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Politics / Re: 2019: Sowore Promises N100,000 Minimum Wage by OjukwuWarBird: 8:50am On Mar 20, 2018

List the top ten economys in the world

Research the percentage of tax in their revenue

Research top 20 ecommies in the world
Compare GDP to revenue

Then compare that to our own

Taxing makes governments more accountable

Watch those videos so that you don't become another hopeless & useless Fashola / Ambode.

There are better ways to raise revenues without emphazing so much on taxation.

Watch so that you can learn since you desire to be a leader someday.

You are discussing with a distant relative of 2 top elites that achieved the greatest economic development in the history of the Igbo nation.
Politics / Re: 2019: Sowore Promises N100,000 Minimum Wage by OjukwuWarBird: 8:47am On Mar 20, 2018
how do countries with powerful currencies make their currency powerful?

Research that, and you have your answer.

I know already

I want to know if you understand what you are talking about.

So I will repeat the question again.

How do you strengthen Naira without depleting the Foreign Reserve.?
Politics / Re: 2019: Sowore Promises N100,000 Minimum Wage by OjukwuWarBird: 7:49am On Mar 20, 2018

How many percentage of working class people do we have in Nigeria? Cut out executives expenditure on food and other irrelevant things, bring down the salaries of demerits and ministers, head of parastatals by 45%, block all loop-holes for corrupt politicians, my bro Nigeria would afford it with left overs.
Our president private jet stayed in Britain for 3month with evil and uncounted for spendings.
Presently the Labour group is fighting for minimum wage to be at 54,000,it can also stay at 100k.
2/3 of Nigeria’s workers work in private entities who caters for their salaries.
How many public workes do the government have to cater for in terms of salaries. Is there even Job to justify that this money won’t be enough.. bros government would pay this money and still pocket change

Nigeria needs to build up her Revenue as her population grows.

This can be quickly achieved through Restructuring and international investments.
Politics / Re: 2019: Sowore Promises N100,000 Minimum Wage by OjukwuWarBird: 7:47am On Mar 20, 2018

Bros stop deceiving yourself, 100k minimum wage is very very possible. Let’s first cut frivolous spendings and you see say change go even Dey... you know how much this guys milk Nigeria’s economy by the day?

Based on our revenue, it is not possible.

Answer these questions in order to know if you are right or wrong.

1) How many government workers do we have.?

2) How much do we spend on salaries at LGA, State & FG levels.

3) What is our total revenue for the year.?

4) What is our yearly revenue and expenses.?

5) How much do we have left after deducting our expenses from our total revenue.?
Politics / Re: 2019: Sowore Promises N100,000 Minimum Wage by OjukwuWarBird: 7:40am On Mar 20, 2018
nope.. Laws of economics work everywhere.

Purchasing power goes hand in hand with currency power.
If you reduce the power of your currency, expect inflation, especially in import dependent economy..
And imported goods actually dictates the price of local goods.

in 2013 when naira was 150-180, the price of rice was around 8k
In 2016-17 when dollar was around 500 -560. Price of rice was around 18-20k
Now that the price of dollar is 360 price of rice is around 13k.

Did you see the correlation?

Make naira powerful again and watch price of things go down due yo competition.

Let me test your level of economics through this question below

How do you make Naira powerful again without depleting the foreign reserves.?
Politics / Re: 2019: Sowore Promises N100,000 Minimum Wage by OjukwuWarBird: 7:37am On Mar 20, 2018
care to share
My idea has always been simple open and specific taxing system... What do I mean ..we need money to fix nigeria and we are not a rich country our revenue is small compared to our need... So we need to tax Nigerians and Nigerians are ready to pay trust me

We have 11.7 million cars in Nigeria and an average car owner spends 500k 4 year on car maintenance and we know it would drop by 80% if we have good roads are fixed

Imagine if we taxed all car owner an average of 100k and that would be 1.17 trn on road alone

States where this cars is get 65% federal government get 35%
This would settle our roads infrastructure

I have similar ideas for other sectors

Taxation is the worst way to raise revenue to finance a government programs.

I want you to visit Visualpolitik, Caspianreport and PragueU= Prague University in order to see how other parts of the world achieved increased revenue without focusing so much on taxation.

It is a shame that the FG States LGAs and Council Areas don't have international businesses that rakes in money for them.

It is shameful that we don't encourage Community and Ethnic Unions to take up the challenge in helping out in terms of infrastructural development.

