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Crime / Re: Illegal Mortuary Busted In Rivers State (Graphic Photos) by morpheus24: 4:18pm On Jan 28

Ikillbrokehoes my guy, I read somewhere while you were getting lashed that you're also lexx, iceyjayz, the icecode, DrivebyKiller, GhostWisperer, Morpheus24, Morpheus101, and hilineus shocked

How do u fit such a hectic schedule into a 24-hour day? You need to get a life, son.

Where did you read those lies?

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Travel / Re: The greenest pasture among English Speaking African Countries. by morpheus24: 12:04am On Jan 28
Let's just agree that you say things you can't even back up and call it a day.

You so want to "win" this one don't you.

Por brecito.
Travel / Re: The greenest pasture among English Speaking African Countries. by morpheus24: 11:47pm On Jan 27
Igwe, back your bs up grin grin

Back what up?
Travel / Re: The greenest pasture among English Speaking African Countries. by morpheus24: 11:38pm On Jan 27
Don't give a f**ck about your IQ. What's the point of it since it doesn't even show? A truly smart person doesn't go around screaming IQs on faceless forums ...ha ha, I don't even know Steve Jobs' IQ or Elon
Musks' or Einstein's

Just use google for Einstein IQ, its right there.


but some Igwe from the backwaters of Naija sees the need to brag to me grin grin ;Dwhho!! you don't even know oxymorons are regularly used...eg 'same difference, love-hate, the living dead and off-course dumb intellectual 'all oxymorons! but you masquerade as some scholar! gtfo

You are trying really hard Mfethu.
Travel / Re: The greenest pasture among English Speaking African Countries. by morpheus24: 11:15pm On Jan 27
You are someone who likes to masquerade as some 'intellectual' but is actually dumb, 'dumb intellectual ".
Ever heard of the term 'Illiterate literate"? it's another oxymoron but it's used extensively

it's really not that deep

If you truly believe I am that dumb, why are you engaging me. Trying hard to expose me no?

You will fail woefully. I promise you that my friend.

My IQ test ranges at somewhere btw 140-160 and I have taken the test several times.

Keep trying though. I applaud the effort. It exposes your psychology.
Travel / Re: The greenest pasture among English Speaking African Countries. by morpheus24: 10:53pm On Jan 27
The dumb "intellectual" crawls out of the woodwork. grin grin

Don't ever use the above description any more its considered an oxymoron. its like saying Jumbo shrimp.


Yup, whine about Xenophobia 24/7 and then advise someone to either risk drowning or bear the grunt of Spanish racism..Lol

I am just waiting for all the refugees and illegals to leave so you guys stop whining and looking for excuses to toyi toyi……. sorry that will never happen will it cause you guys toyi toyi for everything.
Travel / Re: The greenest pasture among English Speaking African Countries. by morpheus24: 10:24pm On Jan 27

I'm always disappointed by their so-called new achievements. No attention to detail whatsoever. They offer the most basic and celebrate mediocrity. No wonder even Soweto looks like America to them.

@ OP

Please don't let all this gibberish and picture posting fool you. South Africa is a first world infrastructure country surrounded by third world xenophobic creatures.

They just want you to come there, spend all your hard earned money on their blood sucking wayward girls, expensive restaurants and overflowing booze selling night clubs.

You are better off swimming via the mediterrenean to Spain.
Crime / Re: Vikings And Black Axee Two Able Bodied Men Killed- GRAPHIC PHOTOS by morpheus24: 7:32pm On Jan 25
Oh gosh....this word again "xenophobia"...

Its a reality.
Crime / Re: Vikings And Black Axee Two Able Bodied Men Killed- GRAPHIC PHOTOS by morpheus24: 7:31pm On Jan 25
Yup, says a South African that primarily engages with fellow South Africans on this site. You on the hand... just name any thread "South Africa" and I bet my last rand you'll be there, spewing bile as usual,I mean you even had to follow me and Jace to the other thread to chase us away grin grin You are obsessed bra get help

Don't you find something xenophobic about engaging or only wanting to primarily engage only "South Africans" on a Nigerian forum.

Why is it that you cannot form your own successful SA forum and engage primarily with South Africans there. You don't find that strange?

Its like a group of South Africans walking into an irish bar, ordering savannah, having a discussion and expecting no one to notice them.

I've been around your lot long enough to understand your undertones.

