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Celebrities / Re: John Dumelo: 'I Give My Tithes To The Needy, They Need It More Than The Church' by Mypeople2(m): 7:03pm On Nov 19

Picture of you giving your tithe to god please smiley
But do you know God said , "as much as you have given to those in need, you have given to me"
Romance / Re: I Sent N500k To My Fiancée To Open A Shop, She Used It To Settle Family Issues by Mypeople2(m): 11:09pm On Nov 11
Hello Nairalanders!

Please i need mature advice only.

I and my girlfriend have been dating since 2015, she has always been supportive in everything and every business i do, thou we dont stay in same part of the country.

I have always told her i cannot settle for less and i cannot get married to a lady who cannot manage her resources and make do with what was available as i want the best for us. In 2016 we talked about setting up something for her to do so as to keep her busy and so i had to enrol her to catering school where she learnt baking n so many more. Fast farward to 2017 january, we planned in opening a shop for her, in july 2017 she got the quotation of roughly 700k for the shop opening the shop and buying Goods for the shop, In september 2017 i sent her 500k for her to commense with the opening of the shop but to my greatest suprise she never used the money for the purpose rather she used it in settling family issues. Its been a year now and i intend quitting the relationship because its not what i planned 4. Please i need matured advice. Sorry if my points re not clear enough.
500k ? You spent 500k on her yet all these nairaland ladies are making mouth as if they can give you 100k.Bros pls allow her to hustle for sometime on her own She still does not know the value of what you are doing for her..Please spend sometime to talk to her, it may help
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Stares At His Partner’s Backside In Their Pre-wedding Photos by Mypeople2(m): 10:34am On Nov 11

Before you castigate them, abeg show us your backside , make we see whether the thing massive or flat
Fashion / Re: Emelda Ezinne Remi Wins Mrs Nigeria Pageant 2018 (Photos) by Mypeople2(m): 9:59pm On Oct 28
grin I Will Try And Pick Their Form To Contest, These Days They Pick Ugly Girls...
If you win, that means you are ugly
Romance / Re: Should A Girlfriend Wash Her Boyfriend's Clothes? by Mypeople2(m): 1:23am On Oct 21
No need of too much stories,
I have a friend who works with a multinational firm, he has a matured girlfriend in her second level in the University, she resigned her job two years ago to get a degree.
They have been dating for over a year now and he intends settling down next year with her, presently, the guy pays her fees and gives her monthly upkeep cash, money to make her hair etc. but the problem is that the young man complains that she rarely washes his clothes, even boxers. Sometimes the guy spends 7 days in a week at work with no time to wash his clothes. And he doesn't like giving his clothes to drycleaners as they usually ruin the colours. He prefers hand-washing them, which he does any night he returns, sometimes, into the night, 1:00AM when you call my guy, he is still washing his clothes, bedsheets etc.

When asked the girl says "I am not washing your clothes, if i start washing your clothes now, what will I do when we get married, you'd better give them to the drycleaner.

My guy is totally confused, knowing that a character exhibited during a relationship will definitely come into play in marriage. Please what should he do.
My guy , assuming I am dating two ladies , and one of them is washing my clothes but the other ladies doesn't, I will quickly dump the one that doesn't wash my clothes .Haba wetin she dey help the guy dey do ?
Romance / Re: Is It Still Possible For Girls To Keep Their Virginity Till Their Wedding Night? by Mypeople2(m): 5:56am On Oct 09
Maybe it is possible. I have seen two virgins in my entire life.But those ladies can kiss for eternity
TV/Movies / Re: How Do I Know Fake LG TV by Mypeople2(m): 2:52am On Oct 05
did you buy? What's your experience
I did.First, that tv is actually 43" and not 49" .You will notice it when you use the measuring tape to measure it diagonally from the bottom
Secordly the model number of the tv do not match with the real tv model number.That means the tv is refurbished .In fact the colour na die .Abeg nor buy that tv .It is not a real smatt tv
Family / Re: Oluwaseun Bankole: Who Has Found This Missing Lady?! by Mypeople2(m): 1:32am On Sep 22
Her name is Oluwaseun Bankole.
She boarded a bus going to ibadan(oyo state) around gerin-alimi, odota area of ilorin(kwara state) around 12:30pm on Tuesday, the 18th of September, 2018.
She was last seen as at the time she boarded the bus.
She had a multicoloured gown and black jacket on as at that time.
She's 21 years old.
Speaks Yoruba fluently... she's about 5ft tall...
Please,if you see her or have any information, kindly report to the nearest police station or call 08138108650 OR 07035807881.
Thank you and may God bless you.

