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Politics / Re: “Polygamy Is Not A Sin” – Reno Acts To Yul Edochie’s Second Marriage by ollypass: 4:17am On Apr 28

As much as God didn't condemned it doesn't mean He supports it either. In the beginning it was a man to his wife not wives. 2 Timothy 3:16 will broaden your understanding of the essence of the scripture. No overzealousness here.

God is no author of confusion...if he neve condem it...when did He have a board meeting with you to say he did not support it? were there not a lot of practices that were held in the old testament that Jesus him self revised? or the Holy spirit revealed were now acceptable to God? so where even when divorce was spoken about did having several wife's was quoted a sin? There are no grey areas with God.
Politics / Re: “Polygamy Is Not A Sin” – Reno Acts To Yul Edochie’s Second Marriage by ollypass: 4:11am On Apr 28
Polygamy may not be a sin, but it's morally wrong. Those of you backing up your claims with the guys in the Old Testament, you are wrong. When it comes to marriage, the original idea was one man with a woman.

God created only one woman for Adam and that was Eve. He should've created more but in His wisdom, he knew one was okay. So, what's the point with marrying many women? You don't have any justification. In fact, you are looking for trouble.

where was it quoted that the original idea was one woman to a man? Was it not divorce that was.the.argument when Christ made that statement?

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Career / Re: Which Skill Should He Go For? by ollypass: 12:58pm On Feb 26
Auto electrician...na money go dey find u

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-ukraine Crisis: Putin Ready To Negotiate Directly With Ukraine's Leaders by ollypass: 4:58pm On Feb 24
Russia is mad and Ukrainian military are fools...
This is exactly what Russia wants, to negotiate terms that would favour them and not the Ukrainians..
All this nonsense is happening because the Ukrainians are afraid to fight back and Russia has capitalised on that fear.. Trust me if Ukraine say "4uck it, since it's war you want, it's war you'll get" and takes the war too to the Russians, rain fire too on Russian cities and infrastructure and make them feel the heat of the war, I'm very sure the Russians would back down because they too deep down don't want war. It's the fear the Ukrainians are displaying that is giving them confidence..

These guys literally share the same boarder with Russia and are busy playing defensive waiting for the U.S and CO before they can make any decisions for themselves.. I don't think these guys really value and deserve their freedom.. Don't they have jets to send to Russian territory too to rain bombs on Russian cities and infrastructure too? Don't they have troops, tanks, armoured vehicles and missiles to send across to Russia too? Can't they take the war to Russia too to make them feel the heat of the war too? Ukrainians are just busy

suffering, bearing the full casualties and cost of the war while Russians are in the comfort of their homes relaxing with reckless abandon, not even acting like their country is at war... At least the Ukrainians too should take the war to them too and make these guy feel some of the heat too...all these their defensive attitude will only make the Russians more relaxed and confident...

guy it's not easy like that..if ukrain try that..they will play into the hands of Russian manipulation which claims the are defending Thier mother land from ukranian aggression and then neither NATO nor the west will be able to intervene or else it will escalate into world war 3 before you can even type a response to this post.Ukranians can only defend thier territory for now and hope Putin listens to the voice of reason...and no..Putin hasn't called tor negotiation...his aim is to over throw the government and install his puppet

Politics / Re: FG Confirms Supply Of Adulterated Fuel by ollypass: 6:07am On Feb 09
Yeye people
Who will compensate those affected after thousands of vehicles are condemned.?
The buck stops at the desk of minister of petroleum. Bubu steadily cashing out.

I am currently sourcing money for a new engine now cause of this.theybare just admitting it now but this fuel has been in circulation for almost a month now. who is the supplier , I need charge him for my new enging

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Crime / Re: Extortionist Poses For The Camera After FUTA Students Beat Him (Graphic Pics) by ollypass: 4:34pm On Feb 02
There are no real MEN in FUTA, how can one mofo be terrorising a whole institution...
Real MEN take no shit, if you do anyhow you go collect!

Guy relax ..e dey happen..back then there was a certain prince devil in Government college Makurdi...small lanky thing,but you date not step up to him alone ...until the entire school ganged up on his ass one day.


Career / Re: Barristers Have Fun At Their NBA Conference In Portharcourt (Video) by ollypass: 10:40am On Oct 29, 2021
Like how’s this supposed to be news? Are they not humans? If you have a lawyer as a gf or wife, you’ll know they are the nastiest!

