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Properties / How To Get Unlimited Leads And Sales In Real Estate (video) by myvision(m): 2:28am On Jun 26, 2021
You will agree with me that real estate is a totally different market. The tricks and method used in selling shoes, bags and laptops don't work with selling real estate. This of course has various reasons.

1. Customers intent differences
2. It involves huge fund from the client
3. Governments are involved in real estate; so, it needs caution
4. Customer age differences (It involves the men and not kids)
5. Execution time involved (Sometimes, it takes months to complete a building or renovates)
6. Document requirements and more...

These are many more are the reasons why you aren't getting leads or sales in your real estate business.

So, if you want to get UNLIMITED LEADS AND SALES; create a FUNNEL!!!

Unfortunately, there is only one funnel that works in real estate.

In this 30 minutes long video...

I have taught the following

1. Why does funnel works in real estate
2. The exact funnel that works in real estate
3. How to create the same exact funnel and more

Just click the link below to watch the video

Webmasters / Re: Simple Trick To Secure Your Wodpress Website (video) by myvision(m): 11:02am On Jun 24, 2021
I am glad you found my video useful.

Please, kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Adverts / How To Secure Your Wordpress Website For Free (video) by myvision(m): 6:43am On Jun 24, 2021
If you use WordPress for business, whether you are into blogging, importation or ecommerce; you need to watch this video.

In this video; you will learn exactly what to do to secure your WordPress website for FREE.

Webmasters / Simple Trick To Secure Your Wodpress Website (video) by myvision(m): 6:25am On Jun 24, 2021
This is not a techy video; as it just requires the use a plugin.

But trust me, this will safe you a lot of stress and money down the drain.

Even if you are a website designer; you start doing this same thing to your client website to make it more secure.

Webmasters / How To Create Business Email Account On Gmail For Free Without Hosting by myvision(m): 8:01pm On Jun 22, 2021
A domain is an online address through which a client can reach you.

Sometimes, we only want a domain name without hosting; unfortunately buying a premium domain does not come with a premium email facility.

In today's video; I will teach you how to create a business email account on Gmail for free.

This process allows you to send and receive emails with a custom business email through your Gmail account for free. This is essential for email branding and professionalism for small businesses on a budget.

This is an easy-to-follow tutorial for all skill levels, make sure you follow this tutorial through to the end. That way you won't miss any steps in setting up and connecting your domain with Gmail.

Click this link below to watch the step by step guide tutorial


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Business / Re: How To Export From Nigeria - A Do It Yourself Exportation Tutorial by myvision(m): 9:56am On Jun 16, 2021
Sorry to distract you, can u throw more light here, after blending the watermelon and pineapple, wat next, wat is to be added before one can drink

There is nothing to be added; just drink it like that on an empty stomach. But make sure you take enough till you are full. Not this 100 water melon things o o o
Business / How To Install And Set Up Woocommerce The Right Way (Video) by myvision(m): 8:47am On Jun 16, 2021
There several ways to sell online; some people sell directly from their website via an e-commerce store; while others set up a landing page to sell their products.

These several ways are known as funnels.

Either ways, you need to know how to install and set up your woocommerce plugin the righ way.

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that converts your WordPress website into an e-commerce platform.

For this reason, I have created a video on how to install and set up our Woocommerce the right way.

Click this link to watch the video...


Note: kindly leave a comment on the YouTube video if there is anything you want me to teach.
Politics / Re: Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Returns To Nigeria (photos) by myvision(m): 9:33pm On Jun 15, 2021
Just imagine this man without cloth...
Business / Re: How To Download Aliexpress Images And Videos For Mini Importation by myvision(m): 9:44am On Jun 15, 2021

Thanks for contacting me.

unfortunately, I am more frequent on Youtube that Nairaland; so, I suggest you leave your comment on my channel, and I will respond to it as soon as possible.
Business / How To Make Money With Information Product Fast (see Testimonials) by myvision(m): 3:12pm On Jun 12, 2021
Hello Nairalander,

Note: This App won't be up for FREE for a long time; so, download it now!!!

