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Celebrities / Ex-Boyfriend To Ariana Grande Mac Miller, Dies At 26 (Nigerians React) by Oluwolex2000(m): 10:49pm On Sep 07
By Komolafe Daniel

US rapper, Mac Miller has died at the age of 26 of a drug overdose.

The rapper, whose real name is Malcolm James McCormick, was found unconscious at his home in the San Fernando Valley outside Los Angeles at around mid-day on Friday. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, according to a report by TMZ.

Miller was notably linked to Ariana Grande and he was there with her through her grief after 22 people were killed at her concert in Manchester last year. But they ended their two year relationship back in May and following the breakup, Miller struggled with sobriety.

His latest album Swimming was released on August 5th. According to reports, authorities were alerted by a male friend who placed a 911 call from Mac's home.

Miller has battled substance abuse issues for years. The rapper wrecked his G-Wagon by wrapping it around a utility pole back in May and was arrested for DUI and hit and run. He fled the scene but cops say he later confessed at his home.

Mac was supposed to start a tour next month before his untimely death.

source: http://oluwakaysblog.com/


Art, Graphics & Video / Dear Logo Designers, Advertise Yourself For Potential Customers by Oluwolex2000(m): 2:38pm On Sep 04
Dear Nairalanders,

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Nairaland Portfolio For Logo Designers 2017 by Oluwolex2000(m): 2:31pm On Sep 04
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Politics / Re: IPOB 14th September Sit-At-Home Protest: Army, Police, Civil Defense, DSS React by Oluwolex2000(m): 2:28pm On Sep 04
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Politics / Re: Osinbajo In Kano For Students Innovation Challenge (PHOTOS) by Oluwolex2000(m): 2:26pm On Sep 04
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Education / Re: 2019 Elections Will Not Affect JAMB Exams-registrar by Oluwolex2000(m): 5:45pm On Sep 03
Celebrities / Re: Temi Otedola Graduates From University College London, Pictured With Her Parents by Oluwolex2000(m): 2:30pm On Sep 03
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Crime / Re: Anticult Group Member Killed In Poly Ibadan by Oluwolex2000(m): 11:39am On Aug 28
A student of the Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State, was yesterday, killed by some suspected cultists.

According to reports gathered from the students of the polytechnic, the victim was killed yesterday evening while coming back from a place where football was shown.

Olaniyi Olalekan, popularly known as Maku, who was refereed to as a stumbling block for cultists, was murdered around Apete/Sango Axis.

Everywhere is presently in confusion as students has been running helter skelter, students has been sent out of classes due to the sound of gunshots.

Everyone is hereby advised to stay safe to avoid touchy stories, as it was also reported that a serving corps member was almost assaulted while lecturing in a class in the early hours of today.

See pictures here: https://www.crystalmag.com.ng/2018/08/anticult-group-member-killed-in-poly.html

cc: lalasticlala, Mynd44
Celebrities / Re: How Davido, Choima And Special Spesh Appeared In My Dream, A Nairalander Reveals by Oluwolex2000(m): 10:47am On Aug 27
What really pained most was that Spesh no 'sama' you some slaps. It won't hurt you since it'll only occur in your dream grin

No automatic death be that OOoo!
Celebrities / How Davido, Choima And Special Spesh Appeared In My Dream, A Nairalander Reveals by Oluwolex2000(m): 10:26am On Aug 27
As seen on twitter:

Read Below:-

cc: lalasticlala

Family / Re: How Much Is Reasonable Enough To Give Your Spouse Monthly? by Oluwolex2000(m): 12:50am On Aug 24

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Culture / Re: Enugwu Ukwu In Anambra Where Pythons & Human Beings Live In Harmony by Oluwolex2000(m): 12:13am On Aug 24
Celebrities / Re: Kenyan Tailor Recreates Kanye West Outfit As He Steps Out In Style With His Wife by Oluwolex2000(m): 12:10am On Aug 24
Culture / Enugwu Ukwu In Anambra Where Pythons & Human Beings Live In Harmony by Oluwolex2000(m): 2:48pm On Aug 23
Enugwu Ukwu town in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State could be said to derive its name from its geographical topography. It perches like a bird on top of a big hill, looking down on the earth.

