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Romance / Re: The Quest For Mr & Mrs Right - Speed Dating For Singles by mymz(f): 12:16pm On Jan 22, 2017
Let it be said.....
That time stood still.
That Mr opportunity met with Mrs prepared
....and two became one.

Join us, this Friday......Right never felt more Right.

Romance / The Quest For Mr & Mrs Right - Speed Dating For Singles by mymz(f): 4:36pm On Jan 15, 2017
Have You heard of Speed dating?

If not then allow me explain the concept. Speed dating is a platform for singles to meet, mingle and find the spark for something greater. If you're single or know someone who is, you can attend a speed dating event for a chance for Cupid to truly aim.

Fill out the below google form if you're interested in attending a speed dating event.


Health / Re: Please Save Baby Chidubem by mymz(f): 10:09pm On Oct 28, 2015
Good evening Nairalanders, it is with great joy and gratitude that I announce the successful surgery of baby Chidubem in India. She is doing well and has returned home to Nigeria in the company of her mom.

Thanks to all who made donations and joined in prayers. God bless you.
Family / Re: Thanks TeHN by mymz(f): 9:22pm On Sep 21, 2015
Hello Dont8 and every other Nairalander in here,
I ask for your forgiveness in advance for what i'm about to do. I wish your wife a successful surgery @dont8.

Permit me a few seconds to steal the spotlight and beam it on this thread https://www.nairaland.com/2423711/please-save-baby-chidubem#37521787 which i created since the 3rd of July, asking for help to save a two month old baby who was diagnosed with having a hole in her heart.

I really am sorry for this but i have been left no other option. I wouldn't do this if it weren't a last resort.
Baby Chidubem needs heart surgery so that she can live. She was born with a hole in her heart and tests and scans have confirmed it. She requires N4million Naira to be operated on in a hospital in India next month.
I have solicited for help from TeHN and the official response is that they no longer handle medical cases as a group. So i'm pleading and begging that you individually donate to this cause. Fund sourcing have been going on for the past 2/3 months and her parents Mr and Mrs Kezie have realized some funds but they're still short. Please, Please, any verification you require, i will undertake personally and report back to you. Time is really of the essence to give Chidubem a chance at life.

i know i have derailed this thread but in order not to derail it any further, please go to this thread https://www.nairaland.com/2423711/please-save-baby-chidubem#37521787 to see all relevant documents and donation details.

Thank you. I'm so sorry dont8. Please forgive me and your wife will be in my prayers.

cc. MadCow1, Okija Juju, Chaircover, ifyalways, Caracta, Idowuogbo, Jarus, Gboliwe, Mynd44, Jaybee, KanwuliaJara, Truckpusher, Cougar, . I don't know who else to copy.

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Health / Re: Please Save Baby Chidubem by mymz(f): 11:32am On Aug 31, 2015
thank you so much Inoureyez1. the documents above confirm that there is a hole in Chidubem's heart and that she requires surgery. Please fellow nairalanders and all kind hearted persons out there, please donate to save baby Chidubem.

for security reasons I can't post the amount already realized by the family but it's no where near the required sum.

TeHN, r231, Okija Juju, ifyalways, jaybee, jarus, please come in and do something.
Health / Re: Please Save Baby Chidubem by mymz(f): 8:50pm On Aug 12, 2015
Thanks to Richard (TeHN) and Okija juju for their response so far.

The mandate to get someone to verify the case has been carried out.
I was able to find a resident of Abuja who is a nairaland member. He agreed to take on the verification exercise.
His moniker is "Inoureyez1", and he will be posting updates of diagnosis and steps taken so far by the parents of Baby Chidubem.
BTW, Baby Chidubem is now 2 months old.

Cc: Okija Juju
Religion / Re: The Second Coming: A Failed Prophecy??? by mymz(f): 1:30pm On Jul 26, 2015
smiley Now darling, there are things we know are known - Known knowns e.g 1+1 = 2, The USA is actually Big brother etc
and there are those we know we don't know - Known unknowns e.g Cure to cancer, did my late dad actually Bleep his best friend's wife on that boat cruise?
and there are those we don't know we know - unknown knowns e.g our individual potentials for great evil as well as great good
then there are those we don't know we don't know - Unknown unknowns e.g where's Hell and heaven located? What next after death?

Since we are not spiritual beings, we may never know or understand what obtains in the spiritual realm; which is what most of the book of Revelations, the second coming, hell and heaven is pretty much all about.
Faith however, is our decision for personal conviction. It makes no sense questioning what you have chosen to believe. Note the word "Chosen"

Thus i urge you to focus more on the knowns and the unknowns that can be known, for therein lies all that we need to live a happy, simple and fulfilled life (or not, if you choose). Judgement shall be delivered justly and equitably amongst all.

