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Politics / Re: Atiku has no Criminal Casein United States--US Justice Department by loverboys: 2:37pm On Oct 08, 2018
Celebrities / Re: Somadina Caught Squeezing Another Woman Breast Hours To Girlfriend's Birthday by loverboys: 2:24pm On Oct 08, 2018
Politics / Re: Efcc Digging Out Atiku's Old Case Files. (pix) by loverboys: 2:10pm On Oct 08, 2018
Okay ooo
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Am So Scared And Don't Even Know How To Face Them On Monday by loverboys: 2:08pm On Oct 08, 2018
Gud luck
Politics / Re: Okupe: Why Atiku Defeated Saraki In PDP Primaries by loverboys: 1:56pm On Oct 08, 2018
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Shares Lovely Photos On Stage (PHOTOS) by loverboys: 2:50pm On Oct 03, 2018
Cute Tiwa....Cute
Crime / Re: This Coconut Tree Died ,dried Up And Then Caught Fire All By Itself(photos) by loverboys: 2:47pm On Oct 03, 2018
This plc is bae
Celebrities / Re: Ray Hushpuppi: "Repeating Clothes Shows You Are The Real Owner" by loverboys: 2:45pm On Oct 03, 2018
true tlk
Romance / Re: Meet Peju Johnson, President Of Sweet Girls Association Of Nigeria & An Actress by loverboys: 2:33pm On Oct 03, 2018
Politics / Re: BREAKING!!Tension As Heavy Protest Rocks APC Secretariat After This Happened(Pic by loverboys: 2:28pm On Oct 03, 2018
Foreign Affairs / Re: Wife Of IGP Orders Police Officers To Sit On The Floor In Sierra Leon (Viral Pic by loverboys: 2:24pm On Oct 03, 2018
Business / Re: Easy Online Business -affiliate Marketing Business A Sure Way To Internet Wealth by loverboys: 4:03pm On Sep 27, 2018
if you have questions or contibutions please feel free to make your comments.

Business / Easy Online Business -affiliate Marketing Business A Sure Way To Internet Wealth by loverboys: 4:01pm On Sep 27, 2018
Affiliate Marketing Business is the easiest online business you can do. Basically to make money on the Internet, you need a product or service, a website for that product or service, a way to collect payments on the Internet and a way to ship the orders placed.

These days, people do not have the time or knowledge to come up with a product or service and to manage it from concept to fulfillment yet want to earn money easily. That's where Affiliate Marketing Business comes in. Affiliate Marketing Business is where you market some else's product or service (a merchant) on the Internet and you earn a commission which is percentage of the selling price of the product or service you are marketing.

You can make money in 2 ways as an affiliate either when someone makes a purchase with the merchant through you, you earn per sale, or when someone sign ups to get more information from the merchant's website through you, you earn per lead.

Generally, the percentage amount of money you can earn as an affiliate is often within the range of 5%-75% of the selling price of the item, however, these variables depends on the merchant. As an affiliate, you do not need to physically stock any of the merchant's products, nor worry how to receive online payments, nor how to ship the product to the recipient when an order is placed, all that is taken care of by the merchant, but all you have to do as an affiliate is to promote the merchants product or service through a unique url (or website address) which will be given to you.. Now what do I mean by the unique url which is given to you? To explain that I would first need to explain how to sign up to be an Affiliate to a merchant. all what i am saying here have already been explained in a step by step detail in my comprehensive ebook on affiliate marketing. click here to see it

To sign up to be an affiliate to a merchant is free and can be done in 2 ways either;

You can go through an Affiliate Program Provider (APP)

An APP acts as a sort of middle man between hundreds of Merchants and thousands of affiliates on the Internet and there are quite a number of APPs example of a few are Clickbank, Commission Junction and Linkshare. Furthermore each APP provides services which are beneficial to both the merchant and an affiliate.

To a merchant, the APP provides the service of creating an avenue whereby the merchant can have hundreds of affiliates who will promote the his or her product and he only pays the affiliate for results i.e. either for a sale or lead, also an APP helps to track each of the thousand of affiliate's progress under the merchant and pays the APP pays the affiliate what is due, while to the affiliate the service an APP provides is that once the affiliate signs up with the APP which is free, a unique id by is given to the affiliate which the affiliate can use to sign with as many merchants as possible in that APP, the APP collates all the earnings in one check and disburses to the affiliate this disbursement of checks is done every 2 weeks or every month, or very 45 days (this depends on the APP), also an APP allows an affiliate to have an overview of the merchants product, commission rate, popularity of product or information on if the merchant pays per sale or lead this enables the potential affiliate decide if he or she wants to promote the merchants product or not. Or

Supposing you come across a merchant's website while browsing and you like the product(s) and want to be an affiliate yet you do not know merchants APP, just look at the merchant's webpage carefully for a link called Affiliate this will be situated either at the top, bottom, or side of the webpage were the navigational links are placed, click on it, this would then take you to were you can sign up to be an affiliate in most cases, you'd find out this leads to an APP and if are already signed up with one, all you have to do is input your id.

