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Politics / Re: This Is The Igbo "Man" That Should Be The Face Of 2023 Igbo Presidency by NLandIsHypocrit: 4:47pm On Jun 13
Put the woman on the ballot and see if I won't dump Tinubu like shit inside soakaway and stay inside sun for 8 hours to vote for her.

Give me Madam Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, give Nigeria Madam Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. Everyone in Nigeria will vote for her whether in Sokoto, Cross Rivers, Oyo or Borno. She will be accepted by all. No political baggage, no secret Pandora accounts, zero tolerance for human rights abuses, highly intellectual and can deliver anytime anywhere, global recognition, record-breaking performer.

She is the Igbo president that all of Nigeria will accept without any issues. Why is she not on the ballot. People need to go and talk to her, Nigeria needs her, we Igbos need her.
So suddenly you now agree that Delta is Igbo? You people's hypocrisy and lies just to cause division and disunity amongst Igbos will continue to hunt your generations to come.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Cancel Mondays Sit-at-home - Labour Party by NLandIsHypocrit: 4:40pm On Jun 13
If Peter Obi is that popular in South East states why can he use his influence to cancel Sit-at-home?
I'm just asking for a friend
Tell your friend that he's 2x your foolishness for asking the most dumb question since last 7 years. You want a single man to stop what the state and federal government could not stop despite all their power, tactics and mechanisms including blackmails, now you want Peter Obi to stop it so to proof his popularity to you, nkpi!

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Politics / Re: Ipob Agitation Still Didn't Earn SE Presidency by NLandIsHypocrit: 11:01am On Jun 10

Your mama rotten foolish toto be mugu cheesy grin
Mynd44 this child should be excused out from here to go and do his home work.
Politics / Re: Ipob Agitation Still Didn't Earn SE Presidency by NLandIsHypocrit: 5:17pm On Jun 09
The yorubas used the fallout of Abiola election annulment to rule Nigeria

Jonathan used the Niger Delta militants agitation to rule Nigeria

Buhari used Boko Haram terrorist to rule

E reach Peter obi turn he couldn't use IPOB to rule

Lolest lol
So the demand and pursuit of all those groups you mentioned are the same with that of IPOB? You see the level of your foolishness? Some of you will just be ranting upandan on social media because you have access to mtn 10mb free Data and you'll just be ranting upandan as if you understand what is astake in the society or neither do you even understand what you're ranting about. Local MUGU.

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Politics / Re: IPOB: Simon Ekpa Leaked Dr Ofoegbu's Nude Pictures by NLandIsHypocrit: 10:53am On Jun 08
Later I go enter twitter to watch the nude.I want to see her breast and pussy,since she decided to show us.....

God bless Mazi Simon ekpa.....
In case you don't find it, just inbox me and I'll send it to you, I have them very bold and raw grin
Politics / Re: Soldiers Capture Unknown Gunman In Anambra. 15 Kidnapped by NLandIsHypocrit: 3:11pm On Jun 07
Ironic and amusing how Alaigbo people living contentedly under deviant rulers like Simon Ekpa and Nnamdi Kanu can call the Yoruba people 'cowards' with a straight face..

This all started as a result of Kanu filling everywhere with bitterness and hatred towards other tribes.. Sit down with any of his followers and you'll have a raw taste of bitterness. Those of you that hailed the half albino can see the result of spreading hate in an environment.

Did Moses kill the Jews to liberate them? They have sowed evil because they thought they were liberating themselves from a wicked and insensitive Buhari.

Not because of hate or anything else, but to tell you the truth you don't deserve to be alive because your living and those who are like are the reason the problems seems endless. You just talk carelessly for privilege sake without being sure or even understanding the rubbish you're talking thereby creating more problems and ignorantly sustaining the existing problems. You're so daft.
Politics / Re: Reveled: The Most Hated Person In Nigeria Right Now, you'll be surprise by NLandIsHypocrit: 11:56am On Jun 04
Igbos helping northerners to hate tinubu.
The massive campaign/witchunt against tinubu is already becoming unnecessary and irritating.
The most hated man in Nigeria as far as am concerned is Atiku. A lot of Muslims already hate him for condemning Deborah killers while also a lot of Christians hate him like never before for refusing to stand to the right thing by deleting his post because of political ambition.
Such men wouldn't mind if everybody is killed because of political ambition.
Stop mentioning Igbos in anything related to your shambolic erection, we're not interested in your erection, all we demand for is REFERENDUM
Politics / Re: Sultan Of Sokoto Sits On Ground , Tinubu Sits On Chair - Reno Omokri Reacts by NLandIsHypocrit: 11:50am On Jun 04

Lol. Abi na rug?
Imagine what a old druggie's piss will smell like on the rug.

