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Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Celebrates Her 70th Birthday With Her Husband (Photos) by LORDKing001: 8:43pm On Jun 13
How a woman this influential and successful can stay in marriage for this period of time should be studied as a course at Harvard University. Congratulations to them and happy birthday to her!
Refer the course to Access CEO. EVIL WOMAN
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is The Average Salary Of SSA And Special Adviser? by LORDKing001: 12:49pm On Jun 11

Dat man loot well
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is The Average Salary Of SSA And Special Adviser? by LORDKing001: 11:07am On Jun 11
In kogi state, special Advisers earn about 700k, this is what i know, the person is also in this forum.

NB: What they actually gets in contracts and others is way above that amount...
Under ododo or bello

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Sports / Re: Super Eagles Players Were Silent During The National Anthem (Video) by LORDKing001: 8:52am On Jun 09

Most people na from childhood them inculcate national anthem so you expect me to use old age dey lean national anthem ni
If you are given government appointment and asked to recite it. So what will you do? Or president of this country one day
Sports / Re: Super Eagles Players Were Silent During The National Anthem (Video) by LORDKing001: 6:06pm On Jun 08
That is one anthem I will never sing in my life
You'll sing it. Forget all this
Business / Re: Sent Money To A Wrong Account. How Do I Get It Back ? by LORDKing001: 5:50pm On Jun 06

This is quite impressive, pls did you took the court order to the bank you mistakenly transferred the money to or to your own bank, I find myself in the same scenario and I’m trying to get my money back
My lawyer did that on my behalf. Court order was served to Wrong account I sent to which is Moniepoint. Got momey back in 1week

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Business / Re: Access Bank Allegedly Loses Over N75M Of Customers Money To ‘Network Glitch [pic by LORDKing001: 9:24pm On Jun 03
I think we need to begin considering whether banks have entered yahooism to generate revenue and profit.

If I give you money to keep for me it would be odd of you to tell me to go look for it after you lost it.
Access bank now into Fraud. Imagine taking peoples money and then blame it on glitch which was a pure lie .... they claimed to reversed multiple thousands of dollars to Sender's account which no court order or the senders requested for it. Purely fraudulent.

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Business / Re: Access Bank Allegedly Loses Over N75M Of Customers Money To ‘Network Glitch [pic by LORDKing001: 9:11pm On Jun 03
Business / Access Bank Allegedly Loses Over N75M Of Customers Money To ‘Network Glitch [pic by LORDKing001: 9:00pm On Jun 03
Access Bank Allegedly Loses Over N75M Of Customers Money To ‘Network Glitch’

JUNE 3, 2024
Access Bank Lost Over N75M Of Customers Money To 'Technical Glitch'
On May 26, Uchechukwu Innocent, an Onitsha-based businessman, received a total inflow of $49,718 in his Access Bank domiciliary accounts through Access Bank Ghana, but Access Bank Nigeria held the funds.

Innocent told WAW that he had received an inflow of $14,617 and $35,101 from Access Bank Ghana into two U.S. domiciliary accounts in Access Bank Nigeria, with account numbers 162519**18 and 162519**89.

He said the transaction history only showed “Reversed” to a reference number with GH description.
Innocent expressed his disappointment despite trusting the financial institution. He subsequently requested an “immediate reversal” of the funds totalling $49,718, which, when converted, was equivalent to over N75 million as of May.

In response to him, Access Bank wrote that the reversals must have been due to a network glitch and requested that he contact the sender to initiate the transaction again.
As requested by the bank, Innocent contacted the sender, who confirmed that he was yet to receive a reversal of the funds he had sent.

When WAW sent an email to Access Bank Nigeria to confirm the status of the transactions on Monday, June 3rd, Access Bank responded by saying:
Meanwhile, Innocent reached out to Access Bank on its Instagram handle, but there was no response.
However, over the past few days, Access Bank has also told other U.S. domiciliary account holders who were affected just as Innocent to consider the issue a “network glitch.”

Most of their complaints have been left hanging, with others taking to social media to call the attention of the Central Bank of Nigeria to their plights.