Have you heard about Basque Nevara and Catalonia of Spain.? The richest regions of Spain despite Spain being as disorganized as Nigeria in terms of mentality.

So visit Visualpolitik, Caspianreport and PragueU for more information
Politics / Re: 2019: Sowore Promises N100,000 Minimum Wage by OjukwuWarBird: 7:26am On Mar 20, 2018

We aren't campaigning for Bubu 2019.

Bubu will lose the entire SE n SS in the next elections.

It seems you are lost in Lagos propaganda.

The Igbo elites are with Buhari while the Igbo people are with Biafra.

On that day, the people won't vote making it easy for the politicians to rig the election
Politics / Re: Atimes, I Just Wish We Can Shake Of These Northern Drawbacks by OjukwuWarBird: 7:19am On Mar 20, 2018

It is because I love Aguiyi Ironsi, the greatest Igbo man that ever liveth.

I simply don't want to let go of that thing that Ironsi desired when he gave us this current structure.

I want what he wanted for his people and Nigeria. A unitary structure.

I must preserve his legacy.

If your people love him, why then did you kill him since he was never a coup plotter.?

You see why Arewas are hopeless cows.

Killing people they claim the love. Only cows do so.
Politics / Re: Believe It Or Not Nnamdi Kanu Said It by OjukwuWarBird: 7:06am On Mar 20, 2018
OP, it has been happening before kanu was even born, the question you should be asking is what has successive governments done about till now.

Yet you voted Buhari.

Education is not Wisdom

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Gives Reason Why Fired Rex Tillerson After His Nigeria Visit by OjukwuWarBird: 12:45am On Mar 20, 2018
Anyone who looks at Trump and assumes him to be a fool must be an imbecilic daft. Trump is one smart guy who's pattern of reasoning differs and farther smarter beyond many people's understanding I have ever seen, and some people like Tillerson and the brainless dullard of Daura actually thinks they can outsmart this man who's inner motives are known to only him and the God all mighty. The federal government of the zoo no doubt must have positioned the Tillerson guy as a tool to manipulate the on going judicial process between the zoo government and the great Indigenous peoples of Biafra(IPOB) which had yesterday bared the zoo government from taking any further action against IPOB or Mazi Nnamdi Kanu pending their final judgment, these news which was hidden from circulation by the zoo authorities were also carried by other international media outlets including Radio Biafra and Biafra Television. The sack of Tillerson by Trump is not unconnected with his visit to Nigeria and his supposed discussions with the AsoRock terrorists and devils to become a virus in the Trump's administration and the judicial proceedings between IPOB and the zoo government.

Have you heard any news about the March 16 judgment involving the 16 Nigerian officials.?

Pls, I.will like to know.
Politics / Re: 2015: The Year The YORUBA Education Failed Them. by OjukwuWarBird: 7:25am On Mar 19, 2018
I always read and hear yoruba's both offline and online claiming to be the most educated and sophisticated ethnic group in Nigeria. This might be true or not, but that’s the story for another day.

What baffles me is how the most educated ethnic group in Nigeria, will believe and settle in their mind that the list educated president will solve Nigeria's problems.


Below is a list of problems they believed he would solve.

POWER SUPPLY : According to fashola, voting out PDP and bringing this man in will end interrupted power supply in Nigeria. http://thenationonlineng.net/to-have-stable-electricity-vote-out-pdp-fashola/

The same fashola after the man was voted : http://dailypost.ng/2017/09/26/fashola-denies-boasting-fix-nigerias-power-problems-6-months/

CORRUPTION : this was their favorite, well let's hear from Transparency international. https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/02/corruption-getting-worse-nigeria-transparency-international/

All sorts of animals are swallowing money today .

INSECURITY : this includes wiping out bokoharam and "rescue" chibok girls. Today bokoharam have been tactically defeated, seriously downgraded, and not a strong fighting force. More have been abducted in dabchi to add to the numbers. We are now a ransom paying Nation under buhari .

EMPLOYMENT: Over 4 million have lost their jobs as at 2017 http://punchng.com/four-million-nigerians-have-lost-their-jobs-this-year-nbs/

HEALTH: he and his son were the first to travel abroad for healthcare

The list can go on and on .

what then is the need for education when it can't help in making informed decisions ? The amlajiris in the North knew the Buhari they voted and why they voted him. They did not vote him to build schools or fix roads and create jobs, they simply voted him based on religion and ethnicity.