Please help move this to front page ASAP. THANKS.
If she has a boyfriend, please check his house .She maybe there"resting her nerves" (Speaking from experience)

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Career / Re: How I Resigned From My #55,000 Job To Become Self Employed by Mypeople2(m): 1:25am On Sep 22
So I created a thread https://www.nairaland.com/4302611/should-quit-55000-monthly-job#64383921 it eventually graced the front page. From the post, I discovered that there are great minds on this platform who are willing to offer you great advice when you need them. If you are familiar with the above post you will find out that peoples opinion was 50|50 on either to quit Job for school. So far so good, I decided to combine the two to see the Outcome.

Mainwhile, I'm done with first semester (I attended Lectures ones or twice a week and my GP was "not too cool smiley"....we are in second semester at the moment "we've even started exams!.

Long story Short, I've decided to resign after trying both sides of the popular opinion. Now, I just started a mobile boutique business and so far so good (I have a warehouse were I buy good quality clothes at very affordable prices) it has been Profitable. So, I tendered my resignation letter to face the world of the unknown #Aka Entrepreneurship. I have till next Friday b4 my resignation finishes.

Thanks to all that contributed on my other thread and this one. "There's still space at the Top"...Pray for me & You.... definitely, success will find Us.#YouMissedAllOpurtunityNotTaken. #ThanksToYouAll

Nice one brother, you took the right decision.But my guy, N55k nor be job...na work be that
Celebrities / Re: Kamara Faani: Chacha Eke Celebrates Daughter's 5th Birthday by Mypeople2(m): 12:36am On Sep 20
Your village people use your brain fry akara
And the funny thing is ,he also tasted from some of the akara produced

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Education / Re: How Possible Is It To Transfer From One Poly To Another by Mypeople2(m): 1:42pm On Sep 16
please is it possible to transfer from one poly to another, like after ND I, transfer to another poly for ND 2
I don't think that is possible.But you can inquire if "transfer" is even possible ,though I know of a lady that got transferred from FUTY to FUTB(ATBU).She repeated her 300L
Crime / Re: My Primary School Teacher And My Rape Story - Lady by Mypeople2(m): 1:36am On Sep 16
A Nigerian Instagram influencer, @NGD shared this touching rape story on Instagram. Please read on:

My parents were the type who believed every child must be kept busy one way or the other after school hours and their own way of keeping me busy was by getting me a lesson teacher. It was during my early primary school days. Uncle X was one of the most friendly teachers in my school, he was also very handsome with a good sense of humor which he used in winning everyone's heart including the parents. Most students who always had extra lessons with other teachers moved to uncle X's lesson as soon as he started his after-school lessons in which I wasn't left behind. He was also my class teacher so he spends extra time to teach his own students so we could do well in our exams.

Along the way, my school canceled all extra lessons held in school for some reasons known to them, due to this, uncle X lost most of his students except me and a few others. So he brought up the idea of us coming to his house after school for the lesson including Saturdays. My parents had no issues with it since they felt it was a way of keeping me occupied as every other parent would and since uncle x was known to be a very respectable person. The other kids I was having the lesson with left my school at some point, so it was just me and 3 others. I was the most punctual of them all, especially the Saturday classes.

One day after a lesson, I decided to stay a bit after a Saturday day class because we finished quite early and I knew there would be no one at home since my parents had an event they were attending. I was sitting on the floor watching TV (his room was set up in the typical Naija big boy way of that time), he asked me to come and sit on the bed and I told him I was OK on the floor. After much persuasion I answered, I laid down with my chest, so he stood up and locked the door. I started becoming scared, so I jumped up with speed from his bed and told him I wanted to start going. He held my hand very tight and place his other hand on my cheek and asked me with a calm voice why I was in a hurry all of a sudden to go, I told nothing that I just want to go, I was still trying to struggle with him when he pushed me on the bed.