Now back to the issue of unique url, when you sign up as an affiliate to promote a merchant's product or service, your unique id is attached to the merchant's website address thereby giving you your own unique url or website address. The idea is that once anyone makes a purchase or signs up through your unique url, it is automatically noted it came from you and you are credited for the sale or lead and you earn money. Another reason why I love Affiliate business is the promotional aspect.

Though there are different ways to promote ones unique website address or affiliate website as we may call it, promotions is beyond the scope of this article, however it is pertinent to note that making money through affiliate marketing is basically a numbers game. The more people you get to your website, the more money you make. One of the many promotional methods I use is "the spy and replicate strategy and the twitter dominate strategy" among many others. you can learn about this strategies by clicking here

I must add that I do not need to bother about logging on to the internet everyday, but do so once in a week to check my earnings through my APP account and to check how many people have visited my site and maybe make a tweak or two on my website advertisement to increase the sales conversion sales rate.



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Politics / Re: Osun Rerun: See All The Atrocities APC Is Doing At Polling Units by loverboys: 10:46am On Sep 27, 2018
sad sad
Education / Re: ASUU Join NLC In Nationwide Strike by loverboys: 10:46am On Sep 27, 2018
Abeg ooo
Politics / Re: Double Dealing: SDP candidate Omisore Arrested! by loverboys: 10:44am On Sep 27, 2018
Business / Re: 10 Questions Unemployed Nigerians Are Asking About Freelancing by loverboys: 5:48pm On Sep 26, 2018
which niche can I do on fiverr with my phone?

their are many niches that you can render freelancing services using your phone on fiverr. fiverr now have a phone application that makes the entire process much easier. any niche that does not require any special software to run on your computer can be done using your phone. e.g article writing, some academic research, academic projects, basic graphic editing, surveys, data entry, etc. you can learn them extensively in here
Business / Re: 10 Questions Unemployed Nigerians Are Asking About Freelancing by loverboys: 5:15pm On Sep 26, 2018
After completing a job and your employer refuses to pay, what happens next?

the system is setup in such a way that in most cases, a person will have to pay before doing his work. so, the issue of you working and not getting paid is usually irrelevant. to have an insiders view of the entire process, i strongly recommend you check THE FIVERR BOSS
Business / Re: 10 Questions Unemployed Nigerians Are Asking About Freelancing by loverboys: 5:12pm On Sep 26, 2018
Business / Re: 10 Questions Unemployed Nigerians Are Asking About Freelancing by loverboys: 11:46am On Sep 26, 2018

which niche can I do on fiverr with my phone?

their are many niches that you can render freelancing services using your phone on fiverr. fiverr now have a phone application that makes the entire process much easier. any niche that does not require any special software to run on your computer can be done using your phone. e.g article writing, some academic research, academic projects, basic graphic editing, surveys, data entry, etc. you can learn them extensively in here

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Business / 10 Questions Unemployed Nigerians Are Asking About Freelancing by loverboys: 11:44am On Sep 26, 2018
Freelancing is an increasingly popular way to work. Over the years, Freelancing is becoming more and more popular in Nigeria as ordinary unemployed Nigerians are now banking several millions from the comfort of their homes or offices as freelancers. But what is freelancing, why do people freelance and can I make a career out of it? This article answers the 10 questions Nigerians are always asking about freelancing.

1. What is freelancing?

Freelancing occurs when someone offers his or her services for an agreed period in return for a fee. Freelancers (also known as contractors or service providers) are independent of the businesses or individuals that hire their services. Generally, freelancers work on jobs of a short duration although contract periods do vary in length and can be and are often extended.

2. Who can become a freelancer?

The short answer is anyone. There are no restrictions as to who can become a freelancer. As long as you have a skill or service that a business or individual needs then you can offer your services and be a freelancer.

3. Who hires freelancers?

Freelancers are hired by individuals and organizations, including micro enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises, large companies, like Tesco, charities, local and central government, e.g., HM Revenue & Customs, and public bodies.

