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Career / How To Produce Tomato Paste And Tomato Paste Market In Nigeria by MrAJQ(m): 12:46am On Mar 19
Tomato market in Nigeria and the process of preserving it into tomato paste

Nigeria is the 16th country on the global tomato production scale. Entrepreneurs earn millions on tomatoes! You can become one of them! Read this tomato production guide and find the most successful state to start your business in Nigeria!

Tomato products are cultivated in most states in Nigeria. There are even leaders in tomato production industry! It includes states like:

– Kano
– Taraba
– Gombe
– Bauchi
– Kaduna
– Sokoto
– Zamfara
– Katsina
– Jigawa
All these states produce about 80% of all tomatoes in the country. Kano is the most successful region in this area. Nigeria also provides about 2% of total world tomatoes production. Still, the country does not get about 45 percent of the tomatoes due to the poor food supply chain.

Every year Nigeria loses about 750 thousand tons of tomatoes due to the bad food supply chain. It costs millions of Naira. It also leads to the lack of tomatoes in the country. Only in 2009, the Federal Government had to buy tomato paste worth about 16 billion Naira to support the inner demand of the country.

The majority of tomatoes grow in the northern part of the country. They grow in the temperature range between 25 and 34 degree Celsius. Tomatoes are also very sensible to humidity and rain. The highest yield of tomatoes is provided by states like Jigawa, Delta, Kwara, Oyo, Borno, Bauchi, and Plateau. The planting tomato season in these areas is from August to September.

The highest yield of tomato in the history of Nigeria was recorded in 2010. The overall value of this highest yield was $687, 610, 000. Still, it couldn`t satisfy Nigerians. The national demand for fresh tomatoes in Nigeria is about 2-3 million tons every year. Due to the poor production chain, Nigerians waste from 750 000 to 1, 350, 000 tons of tomatoes.

How can you help with these tomato wastes? Some of us do not ask these questions but just take a chance. Consider the following two examples for the profitability of tomato production in Nigeria!




Gas cooker, stove or any source of heat

Pick out the unripe and rotten tomatoes
Wash your tomatoes
Chop tomatoes into quarters.
Grind the tomatoes using blender or grinding machine and ensure you do not add water while grinding, if necessary add very little.
Transfer the grinded tomatoes into your pot and parboil it for 10-15 minutes depending on the quantity of the tomatoes you’re using.
After parboiling, let it cool down, after cooling down sieve the tomatoes to remove excess water, then transfer it into bottlesand cover it.
Bottles should submersed in water bath when sterilizing
Transfer these bottles into larger pot, add little water to the pot and boil for 25-20 minutes.
After heating, remove your bottles from the pot and keep
Your tomatoes paste is ready and can stand for a year if not opened

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2. How Produce Paint: Production of emulsion, Satin, Screading, Oil, and Textcoat Paints

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3. Production Of Powdered Detergent (OMO)

Learn Here: https://universegist.com/2022/03/15/production-of-detergent-omo/


Learn Here: https://universegist.com/2021/05/15/bar-soap-making/

5. Production Of Vaseline

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6. Production Of Quality Perfume

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Webmasters / Re: 1 Year Old Ads Limit Nigeria Adsense For Sale by MrAJQ(m): 12:34am On Mar 15, 2021
Is the account still available? If yes contact me via 07069655569
Jobs/Vacancies / Call For Ambassadors – Idixcover Opportunities 2021 Africa Ambassadors Programme by MrAJQ(m): 8:58pm On Dec 22, 2020
Applications are now open for iDixcover Opportunities “Africa Ambassadors Programme”. The program aims to recognize young leaders in Africa who are making effort to contribute to a better future for young people.

Program title: Africa Ambassadors Program
Organization: iDixcover Opportunities
Duration: 1-year term
Location: Online

iDixcover Opportunities 2021 Africa Ambassadors Programme Eligibilities
This position requires an individual with strong leadership abilities; representational, communication skills, ability to develop networks to build partnerships and diversify program resources.


Open to all African countries
Should be a resident citizen of the country applying for
Demonstrated progressive experience working in partnership with relevant country-based organizations and stakeholders.
Strong oral and written communication, organizational, demonstrated supervisory and interpersonal skills.
Strong oral and written communication, organizational, demonstrated supervisory and interpersonal skills.
Be between the age of 18 and 30 years
No high technical experience needed
Tertiary Institution students are also eligible to apply

To establish and manage the iDixcover Opportunities presence in their various countries.

Cultivate and manage stakeholder relationships (government, private sector, and others) in the country and represent the views and interests of iDixcover Opportunities in the country.

Initiate and direct programs in line with the iDixcover Opportunities guidelines to ensure a sustainable presence in the country.

Give appointment to active and talented young people as Youth Ambassador in every city, state, district, college, and university, who’ll make local chapter/branch and local committee.

Represent your home country at iDixcover Opportunities international events
Establish country relationships, contacts, systems, processes, and procedures.