He took a knife from the wardrobe and told that he would kill me if I screamed, so I held my mouth like a baby so I don't scream out loud like he said, he asked me to lay down properly on the bed, he came to the bed and removed my pant, I was still trying to struggle then he held the knife up again and asked me to stay calm that he was only going to put the tip that he wasn't going to disvirgin me. He fingered me with to two of his fingers from one hand and still held the knife on the other, all I had in me was fear, after he was done, he unzipped his trousers and brought out his d***k, I got even more scared and started crying more, he yelled at me to keep quiet and said its just the tip and it won't take long.

He put the tip like he said, rubbed it through my clit and vulva and he was done. By the time he was done, my uniform was stained a little at the back, he asked me to remove it, he then ironed dried. He gave me back to wear then unlocked the door, I quickly picked up my school bag, with the aim of running out, he pulled me back and held the knife at me again, and warned to never to say anything to anyone if not he would kill me.

He gave me N50 to buy sweet and biscuits which I tore on my way. I felt empty on my way as if I just lost something, I was still covered in fear, my whole body was shaking, I was feeling pain everywhere. I met my mum in the sitting room when I got home, she immediately came to me and asked if something was wrong, I really wanted to talk but I remembered uncle x's voice telling me he would kill me if I said anything to anyone. Instead, I started crying and told my mum I fell inside the gutter on my way back. I couldn't sleep that night, I was surrounded with fear, the whole scene kept on playing in my head, I was angry, sad, confused and scared and I couldn't talk to anyone about it. My mum noticed changes in my behavior and was constantly asking if something was wrong, I would keep saying no.

The next Monday, I got to school to find out that uncle x had resigned, apparently most of the teachers knew he had tendered his resignation letter from the beginning of the former week. I was shocked, weak. I sat somewhere and cried again. I was also relieved that whatever had happened wasn't going to happen again. I would cry every night for a long time until it just stopped and I got over it.

A few years ago, I saw him again, I was standing by the roadside, he yelled my name, as soon as I saw him, I had that fear and anger again, it got worse when he got closer, he probably noticed it, he whispered "I'm not going to touch you" in my hears, he was also trying to start a conversation with me, thank God I got a bike almost immediately and left him there. My heart kept on beating fast through out the whole day.

Today I saw him again, and I had the same fear and anger all over me, he tried talking to me but whatever he had to say I wasn't and would never be interested, typing this alone makes me feel some kind of way, I feel choked up putting all of these in words, I don't even know what this means, I feel like if I had told someone about it, it wouldn't have been tormenting me this way. I'm scared this fear and anger might never go away, I'm scared I might never forget. I always thought I had moved on until he pops up in my presence again.

It's been a really long time, yet the fear won't just go away. I still haven't told anyone about it till today.


Nice story.Abeg, what is the title of the book? I want to read it
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ways To Make Money As An Unemployed Graduate In Nigeria by Mypeople2(m): 8:36pm On Sep 11

Bros, the placement of your first full stop sef na waya o! But you are correct too, and the guy you quoted na correct guy. The kind of sales the 2 suya guys for my area dey make no get part 2.
grin grin grin you self na correct guy.All these small business owners dey make better pepper while some persons wey be graduate dey grow old dey go looking for oil and gas jobs .

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ways To Make Money As An Unemployed Graduate In Nigeria by Mypeople2(m): 6:14pm On Sep 11
I write projects, source for materials online, i do assignment, do online registrations, type documents, do coreldraw work design and I do analysis both manual and spss. guess what i am a graduate I looked for work non was available all the failed promises by uncles and other family members but thank God I learn all these before and after my NYSC and ThankGod with all these I am about to get married I now own my personal shop and also I AM venturing into farm business now... Pls don't wait for the government I started with one laptop and I attached myself to a business center begged the owner I will be doing online services since they are not doing it from there I GIVE ALLAH ALL THE GLORY
You are correct .But bros, try to dey put "full stop" for your sentences na


Celebrities / Re: Davido's Girlfriend, Chioma Looks Beautiful In Pink by Mypeople2(m): 11:33pm On Sep 10
Chioma, The beautiful girlfriend of superstar, Davido took to her IG page as she shared these photos showing off her really sexy figure as she rocked a pink jumpsuit.

