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Family / Re: Help! My Husband Is Starving Me Of Sex And It Is Affecting Me by madjune: 5:51pm
A good question to start with is,

1. How old is your husband?

If he's in his 40s or late 40s, is he taking any men's health supplements to support his systems functions?
I mean, prostrate health supplements etc.
Testosterone too.

You can encourage him to visit the hospital and check his levels. Cholesterol levels too.

The Nigerian environment is too harsh and affects the struggling man's health in ways you can't imagine.

2. Watch the type of food you cook for him.
Do you put.much oil, fatty food for him?
These kill libido in the man as they block his arteries, impeding smooth blood flow to the penile regions.

3. Give him lots of fruits, like watermelon etc.
Don't encourage sugary consumption.
Sugar kills libido in most men unless you be aboki.

4. Make sure he doesn't have a side chick who's taking his attention.
In some cases, he may have lost interest in you and rather, well into his side chick who turns him on more than you.

Good luck.
Politics / Re: “Sai Obi”: Supporters Chant As Peter Obi Visits Kaduna (Video) by madjune: 2:52am On Aug 08
Whom God has blessed, no one can curse.

Nigeria deserves better leadership.

No be curse abeg.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Lady Residing In Canada Berates Fellow Nigerians (Video) by madjune: 3:53pm On Aug 06
She's just waking up.

Truth be told, Nigerians are your worst enemies if you find yourself abroad.

They delight in seeing you suffer and struggle through life.
I can't explain this phenomenon. I think it's evil possession.
I gave up when I needed a Nigerian clergyman to sign some forms for me on some application and almost everyone of them turned me down because of what I would benefit.

Na Ghana man sign for me.

Smart Nigerians avoid fellow Nigerians abroad.
They're not stupid by doing so.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi: The Acclaimed "Messiah" Without The Credentials by madjune: 2:30pm On Aug 03
This boy has started again what he did for Jonathan in 2014.

Then he was a toddler..

I remember how he begged me to get him on board my bandwagon.

Barcanista, you're still a learner.
Science/Technology / Re: Nigerian Boy Shows Off The Robot He Built By Himself (pics/vid) by madjune: 6:33pm On Aug 01
In this time and age, is this not what the Nigerian government govt or well meaning private companies ought to be promoting?

Instead of BBnaija?
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija Is Demonic Says Mummy GO (pics/vid) by madjune: 6:06pm On Jul 28
I've never liked the show since the Nigerian producers hijacked it from the European makers.

The original concept has been diluted and polluted beyond measure.

But to put the record straight, that's no eyes of Horus like Mummy GO would have you believe.

That eye design drew its inspiration from the original Orwellian idea of being under surveillance from a state all seeking monitor who controls its citizens.

The monitor was called Big brother.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Discharged After Successful Surgery, Rehabilitation At Duchess Hospital by madjune: 11:51pm On Jul 25
Whatever happened to the Nigerian Healthcare system?

This is a class report on its present state.

Every ailing high ranking official flies abroad for treatment.
So, our hospitals are meant for the poor masses who count for nothing?
Sports / Re: Unknown Now, But soon I Will Be UNFORGETTABLE: Amusan's 2016 Tweet Resurfaces by madjune: 6:26pm On Jul 25
Ebuka is one of the Nigerian youths problem.

With his acclaimed education and exposure, nigga still allowed himself to be used as a diversionary asset to the youths in these critical times of presidential candidate evaluation?

I can very well bet in his old age, he would regret not using his youth for the positive betterment of the Nigerian youth.

Na BBnaija where girls expose themselves just for cheap popularity that fades like the noonday.

Politics / Re: Video Of Willie Obiano & His Wife, Ebele Enjoying Nightlife In A Foreign Country by madjune: 5:58am On Jul 22
His wife looks mischievously sweet.

The type that naturally spices up the room
Travel / Re: Bringing My Wife To UK As Soon As Possible by madjune: 2:54am On Jul 22

What do you make of Akwa Ibom girls vs Yoruba/Igbo girls abroad
Which one stay in marriage and respect their husband

I don't know much about Akwa Ibom women out here but I know that Regina Askia has been representing well.

She's been married to the same man for long years now.
Sweet family. No drama. Pure joy.

