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Sports / Re: Victor Osimhen Could Take Legal Action Against Napoli- His Agent Roberto Calenda by NACE13: 9:14am

Same thing I was telling some people on this forum.

Most of the big teams were out of form and Juventus that was chasing them and would have probably caught them was being sanctioned left and right and points deducted.

I know Napoli will struggle this season.

Permit me to say, that's not true. Napoli were in the best form of their lives last season. No club could match them pound for pound. Their coach, Spaletti left and a new handler has taken over, so you don't expect them to replicate same form. There were even a few grumbles that their new coach, Rudy Garcia's tactics isn't as interesting as Spaletti's.

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Romance / Re: What Is The Disadvantage Of Dating You by NACE13: 5:29pm On Sep 26
I'm selfish. I always put myself first no matter how much I like the lady.

I don't like going out or meeting people but when I do, I make the most of it. I can spend the whole day on my game console playing Call of Duty or GTA (God bless Microsoft and Sony). smiley
So I'm just plain boring.

I'm a bit of a narcissist but in a good way though.

I'm not a philanthropist, so every penny I give a lady should be accounted for. A few say that I'm stingy but it's my gaddamn money I slaved hard for.

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Fashion / Re: Nose Piercing, Waist Beads A Turn-on For Me (photos) by NACE13: 7:01pm On Sep 25
Don't like nose rings. The whole it makes when she takes it off give me the chills

But you see that waist bead eh. Just have like 3-5 on your waist, I'm all good. I got few colors for my woman last year.

I like the sound it makes when I am....and when I grab them for supoort from behind.

Nigerians are funny though; How can you say waist beads are from the marine kingdom? cheesy


Celebrities / Re: K1 De Ultimate Completes 7-Day Seclusion Rites by NACE13: 11:04am On Sep 25
As a man from the south, this man is in my top two favourite fuji musicians.

"Bobo no go die, unless to ba darugbo. Bobo!" My best line.

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Celebrities / Re: K1 De Ultimate Completes 7-Day Seclusion Rites by NACE13: 11:01am On Sep 25
Politics / Re: #900 Per Kg; How Much Is Cooking Gas In Your Location by NACE13: 10:58am On Sep 25
Bought ₦950/kg this morning. Even neighbours don't have the courage to come ask you to borrow them your gas these days. Lmao. grin

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Crime / Re: Cult Clash In Sagamu Leaves 25 Dead (graphic) by NACE13: 12:14pm On Sep 18
Fraternities in USA like Nu Gamma XI, Alpha Pi Alpha, Kappa Delta Rho and the likes raise funds, connection, brotherhood, scholarships for their members and community. People there will give an arm to pledge. They proudly display and advertise their Fraternity.

But in Nigeria, Fraternity means to steal, kill, molest, bully, fight and kill for territory and supremacy.
I don't know whom I offended that I ended up in this mess of a country. It's not my fault I was born here but it is my fault if I die here. Spits


Religion / Re: How Did We End Up With So Many Churches? by NACE13: 3:07pm On Sep 17
We have so many churches littered everywhere in the country, most Moslem's abandon their duty to observe their daily prayers but I ask myself
"Where are all these corrupt people from?"
An average Nigerian is ready to defraud you at any given opportunity. Especially the Christians. The Moslems are ready to kill and destroy at any given chance but claim to be the religion of peace.

Religion in Nigeria is a hoax


Gaming / Re: Alabaconnect: Gaming Smart Tv Sets by NACE13: 1:05pm On Sep 16
Chei! God when?
See as some people annual salary dey hang for wall. 😔😔

When I buy dis TV eh, it must come with bullet proof screen guard, 180° rotating wall hanger, TV console and 20 years free Netflix login.

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Politics / Re: Abia: Alex Otti Commissions Emelogu, Shallom And Cemetery Roads In Aba by NACE13: 12:07pm On Sep 16
I always believed this man will work. I hope he continues with the momentum. If he can guarantee steady power supply, good, accessible road and removal of those louts, Abia will be a force to reckon with.