The Fulani herders know the buhari they voted and voted for the interest of their cows. Today we can see that cows are given more priority .
The Igbo's knew buhari and voted against.

The yoruba's today appear to be the only ethnic group that did not know who they voted and why they voted him. Just like many Nigerians who invest in ponzy schemes like MMM, wonder banks etc , Pastor tunde bakare made a video then a called it "the buhari I know" . Today it appears the same Tunde Bakare did not or does not know the buhari he talked about.


Will it now be wise to say that an Almajiri in the North is wiser than a yoruba professor ? because they know what they did and why, but the same can't be said for the yorubas . What is the essence of all the education if it won't enable you make informed decisions ? . Even the wife of the presidents regrets the choice of the Yoruba leader Tinubu .
Tinubu today, based on his wife's reaction can be classified as what Nigerians call "MUGU/MAGA" . According to Nigerians, a mugu or maga is a victim of advance fee fraud 419 or yahoo yahoo. There is a popular saying " once a maga, always a maga " .
Tinubu is like a man who is caught up in the net of local 419 people.

Those guys that wash money for you, then tell you to go and bring money to buy chemical to wash a container filled with paper . If you have ever been a victim of such scam, you will know that it's almost impossible for anyone to convince you that this is not real. Those into 419 will tell you that, the most important thing is to get the victim to make the first payment. Once the first payment is made, he or she can always pay again.

Tinubu has paid before in 2015 and as a result 145 staff of TVC lost their jobs. https://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/more-news/232896-tvc-explains-sack-of-145-staff.html

2019 in around the corner and he is yet to pay again. He is already trying to raise the land use tax in lagos via Ambode. He aims to raise more money for 2019. As it is today, even his wife can't dissuade from paying into the scam again . As they say "Once a Maga, Always a maga" .

So let's assume the Yoruba's are the most educated in Nigeria,and we in the south gather our resources and give the yorubas to go to the market on our behalf to exchange our resources for what we need. Does it mean they won't be able to tell the difference between real and fake ? Will they be duped of our resources and come back looking confused like pastor tunde bakare , who made a video of the buhari I know, and now does not know the buhari in power ?

Father Mbaka in the east, used the greatest manipulating tool (Religion ) to manipulate the Igbo's into voting buhari, But Igbo's choose to make use of common sense, than to be deceived by a religious politician .

To me, the greatest and most respected Yoruba man that ever lived is "FELA KUTI" . May his Agile and Radical Soul Rest in Peace. I will not be wrong to call Fela a prophet, because the things he sang about in the past are still happening today. Imagine how shocked fela will be if he came back to life today to meet buhari as president.

He will ask how it happened, and will be told that Tinubu the leader of the most educated ethnic group, fought tirelessly to enthrone him .His song Sorrows, Tears and Blood will still be correct today, if he performed it on stage. I am sure he will include Tinubu's name in the new modified version .

FELA and OJUKWU have 2 things in common . They are both brave, and are prophetic . The system of government Ojukwu fought for years back, is what the entire south is asking for today in the name of restructuring . What fela sang about is happening today, same as what ojukwu talked about.

I have singled out the Yorubas, because they are the major contributors from southern Nigeria where i am from.

There is a big difference between being educated and being intelligent. You can be the most educated but if your education cant guide you in making sound decisions, then you are unintelligent .

In conclusion, I rather be intelligent with little education, than with so much education and unintelligent .

You said it all " Education is not Wisdom."

2015 proved that Igbos & SS people are the wisest ethnic groups in Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: June 08 2015. Buhari Will Deliver On Campaign Promises – Williams Kumuyi by OjukwuWarBird: 7:20am On Mar 19, 2018
KADUNA—The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Kumuyi has assured Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osibanjo will bring about the change they promised Nigerians during their campaigns.

Kumuyi, who spoke with journalists at Kaduna Airport weekend after presiding over a revival crusade, said he hinged his optimism on the two men’s past achievements.

He said: “With the past records of the President as well as the Vice President, I believe they meant what they said during the campaigns and I want to say they will really focus on the drive to bring the change they actually spoke about and I believe we will see change.

The emergence of Buhari as President was ordained by God and l urge the President to rule with the fear of God.”

According to him, “Anyone in position of government is there by the ordination of God, and so should rule with the fear of God. We should look at whatever mistakes the past government made and see how to sincerely correct those mistakes and not only to dwell on the mistakes but move us forward so that we can have a better country for a new generation of Nigerians.”