The town is culturally buoyant, even as it has embraced modernity in all ramifications. Consider this: All over Enugwu Ukwu and beyond, pythons are like beautiful brides. They must not be hurt or killed. In fact, it is a taboo to do harm to pythons there. There are dire consequences for hurting the creature.

Daily Sun visited Enugwu Ugwu recently and had an encounter with Pa Francis Anisiobi, from Urunnebo village. He is a traditional doctor and chief priest of the Ngene deity, which owns the pythons.

Explaining why pythons are not killed in Enugwu Ukwu, the chief priest said: “Our forefathers came into the world and saw that pythons were not killed in this area because the pythons belonged to the shrine. And whoever killed it would be enveloped by problems. Whoever kills a python in Umunri as a whole will be required to do certain things to free himself from the disastrous consequences of the act. First, some native doctors will be consulted for divination, and he will be told what to do. He will organise burial rites for the python and bury it at Ajoagwa Arusi. The burial rites include bringing goat and chicken that will be taken to the shrine. After that, if the person is having problems, they will stop.”

What sort of problems could someone who kills a python have? His answer: “If he is a businessman, his business will start dwindling. He is a driver, he will continue to have accidents; he will not die but continue to battle difficulties. There is nothing that the person does that will be progressing. So, if he is conscious enough to make appropriate consultation, the cause of his misfortune will be revealed to him. He will go to the shrine with two native doctors for divination and he will be told what to do so that he can make progress. But where he refuses to do what he was asked to do, he will remain in problems.

It could be that if the person has a child, that child will die. It can affect many children. Maybe at that point, the person will do the needful. Organising burial rites for a python does not stop the offender from going to church or to belong to any society. It has been there since time immemorial, from the time of our forefathers. It is not a recent development.”

Does it mean that the reptiles are harmless? “It does not bite. It can even go and lie with children so that it can experience some heat. Some people will take it out with bare hands, telling it that the children are afraid. If it comes into a house, you just gently take it out. During the rainy season, it usually looks for a warm place. It could enter the kitchen if it is open. It does not bite.

I have not seen or heard about anybody bitten by a python in my village. It does bite anybody in Umunri as a whole. Even if you step on it, it would jump up and continue moving.”

Anisiobi said that it does not matter if the offender is a stranger; the consequences are same. “The person will experience problems. That is why we tell non-indigenes on time that we do not kill pythons. There was someone who unknowingly killed a python while working in his farm. He saw a snake and killed it and brought it out majestically.

He was from Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. He experienced serious problems. He spent all he got from his farm that year to free himself. If he had not done that he would have continually been in trouble. Ironically, when he killed the python, he rushed out of the bush in excitement, saying that he had killed big meat. We told him it was an abomination; we do not kill pythons in our place. Problems started manifesting in his life immediately. So, he did the needful and was liberated. He is still living with us till today.”

Explaining that it does not mean that they worship pythons, the former policeman said: “We do not worship pythons. We plead for blessings from God through the shrine that owns the pythons. God created it and created everything in the world. We came into the world and discovered from our forefathers that they did not kill pythons.

“We also have a big river (lake) mmiri arusi, mmiri ngenenebaka. There are more than 30 crocodiles there. There is nothing lacking there. Children go there to swim and they were usually warned that they would have problems if the swam there. A particular boy was always going there to swim; he would abscond from Nimo Boys Secondary School and take kids to go and swim there. Despite series of warnings, he did not listen. One fateful day, I was in the shrine that I feed and I warned them to go away.