Today, I am going to be sharing a very valuable information here for all that cares to know.

If you have never made any money online; I assure you, this is your best shot.

With this method; you will learn to create Premium Information Product, and sell with no investment at all.

Yes, you read me right!!!

And here is the good things; the material has been converted into an app; so, you can always have access to it anytime, any day.

[size=16pt]To get this Mobile App...[/size]

Step 1: Go to google play store and search for "Information Marketing Money Maker"

Step 2: Click an install the app and start reading.

Please, feel free to leave your question on this thread.

Lastly, make sure you reply this post with "I have downloaded mine" to keep this thread active.

Health / Natural Remedies To Quick Ejaculation... by myvision(m): 9:27pm On Jun 11, 2021
If you are a man; oya gather here make we discuss heart to heart matter.

You see, one of our problem is this issue.

He done break homes and kill some people self esteem.

So, as a brother trying to help another brother; I will be dropping some natural remedies here for men, and I hope you find it useful.

If I have enough men interested in this topic; I will share powerful 50 recipes with here for free.

This is because if a recipe does not work for you because of some health related issues; another recipe will work for you.

Oya, make we start family matter talk o o o

Brother helping brother

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Health / Re: Help: I Have premature ejaculation. by myvision(m): 9:19pm On Jun 11, 2021
There are natural remedy to this; except you have never lasted beyond 5 seconds before, but if you have ever lasted more than 5 seconds before; there are natural remedy you can use bro.

First of all; you just need to calm down; as this thing gat solution; so, no use anxiety kill yourself.

If you don't have diabetes

Try, Watermelon and Pineapple.

Blend then together and drink all!

Take it like a week before your next match.

And if you can't take it for a week because you are anxious or something; take it for 3 days.

It works!!!
Business / How To Download Aliexpress Images And Videos For Mini Importation by myvision(m): 11:17pm On Jun 02, 2021
If you are into mini importation or you are thinking of starting one; gather here!

It is no longer a news that creatives take a larger percentage of your business success. in other words; if you creatives are bad; you are likely going to have a bad turnout in business promotion. This is because the first thing that people see first in your promotion are your images or videos, and getting quality images or videos aren't easy.

So, it is pertinent we learn how to use the ready made creatives for our business promotion.

There are basically two ways to get this done...

1. Using a free google chrome extension
2. Using the inspect element

Using The Free Google Chrome Extension is easy and straight forward, but honestly, you can't depend on this method forever; as the extension developer may decide to updating the extension for any reason.

Which is why; I will be showing you the second way of downloading product images and videos from alibaba and aliexpress using the inspect element.

Please, follow this link to watch the complete video on YouTube.


Crime / [working] How To Create Canva Premium Account For Free 2020 by myvision(m): 2:30am On Apr 23, 2020
For the sake of those who do not know what Canva is? Canva is simply an online photo or image editor; it’s intended to help no graphics or tech people come up with brilliant graphics design. With Canva, you can design anything from poster, invitation, ebook cover, banner, social banner, YouTube images, logo and a little of animation.

Canva has several membership tiers. The free level offers a generous selection of tools and templates for optimizing and transforming your pictures, but the majority are locked behind a paywall, and although fun, many of the designs have a business slant. So, in today’s post; I am going to teach you how to get Canva premium account for FREE.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get Canva Premium For Free 2020 [Latest]


Family / Re: 5 Stubborn Stains You Don't Want To Have On Your Family's Cloths by myvision(m): 12:28pm On Dec 15, 2016
Nice one!
It is unfortunate the way some wife gets into trouble when it comes to washing family cloths. Whether you are washing the cloths yourself or you are giving it to a dry cleaner; these five stains are something you don't joke with.

