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Career / Re: Layoffs And Job Security Force Nigeria’s Tech Workers To Traditional Industries by NapoleonHill: 1:28pm

Gone are the days of newbies with potentials easily getting recruited.
Which newbie can compete against people with > 5 years of work experience?

Even in the US where a lot of opportunities abound, some computer science grads with experience send about 300+ applications and get less than 10 interviews.

How many roles are open in Nigeria?

What pains me about his view is that people like him do nothing, know nothing, and have opinion on everything.

Those in the industry know how it is now. It's difficult to get a high paying tech jobs in Nigeria, they will be pricing you like Crayfish. It's also riskier to move to other jobs. They may have projects they are working on. As soon as it's done, they give you two month break and lay off.
Career / Re: Layoffs And Job Security Force Nigeria’s Tech Workers To Traditional Industries by NapoleonHill: 1:25pm

My brother he is right ooo. 500k is nothing if you're good. I was earning 3 times that amount in 2022 until most of us were layed off. Now it's very hard to see 300k salary sef

I just quoted a guy telling him now that he has no idea what the industry is saying. Things have changed drastically. Layoffs everywhere. If you have money, use am hold something. Moving around in tech now is harder and riskier.
Career / Re: Layoffs And Job Security Force Nigeria’s Tech Workers To Traditional Industries by NapoleonHill: 1:15pm

Hogwash article.

Companies are actively recruiting for experienced hire and newbie who has lot of potentials.

You wont see SKILLED tech guy leaving IT for traditional industries.

There are so many moving parts in IT and you need to be well grounded and see how they influence each other.

I do not know where this op sees this false article. Genuine IT dudes are selling like hot cakes.

Are you in tech? If not, just read, learn and move on. There's a global retrenchment exercise from big tech all the way to start ups. Tech is now way more competitive now than what it used to be. In Nigeria, I can mention about 4 financial services companies massively downsizing. These are places I have friends, they are panicking and seeking alternatives including studying abroad and other roles as stated in the article.

This is not to mean that others do not make money from tech today. It means a lot of things are changing and doing so very fast.


Crime / Re: Military Killed Our Staff After Death Of Airforce Cadet In Our Pool – Hotel by NapoleonHill: 7:56am On Apr 15
Why are they showing power against civilians?this nonsense have to stop and do the proper investigation 📌

What's the meaning of whole cardet? Na gold?
Business / Re: Naira Rises By 7.7% As Official Exchange Rate Close At ₦‎1,142/$ by NapoleonHill: 9:23am On Apr 13
USD/Naira was N490 = $1 when Tinubu became president less than one year ago.

We need to get there first, then celebrate any value gain from that point

Where did you buy yours for that amount?

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Travel / Re: Foreign Airlines Are Underpricing Us - Alex Onyema by NapoleonHill: 7:03am On Apr 10

Bro, the foreign airlines have been running like a cabal in the Nigeria aviation industry, to break them , one needs to blend along, know their weakness before exploding.

Air peace wasn't patience at all, they just want to do everything gra gra

The ones that do nothing always have the best advise.
Romance / Re: Ladies Have You Observe Guys No Longer Beg Us For Relationship These Days by NapoleonHill: 6:51pm On Apr 09

Once you tell any Nigerian girl you are interested in her these days...

Her data will Finish.
Her phone will become bad.
Her hair will be old.
Her mum will become sick.
Her rent will expire.
Her undies will be old.
Her soap & cream will finish

Tinubu has reset most simps brains now.

This one na 100 percent.
Politics / Re: NLC Sacks Abure, To Audit LP Accounts by NapoleonHill: 6:34am On Apr 09
Don't know why Abure cannot honorably step down.
Even at the attempt towards his life.
You can't lead people by force if the people do not want you.
LP suddenly becomes the political bride due to O is influence, yet they can't put their house in order.
How do they now want to rule the nation ?

