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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Nonsoanthony(m): 5:13pm On Apr 05
bro did you first apply for study permit w/o getting enrolling in a school? Cos from what you said, it seems you applied for the permit then on getting there you applied for a language course? Pls clarify

No brother...I got the language course invitation/admission while in Nigeria. It's what I used in the application of the Ukrainian visa.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Nonsoanthony(m): 2:52pm On Apr 05

Congrats, Nonso...was hoping you could help us here with the rough estimate of the costs for enrolling to a language course, cus i believe many people here will be interested in following this route...

I believe there is Ukrainian thread here on nairaland...They can help you with this..cheers

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Nonsoanthony(m): 10:23am On Apr 05

Wow..Big congrats, if I may ask did you pay a fee for the Ukraine �� school?

Yes I did...but to make it cheap for me..I registered for a one year language class..


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Nonsoanthony(m): 10:21am On Apr 05

The Lord who has started this good thing will complete it in your life bro. Big congrats

I'm in the same shoes now and a lot of people tell me I need to be in Ukraine for at least two years before I can move. I came here in February and I plan to leave by September. God will do it for me I believe.

This is also a note to other applicants in Nigeria. Let's tell ourselves the truth now once and for all. I had to make that difficult acceptance and realize that if I want to come to Germany I have to leave Nigeria first. It's so much more easier here trust me.

In the meantime please bro I've sent a mail I have a few questions to ask please. Thank you very much.

I have replied your mail...I am ready to assist u in anyway I can...This thread help me a lot in this my journey to Deutschland and it's right to give back in anyway I can..

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Nonsoanthony(m): 8:17am On Apr 05

Very informative brother thank you.
But I want to ask what if you haven't stayed in the country for up to six months can you still move?
I mean smaller European countries like ukraine.

Although it's coming late but I know it will be a good source of information for those that are already in Ukraine and want to move to Germany on a Student visa.

My Journey to Deutschland is a case of Determination and Gratitude to God.

I started my Deutschland journey January 2019, I got 5 admission from different schools by May 2019...exactly the month the German Embassy in lagos started this Category A and B of a thing...with thier conditions I fall into Category B. I booked an appointment with category B in May 2019..I prayed and fasted for a month for an appointment and that's to no avail...middle of June I booked category A with a leap of Faith and got an appointment immediately for 6 days later being 24th of June 2019.

I went for my appointment that day after check with Mr Paulinus I was allowed in...when it's my turn to be interviewed..the visa officer was so nice to me but had to turn me back as she said I can't be interviewed cos I didn't belong to category A...I was devastated but it didn't kill my spirit...I had to come back home and rebooked category B with my fasting and prayers. The winter semester 2019 passed no AD, I got an admission for summer 2020 booked and appointment again for Category B the summer semester passed no AD.

By May 2020 I told myself the truth that if I must achieved my dream of studying in Germany I must do it the hard way...I checked up for Ukraine as it will be a good route for me...I applied for Ukraine study visa and got my visa by August 2020. I moved to Ukraine in October after thier lockdown lifting on september 28.

Getting to Ukraine I registered with a school, Got an accommodation and also got my residence permit by end of November 2020. I also got my admission for Germany summer semester 2021 but I was confused whether I will stay in Ukraine for six months before applying from there...I called thier visa center..( Visametric).that was in December of 2020. I told them that I came into Ukraine in October that was 2 months back as of then...if it's possible to apply immediately or stay for 6months...They gave me a wonderful news I wanted to hear that I can apply immediately....they gave me date of on the phone immediately for December 11 which I later cancelled cos my block account wasn't ready..and rebooked for end of January 2021.

On the day of my appointment I went to the visa center ( visametric) at kryshatric street in Kiev.. as they told me on the phone..that there won't be any interview for the visa....It was only me that came for the submission that day..They just checked my documents and confirmed it was ok..I paid my vfs fee, visa fee and thumprinted.

Exactly a month after I received a call from the visametric that my documents has been returned from German Embassy and will be delivered the next day...my BP was on the high side as I wasn't aware of the content but I was very hopeful...when the parcel was returned the visa was stamped to the Glory of God. I was given a 6 months visa as against thier normal 3 months because of corona.

