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Politics / Re: DSS Charges Nnamdi Kanu For Calling Buhari ‘An Idiot, A Paedophile, A Terrorist' by Organs(m): 6:55pm On Oct 21

May Amadioha strike you dead, that lifeless dunce in Aso rock is not my President and will never be.

May the curse be on you and your entire family!!! Whether you accept or not, Buhari is your President. Get over it and get back in line. Only mouth and chest beating, if the same Buhari should find you small change, now, now, you will kiss his feet and change your name from Ebuka to to Danladi.
Politics / Re: DSS Charges Nnamdi Kanu For Calling Buhari ‘An Idiot, A Paedophile, A Terrorist' by Organs(m): 1:49am On Oct 21
I mean you could argue Nnamdi Kanu was wrong on every other thing, but definitely not this one... because Buhari is actually an idiot with the lowest type of IQ for that matter.

If you consider your President an “Idiot”, tell me how you, follower of an idiot is not a bigger idiot!!!

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Religion / Re: EndSARS Anniversary: 'Avenge The Blood Of These Innocent Youths'- Faith Oyedepo by Organs(m): 1:46am On Oct 21
If you think that nobody died at the Lekki Toll Gate, read the following:






Go again and read the first link you posted. Is that even possible? Riot happened, she heard and went there the next day and she saw her don at Lekki shot and still alive and she shouted and called for help and was in a taxi taking them to the hospital and he died in her arms. So all the rioters no one bothered yo help him? So he bled through the night with bullet wound that went through his body yet his mum found him alive? The mum is ok sharing the story with CNN and not the human rights group that invaded military hospital unannounced. Sanwo Olu that went round looking forward victims keeping records did not know about them? We are truly the cause of our problems. Our hate of others we don’t support, our lies, our unjustified anger, our inability to take accountability for our actions will keep us where we are. Nonsense!!!

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Politics / Re: Nobody Died At Lekki Tollgate: Pro-buhari Protesters storm Unity Fountain, Abuja by Organs(m): 12:19pm On Oct 20
We already know the antics of the dullard and his band of never-do-well supporters, So, this is not unexpected ...

This is the only form of protest that is accepted by Buhari, anything against the Government, no matter how peaceful is ILLEGAL

Not true. Lies and lies and lies will not succeed. Also, having hidden agenda will not succeed. We deserve better than Buhari, Yes, we don't have to hate him. Lets unite over what is true and just.
Celebrities / Re: Stop Posting Tiwa Savage & Calling Her Queen - Tochi Okechukwu by Organs(m): 12:15pm On Oct 20

Let me sit pretty here and wait for pocos answer

lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

We know see answer oh.... Maybe she rethink am come "Gbuosooorr"!!! grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Stop Posting Tiwa Savage & Calling Her Queen - Tochi Okechukwu by Organs(m): 8:37pm On Oct 19

If I am Tiwa, I would be very concerned that someone like Mercy Aigbe whose ex spells background as bagrand is a member of my supporters club.

I will cry to the feet of Joke Silva. “Mummy edakun, help me take this shame away.”

They think it is by forming strong women on Instagram. At this rate, her rep would so drain, she wouldn’t even qualify as the side chick of a reasonable man.

How do you go from Edible-catering-Tbillz to a small-prick-snapchat-slayking?

You actually call that prick small? What is your frame of reference maaa?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Meet Espen Andersen Bråthen Who Killed 5 People In Norway Bow & Arrow Attack by Organs(m): 9:10pm On Oct 14
For me , it is not really about the Killer being a Muslim or a Christian!

It is about the Fact that anyone without Genuie relationship with JESUS Christ is a Ready made instrument for the devil .

The World is sick due to Sin and Iniquity.
The Cure of the Sickness is not Religion.

Then, how come Nigeria that is full of those that profess those things you say is full of crime, corruption, poverty etc?
Politics / Re: Supreme Court Affirms Soludo As The Governorship Candidate Of APGA by Organs(m): 1:50pm On Oct 14
it's finished. Soludo, your excellency. ... But upon all the money he stole at CBN, he's still looking ugly. Vanity crew, proudly.

Which money did he steal? Liar. By the way, I am a Northerner. Prof Soludo is one of the best brains in Nigeria. If he's Gov, Anambra will be better off and if he's President, Nigeria will be better off.


Politics / Re: Soldiers Chased By Unknown Gunmen In Anambra (Video) by Organs(m): 3:35pm On Oct 13
If na unarmed Ipob members doing peaceful protest,they will be flexing their grasshopper muscle killing innocent men and women.