I don't support anything he does or doesn't do cos I don't really care but no man should give his enemies glory over him in such a cheap manner. So because he was attacked, he should surrended to them?

If anyone goes about life that way, they will never amount to anything because life is always full of obstacles.

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Politics / Re: Band A Customers Decry Extortion By Power Firms Amid Poor Supply by NapoleonHill: 6:06pm On Apr 07
We are all band A.

Bypass your meters, every government sector is stealing millions from the national treasure. The only thing the masses used to enjoyed has been canceled by bulaba.

So I encourage everyone who can bypass their meter should do so. An average politician steals nothing less than 5m in a month. So bypass the fxxkkn meter if they won't fix the cost.

Bypass is now very difficult.
Politics / Re: Band A Customers Decry Extortion By Power Firms Amid Poor Supply by NapoleonHill: 6:02pm On Apr 07
I said this on a similar thread.

Nigeria generates less than 5,000 mega watts and you're expecting NEPA to sustain 20 hours of electricity supply for Band A customers? That's impossible.

They would never be able to meet up with that target, and the customers are the ones who would be on the receiving end cos they'll be paying through their noses for darkness. No thanks to the incompetence of the Discos.

Even the power we generate is not properly distributed. Failed distribution installations everywhere. Every sector in the power industry is messed up.
Politics / Re: Band A Customers Decry Extortion By Power Firms Amid Poor Supply by NapoleonHill: 5:58pm On Apr 07
Power supply is atrocious because for decades we have been on subsidized power. The result is that the sector was not able to make enough money to keep running well.

Even now tinubu is still paying subsides for bands b to band d.

When the subsidy removal happens properly ( apc wants power and if keeping subsidy means they win they will bring it back), prices will shoot up so that money would be made to fix things up then when investment flows in as a result, prices might come down.

As seen in the GSM sector.

We've been lying to ourselves for decades. Now, thanks to years of subsidy and years of looting , we have to face the truth. Even apc

Can you enlighten me, please?

If government has been subsidizing power, why is the money not used to keep running the power distribution sector?

Why is the discos waiting for when the masses pay before they can start running the sector properly? What are they using the subsidy being paid for?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran To U.S : Step Aside So You Won't Get Hit. by NapoleonHill: 12:32pm On Apr 06
Mark my words,these threats hold no water.
They wont do shit.
When asked why they cant do shit,they will say they are calculating their attack.
Meanwhile they cant do shit.

I would have thought otherwise too until I saw Iran in action when Sulaimani was killed. They targeted American facilities in Iraq with several missiles.

There's a reason why even US is concerned that there would be retaliation.
Politics / Re: We Are Sustaining Electricity Subsidy For 85% Consumers – FG by NapoleonHill: 7:41am On Apr 06

Nonesense...you can pay #90bn for Muslim hajj, buy #5bn yatch for yourself, #153bn SUV for the useless senators but you can't subsidise the darkness you call electricity for fellow Nigerians.

And the poor Nigerians are busy doing tribalism online and offline.

Nigerian politicians are blessed with dumb citizens, tueh

Bro, we poor people no get sense.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Mohammad Reza Zahedi Killed In Israeli Strike Was Architect Of October 7 by NapoleonHill: 7:35am On Apr 06

Everytime u will be behaving like a fool,derailing trades,40yrs old goat,keep behaving like toddler.

Please, if you have any issue with anyone, you should go and trash your issues out abeg. Make una no bring all these una rubbish come myself.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mohammad Reza Zahedi Killed In Israeli Strike Was Architect Of October 7 by NapoleonHill: 9:14pm On Apr 05
A group in Iran says the commander was involved in Oct. 7 attack.

I hope the group is not the IPOB version of Iran. How can that then be the clearest indication since Oct. 7?

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Celebrities / Re: “Arrest Bobrisky Or I Become A Crossdresser” – Verydarkblackman (video) by NapoleonHill: 6:21pm On Apr 03

This dude is not smart ….What if after turning into transgender ur self ….

