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Literature / Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 11:55pm On Aug 15, 2017

good job. well done.

Thank you.

Love the way you began, nice story line dear

Thanks a lot.

Thumbs up for the nice story line... Unless your work would be read by linguists only, try and stoop to vocabularies ordinary students will understand without holding out a dico. The essence should be showing your writing prowess not your grammatical control, Unless you're Mma I'm reality...

Just thinking aloud like Nnamdi though.

Alright, thanks for that suggestion. I will definitely look into it. Meanwhile, I'm not Mma grin it's purely fiction.

Nice one, I can't wait to finish it

Thanks a lot
Literature / Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 11:10am On Aug 10, 2017
my dear what happened you started this good work and left it unfinished? I keep refreshing this thread thinking I will see updates but to no avail. please come and update

So sorry dear, I'm working on the copyright and publishing before I continue to avoid someone stealing the story. It's on a "work in progress" mood. grin I will definitely complete it when the above is done. Thanks dear

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Literature / Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 11:15pm On Jul 25, 2017
Thanks moderators for picking my story...

Thank God Mma is ok nw....nice fire on sista

There will be a pause for now. I want to do the needful. Thanks for reading... kiss

God bless everyone that has followed keenly, I truly appreciate... kiss kiss
Literature / Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 10:09pm On Jul 22, 2017

Good evening FAF! It is another weekend and the faithful readers of “the secrets” will be anticipating another chapter to relish. However, there will be a pause for now on the posting; this is due to the greater goal ahead which I believe is a better option for everyone. More so, this is done to end the issue of late posting as well as satisfy the needs of those who already want it in prints.
Meanwhile, you think you have known the secrets? Or believe you can decipher them? I bet you haven’t and can’t because the secrets are yet to be revealed. Nevertheless, enjoy some excerpts from chapters six, seven and eight of the secrets:

Chapter 6…
All the while, Juliet stood behind the door listening to all their conversation, she was filled with rage over her husband’s decision. She wasn’t pre-informed about what she heard and that made her more furious. “This is the time to strike like the child of thunder that I am!” She said to herself. Juliet was absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t realise when Nnamdi opened the door. Their eyes met and Nnamdi’s heart almost jumped out of his mouth, he could see the fury in Juliet’s eyes and he was sure she heard their conversation. Juliet looked at him from his head down to his toes and up to his head again. She gave him that look thrice and walked away slowly.
“I am finished!” Nnamdi exclaimed. He knew that Juliet’s silence was more dangerous than an earthquake. He wanted moving but his legs were stuck to the ground, fear won’t let him lift any of his legs up, he vigorously managed to drag them to his room.

More from chapter 6….
“You ask too many questions my sugar. Just do as I say and everything will be fine, knowing too much isn’t a good thing.” She alerted him with a kiss on his lips. Nnamdi couldn’t utter a word, Juliet’s ranting has benumbed him. He simply sat still and watched Juliet continue with her seduction. “I permitted you and Dora to get married, but that doesn’t mean I have given up on you, it will only make me have a free and easy access to you sugar.” She vamped. I have missed your caressing though, its over 2 years now but I am certain that you will give me a treat and it will be worth the wait.” She said to him and left him in bewilderment.”

More from chapter 6…
“Doctor Manuel wasn’t surprised but was startled, such averment. “Sorry?” He muttered.
“Yes you! You are my problem; you are my sickness. I am ‘love-sick’ and my cure is you.” Simdi repeated bluntly, staring directly into his face. Doctor Manuel was speechless as he looked at Simdi trying to decipher her bold approach.
“I only want your macho arms wrapped around my body.” Simdi continued. “I want to be locked down under your strength with those appealing eyes of yours gazing into mine while I moan in ecstasy. Your scent should be the only air I breath, I desire your luscious lips on mine. I crave for a night of endless passion with you.” Simdi revealed to him with ardour making an attempt to stand up, but Manuel halted her with his hand.”

Chapter 7…
Manuel was humbled, he realised that he has blabbed a lot so he went to Mma and held her right hand. “I am very sorry sweetheart, please forgive me.” He pleaded with her. Mma placed her left hand on Manuel’s hand and starred him in the face. “It’s fine Manuel, I get this reaction even from my parents.” She replied him with an innocent smile.
“I love you!” Manuel suddenly and finally confessed. Mma’s breath almost ceased on hearing Manuel’s word. She gazed into his amazing eyes as though she was searching for the truth in there.
“I love you Mmachi! I swear I do.” He repeated, causing Mma’s heart to thump faster than usual. They were both enveloped in each other’s gaze, Mma saw the sincerity in his eyes, she was almost drowning in passion since she has a soft spot for him but immediately she remembered. It was there too, in Nnamdi’s bulgy eyes, however he left her. The thought of Nnamdi resuscitated her to fight the intense desire that was building up. Mma directed her gaze somewhere else and sighed heavily. “What is it sweetheart?” Manuel asked her softly. “Didn’t you find the answer you seek for?” He continued with his questioning still looking into Mma’s eyes, he could see doubt and fear in her eyes but he expected it.
Mma stood up from where she sat down relieving herself from Manuel’s piercing gaze, he did same too. She wasn’t ready for another love-bond, at the same time she was scared of losing Manuel’s adulation and care. Mma was still lost in thoughts, staring into space when Manuel’s word stirred up flickers inside her stomach.
“Sweetie please say something to me, anything. Your silence is killing me inside.” Whispered Manuel in deep voice with a moan. Mma found her voice and muttered.
“I don’t know what to say Manuel…”
“Then don’t say anything sweetheart.” He rejoined immediately, grabbing her by the waist with his left hand and with his right hand, he raised her chin and placed a gentle and sweet kiss on her lips. Mma trembled with emotion.

Chapter 8…
Manuel slipped his hands into Mma’s blue jacket and held her tummy being that she was wearing a white crop top on black jeggings. Mma shivered as his hands glided through her stomach. She smiled shyly and crossed her hands behind Manuel’s shoulders in order to gain balance, causing Manuel to draw her closer to himself.
“You’ve captivated my soul baby, every day I find myself falling more and more in love with you.” Manuel professed. “Take me and do with me as you please because I am helpless and hopeless without you. Please sweetheart own me.” He continued with his love declaration. It was awkward for Manuel but he had to do it to win Mma’s affection. He drew her closer again in a gentle manner and kissed her forehead. “I love you.” He whispered and kissed her left cheek. “I love you.” He repeated and kissed the other cheek. “Allow me to prove to you that I truly love you.” He finally said and kissed her lips passionately that Mma couldn’t fight it, instead she reciprocated.
It was an intense smooching…….

Please forgive my excerpts, I love love #smiling #coversface #onelove #thesecrets #decencyisthenewbeauty #stepbysteptogreatness #revelation


Literature / Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 8:51am On Jul 19, 2017

Hmmm...let me pay attention to this now before JAMB go carry ahm use as debut book to read wink (my opinion though)

Lol... This got me laughing cheesy cheesy I think I like your opinion, will look into it wink
Foreign Affairs / Re: Syrian Refugees Rescued Nigerian From Fire! by onyi4edu(f): 6:50pm On Jul 17, 2017

Me I nor book space oh. Na Igbe Igbe things


My confession: i could nt read it so i typed KKK

grin grin grin grin it's alright.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Syrian Refugees Rescued Nigerian From Fire! by onyi4edu(f): 2:32pm On Jul 17, 2017
my keypad got kidnapped by my 2 month old cousin

Hahaha...okay I believe you grin
Celebrities / Re: Lilian Esoro And Ubi Franklin Celebrate Their Son's Birthday Together by onyi4edu(f): 2:26pm On Jul 17, 2017
I have come to understand that love isn't the only thing that sustains marriage, I think we should start considering other criteria for getting married besides love.

HBD boy!!! ... I pray that the sparkle which joined your parents together will be rekindled on your birthday.


Celebrities / Re: Munachi Abii Celebrates Her Dog’s Pregnancy With A Puppy Shower by onyi4edu(f): 2:22pm On Jul 17, 2017
I simply don't understand how this news is news

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Sports / Re: Sylvester Igboun Buys Benz C Class To Begin New Russian Season (Pics by onyi4edu(f): 2:19pm On Jul 17, 2017
Hmmmm.... Interesting!!! undecided
Foreign Affairs / Re: Syrian Refugees Rescued Nigerian From Fire! by onyi4edu(f): 2:07pm On Jul 17, 2017
Omg!!! What a traumatic experience for him sad


Ermm!!! Where you guys booking space or simply do not know what to write grin grin grin
Literature / Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 2:47pm On Jul 16, 2017
you are indeed a good writer, I love your writing skills pls keep it up but please don't starve us with the update.

Thanks dear. Update alert! grin
Literature / Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 2:46pm On Jul 16, 2017