Verily verily i say unto thee brother, go forth and live placidly now; eat with relish, have great sex wink and make impact where you can, for one can live forever when the sands of time has no other option but to remember you.
Health / Re: Psychiatric Doctor In The House: Advise On Psychological And Mental Health Issue by mymz(f): 11:12am On Jul 14, 2015
Mymz, this diagnosis of acute stress disorder was made by a psychiatrist I believe.
Prognosis is affected by aetiological factors and other issues such as previous history of mental illness etc.
Acute stress disorder may be self limiting or progress to post traumatic stress disorder if not managed well.

Yes, diagnosis was made by a psychiatrist.
No previous history of mental illness. None in the family either (at least nuclear and immediate extended)
It's been close to 4 months. Bodily symptoms wanes so well for days and even weeks sometimes that it's hard to recall, then suddenly comes up again but not as bad as initial episodes.
Health / Re: Psychiatric Doctor In The House: Advise On Psychological And Mental Health Issue by mymz(f): 9:56am On Jul 14, 2015

please what's the prognosis for someone diagnosed with acute stress disorder?
Health / Re: Please Save Baby Chidubem by mymz(f): 11:40am On Jul 03, 2015
OP no account number.
We also need some form of evidence
Have you contacted kanu heart foundation and what was their response


I've added the account details there.
Kanu heart foundation say we should send a doctor's report and that there's a queue.
Health / Re: Please Save Baby Chidubem by mymz(f): 10:58am On Jul 03, 2015
May God heal your baby in jesus name embarassed

Amen. Thank you
Health / Re: Please Save Baby Chidubem by mymz(f): 10:45am On Jul 03, 2015
Please what type of evidence? hospital records? parents address?

I've added account details. That's the mother's account details.
Health / Please Save Baby Chidubem by mymz(f): 9:58am On Jul 03, 2015
Hello Nairalanders.

I really don't know how to start but i'll do the customary thing. Good Morning everyone.
I am calling on all kind hearted Nigerians home and abroad, Including and most especially TeHN. Please come to the rescue of baby Chidubem.
She is just a month old and has a hole in her heart. She needs surgery which they say will cost N4million.

Please time is of the essence as she is just a month old and was diagnosed yesterday.

Her parents are a newly married couple (marriage is less than 2 years old). They live in Abuja, Nigeria and this is their first child.
Efforts have already commenced in raising funds. Account details are below.

Chidubem is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the National Hospital , Independence Avenue, Abuja. All requests to take pictures of her, have been waved.
A medical report has been provided and is available with relevant test results and recommendations.
Family / Re: Should She Tell Her Fiancee Or Not by mymz(f): 12:26pm On Jun 15, 2015

My dear I won't wanna know..... Really a woman with 25% chance is definitely not barren!!!

Interesting perspective!
Well, the world would have been a less malicious place if there were more like you that's for sure.
Family / Re: Should She Tell Her Fiancee Or Not by mymz(f): 1:45pm On Jun 12, 2015
As long as there is at least a percentage of having babies then just zip it.

Yea.... Zip It.

A man may not want you just for procreation alone but for companionship and other things.

Telling him is just like giving him a heart ache.

The most natural thing is that he will want to leave....but then if the heart is involved then it makes it a hard decision.

Keep praying for a miracle and hopefully things will go your way.

If it doesn't.....then don't be mad if he looks for other alternatives.


And if it were you and i in this situation for example, would you still advice i "zip it"? smiley
Family / Re: Happy Birthday Edwife! by mymz(f): 5:59pm On Jun 10, 2015
Happy Birthday Edwife. Your days shall be long, fruitful, prosperous and fulfilled. smiley

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Food / Re: Catfish Peppersoup Joint In Surulere by mymz(f): 11:30am On Jun 03, 2015
There is a small neighborhood bar in the ilasa area behind (or in front of) Lawanson.
It's on a street called Powerline (or Lamina street) off kekere owo street (Babalola).
The price is N1,200 and i promise you you've never tasted catfish pepper soup like this before.
It is made plain or with ripe/unripe plantain or yam (choice is yours)
Thank me later wink

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Health / Re: ############ outdated by mymz(f): 3:04pm On May 22, 2015
If you can answer this questions, then they could be a solution

Are you under a lot of stress?
Are you depressed or feel emotionally flat or hopeless?
Do you struggle with chronic feelings of anxiety or worry?
Have you recently gone through a traumatic experience?
Are you taking any medications that might be affecting your sleep?
Do you have any health problems that may be interfering with sleep?
Is your sleep environment quiet and comfortable?
Are you spending enough time in sunlight during the day and in darkness at night?
Do you try to go to bed and get up around the same time every day?

