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Nairaland / General / Re: Community, Siblings Warn Delta State Not To Install Ovie Of Agbarha by masseratti: 2:46am On Jun 20
A simple DNA should clarify that tho .
Crime / Re: A Young Man With Nigerian Police Escort Sparks Reactions (pictures/video) by masseratti: 5:48pm On Jun 19
Until.the day tax collectors start asking for government share of money you make and the source ..we ain't going no where in this country
Sports / Re: Celtics Coach Joe Mazzulla Says Pep Guardiola Helped Him Win The NBA Title by masseratti: 10:16pm On Jun 18
your headache , I aint famzing failure like your papa
lolzzzz...the success my papa get all your family combine both extended and nucleus can not avenue pray for it. .they will only dream about getting a quarter...gutter mouth from their words you can tell if someone is still in the trenches.
Sports / Re: Celtics Coach Joe Mazzulla Says Pep Guardiola Helped Him Win The NBA Title by masseratti: 9:26pm On Jun 18
Pep Guardiola is the greatest and most influential sports manager in the world. His influence transcends football

Pep not only conquered football, he's already making conquering another sport, the NBA just experienced his greatness that's why he's the 🐐 of all coaches dead or alive.

City are going to win 5peat next season.

No manager comes close steeze and composure na out of this world. That's my manager, I don't follow losers...

That's the definition of Aura, y'all haters should recreate this then I'll deactivate.. abi na oil money e take inspire the Celtic coach too...

Happy Sallah
smh .all this ppl faming success..


Culture / Re: Oluwo Under Fire For Exposing Head In Mecca by masseratti: 8:23pm On Jun 16

There is no place on Earth as venerated, as central or as holy to as many people as Mecca. By any objective standard, the valley in the Hijaz region of Arabia is the most celebrated place on Earth.

Thousands circle the sacred Kaaba at the centre of the Haram sanctuary 24 hours a day. Millions of homes are adorned with pictures of it and over a billion face it five times a day.
what makes it the most central on the Earth globe is it the zero point on the north Arctic pole or south pole on the antarctic or is it on any point on the equator?if the answer is no then it can never or will it ever be the center of the earth.

Been venerable to some people I respect theie wishes on that tho.

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Culture / Re: Oluwo Under Fire For Exposing Head In Mecca by masseratti: 8:14pm On Jun 16

That’s the house Abraham built ask your pastor where is it I dare you to do that then come and join the real religion
whafs the evidence that Abraham bult that square building in mecca?where is the records or a post Abraham made he ever set foot in the Arabian peninsula , Abraham is from Ur present day Iraq he went to Egypt with Sarah ...those are the recorded history of him even if its a myth..no where in the Torah nor bible which were earlier books did it say he ever venture into the "Arabian desert"where mecca is .

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Sports / Re: Why I Resigned As Super Eagles Head Coach – Finidi George Opens Up by masseratti: 7:50pm On Jun 16
Just 2matches and finidi has thrown in the towel.
Tinubu aka builder of lagos, what are you waiting for?
Dont you know you have you and your gang have turned the country to an idp camp?
Dont you know you have destroyed the nation?
please hush it we are tired of you people forcing politics into every thread on nairaland..if you want to talk Tinubu,Peter Obi ,Atiku ...go politic section for heavens sakes and safe us talks that helps you guys masturbates.

Btw Tinubu can not force NFF chairman or board to hire this or that couch it's against FIFIFA rules so rest abeg make better people comment..
You guys are so annoying both the Baptist amd obidients or whatever is left of the Atikulates .

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Family / Re: Sallah: Woman Scatters Her Home Because Her Husband Bought A Goat by masseratti: 3:36pm On Jun 16
The oloriburuku woman still collect 360k for hair 3days prior wan use ram shine for her friends...if she has true friends .. understanding friends not competitive women,akproko women ,back stabbers,gossipers like her ..she won't display what she did .

PS .all ya calling the guy a simp should go and sit down abeg ..lay your hand on her they call you woman beater...the guy did the right thing call the mother and video it .

God bless the mother inlaw too she told her the gospel truth.