Two years into the online interior decoration business, “House on Fleek Interior Décor” has already become a household name just as Mma envisaged. Owners of big hotels, companies and houses wanted their edifices to either be decorated or redecorated by Nnamdi’s company. It was the trendy thing in town and when a building doesn’t have the “House on Fleek” logo, it was considered old-fashioned and not in vogue. Nnamdi was so good at his handwork that it advertised him and accrued him millions of profits. He partnered with importers and it made his work easier and stress-free. With the help of Mma, Nnamdi was able to create a very reliable business pattern and a platform where even people outside Abuja could get their homes or whatever outlet decorated and furnished by his online company.
Nnamdi was gaining so much recognition after some time in the business, he was in serious opulence and was tagged the youngest billionaire in town. He was still a fervent and dedicated worshipper even though he couldn’t put an end to his frolicking with girls, however, he made it known to every girl that Mma was his main and only girlfriend. He told his friends each time they cautioned him that the other girls were for relaxation and that he was being very careful with them not to get trapped. Nnamdi lavished Mma with lots of gifts, and in return, Mma showered him with so much love that he bragged about it to anyone who cared to listen. Mma seeing the rapid growth of Nnamdi’s business enjoined him to get an office for a physical contact as the need for it may arise soon. They were still working on getting an office space before the whole breakup saga erupted.
Juliet on the other hand disliked Mma with passion, Mma’s presence inevitably caused her tension and made her uncomfortable. She couldn’t stand Mma’s grace, even Chief confirmed her graceful personality as well. Mma wasn’t someone to be easily manipulated, not minding her naivety when love matters were involved. Juliet desired Nnamdi to herself while subjecting him to her control but Mma was a hindrance. Moreover, Juliet’s feelings for Nnamdi were getting deeper and stronger but Nnamdi has refused having an affair with her since Mma came into the picture. She saw Mma as a threat and was scared of losing all she has laboured for, including Nnamdi, to Mmachi.
“I guess I’m too old for him now and he doesn’t find me appealing anymore, I am not a match for Mma.” Juliet thought. She tried all she could to stop the relationship but she failed and her husband who formally supported all her rantings wouldn’t go along with her shenanigans, instead he sang Mma’s praise. Chief told Juliet that Mma has restored Nnamdi’s rightful status, he stated further that Nnamdi was his true son and that he was so proud of him. Juliet became frustrated, her walls of defence and control were gradually collapsing before her only because a church rat was involved. She began to devise other evil means of destroying the relationship.
Nnamdi glanced at his wrist-watch, it was 10 minutes past midnight. “The night is still young.” He said to himself and turning to the barman he demanded. “Give me some ice please.”
He collected the bowl of ice, dropped few cubes into his glass and continued drinking. He looked at the coquettes flirting around men. “My Mma will never be seen doing this.” He mumbled and dived into another deep thought of the past that brought this misery to him.
Juliet has had five children in the spate of her marriage with Chief which was about 9 years ago, two boys and three girls. Her last child Ifunanya was 2 years while her first child Onochie Junior was 8 years plus old. Ifunanya regularly reminded Juliet of the last time she had sex with Nnamdi because it was at that point that Mma came into his life. When Juliet was pregnant for Ifunanya, she added so much weight that she no longer looked appealing, therefore she couldn’t entice Nnamdi with her ‘killer-body,’ so she thought. Notwithstanding, she sent for her younger sister Dora who was about Mmachi’s mate to come and live with her in order to use her as an ally. Chief Odinachi has always been against having family relatives stay in his house for a very long time, he only accepted short visits, so when Juliet brought up the idea to him, he strongly kicked against it. However, his firm opposition didn’t deter Juliet from bringing Dora in and when Chief confronted her, she concocted a lie like she always does. Chief was vexed.
“With all the servants at her service, what does she need her sister for?” He complained to his son. Nnamdi knew how his father disliked live-in relatives, his late mum dared not to bring any of her siblings or cousins to dwell with them when she was alive; but he couldn’t kick against Juliet’s act for fear of being exposed.
“Daddy, from my point of view, just let her have her way or we wouldn’t have peace in this house. You know how mummy Onochie can be.” He averred.
Chief and Juliet had grievous quarrels over the issue, although, he later got exhausted from her constant nagging, malice and uncaring attitude, so he sought for her reconciliation. Juliet’s plan was to use Dora as a tool to keep Nnamdi away from Mmachi. She succeeded in making Dora her ally by manoeuvring her with her manipulative powers.
Dora was brainwashed by her elder sister to seduce Nnamdi and make him marry her in order to have the whole Odinachi’s fortune to themselves and the family. Juliet proposed this not in her sister’s interest, rather for her own personal affair. Dora liked the idea so much and accepted the offer, being a very friendly person, she had no difficulty in winning Nnamdi’s friendship likewise his girlfriend Mmachi, and this kept her a step ahead of them. Mma’s spirit rejected Dora outrightly but she accommodated her all the same. She told Nnamdi about her fears but he assured her that she had nothing to worry about. Sometimes the three of them would sit and chat or eat and drink together. Dora pretentious character just like her sister was to the core, she was waiting for the right time to sting as the scorpion she was trained to be. During one of her conversations with Mma, Dora pried into her relationship with Nnamdi asking her questions as though she was interested in their well-being. Dora realised from Mma’s replies that she was denying Nnamdi of sex just in the name of keeping her virginity until her wedding night. The information pleased Dora so much so that she supported Mma on it fully. Nevertheless, luring Nnamdi to Dora’s bed wasn’t as easy as she anticipated being a starved womaniser. Nnamdi did not spare her any chance for intimacy knowing Mma’s fears and what he was passing through in her sister’s domain. Whenever Nnamdi noticed Dora’s flirtatiousness, he ran as fast as his feet could carry him.
Ifunanya, Juliet’s last baby was already sixteen months old, yet both sisters haven’t been able to get Nnamdi grace their beds, instead his relationship with Mma blossomed the more and he became so wealthy that he was totally independent of his father. The development angered Juliet and she poured out her aggression on her sister.
“You cannot cajole a womaniser to have sex with you, how then can you ever get a decent husband to marry you?” Juliet lamented sourly. “You are good at nothing just eating and sleeping.” She yelled at Dora who laid on her bed reading a novel.
“I have really done my best oh sis, he doesn’t even give me the chance to allure him. He’s always on the run whenever I try to seduce him and it’s always Mma this, Mma that. I’m already tired and don’t think I can continue with this anymore.” Dora grumbled, turning her face away from Juliet.
“See this incompetent monkey, a complete novice at that. It didn’t take me this long to get him in my nest you excuse of a sister.” Juliet insulted Dora and stormed out of her room. Dora pondered on what Juliet voiced out.
“It seems this lady has a hidden agenda that I don’t know about. Why is she so interested in Nnamdi’s case and what does she mean by what she just said?” She mused wondering why Juliet disparaged her. “I have to be very wise before the trap will trap the trapper.” She muttered as she went back to her novel.
Juliet came home very late at night on the same day she confronted Dora.
“Where have you been Sis?” Dora asked Juliet while opening the door. “Chief has asked of you severally and your phones were all switched off. I had to lie that you were not feeling well this afternoon so probably you went to see the doctor.” She informed Juliet.
Ignoring her blabs, Juliet sank herself into the sofa emitting enervation. “Don’t worry about that old man, I can always handle him. Where’s everyone?” She inquired from Dora bringing out her phones from her bag.
“It seems you don’t know what the time is saying, everyone is asleep. I only stayed awake to….” Dora’s speech was interrupted by her sister.
“err…. that’s okay and stop all these dramas please.” Juliet said rudely, hissing. “I have something important to discuss with you so listen up.” She added impudently. Juliet looked around like a thief to be sure nobody was in sight and then they talked in whispers.
They were both absorbed in their discussion that they didn’t hear Chief coming into the living room.
“What are you two gossiping about? And you, where have you been?” He questioned Juliet angrily. He looked at the wall clock and yawped. “This is already past 1am! Are you just coming home?” Chief asked startled. Dora quietly stood up and excused herself while Juliet went over to her husband and kissed him.
“Ahhh! My love, my destiny. Thank God for my life today oh. I came back earlier, like two hours ago but Dora told me you were already fast asleep so I sat down here to regain my lost vitality and we moved into gisting.” Juliet fabricated smoothly. “I had a bilious attack earlier today and when I couldn’t handle it anymore, I went to see a doctor. He ran series of test and told me that I had high level of malaria and typhoid and that my blood pressure was high too.” She continued with her deceitful lies. “The doctor told me that if I hadn’t come this evening I might not have made it to the next day. I was admitted immediately and discharged around past 11pm, afterwards, I rushed home.” she lied.
Chief was having a hard time believing her story. “Malaria and typhoid? Blood pressure? How? In this my house?” He asked simultaneously. “But Doctor Raymond didn’t call me to tell me. Anyway, where are the drugs you were given?” He queried her doubtfully. Juliet broke down and started crying, she accused chief of doubting her and lied that she couldn’t drive to Doctor Ray’s hospital so she had to use a nearby hospital, and because she was in a rush she forgot her drugs. She equally lied about her battery running down which was why she couldn’t call. Chief didn’t truly believe her bluffs, but in order not to create another scene nor go through another episode of maltreatment, he swallowed everything and let it slide.

Dora’s ovulation peak was on Wednesday but she decided to call Nnamdi on Tuesday afternoon to inform him of the fake birthday dinner she was organising. She knew already that Wednesdays were habitual service days and that Mma would drag Nnamdi along with her which could disrupt her plans, she doesn’t want to take chances and incur her sister’s wrath.
“Hi Nnamdi! Today is my birthday so I arranged a little dinner for my family. I know you won’t say no to me because you and sister Juliet are the only family I have here in Abuja.” Dora said cunningly. Nnamdi was quiet for some seconds, Dora could hear people whispering in the background.
“We will be there!” Nnamdi replied her.
“We?” Dora asked shockingly.
“Yes! I asked Mma and she agreed to come with me.” Nnamdi gave her a cursory response.
“Noooo! It’s a small dinner for just three people.” Dora faked a cry.
“Okay! In that case, my dad or someone else can fill up for me alright? So sorry about that.” Declared Nnamdi curtly.
“Okay! Okay! Okay! You can come with her. She is my friend too so she’s considered family.” Dora claimed. Juliet who has been listening to the conversation gave her sister thumbs up.
“But he is coming with that rat.” Dora said annoyingly after ending the call.
“Don’t worry nne, I still have the sleeping pills Doctor Ray gave me. Everything will work out fine, trust me!” Juliet said assuredly.

They had barely finished eating and were drinking when Mma started yawning. “I guess I should be heading home, I’m pretty exhausted.” Mmachi said to Nnamdi who was also feeling uneasy with his manhood at that time.
“Go home? You can sleep over here. We have plenty of rooms in this mansion.” Juliet boasted, enjoying herself.
“I have never slept outside my home before.” Mmachi rejoined yawning again, struggling to keep her eyes open.
“There’s always a first time my dear.” Dora commented. She shifted her gaze to Nnamdi. “You are not saying anything or don’t you want her to sleep over? Why is your face looking like someone who’s wrestling with a strong poo?” She asked Nnamdi mockingly, giving her sister eye-signs.
“I am fine Dora. Thanks for the dinner, but I have to take Mma….” Nnamdi’s speech was cut short by Mmachi’s snore, she had already dozed off with her head placed on the dining table. “Oh my goodness! this has saved me from the stress of taking her home. I am not feeling too well down here.” He confessed to Dora pointing at his joystick.
“Let’s retire and leave this two love birds to do same.” Juliet said to her sister pulling her away from the dining room, they all bided each other goodnights.
Nnamdi carried Mmachi to his room and laid her on his bed. The way his manhood was reacting and the level at which he was feeling Hot was one he has never experienced before, and at that rate, he could have sex with just anything. He went to the bathroom to help himself but it ended up making him feel worse. He stared at Mma as she laid helplessly and innocently on his bed.
“No! I can’t do this to her. If I debauch her without her knowledge, she will never forgive me.” He murmured. He thought of going over to Juliet’s room to help himself since that wouldn’t be the first time. He wore his boxer and was on his way to Juliet’s room when Dora accosted him by the door. Dora was putting on a transparent lingerie revealing her well-proportioned figure.
“I am here to make sure that you are alright.” She bluffed, gliding her finger from her chest, between her breast, down to her belly button, licking her lips in a seductive way.
“No Dora, I am not alright and you are the perfect cure for me.” He said grabbing her by the waist and carrying her to the big bed that could comfortably take four people. They had sex right there with Mma sleeping next to them while Juliet who was standing behind the door at that time recorded the whole experience with her camera, whereas, she envied her sister.
“That is supposed to be me.” She murmured jealously.
Dora stood up and adjusted her night wear while Nnamdi laid back, regretting his actions. Suddenly, the erection came back again and this time with full force. It was as if once he was satisfied, there comes a greater urge. He ran and grabbed Dora again who was almost at the door.
“One more time please, one more time.” He begged shamelessly. It wasn’t just “one more time” like Nnamdi said, it happened over five times and Dora had to run away from him forcefully in order not to collapse. Nnamdi cried of pains in the bed while Mma slept peacefully beside him, oblivious of the whole events happening around her. Juliet laughed at her sister as she ran out of the room.
“What have you done to Nnamdi? That guy is a beast.” Dora asserted, panting heavily.
“I told you that you are a novice my dear. You will laugh too when you watch the whole drama I have recorded here. Let’s leave this place before someone sees us.” Juliet apprised her still laughing.

