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Politics / Re: Jennifer Ukambong Samuel, The Boko Haram Kidnapped Victim (More Photos) by Omoladams(m): 4:59pm On Jan 05, 2020

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Health / Re: Public Health Nursing: Backbone Of The Society (part 1) By Nurse Omolola Adams O by Omoladams(m): 11:49am On Oct 04, 2018
With this article the stakeholders and the society shall be adequately and well informed. Information is power. Nurses should take their full responsibities in health sector.
Here in Nigeria, there reverse is the case. .
Doctors are taking over d affairs of nurse in any tertiary health centre, cos soon many doctors will go into farming.
This is Nigeria!!!
Health / Public Health Nursing: Backbone Of The Society (part 2) By Nurse Omolola Adams O by Omoladams(m): 9:19am On Oct 02, 2018
Public Health Nurse, an individual responsible to preview, proffer, prevent, promote, pronounce, review and propagate information about health challenges in the community such as an outbreak, and serve as a link between the government and the people.

Every organisation must review its activities weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This is to promote efficiency and efficacy in the productivity sections for improvements. As a responsible public health nurse, it's highly paramount to review the health indices in order to establish areas requiring more attention. Starting from assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation. Assessment, the first stage in health review as it forms the baseline in creating a viable statistical background for health variations. It takes the most important aspect of health review. If the assessment is faulty the whole process will be shabby as the result can never be accurate. A Public Health Nurse is fully knowledgeable and can apply the advanced nursing process to health review and skillful to maintain and organise the public health review of the society.

There are certain elements a public health nurse should appreciate through preview of health indices. These elements provides a level ground where the public health nurse can base her recommendations in suit of present and past health circumstances of the society. Preview is an important integral role of a public health nurse, the tools required to promulgate the preview is broadened and scientific. Research enhancement is the only drive that push forward ideas and reality, public health nurses should promote scientific researches and conferences in order to establish facts and not myths. These findings can be a tool to corroborate the preview of health status of a society, hence giving full capacity to prevent any unforeseen outbreak. There are basically two types of outbreak in every community, certain outbreak are unforeseen while another outbreak can be premeditated. In some communities in Africa, there are certain outbreak that can easily with full conscious intent and a measure of forethought be attacked such as weather, certain weather in Africa comes with some outbreak, hence, with various publications of scientific research, the public health nurse can preview the health challenges ahead and send it to appropriate quarters for necessary actions.

Information is power as a universally accepted and undaunted tool to keep abreast with the latest development around and globally. Lack of accessibility to information endanger individual and the society. An illustration here is, someone equipped with information will be well versed with whatever that is happening, and such individual is seen to be in light while the other person that lacks information is in darkness. Light and darkness are parallel and can never be equated. The developed countries spend huge resources on information dissemination, which keeps health challenges at a bearable level than African countries. This is because of high level of corruption raving the continent. If the citizens are duly informed, politicians cannot take them for granted. This is why there is high level of illiteracy in Africa.

Government refused to equip the public health nurses because, as part of the responsibilities of a public health nurse is information propagation and dissemination. Despite these deficient resources, public health nurse still maintain its professional duties by sharing essential health tips on health and outbreak. Thus, a public health nurse has a lined - up channel of communications to disseminate very important information across board. Unfortunately some countries had politicised health sector with poor result in ranking countries health system.

Health sector is a team - work and there are levels of interdependency, though each member has its autonomy. When each members work within their limit there can never be conflict and the resultant effects shall be positive in the outcome of the care of the patients. A public health nurse can achieve 100% success with support and collaboration of other team members.

Every societies must equipped well the public health nurses, engage them in services, and station them at every point of entries of all countries and every health establishment (especially outpatient department), well remunerated and full autonomy. Every countries must have a viable Public Health Commission without the interference of ministry of health rather collaboration as well the government. Virtually in all ministry of health, there is a department of public health section, yet redundant because of the power of the ministers of health who most times aren't interested. The commission shall be headed by an expert with a track record in public health services be it in private or public organisation. A public health nurse, public health doctor, public health pharmacist, and epidemiologist can be appointed if duly qualified as the head of the commission.