You want the attention and I am giving it to you.
Crime / Re: Vikings And Black Axee Two Able Bodied Men Killed- GRAPHIC PHOTOS by morpheus24: 7:02pm On Jan 25
He has an obsession with South Africa in general

Says the South African who is on a Nigerian forum on a daily basis.
Crime / Re: Vikings And Black Axee Two Able Bodied Men Killed- GRAPHIC PHOTOS by morpheus24: 5:32pm On Jan 25

1. The difference is clear;We dont run away from our problems, even today South Africa is under attack and the South African youth is standing up and fighting for a better South Africa not running off to be enslaved even further. Learn !!

1. Point 1. You don't know where to run to
2. point 2. South Africa is under attack by who?
3. Point 3. So according to your logic, there is no one left in Nigeria fighting for a better Nigeria, everyone has up and run away.


2. LMFAO, yes South Africa is a hot mess right now ,but it still remains more stable than others/ many in Africa, why does your dumbass think immigrants refuse to leave even when their lives are made hell?

How many times will this be explained to you. The stability of your country is not a function of your people. It is a function of White monopoly capital that runs the economy. Your government does not create jobs, it taxes White monopoly capital that generates revenue. The immigrants that flock your country are under skilled workers who thrive on the industries established by white monopoly capital.


LMFAO, yes the economy is in the hands of the elite /globalists and they control our resources . Now show me one Sub-saharan African country that controls it's own resources,just one? grin. Zimbabwe still remains the only country that has potential for real independence...if only the idiots could realise it and make it work.

Ergo South Africa is not run by its people and is a Euro-African geographical expression and the only remaining country settled by whites, ergo it remains the most stable.


You think you control that oil buddy? grin. With your 70% dirt poor people,no infrastructure and high unemployment rate and low paying salaries for professionals? grin really ,how delusional can people be? Look at Iran trying to fight off these globalists to leave their resources, especially oil alone ,and they have a strong military that's not easy to topple. And your Fla't head believes that they'd allow negroes from Nigeria to control one of the most important resources in the world ,infact thee most important resources currently?mental illness is serious ne? grin grin

This has never been an argument of mine concerning Nigeria. The resources of Nigeria are indeed controlled by an elite, no contention there.

Nigeria continues to be a geographical expression first established under the Roya Niger company.

You however believe that because Mandela brokered Political power for you, you somehow have inherited a country you own. Sad!


Again,you think these countries where these people come from has some black -minipoly capital ? grin. How about they use that to create jobs that will assist their struggling people or finance them for survival businesses?you know the answer to that wink.

What jobs have your government created for your people?


Yes,they work in the informal sector, mostly because there are laws guarding professional jobs and most migrants that are in South Africa don't even qualify for those . That's why they fight with the most uneducated and underskilled for menial jobs,the locals fought for better wages and the kweres came with their cheap labour to reverse those gains but since the fight is being taken to the source now by not only the poor but by the middle class and the rich ,changes will take place and the immigrants will have to go and be exploited elsewhere.

A capitalist society thrives on exploitation of labor be it the irish immigrants who flocked to the US or the Ukaraine immigrants who flock to Western Europe. This is why it is called a "capitalist" system, capital moves unhinged and freely through economies and labor, especially unskilled will do the same and continue to be cheap and competitive so it can be manipulated. The incidence of immigrants into your society is a result of this economic phenomena and global system.

You haven't wondered why it is so difficult for your society to simply shut down borders completely.

The false notion that removing all these immigrants and negotiating better wages for your people under this regime is a futile attempt unless your revert to some Nazi like regime to accomplish. Any intelligent person can see that your populist far right parties like the Action SA and Patriotic alliance are trying to borrow the same anti-immigrant tactics employed by far right parties in western societies disguised as "patriotism" when it is indeed "protectionism" and "nationalism" at its finest.

These parties are engaged in strategies that are centered on and attack the most vunerabl, weak, and voiceless segments of this debate who have no advocates.

Your far left socialist parties under the EFF at least understand what is at play and seek to attack the capitalist establishments who are the real power behind this phenomena.

Your DA are capitalist themselves and will be center right players, so will play silent because their establishments benefit from this economic order but will attack the problem by trying to expand the middle class in your society and douce the sentiments of lack of service delivery.

Nothing new.


3. Nigerian soldiers are known to be tough against the civilians, but when they see boko haram they flee grin. They rape innocent women and children in camps & kill with ease unarmed young men. So much for the protectors of the nation ?.

Coming from someone who has never been to the war front, carried a weapon and stood opposed to an enemy.


Are Nigerian women not the ones trafficked ,raped and sodomised by their own brothers everyday ? shocked. From Nigeria to Ghana. From Libya to Italy ,Nigerian women are being treated like crap ,by non other Nigerian men .....so much for being *the men that take good care of women*. Nigger spare me the crap ,both countries have some violent savages ,others seem more vocal about it though ,hence action is taken whilst others see their sheninignans as just part of the world of "hussling".

