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Career / Re: What Skill Can Call Member Learn During The Service Year ..? by Newbielearner(m): 8:26pm
Help, I’m a call member serving in Ibadan, i want to learn a skill but I’m confused about the type of skill to
lean and I don’t waste the whole year..All suggestions would be appreciated!

Website design or digital marketing
Science/Technology / Re: Earth Receives Signal From Galaxy 9 Billion Light Years Away ( Pics) by Newbielearner(m): 11:04pm On Jan 28
What it means is that the signal was released 9 Billion years Ago, so it took the signal 9 billion years to reach the Earth.

And the speed at which the signal was travelling is the speed of light, with such speed, you can go round the Earth 7 and half times in 1 second.
So with such mind boggling speed, it still took 9 billion years to reach earth.

What a distance!

Sometimes I wonder if we really actually exists, regarding how extremely microscopic we are in the grand scheme of things.

Have you watched the matrix?

Our reality seems like a gaming session with different codings that are difficult to unravel.

There has to be a super Intelligence; a God who is the game designer.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Previous Company Sued Me To Court After I Got Another Job With A Company. by Newbielearner(m): 10:12pm On Jan 27
Fellow Nigerians. I need help because I don't want to be terminated from my new job.

I resigned after working for the previous company for 3 years for the following reasons:
1. No benefits except HMO
2. Only your salary
3. Performance commission not paid
4. I was doing job of 4 people without appreciation. I have to do it to keep feeding my family.

I got another job after 7months I have resigned properly from the previous company.

The previous company has sued me to court with my new company. My New company doesn't want to let terminate my employment with them because I am the operations manager and I have the business knowledge.

Myself and 1 Lebanese man started the previous company in 2018 in Nigeria before the company became big. I have full knowledge and my new company is now a big treat to them. I believe because of this they sued us to court.

My new company doesn't have enough money to pay lawyer we consulted.

The previous company said I have signed a letter that stated that I cannot work on same field for 3 years. When I checked their claim, they didn't write that I cannot work on same field for 3 years AFTER TERMINATION (Please check the attached document).

I know if I go to court with them i will win this case. How can a company said i shouldn't use my skills to work in another company.

In the previous company they didn't do any training for me, the only in house training was the onboarding training for 2 days and after that no training cost invested on me and no any form of performance benefits paid.

Now I got another job, the previous company is trenthening my new company to terminate my job. Now we need to go to court and they claimed 20M for damages.

Fellow Nigerians what can I do to this Lebanese company that want to deprive me of my right in my own precious Nigeria where I dey hustle to feed family and make it in life.

Please what can I do 😂.

Kindly check the attached document they said I signed, of which it was signed after like 8months of starting with the previous company.

We didn't have HR when we started in 2018, I was the one that recommended the HR through a friend from my Church. The HR is the one persecuting me and acting as a witness in court against me.

I wish I didn't help her to get the job.

Please help.

I think they were right for sueing you.

Check the last document you uploaded. The three years was clearly stated. You don enter this one. Deliver yourself like a gazelle. Go back and work for them or leave this company.

You can only win the case if this new company is not in the same industry as the previous

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Romance / Re: This Is The Only Thing Nigeria Girls Can Offer You by Newbielearner(m): 9:46pm On Jan 27
Can you guys stop complaining about Nigerian girls for once ?
Life gave you choice
You have different options in life to choose what you want , you want a model you think it cheap?
Just look for your standard and be happy with her
My babe have made me realize not all Nigerian girls are useless she’s been the one spending on me I was even surprised a lady can do that my first time experiencing it. She have spend more on me than I have spent on her .

No negative intentions bro. But have you checked her WhatsApp chats and IG DMs?
Romance / Re: Some Men Will Never Knack Their Wives The Number Of Times Her Ex Knacked Her by Newbielearner(m): 8:58pm On Jan 20

If you can't doesn't mean I can't
I can easily do 4rounds per day and I only Bleep weekends.....
Speak for yourself.....
You even get bleeping schedule grin grin


Romance / Re: Stop Inviting Hookup Babes Or Girlfriends To Your House, Here's Why by Newbielearner(m): 9:03pm On Dec 29, 2022
The only person that should know where u live are ladies you don't have sex with.