I still believe hope wish Asiwaju will get Nigeria better but based on these shady records he has, I just hope he is repentant. Even Pablo Escobar was a man loved by the people of Medellin.

I hope Uzodinma, Yahaya Bello are keenly observing and taking notes.

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Family / Re: What Habits Did You See In Your Father And You Are Determined To Change by NACE13: 7:08am On Sep 15
He idolizes my mom a lot, always trying to please her and shower her with gifts. I sometimes see it as simping. Well, with what she has done for the family, I can say it is fair.

He likes to tell people his plans before embarking on them.

He is competitive- When he sees other people or their kids do something, he wants to or wants us to do better.

Other than that, that man is my HERO. I wish I could pay him back with 100 years of extra life.
He is hardworking, smart, loving, caring, driven(always pushing us to strive for more and never settle for less).
We gist like brothers, even do father and son banters.


Crime / Re: Slain DPO: Police Release Picture Of Wanted Suspect, 2-Baba by NACE13: 1:35pm On Sep 14
not all blames or accusation should be centred on the ibos. Ahoadas also bear Igbo names but a Rivers indigene will never admit being an Igbo, crime is everywhere.

You are right. I had a colleague who also bears the name Okpara. First time I tried to greet her with the Igbo dialect, she just smiled and told me she's not igbo but Ekpeye in Rivers state. I was confused for few seconds till she explained it to me. Also told me Burna Boy is from Ahoada.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Nigerians Are Good In Creating Problems And Later Blame The Government. by NACE13: 3:08pm On Sep 12
The one I experienced yesterday evening is still vexing me.
During my yesterday evening workout, which I do everyday for 1hr, as I walked by a market place, I saw this young boy sweeping and gathering some refuse. The boy looked up at me with a bit of apprehension, this got me concerned and I decided to stand by across the other side of the road to see what his intentions were. The boy, obviously unaware that I was looking at him, started sweeping all the refuse towards the little opening by the side of the drainage meant to drain out water. The boy emptied all the refuse into the drainage, and i suddenly felt sick in my stomach. This is a standard drainage and road built by Ambode’s government to make life easier for the people.

While I was serving as a Corps member, it was raining heavily and I was still at work at my PPA. I saw a young lady trying to empty a sack of rubbish into the canal. I called out from a distance for her to stop it. She was a little confused. I felt she didn't understand me, so I told an acquaintance who is an indigene of that state to help me talk to her. A man started yammering nonsense, asking me, who I was, just a common corper coming to their land to tell her indigenes what to do. I kept quiet and decided to mind my business. After all, I'm just there for 11 months.

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Sports / Re: Victor Osimhen Emerge 2023 AFCON Qualifiers Top Goal-Scorer With 10 Goals by NACE13: 7:04am On Sep 12

It's good to be Patriotic but your Osimhen isn't as good as Haaland

I beg to differ, sir. I'd agree that Haaland is a better goal poacher but as a CF, Victor is better than Erling.
Once you get a good defender to hold Haaland, he'd disappear totally in a game but not same for Osimhen- That guy is a bully and will always keep defenders on their toes, panicking. Osimhen is more interesting to watch.
Sports / Re: Messi Scores An Outrageous Free Kick Against Ecuador To Equal Beckham Record by NACE13: 10:12am On Sep 08

Almost everyday?

This is Messi’s 20th season as a professional. 65 free kicks means an average of 3.25 per season. That’s far from almost everyday. Still a great record compared to other footballers though.
I also have an issue with the exaggeration in the headlines. From the picture provided by the OP, that’s not close to anywhere outrageous. If anything it’s a perfect position. Just in front of the box 18’s arc. I wonder how the likes of Roberto Carlos or Juninho would be hyped when the positions of their free kicks are take into consideration.

Dude, don't take my word as it is right there literally. "Almost everyday" means it is something he does regularly and not a big deal any more. He's equalled David Beckham's record and will surely surpass it. What does that tell you, huh?