We are on agreement on the bolded.


4. I've never bothered to look at the demographics by race of the professionals who leave ,that's because I knew the caucasians would be number one ,and this has been happening since 94,because they couldn't and still can't stand that they will not be prioritised in everything like they used to. Not to mention that Africa was never their own,they explicitly called themselves Europeans before 94,and they were correct because that's what they are, so you can't compare how I feel about South Africa or Africa to how they see it . Add that to the point that white professionals are always the first option everywhere ,that's because it's mostly white elite who run the world. Does that mean that blacks don't migrate for professional jobs ? ,Nope! But most blacks I know who live overseas were head-hunted or got the jobs before leaving South Africa, they didn't go there to be another desperate bunch of Africn immigrants like some do wink.

So in other words all the migrants all over the world form India to Pakistan, Bolivia to Mexico, Malaysia to China that leave the country where capital and labor move freely in a globalized world are all daft and should just stay put in their countries like the South Africans who go no where and will live and die in their shacks in Alexander. You don't find something daft about that assertion.


LMFAO, funny enough the whole public sector of South Africa is manned and managed by the same blacks, meaning they are using their skills to better their home unlike others whose public facilities are in shambles yet they beat their chest over the brain drain that is continuing in their country instead of finding solutions to curtail this wink. Why it gives you so much joy having Nigerian doctors and lecturers in well developed countries, while your public Universities and Hospitals are in shambles is something I can never understand grin. You can never gain respect when your home is a kraal wink.

Point 1. Since you inherited political power all the agencies appointed by this structure would be run by blacks, wouldn't they?

Point 2. Hence the issue of service delivery to the public.

Point 3. from your ascertions we are to deduce that there is no political discourse in Nigeria, no government shutsdowns, no protests, no strikes, everyone is simply on a ship to Europe neh! What percentage of Nigerians are in the diaspora and what percentage still live in Nigeria. Find that answer and you will realize how daft you are. Mathematics does not lie.


Lastly on this point,the UK has about 50% of their population without passports, guess why ? grin. They're comfortable. Even their poor have a working welfare system to assist when things are difficult, and it's the same way for the "Bantustan" citizens . They can get proper healthcare, clean drinking water,free housing etc. And on top of that their kids can go to school and eat for free from grade R to University now ( NFASAS). So they might be poor without passports but they definitely still live better than a Nigerian who has to take that boat ride after paying for his own slavery ,only to go to Libya to live a life of humiliation wink.

The real statistic of UK citizens without passports is actually about 20-23% madam liar. What this means is that a majority of their people do go outside of their country. Your people on the other hand started getting passports of recent and are only now brave enough to venture outside of those bantustans.


5. LMFAO, yes they must go home ,but it seems like they're more afraid of the morons they left behind grin........I wonder why cheesy.

They must go home so we see what happens after they leave. I am as anxious as you to see this be done.


6. Yes ,they might be doing it for citizenship as well, I mean who wants their kids to remain in a country lead by a bunch of silly and incompetent Nigerian wizards grin grin? I understand them fully. And yes,the healthcare is a big factor as well.....you have the highest rate of infant mortality in Africa and the world,that my dear would make any sane pregnant woman to do anything to do and give birth where the hospital staff is both competent and humane....something that is hugely missing where you come from .

Yet we remain 150 million plus. We definitely are compensating for the dead children no?


Like I said before ,white South Africans are a very bad comparison .....many of the Anglos still carry English passports because they feel more English than African...and they are only here for exploiting the resources of not only of South Africa but the whole of africa to feed their brothers back home( they live comfortably lives, unlike the economic migtrants of African descent living in their land cleaning dishes and washing dead bodies )....bad comparison grin grin. They can comfortably live in England and be treated like any other citizen ,but can you? grin. You would hold their passport all you want, but you will always be treated like an african migrant living in their world...fact!!!

You live in their world too, you are just too dumb to realize it.


LMFAO, ofcourse we keep on telling your brainwashed foolish people to stop coming here to "hussle " as the country is struggling like many ,but they will not hear word grin...even the ones here refuse to go back to the "black man's paradise " they would rather live like chickens than go back. The free -flight stunt by Airpeace proved it grin grin grin. Please organise a press conference or something and make sure that each and everyone of those scumbags queuing under the naija African sun applying for our visas registers this message in their fla't heads grin grin. Like you said ,South Africa is still attractive to the world even with all the bad news grin grin. And those tourists walk around freely without any fear, unlike the zoo where they must be accompanied by soldiers 24/7 because they might be kidnapped grin grin

My message has been consistent here on Nairaland, never have I wavered on it and will never.

