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Health / Re: My Own Don Finish I Need Skin Help Please by Mrman360(m): 4:46am On Feb 01, 2022

Welcome to the club... grin grin grin

You can use sponge if you use hot water....

��I am healed now, my second best room after kitchen is the bathroom.
Solution: Bathing twice daily with sponge not minding the after effect and loratidin 1×2 daily. The itching became lesser each day until It was no more.
Health / Re: Reason Why AA Genotype Are Prone To Malaria by Mrman360(m): 9:57am On Oct 29, 2021
I am AA, I haven't fallen sick in years.

Since I was 7, till now - no sickness.

People with genotype AA are always strong and resistant to diseases.

I think the OP is mistaken.

Remember we have blood group: O,A,B and AB

There are people who have genotype AA and blood group AB

AA and blood group B type

AA and blood group O+

So, it doesn't necessarily generalise on just people with AA, but linked with their blood group.

So go back and research more. If your writings were true, I would have had malaria thrice in every month, so this renders your post invalid.
I love you, you served him this dish really well. everybody trying so hard to be relevant even with quack studies

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TV/Movies / Nollywood Classic by Mrman360(m): 1:25am On Feb 09, 2021
Who remembers this movie, is it the one that has the "send a message to mary sound track at the ending" Indomie generation pls go and drink tea don't comment

Career / Re: Medical Doctors' Forum: Let Us Know You! by Mrman360(m): 8:27pm On Nov 18, 2020
Good day everyone. I'm currently a medical student and would like to be added to both USMLE and PLAB groups on Whatsapp, telegram, facebook, instagram, etc. If any one can be of help, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.

Xame with me, currently a 400level student in UNN.
�Add me to such groups
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by Mrman360(m): 8:23am On May 21, 2020
Hello, I've been battling with glossophobia for years now and it's been affecting my daily live and work since I'm always required to give briefs and speak in public. Please I need a permanent medical solution.

Actually a psychological problem, just need to practice more maybe in front of your mirror and get a public speaking mentor that is easily accessible. This helped me during my college days. And always remember that the people you are addressing are interested in your speech and not you, so organise your information well before the delivery time


Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by Mrman360(m): 8:15am On May 21, 2020
Good evening doc sir. I just had sex for the first time in like 7 months and I noticed the color of my semen is slightly yellow in color. Is anything wrong with me or is it normal? Prior to this, when I have sex normally, it's white

wink you are good health, it just shows your sperm concentration is high. If you observed well you could have noticed the improved smell.
The human sperm takes an average of 70 days to reach maturity and other components of the semen can take like 5days. Get me right, sperm are produced everyday so at least you have something to ejaculate everyday but the concentration of healthy sperm is reduced and it's viscosity(thickness)
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by Mrman360(m): 6:47am On Apr 30, 2020
Good Evening Doctor, pls I have fever recently, but for some days now
** I have been feeling some pain in knee am also feeling some high temperature ( not always tho)

** I have oral trush

** Some pain in my chest and stomach

** I also felt there's something in my eyes sometimes

** I also have headache ( I noticed something yesterday when I took vitamin C, I felt something pepperish on my throat / head )
Only you all this things, guy no dae hype illness here.
angry but sha go to a hospital
Health / Re: My Own Don Finish I Need Skin Help Please by Mrman360(m): 7:58am On Apr 24, 2020
I now bathe with sponge grin
I started with using light sponge and bathing twice with it a day although it still itched me but I could endure it. Before a week the itches stopped and I switched to normal sponge and before a week again I was good to go.
The main thing is to be consistent with the sponge bathing, don't miss a day and when you itch just enter inside fan and try to not touch your skin.
I think the body just adapted to the sponge and became insensitive to the irritation, and I will advice if you have any illness involving the liver try and heal first before you attempt the sponge revolution.
I know we are many that don't use sponge cos of itching and I believe you can change if not at all to get your complexion back. Thank
Sports / Re: My Knee.. HELP PLEASE by Mrman360(m): 7:48am On Apr 24, 2020
Thank you everyone that helped with words, I now playbill very well now but am still struggling with stamina for the 11 aside full game. �
Health / Re: Help! I Sweat A Lot And Uncontrollably. by Mrman360(m): 3:12pm On Apr 18, 2020

when you touch water does it triggers it?
Guy I swear, I can't drink water in peace, the one that shocked me yesterday is that I was sweating like a fool after bathing but I didn't sweat before then when I was talking with my sister.
The night episode is horrible although I don't feel it since I sleep under AC most times but my bedsheet is always soaked(my head region) when I wake up in the morning even under AC at night.
Health / Re: Help! I Sweat A Lot And Uncontrollably. by Mrman360(m): 3:04pm On Apr 18, 2020
I Have same problem but I now move around with 2 hankerchiefs...

I sweat a lot on my palm (hand) and foot, been facing this since primary school days and I'm 26 years old now . I guess that can't be solved bro, even as I'm typing this , my feet and palm are filled with sweats early in the morning no jokes.....

Legs and hands always cold , the only benefit is that girls like it when we are together in a room, you know when you touch their warm body with that cold one .....lol...not funny though ....

