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Travel / Re: Pics: Ago Palace Way Road In Lagos: How Bad Could It Get? by MrUzo: 2:42am On Mar 05, 2015
More pix to come
Travel / Re: Pics: Ago Palace Way Road In Lagos: How Bad Could It Get? by MrUzo: 2:42am On Mar 05, 2015
More pix coming
Travel / Re: Pics: Ago Palace Way Road In Lagos: How Bad Could It Get? by MrUzo: 2:18am On Mar 05, 2015

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Travel / Pics: Ago Palace Way Road In Lagos: How Bad Could It Get? by MrUzo: 2:04am On Mar 05, 2015
I came all the way from ikeja, to Ago Palace way to meet up with someone, though the man jokingly told me to come with a jeep due to the state of the road. But in my mind I was like, how bad could such a road be that I haven't passed before (mtcheew).. But on getting there I was so shocked to see how dilapidated the roads were. I was so vexed because water was almost beyond the half of my tire even almost over running the tires in some parts of the streets. And it's not just ordinary water, it's dirty mouldy water. I remember he warned me to switch off my AC too while moving in the water. And this was around "September 2014"...When I was done with what I came to do for him, I told my self I was gonna come back to this place with a CAMERA to capture all of this.. Fast forward till Yesterday ( 04 March 2015) I visited again, and this roads are still the same way the were, no work has started in the streets, and the most annoying thing is that virtually all the streets to the left and to the right of "AGO Palace Way Road" are bad. And the are very long streets, even the Ago palace way is a very long road, half of it has been put interlocking the other half is just nothing to write home about. I took like 50 pictures and 8 Live Video's as I drove by.

It's a such a pity to know this kind of place still exist in lagos called "Ago Palace Way. I need to clear the air about this, am not being partisan neither am paid to this, but am only being patrotic to try to see how I could draw the eyes of the world the to this area which seems to have been neglected by this present. Administration. Under Governor Fashola.

And this is one one Governor I have so much respect for, I love his personality, how love he decides to take up a challenge, focuses on the challenge and gets it solved..

I watched how he took up the many challenges facing lagos, tackling them one after the other even though he didn't finish all but he had performed wonderfully well so far..

But I have an observation, I noticed he worked more in his first tenure than the second. Because I was expecting the momentum he used throughout the first tenure to continue in the second tenure but don't think they are comparable.. For instance, the first tenure you will easily find a street among 6 streets within a local government with road construction company men on ground working even even when election date wasn't close at all.. But in this 2nd tenure that's not the case.. One of my biggest observation in lagos is the abandonment of inner streets in some popular places of the city like Ikeja, Ojota, Alapere,Ketu,Oshodi, Okota, Ago Palace,etc. Some people may say am myopic for basing my observation on that, but that's what I like observing first in a government (road infrastructure). Sometimes I always wonder if this streets have a local government chairman but if you go meet the Chairmen they will tell you they don't have direct access to the funds.. that's it's with the governor.

Though, still on still, that doesn't make me loose respect for Gov.Fashola, his still the best governor Nigeria has ever had no doubt and his achievement in the various sector below speaks volume atleast the one I observed

Education sector: He really changed the face of public school, I don't think any governor beats him in this sectors.. Right in front of my eyes, student of Public Secondary School are getting A's and B's in WAEC.. the one I saw with my eyes at a cyber cafe 4 years ago of an Ojota secondary school girl.. I wan amazed, you don't wanna know how it use to be before.
What's about the structure of the school now, it's masterpiece.

Electricity: Powering street lights with generator and court houses also. Phenomenal achievement!

Also for Agriculture, Health sector, Transport system etc.. tuale to the Governor...

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Education / Re: UNIBEN Direct Entry 2013/2014 by MrUzo: 10:26am On Nov 29, 2013
baba dis ur signature no b hia oo......wt if d bearer of d mini skirt falls 2d ground by chance,and decided 2 rise....am sure d whole world will *SEEEEE* d UnSeeAble grin.......i stand 2b korected if am rung... Nakwana baba

Nwanne, was testing to see if my other username is still active! But bros, which wan come be falls to d ground wey u dea talk la.. Naija babes are xpert in walking with mini skirt la... If a hear say them fall..except d person wear hy heal join..
Education / Re: UNIBEN Direct Entry 2013/2014 by MrUzo: 8:40am On Nov 29, 2013
Ehen, who and who are here!!! I don show grin grin grin
Education / Re: UNIBEN Direct Entry 2013/2014 by MrUzo: 8:39am On Nov 29, 2013
it takes a great mind to acknowledge anoda. I doff my golden hat to both of u.