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Crime / Re: Vikings And Black Axee Two Able Bodied Men Killed- GRAPHIC PHOTOS by morpheus24: 4:44pm On Jan 25

@morpheus24 ,where for art thou? shocked grin

The honour of your your country rests on your shoulders my man.Come and defend yourself, don't just stand there and watch helplessly grin

I just got off a sweet lady I have been trying to nyansh now for a week but I am back now.

Stay tuned for the response Mampara!
Crime / Re: Vikings And Black Axee Two Able Bodied Men Killed- GRAPHIC PHOTOS by morpheus24: 4:29pm On Jan 25

1. LMFAO, are those incompetent leaders not Nigerian men? So when one gets into power their nationality and orientation changes? grin. Look here you fool, those leaders are mirror the everyday life of a Nigerian....incompetent....greedy ...inhumane and forever willing to scam their own people.

I am guessing the incompetence's of the ANC mirror the literacy level in your country as well cause it is quite clear those former liberation fighters know little about creating enabling environments to usher in Jobs for your people. .

in the words of Forest gump...stupid is and stupid does


Is not Nigerian citizens who are the Doctors and nurses in those hospitals where kids die every hour ? Are they not the ones who would let a citizen die because he is broke and helpless? angry. Are the police who chase around yahoo boys and innocent Citizens to rob them (bribes) not Nigerians? Are the public servants who fleece their people for basic services not the ordinary Nigerian? For fcks which other country do you know of where citizens can't get their passports and ids in time because their people are making their lives unbearable for them(as they can't afford bribes)?

This tactic you are employing is weak. Let me show you why.

Point one... Are there political killings going on in SOuth Africa today in Kwazulu natal. Are these not citizens of South Africa who are suppose to be upholding the institutions of Democracy yet they are employing political gangsterism.

Point 2. Are your corrupt and incompetent police not citizens of your country who send away rape victims from the police station every day or file rape complaints and put them under the desk for years without resolutions. What about your corrupt border officials who are exploiting would be migrants and extracting money from them, are they not SA citizens.

Point 3. Are your youngstas not the ones robbing, raping and terrorizing Gauteng?. What about your ganstas in the cape flats who are killing themselves, committing political assasinations and the likes, are they not citizens of your country.

I can go on and on my dear


2. LMFAO, you missed the point completely you dimwit. But why would you get it when your brain cells are only designed to repeat lies and half truths to save face? grin. The point was that ,surviving and overcoming hardships is not peculiar to your nation as you domkops seem to think. If you put an entitled white brat from New Jersey in some dirty Abia market ,and only give him flip flops and oversized shots and tshirt to wear ,give him no food and no good accommodation. Trust me,he might cry for a few hours at first ,but once he sees that no help is coming for him,survival mode and creativity will kick in,and he will do anything to survive for another day. That's called adaptability....its human nature, not a Nigerian trait wink.

All traits are common to all humans however some nations and individuals out of social pressures tend to exhibit these traits more so than others and therefore it becomes what defines their ethos.

That is the point but then again I don't get the point cause the point do I.


3. Where in South Africa are South African children begging on the streets dear....I've been stuck in this shack for too long ,I might have missed it all? grin grin. If your dumbass understood South Africa as much as you want everyone here to believe, you'd know why Malawian and Zimbabwean refugees are always chased around by police away for robots where they sit with their under age kids begging . It is against the law,and against our nature. That's why we have those grants and school feeding so that children of the helpess won't have to resort to such to survive in their own homeland. Learn !!

Point 1. There are plenty of them around on the robots, please don't relegate to foreigners as your normal excuse.

Point 2. All one need do is visit tourist areas on in the cape to see the multitude of South Africans who beg tourists for money or the beaches of Durban but hey maybe you truly have bee stuck long in the shacks and don't travel your country at all.


Yes,I've never been anywhere, and the only education I've recieved is Bantu education, and I live in a shack . I hope this calms you down ,you sound really mad tight now grin angry.

I am glad you are at least cognizant of your own limitations. The doesn't begin in the cape and end on the borders of the Limpopo.


5. LMFAO, I'm starting to think that you have some sort of obsession with South African men,I wonder what has brought all this upon your life grin. Buddy, here is a some simple truth for you.....white women remain the most desired across the globe by well to do men,not necessarily because of their beauty but because a lot of other races resent the white man and they think the best way to get back to him for (whatever beef they hold)is to go after his woman ,

This is bantu education at its best again. If White women are the most desirable then,

What percentage of Arabs marry them?