Gists via: http://www.yomzzyblog.com/2018/09/davidos-girlfriend-chioma-looks.html

Abeg where is the car they bought for her ?Abi everything na fake ?
Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Dumbest/craziest Thing You've Done Absent Minded? by Mypeople2(m): 7:26pm On Sep 10
They are many my people.I cooked egusi soup with enough ingredients and I was getting ready to eat But I decided to take a little nap while the food was on fire.I was woken up by my neighbour asking me what was burning.The food got burnt totally .I wept that day
The second one was when I travelled to a far distance from my state for a government job interview and after doing all the rigorous training and waiting for the interview, I totally forgot the code used .They tried all the numbers I gave and they said ,it can't be found .That means at the field of exercise and at the interview room, I gave them wrong code.I just came out and looked at the sky and said " who don do me na"?


Celebrities / Re: Juliet Ibrahim And Chizzy Alichi On Set Of 'Small Girls With Big God' by Mypeople2(m): 12:56am On Sep 09
THIS IS NOT MY PROBLEM AT ALL... My problem now is how to rewind the time back to 1930s To locate Buharis father and give him condom.
grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: The Top 10 Most Developed Countries In Africa 2018 by Mypeople2(m): 4:33pm On Sep 08
200 years from now everyone reading this post will be dead. So painful, RIP in advance to all of you. Love y'all cheesy
grin grin You well so?
Celebrities / Re: Lilian Afegbai Reveals 26 As Her Age, Fans Blast Her by Mypeople2(m): 4:23pm On Sep 08
Even that 26 sef, we dunno if it's real sad

but anyway, we dunno her here in sambisa
grin grin This kind thing can pain
Celebrities / Re: You Must Date Her-fans Slam Miracle For Friendzoning Nina by Mypeople2(m): 12:28am On Sep 03

Where is the decency?a girl that was in a relationship,and then goes on live television to have sex with another guy does not qualify for pity from any quarter.

The guy will escape the stigma eventually. But this Nina girl will have to deal with things until her old age. Heck, in the East, you dont see an ibo man marrying a single mother, let alone bring one home that has acted in an adult movie.

Nina just look for one Oyinbo man marry. A Nigeria man that takes you home will have to keep explaining himself to his family,friends,Neighbors, Church members and everybody on his street, on why he married you. That is too much stress.

grin grin My guy, you have said it all.Who is he leaving the girl for ? Abeg who won marry girl that had public sex? Miracle, come here, you must swallow your vomit

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Politics / Re: Precious Chikwendu & Her Triplets Ragnar, Aiden & Liam In Matching Outfits by Mypeople2(m): 12:26am On Aug 27
Femi Fani-Kayode's Wife, Precious Chikwendu and her triplets steps out in matching outfits.

Source - http://gistmore.com/femi-fani-kayodes-wife-triplets-step-matching-outfits-photos

Beautiful wife , lovely children and handsome man .But I hope the three children are not representing Igbo , Yoruba and Hausa
Celebrities / Re: Theo Ukpaa And Tola Adesokun's Wedding Photos by Mypeople2(m): 12:17am On Aug 27
Film Maker Theo Ukpaa weds his British/Nigerian Lover Tola Adesokun in private beach wedding (photos)

The ones that are not too beautiful are getting married while the most beautiful girls are doing shakara on the street saying they are slay Queens and slay mamas.Na God go help una
Celebrities / Re: Davido Kisses Chioma On Stage In Cotonou (Video) by Mypeople2(m): 4:23pm On Aug 19
Davido Kiss Chioma Live On Stage At Cotonou


Someone carries a man's daughter and be frolicking with him in public, yet people are celebrating the guy....Nawa na so money be? But poor guys na for secret them dey do their own..

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Education / Re: Result Changed From 2.2 To 2.1 After Four Years Of Graduation by Mypeople2(m): 11:00am On Aug 16