Bros, u ar mouthed!!!!!!!!!!!
Education / Re: FUNNAB 2013/2014 Direct Entry Thread! by MrUzo: 10:14pm On Oct 06, 2013
Of course, I expect you to say that! Everyone who lives today ought to have known that it's not by his/her power but by GOD'S grace. Man will fail if God is not by his side!

Fortunately, God makes us to understand that man should labour and seek for knowledge. One can't sit inside the corner of his room; ignore the purchase of DE form and expect DE admission.

Why am making these enquiries is that tomorrow; my younger ones may need my wealth of experience on admission matters.

Besides, many lost admission last year because of inadequate information about transcript request from FUNAAB. Even in 2009, the same thing happened to a close senior of mine. Many lost and waste their money because of wrong O'LEVEL and JAMB combinations. What more can I say?

Surprisingly, a guy on Nairaland obtained 2DE forms and one UTME form into three different institutions and gained admission from the 3 institutions. Actually, God is on his side and also; he has wealth of experience. Many said he was lying that how could that be possible but he stated his name for them to verify.

When I verified, I noticed that he applied for less competitive course in 2 schools and a highly competitive course in the third. Before he got the admission; he was full of confidence, he was able to make a close to 1 probability. Not because he has a very high performance in his certificate but because of a WELL CALCULATED RISK. What more can I say to convince you Prof?
Bros, I didn't want to talk before, but I got struct by that hrase "well calculated risk"... Rkang is back!!!
Education / Re: Lodge Your Complaints/Comments Here by MrUzo: 9:53pm On Sep 27, 2013
Fynestboi: keep trying it, it would surely create.... Coz others are creatng topic without any problem...

Pls fineboi....spambot has blocked my username and trust me I didn't do anything.... Please check Planetuzor -- I need to meet with my uniben group physically 2moa and I need to tell them whr we will meet. Abeg Unban
Education / Re: UNIBEN Direct Entry 2013/2014 by MrUzo: 12:02am On Aug 08, 2013
Jenni_angel: ok oh! Bt y did u nw change ur name? 4rm planetuzor to mr. Uzo?

But wait, when did planetuzo turn mr uzo.? Pls oo. Don't trigger the hands of the mod oo. Ehen......
Isn't there a difference btw Niger and Nigeria as a country..? Osama and Obama.
Education / Re: UNIBEN Direct Entry 2013/2014 by MrUzo: 8:41pm On Aug 07, 2013
Jenni_angel: Hmmm, feels gud to be back again, being able to post and quote. I was actually banned for 3days, but thank God am fully back again

Hmmmm, can they ban me... Neva. I will sue seun!
Education / Re: UNIBEN Direct Entry 2013/2014 by MrUzo: 2:42pm On Aug 06, 2013
Whr unu dey. Anyway make I go find trouble small for politics section. grin
Education / Re: FUNNAB 2013/2014 Direct Entry Thread! by MrUzo: 2:38pm On Aug 06, 2013
Tamax: E don reach three days i visit here ooo... Ao una dey guyz......@planetuzor.... i see u wink
God is in cntrl.... All will be well grin

Yes Jare! hw va na.. U n that calabar boi RKRANG. say make unu self go on strike aby!
Education / Re: UNIBEN Direct Entry 2013/2014 by MrUzo: 12:41pm On Aug 06, 2013
omodave: oboy dem never still come online enhen let me order for more cane & koboko

We are hia!
Education / Re: FUNNAB 2013/2014 Direct Entry Thread! by MrUzo: 10:49am On Aug 06, 2013
Yes! What's happening here dude.. What thread is this?
Education / Re: FUNNAB 2013/2014 Direct Entry Thread! by MrUzo: 9:35am On Aug 06, 2013
Asb4love: .NICE? U must mean that he instantly and madly touched by seeing real beauty!walking majestically infront of him and felt like 2 walk & exchange words wt u.lols, or was it not the man that just pointed his left hand to d direction 4 me and some other guy here without lifting his leg?what kind dress you put on self?did he get your contact?lols.Abeg make u upload your pics and let see the legend of beauty! But guy,hope that will not cause competition/breakage of the magnificient house??lols