What percentage of Asians Marry them?

What percentage of black Africans marry them?

The reason you mention this is based on the fact that those who have lived with whites and inculcated in white culture as these whites who have put their women on pedastles often do, go after them in an effort to move up a racial hierarchy that has been created within those societies.


. no matter how thrashy and out of shape cheesy. But the dummies don't get that they're actually the ones losing,they will work their asses off to spend on the white woman ,who will inturn spend the money on her own people (which elevates their own community ) whilst the spenders community remains inferior and undesirable grin grin. When a white men " makes" it he wil promote his own woman and community ,that's why they keep on attracting more people to their shores wink . A lot of these well to do white men have all the opportunity in the world to have black women in their arms ,but they must be so intimidated by them that's why they still remain and promote their own? grin grin grin grin. A man with a desired female will always be hated by the males whose women he'd never even consider even when looking for a hookup wink. A South African man in a place of authority would never use that position to lure some immigrant female not even for casual sex, not when he can drive to Alex and use his money to get a hot ,non bleached and well behaved honey cheesy.....my friend ...make all the excuses you want ,SA men are not attracted to your women ...period!!!!. Live with that and continue spending your Yahoo money on South African women wink.

The rest of this analog is pure nonsense if the attempt was to justify the reason SA men are not attracted to other women. Let me give you an alternate narrative.

South African men in general have not been exposed to people outside of their communities. Living in bantustans for many generations cause one to fear the unknown. They are not culturally dynamic enough to relate with other peoples outside of their own and therefore are unable to attract or be attracted to them.

South African men in comparison to other African men do not have the best physical attributes that are most attractive to black women in genral on the continent in general. This is a fact.

South African men have also been disadvantaged in a cultural sense because Apartheid played a crucial role in destabilizing the black family structure in South Africa where you had men who had to leave their wives to the mines or other towns and subsequently were exposed to promiscuity and a sense of no responsibility for their offspring because they could easily bounce from one place to another.

South African men have also been disadvantaged in the area of finances or financial astuteness because of Apartheid, ergo the wonder at how an immigrant be it Somali or Nigerian come into your country and attain a financial advantage over you ( no drug related).

This my dear is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

6. Atleast we care enough to have Khumbulekhaya.....who gives a fck about those kids whose fathers sent them with a "madame" at the age of 12 to work as maids in lagos and Enugu? grin. When they don't return for years( probably living as sex slaves in italy) who hunts them down to find out what happened to them ? Children and adults are getting lost all over Lagos ( many hiding in slums ,afraid to go home and be humiliated by their greedy parents who only love them when they have cash). Do their fathers ever bother looking for them?

This is why you should travel outside of Alexander and step on ground to access situations instead of watching SABC all day.

1. Maids in Nigeria who are sent from the village to Lagos have parents usually Daddy and mummy so the juxtapose to SA kids is disingenuous.

2. These children are sent to the cities because of poverty on contract to work in exchange for food, clothing, shelter and education.

3. The girls who are shipped and smuggled to Europe by madams are a separate situation. These are exploitative gangs who move ladies to Europe for sex trade. If the point is to highlight underground organizations that conduct such and act and say this is unique to Nigeria then you have failed woefully. Let me explain why in point 4.

4. South Africans are notorious for the sexual exploitation of their women via rape, sexual assault and gender based violence. There are numerous stories about where men who have been scorned by the women are raped, shot dead and buried. Are these not heinous crimes?

7. Everyone knows what happened or caused the disaster of a broken family unit in SA,black America and the Carribeans . And unfortunately the problem is still there just as some of the causes haven't been addressed or reformed .


But tell me something, where are the parents of ths begging amaljiri children who are everywhere in Lagos ?

Almajiri children are most of the times not orphans, they are indeed disadvantaged children who attend koranic education and under the teachings and auspices of their religion are "allowed" to beg for arms on the streets. An "Islamic religious" practice that does not really concern me as this is a religious edict that is allowed on a religious basis.


Tell me,who are the the parents of those prostitutes in Italy, SA,Russia,India ?if their parents and fathers were actually there and competent at their parenting job would those girls be that desperate to " make " it ?

As you say most of these girls are orphans and if they are not, are children of parents who are unable to care for them. the key word being "unable to take care of them" How does this erase the point made about Khumbele khaya where these individuals are looking for their not present dead beat Dad's"


Why are Nigerian boys prone to crime and violence? Who taught them this ,there's almost no jail in the world where you will not find a Nigerian man,which animalistic man bring up these swines ?