Police come arrest you for Constituting Nuisance and being a transgender person without connection or submitting your butttt hole to Oga dem …

What will you do Ode ?

Abi you think say Bobrisky no Dey submit 🕳️

Say you use blue colour type no means say you get sense sha

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Crime / Re: A Man In Mufti Threatens To Kill A DPO In The Presence Of Other Policemen by NapoleonHill: 10:06pm On Apr 01

Nothing commendable here; the only thing keeping them back was the maan bragging that he's a soldier. They'll have shot him if he was a civilian.

That's a lie but would be true if it were in the US.
Crime / Re: A Man In Mufti Threatens To Kill A DPO In The Presence Of Other Policemen by NapoleonHill: 10:05pm On Apr 01
The individual claimed to be a soldier, a military officer, and made threats against a police officer. No taser or gun, the subsequent action taken was the deployment of tear gas. Lol

His tone suggested a serious intent to harm anyone who approached, which was evident in the fear and confusion among the officers.

He's holding an object presumed to be a knife. Una know everything online. Put you there now and you become a fool.
Politics / Re: AGN Hails Tinubu As Zack Orji Travels For Post-surgery Evaluation by NapoleonHill: 1:58pm On Mar 31
Why didn't he help other nollywood actors who are critics. He's doing this because Zack oji is his supporter in Nollywood.
Tinubu is a bitter vindictive person

Tinubu is occupying the office of the president, anyone in that office is forbidden from showing preference and biases.

I thought Buhari already explained this with the 5% analogy. Have you not any lesson from that?

You can't treat those who gave you 97% and 5% the same way.

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Politics / Re: Eight Suspects Arrested For Killing Police Officers In Delta – Police by NapoleonHill: 7:46am On Mar 31

wetin com dey peppe ya bodi 4 dis beauriful easter morning now!

let love lead ya life broda!


Omo, na you dey see pepper, bro. Na talk we dey talk, nobody dey fight you.

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Politics / Re: Eight Suspects Arrested For Killing Police Officers In Delta – Police by NapoleonHill: 7:30am On Mar 31
grin.The word "suspects" means "guilty" or "criminal" in Nigeria police dictionary.

Hope they did not pack innocent people due to pressure.

Na police dey disturb themselves. Did you see the military operation in that Delta community? Did they tell you whether those arrested are suspects or not. Where you even told if anyone has been arrested? So pe o ti lo.

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Politics / Re: Eight Suspects Arrested For Killing Police Officers In Delta – Police by NapoleonHill: 7:29am On Mar 31
hope not innocents sha?

Go and tell that to the military burning that entire Delta community to the ground.
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NapoleonHill: 10:01am On Mar 28

Exams for this semester begin 30th May. If you want to be part of this semester, you have to get all these done and start studying. If otherwise, you can wait till next semester before u do all these.

Ok, thanks. Please, when does next semester start?
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NapoleonHill: 8:07am On Mar 28
Hello, everyone. I'm applying for the ICT M.Sc. programme. I made a payment of #7,500 this morning. I'm asked to provide referees who are academics and I honestly don't have the time at the moment.

How long can I pause with this registration?

What semester are we presently in and when is the next exam?

If I complete my registration next month, when will I be taking the first exam?

Travel / Re: Man Kneels Down To Thank God He Left Nigeria For The UK by NapoleonHill: 4:21pm On Mar 26

He's obviously not a wise person. A wise person would know that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence and one should always remain humble and cautious as fate is unpredictable.

This saying is true and worthy of general acceptance.

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Romance / Re: Bride Refuses To Say "For Better Or For Worse" In Marriage Vow Twist (video) by NapoleonHill: 5:58am On Mar 26
I think it should be; will you love and cherish this man in all conditions of life, and not for better and for worst because such marriage vow is outdated.

