the purpose of this write-up, the senior-level secretary skills will be looked upon.

Senior-Level Secretary Skills

You might have what it takes to get a senior-level secretarial job, such as an administrative supervisor if you succeed in a support-based business. While these professionals must use standard secretarial skills and tasks, they must also go above and above in practically every element of their work. Develop the abilities necessary for one of these senior administrative positions to advance your secretarial career.
• Capabilities in Planning: The importance of preparing ahead for an administrative supervisor cannot be overstated. You'll have additional chores to juggle in this role, as well as a small team to manage. That means you'll need a firm grasp of your company's goals as well as a comprehension of the resources available to you.
Guidance: If you need to improve your planning skills, consider taking a project management course. To execute daily activities and significant projects on time, you'll learn how to balance resources, allot time, and manage employees.

• Progressive Approach: As an administrative supervisor, you'll quickly find that waiting for things to happen won't get you ahead. Instead, you'll need to approach everything on your to-do list with vigor. Many senior secretaries find that establishing progressive strategies early in their careers helps them flourish. To create this type of workflow, think ahead about potential challenges and seize the opportunity to handle them head-on. This may take more time upfront, but you'll save a lot of time in the long run if you execute tasks correctly.

• Discretion is a virtue: Senior secretaries are often in charge of confidential material including classified information and private communications. You'll need a sharp sense of discretion and the ability to retain confidentiality to handle this type of material efficiently. If you pride yourself on your immaculate ability to keep a secret, you might even be able to get higher-paying jobs that require discretion.


Career / My London Academy Business School Pgd Experience: Imong Angie Echiem by LonAccBusScc: 3:57pm On Jun 07, 2021
Why did you choose London Academy Business School for your PGD?
I had spent eight years as a finance manager in the property market, going from foreign assignments in multinationals to global brand responsibilities, and I wanted to further my career into senior leadership. I recognized that this would necessitate a deeper understanding of the broader business context outside of my job than I could accomplish in my current work, so I began exploring accelerated business courses to supplement and support this next step of my career. I attended an admissions team-hosted welcome briefing at LABS, and hearing the alumni speak about their experiences with such passion and expertise made me want to be a part of such a high-achieving group. I chose LABS over more Strategic Management-focused Executive PGD programs because I wanted to challenge myself outside of my function, specifically choosing modules and leadership-oriented initiatives that I hadn't encountered in any depth in my career to date so that I could accelerate the learning.

How valuable was the LABS network to you during your PGD program and after you graduated?
From the moment I sat in on a management session as part of my inquiry into whether or not I wanted to apply, I felt a part of the LABS network. The students I met at the time were really welcoming and enthusiastic about their LABS experience, which was one of the deciding factors in my decision to join this amazing and motivated group. Through my active participation in both the Women in Business and Marketing clubs, visiting LABS-hosted events, and especially in the second-year optional classes where we intermingled with students from different programs, I met a huge number of students from different programs. One of the big delights for me was being a part of such a broad, worldwide group. LABS continues to assist me in expanding my horizons.

What LABS memory would you like to relive if you could?
The Across-the-Board Strategic Business in Ireland was an incredible experience; I joined a group of around 45 students from various programs for a week-long visit to a variety of Silicon Valley companies, investment firms, start-ups, and universities in Dublin, led by expert faculty, with the goal of learning more about the strategic pathway of such an intriguing country. The threshold of insight we gained from the high-profile links we met on the visit was unparalleled, and it served as a shining example of LABS' exceptional links, the program's importance to today's business executives, and the immaculate standards of competence expected of an international business school.

What role did the LABS play in helping you develop into the leader you want to be?
For me, the LABS has already boosted my professional advancement. I was hired for the Relationship officer position shortly after ending the course, where I worked with the marketing and communication for Sterling Bank PLC. My work has grown in importance throughout my stay as I led our communications strategy and the pivot to a digital-first agenda for our consumers via a new hospitality tech focus, reporting directly to a member of the Senior Management Team. Since graduating from LABS, I've also been appointed as a registration officer for the Nigerian Board of Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians.
A growth mindset is essential for success, and LABS taught me to think far bigger than I had previously. Spending time with such inspiring classmates from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds, sectors, and nations instilled in me a sense of possibility and belief that anything is possible. You must balance a wide range of responsibilities, arrange your time rigorously, and figure out how to fit your full-time job, as well as personal and family obligations, around an intensive educational experience. For me, LABS is only the beginning of a mindset shift toward fast growth.
Find out more about our LABS programme here https://labs.org.uk/.