Establish a social media network of youth in the country


One on one Career Coaching.

One week online induction training.

Monthly leadership and entrepreneurship development training.

Discover your voice and realize your ability.

Identify your own leadership strength and develop your impact on an international level.

Attend free youth webinars and seminars
Optimize your CV and opportunity for career progression.

Opportunity to connect with other young change-makers across Africa

Letter of recommendation/reference upon request

Certificate of recognition for the complete term and awards.

Opportunity to learn from leaders across the word


Business / Production Of Powdered Detergent At Commercial Scale by MrAJQ(m): 5:43pm On Dec 02, 2020

Are you looking for a business to start with little money? Here is how to produce powdered detergent for commercial purpose.

Definition: Detergent is non-soap cleaning agent that is used to remove dirt in cloths, surfaces, and mostly especially a synthetic surfactant. There are two forms of detergents: Powdered detergents and liquid detergent. Both types of detergent make use of the some chemicals; but the difference lies in the fact that one is oil based while the other is water based.

There are several materials that are used for making detergent which includes;

Caustic soda
Light soda ash
Palm kernel oil
Sodium sulphate
Hydrogen perioxide


Hydrogen peroxide: acts as catalyst in facilitating the rate of the reaction by transforming the mixture into powder

Ammonia solution: its work synergistically with hydrogen peroxide in transforming the mixture into powder

Sulphonic acid solution: act as a forming agent and as an anti-aging agent for the skin.


The complete training which is 100% free visit the link below


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Religion / Re: Catholic Priest Fixing A Badly Damaged Road In Rivers State by MrAJQ(m): 8:50am On Sep 11, 2020
this is a fact every sane person knows...

But that zombie that calls Buhari his darling will disagree. undecided

Are you sane?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kaduna State Government 2019 Recruitment Into Public Service. How To Apply by MrAJQ(m): 11:31pm On Mar 11, 2020

Lolz.. This is the best place for legit information ...if you follow those kd residents info you might end up not applying for any kdsg job cos majority of them hate el rufai and don't believe any good thing can come from him base on the rubbish going on with the security of life in the state ..

Majority hate El-Rufai? Do you even know what you're saying?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kaduna State Government 2019 Recruitment Into Public Service. How To Apply by MrAJQ(m): 12:10am On Mar 04, 2020
The core responsibility of the civil service is to recruit for all MDAs especially officers between level 7 - 17. Therefore, hoping that the MDAs will also invite applicants could be erroneous unless you applied with certificate below HND. Learn about the functions of kaduna state core civil service and clear your doubt.

You guys analysis is quite funny, it easy for the state government to tell you that you can't proceed with the application but rather they sent an email to you that will contact you soon. Only that applied for the core civil service commission were invited.

Remember they advertised all these selected ministries Agency and Department.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kaduna State Government 2019 Recruitment Into Public Service. How To Apply by MrAJQ(m): 2:06pm On Feb 26, 2020
There is a rumor ongoing eventhough I personally don't believe it.
I was told the reason why we are yet to be invited for interview is because there is no vacancies at the various MDA's we selected.
However we will be call upon as soon as there is vacancies in our chosen MDA's.
So for now we wait.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kaduna State Government 2019 Recruitment Into Public Service. How To Apply by MrAJQ(m): 11:52am On Feb 23, 2020
Well, I still have mine to attend, bad news shouldn't kill the ginger and increase the tension.

Lets just wait for the mails to decide kawai...
Please don't listen to him, he saying what he doesn't know, after the interview if you're successful then you've been employed.

He is relating it primary school recruitment, which only involved paper test, interview and employment letter, during the employment stage you're only required to write an application letter.

So, please ignore his false message. Imagine saying the interview is nothing! Hope you understand that he doesn't what he was saying. I wish you the best


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kaduna State Government 2019 Recruitment Into Public Service. How To Apply by MrAJQ(m): 1:08pm On Feb 05, 2020

Hello First Name & Surname

Following the KDSG Recruitment Screening Exercise, you have been shortlisted for an interview with your selected Ministry, Department and Agency (MDA).

You will receive further instructions on interview date and time as they become available.


Thank you.

Got that mail content today

Wish us all the best guys

You got 100% during accessment
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kaduna State Government 2019 Recruitment Into Public Service. How To Apply by MrAJQ(m): 12:36pm On Feb 05, 2020

I only got a mail that I'm successful but no interview details. They said they will get in touch later
You probably scored 100% during the accessment
Politics / Re: Governor El-rufai Totally Demolished Kawo Market (pix) by MrAJQ(m): 5:35pm On Jan 18, 2020
Governor El-Rufai is doing well to modernize Kaduna but I hope he will fulfill this promise
Politics / Governor El-rufai Totally Demolished Kawo Market (pix) by MrAJQ(m): 5:34pm On Jan 18, 2020
Today, we have successfully removed the old Kawo Market. The landmark will be replaced with an upgraded modern market that is safe and conducive for business and residents of Kaduna City. It will also complement the new flyover and other roads being built in the area. https:///5s7fVQ1FEX