Others obeyed and dressed up but he did not. He entered the river and stood up there. And he died. Water did not enter his mouth but he was dead. The children that went there to swim with him were detained at the police station in Abagana. Some swimmers went into the lake and brought him out. His stomach was flat because water did not enter into mouth. It was like he was magneted there. There is a signboard warning people not to swim in the lake. Fishing is also not allowed there.

“The remains were brought to the front of the Urunnebo hall. He was buried by the side of the river. It happened two years ago. He was popularly known as Okocha because he was light complexioned. He was less than 18, very popular. Such victims do not get burial rites. He died in vain; he died for obstinacy, because he was warned.

Why fishing is forbidden in the lake

“The lake is beside the shrine. Ezu ngene Urunneboaka warned from the time of our ancestors that it would not tolerate any fishing there because, when you do, you disturb the spirits resident there. If anybody wants to do rituals, you do it. The crocodiles and the rest of them would come out and make merry. After the sacrifice, progress would be made. But he cannot go without the chief priest.

Consequence of fishing in the lake

“Whatever anyone that goes fishing there sees, he would take it. It means he went there secretly. The person would be assailed by sicknesses. The person would deteriorate in all forms. That is why people don’t go a-fishing there. Communities have things they forbid. In Ogbunike, for instance, they don’t kill the tortoise. If you go there, you would tortoises moving about because they don’t kill them.

Tradition and Christianity

“If you come to our shrine, the first thing you see is God the creator.

Thereafter, you begin to call upon the things kept on earth. Christians don’t disturb us. On Sundays, you tell your children to go to church to listen to the word of God. But tradition remains profound. We work together with Christians or people who go to church.

“If there is anything happening in the church, we cooperate. If there are levies in the church, you make sure that you are up-to-date in payments. Give Jesus what belongs to him and Caesar his due. It is all channelled to one God because He created everything in the world. If those things were not useful to him, he would not have created them. There is so much power in the world; only God knows all. Those sent down from heaven are receiving power from God. Power is in the river. We, traditionalists, obey nso ana. Our motto is, live and let live. Whatever you would not want anyone to do to you, do not do to another. We don’t marry our relations. We forbid so many things such as involvement in bad or ungodly things. We belong to many societies that confer different titles so as obey nso ana. God created the heavens and the earth and we obey all so as to live long.”

Igwebuike Alloysius Okeke from Akiyi village in Enugu Ukwu, said: “Pythons, in my place, belong to the deity. Anybody who kills a python in my village will have to organise a burial ceremony for it just like it is done for human beings. The only difference is that people will not gather to mourn as in the case of a human being.

“After the burial of the python, the land will have to be cleansed by appeasing the deity. Certain items will be presented before the deity for the appeasement. That is how it is done in my village. Coming to the issue of Ngwu, it came to Akiyi from Awkuzu, because its kindred are from there. It is not everybody that eats its head, unless it calls you. Before then, it gave a sign and, on investigation, it would be discovered that it has invited one to be one of its relations. And when you come, all the necessary requirements would be spelt out for you. After that, you would provide all of them, including some animals, which would be sacrificed before the Ngwu.

“After the sacrifice, you would eat the meat and thereafter, you become its relations because it is assumed you have dined and wined with it.”
On why the people don’t kill pythons, Okeke said: “The way I understand it is that the python belongs to the deity and should not be killed. It enters peoples’ houses and compounds but it does not destroy anything. Even if it bites you, there is no problem. That is why we have decided to follow our forebears to keep the tradition.”


“If anybody kills the python without letting people know what he or she has done, it would not take long before the person begins to have a series of problems and that is why anybody who kills it would always tell others what has happened.

“For example, if such a person is in a vehicle that is involved in an accident, only the person would sustain injuries; others would be saved. The person could also be cultivating land and accidentally injure himself with the hoe or cutlass, and such wounds would never heal until investigation reveals that such a person killed a python sometime in the past without telling anybody.