When u intend to have sexual relationship with anyone, don't let them have ur personal details or home address.

Hookup babes can be dangerous and mean... if u fall-out with them and they have ur home address, u are finished !!!

Girlfriend will always find her way to your house after she has ur address whether u like it or not, and if ur the cheating type, expect her to show up uninvited.

If you have issues with her, and try to stay away from her, she'll always be at ur doorstep to resolve with u.

It's hard to break-up with a woman who knows where u live, u ignore her calls and she'll keep coming to ur house and begging u to take her back., if you refuse, she'll start talking to the people around, like ur flatmates or siblings to talk to u on her behalf.

If she accidentally gets pregnant, she'll just pack her family or the police to your house, that's if u try to deny it.

If you forcefully reject, hurt and abuse her... she could just get some tough thugs to attack u.

Receive sense in Jesus Name cheesy

Words of wisdom on marbles
Romance / Re: I Caught My Friend's Wife Having Sex With A Man by Newbielearner(m): 7:19pm On Dec 20, 2022
grin grin

The great mosdii has always been right about Nigerian girls grin
Business / Re: Tax Clearance Certificate Required For Foreign Exchange Transactions In Banks by Newbielearner(m): 7:12pm On Dec 20, 2022


It doesn't look to come from a verifiable source.

Let's see how it goes within 24hours.

If this is real, we have real issues in this country.

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Romance / Re: Should I Get My Fiancée Arrested? by Newbielearner(m): 3:54pm On Dec 04, 2022
Think I remember clearly, I advised you not to do any birthday for her but you still proceeded with it. I'm saving my advice this time grin

I love your response, man. grin
Romance / Re: My Ex Is Making Me Depressed by Newbielearner(m): 11:03pm On Dec 01, 2022
You should add sniper into the beer and drink it.

Deaths to SIMP.

grin cheesy cheesy
Sports / Re: Switzerland Footballer, Karim Gazzetta Commits Suicide By Jumping From Building by Newbielearner(m): 10:34pm On Nov 21, 2022

This one wey Righteousness2 and Zonefree just comment above me.

This thing go enter FP tomorrow morning. grin

He don enter o, boss

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Health / Re: Photo Of Oko Poly Student Who Committed Suicide Over Failed Relationship by Newbielearner(m): 9:47pm On Nov 20, 2022
He made Mama & Papa cry cry

Lord, let me not father a useless son.

Amen o.
My child would live a great life.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Missiles Kill Two In Poland, US Intelligence Says by Newbielearner(m): 11:31pm On Nov 15, 2022
The United Snakes of Amerikastan can no longer justify being a necessary evil. It’s either her way or the highway.

Some assholes up there are already saying Mother Russia will apologize.

Apologize for what exactly?

What if this incident is a false flag to implicate Russia?

How many false-flags has Amerika executed in Syria & Ukraine just to frame Mother Russia?

She parades herself as the champion & purveyor of Democracy when in fact she is the harbinger of all the chaos & anarchy that have ravaged every continent of the World since the end of WW2.

In the guise of pushing her satanic “Freedom & Democracy” mantra, the number of good men and women that have been wasted all over the world by this useless self-acclaimed World Police cannot be counted.

A World Police that was chased with her tail between her bow-legs out of Afghanistan after 20years of incompetence? Is that one a World Police?

A World Police that has to assemble a gang of 29 other Countries just to be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with one mighty Country (Mother Russia), is that one a World Police?

If Mother Russia releases “BULAVA”; World Police will scram into the underground bunker that she has been covertly building for the past 15years. grin

The Turkish Interior Minister succinctly captured Amerika’s treachery by likening her useless condolence message to Turkey “as a murderer arriving a crime scene as the first”.

In my village, It is exactly what we call “Aseni ba ni daro”. Someone or an entity perpetrating evil against you and still sympathizes with you.

