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Politics / Re: I Didn’t Say Yoruba Are Political Rascals – Iwuanyanwu by NapoleonHill: 9:25am
He was very clear. Said yorubas and igbos have no war. What happened in Lagos was just a bunch of political rascals.......it was these same set of rascals like FFK, omotosho etc, that read the statement upside down cos on obviously their brain is upside down

Since the news broke and it's been said that it was doctored, why has it been difficult to see the original version?
Politics / Re: LASG Reiterates Ban On Commercial Motorcycles In Restricted Areas by NapoleonHill: 6:47pm On Mar 27
We don't need Okada in Lagos abeg
Politics / Re: "Happy Hour" Starts In Akwa Ibom State (Video) by NapoleonHill: 4:20pm On Mar 27

Oga rest..

5mins play can’t stop development..

Besides, he’s yet to become a Governor yet officially..

5 mins play is what they will use to Psiphon millions.
Family / Re: Marriage Is Just all About Responsibility, Nothing Special. by NapoleonHill: 5:53pm On Mar 26
My brother I couldn’t believe I’ve spent 100k in just two months. Money for this, money for that. It’s really crazy out there! Sometimes I think about that too, is it not better to be single and have peace of mind?

I spend over 150k being single per month. That's on months I'm determined to save. I don't know how much I'll be spending being married.
Politics / Re: Court Of Appeal Quashes PDP Case Against Tinubu/shettima Over Double Nomination by NapoleonHill: 9:46am On Mar 25

Court Cases are different. If one failed with a particular prayer another person may succeed with the same prayer in the same court. It's not yet time for jubilation.
Meanwhile, Court proceedings are all about evidence. The judges claimed Atiku has no legal basis to institute the case. If your lawyers Provide enough evidence the case is yours nomatter the locus

The judges said their prayer was not legal because the issue is internal to the party. They were called busy body for that.

When Obi goes to court, he'd have to explain how the issue is internal to him.
Politics / Re: Court Of Appeal Quashes PDP Case Against Tinubu/shettima Over Double Nomination by NapoleonHill: 9:33am On Mar 25
This is supposed to be one of the petitions of Obidients
Politics / Re: Ariwoola Disguises On Wheelchair For London Secret Meeting With Tinubu - Gazette by NapoleonHill: 8:17am On Mar 24
Seun, what has happened to nairaland? It used to be the go-to source for breaking news but now, a story would run many hours before it's pushed to the homepage here.
Politics / Re: 'Lagos Is No Man's Land' Was Invented By Gov Jakande , Not Igbo - Deoye Falade by NapoleonHill: 6:44am On Mar 23
It's doesn't matter who said it. The intention with which it's being said today and the consequences that matter. Even Jakande would not say that to our faces if he were alive today because circumstances have changed.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Outsmarts Tinubu, Shettima And INEC.. by NapoleonHill: 9:11pm On Mar 22

Do you really know how the law works or you just wanna play dumb cause your paymasterbis involved?

Empty barrel, tell me how the law works.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Outsmarts Tinubu, Shettima And INEC.. by NapoleonHill: 8:38pm On Mar 22

Do you know just one testimony from the DEA nullifies Tinubu candidacy ?

Wonders. Nigerian court now have jurisdiction over the DEA because Obi is involved in the case.
Politics / Re: After Telling Obi To Go To Court, See What Tinubu's Aide Said About The Petition by NapoleonHill: 2:19am On Mar 22
Just like d headline .this is a case of beating a child and tell him not to cry .why are APC afraid of court when they were d ones who told obi to go to court

Someone says he would see you in court and you say he's afraid of the courts. Which part of the tweet shows fear?

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Politics / Re: How Many Labour Party Governors Do We Have Now In Nigeria? by NapoleonHill: 7:56am On Mar 21
Why is noone celebrating the results so far?

Are you a new born baby or something? All of them will disappoint you eventually. You vote in a politician and begin to celebrate over what?
Politics / Re: 2019 Tweet: Igbos Are Threatened At Every Elections by NapoleonHill: 9:26pm On Mar 20
*Boycott Census in Lagos.*

Lagos is about 20million people.
By Law, more seats are allocated to states like Lagos in the house of Reps due to their large population...this population is made up of those of us who have been violently prevented from voting...we were told we are not Lagosians, we were told to go back to where we come from.

....And we have accepted.

Come May 2023, there will be another national Census and we won't allow ourselves to be counted as Lagosians.