Weapon of mass destruction
If you're the Sultan and Tinubu offers you ₦1b to sit on the floor just for the camera for maybe 30sc, would you say No?
Crime / Re: Vid: Ghana Native Doctor Call Police On Man Who Brought Daughter For Sacrifice by NLandIsHypocrit: 11:30am On Jun 04
A father that's more evil, more wicked, more heartless and more senseless than a herbalist is that one a father? How will the little girl ever forget for the rest of her life how her supposed beloved father nearly take her life in quest for money she would never have partake in. Me in her shoes, I may never forgive him.
Politics / Re: IPOB: Simon Ekpa Leaked Dr Ofoegbu's Nude Pictures by NLandIsHypocrit: 2:48pm On Jun 03
Both Nnamdi Kanu and Simon must have slept with this senseless woman.
Even me sef, if I see opportunity I go collect my own, she looks kiss tongue grin


Politics / Re: Army Aiding Fulani Kidnapping In South-East – CSP Johnbull (Video) by NLandIsHypocrit: 2:22pm On Jun 01
You will not see Oyigboupdate and his fellow bastards creating threads upandan with the name ESN and IPOB as being responsible for insecurities in South East. Those of you who have been believing their concoctions claiming IPOB and ESN are responsible for insecurities in their own territories, you can now see that you're the worst fools of the century even if you don't agree.

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Politics / Re: Victims Of Unknown Gunmen Attacks Buried In Anambra (PHOTOS) by NLandIsHypocrit: 1:50pm On May 25
Photo credit.. Daily Trust...

How come you never showed us the burial of victims of Kano bombing of school children and victims of Dei Dei market? Just as your Monika implies, SATANICALLY SATANIST


Politics / Re: BREAKING. Northern Groups Threaten Retaliation Over Kinsmen Killing In South-eas by NLandIsHypocrit: 10:34pm On May 24
u igbos go still chop am wotowoto

The whole Nigeria will give u d wike treatment

Wike have shown us how to deal with flat headed morons
Matter pass now Nairaland rants
Politics / Re: BREAKING. Northern Groups Threaten Retaliation Over Kinsmen Killing In South-eas by NLandIsHypocrit: 6:44pm On May 24
has South Sudan ended?

The powerful n more equipped tribe will just keep killing n oppressing d less tribe

U igbos don overdo n e go hot for u,dei dei na just snippet
Don't worry... Just as some of you are complaining here now, the collateral and balances of Dei Dei transactions are coming, you will also read through it here and hope your tone of statement will remain the same by then.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING. Northern Groups Threaten Retaliation Over Kinsmen Killing In South-eas by NLandIsHypocrit: 6:31pm On May 24
it should b an eye for an eye

Nobody has monopoly of madness,d same mistake d igbos made first in d 60’s by shedding d first blood is d same mistake they are making again

Lets see how it goes
This time no need for much noise, the reason why you people bombed our people at Sabongeri and the killing and distraction of our properties at Dei Dei Abuja was to test our reaction so you lunch full force, but now you're going to realize how mean we're this time not by much noise, and mind you the one you're complaining of is not yet enough to balance the losses and damages in Kano and Abuja, there's still some balance from the Transactions you initiated while we wait for your retaliation threats.
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Kill Mother, 4 Children & 2 Others In Anambra by NLandIsHypocrit: 7:18pm On May 23
These UGM or whatever they call themselves need to be stopped before their activities grind the state to a halt. How did Igbos allow things to deteriorate to this level? Where are the Igbo elite and leaders? Why their silence?
Right now all of you are busy chasing shadows by always accusing those that are supposed to fight these monsters to stand still. IPOB remain the only people that will challenge this insecurities masterminded by Nigeria Govt to annihilate IPOB and entire South East region. Let them call in ESN to come out and go after these criminals if they claim they're not behind it and then you all should watch how they're going to smoke them out one after the other.
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Kill Mother, 4 Children & 2 Others In Anambra by NLandIsHypocrit: 7:13pm On May 23
Omo this is a Bloody Sunday in the SE.

Killings here and there since morning.

IPOB terrorists and their lunatic sympathizers will never know peace.

Some of them will still come and absolve IPOB and blame some imaginary DSS.
Thunder will continue to faya you and your family for as long as you continue to mention IPOB on any evil committed just to blackmail IPOB and you have refused to make use of your brain unless you have none. Fool.
Politics / Re: Soludo Condenms Gruesome Murder Of Anambra State House Member, Okey Okoye by NLandIsHypocrit: 2:23pm On May 22
I am waiting for statement from Peter Obi

Ipob Terrorists are making life difficult for Igbo presidential aspirants

If this happens in the north, we would have seen like a billion statements from southern leaders already.
The most foolish part of this your madness is when you think it's going to be the reason why IPOB will back down.
Politics / Re: Traders On The Run As Unknown Gunmen Appear At Nkwo Umunze Market, Anambra by NLandIsHypocrit: 4:52pm On May 17
You igbos supporting unknown gunmen/ipob/ESN on this forum, you are bunch of dumb people.

You aren't directing your angers to the real enemies, but attacking your own people. You are idiots.

How are you different from those oppressing your tribe now?

They oppress you and you too oppress your own people.

You are all dumb!
You're a bastard, are you trying to give us the impression that you suddenly love us so much? Keep your pity to yourself, I'm not happy that one of them was not used to show example to others to get sense.