OP you may have obtained the new grade -2.1
however, you still act timid and not in per with a 2.1 material
oga stop the sympathy
sue the school for millions of naira
they have denied you of huge opportunities.
no send them, forget old boys association or how it would feel to be around the school after suing
u dont need that attachment
the school no send u, dem give you 2.2 pursue u comot
never bothered to care how u ventured after graduating
people fail to realize that going to school is a contract between yourself and the institution
the institution has breached by not giving to what you actually paid and worked for as at when due
sue their ass, u are no longer a student, sue dem
sue dem
sue dem
are u deaf? i said sue dem
grin grin grin grin Babe you too funny ..Are you a lawyer ?
Celebrities / Re: Fans To Regina Daniels: "You Are 16 And You Have A Boyfriend Already?" by Mypeople2(m): 11:19pm On Aug 15
What's wrong with having a boyfriend at 16? Mumu people undecided
Babe you hot o! I nor say you start relationship when you were 10years old
Marriage is not something you manage If you are already walking on egg shells when you are with him, don't marry o. I have been there and its not a good experience. He constantly reminded me that his mother had over 8 children and suffered alone to train them and do house chores
just because i told him we will require a house help since I won't be doing domestic chores everyday whenever I have a full production week. He lacked communication skills and instead of telling me when I offend him. He will rather carry grudges like satan and punish me emotionally. I will beg for my sins and the sins of the world.Which man in love ignores 39 missed calls from a woman he claims to love ? . He had a 9 year old daughter and hid it from me.I found out in the most casual and painful way.I would have treated that child like my daughter,but why hide it from me?. I talked about him running a genotype test because I am AS and since he claims AA when he said he used to be AS ,ain't it better,we redo a test in another hospital?.

He preferred to call off the wedding plans. No matter how you try to make up excuses with love. An abuser is an abuser. I was engaged, my friends were happy but I was miserable.I lacked peace of mind. Should marriage be this way ? I never enter and e be like this?. I didn't have a dime.I was dependent on him and the little money I got from sewing for people. I thought about starting all over again and it affected my self esteem. I was a depressed bitter woman. When he left,I was bitter, little did I know that It was God who saved me from an impending doom. Not everyone will be lucky. Maybe I would have been a single mother with a child and no penny in her account.

Single woman, Hear me!...Never settle for less .... I may not have a man now to call my own but I am happy!..very happy!
My parents do not lack,even though daddy is retired ....I take care of them and I ensure everyone is catered for. .. I once asked him if he will ever relocate to my location if I had a good job that fetches money more than he does,he said NEVER!. Most men in their quest for headship lose out.
You earn 30k in Abuja and wifey earns 500k in Lagos, so wife will resign to join you and your miserable 30k because you are the HUSBAND and HEAD. Arth thou not a FOOL?.

Now the EX is regretting,he said he hasn't found a woman like me and I assured him he will never find. My type is LIMITED EDITION. We are scarce and not just for any man. I AM A GOOD WOMAN, AN ASSET TO ANY MAN provided he treats me right, yes,ask GOD, he knows this too.So ladies,love with sense,peace of mind is what money can never buy. Na me talk am. If he is rich and treats you like poo, he is not worthy to be called a husband. If he is poor and doesn't treat you well, I pity your condition because even when he makes the money, you won't be treated well. If his family doesn't like you, don't marry him,you will be miserable. There is a lot I wanna say but this pos
Wait,let the biological clock tick.
Wait for a good man to come ...don't marry a wicked person to pepper your friends.
Don't marry a selfish man who thinks about his family only. If my husband cannot care for my family the same way I will care for his own family ,then he doesn't deserve me. Note that there is no perfect man. but at least be sure he falls into what you desire in a man.
Don't ever make a mistake of thinking he will change when you marry him ..You are not the holy spirit..
But babe, it seems you will rest in your father's house for a very long time with this kind of words.In fact,relax and mount your tent there until you change your MINDSET


Crime / Re: Driver Rapes Daughter Of DESOPADEC Chairman In Delta, Gets Her Pregnant by Mypeople2(m): 1:38pm On Aug 14
My guy don hammer.He don blow.He hammer better oil money..see money and wife.But he go chop better beat before she go reach 18years sha.
Family / Re: Characteristics Of A Wife Material By Reno Omokri by Mypeople2(m): 1:28pm On Aug 14
Please if you see any wife material, let me know. because these ones here are slay,money,unrespectful ,mannerless etc materials
Family / Re: Photos Of 6 Girls Who Lost Their Parents Under 1 Year by Mypeople2(m): 12:50am On Aug 09
Six girls....and Am only seeing 1

Red top
Blue jean
White shoe.... Damn.. grin grin cheesy

How u say know where my eyes dey ? Abeg abeg nor look that one...look another abeg ..I don collect that one already ..Men, that one is cute grin
Phones / Re: Which Is The Most Used Mobile App In The World? by Mypeople2(m): 5:05pm On Aug 08
WhatsApp, Facebook, Operamini....1st- 3rd positions

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