Very early the next morning, Nnamdi dashed to the pharmacy and explained his ordeal to the pharmacist. He was given strong pain killers to help him relieve him of his pains and it worked, he felt much better after taking the pills. He got home to meet Dora waiting for him at the gate.
“Not another blackmail.” Nnamdi muttered. He parked his car and approached her. “Dora, I’m so sorry for what happened yesterday, I don’t know what came over me. Meanwhile, the pharmacist told me that this is usually an effect of overdose from pills that increases libido and I have never taken any of such pills not to speak of taking an overdose.” Nnamdi voiced out trying to defend himself.
“My strong bobo.” Dora razzed. “I don’t know what you’re apologising for when I enjoyed the whole escapade. The only issue was that at a point I was exhausted because I have never gone past three rounds.” She continued teasing Nnamdi. “Well I only came here to plead with you to keep this a secret and not running to your girlfriend like a baby, telling her what happened. Besides nobody will hear a word from me.” Dora embellished her lies.
“Nne, tell me you are for real please. Are you ready to keep this as a secret without anything in return?” Nnamdi asked surprisingly.
“You have given me what I wanted already and you did a very good job, so I should be the one thanking you. Hurry to your girlfriend, she should be up by now.” Dora emphasised and trod back into the house. Nnamdi felt a bit relieved.
“Girls can be desperate, all these just for sex. At least that’s her only need and I hope it doesn’t happen again.” He said to himself not knowing the kind of big trouble he has gotten himself into.
Nnamdi sneaked into his room and was greeted by Mma’s beautiful face. She had dressed the bed and tidied the room too, it was obvious she has had her bath already. Looking at the innocent girl’s face, Nnamdi couldn’t help but feel guilty, however, he shoved it aside.
“My angel! The fairest! You are finally up.” He mumbled, not sure of what to say to her. Mmachi walked to where he stood and planted a kiss on his lips.
“Yes baby I am up. Did I sleep that long?” She asked, going back to what she was doing. “I had to force myself up to prepare for work even though I have this splitting headache and still feeling kind of dizzy.” She informed Nnamdi, placing her hand on her head. “I guess we couldn’t make it to my house last night as we both were exhausted after the dinner. I just hope mum won’t be mad at me, I have never slept out before.” She added.
“My angel, I don’t deserve you.” Nnamdi confessed to her, lowering his face in penitence, trudging to the couch to sit.
“Why are you saying that my baby? You know that I belong to you and no one else. You are the only one who deserves me.” Mma assured him, cuddling and patting Nnamdi like a baby.
“I know my darling; you are such a sweet girl.” Nnamdi said cheeringly. “I will call your mum at once to let her know that you are with me and that you are alright. I have several missed calls from her.” He continued. “You should also take an energetic pill to relieve you of your headache before going to work.” Nnamdi added.
“Yes baby; you’re right. I missed her calls too, I was just so tired. oh my gosh! I have never been this tired.” Mma stated while going to get the pills. “Where did you go to this morning?” She asked him lackadaisically. Nnamdi’s heart skipped.
“I went to…. Ermm… have an eminent discussion with my dad… on my stay in this house.” He stammered.
“That again?” exclaimed Mma. “Why this morning? Why disturb the old man this morning with such matters?” She queried him. Nnamdi was silent, giving her a ‘goof’ stare. “Did you drive out?” She asked him again.
“Yes I did. I went to the pharmacy to get drugs for daddy.” He lied again without blinking his eyes.
Literature / Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 2:42pm On Jul 16, 2017
…Nnamdi was on his knees, obviously pleading for something. “What’s going on here?” Chief asked inquisitively. Juliet fabricated a lie immediately.
“He was only imploring me to take care of you but I assured him that it is what I live for, taking care of you.” She said while turning to Nnamdi whose face was already pale from fear, she beckoned on him to get up and demanded. “Let me have your new number so that I can inform you of your daddy’s progress from time to time.”
“Such a liar!” Nnamdi murmured. Juliet collected his phone digits and continued with her manipulating game towards him but from afar. To him, it was a better option to the close torture.
Three years later, at age 25, Nnamdi was through with school. He did so well with the help of Mr Badere that he graduated with 2nd class honours, upper division. He flourished academically but he still couldn’t control his lust for women, his smoking and drinking habit skyrocketed, he never went to church nor prayed. Mr Badere being a Muslim never pressured him into changing his ways, he was majorly interested in his academics even though he advised him severally to slow down with his rough way of life. At one point, Nnamdi was tempted to have an affair with Mr Badere’s mistress since the lady was making passes at him; Mr Badere’s wife and two children were based in London so he had a mistress living with him. Nnamdi vigorously resisted the seduction calling to mind what he was going through with his father, howbeit, he apprised Mr Badere of his girlfriend’s amorous behaviour towards him.
“I know bad girls when I see them.” Nnamdi boasted as if being a philanderer was an honour. He decided to set a trap for the young lady to prove his stance to Mr. Badere and she foolishly fell for it.
Mr. Badere and Nnamdi became very close friends that they related as age mates overlooking the 11 years gap between them. Mr. Badere being a very disciplined man never had an affair with his students nor tolerated lackadaisical attitude, whenever he was in the mood of being a bit naughty, he hanged out with Nnamdi. Only Nnamdi knew his secrets and weaknesses.
Nnamdi’s musings took another bearing, his face was decorated with a cheery smile as he thought about Mmachi. He met Mmachi shortly before his graduation, during the time he went to Mr Badere’s office to submit his thesis for supervision; that was the beginning of the best years of his life. Nnamdi didn’t fall in love with Mmachi’s physical appearance immediately even though the attraction was there from the onset, rather he fell in love with the pure innocence he saw emanating from her. For 25 years of his life, he had never seen a beautiful girl with such an aura, he regarded all pretty girls as golds in pigs’ snout because of his escapades with them.
Mmachi’s profound love for Nnamdi was striking, she had excessive and deep affection enough for the both of them. Nnamdi was apparently Mmachi’s first boyfriend and this made Nnamdi take advantage of her naivety and Godly attributes to always slide by with his licentious acts without raising suspicions. Nnamdi vowed to himself to get Mma into his bed earlier than three months, it was a feat he was prepared to achieve owning to the fact that it doesn’t take him more than a week to get the toughest girl laid. Mma being a God-loving and God-fearing young girl with strict principles rebuked him the first time he touched her amorously. Nnamdi recalled how embarrassing the whole episode was to him and how he walked out on her angrily. He later crawled back to Mma like a baby seeking his mum’s bosom because tranquillity for him was obtained at Mmachi’s company, he learned to respect and appreciate her the more.
The peace Nnamdi enjoyed whenever he was with Mma was transcendent, engaging him further to her and giving rise to him yearning for more frequent meetings with her. Their intimacy grew stronger even in the absence of sexual intercourse, Mmachi wielded her sanguinity to transform Nnamdi to a better person. One day, Nnamdi could not bottle up the guilt anymore so summoned up courage and confessed to Mma all of his bad habits that he was finding difficult to let go. He also went ahead to tell her of all he has and was still passing through since he lost his mum, especially in the hands of his step mum, however, he hid his affairs with his step mum from her. Mma’s reaction baffled him, after his disclosure, she drew near to him and gave him a tight hug.
“I’m so sorry I showed up late in your life, I wasn’t there when you needed me most but never mind, I’m here now. I promise to be by your side forever.” Mmachi assured him softly. Nnamdi felt so unworthy of Mmachi.
“She is so pure for a messed up guy like me.” Nnamdi ruminated.
Mmachi kept to her vow, she introduced Nnamdi to God and he became a born-again, he started attending church services, praying for his needs and began having a personal relationship with God. He observed that on his own, without any deliverance he suddenly disliked smoking and the crave for drinking diminished hugely, he only drank occasionally. His existence started to take a positive form and there was this obvious change in his life that everyone, including his step mum, attested to. His lust for women reduced drastically but not eradicated completely. Mma’s denial of sex wasn’t helping him, instead it made him go out in search of it intermittently, however, he secreted it from her. Nnamdi’s new lifestyle made him wish for his own apartment, far away from his dad’s mansion and his step mum’s controlling powers but Mma not knowing the extent of Juliet’s manipulative effect on him counselled him to stay back until he was ready for marriage.