OMOLOLA Adams Olatayo
Public Health Nurse Strategist and Expertise. Public Health Advocate

source ; https://allnurses.com/public-community-health/public-health-nursing-1174773.html

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Health / Re: Public Health Nursing: Backbone Of The Society (part 1) By Nurse Omolola Adams O by Omoladams(m): 9:11am On Oct 02, 2018
thanks, a way of enlightening public about this speciality.
Health / Public Health Nursing: Backbone Of The Society (part 1) By Nurse Omolola Adams O by Omoladams(m): 2:41pm On Sep 30, 2018
Nursing is defined as science and art of life which is evidenced - based practice profession that is built upon a desired goal in attaining maximal health status of a client well or sick. It encompasses the holistic care given as requested by the client ranging from clinical based disorders to psychological, emotional, economical, spiritual and environmental and community care.

Nursing profession has undergone dramatic revolutions over the years and is still in vogue with current millennial development challenges. Public health nursing is an important integral of health care profession saddled with responsibilities of harnessing public resources tackling and confronting public health challenges. It's a speciality in nursing profession that hasn't received enough attentions from government and policy makers as well as international health organisation.

Public Health Nurse, an individual responsible to preview, proffer, prevent, promote, pronounce, and propagate information about health challenges in the community such as outbreak, and serve as a link between the government and the people. A Public Health Nurse preview health indices all year round of a community or society to ameliorate improvement in coming year as well for budgetary allocation as required. It assists in policy formulation for upward review of yearly health activities and seek for improvement in terms of preventions and treatment. A Public Health Nurse should to extent be able to forecast incoming health challenges based on the preview reports of previous years thus help in planning. This can only be achieved with available resources and support from international organisations as well the government.

One of the major role of a Public Health Nurse is to promote preventive measures in every sphere of the societal health challenges. Resources required for illness prevention is very meagre compared to treatment. Every society promoting illness prevention has robust healthcare facility. This is the opposite of what transpired in Africa, most government in Africa do not empower preventive mechanism yet the health care facility are overstretched. Every year there is budgetary allocation to health sector which doesn't reflect the true status of health indices of the country. With the yearly budgetary allocations to health sector, poor staffing, lack of technological input, poor management, poor incentives, poor working environment and son on. Still there is high rate of maternal mortality (it's preventable) and so on.

A public health nurse is the major player that can ameliorate the sufferings of the victims during outbreak. Many government in Africa do not spend on prevention yet spending huge amount of money during an outbreak. Poor financing of health sector is common whereas public health nurse specialist received nothing from budgetary allocation because they aren't recognised. The skills and knowledge of a public health nurse keep him or her on toe just to enhance the safety of the society. Before any attack to any country soldiers are saddled with protection of the territory at the borders, land, air, and sea. Public health nurses are to be majorly dispersed to all point of entry of any country. Liaise with international organisations to prevent any incoming disease from any part of the world and promote preventions of outbreak. Any nation toying with the health security border is plunging its citizen to any health attack. A public health nurse is versed with health matters of all the neighbouring countries and territorial borders. Not only the neighbours but be alert with global health challenges and disease outbreak.

Governments, Policy makers and International Organisations such as World Health Organisation should proscribe any country that didn't fully safeguard its borders with public health nurses and other health professionals. This is the major way such government can protect its citizen from any disease trying to enter such territory while technology should be accessible and available to detect such infected individual. Safeguarding the safety of the country isn't only having soldiers at the borders rather civilian public health workers should be dispersed to all territorial borders. If any contagious disease should get access to any country its worse than war because of mode of spread especially the air. A public health nurse should have the autonomy so as to take drastic and quick decisions when needs arise as well the care. Interdisciplinary relationship should be attained yet public health nurse with specialised skill cannot wait to receive order due to the emergency. Order comes late and the citizen suffers for such consequences, hence full autonomy can only make a huge difference.