I arrived Germany two weeks ago... Germany is beautiful... Germany is powerful...I have been to Ukraine but seriously u can't compare the two..I just moved into my apartment in Nuremberg city and in the process of my residence permit at the moment.


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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Nonsoanthony(m): 7:33am On Oct 23, 2020
Hello guys, I'm here to share my whole admission to visa experience on this German waka. I hope this lightens the mood here because I know the mood around here is down .

So I've been on my German journey since late 2018, I tried applying to many schools for Msc admission and got loads of rejection which dampened my mood but I decided I was not going to relent. So all through 2019 I was seeking admissions in public schools and I wasn't getting any, I guess because my course of study was in high demand (Data science) which requires the best Bsc result.

In the midst of this rejection offers I decided not to relent and was a follower of this German visa thread on nairaland. I began to notice that even with admission letters, appointment letters at the Embassy was not forthcoming and so I decided to leave Nigeria.

Early this year I decided on moving to Turkey, with the aim of staying six months and then moving to Germany, at this point I had no German admission yet but I decided on pursuing it. I came to Turkey as an Msc student in March and during the whole lockdown I started looking out for more schools to apply to in Germany.

My plan was very simple, I would come to Turkey , stay for six months with their residence permit and then apply for German visa after getting admission to Germany. So, I was sending applications here and there while I was studying in Turkey here and BOOM I finally got an admission to one of the best schools in Germany (top 10 percent worldwide). At this point I already had my Turkish resident permit and was waiting for my six months to complete before I apply for the German study visa at the Embassy here.

Finally, the six months elapsed, and then I began the visa application process which was very simple and fine .

The Process here in Turkey is very simple:

1. They have a third-party body (iData) that you book visa appointments through.
2. You pay about 69 Turkish lira which is an equivalent of (4500 naira) and then they tell you in two weeks you'll get an appointment to go to the Embassy. Mine came in 9 days.
3. They sent me the required documents and everything I needed to take to the Embassy which was not a problem at all. Required documents were blocked account confirmation ( I used expatrio), health insurance which expatrio provides, original copy of your degree certificate, visa application form and biometric passport photographs and most importantly 75 euros and motivation letter.
4. And so I went to the Embassy, guys it was very smooth there.. no stress whatsoever. I got to the Embassy on time . Had a wait time of 20 minutes and then it was time to talk to the visa officer.
5. The interview questions were smooth though plenty, I advice for preparation and calmness. So at the end of the interview the visa officer told me I will be given a visa decision in 4-6 weeks and so I left.
6. Guys, exactly one week after my visa interview , I received a call from the Embassy that my passport and other documents are being shipped by UPS and they are calling to confirm my home address. I responded accordingly and they said in 2 - 3 days I will receive my documents.
7. I am glad to say I received my passport with the visa stamped.

I can say I am ready to travel to Germany and start a new phase in my life..

Cheers Everyone!! For everyone still trying and hoping to leave Nigeria for Germany or anywhere else, I believe everyone's dreams and wishes will come to pass.

Congratulations bro...I sent u a dm..please reply..

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 4:08pm On Jun 19, 2019
when did you apply
on Saturday
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 3:24pm On Jun 19, 2019
jesus Christ, I just received appointment now for 24th June Monday, just 5 days gap..nawah o

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 5:26pm On Jun 17, 2019
I just got visa appointment date, 15.07.2019. Hopefully my admission letter will enter before then.

when did u book?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 5:45pm On Jun 14, 2019
Please is it "enrollment date" or my school's "start of semester" that I'll fill into the box while booking visa appointment?

put your start of "enrollment date"..
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 5:04pm On Jun 14, 2019
Hey Guys, Here's my experience at the Embassy.

Mr Paulinus wasn't what I expected, listen to him, don't panic and you'll be okay.

So he sorted my documents at the gate, I went in to the Visa section and waited almost an hour.

I was the first person for student visa.

