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Crime / Re: Malaysian Monkey Steals Man's Iphone, Takes Selfies & Dumps It In The Jungle by MadamExcellency: 1:13pm On Sep 19
Why us this news in Crime Section instead of Entertainment and Jokes?

Is this a criminal case?
Crime / Re: Nigerian Shot Dead By Ghana Police, As Nigerians Protest In Ghana by MadamExcellency: 6:18pm On Aug 29

Ghana is not South Africa

Ghanaians don't have problem with average Nigerians doing their legitimate business....

Tell our people to also behave in abroad

Small, small, Nairaland induced tribalism is turning you to a monster. Another man's dead is a log of wood.

Stop and retrace of steps and stop killing the humanity in you.
Politics / Re: Igbo Leaders Waiting For Buhari's Approval Before Condemning Enugu Killing? by MadamExcellency: 10:12am On Aug 27
When those leaders were telling Ipob to slow things down, did they listen?

Are they not tagged efulefu.

Good thing about this is real Ndigbo are against Ipob activities..

Infact, they are ready to point out any Ipob members houses in the SE to security officers before they start another nonsense again

Unfortunately, every Igbo man or woman in Nigeria is IPOB no matter how they try to distance themselves.

People should stop being apologetic about IPOB and their style of agitation.

Charley boy was IPOB worst nightmare in terms of criticism and denunciation yet when he staged the national protest raged "our mumu don do" he was never exonerated from Northern attack in Abuja. He was seen as IPOB and was a good as dead from massive hammering and attack until IPOBs in Abuja mobilized and came to his rescue. It was termed Hausa vs Igbo fight in Abuja. Charley boy was told the plain truth by IPOBs, we are your people not enemies


Politics / Re: Buruji Kashamu's Grave - Burial Ground Is Ready (Photos) by MadamExcellency: 2:11pm On Aug 09
The correct muslim funeral is a thing to be recommended. A person dies, s/he is buried the same day. Shikena! No expensive casket. No dumping the corpse in the morgue for ages. No wake-keep. So-called fidau and 40th day prayer aren't islamic. Simple. Straight forward. Virtually no expenses involved.

If you can celebrate birth, it's logical to celebrate death. Anything short of that is a mockery to circle of life and nature. It teaches humankind to live a desirable life worth celebrating.


Politics / Re: Ebonyi Shopping Mall: A Replica Of Majestic Dubai Mall, To Be Ready By November by MadamExcellency: 9:27am On Aug 07
First thing first, there are no enough toilets in Ebonyi State and secondly, no electricity, no access roads, no portable water and social amenities in rural areas.

All these cosmetics in a State where 90% of its citizens live in rural areas got to stop or reprioritize except if these are private investment.

Everyday people in Ebonyi State have been forgotten. Elites now make out heaven for themselves at the expense of the majority.

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Crime / Re: 40-Foot Container Laden With Tramadol & Codeine Intercepted By Police In Lagos by MadamExcellency: 9:21am On Aug 07

I believe the 80% is not exaggeration

In my locality, it can't be more than 2%
Foreign Affairs / Re: 'nobody Likes Me,' Trump Complains, As Even His Allies Fade by MadamExcellency: 3:59pm On Aug 03

Fox news.

Stop quoting sensational headlines in 2020.

Context and narratives are indispensable
Foreign Affairs / Re: 'nobody Likes Me,' Trump Complains, As Even His Allies Fade by MadamExcellency: 2:55pm On Aug 02
The junk journalism from fake news CNN doesn't worth reading.

The news outlet no longer report news and allow their viewers to make informed opinions rather they assemble bunch of leftists and Marxist opinionists to report fake irrelevant information.

CNN: The Government should protect the black child from the evil white supremecist child. CNN will not inform their viewers that they are twins.

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Politics / Re: Atiku, PDP Governors And Realignments Ahead 2023 Polls by MadamExcellency: 2:50pm On Aug 02
Southeast should quit voting PDP in 2023. The party is hopeless.

PDP is doing to Southeast what DNC (Democrats) does to Blacks in USA

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Politics / Re: NNPC Strikes Oil In Eight Local Governments Of Niger by MadamExcellency: 8:03pm On Jun 17
Just like Lagos Oil.