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Politics / Re: Remember The Truck ESN Burnt Yesterday See What They Did To The Occupants PHOTOS by NLandIsHypocrit: 10:20pm On May 09
Because bingos point fingers the Facebook search is your friend.
From today you don't address them as Unknown Gun Men (UGM) because they're now known as Special Anti Terrorism Squad (SATS) we no wan raped cows again, na by force?

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Politics / Re: Kidnappers' Hideout Bursted By Imo State Police (Pictures) by NLandIsHypocrit: 9:20pm On May 08

Please was this folk really arrested for sex trafficking? Hmmm if true he ought to be behind bars and not championing IPOB incarceration. The folk lack the moral ground to champion the incarceration of IPOB.

But never worry my good man, he is gradually running out of ideas. Very soon he will be caught. How can he possess information on the murder of a military personnel yet no arrest or bounty have been placed on his head.

Let's keep debunking his propagandas. Darkness will not prevail, never!!!
Unfortunately the Nigerian Government having known him for his criminalities and having known his previous affiliation with IPOB declared him wanted and then went to promise him soft landing if he will agree to work for them to bring down IPOB since he was an insider in the organization, currently he's directly working with the DSS in all those things you see him do, that's why you see him coming up with only information about those he claim was killed by IPOB or ESN and surprisingly even all the Nigeria media can't understand how he gets those information firsthand without their professional knowledge and yet the guy is not a Journalist o, anytime you see him publicly exhibiting his propaganda, the DSS are by the corner providing protection for him, they gave him house in Abuja and he feels he's enjoying but I already told him that they will be the same people to eliminate him when they're done with him, is it not Fulani again?

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Politics / Re: Breaking: IPOB Not Proscribed In UK – British High Commission In Nigeria by NLandIsHypocrit: 7:00pm On May 07

U talk too much bro. He's right. U've just been blinded by hate.
I just want you to listen to yourself... He's right and the entire UK Govt are wrong, which means both of you are wiser than the entire UK?

You're probably one of those on the payroll to embark on the evil blackmail and propaganda to stop IPOB and Biafra quest, but like I told you fools from inception that we will always be here to counter your lunacy, and we the media team for BIAFRA restoration have been doing very well without being paid by anyone unlike you bastards. We're here and going no where.
Politics / Re: UK Clamps Down On IPOB, Arrests National Coordinator, 48 Others by NLandIsHypocrit: 5:12pm On May 06

You created this account today and your only job is IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. Una go tire las las grin
To even think that he already spent 1hr 57sec on Nairaland today alone, does that look such a person has another work?

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Politics / Re: The Video When IPOB/ESN Was Beheading The Soldiers VIDEO by NLandIsHypocrit: 5:01pm On May 06
Blood of Jesus shocked cry

This video has killed the last support I have for IPOB

To hell with freedom when you have chosen the heart of a beast.

To hell with Nnamdi KANU

To hell with every individual involved in this mess

To hell with all the miscreants that has turned my beloveth igboland to Golgotha.

To hell with ........

Please I won't trade my conscience for rubbish

My heart goes out to her embarassed
You're a fool if you believe IPOB did this. This wickedness was carried out by Nigerian Govt using their terrorist soldiers as adviced by Catriona Leign, the plan is to draw out reason to hurriedly pronounce IPOB as a Terrorist Organization by British Govt. That is exactly why three days after that incident, the British Govt announced the exclusion of IPOB from Asylum beneficiaries and Oyigboupdate and his gang of propagandists under the contract by Nigeria Govt against IPOB hurriedly rushed into Nairaland to create a fallacious thread that IPOB has been declared a Terrorist Organization by British Govt. My worry is that most of the people like you in this contraption especially the foolish youths who does not reason with their brain seems to know nothing more than they're merely told by their oppressors. So sad.


Politics / Re: Total Lockdown In Biafraland Today 2nd May,2022 by NLandIsHypocrit: 2:27pm On May 02
These people are too barbaric
Just imagine tomorrow is Salah days for Moslems and they are denying them their Constitutional rights
Ibos this is unfair
Who stops you from going to your Sharia state to celebrate your sala, during Christmas does our people not traveling back home for Christmas celebration? There's no place in our land for terrorists.
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Kill 4 Soldiers On Their Way To Their Wedding In Imo State-Video by NLandIsHypocrit: 2:14pm On May 02
Their pre wedding photo shoot onced hit FP sometimes late
last year jeez Nawa o. this is so sad tbh ahann.

And when we talk now they'll say they're fighting the FG by
killing their own people. That's why i'm glad the Army are
now deploying Igbo soldiers on check points in the SE. in
other words, the few Igbo soldiers left in the military keep
killing them with ur own hands
Anyone that carries out genocide in BIAFRA land including Easter Sunday genocide in Orlu will collect their own profits, it doesn't matter who they are or where they come from. #DRAGONMODE ACTIVATED!


Politics / Re: Sit At Home: Unknown Gunmen On Rampage Now At Uli Campus- Video by NLandIsHypocrit: 1:51pm On May 02
I thought it was only OyigboUpdate the DSS man reporting all the unknown gunmen killings
Ofcause we know you're still the one, you used one of your numerous accounts to post it and then rush to comment with another accounut and as well credit some like for yourself and then you think you have deceived everyone, we're already familiar with your strategy.

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