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Travel / Re: Bringing My Wife To UK As Soon As Possible by madjune: 7:08pm On Jul 20

What do you make of Akwa Ibom girls vs Yoruba/Igbo girls abroad
Which one stay in marriage and respect their husband

That's a tricky one.

Once abroad, the average Nigerian girls acts almost the same.
I think this quasi uniformed behavioral pattern is conditioned by the sense of poverty which haunted their past.
Also, the ingrained aggressive trait of our culture plays its part as most times, you find out she offers her responses or insights to things from the angle of fight, argument or roforofo.

To be more direct, the Calabar girl will easily show you Pepper on the long run as see finish sets in.

The Yoruba girl is 50/50.
If she's the type that's family oriented, avoids large circle of friends and frequent owambe; then go for her.

The Ibo girl- If she's too educated, much money, make sure you have a back up plan.
Also, watch her friends and the sort of movies or words that come out of her mouth because one day, she will give you a playback and your life will be like a movie.


Travel / Re: Bringing My Wife To UK As Soon As Possible by madjune: 5:35pm On Jul 20
oga do you think he is selfish if he signed a prenuptial agreement?A mans life is already hard enough to allow a woman to mess it up.

I support the prenuptial document, property executed.
It will help, but only God will save you from the damages of a raging wife here.
Court documents can only ameliorate the pain but, one can't leave completely unscathed.

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Travel / Re: Bringing My Wife To UK As Soon As Possible by madjune: 4:56pm On Jul 20
As an experienced man living in the US for a long time now is,

1 It's good to take care of your loved one and do anything big or good for her, which includes providing a pathway to a better life.

2. The Western world is completely different from Nigeria where the man dictates and decides.
The woman has soft power here, and is more considered before the man, in the peoples court.

3. You will never know your woman's character until she starts earning in hard currency.
Her character that you know now might take a back seat when her money starts coming.

Now, that's a gamble. She might remain humble or turn to a mountain tiger; that's left to fate.

I've seen couples where the wife never changed and some, where the wife became a huge problem.

Whichever. It's up to you. Our life is all about the choices we make.

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Politics / Re: Kemi Nelson - Former APC Women Leader - Is Dead ! by madjune: 12:29am On Jul 18
She had a good sense of style and self branding.

And she was a popular face at glam Owambes during Tinubu's two terms as Lagos governor, with her remarkable, changing headgears which made a point, however you looked at them.

Adieu Ma.

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Celebrities / Re: Actor Uche Odoputa Weds In The UK (Photos) by madjune: 1:27am On Jul 17
I remember when dem catch this guy with drugs at Murtala airport that year.

I still wonder how he got out and managed to have a life abroad.


Celebrities / Re: Gospel Singer, Lionel Peterson Dies At 74 by madjune: 4:45pm On Jul 15
In those 90s, I remember going to the market and looking for that type of floral shirt he mostly wore.

Well, he looked so chubby then and that's associated with health issues in time.


Politics / Re: Davido Meets Atiku Abubakar In Osun State (pics, Video) by madjune: 7:44am On Jul 15

He was head of Obasanjo's economic team and under his leadership our economy grew by over 6%. The only baggage he has is what Obasanjo has been trying to make him look like all because he stood against Obasanjo's third term agenda.. If Obj had anything concrete on Atiku he wouldn't have spared it... Take this to the bank.. Obasanjo jailed other political opponents who had cockroaches in their cupboard.. You're only just inheriting Obasanjo's beef for him without an actual distinct claim of what he did with proofs even from a former president...

Wait a minute. Please, I wouldn't want to get into any blind argument.

First of all, do you know Atiku's history?

Do you know how he first made his primary millions as a customs officer?
Go and.make your researches.
Were you aware of the COJA era and his corrupt exploits with the funds?
Actually, that was the beginning of his problem with OBJ in the early 2000s.
Politics / Re: Funke Akindele: My 20 Million Social Media Fans Will Vote For Me (Video) by madjune: 7:40am On Jul 15
So all the social media fans are residents of Lagos. Now I know Funke isn't as intelligent as portrayed.

I think you missed the point.

She said Ikorodu. I'm beginning to believe every ikorodu indigene, on the ground and online watch her on TV daily, have PVC and are in the 20 million numbers...