Stains on garments has and would continue to be a day to day challenge for most people to remove, particularly with increase in innovation in the textile industry with complex blending of textile fibers ranging from the well known cotton to the not so popular Yak.
This varying fiber blends contributes to the fastness and toughness of certain stains on garments, making it almost impossible to remove except by a professional dry-cleaning expert. This article is going to list a few very stubborn stains you definitely don’t want on your garments.

1). Mildew

The mildew definitely makes the top of the list of stubborn stains, it’s every dry-cleaner’s nightmare. Mildew is a thin, black, or sometimes brownish growth produced by mold (Fungi) always found in the air.
Fabrics of cotton, rayon, silk, wool, and leather are the most susceptible, dampness, warmth, dirt, poor air circulation are factors that aid this fungus to flourish, and they can cause considerable damage to fabrics as they grow. They leave a musty odour, discolour fabrics, and sometimes they eat into them until the fabrics rot and fall to pieces.

2.) Rust Stain

This is one stain you don’t want on your garments, it is usually formed by the reaction of iron on a moist fabric, the challenging thing about the rust stain is that it cannot be removed by an ordinary detergent action, it requires basic understanding of chemistry to treat a stain of this nature. So if you are unfortunate to have a stain of rust on your garments, the professional drycleaners maybe where you want to take it.

3.) Dye Transfer Stain

Such stains may occur when dye is transferred onto lighter garments in the cleaning solution as well as by physical contact with problem – causing items. Color can transfer onto lighter garments or on to a white portion of the same article. The resulting colour change is usually permanent.

4.) Deodorant Stain

This type of stains usually appear around the armpit region. Many deodorants usually contain acidic solutions of Aluminium Chloride. This acid will damage cellulosic fibers such as cotton & linen. The longer the strong Aluminium Chloride solutions stains remains on the garment without being laundered, the more severe the damage.

5.)Mud Stains

By all means avoid mud stains staying for too long on your garments. The longer it stays on a garment it oxidizes and converts into a rust stain making it more damaging to the fabric. You want to wash them off at the earliest available opportunity.

Business / Re: How To Produce Goya Anointing Olive Oil (EARNBASE) by myvision(m): 9:33pm On Dec 13, 2016
Innovative Nigerians!!!! grin grin grin grin
Business / How To Produce Goya Anointing Olive Oil (EARNBASE) by myvision(m): 3:57pm On Nov 25, 2016
You will agree with me that some people don't remember the number of Goya bottles they already bought between January and now. Although, there are different ways you can use the Goya Olive Oil; one of its popular use is for prayer. You will understand this properly if you are a christian; this is because there is barely a church in Nigeria who don't use Goya Olive Oil for anointing and deliverance.

One of the simplest thing you can learn to produce among the home use is the Goya Olive Oil. Aside from the fact that it's simple in production; it's also the cheapest. In fact, you can product with less than 1,000 even in this recession time.

Complete reading: http://www.earnbase.com/how-to-produce-goya-anointing-olive-oil/

Phones / Re: Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PIN Supplied By Linda Ikeji by myvision(m): 8:13pm On Nov 18, 2016
I heard she's giving another glo cards tomorrow
Yes, same time 5pm
Phones / Re: Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PIN Supplied By Linda Ikeji by myvision(m): 2:51pm On Nov 18, 2016
can u provide d link pls
Please click http://www.earnbase.com/glo-blocks-lis-users-sim-cards-over-invalid-card-pin-supplied-by-linda-ikeji/
I have included the link before but it was cut off somehow. So, have posted it on my blog.
Just follow the address above
Phones / Re: Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PIN Supplied By Linda Ikeji by myvision(m): 11:45am On Nov 18, 2016
Lol..this is serious.but i thought she said the cards came directly from globacom
I tire o o o
Phones / Re: Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PIN Supplied By Linda Ikeji by myvision(m): 11:45am On Nov 18, 2016
I registered on the site but wch section is she posting it cos I refreshed tire yesterday
On her page not her personal profile o o o
Phones / Re: Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PIN Supplied By Linda Ikeji by myvision(m): 10:23am On Nov 18, 2016
I no even see am for d site
The cards were posted on her personal page
You can also join her today by 5pm
The Awuf promisea to last for 3 days.
At least if we no win card we go catch so FUN!
Phones / Re: Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PIN Supplied By Linda Ikeji by myvision(m): 10:15am On Nov 18, 2016
grin grin Awoof dey tear pocket cheesy