OMOLOLA Adams Olatayo
Public Health Nurse Strategist and Expertise. Public Health Advocate

Source :allnurses.com[b][/b][i][/i]

Health / Fodor Healthcare Foundation Performed Free Eye Screening by Omoladams(m): 12:52pm On Apr 19, 2017
Igbajo is a community located at Osun Central Senatorial District. 15th April, 2017 was its 30th Igbajo Day Celebration. It's indegene from all over the world converged at the playground of Baptist Elementary School, Oguru to celebrate the Igbajo Day. Well wishers and several groups attended the occasion in great styles.
FODOR, a community health non governmental organisation, in its usual practice, wasn't left out. FODOR preformed free eye screening for many visitors and indigenes that attended the program. Seasoned and experienced ophthalmic nurses - Mrs Aninuntodun and Mrs Olubanke of LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Osogbo performed the visual acuity and refraction. They were assisted by other nurses and student nurses. Based on the outcome of the screening, a referral system was instituted.
In a related development, another group performed community health awareness in conjunction with FODOR. Basic medical screening were carried out. Nurses Adegbite Wale - founder FODOR HEALTHCARE FOUNDATIONS expressed his gratitude towards the success of the program. He specially appreciate the ophthalmic nurses for thier steadfastness and dedication towards the program. He also extends his appreciation to members of FODOR FOUNDATION for their great contributions towards adult healthcare - Nurse Omolola Adams, Nurse Sumonu Waheed, Nurse Abereifa Yemi, Nurse Mustapha Sadia, and Nurse Fafowora Bola. He said those are my backbones. He further send his gratitude message to student nurses for thier understading and maintaining professional conduct.
In his reaction, Nurse Abereifa said the free Eye Screening is a welcome development, a little contribution from FODOR to bring healthcare services to the doorstep of the indigenes of Igbajo. He reiterated that philanthropists should emulate such gestures and other government as well other organisations should partner in such activities.
Omolola Adams
Public Health Expertise

Health / Seventh Day Adventist School Of Nursing Ile Ife by Omoladams(m): 1:35pm On Mar 17, 2017
ADMISSION REQIUREMENTS : The minimum entry requirements for admission are: five (5) credits level passe in the WAEC/SSCE/NECO or its equivalent which must include ENGLISH LANGUAGE, MATHEMATICS, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS at not more than two (2) sittings. NOTE : Combination of WAWC/SSCE and NECO is allowed. Candidate's age should 17 1/2 years and above.
HOW TO REGISTER: Pay the sum of Nine Thousand Naira only (9, 000:00) into any branch of First Bank Nigeria Plc, Ile Ife, Account Name: SAD School of Nursing, Account Number : 3001036692. Scan the bank teller for the payment and send to entranceform.sdasonife@gmail.com and check your email for the response. Download the form, fill it, scan the completed form and send it to entranceform.sdasonife@gmail.com
Examination dates : 1st Batch : June 8, 2017. 2nd Batch : August 10, 2017
For further enquiries : 08068187655, 08059800869

Health / Re: Quackey - The Virus Sucking Healthcare Sector. Nurse Omolola Adams Olatayo by Omoladams(m): 3:52pm On Feb 17, 2017
The health sector in Nigeria can only compete with its counterpart only when there is harmony among the professionals in the health sector. The fight against quackery is a collaborative effort which can destroy the virus vehemently.

High rate maternal mortality and morbidity, High rate infant mortality and morbidity are due to inadequate well trained health personnel. Nigeria Government hasn't done enough in this struggle.
Health / Quackey - The Virus Sucking Healthcare Sector. Nurse Omolola Adams Olatayo by Omoladams(m): 7:05am On Feb 17, 2017

The code of ethics of nursing profession enshrined by Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria clarified and established who is a nurse. Accordingly, a nurse is "a person who has received authorized education, acquired specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes, and is registered and licensed with the Nursing and Midwifery Council to provide promotive, preventive, supportive, and restorative care to individuals, families and communities, independently, and in collaboration with other members of health team. The nurse must provide care in such a manner as to enhance the integrity of the profession, safeguard the health of the individual, client/patient and protect the interest of the society. "

Recently, some vibrant, dedicated and committed hard working nurses under the auspice of National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) Ogun State Council in conjunction with the Nigerian police and members from the State Ministry of Health closed down seven hospitals and maternity centers for operating in the State without qualified Nurses. NANNM who was the brain behind the clamp down did some serious homework and investigations before visiting these facilities. These facilities delve in training quacks to provide unscientific nursing care in apprenticeship mode thus endangering the health of the populace. While some of these facilities are established by health practitioners who have clear knowledge on the position of the law and the risk involved in using quacks, others were never licensed health practitioners.