Sports / Re: Messi Scores An Outrageous Free Kick Against Ecuador To Equal Beckham Record by NACE13: 9:45am On Sep 08
Nothing new here. This is something we see almost everyday from the Maestro. cool He makes football look too easy. Probably that's why people say it is scripted. To me, he is UGOGOAT(Undisputed Greatest of Greatest of All Time)

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Politics / Re: Tunji-ojo Orders Clearance Of 200,000 Passport Backlogs Within Two Weeks by NACE13: 8:59pm On Sep 07
Until you demote, suspend or dismiss those corrupt and lazy Immigration Officers hoarding passport booklets and making us pay more if we need it urgently.


Sports / Re: Taiwo Awoniyi Nominated For August Premier League POTM Award by NACE13: 8:47pm On Sep 07
That crazy goal he scored against Man Utd though. I was cheering for United but jumped off my bed with joy when he scored against Onana. It was truly a mixed feeling. cheesy
Gaming / Re: Playstation Portal Officially Confirmed For November 15 Release by NACE13: 10:22am On Sep 06

Nintendo has no rival in the handheld console market.

I remember people said so about a certain Game console company in the 90s before Playstation and Xbox came.
You never can tell, bro.
Politics / Re: Passport Backlogs To Be Cleared In Two Weeks, Says Minister by NACE13: 10:17am On Sep 06

Yea I thought about that too... It's the reason I haven't made any move in that direction because I know it won't end well in my favor so I'll just be patient and try to report to a much higher authority. The matter tire me bro

I'm really sorry about your ordeal but it's like this corruption and laxity has come to stay. Those who want to fight corruption are really at a big disadvantage in this country. The odds are like 5,000,000:1
I have heard an Officer say that anyone who pays online is just on his/her own. Now imagine those who greased their pocket are still lamenting.
A very senior officer stopped the backyard runs from going on and in less than two months, he was posted outside that Command to another.
Gaming / Re: Playstation Portal Officially Confirmed For November 15 Release by NACE13: 10:10am On Sep 06
I watched the review on YouTube. It looks amazing but not really convincing like the Steamdeck. I'm happy Nintendo now has more than 3 competitions. Let's see who wins the handheld console war. wink
Politics / Re: Passport Backlogs To Be Cleared In Two Weeks, Says Minister by NACE13: 9:57am On Sep 06

I just dey swallow all his excuses up till now. I'm planning on going to their office with military men to cause trouble soon. I only regret not traveling to Benin for this in the first place.

You want to go to their office with military men to cause trouble. You think NIS are a bunch rag-tag boys' scout. Very funny.
You are doing more harm to yourself than good.
I'd advice you to just be really patient or try to report to higher authorities about your situation.
But if you still plan on causing trouble, it won't end well for both you and the Military guys. Infact, your military guys can't do anything about it to be frank.
Politics / Re: Passport Backlogs To Be Cleared In Two Weeks, Says Minister by NACE13: 9:46am On Sep 06
I have a very close relation who is an Immigration officer. He is upright and sincere. Infact he stopped anything passport because even if he doesn't collect a dime from you, his colleagues won't process your work unless if you pay them extra fee.
Those who pay online, you guys will have it worse. They(Immigration Personnels) see it as a means of blocking their "egunje", so you'll suffer same delay for many months as a means of Payback.
Nigeria is far gone. Any hope of Redemption is seen as a stumbling block to them. These are same people crying over corruption here and there but will do far worse with the little power they have.
Phones / Re: What Are The Things You Have Stopped Doing On Social Media? by NACE13: 5:01pm On Sep 05
Was taking a stroll yesterday with a colleague and we saw a group of girls dancing on the road while their friend was recording them for their tiktok post. I looked at the prettiest amongst them and smiled at her, then shook my head. She smiled back then stopped due to shyness.
I only shook my head because she's still a teen and seriously craving social media attention. She'll surely get tired or depressed like most people. Few will realise there's more to life than social media validation.