I support u bros for that observation..let d pix show begin...
Education / Re: FUNNAB 2013/2014 Direct Entry Thread! by MrUzo: 8:44am On Aug 06, 2013
Wad_up guys......grin

Back up I.D
Politics / Re: The Only Way Apc Can Win Pdp In 2015 by MrUzo: 8:42am On Aug 06, 2013
Mio gba
Politics / Re: I Don't Regret Leaving APGA For APC - Okorocha by MrUzo: 8:42am On Aug 06, 2013
Are u sure he said that
Politics / Re: Beat Your Woman In Lagos And Go To Jail by MrUzo: 8:31am On Aug 06, 2013
Omo, my neighbor don hear am ooo.....grin grin
Education / Re: Cut-off Marks For 2013 National Common Entrance Examination Released by MrUzo: 4:52pm On Jun 10, 2013
Massob please let's fight against this: am from Imo state but have lived all my life in Lagos. So they mean if I write the exam and I put my state of Origin as imo, I must score the highest b4 being admitted. That's too bad for we Imolites..mi thought God created us equally how come the damn federal character is trying to make it look as if its not the same five sense organ we possess.
Food / Re: Bakers Sitting On Ready To Eat Breads (Pictures) by MrUzo: 4:35pm On Jun 10, 2013
That reminds me how I went to inspect a bakery to be fumigated and saw Lizard climbing on a set of bread just baked and spread outside within the bakery. Very disgusting. I always see the bread as its been sold around but I don't buy it at all..
Politics / Re: Obasanjo To Jonathan - I Will Fight Back In 2015 by MrUzo: 3:00pm On Jun 01, 2013
Billyonaire: Nigerians clamoured for the steering of Nigerians Politics to be taken away from the Old Generation, and GEJ has done that. It is very unbecoming for OBJ to, at his terrible old age, seek to 'anoint' someone for Nigerians. He has no place in Nigeria's future and we need new sets of leaders with new mindsets. GEJ has put structures on ground for the take-off of Nigeria and he has been within the confine of the laws. 2nd Term re-election is within the confine of all laws. GEJ has taken over PDP structures and machinery and he GEJ and few 'performing' governors will have automatic consensus PDP ticket without primaries. Full Stop!

Na God go punish you for this dirty comment... Stupid lapdog.....seun please take this guys of nairaland because they are making it noisy.. I guess ur clueless GEJ has dashed you one cup of Garri.
Education / Re: UNN Direct Entry 2013/2014 Thread Let's Meet Here by MrUzo: 7:49pm On May 30, 2013
Those it matter putting UNN as second choice??
Education / Re: FUNNAB 2013/2014 Direct Entry Thread! by MrUzo: 11:00pm On May 29, 2013
Please does funaab accept Ican certificate for direct entry to either accounting or economics? And again hope funaab doesn't have a problem with 2 sittings
Education / Re: FUNNAB 2013/2014 Direct Entry Thread! by MrUzo: 3:45pm On May 24, 2013
I have 2 questions here

1. Do you guys mean there is nobody in Funaab here at the moment that can provide us with his contact so we can call him for enquiries, because have searched from begining to the end page both no direct student line to call?

2. Which of the form should I buy for the direct entry. Is it the post-jamb form or post-direct entry form when its out
Business / Re: Things A Man Must Have Before 40. by MrUzo: 9:30pm On May 08, 2013
Mr edward... U they reach here too?
Politics / Re: Ngige Declares Governorship Ambition In Anambra by MrUzo: 9:19am On May 08, 2013
Sincere 9gerian: Ngige's declaration is dead on arrival. We want Soludo.

By the way, what has Ngige achieved since being in the senate? How many motions or bills has he sponsored? I dont know of any. Where is his constituency projects? It appears all he does in the senate is shout "aye" and "nay"

Mr beaf = insincere9gerian - explain this

Politics / Re: Comedy Unlimited: Rochas Builds Freedom Square For Ventilation Of Anger by MrUzo: 11:10pm On May 07, 2013
he has been caught ;d


1. There's nothing basically wrong with this idea. We are not in China or North Korea. Public debate is part of democracy. You may want to look at [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speakers%27_Corner]Speaker's Corner[/url] on Wikipedia.

2. It would appear that you are trying too hard to discredit anyone that is perceived as a possible threat to Jonathan. Relax man.

3. Your writing style and circumstantial evidence does suggest you are the one formerly known as Beaf.

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