Ogun state NANNM Council was empowered as nurses under the oath with reference to the code of ethics mentioned above "safeguard the health of individual, client/patient and protect the interest of the society". The action of the nurses is to protect the interest of the society, hence they deserved commendations. This is the type of information our respectable national dailies should boldly inscribed. This is a form of awareness and fight against quackery in the health sector, which all the professionals in health sector should embrace.The clamp down on quacks and their trainers should not be seen neither as a supremacy battle nor a witch-hunt as suggested in some quarters but rather as an effort aimed at bringing sanity to the health sector. Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) released the ranking of health facilities of 190 countries in the world. Nigeria was ranked an abysmal 187 out of 190 countries. One of the attributing factors is a systematic endorsement of quack by some professional individuals in the health sector. A nurse has a jurisdictional power to protect the interest of the society as enshrined in the code of ethics of nursing.
I am not here to exchange words rather to enlighten the public and those who have been spending their precious time to justify the need to continue to endanger the health of the good people of Nigeria by the training and use of quacks. Knowledge is power and media is a tool to disseminate accurate information and not to shrewd some grievances towards some professionals and interpolate issues to suit personal egocentric grandiosity. It's childish, blackmailing and unprofessional for a medical doctor subscribing to acceleration of quacks called "auxiliary nurses " when there isn't such provision in the NMCN nor MDCN Act as opined by Dr Paul in his epistle. This manner supports illegality; professionals in the health care are responsible for this menace. Majority of the mushroom private clinics engaged in training of quacks which is a contributing factor to the worsening health index in the country.
Every professional in the health sector are regarded as entity, territory, and compound. No profession can encroach into another discipline such that only a medical doctor practice medicine; a pharmacist practice pharmacy, a nurse practice nursing and so on. These professionals have their strategic peculiarities in healthcare team. Anybody can bear those titles outside the health sector hence anybody using the title without undergoing stipulated and required education and practice in health sector is a quack.
In the Healthcare sector before an individual is called a nurse he /she must meet the above criteria defined in the code of ethics of nursing. Anybody using the title in the health sector without authorized education, skills, attitudes, specialized knowledge, registered and licensed by NMCN in any public or private health facility is an impersonator, a quack and a serial killer worse than Ebola disease.
In the acclaimed developed world where there is scientific advancement with international best practices, there are many cadres of nursing in the health care sector. They all belonged to a body that regulates and coordinates the education, and practices thus pave way for professionalism guided with ethics and etiquette and closed - door against quackery. The health care system in those countries is robust and schemes out any form of illegal health care provider. A registered Nurse received different education and practice from a licensed Nurse as well a Nurse practitioner differs from Nurse auxiliary, this creates vacuum for hierarchy with different responsibilities. Their activities such as educations and practices are modulated and coordinated by the constituted authority, through a formal training.
In Nigeria, it’s a different ball game. Presently, the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria is the only authorized body that regulates, coordinates, the education and practice of nursing in health care. Registered Nurse is the only cadre present in Nigeria, hence it becomes an aberration and illegal when certain individuals are called "nurse" "auxiliary nurse " without possessing the criteria highlighted in the code of ethics of nursing.
All Nigerians need to be proactive in matters relating to their health and health services by asking questions from their healthcare providers about the qualifications of those drafted to provide care for them. The citizens need to stop sending their wards to be trained as quacks as a trained quack is worse than a bubonic plague.