4. What services do freelancers offer?

Freelancers offer a diverse set of services. There really isn't a fixed list. Some services offered by freelancers include:

event planning and management (e.g., weddings, birthdays, etc.)
book-keeping & accounting
car valet
virtual assistance (e.g., email & diary management, call answering, etc.)
IT support & customer helpdesk
Website design & development

As a rule of thumb, if an organization or individual can micro outsource it, then it can be freelanced! you can learn the different freelancing services that can be done without having a special skill here

5. Which services are in demand?

Demand for services varies but research has shown that the demand for freelance workers increases during "times of economic uncertainty". So this is a great time to freelance! Job information sites such as itjobswatch or just searching and counting the number of freelance opportunities can provide useful information on the demand for freelance services.

But don't be discouraged if your service doesn't appear popular. In fact, offering a service that has low demand also means that there is less competition and that's great for your future earnings!

6. What are the advantages of being a freelancer?

There are many advantages to freelancing. Some of my favorites include:

Being your own boss. Freelancing is one of best ways to start your own business. Being your own boss also allows you to decide how many hours you work, when in the year and in which locations.

Getting paid to travel. If you enjoy traveling, then freelance work can take you around the world or further a field. What's more, you can travel at someone else's expense!

Working from home or remotely. If your preference is to work from home then freelancing offers this flexibility and freelancers can enjoy a successful business doing just that. The Internet has created remote working possibilities that businesses across the globe are keen to use.

Earning money quickly. Freelancers can be paid not only more quickly and frequently than permanent employees but they can earn much more in a given period than a permanent employee doing similar work.

7. What are the disadvantages of freelancing?

But being a freelancer has some disadvantages, too. Some of which include:

Having to find work. If you're a freelancer then there's no boss to give you your first (or next) job. So, it's up to you to find work. Luckily, there are Web sites that specialize in freelancing that can assist to make this process easier.

Having to maintain your CV. Your CV is what's going to help you get your next job, if not your first one, so you'll need to update it as jobs are completed and new skills are acquired. This can become a chore but it's necessary if you want to convey your current experience and knowledge.

8. Where can I freelance?

As mentioned, an advantage of freelancing is that it allows you to travel. Depending on your skills and the service you offer, you may work on freelance jobs locally, nationally or internationally. For example, you might offer a gardening service, which would be more likely offered to local individuals and businesses. Or you might freelance as a personal trainer and offer services locally and regionally.

You can also work from the comfort of your home as a data entry operator, article writer, CCTV operator, proofreader and so on. As indicated, the Internet has opened numerous opportunities for people to work remotely without the need to be at a client's site.

9. How to get started?

today, their are many micro jobs websites globally that generates hundreds of millions of jobs annually. to get started, you need to know the top performing of those sites and the way around them. as their are a lot of other freelancers across the globe that are also competing for those jobs, Nigerian freelancers have to know their way around those websites. i have written a well explained and down to earth step by step guide that will help ordinary Nigerian freelancers to make millions of Naira annually from those sites. you can see the guide by clicking this link.

Fortunately, there are specialist sites that can help you freelance your services. On these sites, you'll find jobs with differing requirements and budgets. You'll also be able to advertise 1 or more services, indicating your skills, daily or hourly rate and locations, if you also wish to work at a client's site. And unlike job boards or CV aggregators, you'll also be able to use the site to interact with job providers to, for example, clarify requirements or work with them once you've got the job!

10. Can I make a career out of freelancing?

Absolutely, yes! If you're currently working, you can try out freelancing in parallel with your main job before deciding whether to do it full-time. If you're between jobs or on a career break then freelancing is a way to quickly earn some money whilst filling the empty space on your CV. And who knows, you might just like it!


Freelancing has become an increasingly popular way to work and has many advantages over traditional employment. This article has covered 10 questions most frequently asked about freelancing by Nigerian freelancers, what is freelancing, why do people freelance and can I make a career out of freelancing?

lastly, if you are interested in learning how i made my first million naira from freelancing in just 21 days, click on this link



Education / Re: Ezinne Okeke Gets Yam, Beans And Pawpaw As Best Creative Advert Student Of COOU by loverboys: 8:44am On Sep 26, 2018
nice one
Politics / Re: More Photos Of Omisore With APC Chieftains After 'Agreeing To Work With Them' by loverboys: 8:44am On Sep 26, 2018
apc we are watching
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Celebrities / Re: Nkechi Blessing Visit Turkey, Shares Photo Of Oyinbo Selling Water For Traffic by loverboys: 5:09pm On Sep 06, 2018
We hear u

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