Why do South African men rape women and small children, you are quite daft no?


Notice how your celebrities are now making it fashionable to promote baby-daddysm? What could be the reason why this is a growing trend among your youth,I mean you had no system in place that was designed to create such a disaster ? Inferior, copy & paste mindset of the Nigerian men ? wink.

point 1. What is the percentage of lady celebrities compared to all the women in Nigeria.?

Point 2 What percentage of your female "celebrities" in South Africa are also married and not baby mama's since we are doing a comparison.


A child brought up by a gogo in a nice home,even a poor one is still better off if the (gogo is actually focussed and has good values that enrich the child )than a child brought up by two Nigerian parents, who will abuse and drive him to criminality to feed them ,or leave school at age 10 to go and "hussle" the streets selling yam.

Why is the gogo responsible for the child of her daughter or son?
Why do the parents run back to the city to make more babies and dump at the gogo' s house?
How can one expect the gogo to raise the child on grants?
Why does the adult parent not send money back to the gogo to help raise the child?
Where is the gogo' s husband, why is it most SA men die early and leave multitudes of gogo's handing around?


Or even worse the girl whose parents will put money together for her to go and be a prostitute in Europe .....what kind of father is this ? grin. And these cases are prevalent throughout Nigeria. I use to think the only things you had above us were your "entrepreneurial " skills ( my eyes have since been opened on this,and I felt like a foo) grin. And your strong family "values" ,and I've since realised that only lies in the hands of the Nigerian woman taking abuse ( being "submissive, and "obedient "wink grin. That's why when the Nigerian leaves the Nigeria to live in a liberal country with her husbands ,she will end up resentful and "disrespectful " grin...and divorce or her death is more likely to follow as the Nigerian marriage is only based on her worshiping the man no matter what a loser or an asshole he is. LMFAO, notice how they're quick to chop off the heads of Nigerian -nurse wives in America once the Nigerian woman has a voice of her own ? grin grin

LMFAO, you my friend see what you want as the truth,not that it is actually the truth.........that's called copying mechanism wink.

in other to substantiate these "anecdotal forms of evidence" presented you must know what percentage of women overseas divorce their Nigerian husbands. If your ascertains are indeed accurate, the numbers must be substantive.

The American divorce rate is at 60-65%. Does this correlate to the divorce rate of Nigerian couples in the overseas since you allude to the fact that once they go overseas their eyes have been opened. Please elaborate.

A very simple way to gestimate the above ascertion is simply by using random sampling, so in other words if I count 10 of my random friends who have been married and 6 out of 10 of them are currently divorced then it is safe to say that 60% of Nigerian women in the abroad are divorcing their husbands. I just ran a test through my head and the sample result does not fit.

Do you care to take the same random sample example in your head and honestly admit that in your country 50% of your friends are still married or ever have been married or don't have baby daddies? Hmmm?

We can run the same example for the number of baby mama's in my group of friends as compared to your group of friends and i could almost bet my life that out of 10 of your female friends more that half of them are divorced, are baby mama's or have never been married.

You are trying too hard my dear, mathematics does not lie.

Lets run another example of supposed Nigeria immigrants in your country that are trouble makers just to contextualize your assertions.

150 million Nigerians.

Lets be gracious and say 20% of them are in diaspora. That's 30 million Nigerians outside of Nigeria ( and I am being gracious here)

30 million Nigerians dispersed in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa etc.

5% of this number dispersed in Africa- that's 1.5 million

of this 5% -80% are South africa bound-( being generous again o)

That's 1.2 million ( being extremely generous here but what the heck)

Male to female demographics 70% to 30% respectively- 840,000 males

Demographic of 17 and below of the males- 30%- leaving a 580,00 potential illegals, hustlers, gangsta etc.

Demographic for legal migrants- professional, doctors, nurses etc- 20%-- leaving a potential 470,00 illegal hustlers, gangstas and the likes.

Juxtaposed to a population of 50 million people and isolated in few cities, these people are the potential threat to your society that your government cannot eliminate or round up.

Juxtaposed to the entire population of Nigeria that stands at 150 million people, these are the number of potential threats sent to your country from Nigeria and you can't do anything about that. These guys are just running amok allover South Africa, illegal with no papers, committing crimes. Shame!

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Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by morpheus24: 10:27pm On Jan 24
You need to get a life

You first my South African brother.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by morpheus24: 7:22pm On Jan 24

Wow, Mashaba continues to attract black talent from the DA in his quest to swiftly and efficiently rid SA of Ogas like Morpheus24 (see attachment).