I don't use creams , only hair creams
I love rollons a lot....helps a lot too...
I love perfumes (selected ones)..since I can't spend money on creams, I spend money on perfumes and Roll on.

Deal with it bro, it can't be solved , I moved on long time ago!!!
But do you also sweat profusely after drinking water and also sweat while doing normal things like washing plate or talking. Guys I think my own is worse cos I can't even last up-to 10minutes in soccer again(over sweating just over small warm-ups and breathlessness during game). Doctors in the house talk abeg
Pets / Re: Please Help Me by Mrman360(m): 11:44am On Jan 25, 2020
and she has some rashes in her vagina region pls help me, tell me what drugs to buy. please please please

She get infection, who duck am last. grin
You or your brother
Romance / Re: Soldier Calls Out His Younger Brother And His Slay Mama Girlfriend by Mrman360(m): 12:40pm On Jul 21, 2019
Who dae Enugu sabi Enugu wella.
Who knows any pool that charge #500 or less on weekends.
Sports / Re: My Knee.. HELP PLEASE by Mrman360(m): 7:22am On Apr 01, 2019
I hear grinding sounds wen I bend my legs although my legs have healed, is the cracking real? due to what?
sha I have not started playing 11aside yet, still stuck on 5aside maybe because of fear
Health / Re: My Own Don Finish I Need Skin Help Please by Mrman360(m): 2:48pm On Jan 22, 2019
So she uses sponge now shocked

[quote author=Promarketer post=73236598]

This happened to my wife personally until i gave her an herbal cure and it is now gone for good.

Contact me on whatsapp if you are interested
Sports / Re: My Knee.. HELP PLEASE by Mrman360(m): 2:44pm On Jan 22, 2019
Am getting better now, I started jogging on Saturday but if I try running backwards my back thigh muscles use to pain a bit and fatigues faster

Sports / Re: My Knee.. HELP PLEASE by Mrman360(m): 5:54pm On Dec 28, 2018
Just shut if you can't help my conditions
Sports / Re: My Knee.. HELP PLEASE by Mrman360(m): 5:50pm On Dec 26, 2018
I really need to start playing ball, the swelling has gone but I do feel pain if want to squat, I don't even dare jumping... Please I don't want my career to just end like that like robinho or sturridge that knee injury destroyed am still young I forgot to say I am 19.
They normally call me dimaria in club
Sports / My Knee.. HELP PLEASE by Mrman360(m): 5:45pm On Dec 26, 2018
Last month when I was playing ball something happened I can never forgot.
I play 11 for my local club at home, I was chasing down a through pass from my 4 when a defender clashed with me but I didn't fall immediately although he fell. I fell when I finally caught the ball as I through a long pass to my attackers cos I was exhausted from the hot pursuit of a counter attack thatz why I didn't bother entering the 18yard box I heard a snap on my right foot which was on the ground(am left footed) and I felled down immediately..
I thought it was a joke cos I didn't feel any pain.. As the game continued I found out I couldn't run about 3minutes after the fall.
I limped home(I live close to the secondary school) and my leg got swollen the next morning and even bigger the next day.
The swelling reduced about two weeks ago but on Saturday I went to the field with my boot but to find out that I cannot even jogg embarassed and my coach said I should go and rest for 3months but guys it is damn to long, I can't wait to play ball.
Please can someone help me with tips or drugs to take to recover fast, am afraid I may lose form if I don't touch ball for one month
Health / Re: My Own Don Finish I Need Skin Help Please by Mrman360(m): 8:48am On Nov 21, 2018
I used to experience such. It is not allergy to water and u don't need any drugs....

Stop bathing with sponge....

True but I need sponge now cos my complexion is falling
Health / My Own Don Finish I Need Skin Help Please by Mrman360(m): 2:35pm On Nov 20, 2018
[b][/b]After taking my bathe, I use to scratch my body like a fool, and it happens when I use sponge to bathe.
It has lasted for like 2 weeks now..
I just started using sponge recently since over 5years, the scratch last for about 20 minutes and the worst part is that I can't even find any physical sign on my skin before and after bathe...
Please if you have a good soul help me, I now fear entering the bathroom to bathe embarassed .
Only if my classmates know what it takes me to baff
Education / Re: Do Not Be Afraid Of Death See What Is In Drinking Water by Mrman360(m): 10:44am On Sep 30, 2018
Prelude (2) to Grand Filnale
The last few days have taken me offline due to some personal obligations. Pardon my absence, please. The phony wedding of Carmelo to Catalina did not go without its accompanying drama. Gustavo attempted to stop the wedding at the registry but Sebastian advised him to let them be. After the wedding, Carmelo eventually released the documents of ownership of the Hacienda Ranch to Sebastian, as a ransom for 'buying' Catalina from him.

The truth of how Lupe was betrayed began to seep out. It was that desperate and calculating b*tch called Jessica, who stole the Will of Lupe from her father, Don Chuco's law chamber, and conspired with Carmelo to alter the Will, so as to dispossess Sebastian, in the hope that Catalina would leave Sebastian, once he became poor. She had hoped that with the new 'inherited' wealth of Carmelo, he would buy Catalina's love.