Nairaland / General / Dr. Akinwumi Adesina : A Seasoned Policy Effector by Omoladams(m): 11:28am On Jan 30, 2017
A young vibrant, dedicated and successor who made an incomparable impact in the agricultural and economic sustainability of Federal Republic of Nigeria. He's versatile and a compassionate African that believed in the strenght of the fertile land to make any Africa country great through agriculturisation.
Born about 56years ago into the family of a farmer and proceeded to study agriculture (family heritage) from bachelor degree at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife up to PhD at Purdue University. He's a renowned and seasoned farmer. Family background made a positive impact in his achievement.
He served at Rockefeller Foundation as a senior scientist in 1988 and rose to Associate Director for Food Security in 2003 till 2008. A proud born farmer became the Minister of Agriculture of Federal Republic of Nigeria 2010 - 2015. He emphasized on discipline, transparency, and accountability at the ministry. Corruption destroyed the ministry thus contribute less than 3%GDP. Adesina's first priority was the "loggerhead "among farmers on fertiliser. He achieved transparency in fertiliser supply chain. He systematically ended about 40years of corruption in the fertilizer purchase and distributions. Present success in fertiliser accessibility, stability, and affordability was the crowned effort of the scientific farmer - Dr. Akinwumi.
He revitalised Nigeria economy through agriculture. After first oil exploration in Nigeria, agriculture became less lucrative and unattractive. Adesina made it attractive when private sectors investment in agriculture hit $5. 6b. As agric minister, Nigeria realised #778 billion as revenue from mainly five crops. This added value to GDP of the country. Now, every government recognised potentials investment in agriculture as a vital tool in national development. Diversified economy sustains than monopolized economy. Rice, maize, and cassava are major staple foods in Nigeria, these items were affordable and accessible under Adesina watchdog. Yet the current minister Chief Audu Ogbe with his inconsistency and unsustainable policy had made these commodities scarce and expensive.
Dr. Akinwumi developed several initiatives, some saw the light of the day while others burried. Mobile phones for farmers in rural areas to receive essential and update on the farming, some cabals in the system killed the initiative. He also launched a scheme labelled GES - Growth Enhancement Support, which is a farm support initiative, where all registered farmers in the country paid 50% cost for the seeds and fertilizers. Adesina served as Vice President of Policy and Partnership for Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) with aim and objective of boosting soilfertility, seed availability and improved marketing access. Due to the tremendous achievement he received an award of YARA Prize for the African Green Revolution in 2007. Such intellect should not be giving away to international organisations because his input is valued.
Dr. Akinwumi Adesina is the first Nigerian, 8th President of the African Development Bank succeeding Donald Kaberuka - A Rwanda nationale in September 1, 2015. Within short period that he emerged as President AfDB, He had made tremendous achievement in the continent. He's recipient of several awards locally and international. Adesina is a visionary, dynamic, policy-effector, skilled, intelligent, brilliant and workaholic Nigerian. He's a performer and not a story teller.
My uncle - Professor Ajibade Bayo-Lawal, a classmate and friend to Adesina's elder brother at Ejigbo Baptist High School once told me that " while in EBHS Adesina was very young, brilliant, agile, talented and loved farming. He will revive Nigeria Agriculture to competes favourably if given enough time to serve. "