Please reply the private mail. A friend has a case of Acute Stress Disorder and needs urgent help. Please, reply.
Family / Re: My Story My Regret by mymz(f): 11:13pm On Feb 20, 2015

Thank yo my dear

you're welcome
Family / Re: My Story My Regret by mymz(f): 4:11pm On Feb 20, 2015
Let it go love.
Just let it go.
Close your eyes every morning you wake up, place a hand on your chest and say out loud to yourself "Heal".

It'll take some time but you'll eventually heal if you're willing to heal NOT atone for your 'sins'.

So the question is "Do you want to heal?" or "Do you want to atone?"
The difference is that healing will set you forth on the path to finding peace and happiness, whereas atoning will lead you to the ever waiting arms of despair and death.

Choice is yours and it'll only start with you....but you should choose life.
Choose to fight and become whole again.
You owe that much to yourself.
You matter!


Forum Games / Re: Drop A Word That Will Make Someone Check The Dictionary by mymz(f): 8:53am On Jan 29, 2015

Going through most of your posts on Nairaland, You do have a good writing skill that I admire.

And I believe you are smart and intelligent with words too.

I like you already.

smiley awww....i'm almost turning blue.
Thank you
Family / Re: Dear Family, A Depressed Soul Needs Your Advice. by mymz(f): 5:58pm On Jan 28, 2015

Dear I'm not desperate I'm only pained that I was met with such treatment all the same thanks for your kind advice

Let go of the past, It's gone.
Take a trip into the future. The right man will come along for the ride.

And you're most welcome. wink

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Family / Re: Dear Family, A Depressed Soul Needs Your Advice. by mymz(f): 4:38pm On Jan 28, 2015
I find it very strange when one who claims to be a man would base his choices on the approval of his parents. I quite appreciate the fact that sometimes our parents may wield a huge influence on some of the choices we make but this shouldn't be at the expense of one's happiness.

I believe those guys who left for the reason you gave aren't worth your tears. If I were you I would simply say: good riddance. If they can't stand up for you at the time you needed them most then sweetheart they aint worth being with.

Suicide shouldn't be part of your considerations. It takes a weak mind to allow the thought of suicide get the better part of him or her, especially when the reason for it is something as trivial as this.

I will advise that you take things slow...the right guy would come and you would feel better again. Don't allow the mistake your dad made make you grow to be a hateful woman. This may take its toll on you if you allow it.

Forgive your dad even when you wouldn't want to have any dealings with him and please do not lie about him being dead. Not cool to lie to someone you are considering for marriage. A guy should know you and be ready to accept you for you.

It is usually an insane world but sometimes one finds sane, unashamed truths from true people like you.
Thank you.

To the Op, Life is what you make of it.
Are you desperate to marry? - because desperation can also lead you right back to the cycle you're trying to escape
Do you know who you are and are confident in your abilities to make your life what it should be, with or without a man? - If no, you better find out.

The horizon carries an allure so appealing, with a promise of untold possibilities.
If you intend to be fully mesmerized, you must find the strength to follow, with or without a man/woman #fact


Family / Re: Why Do Men Always Find It Difficult To Take Fertility test In Barren Marriages? by mymz(f): 6:59pm On Jan 27, 2015
It is indeed very sad to see a grown a*ss man, who says or claims to be educated, in 2015, refusing to find out for HIS OWN BENEFIT, if he has a medical problem or not.
Playing the blame game in a matter like this is akin to the highest form of foolishness of sheer grandeur.

It is a medical test to ASCERTAIN whether something is wrong, and if par adventure there is, solutions be TIMELY arrived at.
It is not the Spanish Inquisition neither is it a death sentence. Save yourselves (and the poor souls you call wives) the harrowing experiences from ripple effects brought on by your pride and ego.

If and when you find out that something is indeed wrong but unfortunately, solutions are few and far between, do that thing you pride yourself in.
BE A MAN about it and go adopt. Children are a gift from God no matter whose womb they were conceived of.
Nurture has an upper hand over Nature where there are no innate psychological/physiological disorders. Thankfully, science has made it very possible to do these checks and balances before you bring your baby home from the orphanage. Yes , YOUR baby! Because if you call him/her your child, the world dare not refer to him/her as anything else.

I speak from very painful experience when i say the mind truly is a terrible thing to waste.