We must "respect our hosts" and return to our states of origin to be counted. Or refuse to be counted as Lagosians.

You can't accept our population and Reject our votes.


You want to boycott censors because you think it would deprive Lagos of allocation and power. Let's assume this happens, you will still contend this allocation and its benefit with people who are counted. When you're told to let those counted enjoy the benefit of being counted, you say your host is threatening you.

What exactly do you want?


Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS: PDP Wins Kaduna State With 3,658 Votes by NapoleonHill: 7:21am On Mar 20
There would be a rerun, if the number of cancelled votes is more than the difference
Politics / Re: Enugu State Governorship Election Results Update (2023) by NapoleonHill: 3:31am On Mar 20
Do you know that at one polling unit at Ibagwa Nike, an Ebeano thug stood boldly behind the person thumb printing. If you vote for another party other than PDP, he will thumbprint his own on that your ballot paper, making the vote invalid. When they came, the military jejely left.

Nigerian politicians are demons...

What are the military doing at the polling units?
Politics / Re: Yorubas Will Never Recover From The Level Of Tribalism Displayed In Lagos by NapoleonHill: 1:24pm On Mar 19
No need to recover.

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Politics / Re: What Really Played Out In Lagos Today by NapoleonHill: 10:46am On Mar 19
I am neither pro GRV nor Sanwo-olu.

You made a comment that he can't speak his native tongue, Yoruba.

He might have broken a jinx here. Many children growing up now can't speak their native. These are largely middle children and even some below that station. I won't be surprised if your kids can't speak theirs.

In countries that have multiple languages, a lingua franca may become the language of advance like English. Even up North, some languages have been lost to Hausa, which is the defacto and unofficial lingua franca there.

We can expect to see more of these adults who can't speak their native tongues either fluently or not at all in future contesting for elective office.

They generally aren't tribalistic as they grew up together from primary to secondary school.

A Yoruba butter pikin will prefer to marry a butter Ibo than a typical Yoruba girl any time.

They may one day dictate the future of this country. The EndSars movement which was largely inspired by the Middle class would probably have toppled the government had it not been nipped in the bud.

Everything is about perception. Gbadebo's woes didn't spring from being unable to speak alone. There are footprints of him littered everything on the internet making derogatory remarks at the Yorubas, one of which is calling his tribesmen Afonja with a goat picture. One would even wonder if he's a nairaland member as this is common with the enemies of the tribe.

Quite honestly, a butter Yoruba, to the extent of not being able to speak, is not needed to lead an inch of our land. He's presumed not to understand our pains, struggles, and our needs. He'd be a pawn in his own government as our politics in this part of the world is local.

I also think you're mistaking about the an average butter Yoruba kid wanting a butter Igbo bride. It seems to be the other way but since there no way to find out who desires the other more as the relationship is symbiotic, let's keep it that way.
Politics / Re: Let 2023 Be The Last Time Igbos Will Interfere In Lagos Politics - Onanuga by NapoleonHill: 10:05am On Mar 19
People like this foolish bigoted man shouldn’t be allowed to use social media. Infact, Nigeria is too volatile to be an entity.

At this point, I dare say Nigeria can never be one. We’re just deceiving ourselves.

Getting him off social media is a temporary solution. What he's said is engraved in the heart of many Yoruba especially at this time.

A lot of hate has been made to fly during Obi's campaigns. The country needs healing at this time.
Politics / Re: What Really Played Out In Lagos Today by NapoleonHill: 9:08pm On Mar 18
Them don announce result.
Wait for it.

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Politics / What Really Played Out In Lagos Today by NapoleonHill: 9:05pm On Mar 18
The influence and meddling of the Igbos in SW politics has returned Sanwo Olu as governor. It also got sympathy votes for Tinubu in some quarters among the Yorubas.

What makes it worse is, many of the Yoruba who pushed the Obi narrative could not bear a Chinedu administration in Lagos. We all know he has more leaning towards the Igbo tribe than the Yoruba.

To make matters worse, this accidental opportunist of a governorship candidate cannot compose a simple sentence in yoruba without sounding like a toddler who's learning to speak, even if he has rehearsing it a million times.

The Igbos, who had thought the presidential election result in Lagos was their doing alone, soon realised there's a missing piece this time. This election is different and the environment is hostile.

If you're still wondering what the missing piece is, it's simple and clear. The Yorubas withdrew their support.