Health / Re-orientation Of Nigerian Journalists By Omolola Adams Olatayo by Omoladams(m): 3:56pm On Dec 30, 2016
Journalism is an art, science, and a process of unfolding and revealing hidden facts on a subject after a thorough and professional investigations without bias, shabby, and conflict intention for society to be knowledgeable and informed. Any article to be delivered to the populace must be truth and fact - based, not to confuse the society nor diminish or confiscate the subject-matter to undue molestation. Journalists are guided by ethics and etiquettes, these enhance professionalism and promote adequate reportage.
Nursing profession has suffered a huge pain in the hands of journalists in Nigeria. Negative attributes has been conjugated with nursing profession. These stories captured minds of readers which are transferred to a professional nurse in course of care. Nigerian journalists derived much pleasures in publishing destructional story of a quack and tagged nurse, nurse as a slave, nurse as a servant, nurse as a prostitute , nurse as a dullard and nurse as a minority and voiceless. It's an act of blasphemy against nursing profession. The headlines scourge the professional nurse while the story reveals a quack. To put it straight, there is nothing like quack nurse nor auxiliary nurse. A quack is a quack and is found in all profession, thus not limited to nursing alone. The Nigerian constitution does not have provision for anything like "auxiliary " they are 'killers' and 'doctor's maid'. Nursing and Midwifery Act 89 of 1979 has no provision for 'auxiliary' thus a breach in healthcare system. Auxiliaries aren't supposed to be promoted rather banished and culprits be brought to book. There is a need to review the hospital establishment policy. I will dwell more on that in my next article.
Health reporters should enlighten Nigerians on the risk of using substandard hospital for care, every citizen has right to ask the nurse or the doctor to show the license, ask politely and you shall see it. Anyone with unbridled excuses or incoherent excuses is a quack. So many headlines are flying around with nurse kills babies, Nurse aborts a teen pregnancy, Nurse abuses or fights patient, Nurse inflicts more pain on patients, Nurses takes orders from doctors, Nurse pulls out the hand of a baby during delivery, Nurse sells baby and many more. These stories defamed nursing profession, the writers didn't follow simple journalism procedure yet the media house published such erroneous stories about nursing. Nollywood also show-cased nursing image wrongly to the society.
Some journalists are professionals and aren't economical with the truth. Few health reporters had made indelible impact with profound and resourceful articles, balanced, concise, unbiased, and fact - based stories. Many are found in television and radio stations while few are in media print as well online media. Ethics should be uphold and enshrined with quality and fact findings articles. Nigerians deserved rights to adequate and exact findings. This is not only in nursing profession, its time the authority and the umbrella body of nursing association (NANNM) acts swiftly to condemn any journalist reporting conflicting stories that is misguiding and misleading on nursing issues. Many of those reporters had little or no knowledge about nursing profession, the judgement of these journalists are already clouded with what is obtained among doctor's maid (private clinic) and nollywood movies, thus promoting anarchical stories, stereotypical articles has the day, and society accepts such.

OMOLOLA Adams Olatayo Public Health Expertise adamsolatayo@yahoo.com

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Nairaland / General / Fodor Memorial Adult Health Foundation : Official Launching by Omoladams(m): 8:30am On Sep 30, 2016

All protocols duly observed
Good morning everybody, am Nurse Omolola Adams Olatayo, am a Registered Public Health Nurse.
Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing. A geriatric is an individual that is chronologically above 50 years old. As you are all gathered here, you are looking cheerful, great, neat, and radiant. Even though the weather is cold majority of you wear pullover. Its my joy seeing old one looking healthy. keep it up and you can all do better. Let me highlight certian points about old age:
Old age is not a disease condition rather its physiological changes in the body system.
it's a process of milestone development from adulthood o old age.
it's a natural phenomenon whereby all functioning organs depreciate as you grow old.
at this age there are unique physiological needs and health needs that are different from the younger adult body.
The decline in physiological reserve in organs makes the elderly develop some kind of diseases.
older adults ave special healthcare needs that make thier medical care more complicated.
caring for older people with multiple health problems can be tricky even for healthcare professional who specialise in geriatrics.

The primary focus of FODOR this morning is GERIATRIC ASSESSMENT. Bassem and Kim (2011), stated that the geriatric assessment is a multidimensional, multidisciplinary assessment designed to evaluate an older person's functional ability, physical health, cognition and mental health, and socioenvironmental circumstances. It is usually initiated when the physician identifies a potential problem. Specific elements of the physical health that are evaluated include nutrition, vision, hearing, fecal and urinary continence, and balance. The geriatric assessment aids in the diagnosis of medical conditions, development of treatment and follow up plans, coordination of management of care, and evaluation of long term care needs and optimal placement.
According to Madeline (2016), there are (15) fifteen most common health concerns for seniors which include:
Heart Disease
Respiratory Diseases
Alzheimer's Disease
Influenza & Pneumonia
Substance Abuse
Oral health

Today , FODOR will asess three basics health needs through the help of the convener of this community health reach NURSE ADEGBITE ADEWALE. There are experienced, competents and diligent nurses and doctor here today.
Weight and Height : This is to calculate your BMI i.e. Basal Metabolic Index which shall translate your nutritional status.
Random Blood Sugar / Fasting Blood Sugar : with this we can determine who is living with diabetes, borderline diabetes and risk of diabetes with prompt adequate treatment.
Blood Pressure: It will serve as baseline data, to diagnose hypertension, borderline and risk. Also to provide comprehensive care through a functional referral system.