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Business / Re: Sent Money To A Wrong Account. How Do I Get It Back ? by LORDKing001: 10:01am On Jun 02
wow that's nice thanks . I will try doing it tomorrow. I have a couple of transactions I need to include
Make hay while d sun shine
Business / Re: Sent Money To A Wrong Account. How Do I Get It Back ? by LORDKing001: 10:00am On Jun 02

Great , I think you'll have to help me too out , how can I go about mine here too .. I have this similar issue presently. Mine is unauthorized transactions ,phone was stolen , the account was logged into and money was transferred.. I've tried everything possible to no avail. Gone to palmpay office, wrote Kuda banks , and so forth but no good results
First banks will not respond to you highest them go d post u up and down. What you need to do is goto lawyer and he'll advice you promptly. You must budget money for court order and police report that you will obtain to track and hopefully you'll get your money
Business / Re: Sent Money To A Wrong Account. How Do I Get It Back ? by LORDKing001: 3:32pm On May 31

I think they usually freeze the account.Thos recieoants are selfish, if not n returning such sums you will find them small thing, I was even saying I will give the guy in my case N50k he refuse talking rubbish that he don't know what I am talking about.
Money back today
Business / Re: Sent Money To A Wrong Account. How Do I Get It Back ? by LORDKing001: 3:31pm On May 31
how much did it cost you to get court order? Omo 5m much o. U sure say that bastard never japa?
Court order 5% of the money.
Got my reversal today
Business / Re: Sent Money To A Wrong Account. How Do I Get It Back ? by LORDKing001: 3:29pm On May 30
I mistakenly sent 20k to a wrong uba account using my opay. I contacted opay and opay claimed to have contacted the bank and claims the money can't be gotten back. Please how do I go about getting this money back. Thanks
I made similar mistakes on Sunday.
Sent 5m to moniepoint acc instead of Fidelity. Got court order awaiting feedback from moniepoint
Celebrities / Re: Why I Returned To Nollywood After Many Years Of Being Away – Bukky Wright by LORDKing001: 10:10am On May 28
If you knew what it is to be a Cybersecurity Analyst (most especially a certified one in the US), you wouldn’t say this
forget d USA
Education / Re: Tariff Hike: UNIBEN's Monthly Electrici Bill Rises, Resorts To Load Shedding by LORDKing001: 7:02am On May 20
If they invest N3b in solar, they will look back and curse the years they were wasting their time and money on those useless overpriced DISCOs.
You know nothing about solar

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Slovakia's PM Robert Fico Shot Multiple Times, In Life Threatening Condition by LORDKing001: 8:24pm On May 15
How can an individual wielding a firearm breach the security perimeter and approach a leader in contemporary times?

This undoubtedly indicates a significant lapse in security protocols.
You don't know it all
Education / Re: Outcome Of 2024 Utme Results, Who Is To Be Blamed? Parents, Teacher Or Students? by LORDKing001: 1:50pm On May 01

What should be use ? That's one of the instrument
Objective questions and answers are 59% luck while others are brain
Education / Re: Outcome Of 2024 Utme Results, Who Is To Be Blamed? Parents, Teacher Or Students? by LORDKing001: 10:31am On Apr 30
poor performance of student in 2024 utme examination. who is to be blamed? Parents, teachers , student.
let's discuss.
Jamb should not be a yardstick to use

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Properties / Re: Ghanaian Man Excited At Mansion His Brother Built For Him While He Was Abroad by LORDKing001: 7:40pm On Apr 14
Brothers sending money home from abroad aren't stupid. They know you may need to take money out of it for yourself....fine and good.

But just have a conscience and make sure you also do what you are told.
I'll do same for my elder brother anyway anytime

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Business / Re: 20 Countries Most In Debt To China by LORDKing001: 6:47am On Apr 07
This is colonization by debt, it's hard to believe that poor China of yesterday has now become the world's economic and technological powerhouse, it's all about good governance and curbing corruption.