I think Funke is a dreamer.
Politics / Re: Davido Meets Atiku Abubakar In Osun State (pics, Video) by madjune: 3:22am On Jul 15

Is Lasuf of LP a better candidate ? Or is he a saint because he is in labour party. Stop this fanaticism it is really stupid

I don't know who Lasuf is and I don't really care what's he's gunning for.

Fact is, Davido's picture with Atiku sends a very wrong signal.
He could campaign for his uncle without a pic with Atiku.
Can you imagine an Atiku presidency?

That's a nightmare worse than 20yrs of Buhari.
Politics / Re: Davido Meets Atiku Abubakar In Osun State (pics, Video) by madjune: 6:07pm On Jul 14

Hommie is securing the bag!

He gives no Kentucky fried chicken fvcks!

His future is secured.

How about yours? How about the average youth of Nigeria?
Are thier collective future secure under Atiku?
Politics / Re: Davido Meets Atiku Abubakar In Osun State (pics, Video) by madjune: 5:01pm On Jul 14
Dude places family over national interest.

It's obvious he's not yet grown.

Entertainment is good but, of what good is it when it's not used to highlight a common good or shine the light for the downtrodden?

Isn't he old enough to know what Atiku represents?
Politics / Re: Ayade Wins APC Senatorial Ticket For Cross River North by madjune: 2:52pm On Jul 14
Purple trouser. Red cap.

Nawao. Is he LGBTQ?


Celebrities / Re: Alexreports With His Wife & Two Kids - Churchill & Maduka (video, Photos) by madjune: 2:05am On Jul 13
Alex what if you born girl. Which maga will you name her after?

That's simple.

She would be named Regina Daniel.


Celebrities / Re: Wizkid & Tiwa Savage Settle Beef As They Hug & Party At The Afrobeat Festival by madjune: 6:09pm On Jul 12
If you and an afonja friend never fight and make up, then una never start.

It's a gene thing.
Politics / Re: Nollywood Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo Resigns From APC Over Muslim-Muslim Ticket by madjune: 7:07am On Jul 12
APC wing of Nollywood.
Food / Re: See The Big Meat I Killed In My Yam Farm Today (pictures) by madjune: 8:08pm On Jul 11
Ignorance will kill people.

Some animals have viruses, that it's safe to cook them to a certain degree of temperature before consumption.

Why would you risk your health eating just anyhow?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: South Africa: 22 People Killed In Overnight Shootings, Ramaphosa Reacts by madjune: 4:41pm On Jul 10
Silly Nigerian hating Trevor Noah won't talk about this on his show.

If na to bash Nigerians, he will quickly open his mouth.
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Reports Obi And Baba-Ahmed To UK, US And EU On LGBTQ Statement by madjune: 4:29pm On Jul 10
It's good to be smart, educated and articulate etc.

But, when you begin to toe the line of self conscious
"I Know it all" attitude towards life and in your daily conduct or interactions with your fellow human beings; know it that you're on the borderline of wholesome stupidity.

In this threshold lies this Reno presently.

We wish him well.

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Politics / Re: Datti Baba-Ahmed Interview On Arise TV News by madjune: 5:25pm On Jul 09
Good development.

Bobrisky will go to jail and Don Jazzy would finally get married.

Foreign Affairs / Re: The Moment Japan Ex-PM, Shinzo Abe Was Shot (Video) by madjune: 4:42pm On Jul 08
The man's policies as PM fkd up some rural peoples lives then.

Japanese people don't forgive easily.

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Food / Re: Live Centipede Seen In Bowl Of Isi Ewu Served In A Lagos Restaurant (Video) by madjune: 5:33pm On Jul 07
Years ago I remember having this peppersoup at this joint in Ajao.
It was pitch black with the NEPA outage and I almost gulped the whole plate till NEPA brought back the light.
I was about one or two spoonfuls to licking the plate when I cast a glance in it only to see two dead cockroaches, perfectly stewed in a corner of the plate.

I screamed, and vomited.

When the waiters and the owner came to me and I showed them their folly; every customer present abandoned his meal and left.


Fashion / Re: Stephanie Nkechinyere Chukwuemeka Wins 2022 Miss Port Harcourt City Pageant. by madjune: 2:26am On Jul 07
She looks like my ex girlfriend way back, Cynthia.

Full of teeth in the wrong places, which often made me feel she had Ataxia earlier in life.

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