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Politics / Re: Bandits Kill 10, Kidnap Many In Dudun Doki, Sokoto On Sallah Day by masseratti: 2:37pm On Jun 16
The best way to get rid of this bandits is if the Muslim community or sheiks Iman sultan emirs declare fatwah on this bandits and also declare that anyone who report a bandit is guarantee aljurna just like they promise that to people who kill for blasphemy.Bandits will disappear in blink of an eye.
Politics / Re: The Idea Of Free Market Economy Is Illusionary – Fashola by masseratti: 8:24am On Jun 13

That's not a negation of the free economy. Investors are being driven to offload the yen due to a yawning gulf in interest rates between Japan and the United States. The US Central Bank cut interest rates thereby affecting the Japanese market.
Saving jobs and keeping the financial system and banks' credit rantings is the economic and monetary decision of their central bank, not the political echelon
thank you, finally someone that understand economics not our beer parlor economic analyst.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 9:44pm On Jun 12

All these will take lots of time.
we don't have a choice.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 11:44pm On Jun 10

You started with an "IF". I don't think it's reasonable to fix workers salaries on "if"
Does it make sense to you that Nigeria in 2024 is still practicing subsistence, seasonal farming? Yet Tinubu and his minister claimed they are already doing 200 hectares of all year round farming. If the president and the cabinet can be using lies as a policy on food, you see why your "if" is empty?

How will it be difficult to claim subsidy on wheat? The fact is the subsidy removal has been a bad idea as I've always said from the time of Jonathan. Subsidy removal is a problem not a solution. Our politicians brainwashed the populace to think subsidy removal was for their benefit. Today, the elites are gaining more by increasing salaries, running costs, allowances etc, while sermonizing patience and goodness somewhere down the road. All the trumpeted palliatives ended up as audio. Now the minimum wage which is supposed to be the lifeline for workers is being trashed as well. What is now the gain of the generality of Nigerians in subsidy removal?
subsidizing a commodity came to be in Nigeria in the 80s the decade Nigeria economy started going down ..the USA subsidize their famers inputs not the products..the USA produce more corn than it needs the government subsidize it by buying it from the farmers same with soy beans.. Nigerian government subsidy is mainly for corrupt officials..infact subsidy came into petrol because the military government wanted a uniform price for the product all over the country..thats a very unwise move..if price of tomato in kano is cheaper than in PH why should price of petrol be the same in PH and Kano .. that's how subsidy came in ...remove it and focus on how to improve the value of the naira .. increasing wages now is not the solution and it has never worked.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 5:25pm On Jun 10

Can you explain how subsidizing the price of wheat and rice will crash the price of other things? Rice, spaghetti and bread are not eaten by the poor alone. Besides, I can confidently say spaghetti and bread are not food for the poor in today's Nigeria. But what about the price of garri, beans, yam, animal protein, milk? How will subsidizing wheat and rice crash their prices? Also, fuel is not being imported? Are you sure or it's a typo? If subsidy on imported fuel can be fraudulent, what makes you think subsidy on imported wheat and rice will not attract same fraud?

Let me shock you. In today's Nigeria, Level 11 in federal service earn less than 200K as net monthly income. Do you really think less than 200k is fair wages for judges and appointees? If salary and emoluments of govt officials is reduced, how does that improve the condition of the common man?
if price of things come down 200k has net income will be survivable for a level 11.

Have u noticed when new Yam comes out price of most food items also drop,try and notice basic food items like tomatoes, pepper,garri,meat they drop this year it's going to be high because farmers are just planting yam ..yam that is suppose to come out in July .. that's because the rain this year is coming late ,a good number of places on the country have not had rain this year,it's also one of the factors affecting the price of tomatoes late blossom of the fruit due to lack of rain and the insects affecting it .

Wheat is the most basic food source for most people all over the world .. Nigeria does nog have the capacity for it right now ,apart from rice wheat makes up the most basic food source.petrol subsidy was eazy for those claiming subsidy without buying nor supplying any petrol,wheat will be difficult, subsidy of the food items can come in different forms ..it might be zero tax, payment on metric tonnes imported ..yes I will note the corruption factors of Nigerian govt officials in anything but to me better subsidy on that than on petrol.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 3:33pm On Jun 10