Carmelo's elaborate honeymoon plan to go on a yacht cruise with Catalina and Adela was canceled because, Marcelo called Carmelo to warn him that Lupe was proving too tough to handle. Carmelo gave a load of money to his disappointed mother-in-law, Adela, to go on a shopping spree in order to compensate her for the mysterious cancellation of the cruise. On the first wedding night, Catalina bluntly declared that she would NEVER allow Carmelo to make love to her because she would never stop loving Sebastian (and that was exactly how it went till the end) .

She said she would rather commit suicide than allow him to make love to her. She said that, why she agreed to marry him was because she wanted Sebastian and Martina to partake of their father's inheritance which Carmelo 'legally' hijacked (Oops! what a lame and foolish excuse).

Sebastian, with the help of Don Chuco, Alvaro, his lawyer and Romero, were getting very close to unraveling the kidnappers of Lupe. Carmelo got jittery and transferred Lupe for the umpteenth time, this time, to Catalina's penthouse. (part of the divorce settlement from Sebastian). Carmelo employed two snarling and mean-looking thugs as guards to keep watch over the Penthouse's storeroom to keep watch and prevent any busybody from gaining access to Lupe. He lied to Catalina and her family that the guards were keeping watch over his 'money', kept in the storeroom for him.

Emilia was surprised to see to see her lover-boy, Marcelo, driving a new Porsche car. He told her that Carmelo just bought it for him. She began to suspect that Carmelo and Marcelo may have been the kidnappers of Lupe. Marcelo later confessed to her, (as a proof of his blind love for her), that her suspicion was correct. However, Carmelo overheard him when he (Marcelo), revealed their deep secrets to his lover-girl (Emilia). Carmelo decided he would have to get rid of both Marcelo and Emilia before they reveal his secret crime to all.

Gustavo went foul of Carmelo, and his hired thugs beat him (Gustavo) up into a pulp, a beating that made him hospitalized. Catalina was afraid and called Sebastian to tell him the trouble she was going through in the hands of a potential murderer called husband. Sebastian told her that was the price she would have to pay for marrying for money.

She hotly denied it, and declared he was the only one she truly loved, and she decided to prove it by 'giving herself' to Sebastian and showing him that she was still a virgin, even after marrying Carmelo. She agreed with him that he would be her only lover, while she was still married to Carmelo. That one-time love-making eventually led to Catalina being pregnant with the child of Sebastian. A pregnancy that later stirred up the hornets nest with controversy.

One day, Catalina discovered to her shock that Lupe was hidden in the attic of the Penthouse's storeroom, kidnapped by Carmelo. He told her all what had befallen him in the hands of Carmelo and Marcelo. Catalina took a dare-devil risk by releasing him through opening the door. She later pretended that she did not know that Lupe was kidnapped, hidden or has escaped. (since nobody confided in her, in the first place). She later made a desperate call to Sebastian to tell him that Lupe has been found and was kidnapped by Carmelo.

The inevitable death of Emilia was tragic. She was caught in the crossfires between former allies- Carmelo and Marcelo. After the escape of Lupe, the two traded blames for their respective carelessness. Carmelo made up his mind to kill Marcelo to erase every living witness of his heinous crimes against Lupe and family. Emilia and Marcelo planned to run away from Mexico.

Marcelo also planned to kill his business partner, Carmelo. He planted a bomb in the ignition of Carmelo's car. Unfortunately for him, it was his lover, Emilia who snatched the car for her own escapade. But Escape she did, but to hell. As she turned the ignition, she exploded with the car into smithereens. Carmelo knew that Emilia took his place in the death that Marcelo planned for him. A perilous war broke out between Carmelo and Marcelo, something, or somebody must go for the other, but who? What became of Lupe, Sebastian, Catalina? The next prelude would determine that.
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Mrman360(m): 5:23am On Aug 08, 2018
pls can one join business with medical school. am a 100l medic but want to join business for financial reason. pls has anyone done it successfully? or is it a wrong decision.
Nairaland / General / Re: Brain Teaser by Mrman360(m): 9:15am On Jul 17, 2018
so what is the answer if not 15days
A frog falls at the bottom of a 15 meter deep well. Each day, it takes a 3 meter leap up the wall. After that it is so exhausted that it hangs there for the rest of the day. At night, while it is asleep, it slips 2 meters backwards.

How many days will it take to escape the well?
so what is the answer if not 15days
Pets / Re: Boerboel Pups Available (6weeks) Male And Female by Mrman360(m): 1:38pm On Oct 12, 2017
5 amazing Boerboel pups available... Call or whatsapp 08085904039

My 3months boerbull refuses to eat common food I gave to my late GSD, please advice me on how to feed it, it selects food and it is making me to waste my money on golden morn and fish.
Pets / Re: What Can I Be Feeding My GSD For Proper Growth by Mrman360(m): 10:52am On Oct 07, 2017
I will advice u to run away from milk, its counter productive....

how is milk counter productive .I would like to know

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