Nnamdi looked at his emptied bottle of Champagne, that was the second bottle he just finished. He drank the last wine in his glass in one gulp and rushed to the rest room to take a leak. As he returned, he ordered for another bottle of Moet and launched back into cogitation; going back to a chaos home was the last on his mind.
“House on Fleek Interior Décor.” Muttered Nnamdi with a euphoric smile. It was the business sustaining him at the moment and it was all Mmachi’s idea.
He remembered how the suggestion came up, it was during a special dinner organised by Mmachi in celebration of his successful completed service year. They were having a really nice time, anyway, it was always beautiful moments with Mmachi and never an unhappy one.
“Baby.” Mmachi called him pettily. “Now that you’re through with your service, what are you next plans?” She asked him.
“Ermm! I haven’t thought of that yet my angel, I guess it’s back to managing daddy’s oil business.” Replied Nnamdi as though not interested in the next phase of his life.
“Oh no!” Exclaimed Mma. “You should have thought of it before now; your plan should have been in a motion state as a matter of fact. For instance, I already have series of things I desire to accomplish by the grace of God. Next year, I will be rounding up, after graduation and service, my masters will follow and then I will love to manage my dad’s company for a while to get a practical knowledge of business administration and management before venturing into my own business world.” She spelled out, oozing optimism and confidence.
“You see why I call you a paragon of excellence? You are so smart and intelligent. I’m very sure your life will be a successful one and I am excited knowing I’ll be part of it.” Nnamdi voiced out. “Well, as for me, furthering my education isn’t fancied. I think I will discuss with my dad about fixing me somewhere in his business too, I should start from there.” Nnamdi continued unenthusiastically. Silence engulfed them for a while then all of a sudden, Mmachi spoke up.
“Baby m, I don’t think being in the same business with your dad is the best option for you. Have you forgotten what you told me about your step mum’s unbearable attitude?” She reminded him. “Staying in the same business with her wouldn’t be healthy for you realising her manipulative mechanisms towards your dad. Besides, you wouldn’t want to be seen as an incapacitated young man who couldn’t create wealth for himself but rather had to rely on his father’s benevolence.” Mma informed him. “If you ask for my opinion, I will tell you to start up your own venture, nurture and grow it. With your knowledge and contacts, I am certain you will do well.”
Nnamdi listened attentively and watched Mmachi, dumbfounded as she spoke brilliantly. “What have I done to deserve such an angel? Oh gosh! You are so perspicacious. God bless the day I met you.” He asserted causing Mma to blush. Nnamdi knew how to compliment her in every available opportunity. “Meanwhile, what business can I even do? Importation or what?” He said rather than ask.
“Nnamdi I have an insight of what you can do.” Mma answered swiftly. “I have watched you closely and observed that you are a superb decorator with a good sense of taste and quality. Your choice of colours is excellent even down to your dressing.” She opined. “I equally noticed that each time we enter into a place you always take note of the blinds and the entire decorations, and you either commend or criticize them” Added Mma without taking a breath. “I screamed the first time I entered into your home because the decoration was so on fleek and done by a 15-year old boy. I was in incredulity that those wonders were done by you at that tender age, the wall paint, window blinds, chairs, the whole decoration was so perfect and you made those choices.” Mmachi told Nnamdi, commending his skills. “My dear, I am so positive you will do well in an interior decoration business. Moreover, you don’t need an outlet for it to kick-off, it can be an online business. After all the world is becoming a global village through internet. Simply build a website for it and create an awareness, you can print complimentary cards and distribute, meet people who are buildings and tell them what you do, utilize your dad’s contact. I assure you that with diligence and commitment, you will be a household name.” Mmachi affirmed optimistically, dishing out her idea like she had them all figured out hitherto.
Nnamdi never uttered a word, once she was done speaking, he stood up and went over to where she was seated, he gave her a very passionate kiss that Mma couldn’t resist.
“I love you my sunshine.” He whispered amidst the kiss.
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Immediately Nnamdi opened the door, Juliet came out of the bathroom Unclad and wet. On seeing him, she screamed and rushed to her bed, she picked up her towel in a risqué way and tied it round her chest.
“I didn’t know you were here already.” She bluffed, still pretending to be ill. “I’m sorry about the mix-up, my temperature was so high that I thought having a cold bath would be necessary.” She said walking seductively across the room wiggling her big butts. Juliet noticed that Nnamdi hadn’t uttered a word, instead he stood there staring at her in bewilderment, his unquenched libido was now aggravated.
“He’s in my trap now.” Juliet presumed smiling mischievously. “Can you excuse me? I want to dress up so we can proceed to the hospital.” She stated, this time standing in front of her mirror and watching his reaction.
Juliet’s words brought Nnamdi’s helpless venereal imaginations, back to reality. He was sweating profusely notwithstanding the cool breeze that emanated from the air-conditioner. Nnamdi couldn’t speak a word, he simply stood there panting heavily while relishing the scenario. Juliet figured out that Nnamdi may still want to back-out even though his face wasn’t depicting same, however, she intentionally allowed her towel slide down making it look like a slip. Nnamdi couldn’t help it anymore.
“Oh good Lawd! No way am I letting this go.” He screamed, pouncing on Juliet like a lion and devouring her. Juliet tried stopping him but it was too late for Nnamdi to terminate what he barely started, her plans were working perfectly well.
Nnamdi woke up around 10am the next morning, he was oblivious of the event that occurred the previous night not until his phone rang and it was his dad. Suddenly, the whole affair flashed to his face and he remembered what transpired between him and his step mum, this made him sober and deterred him from picking his father’s call. Nnamdi blamed himself for lacking self-control and taking advantage of a sick woman.
“My father will hate me for this act! This is the worst thing I have ever done to him. It’s all my fault.” He cried bitterly. He was doomed for life because he had no genuine friend to confide in and his father who was his only confidant after his mum’s death was now the victim. Nnamdi’s heart skipped as his phone beeped, he picked it up and behold his father’s message.
“Hi son, you aren’t picking your calls. I just boarded the plane, will be leaving Lagos any moment, see you at the airport by 12:30.”
“Oh no!” Nnamdi exclaimed, facing his dad was the last thing he ever wanted at that time. He strode sluggishly to the bathroom to freshen up.
Nnamdi was shocked to see Juliet sitting in the living room with legs crossed chewing gum as he was about leaving for the airport. She didn’t even give him a glance but starred out of the window, her gaze lost in the space.
“I’m so sorry for what happened last night.” Nnamdi stammered.
Juliet disregarded Nnamdi’s pleas, instead she continued with her stare, not blinking her eyes. Nnamdi fell on his knees and cried out his heart, he begged her to have mercy on his loss of control and conceal it from his father knowing how hurt and heartbroken he would be. He was truly humbled.
“I do not know what you are talking about.” Juliet said turning to look at Nnamdi for the first time. She stood and walked towards Nnamdi. “Get up!” She commanded him. Nnamdi did as she said obediently. “Be a good boy to me.” She muttered leaving Nnamdi perplexed. “What I want from you is total loyalty and commitment my Sugarplum.” Juliet mentioned to him using her eyes to relish him. “I need you to be at my beck and call, stop questioning my authority.” She added, this time sounding more serious, nevertheless her sizzling gaze still captured Nnamdi. He looked at her like a little boy being scolded by his mum, trying to discern if her gaze was a lustful or scornful one. “Magnus is under my control, and if you ever dare me again, I’ll make you watch me destroy your sweet daddy. I’ll be his downfall or even his death.” She pronounced firmly, clenching her hand into a fist. The fury in her eyes and the rage in her voice were conspicuous. Nnamdi’s incomprehension grew into fear. “I am a goal-getter baby boy and no one stands on my way.” Juliet bragged, gliding her finger all over his face. “Your dear daddy is on his way back and I wonder what his reaction will be when he sees a video clip of his loving son and his cherished wife making love.” She revealed laughing naughtily.
“Was it recorded?” Nnamdi queried her, looking horrified.
“Yes my baby boo.” Rejoined Juliet. “Aww! Are you scared already?” She asked him teasingly.
“Please Aunty, I will do anything you ask me to, but my dad should never see that clip. Please!” Nnamdi entreated her. He has finally realised that Juliet was blackmailing him.
“He wouldn’t my sugarplum, it is our utmost secret. I only want you to be mine.” She replied him. “Oh! You’re so good in bed.” She moaned ecstatically. “You have to be on your way to the airport now, our dear daddy shouldn’t be left waiting.” She added blowing him a kiss and winking at him before progressing to her room, laughing victoriously.
“I am doomed!” Mumbled Nnamdi.
Nnamdi has lost count on the number of times he has slept with his father’s wife. It didn’t halt his philandering instead it was worsened. His secret affair with Juliet was the height of his promiscuous life and he lost all hope of ever being a better person in life. He became a pathetic drunkard and smoked all sorts of herbs. Chief Odinachi eventually lost faith in Nnamdi becoming repentant, therefore, he shifted his whole attention and love to his wife and her children. Nnamdi stood alone in his entire family, paradoxically, his grand mum also distanced herself from him. The relationship between Nnamdi and his family continued to grow wider and wider while Juliet had her way around them and manipulated them, subjecting them under her dictates. This saddened Nnamdi but as a victim too, he couldn’t help out. Juliet took over management of Chief's oil wells and properties, and she controlled every single affair of his total life.
Nnamdi’s academical life was suffering the same way he was suffering physically and mentally, he was at the verge of becoming a school dropout due to the reason that he has repeated his 100level twice and was at the brim of repeating it again. The examination period was approaching and his unstable life wouldn’t even let him open his books, let alone read them. Most of his friends deserted him because they were now ahead of him academically while others abandoned him due to the fact that he was no longer the popular nigga who footed their bills. His father had to cut his allowances drastically based on his wife’s instruction, her excuse was that she wanted to make him a more responsible person. A fallacy for an excuse.