Career / Artificial Intelligence Masterclass Training by LonAccBusScc: 3:31pm On Jun 04, 2021
Let's FastTrack your knowledge of Artificial intelligence to the next level with the Masterclass training coming up tomorrow. Register here https://labs.org.uk/webinar.html London Academy Business School await you tomorrow

Career / London Academy Business School Redesigned MBA For 2021 by LonAccBusScc: 2:20pm On May 27, 2021
What we've done with this MBA is completely in line with the mission of London Academy Business School in the first place. However, we now have many more resources than we did a decade ago.
You don't have to physically go to a lecture theatre in the center of London. You can be any place in the world.
The new courses are based on an extensive study with students, in which we asked them what they wanted from their online learning experience.
The key areas they noted as needing improvement were the usage of various forms of information, progress tracking, and a better feeling of where you are in the course.
We don't want to put any technological barriers in the way of people, therefore we're establishing an offline option. London Academy Business School is all about lowering barriers to access, and we don't want to put any technology barriers in the way of that. People can go in, download a module's worth of content, and access it on their device while offline.
They're created for you to be able to apply what you've learned in the classroom right away in the business, so you learn on Sunday and apply it on Monday. That's always been our guiding concept, but we've brought everything up to date in terms of both theory and application with these new courses. The overarching philosophy of each course is to take a modern approach to business and examine the actual difficulties that employees encounter in today's enterprises. As a result, you'll discover that every course includes both theory and practice.
The focus of these new courses is on flexibility and self-paced learning, as well as social interaction. That is the truly distinguishing feature of these courses. There's a unique worldwide community of learners out there, and with the new courses, we're bringing more individuals into it. When you walk across the stage with a London Academy Business School MBA, you really know you've achieved something. Inspiring people is one of the values of our university. London Academy Business School is creating tomorrow's leaders in tomorrow's markets.
If you join LABS, you'll be joining a global community of thousands of business practitioners and I don't think there are many other MBA programmes that can claim that.
New courses, a new learning environment, and the same dedication to your long-term success. Make more of the things that matter. https://labs.org.uk/postgraduate-programmes.html.

Career / Marketing Sales And Excellence In Customer Service by LonAccBusScc: 2:49pm On May 20, 2021
Customer support is rapidly becoming a key differentiator for companies. You must understand the importance of service in your company's positioning and competitive differentiation before strategizing in customer service. Is your company's annual report, sales presentation, and employee correspondence stressing service excellence? The ability to sell and manage customers is critical to business success. For most businesses, sales and customer service are critical to their success. For marketing and sales directors, sales excellence must be a top priority. They will also gradually become a part of the performance and service. All of this is waiting for you at the London Academy Business School. Enrollment is also open for May/June 2021. Now is the time to apply. https://labs.org.uk/marketing-sales-and-excellence-in-customer-service.html

Education / Acquiring A Masters Degree In LABS by LonAccBusScc: 10:34am On May 18, 2021
Applying for a master's degree isn't quite the same as applying for a bachelor's degree. While there are some parallels – you'll almost certainly need to write a personal statement – the application process represents the Masters' post-graduate existence.
You'll be asked to demonstrate what you learned through your Bachelor's degree and how you intend to apply that knowledge to advanced certification.
From how to apply for a Masters to the documentation you'll need to have, this page covers everything you need to know before starting your postgraduate application.