Amerika will hijack & bomb a commercial airliner (Malaysian MH-370) and will be the first Country to launch search & rescue operations.

Amerika will deliberately bomb a civilian hospital, filled to the brim with patients and claim it was a mistake just to force your Government to resign or abdicate. (It happened in Syria, it happened in Iraq, infact, it has happened everywhere with US Military presence).


Amerika will train terrorists in order to depose an unfriendly foreign Government and still refer to the terrorists as freedom fighters.

Amerika will bury nuclear bombs at your backyard in order to checkmate your retaliatory capabilities but will immediately cry wolf if you return the favour (Cuban Missile Crises).

Amerika will sponsor terrorists in your domain (Boko Haram & ISWAP) in order to destabilize your Country and still be giving you sabotaged Military hardwares that could not give her victory in Afghanistan to tackle your terrorism at home. grin

I have no shred of doubt in me that the United Snakes of Taliban is the most useless Country in the Universe.

It is not a curse, I expect a nuclear war between the axis of Evil (Amerika & Co.) and the axis of Resistance & Freedom (Mother Russia & Co.) within the coming year.

Alois Irlmaier (the German fortune teller that died in 1959) has already predicted that the spark of WW3 will be triggered from the Balkans, and these events are slowly and surely unfolding right before our koro-koro eyes.

Let us observe whether the gangs of cowards (30 Countries) calling themselves NATO will execute their useless “Article 5” (their mutual suicide pact if enacted against Mother Russia).

How will that war be waged? Announce to the Russians that “Hey, we have Article 5 turned on, get ready for war?” grin

I trust Mother Russia’s nuclear submarines are already idling away under the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans in case any unfortunate Country will allow Amerika use her as the Cat’s Paw. grin

Do you just love war and terror? Why is it so fascinating to you? I guess you have no relative around any potential hit region.
Politics / Re: Video Of People Paid To Attend A Rally Was Not APC But A LP Bus (Picture) by Newbielearner(m): 6:36pm On Oct 18, 2022

Just because you are suffering because of your lazy sit-at-home madness, you think the rest of Nigeria is suffering with you..

This one don miss road.. grin grin

I'm in Lagos. Do you have more abusive words from your bowels to throw out?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Thousands Take To The Streets Of Paris To Protest Soaring Prices by Newbielearner(m): 6:34pm On Oct 18, 2022
Lol. In criminal investigations, usually, the first thing that is asked is who stands to benefit?
In this case, the US, Norway and maybe Poland stand to benefit.
The US, because they are selling LNG(which is expensive compared to Russian gas)
Norway, there is a gas pipeline coming from Norway that is competing with Russian gas(Russian gas is cheaper)
Poland, along with the US, Ukraine and Poland were vehemently opposed to Nord Stream 2 pipeline because the pipeline would not pass through their countries and therefore Ukraine and Poland would not get transit fees. Nord stream 1 pipeline goes through Ukraine and Ukraine is paid transit fees.

Now also in criminal investigations, usually, the second thing that is asked is who is capable of committing the crime.
Norway, Ukraine, Poland.
Who do you think has the tech and expertise(capability) to blow up an underwater gas pipeline? I leave you to answer for yourself.

Valid points though. I was just judging based on reports from CNN (which could also be biased(

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Thousands Take To The Streets Of Paris To Protest Soaring Prices by Newbielearner(m): 6:33pm On Oct 18, 2022

But injustice and lawlessness experienced in nigeria is also global? grin[
grin grin grin angry

Those are some of the things that makes us hate the regime.
Romance / Re: Can A Relationship Survive Without Sex? by Newbielearner(m): 9:03pm On Oct 17, 2022
Yes but not with the men of this generation. They are too perverted.

Who are the men having sex with, please?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Thousands Take To The Streets Of Paris To Protest Soaring Prices by Newbielearner(m): 8:53pm On Oct 17, 2022

A country that works right? But when people protest in Nigeria here too for same reasons.. You call the country a failed country.