After he gets rid of 'SA's problems he will still remain an illiterate Mampara who became rich by selling poison hair products to his people


I'm glad to see u in the visa section though doing things the right way this time around instead of riding a crocodile from the Zimbabwe side into SA on the Limpopo river.

Eh Mfethu you can fool these visa seekers on this thread with comments about doing things "the right way" all you want but you can't fool me neh!
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by morpheus24: 7:01pm On Jan 24

Are you just trying to pick a fight or something cos that's a terrible word to generalize please.
The thread has been peaceful, let's not make it chaotic please.

Ek ken hierdie ouens.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by morpheus24: 6:51pm On Jan 24
Whatever you decide, have it at the back of your mind that you cannot study and hustle in SA, the most you will get as a student if you're lucky is being a tutor/research assistant and you'll only get stipends that will get you by. School fees is cheap here compared with other foreign countries, but if you're looking to hustle, focus on UK, Canada and US.

And no, you can't get a study visa and boycott schooling, wahala for you if you're found out. Your school is mandated to report back to immigration if you don't register when you're supposed to.

Please continue to preach to these people who continue to get the wrong notion of South Africa. The country is not what it was about 10 to 15 years ago. There is no such thing as "hustling". Look to Developed countries that are able to absorb immigrants.


Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by morpheus24: 6:47pm On Jan 24

Vinyls are still relevant at least and don't seem like they gonna go out of style.


What are these Xenophobes...JaceBlaze,.. IronGalaxy and TjoBathong doing on this thread.

Please tell them "THEY MUST GO" or watch them very carefully please.


Crime / Re: Vikings And Black Axee Two Able Bodied Men Killed- GRAPHIC PHOTOS by morpheus24: 4:54pm On Jan 24

LMFAO, you're ranting now....go back to the post you qouted and check where i said "many Africans suffered ,some more than others ,and we are one of those that suffered a lot ". I never tried to downplay others suffering,and I certainly don't need a lecture about the atrocities committed all over African, I'm well versed on that wink.........your problem is comprehension mfana wink.

If you suffered and they suffered the point was not to elevate your suffering what is the point, to show that you suffered and then stayed put in one place and the others suffered and chose to leave their country?


All former colonies were left with with somewhat workable institutions,some decided to trash them and not rebuild new proper ones(Nigeria),whilst some discarded others and built up on those that will serve their people Ghana). That's why certain nations are now breeders of future asylum seekers whilst others have much more stable countries.

You really think South Africa is a stable country. What do you think attracts many unskilled and underskilled workers into SA, you think it is the economy run by you blacks?. Its all the money that comes in from White monopoly capital-tourist that attracts them and they are coming to exploit.

A majority of these unskilled workers service these industries, they don't work in the formal sector. Ergo your people are not creating any jobs they are benefitting from White monopoly capital that is still controlled by the Europeans.


Again dummy ,you missed the point. The point was that we were not in those bushes to kidnap locals or search for cleaning jobs....we were there as soldiers and people who were spreading the word to the international community to arm us so we could be in a position to fight back. Never ,ever did we run in numbers to be gangsters and hookers in other nations......we have too much pride wink.

Yes, your soldiers.... sorry "gangsters" are now in the ANC, killling each other in Kwazul u natal and your women are raped every 5 minutes. This is what you did when you returned from the bushes neh!


LMFAO exploring options ,you mean going to other nations as criminals and slaves?.
.no thank you grin. South Africans who are interested in other countries do go,and they go there legally as professionals but when they nolonger feel like staying there ,they know that they can always come back ( they don't play hide and seek with law enforcement of those countries like a certain bunch of dedparados) grin. For instance for years ,South Africa was one of top exporters of nurses and Drs in Africa, but many of those have since returned to serve their own country after realising the grass isn't always greener on the other side (working conditions for African expats).

White South Africans professional emigrate in higher numbers, followed by Indians and then coloreds.

Black people have been heavily isolated in the bantustans and most don't even know what a passport looks like. They cannot survive outside of these enclaves.


LMFAO, those migrants have a duty to fix their nations to avoid being surrounded by "morons" grin. None of them are hostages here.

Indeed they are not hostages, they should go home but that will not change the fact that your people will remain morons.


LMFAO,well the rate at which your women (celebs) included rush to other countries to give birth, tells me something ain't right with your healthcare wink. Let's not forget you have the highest infant mortality rate in Africa ( speaks volumes about your system and incompetence). Well in Musina alone ( over 70%) of the women in maternity wards were foreigners who came to South Africa solely to give birth at a proper facility because their men have failed getting the basics right instead they're busy beating their chests over nothing in different countries grin.