“Sometimes, people, including the person that killed the python would cry like when somebody dies. The people that cry are just people that are around and who understand what the culture says regarding killing a python. Then they would get a carton, put the python inside it and bury it before other rites would be carried out.

“Yes, it could be buried in a coffin. A person who wants to accord full respect to it would buy a small coffin and bury it because, at the end of the day, it is all about burial.”

Other traditional rites after the burial

Okeke further said: “Other necessary rituals after the burial include the fact that the priest in charge of the python could demand a fowl or a goat to be slaughtered. Whatever their demand, it would be provided so that the sacrifice would be complete. Even if you are a visitor in this village, as long as you keep to the rules guiding us here, the python will not harm you in any way.


“Well, you know that all over the world, religion is supposed to be a personal choice. But here you find Christians wishing that tradition be abolished, so that everybody will follow Christianity. But so far so good, there has been no clash. Christians are worshipping their God while the traditionalists are equally doing their own thing. There is no problem between the two at all in this village.”

Source: https://www.google.com.ng/amp/sunnewsonline.com/anambra-town-man-pythons-harmony/amp/


Travel / Third Mainland Bridge Shut Down Temporarily (see Alternative Routes) by Oluwolex2000(m): 10:38am On Aug 23
- Komolafe Daniel

The Lagos State Government has said that the 3rd Mainland Bridge will be temporarily shut down for four days starting from midnight of August 23 to midnight of August 26, 2018 for Investigative Maintenance Test to be carried out.

The State Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Mr Ade Akinsanya, who disclosed this in a statement, said the decision was taken after due consultation with the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.

The four-day closure, according to Akinsanya, will enable the contractors assess the true state of the bridge after which works would commence by the end of the year or early in 2019.

It would be recalled that the Federal Government had earlier announced plans to shut the bridge in July, but had to be shelved after due consultation with the State Government and wide deliberations with other stakeholders, who expressed concern about the indiscriminate parking of articulated vehicles on other alternative routes which would have adversely affected traffic.

Subsequently, a Joint Task Force set up to remove the articulated vehicles from the highway was able to achieve tremendous success.

Justifying the need for the closure, Akinsanya said: “The 3rd Mainland Bridge which was opened about 30 years ago by the then military government has had haphazard maintenance and repairs in the past which the present Federal Government is committed to correct by carrying out proper and continuous maintenance and repairs on it.”

Consequently, the State Government appealed for the cooperation, support and understanding of all motorists and residents, advising them to minimize non-essential travel and movements during the four-day closure.

Besides, Akinsanya said all traffic management agencies including the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and the Police, among others, have been mandated to ensure smooth flow of traffic on all the other alternative roads and traffic corridor.

Alternative routes

Akinsanya urged motorists from Lagos Abeokuta, Agege, Ogba and Ikeja to make use of Oshodi via Mushin Ojuelegba to connect Carter Bridge into Island, while those from Ikorodu, Maryland are to make use of Funsho Williams Avenue, formerly, Western Avenue via Yaba to Oyinbo and connect Eko Bridge into Island.

Motorists from Okokomaiko, Festac, Oshodi-Apapa Expressway are enjoined to ply through Ajegunle via Marine Bridge to Ijora to connect Carter Bridge to Apongbon into Lagos Island. Conversely, motorists from the Island are expected to ply Eko Bridge and Carter Bridge into Mainland, while those in Lekki Ajah can also make use of Epe axis through Imota into Ikorodu.

cc: Lalasticlala

Romance / No Guy Will Buy You Coldstone And Pizza Without Asking For A Reward - Lady Says by Oluwolex2000(m): 8:59pm On Aug 15
By Komolafe Daniel

A Nigerian lady simply identified as @OmowumiBright on twitter has taken to the platform to say that no man can spend his money to buy ice cream and pizza for a lady without expecting something from her in return.

In her words; “No guy on this planet will buy you coldstone of N2500 and Pizza of N4000 without asking for a reward. Just go for Ponmo sauce or fish if you don’t want them to press your breast.”