It was a week to examinations and Nnamdi was extremely worried, he only succeeded in gaining a pass in two of his courses the quondam semester and if he doesn’t put more effort in the current second semester and make the required grade, he would have to repeat again. Nnamdi was driving to a nearby joint close to the campus that evening to get drunk and ease himself of the troubles compounding before him. He noticed a car parked beside the express road, a man stood adjacent to it, flagging down cars with his hand but no one took the risk to stop.
“Nobody will stop for you man on this dreadful road this evening.” Nnamdi mumbled to himself and immediately pulled over.
“Hello! What happened to your car?” He asked the man while coming down from his car.
“Oh! God bless you sir for stopping, you are a good man.” The man said to Nnamdi speaking with a poor vocabulary.
“If you know me better you wouldn’t have mentioned that I am a good man.” Nnamdi thought.
“I was driving when my tyre suddenly busted, I was lucky to have controlled the car and brought it out of the express road, but I don’t have spare tyre to change the damaged one.” The man continued.
“You shouldn’t be driving a car without a spare tyre and moreover, this is a very dangerous road, the bad guys will soon be out.” Nnamdi cautioned him.
“Yes Sir! That was why I was trying to get help because I have heard so many bad stories happening on this road.” The man replied Nnamdi.
“I have a spare tyre in the booth of my car, hurry lets change it and take your car to a safe place, maybe your home so I can take my tyre back.” Nnamdi said looking at the car as well as the man who was standing in jubilation, blessing and thanking him for his kindness. “But are you sure you own this car?” Nnamdi asked in disbelief that the haggard looking man who has been calling him Sir could have such big car.
“No Sir, it’s not my car. It’s my oga’s car and I’m just a driver.” He replied smiling.
“That explains it.” Nnamdi muttered going over to his car to get the spare tyre.
They drove into a very neat and tranquil house, decorated with flowers and well organised, though not as massive and magnificent as his dad’s mansion but the environment was serene and conducive, one could tell that the owner of the house has lived in abroad. Nnamdi saw the fierce looking dog that was locked up in its cage.
“Wow! I love this dog.” He proclaimed excitedly walking towards the dog to take a closer look at it. He left the man he came with all by himself to change the tyres and return his so that he can be on his way. Suddenly, he heard someone yell.
“Bashir!” The voice sounded so familiar to Nnamdi, he stood up from where he squatted playing with the dog. “Is that the man who helped you?” The yelling man asked.
“Isn’t it obvious.” Nnamdi murmured.
“Yes Sir, he’s the kind man that gave me his spare tyre.” Bashir replied him, packing up the tools he used in changing the tyre. Bashir’s Oga marched briskly like a soldier to where Nnamdi was standing and thanked him greatly for lending a helping hand to his driver. The man was yet to finish his appreciation when Nnamdi exclaimed.
“Mr Badere! I said it! The voice sounded very familiar.” The man looked at Nnamdi surprisingly.
“Do you know me?” He asked in hysteria.
“Who doesn’t know you Sir? Mr. Badere of SMS faculty in university of Abuja. I’m your student Sir, Business Management department.” Nnamdi declared. The delirium in him was obvious.
“I see! This is now getting interesting. I’m happy knowing that there are still good guys out there in our school. You saved me a great cost my boy, come in let’s have a drink and talk if you don’t mind.” Said Mr. Badere feeling relaxed and taking control of the atmosphere realising he was talking to his student.
“Surely I don’t mind; it will be my great pleasure Sir.” Confessed Nnamdi, walking behind Mr. Badere as they proceeded into the living room chatting like long lost friends that has been reunited.
Nnamdi was shocked, at the same time contended when Mr. Badere offered him an alcoholic wine on his demand while he drank his soft drink.
“This will cure my urge for a drink.” He said to himself.
Mr Badere was exceptionally receptive and accommodating unlike the lecturer he knew to be eminently difficult and mean. They both talked extensively on different matters and Mr. Badere was pleased with Nnamdi’s vast knowledge on happenings. As they conversed, Mr. Badere pointed out.
“I guess I have seen this face in my class severally if I’m not mistaken. I rarely detect people in my classes except they are extremely brilliant or eminently dull. Which category do you fall into?” Mr. Badere questioned him, expecting a positive reply. Nnamdi lowered his face in shame. “No way!” Mr. Badere rejoined. “Have you carried over my course before?” He asked Nnamdi again.
“Yes Sir. Twice.” Nnamdi answered him.
“Stop calling me Sir, from now you should consider me as a friend.” Mr Badere stated causing Nnamdi beam with joy. “By the way, from our conversation I deduced that you are intelligent. So what is the problem? Do you have difficulties putting words on paper?” Mr. Badere asked, truly concerned.
Nnamdi narrated his ordeal to Mr. Badere on how he lost his mum and how his step mum was making life unbearable for him, giving rise to lack of concentration in his studies, having to repeat 100level twice and at the verge of repeating again if he doesn’t do anything about it urgently. Mr. Badere was moved with pity by Nnamdi’s story, he perceived the sadness and loneliness in Nnamdi’s countenance.
“I will help you out my boy.” He uttered emphatically to Nnamdi. Those seven words Mr. Badere spoke were the best words Nnamdi has ever heard since he lost his mum. He has been alone with no one to listen to his plight or even help him out.
“Sir! Are you for real?” He asked in disbelief, his face brightened up.
“Yes I will help you. But first, I have told you to stop calling me Sir, I’m Badere or better still Mr. Badere.” He said to Nnamdi. To his amazement, Nnamdi jumped on him and embraced him. “Your good deed has earned you a friend and a mentor.” Mr. Badere assured Nnamdi, seeing how delighted he was. Nnamdi was exhilarated, he couldn’t express his gratitude wholly like he wanted to.
Mr Badere discussed with Nnamdi the viable way to help him clean up his mess in school. He stated vehemently that he wouldn’t bribe any lecturer so Nnamdi will have to buckle up and read his books. However, since the examination was around the corner, he will plead with his lecturers on his behalf to give him areas of concentration and also to mark his scripts with leniency. As a respected man in his faculty, he was certain they will oblige to his demands. Nnamdi was tremendously happy that night that he went straight to a hotel to lodge after speaking with Mr. Badere, he did that so as not to encounter his step mum at home and his present state end up being contaminated with despondency.
True to Mr. Badere’s words, he fulfilled all his promises and Nnamdi did exceedingly well in his examinations. Mr. Badere became his closest friend, mentor and confidant, he was Nnamdi’s saviour throughout those moments and helped him right through his remaining years in the university. Even though Mr. Badere was unable to stop Nnamdi entirely from his bad life style, he made sure Nnamdi was sound academically. He was able to make Nnamdi attend lectures regularly, study hard, and also regulate his partying, drinking and womanising. At a point in time, he advised Nnamdi to move to the hostel or get an apartment close to the school in order to get away from his step mum’s distractions. Nnamdi loved the idea so much that he met his dad asking him for some money to move to school so as to enable help him concentrate more but his dad referred him to his step mum, he was infuriated with his dad’s attitude but because he was in dire need of the money, he did as he was told. Juliet saw it as a way of his escape from her when Nnamdi mentioned it to her, therefore she strongly opposed it. She told Chief that Nnamdi should never be allowed to leave the house only if he wanted his dear son to have unlimited opportunities to join evil gangs and become more wayward.
Nnamdi realised that his father wouldn’t give-in to his request, instead he insisted on him convincing his step mum. Likewise, when he complained to his grand mum, she immediately broke down in tears.
“My child, you are breaking my heart. You have now become so bad that you wouldn’t want to live with your parents and younger ones anymore. What has Juliet done to you to deserve all these maltreatments you mete on her?”
Nnamdi couldn’t believe his ears, Juliet has ultimately turned everyone against him, spinning the table around in her favour. Even his uncles wouldn’t help him, rather they sang Juliet's praise and told him to go and make peace with his father and his new wife, and stop being a rebellious son. Her numerous gifts showered on them were really working for her. In the end, Nnamdi summoned courage and resorted to stealing from his father. He already knew his father’s case code where he kept his money, so he picked a very huge sum of money and left the house. When his father realised what has happened, he was heartbroken and suffered high blood pressure. Juliet used the incident as a constant reminder to alert Chief on how spoilt and untrained Nnamdi was, her blabbing didn’t help Magnus recover a bit, instead it was worsened.
Six months had passed by and Juliet hasn’t heard a word from Nnamdi or about him, not even a phone call. She began to miss his presence in the house in spite of the freedom she enjoyed without him, the bridge in communication sickened her and she sought ways of reaching him. The fact that he changed his phone number and didn’t leave the address to his new abode made Juliet’s efforts all futile. In the long run, she employed badgering Chief to make peace with Nnamdi and bringing him back home.
“People will start vibrating their mouths saying that I came into your life and caused havoc between you and your son. Please make peace with him to avoid my name being brandished as a wicked woman.” Juliet let out a fake cry.
Chief couldn’t handle her nagging anymore, he made enquires and in no time, he got Nnamdi’s details. Chief required to go to Nnamdi’s home alone but Juliet was hell bent on accompanying him so they progressed together. Nnamdi wasn’t surprised to see them, as a matter of fact, he was surprised that it took them that long to locate him. His father beseeched him to come back home and forget everything that has supervened between them considering that they were ready to forgive him and make amends. Nnamdi rejected their entreaty at first but his love for his father melted his hardened heart. He knew his dad was being manipulated by his evil wife, however, he couldn’t assist him being a victim of the same circumstances. He finally accepted his dad’s pleas, he promised visiting him every weekend and spending time with them during holidays. Juliet was side-lined all through the conversation, she needed to reconfirm to Nnamdi that she was still in charge so she voiced out to him how his father had developed a high blood pressure because of his previous action and pleaded with him not to do anything that will make her a widow. She said that not because she really cared about Chief’s life, but to indirectly remind Nnamdi that if a trivial issue could give his father a high blood pressure, that means the video would kill him automatically. Chief only stepped out of the room to ease himself, however on his return, what he saw shocked him...
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I am really enjoying this story, you kept me glued to my phone to keep on checking for the update. nice work, I wish you more ink to your pen but please don't keep us waiting with the update.