Phones / Re: Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PIN Supplied By Linda Ikeji by myvision(m): 11:01pm On Nov 17, 2016
Wizkid will be smiling now.Awuff Dee run belle.
Phones / Glo Blocks LIS Users Sim Cards Over Invalid Card PIN Supplied By Linda Ikeji by myvision(m): 6:59pm On Nov 17, 2016
This is really interesting! Glo just dey block people sim cards over invalid PIN.
I can't laugh jor...

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Business / Buy Chemicals For All Home Made Products Online by myvision(m): 5:36am On Nov 17, 2016
Now you can get all your home made chemicals online at a cheaper rate.
Please visit: http://www.earnbase.com/shop

Business / With Just 5,000 Start Operating Quickteller Paypoint Agent by myvision(m): 8:46pm On Nov 14, 2016
Just when we are few weeks to Christmas and New Year; Quickteller broke the market again! Recently, there has been some indecent queue in the bank that makes banking tough and unbearable for some people. This makes becoming a Quickteller PayPoint agent the right business this season.

Read more here: http://www.earnbase.com/with-just-5000-start-operating-quickteller-paypoint-agent/

Business / 9 Ultimate Questions For Every Quickteller Paypoint Agent And It's Commission by myvision(m): 7:28pm On Oct 27, 2016

Business / First Bank Is Killing Business by myvision(m): 1:19am On Sep 16, 2016
Hello Pals,
I just want to share my experience with FirstBank and I hope you can suggest me a better bank. Secondly, am saying this for others not to fall a victim.
These banks are so funny and criminal in their ways.
This was how it all started...
I needed to make a payment of $2,000 sometimes and could not do that with my Master CARD because of minimum daily limit by CBN. I was advised by a cashier in First Bank to open a VISA Naira CARD account. He said this card will allow me to get an exchange rate closeer to CBN rate and also allows me to spend up to $2,000. Quickly, I jumped at it but unfortunately.... The untold reality starts unfolding!
1. I had to pay 3,500 or 2,500 to have that card as against the normal 1,000 you pay to collect a Master CARD
2. You cannot use the VISA card in Nigeria ATM; if you do you will be charge 30 to every 1,000 you withdraw.
3. You don't get real time account update. As a matter of fact it takes 24 to 48hours for your account to be updated. This means if someone pays in 5k into your account; you won't be able to access that money until after 24hours because VISA CARD is a cars account and it will needs to ne credited by the system.
4. No alert
5. The exchange rate is FAR to the CBN rate. At the monent; they charge you N410 to $1
6. Now, you must have a minimum balance of 2k in the VISA CARD account. They said it's a new development.

Here is my annoyance; these banks kept changing policies as the money is there money. At first it was BANK Charge now it's minimum Account balance. The worst of all; there was no notice at all. I hope this as nothing to do with sai Baba o o o

Please, is there any card or bank with a better exchange rate. First Bank is HELL bro.

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Family / Re: FREE!!! Can We Talk About Everything About Bar Soap? by myvision(m): 5:28pm On Aug 30, 2016
A nice thread without continuation
Thanks man! I will continue this thread soon. Thanks for following; have been very busy lately.
Business / Re: How To Export From Nigeria - A Do It Yourself Exportation Tutorial by myvision(m): 9:16am On Aug 26, 2016

Hey Bro, How do I get in touch. I do not buying the list I beg.

Sir, I actually do not get your request.
However, you can always reach me by coming to my office, give me a call or send me a message via my blog.

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