Masters applications – step-by-step

If you're applying for a Masters program at LABS's university directly, you'll typically follow these steps:

• Find the Master's degree that's right for you – We're the best place to start your quest for postgraduate programs because we have hundreds of them listed on our website!
• Compose a personal statement – Begin working on your personal statement as soon as possible, allowing plenty of time to proofread and, if necessary, rewrite it.
• Apply online through the university website – labs.org.uk
• Add supporting documentation – Once you've filled out your personal information on the university's postgraduate admissions site, you'll almost certainly need to upload a number of documents to back up your submission. Your personal statement, references, and copies of your academic credentials should all be included.
• Check your email on a regular basis – Once you've submitted your application, keep an eye on your inbox for (hopefully positive!) news from the admissions office.
Join our international community of high achievers!
Apply for one of our full-time postgraduate programs and begin the journey toward actualizing your dreams. For inquiries, contact our admissions team at +44(0)2030055330, +44(0)7404310723, +2347052600368, +2348128865099

Business / Corporate Governance by LonAccBusScc: 3:15pm On May 17, 2021
This extremely exciting and collaborative curriculum will prepare you to confidently take your seat on the board of directors and to effectively deal with the tough, sometimes unexpected circumstances that all directors must face.
Top London Academy Business School faculty will direct you, in partnership with recognized corporate governance experts, to deepen your understanding of your obligations as a board member, build the key skills and strategic knowledge required to serve effectively, and learn how to put them into practice. You'll learn how to think like a shareholder, how to consider the needs of different stakeholders, and how to use frameworks to help the board go beyond ensuring compliance to finding opportunities for long-term value development.

• Established board members who need a refresher
• New board members or senior executives who hope to be on a board in the immediate future
• Executives from outside of Africa who are interested in learning more about African governance processes

For more, visit www.labs.org.uk

Career / London Academy Business School (LABS) by LonAccBusScc: 9:16am On May 14, 2021
The London Academy Business School is accredited by the Centre for Management Development (CMD) in Nigeria and a registered member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) in Europe and the USA.
To further its educational services LABS has signed partnership agreements with several prestigious educational institutions, including Edexcel (Pearson), OTHM Qualifications through which candidates can top-up with universities degree at BSc, BBA, BA, and Masters levels. The Award for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) with progression agreement to a good number of Universities in the UK for top-up to BSc, BA, BBA, MSc, and MBA.
LABS also partnered with Linton University in Malaysia, the University of Nicosia Cyprus, and Tbilisi University in Georgia, to collaboratively provide education and qualifications from A levels to degree levels.
LABS is accredited to offer pre-degree courses in management, Accountancy, Information Technology, Tourism, Law and Health, and Social Care & A Level up to postgraduate degrees. Visit https://labs.org.uk/ for more.

Career / The Artificial Intelligence Masterclass Training by LonAccBusScc: 10:11am On May 11, 2021
Do you have an interest in artificial intelligence? Do you want to learn how to create the most powerful AI model ever created, as well as play against it? Sounds appealing, doesn't it?
If so, the London Academy Business School Artificial Intelligence Masterclass training is for you. This ultimate AI toolbox contains everything you need to nail it down quickly. You will receive a leap guide as well as the complete blueprint to help you build your own Hatchback AI Model from the ground up.
This course will show you how to build the most efficient Artificial Intelligence model using the most reliable Hybrid Intelligent System. So far, this model has proven to be the best state-of-the-art AI ever produced, outscoring its predecessors in every AI competition.
Enrolling in this course will teach you how to integrate the following models to build a high-performing artificial intelligence system:
• Deep Learning
• Adaptation Strategies
• Application of ML
• Machine workflow
• Fully-Connected Neural Networks
• Machine Learning
• Recurrent Neural Networks
• There are numerous others as well.
In addition, we will provide complete implementations in Keras, TensorFlow, and Pytorch, the three most common deep learning frameworks. So, if you want to create an AI for a particular application, you can simply grab the models you need from the set of tools and reuse them through multiple projects!
Don't let this once-in-a-lifetime chance to master AI's future pass you by. Enroll today at https://labs.org.uk/

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Education / International Student Recruitment by LonAccBusScc: 10:57pm On May 06, 2021
We make a difference in the lives of millions of students every year. We make it possible for them to look at all of their research choices in one location and find the right study program for their needs, goals, and interests. To achieve our goal, we seek out partners that are excited to diversify their networks and attract the best students from around the world.

Education continues to expand on a global scale, and more students than ever before choose to study abroad. Bring your students and clients to the site where 45 million students are looking for their next study abroad opportunity. Make sure you're in the spotlight where students will learn about the great programs you have to give!