The above mentioned health concerns are major health challenges of older people. You can prevent the occurrence based on the following precautions:
Good dietary Style
Adequate sleep
Drinking adequate water
Passive Exercise
Avoid tobacco sniffing and alcohol
Engage in less strenuous farming
Always have warmth / hot bath during cold season.
Wear pull over / cardigan all the time
Reduce intake of salt otherwise avoid it
Reduce eating of meat (red/white) otherwise avoid it
Dried fish, locust beans, vegetables, Cray - fish, fruits etc, are best food for you at this stage. For those with fallen teeth, for conviniency you can smashed them.
Regularly take your bath
Prompt Medical check up
Seek medical care when feeling unusual.

In conclusion, I want to salute the courage of NURSE ADEGBITE ADEWALE for organising this programme. I want to urge you all to make use of this event to improve your health status and follow simple precautionary measures.
Thank you all for listening.

adamsolatayo@gmail. com
(Translated version of Yoruba Language)
Bassem Elsawy, Kim E. Higgins (2011). The Geriatric Assessment, American Family Physician, 1:83 (1):48 - 56.
Healthinaging. org (2012). Aging & Health A TO Z www. healthinaging.org
Madeline R. Vann (2016). The 15 most common Health Concerns fo Seniors. www. everydayhealth. com/news/most-common-health-concerns-seniors
Wikipedia : Geriatrics https://en. m. Wikipedia. org

Health / Nurse Justina Ejelonu : An Uncelebrated Icon. Omolola Adams by Omoladams(m): 9:35am On Aug 14, 2016
In any socitey certian people pay huge prices to redeem such society. In attempt of discharging one's loyalty to such society death is the highest price. Countless of such individuals as Malcolm X, George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, John Brown, Susan B. Anthony, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Frederick Douglass, Henry Hudson Neil Armstrong just to mention but few contributed immensely to thier societies and paid highest price.
Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian credited with importing Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) to Nigeria, contracted it when he travelled to Liberia for his sister’s burial. He collapsed at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos on Sunday July 20, 2014, and was hospitalised at First Consultant Medical Centre, Obalende, Lagos. However, on Thursday, 24th July, 2014, he died.
NURSE JUSTINA EJELONU provided prompt nursing care despite the ravaging deadly virus engulfing neighbouring countries in which the victim was coming from to Nigeria and First Consultant Medical Centre graciously opened its gate to the dead agent. Nurse JUSTINA showed to the world that nursing profession is an humanitarian profession, an accolade of human dignity, a susceptible to danger profession, selflessness, caring, empathize, loving and nursing to peaceful death.
It's already two years down the memory lane when nurse JUSTINA EJELONU laid down her life for this country in the course of discharging her professional responsibilities as a nurse and safeguard Nigeria from been engulfed by Ebola Virus. The Government has not deem it fit to immortalised this selfless NURSE, this is sending a bad signal to the younger ones in the society. Even in United State of America, the sitting president visited nurses that contracted the disease. That Government has concerned for its citizen and many are willing to do the same in thier respective endeavours. When will Nigeria government accord due recognitions to its faithful, selfless and dedicated citizens?
NURSE JUSTINA EJELONU, you shall remain in our hearts forever, even if the government see nothing good in laying down your life, The Nigeria Nurses see extraordinary manifest of your nursing care. You shall be celebrated in the nursing world.