Political Oil and Gas. We will soon discover that the quantity found is for domestic and local consumptions.
Politics / Re: Edo 2020: We’ll Go To Court If PDP Fields Obaseki – Oshiomhole by MadamExcellency: 3:42pm On Jun 17
He will just apply with First School Leaving Certificate and forget others.

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Health / Re: 573 New COVID-19 Cases, 129 Discharged And 4 Deaths On June 15 - (2079 Tested) by MadamExcellency: 10:40pm On Jun 16
Coronavirus statistics doesn't shake me again, most people recover from it, deaths is just 2.5%.

You got it wrong. It's 0.7% death rate
Politics / Re: Obaseki: Governor Wike Shades Oshiomhole by MadamExcellency: 12:58pm On Jun 16
clap for yourself and make your findings

I was one before being promoted to management.

Workers Union negotiates with management hence a representative of workers union can't be same with management.
Politics / Re: Owonikoko Quadri Is Dead by MadamExcellency: 8:52am On Jun 16
This one wey everybody just dey die since yesterday.

It might be your turn next, give your life to Christ.

Giving your life to Christ for fear of death is not the best rather one should do it for appreciation and love of God for me and you.


Politics / Re: Obaseki: Governor Wike Shades Oshiomhole by MadamExcellency: 7:28am On Jun 16
He doesnt have a certificate but he was NLC president for 8 years. be deceiving yourself, he worked in Nigerian textile industry and rose to the position of factory manager without a certificate?

You are a novice. Factory Managers don't contest for Union Chairman
Crime / Re: Herdsmen Kill 65-Year-Old Man In Imo (Disturbing Photos) by MadamExcellency: 12:09pm On Jun 15
Were r d evidence it was herdsmen... While I would love to blame herdsmen... But I want to see evidence...

What if he was dragging land with someone as it is there lifestyle over there. And the person decides to kill him.

Anyway if it is the Fulani people thoroughly.. Then the youth of that place needs to do something fast

According to a radio programme this morning, the Police said the Herdsmen are on the run and consequently, the Police took the herd and kept them in a safe place.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Dollar Investment As Anambra Governor Now Worth N95bn - Alex Otti by MadamExcellency: 10:03am On Jun 14

every developing country borrowed to develop and turn developed nation... its a crime to keep money that could uplift your people in a cormercial bank owned by your ally

You live to condemn a profitable investment by Peter Obi because of your inbred bias without seeing how ridiculous your opinion portrays you.

You mean to tell me how foolish Nigeria is because it invested in AfDB to the tune of 9%?

You fall my hand.

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Politics / Re: Is Nigeria Safe For African Americans To Relocate To by MadamExcellency: 9:58am On Jun 14
You mean African Americans or Black Americans?

Don't get carried away, Black Americans are more racist than the whites.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Dollar Investment As Anambra Governor Now Worth N95bn - Alex Otti by MadamExcellency: 9:53am On Jun 14

Isnt it absolute stupidity for a state with so much unemployment, zero power supply, and absolutely no infrastructure, to ware house 75 billion in a cormercial bank like diamond bank.. while bankers wont even borrow the money out to Anambra indegene but to the likes of Dangote and Rabiu of Biu groups

75billion would construct a gas pipeline from Imo gas flaring fields, build a 1000 Megawatt Thermal/gas turbine power station and give Anambra 24/7 electricity with enough to sell to other state while their industries drastically develop


It will not be well for whoever led you to this political bias.

Is Anambra State borrowing? When has it been a crime to save notwithstanding the Insatiability of humans want?

Take am easy

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Family / Confess Your Total Self Control by MadamExcellency: 3:54pm On Jun 13
You are marriage for more than 15, 20 years and has never raised your hands for once on your spouse. Come in and answer present.

Remember, God is watching, don't bring curse to yourself by lieing.

I am Madam Excellency, I am here present
Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-iweala Celebrates Her 66th Birthday Today by MadamExcellency: 1:28pm On Jun 13

Is she your biological mother... or you want her to adopt you?. She has children.

You won't go to heaven. I have marked you.

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Romance / Re: What's The Most Extreme Measure You Have Taken So You Could Avoid Having Sex? by MadamExcellency: 9:44am On Jun 12

No mind the fairy. Na their type dey see demon everywhere. Na dem dey shake head upandan inside bus like crase, say dem dey pray.