Plan to attend this webinar with London Academy Business School.

Date: 21st May, 2021
Time: 11:00am WAT

Visit labs.org.uk for more details.

Career / Re: The LABS Online courses are Available by LonAccBusScc: 10:58am On May 05, 2021
Hi Viyon02,
Thank you for reaching out to London Academy Business School. The Artificial Intelligence master class will be held on the 5th of June, 2021 as stated on the filer. You can learn through ZOOM. And also from our Nigeria office at 378, Herbert Macaulay Street, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria. For more info., call; 07052600368 or email; info@labs.org.uk
How do we learn it here in Nigeria?
Career / The LABS Online courses are Available by LonAccBusScc: 3:49pm On May 04, 2021
Visit https://labs.org.uk/ for more

Education / Can I Pay My Fees In Installments At London Academy Business School? by LonAccBusScc: 2:29pm On Apr 30, 2021
He inquired, "Can I pay my fees in installments?" Yes, you certainly can. All students who intend to study or re-enroll at London Academy Business School (LABS) can pay in installments.
The Institute provides the following payment options at no additional cost to help you pay for your studies in smaller amounts. An invoice and payment plan will be sent to your London Academy Business School email address once your (re-)enrollment is complete.
Details on the payment plans are as follows.

 DIPLOMA £190 per month.
 BACHELORS £280 per month.
 MASTERS £478 per month

Short courses (20 weeks or less, including Pre-Sessional courses) and tuition charges under £120.00 can also be paid in installments.
Paying by installments is done online and can be broken down into two steps:
• Making a prompt payment
• Establishing a monthly payment
Please read the directions for your stage of studies at https://labs.org.uk/ before making a payment.

Career / The London Academy Business School by LonAccBusScc: 2:24pm On Apr 28, 2021

Career / Re: Help Me Define My Career Path by LonAccBusScc: 2:19pm On Apr 28, 2021
Contact London Academy Business School for more
Urgent Advice needed. I have upper class in electrical electronics (ND level) 3.02cpa.

The course was not accredited in time but It has been accredited last year and I have obtained the certificate.

While waiting at home, I opt for geophysics at a university.

Should I continue with the geophysics, note, I am at 200 level. OR get a direct entry form and go into electrical electronics engineering proper?.

I can do well with numbers and Physics.
Secondly, which of these training school is popular in the oil and industry:
1 Gabson Professional School of Safety and Engineering Ltd,
2 Mudiame Welding Institute Limited,
3 Skytraine International Limited,
4 BOMI Steel and Pipeline Engineering Company Limited.

Which of them can offer me an American society for welder certificate (AWS).

Thirdly which skills are the most in-demand in the oil sector currently?

I need your honest advice please because I am in a fix.

Career / Re: London Academy Business School (LABS) Data Science Boot Camp by LonAccBusScc: 12:00pm On Apr 27, 2021
The current fee is #50,000. Early Registration in the next 10 days is #30,000

Please How much is it?
Career / Excellence In Customer Service by LonAccBusScc: 11:00am On Apr 27, 2021
This Customer Service Training course with London Academy Business School (LABS) will show you how to develop excellent customer service skills. These abilities are crucial for any company, and knowing the ins and outs of good customer service can be extremely beneficial to anyone's personal and professional lives. Customer service, we say, is the buzzword in the business world. And the ability to deal with a wide range of customer situations and concerns is critical to building successful customer service relationships. This course is all about attracting and keeping clients.
And it is not possible to do away with customer service while still expecting customers to be happy. People are more connected than ever before, which means they are sharing their positive and negative experiences more openly. It's more important than ever to concentrate on developing a strong customer service department of well-trained, dedicated agents who have the resources they need to do a good job.
Customer service has been one of the most important points of contention for customers when making a purchase. According to research, by 2020, delivering outstanding customer services would be more relevant than cost (we are here now, and numbers don't lie). Many businesses are blissfully unaware that their customer service is in disarray. According to a new study, 70.8% of businesses believe they have superior customer service. The surprising aspect is that only 8% of their customers shared their sentiments.
It's all about the iterative process at LABS, which entails teaching employee or customer service personnel the knowledge, competencies, and resources they need to best represent their company or business and get more value out of their goods and services.
LABS customer service training is available to any employee who interacts with customers. Please go to https://labs.org.uk/customer-care-service.html for more details and enroll in this course, and your expertise in customer service will be yours to share.