You people are hypocrites.
Enemy of Nigeria.

Inflation is almost global. But our hatred for the current administration based on some of their activities has sent most Nigerians on a bias spree.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Thousands Take To The Streets Of Paris To Protest Soaring Prices by Newbielearner(m): 8:50pm On Oct 17, 2022
Russian effect.

How mighty Countries like Germany, UK and France all of a sudden turned United state puppet and foot-stool is still what i dont get.

These big countries dont even have their voices anymore, they cant make decisions for themselves anymore.

The US carried out a terrorist attack by blowing up the Russian Nord stream pipeline transporting gas to Germany. Germany kept quiet like a Dundee, a whole former world power turned into a puppet.
Now france who is also battling its own economical issue is the one helping germany with gas.

Things now falling apart and the center not holding anymore. Winter is coming Europe.
This is just the beginning. The sanctioners are feeling the heat more than the sanctioned.

I foresee more protest of this type, but with a different magnitude across europe in the coming few weeks.

Russia is nobody's mate

What evidence do you have that it is the US? Even Russia claimed it was the Ukrainian forces that implanted it on the moving truck, based on their secret intelligence.

Stop spreading false information. Typical

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Celebrities / Re: Halima Abubakar Quits Acting Over Illness - Management by Newbielearner(m): 8:47pm On Oct 17, 2022
I pray she recovers, and repents permanently.

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Politics / Re: Video Of People Paid To Attend A Rally Was Not APC But A LP Bus (Picture) by Newbielearner(m): 10:17am On Sep 29, 2022

Honestly, if Obi wins the election, i will definitely know that God wants to punish Nigerians more. Because no liar and wicked dishonest leader leads the people to anything good. Obi is a confirmed liar and his followers are even worse than him.

You are entirely entitled to your own opinion. Either foolish or wise.
Education / Re: ASUU Strike: Soohemba Agatha Aker Drags Buhari, 36 Govs To Court by Newbielearner(m): 10:02am On Sep 23, 2022
Case that has already been settled?
The NIC has ordered ASUU to go back to class. As it stands now, if ASUU resumes, they automatically agreed to forfeit the contentious seven months arrears. If they refused to resume, the union will be charged with contempt and can disbanded.
Either way, it’s a win win for the FG.

How do you think they would relate with the students if they were forced to resume?
Business / Re: Nike Opens Flagship Store In Lagos, Nigeria (Photos) by Newbielearner(m): 8:44am On Aug 26, 2022
Though a luxury to the sub-continent, to whatever extent, if a functional government yet can relate, such might help strengthen our currency especially if the demand for Naira increases in West - Africa.

The demand for Naira would increase the value of Naira. That’s why we have to do better with our exports. There has to be support for businesses here, and the government should help get the products out.

In Aba, we can re-brand locally made shoes and make them popular across West-Africa and beyond. We can even invest in other Africa country resources - and take control of the export to the west.

Till date, we are a looted lots and you find our best minds employed by our looters and even where there is a government that is a little bright, our SANs fight each other to defend the looters and throw away Nigeria’s interest for peanuts. And a misguided government yet honors the SAN with a national honor. The celebrated Chief Olanipekun OFR, for instance has helped MTN win a tax dispute against Nigeria; represented Shell Petroleum & Equinox (Formerly Statoil) while the two oil companies have but looted the country & yet he has a national honor in recognition of his reputation for helping them fleece us. The direction of the country is a lost cause; if our best minds will fight each-other in a bid to defend a foreign interest trying to fleece our commonwealth.

To return to the main point, we should take back our country. No reason to give Niger over a billion to purchase vehicles- when we’ could support Innoson to build same and then export.

And in many sectors; I don’t see why ICAN can’t become the ACCA of Africa for instance; and make the certification the foremost desirable for accountants across Africa. With the right leadership, such and such can be explored and taken advantage of.

What a remarkable line of thoughts.
It would also increase our export ratio, employment, and export tax income.