So sorry for the delay, I promise to be more prompt. I am working on publishing it. Thanks dear
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Hi friends! So so sorry for the late post, I was so busy. Please feel free to point out my errors. One love... God bless you all


Nnamdi has had a very rough time in the past four months, the kind he has never experienced not even when he lost his mum. The great unprepared change he has witnessed was taking a toll on him and one could tell he wasn’t doing well. He missed his mum so much and the only lady who gave him the needed succour was no longer in his life, he was forced by life circumstances and a mistake on his own part to be separated from her. He reflected back on his life as he drank his Champagne at the Cabaña night club in Awka. He was only 18 years old when he lost his mum to a ghastly motor accident. Before her death, he was an over-pampered child but that was expected being the only child of the famous and wealthy Chief Magnus Odinachi and Barrister Felicia Odinachi. Shortly before his mum’s death, Nnamdi was given a car as his 18th year birthday gift by his parents which he used to party, pick up and frolic with women both older and younger ones, and got them drunk only to have sex with them. Nnamdi’s mum routinely cleaned up his mess and dragged Chief into bailing him out anytime he got into trouble. His mum’s death slowed him down a bit at first but didn’t stop him from being the randy Nnamdi everyone knew; as a matter of fact, it became worse afterwards. He sought consolation in women, smoking, and drinking, and before his father could caution him, acting as a single parent, it has blown out of proportion.
Anita, Nnamdi’s girlfriend at that point in time was the 2nd daughter of the Minister of Aviation and 3 years older than him, she was his “partner in crime”. Nnamdi smiled to himself at the thought of Anita and sipped his Moet as he kept reminiscing. She brought out the worst in him, they were both trouble makers and arrogantly rude pair, in addition, they were also a great force to be wary of. When he was 20 years old, he got Anita pregnant and asked her to abort it. She almost lost her life during the process and when her parents realised what had happened, they sent her abroad and severed all form of communication between the two of them. The separation made Nnamdi sadder and lonely, and caused him to mourn his mum all over again. The experience equally made him lack concentration in school, precipitating his poor performance in his academics. Chief Odinachi was so worried about his son’s character being his only child and heir to his fortunes. Nnamdi was ruining the reputation he fought hard to build in the society and that made him downcast. Chief opted to discussing it with his kindred and they advised him to get another wife, he was informed that what Nnamdi actually needed was a motherly figure, they also mentioned to him that he needed a new wife to bear more children for him because having just one child wasn’t security enough.
The arrival of Juliet Uwadiegwu into Chief Odinachi’s home as his new wife was the beginning of Nnamdi’s miserable life even though his life at that stage wasn’t at its best state. Nnamdi recalled vividly his grand mum’s narration on how his dad met his very young wife. He emptied his bottle of Champagne and asked the bartender for another while he continued with his cogitation ignoring the strip dancers that were all over his range of vision.
Juliet was only a young 28-year old lady who could be mistaken for 22, she had an alluring persona which she used as her seductive charm to attract men and rip them off their earnings. Even though she wasn’t facially attractive, her ass and boobs were her weapons of mass destruction. Juliet had barely returned from Malaysia where she duped her philanderer and squandered the money with her boyfriend nicknamed “smooth pounds,” she was then working in the village’s general clinic as a trained nurse. Chief Odinachi’s mum fell ill and was brought to the same hospital, Juliet on realising who she was became extremely nice to her and treated her with special care. Odinachi’s mum became fond of her and praised her diligent attitude towards her work.
“My daughter, are you married?” She asked Juliet one afternoon after she was done administering the injection.
“No Mama.” She replied, putting her face down and feigning a shy smile. Chief’s mum was surprised and questioned her with all seriousness.
“Why my daughter? What will make a beautiful and nice girl like you remain single till now? Men don’t have eyes oh!” She exclaimed.
“It’s not like men are not coming for my hand in marriage mama, I am only taking my time so as not to make a wrong decision. I want to marry a man whom I would build, love and care for, and whom I will grow old together with, I also want a man who is God fearing. I don’t want to rush into marriage with just any man and rush out.” Juliet lied to her carefully selecting her words having known her spec in the type of lady she wanted for son. She was cautiously making her way into the old woman’s heart and she was succeeding. The whole community were aware of Chief Odinachi’s plan to marry again and Juliet, with that knowledge, has set in motion ways to accomplish her mission of being Mrs Odinachi in order to secure her future and that of her family.
“Will you like to marry my son?” Odinachi’s mum asked her unexpectedly.
“Ah! Mama, if it’s the will of God, I will marry him. It is not in my powers.” Juliet answered her pretending not to like the idea, meanwhile she was jubilating inwardly.
“He is not a young man anyway but he is very rich and he will take care of you very well, though he has a son Nnamdi, who is also a very nice boy and both of them will take care of you.” Odinachi’s mum stated, aiming at persuading Juliet to marry her son Magnus.
“Okay mama, I will pray about it and whatever comes out of it, I will let you know. However, I would have rather preferred it’s coming from your son and not you Mama. You may like me but your son may not.” Juliet groused.
“Nwa’m, say no further, Magnus will never reject my decision. Moreover, anything I approve is fine by him so don’t worry about him okay?” Odinachi’s mum assured Juliet. Those words aroused Juliet’s hope and she was convinced within that Mama Odinachi was her ticket to immense fortune. Exactly as Mama said it, Chief accepted to marry Juliet and proceeded with the marriage rights. He cosseted Juliet and made sure she lacked nothing based on his mum’s instruction and also for the reason that she was a very young girl.
Juliet wasted no time jumping into her sole purpose of coming into Chief Odinachi’s home. She succeeded in influencing Chief’s affairs and decision but Nnamdi was quite difficult for her to crack. Nnamdi suggested that the wedding be small and concise, howbeit, it ended up being elaborate and loud. Juliet had to push, lament, grumble, and struggle before she could achieve her dream wedding all because Nnamdi was opposing. She used her manipulative and cunning prowess to put Chief, his mum, and all his relatives under her control but not Nnamdi. Nnamdi, as a “Ladies Man” that he was, perceived Juliet’s mission and frustrated her plan. Everyone turned a blind eye to her extravagant lifestyle because she included them in the budget, she used generosity to win them over to herself so no one would oppose her. She also ensured that her family wasn’t left out of the spendthrift business. Nnamdi refused to stay mute and look, he questioned every of her spending and reported to his dad who occasionally reprimanded her. Juliet was infuriated with Nnamdi’s constant nagging, she observed how her husband loved him and this made her worried because it would surely thwart her plans. Nnamdi’s beguiling features were also Juliet’s weak point, his presence always made her ineffective, still, she wasn’t permitted to express her lust for him because the young man was always antagonising her. Juliet cooked up a plan to seduce him and have sex with him, then use it to blackmail him; that would be killing two birds with a stone.
“Nnamdi being the chronic womaniser that I know wouldn’t be difficult to get.” She mused, embarking on ways to carry out her evil act.
Nnamdi clearly recollected the episode which occurred that Saturday evening. Chief travelled earlier on that particular day to attend his niece’s wedding in Lagos and he was expected back the next day, Juliet saw it as a perfect timing to carry out her nefarious plans being that she may not get such juicy chance again. Nnamdi had gone out for his usual Saturday rendezvous and Juliet was home alone except for the domestic workers. After speaking to her husband on the phone, she placed a call through to Nnamdi.
“Hello!” Nnamdi muttered from his end.
“Nnamdi please can you come home immediately?” Juliet uttered with a shaky tone.
“Why Aunt? I’m busy here.” Said Nnamdi, making obvious his dissatisfaction.
“I’m feeling awful and queasy; I think I need to go see the doctor.” She lied, still posing to be sick.
“Well, I am sorry about your ill health Aunt but I am not a doctor.” Nnamdi pronounced scornfully. “Anyway isn’t Ben there to take you to the hospital?” He asked piqued.
“If he was here I wouldn’t be bothering you Nnamdi. He has gone for his weekend leave. It’s okay, I understand that you are busy. I will call someone else.” Juliet responded, there was sadness in her voice.
Nnamdi disliked interruption whenever he was with the ladies or having a drink with his buddies, though he knew that his father would be mad at him if his new wife informed him of his refusal to her request. In order not to offend his father he gave in to her demand.
“I will be on my way soon.” He stated innocently.
Juliet danced for joy around the room as she ended the call, her strategy was playing out fine. She reached to her wardrobe and brought out her favourite camera. She set the camera in such a way that it could capture whatever that happened in her room and she laid in her bed patiently waiting to lure her prey into the slaughter house.
It took Nnamdi over an hour to get home in his drunken state. He deliberated on Juliet’s request and because he didn’t want to upset his father, he headed home without having a woman laid like he normally does after drinking. Juliet who thought her scheme had failed and was thinking of other ways to make Nnamdi come back jumped out of her bed as soon as she heard the sound of his car. She peeped through the window to confirm his presence before diving into action. Without any delay, Juliet pulled her dress, she removed her towel hanging in her bathroom and dropped it on the bed. She made sure that the camera was on record mode before going into her bathroom stark Unclad.
Nnamdi came into the house and was welcomed with a deafening silence. He called out to Juliet but there was no response.
“I hope something bad hasn’t happened to this lady oh! She should not implicate me biko.” He voiced, running frenetically to Juliet’s room.
Immediately Nnamdi opened the door, Juliet came out of the bathroom Unclad and wet.......
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Simdi jumped into her bed and sighed heavily, reaching to her pocket she brought out the note, kissed it and opened it. The content of the letter hit her like a thunderbolt....
“I truly admire you but I’m in love with your sister, my body may want you but my heart surely yearns for her.” Simdi squeezed the letter with her hand and punched her bed with her fist while letting out a loud scream. “Arrrggghhhh!” Charity ran into the room to see what the problem was but Simdi walked her out. Tears had already filled Simdi’s eyes. “Why fall in love with her and not me?” She cried. “Why my Mmamma and not me?” She carried on with her cry, covering her face with her hands placed on her knees. After a while, Simdi picked up the note and read it again and again. She pronounced vociferously the part where he wrote: “I truly admire you.” And “My body may want you.” She giggled like a baby being tickled. Her face brightened up. “He has feelings for me but spending time with Mma distracts and confuses him. If only Mma will be taken out of the picture, then he will surely be mine. I can easily dissuade Mma from requiting his love, after all the feeling may not be mutual. And if I tell Mma that I am in love with him, being the nice lady that she is, she is most likely to let me have him for myself.” Simdi said to herself clapping her hands and jumping up in excitement.
Simdi was still in her exhilarating mood when her door flung open carelessly and standing before her was Doctor Manuel….
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great story you got here, I love your writing skills, but I feel you should be using Mrs. Emeka instead of Mrs Ujunwa since the two are couples. my opinion though and thanks for the update more ink to your pen. waiting patiently for the next update.

Oh I appreciate this opinion. I also think I should use Mr. Kachi, Mrs. Kachi, (being their surname/last name) or Emeka, Ujunwa (being their first names). I will correct this before finally publishing. Thanks again

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So sorry for the delay... Had a hectic day. Enjoy!!!
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Mr. Emeka wasn’t entirely pleased with Doctor Manuel’s counsel, he took it with a pinch of salt, hoarding his next step peradventure the need arises to implement it. The past year has been infernal for him seeing what Mma had to pass through and he wouldn’t want to endanger her to such condition ever again.
Simdi who has been stalking Doctor Manuel since the inception of his therapy with Mmachi was at the wrong place but at the right time and overhead the discussion he had with her father. She was upset because she suspected that Doctor Manuel had an ulterior motive concerning Mmachi and that was what elicited his suggestion which she believed was subjective. Simdi, even though she loved her sister so much required her to be out of the way because she saw Mmachi as an impediment to her achieving her goal. Simdi also sensed that Doctor Manuel was using Mmachi’s ailment as an excuse to acquire and take possession of her.
“Why does Mma have the gorgeous guys scrambling for her heed without paying attention to me?” Simdi wailed. “How does she accomplish it? What does she have that I don’t have and even more?” She whined jealously.