Also commenting on how the church in Nigeria can help in combatting the endemic corruption, the clergy man noted that corruption is a sin against God and urged religious leaders to teach their members to live a righteous and godly life.

“The church cannot solve the problems of the whole country, but obviously we can solve part of the problems. We, who are preachers in churches should help our people to understand that corruption is an evil thing, a sin against God, a sin against society and a sin against humanity in general.

“Therefore our ministers in the churches should preach to help the people live a commendable, righteous and godly life.”

“But everybody is not in church, other leaders of religious groups should influence people who come to their places of worship, whether Christians or not to see that we all join hands together to combat corruption.

“Of course the government too will do its own part among the civil servants so that we can all join hands and fight against the monster of corruption”, he said.



I hope you pick a point from this report . This was Pastor William Kumuyi affirming a president was elected by God 4 years ago. Was he wrong ( which means he didn't get any revelation from any God) or was he right (which means he got his revelation from God) ?

I remember this news and that day I came across it in 2015, I canceled Kumuyi & Adeboye as genuine Christians.

That day, I realized that it will be almost impossible to detribalize a Yoruba man even those who claim to be filled with the HolySpirit.

That day, I resolved that Igbos should do whatever it takes not to share the same country with Yorubas because of their indepth hatred for anything Igbo.

The only Yoruba pastor I still respect is Oyedepo.

Igbos should even avoid Odua Republic in ECOWAS joint operations.

Thanks Op for reminding our people who truly the Yorubas are.


Politics / Re: Biafra: IPOB Again Drags Nigerian Government, Buhari To UN by OjukwuWarBird: 9:36am On Mar 18, 2018
Buhari will never escape justice.

In Jesus Name Amen

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Politics / Re: Biafra: IPOB Again Drags Nigerian Government, Buhari To UN by OjukwuWarBird: 9:01am On Mar 18, 2018
Not yet.

Buhari needs to be nailed in that court.

I really want to see Fulani Terrorists denied weapons and being decimated

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Crime / Re: Breaking News: Herdsmen Invade A Community In Edo State by OjukwuWarBird: 8:56am On Mar 18, 2018
Nigeria oooooooooooo, buhari are u asleep?or have all the security men in this country relocated to mars?pls if u re close to buhari,shout inside his ear let him know that the killings are too much.

Babe you too fine

Where are you based.?
Politics / Re: Biafra: IPOB Again Drags Nigerian Government, Buhari To UN by OjukwuWarBird: 8:43am On Mar 18, 2018

That is why I am want to know the outcome of the US court judgment since it can also hasten the ICC judgment in our favour.

Truly, Nigeria needs to collapse before Fulani Terrorists move Southwards
Politics / Re: FFK Reacts To Obasanjo’s Statement That Nigeria Will Collapse If Buhari Wins by OjukwuWarBird: 8:30am On Mar 18, 2018
the way FFK is reacting this days!
i don't think sulphuric acid will still be needed anymore.

but on a serious note, OBJ is the man who saw tomorrow- the real nastrademus!

What Kanu saw in 2014, the Ota Ape is seeing in 2018.
Politics / Re: Biafra: IPOB Again Drags Nigerian Government, Buhari To UN by OjukwuWarBird: 8:25am On Mar 18, 2018

I am interested in the US court decision since it will affect Buhari in getting weapons to arm more Fulani Terrorists.

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Politics / Re: Biafra: IPOB Again Drags Nigerian Government, Buhari To UN by OjukwuWarBird: 8:23am On Mar 18, 2018
As far as gathering EVIDENCE is concerned, IPOB has no issue there, so pictures of Igbo IPOB members killed by Nigerian army is not a problem. IPOB is taking its time to prepare a solid case that will send Buhari and Buratai to ICC.

Have you heard about the result of the court case in the US.?
Politics / Re: Biafra: IPOB Again Drags Nigerian Government, Buhari To UN by OjukwuWarBird: 8:07am On Mar 18, 2018
@ cooly100 gidgiddy southeastfacts coluka horsepower101 kanubiafra toofit007 angelparadise gutermann

Have you guys heard about the result of the US court ruling concerning the 16 Nigerian officials brought to the US court by IPOB.?


Politics / Re: Fulani And Hausa Crisis Has Ruined Our Business" Ibo Man In Zamfara Cries Out by OjukwuWarBird: 7:58am On Mar 18, 2018
Fulani and Hausa crisis has ruined our business. Lord take control. Says an ibo man living and doing business in zamfara.
He went on to say "Fulani and Hausa have been having crises for years. They resolved in December 2016. I don't know what refueled the issue again, they started again to the extent that Zamfara state govt masterminded the killing of Fulani herdsmen leader recently.