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Health / Re: HIV/AIDS Support Group.... by mymz(f): 12:17pm On Jan 19, 2015
mum hav being living wit HIV for ova 14years now and i love her more
than anyone else in dis world. we eat and drink water together from same
plate and cup. every day i pray and cry to GOD on her behalf to grant
her a long life and take away conplications from her. SHOW THEM LOVE

I applaud your courage, strength and your hope in the face of adversity. Your mom will live long and have a fulfilled life.

I do have some inquiries tho. i'm hoping you wouldn't mind obliging my pm.

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Celebrities / Re: Music Meets Runway: Ice Prince Leaves The Stage Upset by mymz(f): 3:46pm On Dec 24, 2014

Are you so racist you pull hateful remarks out of thin air?

Celebrities / Re: Music Meets Runway: Ice Prince Leaves The Stage Upset by mymz(f): 2:51pm On Dec 24, 2014
Eyah.....such a sad Caucasian history

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ghana Looks To IMF For Salvation As Cedi Falls By 40% by mymz(f): 4:41pm On Nov 04, 2014
Why won't the cedi fall? when your economic policies are in contradiction with one another.

So in '07 you re-denominated the cedi to cushion the effects of devaluation and help grow your economy thus, 1cedi became equal to $1
then you implemented a banking policy of not paying in foreign currency when receiving money from western union or moneygram so as to increase demand for cedi.

But your educational system being one of the strong pillars supporting your economy thrives on heavy foreign currency investment because you mandate foreign students to pay in dollars thereby creating a demand for dollars.
Even your property/real estate laws do nothing to condemn property owners that charge in dollars. So much so that even some shops in certain 'highbrow' areas in Accra like Osu, labone and the almighty Accra mall, actually charge in dollars.

and then when west African investors come in, you bill them to high heavens (most times in dollars) instead of settling for barter contracts that will benefit each country, engender economic exchange that will create jobs, stabilize your currency and in turn, economy

All of these creates a demand for dollars, devaluing your cedi even more, but you don't spend dollars as a nation.
Now you run to IMF. Ghana like Europeans eh kai! grin

All the bailouts in the world won't be sufficient if you have person myopic policies that creates demand for foreign currencies thereby devaluing yours.

John Dramani Mahama is (by all accounts) a very clueless president..... but then, it's really none of my business.

Seriously, what's the conclusion on that kpomo ban?

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Phones / Re: Russians Take Down iPhone Statue Over Apple CEO's Gayness by mymz(f): 4:09pm On Nov 04, 2014
My opinion: being gay is your problem really, not mine. As long as you don't shove it up my face or step on my rights while trying to claim yours, we're good.
The Reality nevertheless, is that the world would sooner or later have to deal -and by 'deal' i mean come to terms- with this 'phenomenon' called homosexualism. Make absolutely no mistake about it, for that day will come!

Until then however, please what's the conclusion on that kpomo ban?

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Romance / Re: Ask A Retired Womanizer Any Question On Love, Sex & Marriage. by mymz(f): 11:56pm On Oct 24, 2014


No need to get worked up luv, was just letting the gentleman know we can handle ourselves if need be smiley


Romance / Re: Ask A Retired Womanizer Any Question On Love, Sex & Marriage. by mymz(f): 10:43am On Oct 24, 2014

And what else do you think i am aiming at? Every womanizer has a "census book", "a register" where he put down all the women he has been able to go down with and the longer the census book, the better and more rewarding. What i am trying to do is just to help add and elongate his census book. If it was 299 he has been able to go down with, with you added, you can sense what the number would now be. Any probs with that?

1. RedEboe has stated (more than once) that he is "retired" thus, your reference to "census or register" would be tantamount to judging him.
2. Redeboe has also highlighted his many skills during his active years of "womanizing" thus, as i pointed out earlier, he knows just how to make that move if he decides to get back in the game.
3. i don't have any "probs" with sensing your ability with basic mathematics. it is as expected. your insistence however, to "just try to help add and elongate" a census list that holds little or no relevance in the grand scheme of things, could be a little alarming.

Quick question: are you into 'watching'?

Cos i could convince RedEboe to get back in the game one more time, so we could put on a show for u to 'watch' smiley

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Romance / Re: Ask A Retired Womanizer Any Question On Love, Sex & Marriage. by mymz(f): 9:49am On Oct 24, 2014

Ok then, but being late might not be too late and besides, he never said he doesnt do other girls anymore, so you two can still try something out. How abt that?

Do i sense a certain syndrome called "drinking panadol ontop another man headache"? smiley
I'm very sure RedEboe knows how to go about "trying something out" if and when he decides he wants to. He is afterall (as we've all come to agree), a living legend in that particular arena.

Although a very little birdie tells me it's something else you're actually aiming for. if that's the case, pray do tell. I promise not to bite. Except of course u want me to wink

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