You mean you supported Jonathan's subsidy removal in 2012 or you're a latter day convert?
What exactly is the intended benefit of naira devaluation aka floatation
If you say wage increment is a vicious cycle, what do you think of 300% increment for judges and humongous wages and salaries of politicians? Are those not worse than the wage increment for civil servants yet I have not seen you rail against that
if the subsidy is not for the poor am not in support...subsidize wheat and rice ..price of other things will crash ..price of indomie for the kids will crash , price for spaghetti will crash ,price for bread poor man food will go down ..that's whatsome countries do .not subsidy for fuel that is not being imported and a fraud ...yes I was never a fan for subsidy for fuel.most judges are beyond level 11,most government appointise are beyond level 11..they don't need any salary increase at all... governor security votes are actually illegal..its should be scrapped it's no where in the constitution, emoluments and salary of most political government officials should be reduced by 50%,that's my opinion.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 3:27pm On Jun 10
Like which countries? Lemme know those countries that do not have labour unions.
What difference does it make how unions came about? The fact is minimum wage in the US was started by FDR in the 1930s in a bid to improve the working conditions of American workers. The idea still remains the same. The reality of Nigerian living costs presently demands that the wage be adjusted. Nigerians are living like paupers presently while the rulers are living like kings.
new Zealand was the first to introduce minimum wage in 1800s not FDR stop quoting lies online..and yes alot of countries don't practice minimum wages.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 1:48pm On Jun 10

So what's the solution?
the solution is to take the bull by the horns ..float the naira truly don't sell to some parties at one rate and others at another rate,let's work towards things that will reduce inflation. Increase productivity,the solution is not what I can be writing now .one of the reasons we are in this big shit is money printed in excess by CBN...over bloated political appointees....inflated contracts alot my oga ...lets not add wage increase to our problem and cause inflation.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 1:33pm On Jun 10
The hypocrisy of you agbado worshippers is preposterous as it is ridiculous. You guys have been shifting goalpost on every issue since your APC took control of the center. From fuel subsidy to borrowing to corruption to exchange rate, you have changed position on every issue.
Suddenly national minimum wage is no longer good. It should be state by state. For someone who claims to be a researcher, have you heard of the principle of collective bargaining in Labour matters? Which country in the world does not have a national minimum wage?
Nigeria has had national minimum wage since the 70s yet in 2024 that is a bad thing simply because your god is fumbling at it. Meanwhile you were also canvassing for Labour to leave fuel subsidy matter and canvass for minimum wage just last year. Now Labour should go to the states as if it is the states that removed fuel subsidy.
Any state or private sector that does not pay minimum wage is simply breaking the law. That is one law among retinue of laws routinely breached by states and I have not seen any of you say Local Govts should be scrapped because states don't allow them function. Instead you are asking for more power for the states in the name of restructuring and resource control.
How many states are up to date in pensions payment? Is it also because of minimum wage?
alot of countries in the world does not allow labor union to exist... minimum wage in the USA and uk was not in history canvass by unions but political stakeholders against feudal system and slavery..read your history I., google is ur friend.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 1:07pm On Jun 10

Una well done. It reach una god turn minimum wage became a bad thing. Fuel subsidy became evil. Devaluation of currency became a smart thing. And its not as if most of you are better off for it. Same NLC you used to occupy Ojota in 2012 should be banned now. The level 11 upwards have a special market different from those below them abi? The judges with 300% are not working in the same economy abi. The thunder that will fire you guys is still gathering muscle
my previous post on subsidy, floating are all there for you to see in my previous posts ..am an advocate for subsidy removal,naira floatation although we are not yet floating the naira fully...thats part of the current problems...this disaster that is looming with wage increments is a vicious cycle..and btw some of us are not fans of either your Obi,Atiku nor Tinubu..we are just Nigeria fans or citizen.

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Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 12:57pm On Jun 10

Why do you feel those from level 11 upwards don't need salary review. So when they go to the market they will tell the sellers; "I'm in level 11 upwards, and the sellers would sell cheaper to them."
Sometimes I try to understand where you guys get your comments from.
Trust me ,you do mot need a salary review base on the 100% been proposed highest to be add to your salary should not be more than 20k if the 100k been proposed is approved on all cadres..you salary increments will be useless in less than 2 months in the market ..we have tried this avenue before it didn't work,why try the samw thing over and over again and expect different result..
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Labour Awaits Tinubu’s Decision On ₦‎62,000 by masseratti: 9:14pm On Jun 09
I don’t even know why all Nigeria states is using a uniform minimum wage.

It seems in Nigeria, we just like saying stuffs just because it is aesthetically pleasing politically.