Ikem, after a long stay in school was aboard to Abuja from Enugu. His homecoming wasn’t as thrilling as anticipated because of what the family had gone through, howbeit, Ikem was longing to be home and he couldn’t contend his joy. He reflected on the events that took place the last time he was home and this gave rise to him missing his mum and Mmachi the more that he couldn’t wait any longer to be with them. His musings were interrupted by the captain’s announcement about the time and temperature of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, and time left until arrival. Ikem was welcomed at the airport by his childhood friends Nonye and Ugonna, and the family driver Aku. Ikem was overjoyed seeing his long-time friends as usual at the airport but he was disappointed that none of his family members could come. He embraced them cheerfully and all through the ride they discussed extensively about happenings in their respective lives. Ikem was very much ahead of them even though they were all age mates, Ugonna merely finished his 100level having strived to gain admission into the University of Abuja, while Nonye wasn’t fortunate enough to get into the university so she enrolled for the diploma programme in the College of Education Zuba, Abuja. Ikem advised her to apply for an admission into the National Open University of Nigeria, Abuja centre being that the School is flexible and not jamb compliant; Nonye loved the idea and promised to give it a try. Ugonna was apprehensive at Nonye’s kittenish behaviour around Ikem, she has always preferred Ikem to him right from their primary school stage and that made Ugonna inevitably downcast. He enjoyed Nonye’s loyalty and commitment; she habitually sought him and asked for his counsel at Ikem’s absence but upon his arrival, everything changed. People had referred to Nonye as Ikem’s wife because of her obvious infatuation for him but the feeling wasn’t mutual, Chidi observed it and cautioned Nonye but she wouldn’t listen and kept making a fool of herself.
Ikem got home to a freshly prepared meal and to the welcoming hands of his mum and Mmachi, his two favourites. His disappointment was alienated and replaced with fulfilment and joy, there was no better welcome package than what he met. Mmachi was doing much better than he was told and his room was neatly made and decorated for his return knowing how much he treasures meticulousness. Mrs Ujunwa explained to Ikem why none of them was able to come to the airport except for his friends but Ikem didn’t bother anymore, what he got was enough for him. Liveliness came back to the house with Ikem’s arrival after being away for a whole session without visiting, Mmachi as well was recuperating rapidly with the help of Doctor Manuel, normalcy was gradually returning to the Kachi’s family.
On a very hot afternoon, Ikem and Mmachi were in their large living room discussing, they were both engrossed in their gist that they didn’t hear the blaring horn of Doctor Manuel’s car. Simdi sat at the vestibule chatting on her phone with her numerous boyfriends, she peeped into the living room and noticed that her siblings were very much engaged in their conversation that they did not realise the arrival of Doctor Manuel. Without hesitation, she adjusted the skimpy top she was putting on and the bum-short she wore revealing her curvaceous figure, and ran out to meet him.
+-*“Good afternoon my cute doctor! I was wondering earlier why I had this tingling feeling in my stomach, now I know why.” She said to Manuel smiling with pleasure as she helped him out with the door of his car.
“Simdi!” Manuel exclaimed. “Good afternoon to you too. So why were you having the tingling feeling earlier?” He asked her stepping out of his car.
“I will tell you some other time but right now my satisfaction is seeing you.” Declared Simdi winking at Manuel, biting her finger in an enticing way and giving him a lustful wink.
“As it pleases you Simdi.” He said ignoring her coquettish gestures. “How are you?” He asked her making his way in to the house. Simdi blocked his way with her voluptuous buttocks.
“I am not fine.” Simdi expressed bluntly, her countenance dropped. She was tired of Doctor Manuel disregarding her. “Could it be he doesn’t know what I want or is he only ignoring me?” She thought, turning her face away, disappointed. Doctor Manuel smiled to himself. He has noticed Simdi’s flirtatious behaviour around him, but he has also chosen to ignore her because he has a goal which is Mmachi and he needed no distraction at that point.
“What is wrong with you Simdi? Judging from your looks, you are very fit and healthy.” He said to her. Simdi was electrified, she looked at him with so much enthusiasm.
“Did you have a look at me now?” She enquired from him.
“Yes I did, I always do Simdi. You are looking extremely healthy.” He said to her smiling, trying to beat her in her own game. He proceeded but Simdi prevented him from moving any further.
“Is that all you see when you look at me gorgeous?” She asked him, blushing.
“Not at all Simdi, that’s not all I see. I see a very beautiful and attractive young girl, sexy in the whole sense of the word. I see a very talented singer too, I have heard you sing couple of times and your voice is so divine. My dear, I can’t even describe all the things I see in you.” Said Manuel applauding Simdi’s alluring figure. He stopped instantly and asked. “But why all these questions Simdi?” Feigning ignorance of her act.
Simdi was tremendously excited and overwhelmed by Manuel’s compliment, she whispered to him. “Can we talk somewhere else, I’m not comfortable here, the sun is scorching and anyway I know you came for my sister and not me.” She said in a light tone, while looking around to be sure no one was close by. “I wonder why you still come around to check up on her knowing fully well that she has recovered greatly.” She added jealously.
Doctor Manuel took out a pen from his breast pocket, brought out a small jotter from his car and wrote down something. He slipped the note into her hand. Immediately he did that, Ikem came out from the living room. He was surprised to see both of them together.
“Hey! Doc Man, you’re here.” He called out from where he stood. Simdi slipped the paper into her bum pocket and said loudly.
“Thanks doctor! Mma is truly doing well all thanks to you.” Doctor Manuel looked at her in astonishment and smiled to himself. Ikem has delivered him from the lioness’ den he thought as he walked toward him.
“Buddy, it’s good to see you again.” Manuel said. Ikem starred at him, suspicion was his physiognomy.
“Thank you Doc Man. Mma barely finished talking about you not quite long, she was worried you weren’t here yet.” Ikem said.
“Oh! I was delayed by traffic congestion on my way here.” Manuel replied him, sensing the doubt written all over Ikem. “Where is she now?” He asked.
“Only traffic congestion?” Ikem asked diverting his gaze at Simdi who was still standing close to Manuel’s car, busy with her phone. “Simdi is a phone addict.” He mumbled. “Well, if you hurry to her room, you may still meet her awake because she went in to get a nap.” Ikem continued.
Manuel perceived the sarcasm in Ikem’s words and to set things right he said to Ikem. “Don’t mind what you merely saw Ikem, Mma is a gold not to miss.” He progressed into the house.
Simdi feeling very happy with her first achievement swayed with joy making her way into the house to relax and read what Doctor Manuel wrote on the paper. Ikem who was still standing at the entrance to the vestibule blocked her way, with his arms folded across his chest, he leaned on the door.
“What’s the meaning of this?” Simdi lashed out, hissing. “Will you get out of my way you silly boy.” She yelped angrily at Ikem.
“Not before you tell me what you were doing out here with Doc Man. When did you vamoose from the anteroom? You rushed out to meet with Doc Man right? I thought you were chatting with your lovers?” Ikem voiced harshly.
“I didn’t rush out to meet anybody, I simply came outside to receive fresh air and that was when I saw him drive in. I went to him to say hello and to thank him for taking good care of our sister.” Simdi lied, making effort not to look at Ikem. “By the way, why am I even explaining this to you? Do I owe you any?” She asked defensively.
“Hum! Madam fibs. So you left the fully air-conditioned living room to come receive fresh air under this hot sun? Tell that to the gods Simdi, I know your type.” He reproached her.
“Enough of this bullshit Ikem. Do you realise I am your elder sister right? Moreover, Doctor Manuel isn’t Mma’s boyfriend so what is the bickering here about? Please leave my way.” She demanded, shoving Ikem aside and stomped in.
Simdi jumped into her bed and sighed heavily, reaching to her pocket she brought out the note, kissed it and opened it. The content of the letter hit her like a thunderbolt.....
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“My daughter is going berserk over Nnamdi oh!” She lamented.
“Doctor, why is she talking like this? Is she going crazy? I thought you said she was only ‘demprest’?” Asked the panic- stricken Mr. Emeka, pronouncing the word “depressed” wrongly.
“For now, I don’t know Sir, but I will find out soon.” Said Doctor Manuel startled. “I know that sometimes, depressed patients live in the past or in an imaginary world especially when they are wrestling with a new awful event. I will recommend a renowned psychologist for her and I am sure she will be fine.” He affirmed, doing his best to be convincing.
“It is you that is depressed not me.” Mma blurted. “Daddy, don’t mind this man that calls himself a doctor, I’m not going crazy neither am I depressed.” She turned to Simdi and said to her. “Baby, tell this man to leave here before Nnamdi gets hold of him, you know how possessive Nnamdi can be. I actually think he is the one that is crazy.”
Simdi lumbered to Doctor Manuel, it was an opportunity she has always looked forward to. She held his right hand with her both hands, she could feel his silky and soft palm. Simdi looked into his eyes salaciously. “Please help my sister!” She whispered to him so Mma wouldn’t hear. Doctor Manuel stared at Simdi dubiously and pulled out his hand gently, “I promise to help her even without your plea.” He said softly.