I was attended to by a lady VO


VO: Hi, Good morning, what are you here for?
Me: Student Visa
VO: For what course?
Me: ------
VO: You have not funded, I can't find any proof that you have even opened the account,
Me: I was not expecting a Visa appointment date this early, I only had three weeks to prepare.
VO: She hands me two forms to sign indicating that my application might be rejected if I don't provide the complete documents by email.
Me: I signed the documents, letting her know I'll send it via email next week. ( *EPP Me I'm looking for 500k* ���

VO: Why this course.
Me: &---
VO: Why Germany
Me: Free Tuition and Access to a world Class education.
VO: Why not UK or US?
Me: I can't afford it.
VO: What do you know about Germany?
Me: I talked until I ran out of facts, she wasn't satisfied, ��‍♂��‍♂��‍♂.
VO: What do you do now?
Me: I work as a media specialist for a company in Lagos.
VO: But you studied Agriculture, How come you're a media person?
Me: I was a photographer during my undergraduate days and I picked up skills in media.
VO: How much are you getting paid?

Me: Told her my Monthly salary and mentioned that I got it a few days after completion of my NYSC, I mentioned that I had done a few jobs for my employer as a student and corper, hence, he decided to bring me on.

She also asked if I had learnt German, I said not officially.

She said I include my form number on the email I send with the confirmation of funds.

NB: They'll hold on to your original Certificates.

please help us, is there any issue arising from the category at the embassy? I will believe you because this will be a direct information from an interview hall today..

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 12:32pm On Jun 14, 2019
So, a friend contacted the embassy to ask them if category A can be booked for bsc holders applying for another bsc in Germany. Let me drop this here.Please see response below:

nawah o, everyday new development


Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 7:17am On Jun 14, 2019

I mail Dem and enrollment extension is possible, because my appointment is 23-08 while enrollment deadline is 30-08. According to d mail, we can begin extension applying by 4 Aug.

Dear applicant,

you can request an extension of the enrollment period from 5 August 2019. Please do not submit applications before this date, as they will not be processed!

Please send an e-mail to campusoffice@hshl.de. Please note that an extension is only possible for a few weeks.

If an extension is possible, we will inform you by e-mail about the new enrollment period.

Kind regards

Campus Office

Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt

Dezernat 1

did u book category B? when did u book? and when did u get the date?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 2:34pm On Jun 07, 2019
General information.

I called the german embassy and the lady said category B is for 3rd class holders.

So if u are a B.Sc holder with at least 2.2, you should apply for category A.

Even though you are given admission in and b.sc, u can apply for category A. Masters and Phd are only listed but it also includes b.sc provided u have a b.sc with at least 2.2.

Just a note to everyone waiting for category B appointment date.

All this category of a thing should not even be a debate anymore...those that went for embassy yesterday and today has confirmed that there is nothing like category but just "student visa".. anyone that wants to be in that non moving category B should try and remain forever..

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 10:35am On Jun 04, 2019
Guten Morgen, please will I have to send my weac scratch card along with my bachelor application to uni-assist.
And also I would like to know my chances of addmision
Bachelor in Nigeria - 2.66 in civil engineering
First semester in 100 level (3.09)
Second semester in 100 level (2.66) with a carry over
Cgpa - 2.66
Combine result again waec and neco
Biko..... What are my chances for bachelor degree in German

Ur chances are good...just apply to universities with open admission (admission without restrictions), ur cgpa is OK for bachelors


Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 3:50pm On Jun 03, 2019
They’ve not given any date for today. I got my admission since 2nd week of April. I registered under B but thought that was the category I fell under. Then changed to A on Saturday. Hopefully they give a date soon. Tomorrow and next is public holiday too

I thought the embassy only observe German public holidays?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 11:19am On May 31, 2019

October for deggendorf.