See her tweet below;

Her tweet has caused outrage especially among guys who have taken to her comment section to voice out their opinions on the matter.

See some comments below;

@alphamale_888: Im just wondering how many different experiences it took you to get the statistics ��

So dey want to slack ur breast for pizza ?

— Mr Humble (@humble69483627) August 15, 2018

Lmao hope they didn't press your brezz �

— Ola Of Lagos (@ItsHimOlaa) August 15, 2018

These kind of things you only learn through participant observation.

— Judosh (@JudoshJudah) August 15, 2018

Source: Komolafe Daniel
Crime / Meet The 2-year-old Chain Smoker Who Takes Up To 40 Cigarettes A Day (photos) by Oluwolex2000(m): 11:19am On Aug 15
By Komolafe Daniel

A chain-smoking toddler from Indonesia is so addicted to nicotine that he manages to puff his way through 40 a DAY as his carefree mum looks on.

Rapi Ananda Pamungkas’ dirty habit started when he was just a baby after picking up used butts outside his mum’s market stall in hill station resort of Sukabumi.

However, within days the two-and-a-half-year old was hooked and he began constantly pestering passing shoppers to give him cigarettes.

The adults initially found the youngster’s demands endearing and plied him with cigarettes while laughing as he lit up.

But Rapi nicknamed Rap soon started becoming aggressive and throwing tantrums when he couldn’t get his beloved ”meroko”, the local term for cigarettes.

She said: ”My child is used to smoking while drinking coffee and eating cake. “He has been smoking every day for around two months. If I don’t give him a cigarette, my child goes berserk.”

Maryati said that Rapi began smoking at the age of just two months ago after collecting cigarette butts scattered on the road which older lads lit for him.

After that, he began demanding from his parents who run a food stall which also sells cigarettes, as well as hounding passersby for his daily fix.

Maryati said that it had been difficult to ban her child from smoking because he will “cry all day” if he can’t smoke.

She added: “If Rapi doesn’t get cigarettes he cannot sleep. He will start rampaging and crying.“It’s expensive, because we have to buy them for him. He likes to do it all day. He can smoke about 40 every day.”

The toddler’s dad Misbahudin, 40, said he also smokes but doesn’t know why his child started the habit.

Source: Komolafe Daniel

Education / Final Batch Of UNIOSUN Medical Students Arrives Nigeria (photos) by Oluwolex2000(m): 9:57pm On Aug 10
By Komolafe Daniel

The final and last batch of the medical students of osun state university sponsored by the osun state government to study medicine in Karazin University Ukraine, are back.

In 2013 the government of Osun state solely sponsored 92 students of Osun state university who couldn't continue their education due to some lapses in the school.

Over half a billion naira (school fees and accommodation) was used to sponsor these students and now they are finally back.

The overall medical student in Ukraine 2016, 2017 and 2018 where all from Osun state university.

Parents, well wishers and friends were all Present at the government house in osun state to celebrate the successful arrival of these wonderful students.

Photos Below:-

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Sent Her Nude To A Married Father Of 2 In US by Oluwolex2000(m): 1:07am On Jul 15
Foreign Affairs / Zimbabwe President Survives Assassination Attempt by Oluwolex2000(m): 5:37pm On Jun 23
According to reports, the African leader was almost killed in an explosion while at a rally in Bulawayo.

The Guardian UK quotes local media as saying that security personnel, several ministers and probably the vice-president were hurt in the blast inside the White City stadium on Saturday, June 23.

The president himself confirmed the attack in a tweet on his official Twitter handle He tweeted: Mnangagwa’s spokesman George Charamba, told local media that the assassination attempt is already being investigated.

“Investigations are under way and more details will be given to the public. There have been multiple attempts on the president’s life over the past five years,” he said.

Source: inout_9ja.com


Crime / Nx by Oluwolex2000(m): 5:22pm On Jun 23

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