I'm sure we're owing IMF and world bank a lot of money too

Meanwhile I don't see any European country on the list, it's all africa, Asia and south America
See Belarus 🇧🇾
Business / Re: EFCC Obtains Court Order To Track Nigerians Transacting On Binance by LORDKing001: 4:00pm On Mar 19
The effort has not been a waste. It brought down $ from nearly ₦2,000 to current ₦1,600. If they hadn't stepped up their game like this, naira would be trading at 3,000 to a dollar by now.
keep quiet.
Yes Olayami Cardoso is trying. But let's grow economy. Average man cannot buy or own house or cars . Job is relatively not available.


Education / Re: 2 Katsina Universities Dragged To Court For Banning Christian Fellowships by LORDKing001: 3:50pm On Mar 19
This Court case is as useless as the 'p' in Psychology. Attend Christian Universities if you want to 'worship'. That's what Christian Universities are doing to Muslims in the South. Two can play the game.
Get sense. This is not Muslim university
Federal and state universities . Where's your Common sense
Business / Re: Nigeria SEC Seek To Raise Cryptocurrency Exchange Registration Fee by LORDKing001: 8:46pm On Mar 16
Can cryptocurrency be regulated by a government
Business / Re: Exchange Rates In Official And Parallel Markets Converge by LORDKing001: 7:29am On Mar 13
Actually, it's now more than 9 days. Great job by the CBN and Mr President. Binance and other criminal crypto money-laundering channels must be held to account for their financial crimes committed against the nation.

Mallam Ribadu and Cardoso must never leave those two Binance small fries and their collaborators within Nigeria until the identity and details of those behind the $26 billion moved through their platform last year is unveiled and all of them prosecuted.

Never again must our hard-earned forex be used to defend dollars criminally manipulated on Binance and on the street to be overvalued against the naira. We were using hard-earned money that we should use to build schools, roads, electricity etc and FG still took loans to defend the naira against the dollars some unpatriotic elements and criminal foreigners were manipulating shocked FG must hold them to account o.

God bless Nigeria for ever! Check my signature for free stuffs!
Shut up. If you don't know anything. 26b is not just a single transfer or transaction. It accumulate from as low as 1$ buy and sell. When u buy and sell some or trade that accumulated to 26b. Your bank statements that reads 1m above monthly. Does that mean you transfer d 1m monthly.? All your inflows and outflows summed to that 1m above. Get sense


Business / Re: Flutterwave Shuts Down Barter by LORDKing001: 6:46am On Mar 10
Which mumu evolving market trends? Are they saying people no longer need virtual cards? Just tell us bad government policies have forced you to shut down. I tried to pay for a certification exam and any virtual dollar card I used was getting declined.
Try Grey if it's Mastercard.
Try klasha if it's visa

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Politics / Re: Governors Tackle Akpabio, Deny Receiving FG N1 Trillion Lifeline by LORDKing001: 8:28am On Feb 23
Mind games

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Business / Re: Can't Send Dollars To Nigeria Any More by LORDKing001: 2:13pm On Feb 09

That is how it is in many countries.

They don't even have what we term a domiciliary account.

The bank accounts are designed to receive foreign currencies that are either automatically converted to local currency, or that are kept as incoming foreign funds that cannot serve any purpose until it is converted for inflow into the local economy or returned as international transaction outflow.
They should open d naira card to shop online


Foreign Affairs / Re: Namibia’s President Hage Geingob Dies Of Cancer At 82 by LORDKing001: 9:49am On Feb 04
African presidents are always old. Mumu people
Get sense
Crime / Re: ABSU Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emezue Kidnapped by LORDKing001: 12:17pm On Jan 27
Why can't the security agencies utilize the available resources to track down this criminals??

This criminals will empty the wife's account and the police still can't track them down..

Even with all the NIN registration, linking bank accounts to NIN, the police still will find it hard to pick up the person that owns the account that received that money and follow the leads to lead them to the culprits..

When are we going to get things right in this country??

Next election cycle 🚲 🙄 pick up nomination and expression form then start from there

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Properties / Re: My New Borehole Pumps Out Dirty Water First, Before Clean Water. Help! by LORDKing001: 9:22pm On Jan 20

150m would be dug up north? Got any hint on the soil type? Is the ground maramara? Cos I know you don't have to dig too deep to access large volume of water especially in the north.
U get idea about d reading make I share their findings

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