How do you expect Borno to pay same minimum wage as Lagos in the first place? Little wonder why almost 70% of the governors can’t even pay the usual 30k minimum wage.
its a very bad thing and the NLC guys knows that..it's high time some state just ban UNiON activities like it's done in some states in the USA Nigeria is a federation...all states and the federal Government should negotiate their pay separately... minimum wage should not be across boards or across cadres ..from level 11 upward does not need salary review.labour should focus their strength on how to fix inflation not to increase it ...this salary increments no make sense ...it has never work and it will make matters worse .


Politics / Re: My Visit To Chinua Achebe's Residential House Ogidi, Anambra State(video&photos) by masseratti: 8:43pm On Jun 09

Abeg go and sleep with your pseudo-intelligence.

I don't need your validation on my yorubaness.Having said that,Did yoruba civilization predates Roman and Egyptian civilization??

There is nothing bad if we all rebuild our forefather houses.
That is what IGBO people are doing.

Brown roof should not be our heritage!...why can't modern roofs be our heritage??.....Our forefather brought down their own great forefathers house built with bamboo tree roofs and replaced it with Aluminium roofs in the 40s to 60s which later became brown roofs today.why can we do what they also did?

I can't believe we can just accept brown roofs as our heritage with our level of civilization and educations in yoruba land!
the man quoting you is not aware of the level of poverty in the southwest this days mainly due to the activities of unions of different kind .its killing entrepreneurship..plus the Igbo system of serving nd been given capital to start your own makes alot of sense ..alot of Nigerians from other regions have skills but lack the starting capital...that's d main problem.
Politics / Re: My Visit To Chinua Achebe's Residential House Ogidi, Anambra State(video&photos) by masseratti: 8:39pm On Jun 09

Achebe wey just de reject awards anyhow?
In terms on number of books
Copies sold
Languages translated
Or any other empirical data, Soyinka no near Achebe
Award is what it is, just an ward nothing more
please both of you and the person you are quoting are very ignorant..why compare the two men when they are not from same field.. because they both practice literature does not mean they do the same thing..it's like comparing messi and lebron James.it's insane because thry are both athletes or players of two different ball games
.you guys should stop this...you are disgracing other Nigerians online with this senseless comparison.a play writer is very different to a story teller learn that and stop the senseless competition.

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Crime / Re: Bandits Kill 7, Kidnap 150 In Munya, 25 Gunmen Neutralised In Niger State by masseratti: 6:14pm On May 27
Question I would like to ask is when this hordes of people are moving from one place to another,are they ghost ?in those communities don't they have district heads local government counciloretc at the grassroot...until when this communites decide to go after anyone who is a member of a bandit or terrorist group be it family or friends..this thing won't stop ..when it becomes a taboo to join them or a cleric declare a fatwah on anyone that join such group to be stoned ..it won't stop ..the Nigerian police and military are both overwhelmed right now ,the only option is for the people to rise up against anyone that joins such terrorist group.
Career / Re: CBN Sacks 200 More Staff by masseratti: 10:55am On May 25
I have 2 people working there and I know their salary. Mind you, those employed were spread across the cbn branches nationwide. One of them still called last night. Despite being given a lot of work that wasn't at par with salary, they still sacked him. How sure are you that they're truly 10k as speculated? You can believe anything shaa grin. CBN is understaffed and that's the truth.

By the time they replace the sacked people with their children, you and I wouldn't know. You come to lagos and see osun, kwara, Ondo people flood our ministry, doing nothing. They only come to work, gossip, go home and collect salary at the end of the month. Tinubu is only on a vendetta mission.
oga please stop saying what you have no idea of online please,am a lagosian and in Abuja currently...my work place is in central area same street with CBN head office...I have had cause to do business with CBN staffs right from their Lagos office since 2008 at namdi Azikiwe side adjoining broad Street,the annex office ....I can't count how many friends I have there,I was in the business of lending most of their staffs Money way back then one of the pre requisite is your pay slip..their salaries was bump up by Sanusi because they complained that the banks staffs they are suppose to be supervising earn more than they do ..

So don't tell me they earn much and one work load is much ..that's a terrible lie ..the 10,000 are not spread in state or regional office...its at that building and most do absolutely next to nothing,just replying irrelevant memo,the senior ones fully engaged in FX round tripping,come and see their houses in Abuja..u will be wondering where they got money from ...apart from NNPC staffs the next ballers in town are CBN staffs.. clearly there is something wrong somewhere.