What's the difference? If things have not stopped getting worse for people in marriage, why is the cow outdated? It's like concealing that things can get worse in marriage with better words.

I think the groom should have insisted the vows are taken correctly. She would remind him in marriage of that that.
Politics / Re: CBN Sells Forex To BDCs At N1,251/$1as Naira regains strength by NapoleonHill: 8:20pm On Mar 25
When will the price of common things fall too...
Because koyemi

Competition will eventually bring it down. Last month, I bought a carton of Indomine for 11k but bought same today for 9k.

Those who bought goods at high price will have to offload at that same price.

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Crime / Re: Police Arrest Dispatcher Carrying Pistol In Dolphin Estate, Ajah by NapoleonHill: 10:58pm On Mar 24
Concealed as a package to be delivered or concealed to suggest the dispatcher owns it?

I don't mean to defend the dispatcher. I simply want to know if there is another person involved in the suspected offense.

Another question is what made the police to decide to search the dispatcher to an extent of finding a concealed gun on him? Was he a suspect before the search?

Nigerian bloggers and media companies are fond of serving the public half-baked bread. This is how they only reported that the soldiers killed in Delta State went for peace keeping, but didn't report what necessitated the peace keeping in the affected community.

Was actually expecting something as this and it turned out to be the first comment. Knew someone must find something wrong with the arrest.
Crime / Re: Ekiti Man To Die By Hanging For Killing Wife’s Accused Lover by NapoleonHill: 12:40pm On Mar 22

Provocation, yes!! But that arguement gets watered up in the face of facts revealing he planned the assault on the victim and also had accomplices......the act was premeditated simple......if it had been a spontaneous act where it happened in the heat of the moment when he caught them and killed them both there and then.....he has a good case.

Emphasis at bolded....if he even walked out of the room to go get a weapon to kill them,he would be guilty of murder because the law will prove that he still had enough time to think it through.

Whether he had enough time to think or not, he's not getting off the hook. That's my point. No one kills another and walks away in the face of the law except in self defense. Not even manslaughter.

Provocation may not earn him a death sentence but he would be still be gone for a long time.


If provocation is a valid defense to get away with murder, the world will be in chaos. You can read more from the link below or do your own research. Let's not misinform people.

Crime / Re: Ekiti Man To Die By Hanging For Killing Wife’s Accused Lover by NapoleonHill: 9:31am On Mar 22

Read the story again....second to the last paragraph,even the honourable judge gave a latent reason for justification of what he did....I had known this several years back when I was much younger...let me help u here

Okay sir, but let me give you context to it.

The defence argued for provocation. Provocation would have earned him a lesser sentence but not let him off the hook.

I have also known this for many years now. Even manslaughter, which is committed without intent, will not get you off the hook.

You can look it up further online.

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Crime / Re: Ekiti Man To Die By Hanging For Killing Wife’s Accused Lover by NapoleonHill: 6:34am On Mar 22
That's why men should never allow women matters stay too long in their heads....if she is cheating,why not walk away....their are a thousand and one more other ladies out there that needs you.

She has even helped your situation by ending your burden on her,she wouldn't be your responsibility anymore .....some men are just way too foolish.

The reason he was jailed was that the murder was premeditated.....if he had been patient enough to plan a way to catch them in the act and he then strikes the man or both to death immediately he catches them,he has a 99% chance of walking away free.

Provocation does not mean you will walk away freely, you may not just be put to death.

Even manslaughter, which killing someone by mistake, will not get you to walk freely. You may only bargain reduced sentence.


Science/Technology / Re: Little Boy Captures Live Snake With Bare Hands (Photos) by NapoleonHill: 9:16pm On Mar 21
He obviously doesn't know the damage a snake could cause.

At first, I thought of it this way. I later though that he may belong to a certain clan where they know snakes better than the rest of us.

There is also a women somewhere there who's not running. Other women will have disappeared.

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