Had one once...Thier nasty dey come with class sha


Family / Re: I Just Discovered My Wife's Past, How She Lived Her Life While On Campus by ollypass: 2:41pm On Oct 27, 2021
Una real get time to dey comment on one made up mumbo jumbo.
Romance / Re: +18: Why Are Women Like This? [Picture] by ollypass: 7:10am On Oct 23, 2021
Back in 2017 when you mention crypto..you get slammed for wanting to brandish another form of MMM, but may be something about the present government don re-set Nigerians mentality..the thing wey dem dey bash years ago..na im every body dey run go now...despite the FG ban o

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Celebrities / Re: Charles Okocha Destroys Friend's Car For Taking His Teenage Daughter Out by ollypass: 5:50am On Oct 21, 2021
But wait a minute...teenager granted,but was she hypnotised?see how reluctant she was to get out of the car? that she had to be dragged out?more like the dad spoiled her fun? yes you can smash your friends tide all you want but why was your daughter so comfortable seated in it in the first place,and why was your friend so sure he would AV a taste of the coochie...if she hasn't been a cheerful giver behind your back Charles?


Romance / Re: 20 Kinds Of Girls To Use Condoms On If You Value Your Safety by ollypass: 5:48am On Oct 10, 2021
you forget add one important category op..girl wey him mama dey sell food, that one ma condom fit no help
Crime / Re: Micheal Usifo Ataga's Murder: Lekki Airbnb Owner In Custody, Suspect At Large by ollypass: 8:17am On Jun 20, 2021
they arrested the owner of the apartment for building a structure with out CCTV lol
Phones / Re: 99.9 % Clean Redmi Note 9 Pro 128gig For Sale by ollypass: 10:41pm On May 20, 2021
how much is that mi11 going for sef
Business / Re: Crypto Currency Has Finished Me! by ollypass: 10:22pm On May 20, 2021

Between now and August 2021, Bitcoin will be trading below $3500. I've done my personal analysis with the daily, weekly and monthly charts. Mehn! The coming months are gonna be hell.

Don't just take my words for it. Just keep on investing/continue to buy the deep till around August. An August visitor is on the way grin

Buy the dip and see the deep digging deeper grin grin

I don't invest in crypto for a good reason. I invest in stocks, stock indices and forex, but not crypto. Crypto has no intrinsic value!

Tell me, what's the yardstick for determining the value of cryptocurrencies? Unlike stocks and forex (don't even compare crypto to stocks/forex), you just keep your (fake) digital money somewhere, hoping for your account to swell up. And that's why it's easy for even an individual like Elon Musk to manipulate the market.

Confirm red blood will continue to flow guys grin grin grin

Warren Buffett, one time world's richest man warned you guys, you took him for an idiot and a total ignoramus. Una never see sumchin.

you are real ignorant ...your not a trader in any of those things you mentioned: and evening you were ..all you would AV done was lose money with your half baked knowledge forming local champion..who told you most crypto has no intrinsic value or use cases?better go study to shew your self approved ..cos half knowledge bearers like you are more dangerous than the total novice
Family / Re: Missing Treasure Ofunya Found After Eight Days — Family (Photos) by ollypass: 12:09pm On May 07, 2021

Collected tfare from a neoghbor that attends the same school, besides it was close time except you were staying for jamb lessons . And there is no cloak here, the police is involved and other agencies and it’s so disgusting you actually believe a preteen would go on an escapade, shows you are a pervert.

The way you brandish the word pervert shows you just knew the meaning last week...she collected money from a neighbour and the neighbour didn't come up to tell you when you were disturbing our peace as regards her where about..keep telling more lies to cover the lies in your already lie ridden narrative.So called pre teen can initiate ghost mode and leave school with out any one knowing...or wait your going to come on here and say she told a couple of her mates but they forgot to relate it right?...bullshit
Family / Re: Missing Treasure Ofunya Found After Eight Days — Family (Photos) by ollypass: 6:58am On May 07, 2021
if she was sick..why didn't she just ring home and tell them to come pick her earlier and she won't wait for jamb class..? if she normally gets picked..chances are she won't have money for no cab ..mystical ..how come no body in the school or lesson knew she was feeling sick and left for home earlier ? she just up and left without telling the teachers ..her friends ?
yeah yo can go about calling any one with questions a pervert ..but like some one said..once there is silence as to the circumstances of her dissapearance..you given room for a free for all speculation..and most on here only looked to the past cases where the girls actually went on an escapade and the family were to ashamed to admit Thier angel wasn't so angelic to predict this present one.
Come to think of it..why all the cloak and dagger since it was a kidnapp case?..cos the police don't want them admitting they paid ransom?

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Business / Re: Terry Waya Celebrate His Birthday In His Mansion (Photos) by ollypass: 5:04pm On May 03, 2021
hmm..despite how big the place is..see the small section of the room he can contain..most come with feeling of emptiness sometimes...like is this all its about?

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Family / Re: Have You Seen Treasure Ofuya by ollypass: 7:13am On May 03, 2021

so sorry about the sad occurrence.

unfortunately, in the society we live in today, when it comes to issues relating to the girl child or women, more often than not there's a boy or man involved. u can't rule out the possibility.