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Politics / Re: Is Lagos Really No Man's Land? by NapoleonHill: 8:39pm On Mar 18
Let the woman of Yoruba tribe speak the language. Is that too difficult a means of identity?

One failed Yoruba-wannabe governorship candidate comes to mind.

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Politics / Re: He Was Beaten By APC Thugs, Phone Smashed And Voting Material Scattered. by NapoleonHill: 5:13pm On Mar 18
,Stupidity. Igbos didn't even come out to vote, So they attack their own who doesn't want to keep paying Agbero.

Dey play.
Politics / Re: CBN Says Old ₦200, ₦500, ₦1,000 Notes Remain Legal Tender by NapoleonHill: 2:45am On Mar 14
Emiefule has been thrown under the bus

This is exactly what happened.
Business / Re: Roger Brown Steps Down As Seplat CEO Over Allegations Of Racism by NapoleonHill: 2:47pm On Mar 11

"How [bad] things are with Nigerians under the leadership of foreign folks" is an over generalisation, the sort I responded to here. A similar thinking will punish an entire tribe for the misdemeanor of one or even some, which to me, is a sign of non-brain use. It just might be that this particular guy never did "[bad] things are with Nigerians under the leadership of foreign folks", and other things might be at play here.

This guy can not "get away with anything" because, as well as being accountable to Nigeria, he is also accountable to those who buy shares of Seplat on the London Stock Exchange, and we do not appreciate bad management styles tanking our portfolios.

As to you knowing "how they think". I guess you must have some very superior mind reading skills, but I find most who claim such things often don't tend to know how even they themselves think.


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Business / Re: Roger Brown Steps Down As Seplat CEO Over Allegations Of Racism by NapoleonHill: 1:55pm On Mar 11

I don't agree that he was discriminating as alleged. He'd be very stupid to in a country where he is a minority. It's grounds for dismissal in UK where he's a majority, so I doubt he'd be so stupid where he is the minority.

Is the below so unlikely?

It's not so unlikely, however, I pointed out to you that you don't realize how back things are with Nigerians under the leadership of foreign folks on our own soil. It's worse because they can get away with just anything. I've worked with them, I know how they think.

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Business / Re: Roger Brown Steps Down As Seplat CEO Over Allegations Of Racism by NapoleonHill: 6:42am On Mar 11

I wonder how this could possibly be a win for many Nigerians. Is Seplat like the highest hirer of Nigerians such that many see this as some sort of a win, or is it just their usual tribalism extending to foreigners?

Again, it's only those who wear that shoe who know where it pinches.

Let me make a last attempt to make you understand that even if Seplat hires only two Nigerians, they shouldn't face discrimination on their own soil, their government should not be complicit as it has always been the case.

What you don't seem to know is that news travel fast among expat across the country. When you know that there could be consequences for racism, you will focus on your business of coming to Nigeria which is WORK. It has nothing to do with the higher employer is Labour in Nigeria.

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Business / Re: Roger Brown Steps Down As Seplat CEO Over Allegations Of Racism by NapoleonHill: 11:10pm On Mar 10

Technically, yes. Though they are not considered foreign where I worked with them.

Aside, most of Seplat Energy's business is not Nigerian, so I'd wonder what "foreign" shareholders would say.


Until you work in both technical and non-technical capacity with some of these foreign guys on Nigerian soil or even offshore, you wouldn't understand how much of a win this news is for many Nigerians.

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Business / Re: Roger Brown Steps Down As Seplat CEO Over Allegations Of Racism by NapoleonHill: 10:50pm On Mar 10

In Nigeria, perhap, and in countries that don't obey their own laws. In most countries, your visa is not revoked without due process.

Even if due process is what you're looking for, go and read the backstory. This guy failed to respond to the invitation of the ministry twice claiming he was busy, after all the weighty allegations dangling around his neck.

What else should this guy do to be sent packing?

Have you worked with some of these foreign nationals before?

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Politics / Re: Final Statistics Shows Obi Of Labour Party Won Presidential Election With Figmen by NapoleonHill: 10:31pm On Mar 10
Mark Essien is not Obidient. He was playing a fast one with the so called IREV collation for his boss El Rufai.

This is why he's not Obidient??

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Business / Re: Roger Brown Steps Down As Seplat CEO Over Allegations Of Racism by NapoleonHill: 10:07pm On Mar 10

Yes he has choices! He can appeal to a higher court. It's not as if he is guilty already after all.

A country where you're not a citizen can send you back home and no court will save you. This is not even a matte of the court.

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