Na your head? See me, see trouble.

Somebody can't be in the spirit in peace for your side?
Health / Re: 9 COVID-19 Patients Die In Anambra State by MadamExcellency: 8:36pm On Jun 10

Did you read the news at all? I am 100% sure you did not. The bitter part of the report is that 7 out of the 9 that died, died outside the isolation centre. What that means is that they likely doubted like you are doing now and ended up succumbing. What does it cost anyone to believe and play safe?

You mean the Governor went about collecting samples and testing dead people?

Stop this nonsense. Malaria, HBP, Diabetes, lungs and kidney diseases have given way for useless nonsense virus to increase its count

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Health / Re: 663 New COVID-19 Cases, 166 Discharged And 4 Deaths On June 9 - (2987 Tested) by MadamExcellency: 3:47pm On Jun 10
Is Africa a country?
Health / Re: 'very Rare': WHO Says Coronavirus Seldom Spreads Through Asymptomatic Carriers by MadamExcellency: 2:04pm On Jun 09
The Lockdown was a total fraud.

Science played us through trial and error this time.

Results - Economic somersaults
Health / 'very Rare': WHO Says Coronavirus Seldom Spreads Through Asymptomatic Carriers by MadamExcellency: 2:02pm On Jun 09
People with asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 are not the driving force behind the spread of the coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization.

Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said during a press conference on Monday that it is "very rare" for asymptomatic people to widely spread coronavirus. Van Kerkhove said contact tracing of those who tested positive found that very few asymptomatic carriers gave the virus to others.

“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual," she said. "We have a number of reports from countries who are doing very detailed contact tracing. They’re following asymptomatic cases. They’re following contacts. And they’re not finding secondary transmission onward. It’s very rare."

Stopping the spread of the coronavirus between asymptomatic carriers has been a top concern for public health experts around the globe because many young adults and children do not present symptoms when infected with COVID-19. If further data backs up the WHO's claims, it could overhaul the actions being taken to curb the outbreak.

Several policies, including mandates regarding the use of face masks, have been put into place to stop asymptomatic individuals from spreading the virus.

Van Kerkhove noted that more research must be done to “truly answer” questions about the threat of asymptomatic spreaders. She recommended that public health officials focus on containing symptomatic cases.

“What we really want to be focused on is following the symptomatic cases,” Van Kerkhove said, adding, “If we actually followed all of the symptomatic cases, isolated those cases, followed the contacts, and quarantined those contacts, we would drastically reduce [the outbreak].”

Politics / Re: Can a sharia judge become the chief justice of Nigeria? by MadamExcellency: 2:51pm On Jun 07

Sharia court is a native law. Native law is what we now call Customary law. There are Sharia courts and Customary courts.

Has Customary Courts advanced past its local structure as did Sharia, to become a regional practice? No!

Lets not continuously blame North for preserving its culture and maitaining it in parallel with the British legacy.

In South we do opposite. We erase our native customs and default to the British legacy. If anyone oppose we label them illiterates and backward.

E be like say killing twins and giving widows bath water of their husbands corpses dey hungry you?

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Approves Okonjo-iweala Nomination For WTO Head. by MadamExcellency: 12:28pm On Jun 05
Is Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala interested
Foreign Affairs / Re: Is Donald Trump Still The US President? - Robert Reich by MadamExcellency: 11:47am On Jun 05
Silence is best answer to fools, of which CNN the chief.


Health / Re: Enugu State Ministry Of Health Releases Details Of COVID-19 Cases In Enugu State by MadamExcellency: 9:09am On Jun 04
但是我会把它隐身在一个他们找不到我的地方!해튜켜큐코너 ㅁㅎ녘 노뉴너뉺캬ㅓㄴㅎ누넌ㅍ녀뉴논 킄ㅍㅋ ㄴ
큐. ㅓ뉴너뉸 人士官长 者勿

NO need of hiding.

Stand up like a bold Lion, confront them and take a stand.
Politics / Re: The Truth About Trump's Bible Photoshoot:Priest Teargassed to Make Way for Trump by MadamExcellency: 10:05pm On Jun 02

This is what Facism means madam

Stop referring a violent terrorist group to a name rather to their actions. Thugs, thieves and terrorists

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