Guys is it possible to ask Hamm-Lippstadt for enrollment extension because na 30th August dem.go resume

to be on a safer side, go with the October enrollment deadline, but u can still email hamm-lippstadt to know how long their extension could be..
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 11:10am On May 31, 2019

I got 23 August Cat B, bachelors, register for booking 9th May
what's ur enrollment deadline?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 10:30am On May 31, 2019
[/b]winter 2019 AM ALERT[b]
It all started 2016 now its becoming a reality (full testimony coming after visum lol)
Interview on 3rd of may 2019

Approval mail 31st of may 2019

School: university of Siegen (NRW)

Enrollment: August 17- September 27

Interview questions
Do you speak German
Why the course
Why Germany
Why not UK, USA
Facts about Germany
Why not Nigeria
Plans after studies
Have you been to Germany before
Have you been to any Schengen country before
Bachelor's thesis

congrats brother.. Go to DE and succeed!
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 8:23am On May 31, 2019
Interview Date don show o Hallelujah
which date were u given and what category did u register?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 1:54pm On May 27, 2019

I have a date already under category B...
basalt when did u book? and which date were u given?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 1:27pm On May 27, 2019
[quote author=Chriswazo post=78763427]i won't blame anyone, Cat A gets quicker attention than Cat B

And is possible, that Cat B are scheduled for just a day in a week since d assume d are few

Cat A qualified peeps have overshadowed the whole of B bookings all this while [obviously ignorance]

Now u all wants to struggle it out for the little slots with the less attended "BSc" people that have a caveat "that all their entries would be deleted by september ending" whereas u have a wide range of dates and faster attention in ur due cat A,

is wickedness sha

Just bear in mind the Cat Bs wey no get much option still wan japa like u and u wan add to the heat d are suffering from the embassy.

Is no problem, i only pity the Bs that registered very late, my opinion remains, if you registered from 13th may in Cat B, begin to formulate 2nd option.

if d took 3 weeks to give only 6th date. God knows how many months d will take to cover 7 days

all hope is not lost, God report of u is final, not even embassy or Cat A dragging with u go prevail

we will be alright at last, but those of u that should be in Cat A, pity this B people o, d de vex for embassy already, don't add to their trauma

chriswazo pls stop heating the polity... all of us here will still get date whether u register on 7th or today, what of those yet to get admission? pls stop doing permutations and combinations for embassy, they know their work and they are doing it well...the Information after the visa booking is that 2 to 3 months to ur appointment (visit date) that u will get a second e-mail with a date..so why this tension up and down..I tire o

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 12:51pm On May 27, 2019
[quote author=Saswuatch post=78762368]Category B. I booked on the 7th of May.

I just got an appointment date.

I'll advise you all to stick with Category B.

NB: I got a date for mid next month.

when did u get the appointment date? and which date exactly were u given?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 3:57pm On May 18, 2019
Am a newbie here got my Al got BA also this morning got my appointment date can anyone pls tell me how the interview is like thanks I will appreciate alot

normal interview questions, u can read the last pages of thread 5 and early pages of this thread to see some interview transcript and also likely answers... u mean u got ur appointment this morning or yesterday evening? which month did they give u?

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 11:10pm On May 05, 2019
Well dates did not drop tonight

This is no longer funny o, trying to book since two weeks now, staying up every night..nawah o
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 12:03am On May 05, 2019
I tried again this night to book for appointment, still no date. Those that tried to book, any success story? its really getting frustrating..
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 3:24pm On May 04, 2019

I perceive The crowd for this week booking is very large, Kai! I regret waiting till now honestly.
Just hate anything rush

happy birthday brother... do u think e-mail method for visa appointment booking can work this time around?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 3:02pm On May 04, 2019
[quote author=iblion post=78099089]whats the update on appointment people
You mean visa booking appointment?

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 11:27pm On Apr 30, 2019
People who booked visa appointment recently, and I how did you do it?

I don't understand why there are no dates available..

I tried today as well, no booking date came out
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 11:46pm On Apr 29, 2019
booking appointment date now has been real frustration.. has anyone succeed of late?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 7:37am On Apr 28, 2019
My people...my people

I jus book my visa appointment for early July. In fact, I luckily selected the date I want. Appointment letter dropped in my mail as well. Wish all of us a successful application. Cheers

please how did you do that? to even select the date you want? please enlighten us we need to know this your method..
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Nonsoanthony(m): 12:15pm On Apr 27, 2019
Dates comes out now by 11:00pm weekdays(new dates) and 11:15pm(cancelled dates)
June started i think started on Thursday.. So its very much available..

This one you said weekdays does it mean that one can't book appointment on weekends? like we can't book appointment on Saturday and sunday?

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