adamsolatayo@gmail. com

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Health / Nurses Are Professionals (part 1) by Omoladams(m): 4:35pm On Jun 16, 2016
Education is very important which reflects intrinsic values, intellect, culture and integrity. Health care system in Nigeria is derailed, thus need to be remodelled. Many at times society doesn’t understand WHO IS A NURSE? Prompting individual to make refuting statements and confuse society the more. Stereotyping has caused a serious damage to the profession such that no good deed is talked of a nurse.
This is an excerpt from Governor Tambuwal speech on increasing the allowances of Youth Service Corp members.
Daily Post reports that Tambuwal said Graduates of medicine will now be paid N50,000 from the current amount of N36,000. Pharmacists will now N25,000 up from the N19,000 obtainable in the past, while graduates of lab science and other medical technicians like nurses are now entitled to monthly stipend of N15,000, up from the current N9,000 they are getting from the state government.
Who is a medical technician? Certified medical technicians collect samples and perform medical laboratory tests in order to provide diagnostic support to physicians and pathologists. They typically earn either a certificate or an associate's degree in clinical laboratory science before attaining professional certification.
I want to believe that Mr Governor was misinformed and misguided on the word medical technician for nurses. According to that definition, you can accept nursing does not belong to class of medical technician. Nursing is a science and art of life which is evidence-based practice profession that is built upon a desired goal in attaining maximal health status of a client well or sick (Omolola 2014). A Nurse technician, often called nurse’s aides or nursing attendants, assists with the medical care of patients. Certified nurse technicians, similar to nurse aides or assistants, provide direct patient care with the supervision of a registered nurse. They aid patients with daily grooming chores, assist doctors with exams, and help nurses provide prescribed medications and treatments. Presently in Nigeria there is nothing like nurse technician, the only regulatory body known is nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria saddled with the responsibility of education and practice.
A Corp Nurse is a registered nurse, and midwife, spent five years as undergraduate, Medical Laboratory Scientists and Pharmacists spent five years in university as well. Why should the nurses be disenfranchised? it's a way of demoralizing and downgrading the profession. They all had same entry requirements into university, individual choice differs.
Mr Governor, Nursing is a profession and cannot be classified as medical technician. At 100 level, 200 level and 300 level first semester, Nursing and Medical students write same examination, in fact undergoes 1st MB examination together. After that semester, students swiftly moved to area of interest. Is it a crime for a twin brother to be disenfranchised in order to satisfy the other one?
The public should henceforth accord nurses their due respects. Anybody trained in the hospital by a Doctor is never and can never be called a nurse. That doctor /hospital is training killer and should be proscribed because only Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria is lawfully allowed to licensed successful student nurses after the examination.
Mr Governor, am giving out this piece of information to inform the misinformed and correct the anomalies. Corp Nurses deserve due recognition and excellent remuneration as accorded their counterpart.

Public Health Nurse

Nairaland / General / Re : Punch Newapaper - Stop Professional Defamation by Omoladams(m): 9:46pm On May 25, 2016

A nurse is an individual that cares for the sick ones with professional skills based on educational and clinical proficiency. Nursing profession is giuded by ethics and etiquette which governs andd rules activities of the profession.
An individual cannot be called a nurse without passing through the four walls of school of nursing or university. At the end of the training each student shall sit for final qualifying examination , the successful students shall be awarded REGISTERD NURSE. Anyone who did not follow this route is never a nurse. A CHEW ( Community Health Extension Worker) is not a nurse as an example, those ones that attended school of health technology or hygiene are NEVER NURSES. Any person trained by a doctor in a private hospital is not a nurse nor the chemist attendant. Not everyone in white is a nurse nor a lady in white with cap.
It's very disheartening and embarrassing for a widely read newspaper as tagged could publish an article on a QUACK that did abortion for a 12year old girl ( Favour). professional journalism is based on accuracy, facts, timeliness, professional, balanced and concise. All these attributes are lacking in that caption. The woman in question isn't a NURSE but QUACK. Beside there is nothing like quack nurse as a point of correction, you are either a nurse or never.
In Nigeria, abortion is inimical and illegal. Thus all professionals in the health sector are aware of it with few exemptions of threatened abortion, therapeutic abortion and others. Punch Newspaper should sharpen its journalism skills and balance its report in all ramifications. This is pure professional defamation and professional character assassination. Punch Newspaper should retract that story and remove the caption of nurse and nurse quack. Also tender apology to all nurses ands nursing profession.

A Public Health Nurse

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