Politics / Re: Imo: Supreme Court Stands Down Judgement On Imo Governorship Election by MrAJQ(m): 10:35pm On Jan 14, 2020
Mbaka's Prophecy has failed. The fake prophet has been exposed
How far? What did you think of Mbaka prophecy now
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need A CAC Accredited Agent, I Want To Register My Business Name by MrAJQ(m): 6:24pm On Jan 12, 2020
Thanks to you all. It has been done by one of you
Jobs/Vacancies / I Need A CAC Accredited Agent, I Want To Register My Business Name by MrAJQ(m): 5:18pm On Dec 31, 2019
Please treat as urgent, I need a corporate Affairs Commission agent I need to register my business name
Politics / Re: If You Were Opportuned To Choose A President For Nigeria, Who Would You Pick? by MrAJQ(m): 6:49pm On Dec 07, 2019
Wole Soyinka... If he would be interested in dis fvcking country.

The way you people reason ehn
Properties / Re: Kaduna Residents Cry Out Over Government's Plan To Demolish 300 Houses by MrAJQ(m): 3:45pm On Nov 25, 2019
Seriously my heart goes to the people of southern kaduna with the way this guy carries alot of anti-southern kaduna policies with impunity. The height was when he vehemently selected a moslem as his deputy for the first time in the history of a democratic kaduna, moslem moslem ticket. To spit on the southern kaduna populace face, he said he selected the moslem deputy because he knows even if he select the pope as his deputy he will not get their support.....what an insult. Unfortunately he have all the federal backing wit PMB in-charge.
Kamanzo and surrounding areas are mostly well planned, the construction of a grade A road by the late kaduna governor Yakowa to cushion the stress and enhance development within the mostly southern kaduna dominated areas made the whole area very attractive with its layout. Now this is where this governor got it wrong. Kaduna state is not so congested the it lack land resources, infact there are vast lands begging for development. WHY not do any project you supposedly want to undertake on this available land??

Do you how many houses he demolishes and how many he tried to demolish in Northern Kaduna?
Properties / Re: Kaduna Residents Cry Out Over Government's Plan To Demolish 300 Houses by MrAJQ(m): 3:43pm On Nov 25, 2019
That's his trade mark.....the man can demolish for Africa....thou atimes is necessary but my only problem with him is that he can be so biased
How bias?
Politics / Re: Border Closure: Nigeria Lists Conditions To Reopen Borders With Neighbours by MrAJQ(m): 8:31am On Nov 05, 2019
Are u a Nigerian??And have u been to the border with Benin??
These people ehn, you won't what they want. I stop commenting on nairaland post, because I wonder of it is Buhari that they are against or Nigeria itself.


Politics / Re: Border Closure: Nigeria Lists Conditions To Reopen Borders With Neighbours by MrAJQ(m): 8:29am On Nov 05, 2019
Typical. Misplaced Priorities
Did you understand what you just read?
Politics / Re: Kano Governorship Election Tribunal Judgement: Security Beefed Up In The State by MrAJQ(m): 1:07pm On Oct 02, 2019
Eventually Ganduje wins

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Politics / Re: SERAP Urges Buhari To Implement Report On Financial Autonomy For Judiciary by MrAJQ(m): 9:57am On Sep 29, 2019

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Education / Re: Kwara State Polytechnic Expels Eight Students For Exam Malpractice (full List) by MrAJQ(m): 11:00pm On Sep 20, 2019

Very shameful and disgraceful of the institution to have publicly call out young men/women for a not so noble act yet you have a President who is in a certificate battle.

If you read and it is not entering your ogbon(brain), relax, take a break and pray. Ask God for clarity and understanding. You will be amazed the next time you open your books. It has worked for me for decades.

Friends, the principles to clear cut understanding and retention begins with a regular exercising of the brain. The brain isn’t a muscle, but it behaves like one. The more you use it, the more it grows. So read books, meditate on them and your brain will open up to endless possibilities.


Have you said anything meaningful? If you stop hating Buhari will you die?
TV/Movies / Re: Khafi Reacts As Ike Nominates Her For Eviction by MrAJQ(m): 10:46am On Sep 16, 2019
Trust no one
Politics / Re: “why I Handed Over Nigeria’s Treasury To Women” – President Buhari by MrAJQ(m): 6:53pm On Sep 12, 2019
Weldone Sir. We're with you
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Ministerial List Colourless, Stagnant, Uninspiring — PDP by MrAJQ(m): 6:19pm On Jul 23, 2019
If you're not happy with the ministerial list go and forge your own from the server

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Politics / Re: Ajimobi: I Prefer Being Senator, Not Minister by MrAJQ(m): 8:09am On Jul 19, 2019
So that the peaceful chopping would continue abi?

As senator, no one would dare disturb you over what you do or did not do

Quote me,if you're FTC
Must you comment when you have nothing reasonable to say?

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