Nairaland and Whatsapp are my only social media go-to-apps and I don't have more than 30 friends and family contacts that can view my boring status. The rest are clients for my side hustle.
I even spend more time on Nairaland than Whatsapp due to its Anonymous feel.

Now, finally, I hate it when women post videos of themselves with their heads on a Swivel, no content, no nothing. Then they turn around to show their backside. I lost a few female friends because of that - It's just plain childish. They move from Twitter to Instagram then Tiktok then to Facebook. All day, every damn day. Geez!


Career / Re: Why "Follow Your Passion Is Dangerous Advice. by NACE13: 1:29pm On Sep 04
I have always had passion for Art(graphics, photos and paintings) and the Military. smiley

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Travel / Re: Lagos Blue Line Rail Begins Operation (vid) by NACE13: 1:01pm On Sep 04

If this "mediocrity" is replicated all over Nigeria then, perhaps we can say we are moving in the right direction.

If however, your own state cannot boast of this "mediocrity", I advise your bow your head in shame and close your mouth for the sake of flies.

Comments like your are always expected.

I don't want to believe you are this feeble-minded. In 2023, You are applauding common railway line that other countries started using decades ago.....and we say we are the giant of Africa. Tsk tsk tsk!!
I'm not here to banter about states' achievements, that's why I said Nigeria.
For someone who says a lot with little or nothing of worth, I won't respond to you after this.
Travel / Re: Lagos Blue Line Rail Begins Operation (vid) by NACE13: 12:29pm On Sep 04
Mediocrity at its best

This is the best Nigeria can offer to Nigerians. Celebrating this says a lot about this country

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Gaming / Re: How Can I Configure Control Keys On PC Game Pad by NACE13: 9:33am On Aug 29
Helo, pls can u help me with the file to configure my ucom pad for pes2017. Am using twin ucom pad. I have done my best for d configuration. My laptop is windows 8.1.

Hey, bro. Do you have the "settings.exe" file located inside the file game's location?
If you don't, you'd have to download it from a third party website. Most times, it is your windows defender or anti-virus that removes the files while installing. So, you should turn your anti-virus off, then download and install the "settings.exe" file. You can just type in the keywords on Google search "settings.exe file download for PES 2017 pc" or something close to that. Hope this helps
Gaming / Re: Red Light Issue On PS3 Console by NACE13: 5:09pm On Aug 27

Go through my page, I have advised novice buyers many times but people keep on allowing this criminals get you. I always tell people to avoid buying cheap consoles but they will not listen.

Bro, sometimes, you have to get burned to know how dangerous fire can be. I was a novice, so, I learnt it the hard way. The next one I got, I did thorough checks on it before I paid. I knew it was good to go, but I had to make the seller know that I wasn't there to fvck around. It's all good. 👍👍


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Nottingham Forest (3 - 2) On 26th August 2023 by NACE13: 9:05am On Aug 27

Which app you de use watch games

Someone recommended this site; "kingshoot"
I also use "Live football TV HD" app. But sometimes, they go bonkers. Which was why I decided to go with the aforementioned.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Nottingham Forest (3 - 2) On 26th August 2023 by NACE13: 5:06pm On Aug 26

See 1gb wey I just sub. I watched 1st half till 38mins. Joined in the 57th min. My data finished in the 72nd minute. Taargh! Na lie shocked shocked

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Gaming / Re: Red Light Issue On PS3 Console by NACE13: 12:55pm On Aug 26
I bought my first ps3 slim from this section. In less than a week, the RLOD started. I was a novice, so, I didn't know what exactly I bought. I was just happy I got it for cheap.
Spent a lot of money fixing it all the time. The guy didn't even bother to advise me to just give it up, kept on collecting my moneygrin

The seller was feining ignorance after I complained about the RLOD issue but he knew exactly what he sold me. It's all good. I got another and it still serves me till date.

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