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Romance / Re: She Cheated With A Married Man Now This. Please Advice. by Newbielearner(m): 7:35pm On Aug 09, 2022
It is not easy to dey advice people 4 relationship cos na go dey ask advice bt na anoda ting dey una mind.. 4 ur case u luv dat girl dearly and it is very hard 4 u to let go bt u @ jst looking 4 people to condem her so u can use dat to move on but it won't help u cos u go still go back.. Ur problem is jst dat u gat no principle and people like u are very hard to advice

I respect your intelligence, boss.
Health / Re: Nigerian Woman Commits Suicide In Gambia (Photo) by Newbielearner(m): 6:37pm On Jun 11, 2022
I haven't seen any suicide method that is easy,you people should stop committing suicide , always talk to someone ....As we speak someone problem is looking for $40billion another person problem is looking for $4billion another is looking for $1billion another is looking for $100million , another $10million , another $1million another $100000 another $10000 another $1000 , another $100 ,another, $10 , another $1 to chop for the day ... and million and one problem,truth is problem no dey finish for this world because if the $1 get his money he starts to have $10 problem and the link goes on till he starts to have a $40billion problem.... So don't over think your life we are just video tapes entertaining Baba God or the Universal Intelligence, we are just actors and actress in a script... My prayer is Baba God put me in a script that Finish Well.

Amen, and me too o
Celebrities / Re: Gospel Singer, Chinedu Nwadike, Buried (Photos) by Newbielearner(m): 8:55pm On Jun 04, 2022
Igbos can preserve dead body.

These guy death has been forgotten long ago

So insensitive...

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin's Chief Of Staff Gerasimov Wounded. At Least 30 Top Officers Killed by Newbielearner(m): 2:23am On May 03, 2022
[quote author=Jamesmadisson post=112455928]DO YOU KNOW YOUR BANK ACCOUNT CAN EASILY BE HACKED? THIS IS HOW TO STOP IT.

Great content

Family / Re: I'm Getting Tired Of This Marriage! by Newbielearner(m): 8:39pm On Apr 18, 2022
This man doesn't even know what God has done for you... It's better for a woman to have low libido because my brother if it's high na you go run even if you are married, imagine coming back tired from work and somebody is already dragging off your boxers...

I thought I like sex until I met Jennifer...That girl nearly send me back to my ancestors because of constant sex, haba Jenny...!! Sex na food ni...!!

She's over jealous means she's only protecting her territory and she loves you, not talking to you means there is something you are not doing right, every man is supposed to know her woman's soft spot that will be used against her in times like this before getting married, perhaps, you both were in a very SERIOUS relationship...grin

I'm sure when you were dating her you saw that anger as love, find a way to love it and stop making her angry...grin

I won't advise you leave your marriage because the problem holds no water here, just little counselling and you both will be fine...

See the way you just downplayed the whole situation.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Ever Regretted Quitting A Job? Please see this. by Newbielearner(m): 4:41am On Apr 17, 2022

Can you be of help with that Fb ads management

I can, if you recognize and reward value.
Politics / Re: ₦223 Billion Lagos Consulate Will Be World’s Largest – US by Newbielearner(m): 8:57pm On Mar 31, 2022

It's a pity. There's no way that your face can be scratch like this and there's any iota sense left in you.

So the face of a man determines his level of intelligence?

I pity the children you would raise.

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Romance / Re: Man Calls Out His Girlfriend Who Dumped Him To Marry A Soldier (pix) by Newbielearner(m): 8:51pm On Mar 20, 2022
I wonder how much he invested in his mom, father, sisters, brothers,and relatives...
Crime / Re: FG Seals Agropartnerships, Oxford Holdings Over ‘Illegal Investment Activities’ by Newbielearner(m): 9:58pm On Mar 15, 2022
Omo!!!! What happens to investors funds? No business survives dis country. Agritech was booming and Nigerians found a beta way to invest their money in agriculture since we all can't farm but boom, insecurity and dishonest ppl ruined it all. My money still dey with Crowdyvest sef

I heard crowdyvest has started paying back. I must get my own money back.

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