I hope she returns safely.

We all like to believe in innocence and purity undefiled..but if parents start waking up to the reality that the facade your teenage children put at home...may not be who they are in the company of Thier peers and where your disciplinary influence doesn't reach...the better we will forstall stories that touch in future..
that being said..op open your mind to all possibilities for now...until you start getting leads to make you think otherwise.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by ollypass: 6:36pm On Apr 03, 2021
Pls house are we now clear to buy crypto with our debit cards from binance directly?or did they stop us cause of the CBN ban? cos they still got NGN as an option on Thier fiat list

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by ollypass: 3:13am On Apr 03, 2021
Pls house are we now clear to buy crypto with our debit cards from binance directly?or did they stop us cause of the CBN ban? cos they still got NGN as an option on Thier fiat list

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Religion / Re: You Battle Violence With Violence by ollypass: 7:10am On Mar 07, 2021

Maybe thats what he wants. He is the resident babalawo

lol..babalawo don dey do residency?
Religion / Re: You Battle Violence With Violence by ollypass: 11:36am On Mar 06, 2021
Be careful go Bleep your self..your being turned to a private Sherman with all this ..pls DM...soon the focus will be on you bring consulted like the dibia of old and no longer Christ crucified

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Religion / Re: Witchcraft Agents Of Darkness And The Culling by ollypass: 6:45am On Feb 07, 2021
where is link to your telegram
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by ollypass: 5:36pm On Feb 06, 2021
funny I thought seun banned all things crypto a while back...funny how the rejected stone..
Education / Re: Nairalaners Help Me I Almost Died Today by ollypass: 5:31pm On Feb 06, 2021
but this losing school fees is gradually becoming a pandemic on its own right

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Celebrities / Re: Larry King Dies Of COVID-19 Disease by ollypass: 6:44pm On Jan 23, 2021
Wow the Larry king live himself

I enjoyed his program while growing up with my late dad.

Fun fact: It was on his show in 2012 that Trump first expressed his intention to run for president. Yeah you guessed it on CNN!

RIP sir.
Nah...trump has expressed interest in the presidency since the mid 80's....
Celebrities / Re: Ehi Ogbebor And MC Oluomo Dating?: 'No Man Gave Me Money To Build My House' by ollypass: 5:18am On Jan 17, 2021
Well one point you can't dispute..this blog's really conditioning the minds of young ones to think every thing is gotten through pussy

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Crime / Re: A Man Who Was Killed By A Female Corper Was A Serial Rapist Another Lady Says by ollypass: 6:46am On Jan 14, 2021
He may have been what ever but this girl should stop claiming she was jazzed..what responsible teen dishes number to complete stranger and still waits for him at a filling station way past godly hour to be out according to her narration? she fell for his packaging and was hoping to make a fast buck before rushing home..and talking about home..no matter how you wan sneak..you can't come back past 11 and not face another round of beating until you confess where your really coming from if your house had any real form of discipline.
If she believed sincerely she was jazzed she should AV been more open in the reporting..but deep down inside she knew she was a victim of her teenage longer throat.
Properties / Re: Abandoned Home Of Aleister Crowley: Satanist & Wickedest Man In The World by ollypass: 2:07pm On Dec 20, 2020
this thread reminds me of the old days in where some dude was relating his experience with incubbus and succubus..dunno bout that re-incarnation theory,but seems flawed on some level.if you had no consciousness of ever being here..and you made bad desicions in the first life..what is to stop you from making bad decisions in the present? and keep descending in the pyramid till you come back..let's say a stone..where you can't make any more decisions.why bother with all the re-incarnation stress..if the victim isn't properly guided.


Romance / Re: Small Girl No Dey Nigeria Again by ollypass: 4:47pm On Dec 01, 2020
over the weekend a 16 year old that serves us food at work during the lock down was narrating to me how the father was duped and money in his account cleared..while I was trying to focus on how she wan pay third term school fees this girl focus na how she go get money to buy Christmas cloth..when I was trying to reset her mentality..at a point she blurted out.."brother no be say I no know say the school important o..but how I go dey waka with my friends on Christmas time and na only me no go use new cloth"
People of God..no be only heaven go save such a girl from multiple sexual assault from those who have money for her Christmas cloth?


Phones / Re: OPPO Mobile Unveils The New OPPO A92, Tacha As Brand Ambassador by ollypass: 9:08am On Aug 05, 2020
Any decent chess player in the house should quote me with their lichess username, I'll add you

So what's lichess
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by ollypass: 12:18am On Aug 01, 2020
Any one know where is the best bargains price for mi note 10
.? Or redmi 10x 5g

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