Mrs Ujunwa could hardly be differentiated from a broomstick, the ever robust and beautiful lady was now a shadow of her former self. The incident that happened months ago was really telling on her; the fasting and prayers, visiting of various churches and prayer houses, frequenting different hospitals for check-ups and medical attention, over her daughter’s predicament have kept her oh her toes, it has been a hellish experience for her. She had to deal with the wagging tongues that presented her daughter as a mad girl, the shame and negative attention it drew to her was too much for her to bear. Mmachi had to be locked up in her room anytime someone visited, this was done in order to prevent her from blabbing nonsense. Sometimes, she would scream, asking that Nnamdi be brought to her. Simdi succeeded in coaxing her into accepting that Nnamdi travelled, but after a long while and there was no sign of Nnamdi, Mmachi became sorrowful and crestfallen, and she slipped back into melancholia. Unexpectedly, not Simdi nor her dad could make her happy or feel any better. Speaking to Mmachi on the phone agonised Ikem, she consistently prattled about pointless things which were all centred around Nnamdi and her undying love for him. Ikem resisted the thought that his amiable sister could be mentally imbalanced.
Mr. Emeka, Mma’s father, had his own share of Mma’s crises, he was in a predicament and all his effort to engender Mma’s mental stability proved abortive. Mma’s life of delusions and hallucinations had sapped him of his own life. He lost interest in everything including his businesses which he seldom visited. Mr Emeka was propelled to seek professional medical advice from well-trained and experienced doctors who have handled Mma’s kind of case in the past. He employed a psychiatrist to attend to Mma but there was no sign of improvement, instead, the psychiatrist continuously administered different types of drugs and siphoned huge money from him. He returned to Doctor Manuel for help but Doctor Manuel alerted him that Mma’s plight wasn’t a purely mental case to be treated with mere drugs, but a case of emotional imbalance which has caused her to live in a fictional world in order to enable her generate the balance she needed emotionally, and whenever reality dawned on her, despondency sets in. He advised Mr. Emeka that the most likely remedy to Mma’s situation alongside drugs was to gradually pull her out from her imaginary life through constant attention, love, care and making known the truth to her. Doctor Manuel promised Mr. Emeka to help Mma out in any way he could. He made this promise not only because he was their family doctor, but because he saw it as a perfect opportunity to get close to his long time crush and eventually make his hidden intentions known to her.
Doctor Manuel plunged into his new duties with so much zeal and passion. In the initial stage, Manuel was faced with enormous difficulty as Mmachi was consistently and inevitably unbearable and aggressive. She meted out a barbarous attitude towards him but that didn’t deter Manuel from pushing further and harder. He visited Mmachi every day to check up on her not minding his tight schedule as a doctor, and each time he visited, he brought lots of beautiful gifts for her. He inquired from Mmachi’s parents some of the things Nnamdi did for her and he did likewise. It wasn’t his style but he had to do it for Mmachi’s sake. Manuel commenced his therapy by telling Mma love stories that do not have a propitious ending of living happily ever after, he also played movies that buttressed his stories. As time passed by, Manuel observed that Mma’s reliance on Nnamdi turned to fear of losing him, so he swooped into veering Mma’s fear to bravery. Manuel launched another strategy by cautiously revealing to Mmachi that Nnamdi was already out of her life and that she was living in a world of fantasy devoid of reality. He went further to explain to her that she could love and be loved again if only she would liberate herself from the emotional and mental bondage she has wrapped round herself and allow herself to be cherished.
It was very hard for Mmachi to receive the bitter revelation, she fought intensely with the truth until it finally dawned on her that Doctor Manuel was right and that Nnamdi wasn’t with her anymore. Mmachi ultimately but reluctantly accepted the fact and resigned to fate. Nevertheless, she had her reservations that Nnamdi will strode back to her, but she kept her conjecture to herself. Subsequently, Mmachi became fond of Manuel and yearned for his visit each day. She longed for his gifts, stories, attention and most of all his warm embrace. Mma felt safe and relaxed whenever she was locked up in Manuel’s arms, she could not interpret the ardour but she knew she liked it thereby looking forward to it.
Within few months of embarking on his remedial treatment, Doctor Manuel could discern the conspicuous positive metamorphosis that has taken place in Mma’s life, but he deliberately hid it from Mma’s parents. It was a favourable time to woo Mma without an indignation that he took advantage of her situation, so he seized the moment. Mmachi responded harmoniously and more so enjoyed his adulation, but she was extremely rigid to open up her heart and reciprocate his actions. Manuel wasn’t in a hurry, therefore, he found contentment in Mma’s affirmation of him as a great companion.
Simdi perceived the growing bond between Mmachi and Manuel, she shoved it aside earlier believing it was simply a way to help Mma come out of her muddle, but later, she felt uneasy about it especially when Doctor Manuel became unable to conceal his admirations for Mmachi. During one of Doctor Manuel’s visits, Simdi purposely walked past the porch where Mmachi and Doctor Manuel were having their session for the day, they routinely have different location for each day depending on Doctor Manuel’s game plan. Simdi observed the titillating gaze Doctor Manuel gave Mma as he smiled sweetly at Mma’s chitchat. “I am sure she is only blabbing as always.” Simdi muttered. Doctor Manuel’s large exotic brown eyes glowed as he listened and watched Mmachi. This made Simdi green with envy, those irresistible amazing eyes were meant to be gazing at her and not Mmachi she thought. Without further ado, Simdi began to make a ploy on how to seduce Doctor Manuel, and win him over to herself.
“Come over here baby, don’t just stand and stare.” Mmachi said, beckoning on Simdi to join them. Simdi suddenly realised that she has been standing there and staring at them, lost in thoughts. Manuel did not bother looking at her direction, he simply picked up his phone lying beside him.
“I would have love to join you two Mmamma, but I have some things to tidy up.” Simdi lied. “Maybe when I am through.” She said and walked away.
Mmachi was progressively coming to terms that Nnamdi was gone for good and was never coming back to her like she envisaged. Days slowly turned to weeks and months, yet no single word from Nnamdi. Mmachi’s exasperation turned to fret. “What if he is ill or in a very difficult situation?” She asked herself one evening after Doctor Manuel’s visit. Mmachi approached her dad and adjured him to get Chief Odinachi’s phone details through his numerous contacts. Mr. Emeka rebuffed at first but later, when he saw how perturbed Mmachi was, he acceded. It wasn’t a hurdle for Mr. Emeka to obtain Chief Odinachi’s digits, he got it through his friend and a business partner. Mr. Emeka put a call through at once to enquire about Nnamdi but a lady answered and apprised him never to dial the number again after he had introduced himself to her as Mmachi’s father. The lady also informed Mr. Emeka that Nnamdi was a happily married man and was expecting his first child before she rudely hung up on him. Mr. Emeka was enraged with what the lady said to him and the manner she reacted. He could not bear to watch his precious daughter go through another hassle all because of the information on his desk and for that reason, he buried it and never discussed it with Mmachi.
Mr. Emeka sought to circumvent the issue, he avoided Mmachi at all cost so that she wouldn’t ask him questions or make more demands which he may be unable to answer or fulfil. He initiated a plan to send Mmachi to Canada to help her get over Nnamdi finally, he spotted the great modification that was taking place in Mmachi’s life and health, and wouldn’t want to jeopardise the process for a coward who could not face a lady. Mr. Emeka gave Doctor Manuel an inkling of his stratagem to fly Mmachi overseas. Precisely as expected, Doctor Manuel vehemently opposed the scheme.
“Taking her to Canada will be a setback on our achievement Sir. Akin to what I told you previously, what Mmachi needs is a conducive environment and not a change of environment. She needs love, attention and care, and sending her to Canada won’t proffer all these. If I am to say Sir from a professional point of view, I am confident that Mma is doing great under my care and I assure you that in few weeks from now, you will be glad you heeded to my advice.” Doctor Manuel said brilliantly, not only from a professional standpoint but for his own selfish reasons.
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CHAPTER THREE - The Secrets (phase one)

It was already fifteen minutes past three o’clock and Mmachi was yet to wake up. Simdi was back with the meal she prepared, Mr. Emeka was also in the room having returned from his engagements and Mrs. Ujunwa has been lingering in the room without any relief, the scream she heard was only from the television in the room. Every one of them at this point were all in the room waiting eagerly for Mmachi to open her eyes, even Ikem was waiting too from his own side, he has called severally to know if she had regained consciousness. Fear and anxiety filled the room and no one dared talking to another. Doctor Manuel was dismayed as well that Mmachi was still unconscious, he concealed his consternation and guaranteed them of Mma’s recovery, but the expression of worry and fear on their faces did not dissipate even after his assurance, as a matter of fact, even the Faith Doctor Mrs. Ujunwa sighed in disbelief but inwardly she wished that the doctor had spoken out of conviction and not simply to lift up their low spirit. Mr. Emeka demanded that more treatment should be given to Mma but Doctor Manuel repudiated the request, his reason was that Mma’s ailment was of the mind and not the body.
Meanwhile, as Doctor Manuel conversed with Mmachi’s parents, Simdi trudged to Mmachi’s bed and sat on the chair by the bedside, she spoke with muted tone into Mma’s ears.
“Hey Mmamma, what’s going on? You should be up by now. Look how mummy and daddy are very scared and worried. Please get up .” Said Simdi, but there was no response nor a sign of it. Simdi held Mma’s palm which was placed on her chest, it was warm. She stared at Mmachi’s beautiful face and a tear dropped from her eyes. “You have dreams and aspirations Mmamma.” Simdi continued. “Dreams to have your family, to be a business tycoon like daddy and also own an NGO that will cater for the less privileged; how will you achieve all these if you don’t get up from there? I miss you already sister, I can’t put up with this strong act anymore.” Simdi cried. “Everyone needs you, loves you, adores you and wants you back.” Simdi placed her head on the edge of the bed and wept silently. After some seconds, Simdi felt Mma’s hand move slightly. She raised her head instantly to see if Mma has gotten back to a sentient state but her eyes were still shut. Simdi looked closely and observed that Mma’s eyelids twitched, she immediately called Doctor Manuel’s attention.
Doctor Manuel dashed to Mma’s bed to examine her, he held her hands and called out her name. “Mmachi! Mmachi! Hello! Can you hear me?” Mmachi slowly struggled to open her eyes, she was surprised at her surroundings and peered at Doctor Manuel with scepticism. “I told you she will come round soon.” Doctor Manuel bragged, he swiftly rang the bell calling on the nurses.
“Where am I?” Mmachi asked weakly. “Who are you?” She queried Doctor Manuel, her gaze stuck on him like he was an alien. The sound of her ailing voice brought jubilation into the room, Mrs. Ujunwa screamed for joy while Mr. Emeka moved round the room cheerfully, raising his hands up to heaven and praising God. Simdi stood beside the Doctor beaming with pleasure over her sister’s recovery. Mmachi was too infirm to stand up but she managed to move her head sideways to take a salient look at her environment. She saw the joy on Simdi’s face. “Baby m, what’s going on here? Why am I this weak?” She asked Simdi. She looked around again and saw her mum and dad, they were both in euphoria. “Mummy, daddy?” She whispered frailly.
“Your dad is always here for you Ada Nnaya, I know you won’t allow me to grieve over you.” Mr. Emeka voiced excitedly hurrying to her bedside.
“Mma, I am here too. God has finally brought you back to us.” Rejoined Mrs Ujunwa, she rushed and gave Mma a hearty hug.
“I don’t understand a thing happening here, I am very weak and feeling dizzy.” Mmachi mumbled looking lost. “What ensued here and why am I on this bed?” She asked, focusing on Simdi, longing for an answer.
“You will get to know later Mmamma, but first you need to relax.” Simdi said caressing Mma’s long hair to help her relax.
“Simdi is right.” Doctor Manuel added. “You need to calm down and relax. You will get to know what happened later.”
Mma was quietened for a while but was still not at peace with her environment. She gazed steadily at Doctor Manuel who goggled at her in admiration while adjusting the flow of the intravenous drip that the nurse fixed on her. “Who are you? She questioned him again. “And why are you staring at me like that?” She asked annoyingly. Mmachi’s questions to Doctor Manuel appalled everyone in the room, they looked at her, mouth agape.
“Mmamma! Don’t you remember Doctor Manuel?” Simdi asked in disbelief. “He has been taking care of you.” She added with a lecherous smile.
The next phase of Mmachi’s statements were worse than her previous questions to Doctor Manuel, they made no sense and were all about Nnamdi. She pulled Simdi by her hand, down onto the chair and rambled.
“Didi, Nnamdi is coming to pay my bride price soon.” She peeped around and continued. “I don’t want mummy and daddy to know right now because it is meant to be a surprise wedding.” Simdi listened to her in bewilderment while Mmachi progressed with her babbling. “The white wedding will be in Dubai and for sure you will be my maid of honour.” Mmachi claimed, smiling senselessly while everyone gawped at her in astonishment. “Nnamdi called me earlier revealing his plans to me.” Mmachi stated further without paying attention to their countenances. “He has asked Ikem to buy the wedding rings, I pray Ikem arrives here quickly so that we won’t be late for the wedding.” Mmachi suddenly stopped her pontifications and exclaimed. “Where on this earth is Nnamdi! Why is he absent in this very important meeting?”
All the cheerfulness and jubilation in the room disappeared and confusion took over. Mrs. Ujunwa broke down in tears...

To be continued ....
Literature / Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 3:46pm On Jun 29, 2017
tanks bro no p

It's actually Sis wink
You're welcome
Celebrities / Re: 10 Artistes That Have Promoted Fraudsters In Their Songs, Can Falz Win This War? by onyi4edu(f): 10:29am On Jun 24, 2017

All I'm saying is, dis is not a war, just an advice to make musicians think and understand the kind of influence and impact their music have on d youths...I see no reason why people are judging d boy...yet we want people to speak up for what is right...hypocrites everywhere....#thinkbeforeyoutalk

And all that you have said were the exact things needed to be said.

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Celebrities / Re: Kelechi Iheanacho, Peter Okoye And Flavour Pictured by onyi4edu(f): 10:11am On Jun 24, 2017
*Let us recite our 36 STATE and CAPITALS in their proper order:*

I know you must be laughing by now and if not it means your problem is bigger than the joke...

Your last statement gave me a good laugh grin

It's Kelechi's turn to shine. Ours is on the way. Let's celebrate him so that we too can be celebrated when ours come.
Nice pictures

BTW... Peter's children are privileged enough to enjoy the company of stars.

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