Career / Strategic Project Management Training by LonAccBusScc: 1:23pm On Apr 22, 2021
The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a project management certification acknowledged by the sector. The PMP certification, which is globally recognized and in high demand, shows that you have the expertise, knowledge, and competency to effectively lead and guide projects. All of our PMP training follows the industry-recognized standard and editions.
Project managers who hold the PMP certification have a 19.8% pay advantage over those who do not. This PMP Certification course is designed for project managers who want to progress their careers by earning the PMP certification. The course will assist participants in understanding the PMP Certification criteria as well as how to utilize them.
London Academy Business School (LABS) offers this training in London, Nigeria with a center in Lagos and Dubai, as well as Online training for more than a decade now. The LABS PMP training and credential are well-known around the world, and Nigeria is no exception.
LABS stands out in offering premium PMP Training and also aids candidates with access to Chartered Management Institute (CMI) certification located in London. LABS blueprint is quite productive, positioning a personalized and strategic approach in addressing all the knowledge areas of PMP which our past trainees have benefited immensely in their various project management businesses and gigs.
Hop in today, as LABS takes you on a ride for strategic project management training on the 22nd May 2021. visit https://labs.org.uk/index.php and register as we drive you through strategic project design and management, project organization, project risk management and management (PRAM), Project planning and scheduling, documentation, Audit, Termination, and closure.

Career / London Academy Business School (LABS) Data Science Boot Camp by LonAccBusScc: 2:08pm On Apr 21, 2021
LABS Data Science Boot camp follows a proven data science curriculum to ensure that you graduate as a well-rounded data scientist. You'll learn with real-world resources from some of the best teachers in the region.
The boot camp is part of a larger plan to boost growth by using solution-oriented machine learning to solve social and business problems, as well as to spark a data science knowledge revolution that will boost employability, technological advancement, and long-term socio-economic development. This contributes to any country's goal of new jobs by leveraging the world-class experience and best practices.
The coursework in this program is informative, rigorous, and revised on a regular basis to ensure that you are still studying the most in-demand data science skills, techniques, and resources. You will create and work on practical case studies under the supervision of Teachers with industry experience, all while building a strong portfolio of work progress. By the end of the program, you will have the knowledge, experience, and confidence to pursue a career in data science.
Data scientists have become a more integral part of business teams in recent years, collecting and analyzing vast volumes of data to uncover useful insights. This describes why, over the next decades, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 15.4% increase in demand for skilled data scientists. Individuals who complete a data science Bootcamp will be able to break into this in-demand field while still rising their earnings.
“Since we started evaluating data science boot camps, London Academy Business School (LABS) has established itself as a reliable resource for people searching for the right boot camp for them. Only machine learning boot camps that earned a minimum of four out of five ratings from at least ten alumni were included in our most recent result set." – DSN.
Students' familiarity with LABS is also considered. And they've always praised the program's comprehensiveness for accelerating their journey to being a better Data scientist.
‘’My experience from data science Boot camp of LABS has really helped me improve my knowledge of data science especially in the aspect of machine learning. In which I was able to learn about Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. In addition, I also learned the types of ML models which are classification, regression, and clustering models.’’ – Ephraim Ebong.
Make your experience count today as you register with LABS. Click here to Buy and register: https://labs.org.uk/bootcamp.html

Business / Micro-entreprise Training Programme by LonAccBusScc: 11:01am On Aug 11, 2020
Do you know that there are business Risks and Mitigations?

LABS October 2020,ZOOM PROGRAM !

Do you want to start -up your own business?
Do you know of the Business Legalities in your country?
Do you want to know about sole proprietorship /SME/LLC?
Are you struggling with your business?
Are finding it difficult to get loans/grants for your business?
Are you aware that there are business Risks ?

Then,Our #MICRO-ENTREPRISE PROGRAM is just for you....

Hurry and APPLY NOW!

.for enquiries pls contact me @⁨‪+234 9078256865
Www.labs.org.uk, you can send an email to info@labs.org.uk

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