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Career / Re: CBN Sacks 200 More Staff by masseratti: 10:00pm On May 24
Would that strengthen the naira? Sack those ministers and scrap their ministries newly created and shrink the existing ones. That would make sense instead of throwing more people out of jobs on which peanuts are being paid. Each of the ministers in the new ministries created will earn up to 10 times what those CBN staff sacked would earn, monthly.

very funny ... peanut are been paid to CBN staffs? You know nothing bro..btw what on earth are 10000 people doing in CBN building in Abuja..plus why would the CBN need 10000 staffs ?

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Politics / Re: Electricity Subsidy Gulps ₦‎629 Billion As Discos Generate ₦‎1.1 Trillion by masseratti: 6:08pm On May 24

The disco are intentionally not providing meters. They know quite well that if they provide meters they can not overbill customers. I will illustrate with a real life situation in my area, Akute IE. There is a lady who travels out of the country frequently and atimes she may be out for 6 months. Every time she gets back she gets about six months bill she has to clear before they will connect her light. So she complained furiously. Now the IE manager said the issue is that she doesn't usually inform them in writing when traveling out. Then on her next trip, she wrote and get them to sign off an acknowledgement copy. Loo and behold, when she got back she got even a larger bill. So she decided to come over to scatter the IE office in our area. I don't know how the matter ended but this is just absurd to say the least.
similar thing happened to me in Lagos ,was out of town for 3 months and they brought bill that i should pay..I told thek how can I pay for light i did not use for 3 months ,I even remove the cut out sef ..it wasn't funny at all .
Politics / Re: Ajaokuta Steel To Supply 400,000 Metric Tonnes Of Iron Rods For Road Constructio by masseratti: 5:24pm On May 24

Mao finished china... China didn't start to make progress till he died they they reformed

Don't u guys read?
They don't my brother.. chairman Mao made China backwards actually...the Glory of new China belong to his successors esp Jaopeng .
Politics / Re: Sanusi Reinstated As Emir Of Kano, Bayero Dethroned - Leadership by masseratti: 12:03pm On May 24
Please Shut up, no Governor of Edo State, can remove the Oba of Benin.

They never born the person yet.
ignoramus dey play
Politics / Re: Sanusi Reinstated As Emir Of Kano, Bayero Dethroned - Leadership by masseratti: 6:06pm On May 23
The Governor of Edo State cannot remove the Oba of Benin.
Have u heard of Oba ovaronmen?....he was removed by the government heaven did not fall replaced by another Oba...the governor of Edo state can absolutely remove the Oba of Benin #fact.
Business / Re: Binance Executive, Tigran Gambaryan Collapses In Court by masseratti: 6:01pm On May 23
You people should release this man o, whatever you're talking about is a bailable offense and he shouldn't have been locked up till now. Release him quietly the way the other one was released
Its true it's a bailable offence but unfortunately his co defendant fled the country..no judge on this earth will give him bail aftee that has happened.
Am not a fan of the government arresting them and arranging them cos they don't hace enough facts to charge them to court.
Politics / Re: Sanusi Reinstated As Emir Of Kano, Bayero Dethroned - Leadership by masseratti: 3:21pm On May 23
So na legislative act dey depose Emir for north.

I doubt if hausas even get culture. Cos it wasn't that far that they were islamized by Dan fodio. Just 1803 or so. What titles did their Kings bear before those jihad periods undecided undecided undecided

Yoruba culture for Life!! Cant imagine an Ooni or Awujale being deposed by a legislative bill.

For almost over three years counting now,Oyo never get Alafin. Atari ajanaku..kii seru omode cool
go and read ur history books ..alaafin ,ooni,oba of Lagos have been disposed at different times by government of the days ..till today any governor can remove any oba if he doesn't like his face ..that's the law


Politics / Re: As Accountant-General, I Acted On Approvals, Have Nothing To Fear - Fubara by masseratti: 12:09pm On May 22
It is the judiciary that are to be blamed for allowing the politicians turn the laws of this great country upside down.. a court of law in Rivers and other states making different pronouncement on the same case weather or not it is her jurisdiction to hear the case.
the NJC has to be reconstituted or we are doomed in this country.

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