Now, the Fulanis threatened that no activity will hold both wood works and farming this years. Honestly, we're doing nothing now."

The man is free to become an organic fertilizer when he dies in the hands of Fulani Terrorists.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Will Collapse If Buhari Wins 2019 Election – Obasanjo by OjukwuWarBird: 7:46am On Mar 18, 2018

Nigeria can not collapse.

Is that what your village priest told you.?
Crime / Re: Many Feared Dead As Yoruba, Hausa Youths Clash In Lagos by OjukwuWarBird: 10:50pm On Mar 16, 2018
Masters and Slaves clash.

Igbos on one side watching and Shaking their heads.

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Storm Kogi To Stop Fulani Herdsmen Vs Farmers Clashes(pics) by OjukwuWarBird: 9:39pm On Mar 16, 2018
One Nigeria to all Igala.

Keep supporting One Nigeria.
Politics / Re: FFK Blasts Yahaya Bello Over Herdsmen Killing Of 25 People In Kogi by OjukwuWarBird: 12:11pm On Mar 16, 2018

That igala boy may be a fool living in Abuja or Lagos and commenting on what he knows nothing about. I didn't take any shot but my friends/neighbours did.

when I close from work, I'd get the pictures.

yea, there have been little crises between us and the Fulani Herdsmen. But this current one happened in a village that haven't been attacked before...

Actually the ignorant boy and political mumu lives outside Kogi state.

I was embarrassed when he said it was a hoax.

Pls, post so many pics so that we can help you guys get it to the international community in order to prevent more invasion by these Fulani Terrorists.
Politics / Re: FFK Blasts Yahaya Bello Over Herdsmen Killing Of 25 People In Kogi by OjukwuWarBird: 9:53am On Mar 16, 2018

Comment on the present issue and nothing else Zombie.

you aren't a kogite so you Won't understand, I am from the village they attacked. my people were attacked. The politics is irrelevant here, Yahaya Bello is a fool

But one mumu Igala boy said it was a hoax and that the information is not true.

Pls can you post pics to convince a mumu brother of yours denying the attack.


Before now, was there any fracas between your people and the Fulani Terrorists.?
Politics / Re: FFK Blasts Yahaya Bello Over Herdsmen Killing Of 25 People In Kogi by OjukwuWarBird: 9:48am On Mar 16, 2018

I don't believe in one Nigeria neither do I believe the land of the rising moon

What then do you believe in.?
Politics / Re: FFK Blasts Yahaya Bello Over Herdsmen Killing Of 25 People In Kogi by OjukwuWarBird: 8:18am On Mar 16, 2018

angry angry

Save your anger for next year when Buhari's brothers plan to visit your region.

One Nigeria you desire, Fulani Colony you get.
Politics / Re: FFK Blasts Yahaya Bello Over Herdsmen Killing Of 25 People In Kogi by OjukwuWarBird: 7:59am On Mar 16, 2018
few days ago. we had numbers of refugees from Benue state because of Fulani herdsmen. now the refugees had to run back to their state. what a country we are living.

Yahaya Bello has really been a plague to my dear state

Do you still believe in One Nigeria.?


Politics / Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by OjukwuWarBird: 7:36am On Mar 16, 2018
this boy na comedian.he is to funny.ibo dominate all, you are a disgrace to your family

You don't know your history.

Go read pre civil war history of Nigeria in order to know why your ancestors accused Igbos of domination

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Politics / Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by OjukwuWarBird: 7:34am On Mar 16, 2018

The problem with Nigeria can be explained in 4 simple sentences:

I: Unless a society runs a merit-based system, all sectors deteriorate.
II: Nigeria tried merit before and ended up with Igbos leading EVERY sector (economy, education, military, science, transport, trade, diplomacy etc).
III: Nigeria refuses to go back to merit because of 'risk' of Igbo domination.
IV: Nigeria cannot improve, because it cannot run a merit-based society.
Igbo people (the engine of Nigeria’s advancement), are stifled by an Islam-motivated cabal which prefers power to meritocracy. Igbo ostracisation is the main reason for Nigeria’s irreversible backwardness.

End of Discussion.

A round of applause for our beautiful and brainy sister.

Igbos need to find a new way to develop a social economic system that will be unhindered by Nigeria's backwardness.

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