Its not the health care system you dummy, its insurance for their kids to attain second citizenship passport aka "colonial passports".

Your whites know about this very well, they do it all the time. Ask them, they will let you in on it neh!


Not interested buddy,there's a reason why SA still remains the place to be for different African groups, why should I go and live in the shytholes they left behind? grin. By the way,I've been to 11 African countries (all corners of Africa),and trust me ,I'm still yet to find a country that I'd relocate to over SA( amenities, people and opportunities) wink.

South Africa is over-rated and the so called lure to that country is long gone. Its just people who continue to believe that they will do better somewhere else that continues to bring them in, otherwise my dear nothing day for your country other than the tourism industry which is heavily funded not by South Africans but by foreign earnings.
Crime / Re: Vikings And Black Axee Two Able Bodied Men Killed- GRAPHIC PHOTOS by morpheus24: 4:11pm On Jan 24

LMFAO, no it speaks volumes about their incompetence, if they had learnt to handle their business back home ,they wouldn't need to be travelling around aimlessly ,embarrassing themselves all over the world. Ofcourse desperate and hungry people have no choice but learn to survive....
What other choice do they have ? grin. Remember we once lived in horrible conditions in the bushes of Lusaka ( that didn't make us the king kongs of Africa) but we were doing what we needed to do( desperate for freedom).

Who's incompetency, that of the leaders or that of the desperate people who are brave enough to risk their lives at sea?

Which bushes did you live in in Lusaka?. Your exiles were training your "would be soldiers" out there and were not relegated to living in those conditions and by the way this guerilla warfare game your people played is not unique to "south African exiles" practically every group in Africa has done this so why are you elevating yours to some sort of special status?


Naija money doesn't finish ,yet you have the highest poverty rate in the world ,with your children begging in street corners for survival shocked. So the money never finishes only when you have to impress foreign hoes? grin grin

Do you have children begging on your streets, if you answer is Yes then you are a numskull, if you answer is no then you need to leave the enclaves of Alexander township and travel your country a little more.


Go to Golden plaza in ikoyi, you will meet them,the big difference between them and your kind is that they don't go to other nations to make a spectacle of themselves perhaps that's why you'd never know they are there wink.

Which Golden plaza you big liar, where do you know outside of the Limpopo river.

Who are you fooling here?


LMFAO, so your dumb arse thinks they're not married to foreigners because they're intimidated by people they can chase around in police vans? grin women who would easily open their legs for them for papers ? grin. No,South African men have no interest in dating these women (attractiveness ) has a lot to do with. Men go for physical attributes more ,women go for material or security reasons (it doesn't matter how ugly and stinking the man is at times). So why the hell would a well to do South African man choose a foreigner over a South African woman when he has access to the best .....wouldn't he be downgrading ......I mean a lot of well to do African men ignore these other women too for a South African woman(even going as far as marrying the trashiest ) wink.....and there're reasons for that oga.

You can hide it all you want but SA men are afraid of ladies from other places because they are used to the abuse they render to your women and know if they try that nonsense with a Congolese or West African woman where they impregnate them and run away they will hear it with Muti and the likes.


LMFAO, oh they crave their Naija men,the same way that our men prefer their own South African women over the bleached queens? grin. Again, men do the chasing ,and I can promise that not even one Nigerian woman can ever claim to have rejected the advances of a South African man grin. That's because not even a drunk and horn'y dude from a shack would ever get a hard-on for them.....not when there's millions of SA women to choose from .......perhaps let me be fair and say both dont see each other that way (and there's nothing wrong with people being attracted to certain looks or demeanor).

You are covering for the your midget men my dear, You can see the intimidation in their faces when presented infront of foreign women, Nigeria or other nationalities.


LMFAO, isn't that a given, most people prefer their own kind,duh!. But the difference is that your men in foreign lands are forever snubbing Nigerian women for the locals. And this leaves Nigerian women lonely and frustrated .

Keep feeding yourself those lies, There are fewer Nigerian women in South Africa compared to the larger size of men and those men need women to satisfy their desires.

The fact still remains no matter how hard you try to cover it is that SA men have been spoilt by your women who have allowed them to galavant and absond from their responsibilities running from city to city having children every where. i mean why do you think there is a show like "Khumbele kaya" on tv.

They know if they mess with other women they will get a pounding on their heads hence the "stick to" or "prefer" their women., end of story.

Your women on the other hand have been treated badly through out the years forced to have multiple kids and hand them over to their gugu's to raise while they jet back t th cities to have more kids hence when they come across men who are willing to take responsibility and shower them with money, they latch on to.

This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth wena!, A hard pill to swallo

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