If Crocodile begin smile now, you will start crying and complaining.
Crime / Re: Kenyan Child Serial Killer Who Murdered 13 Minors Escapes From Police Custody by Organs(m): 3:32pm On Oct 13
This was an inside job. Someone helped him escape.

Dont say things you dont know for a fact.
Romance / Re: Is It Okay To Tell A Boy You Have Vaginal Infection? by Organs(m): 9:07pm On Oct 12
What if he is not interested in your vagina. You can still be useful for ritual purposes even with your infected pussey. grin

Seriously, i wonder if folks like you and the 18 folks liking your comment is raised by a woman. Something is fundamentally wrong with you.
Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello Welcomed To Kaduna By Crowd Of His Supporters by Organs(m): 6:27pm On Oct 12

Who are the people that are happy??
Speak for urself

So many enlightened people.
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija: 'Boma And I Didn't Have Sex'- Tega Again Apologises To Nigerians(video) by Organs(m): 5:25pm On Oct 11
If truly you did not have sex how then did he know your pussy stinks like head of rotten fish? How?

You are truly disgusting. Tweeehh!
Education / Re: I Support Flogging Of My Daughter - Father Of Kwara Islamic School Student by Organs(m): 5:00pm On Oct 11
They are trying hard to justify this evil act...the truth is that Islam accelerates evil! It's like a vehicle to evil and everything disgusting

You will do yourself a favour if you take time to study the religion. Also, go again and read the last sentence in the article. Education will cure your obvious bias ignorance.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Members Vs Chiwetalu Agu: Reno Omokri Blames Igbos by Organs(m): 3:04pm On Oct 11

I think his main point is dt non-igbos will not speak out and defend chinwetalus predicament because igbos are known to fight and insult people dt would have spoken up to support them.

He only compared to say dt the govt is hypocritical in the way it treated chinwetalu versus how it treated Boko Haram defectors, and dt more pple would've spoken up against it, if not for the igbos character.

Rubbish. Speak out against what? That is what kept Igbos in the quagmire they are in today. They don't speak the truth but support evil if it is an igbo man. We all saw how bad GEJ was, they all supported him and voted PDP. That is why we are where we are today. Chinwetalo Agu wore a Proscribed group attire and you want everyone to keep quiet? If anyone comes to his aid, they should be noted and it should be used against them if they seek political office. Reno is part of the useless decay. He is busy abusing this govt cos he is not benefitting period.
Education / Re: LASU Final Year Female Student Commit Suicide Over Lack Of Money (photo) by Organs(m): 2:52pm On Oct 11
I blame it on the return of TINUBU

Pls stop joking when death is reported. Have compassion for her and humanity!

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Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello Welcomed To Kaduna By Crowd Of His Supporters by Organs(m): 2:49pm On Oct 11

We never learn. Our head strong.!

Its not about that. Make the people hungry, then control them with money is the game. A man that has all hunger and basic problems, you can only preaching to him by solving todays problem. He will not listen to you if you say, he will enjoy for only 1 week and suffer for 4 years. He wants that problem solved for today at least.
Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello Welcomed To Kaduna By Crowd Of His Supporters by Organs(m): 2:43pm On Oct 11

Go and borrow your own, you guys will never learn until Yahaya Bello turns president.

Politics is very local.

Ofcourse they have to be borrowed or paid. There is nothing genuinely true Yahaya Bello has done that will make People happy and welcome him. By the way, El Rufai has done a lot in KD and the People are happy with him.
Celebrities / Re: Shan George To Chiwetalu Agu: You Are Clearly Wearing A Biafra Flag by Organs(m): 5:13pm On Oct 08
Chiwetalu Agu has written his name in gold. Posterity will be kind to him for not forgetting his roots and flaunting it to chagrin of terrorists in power. Sir Chiwetalu just know that reasonable Nigerians and freedom lovers worldwide loves and adores you wholeheartedly for this heroic act and in the fullness of time you shall be honored. Keep it up sir

We will remind him in some years time when he wants to run for office in a united Nigeria.
Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie's Daughter, Danielle Graduates From Secondary School (Photo) by Organs(m): 4:19pm On Oct 08

That girl fine ooooo

She will marry yoluba muslim las las.
Celebrities / Re: Soldiers Drag, Arrest Chinwetalu Agu Over Biafra Outfit by Organs(m): 1:51pm On Oct 08

Was IPOB written anywhere in his attire?

That is the mistake you forever keep making, you think people are fools? I blame the uselessness of this govt.
Celebrities / Re: Soldiers Drag, Arrest Chinwetalu Agu Over Biafra Outfit by Organs(m): 1:32pm On Oct 07
But it's not a crime to wear what you feel like wearing now, anyway what do i know..

Is it ok, for Boko Haram supporters to wear boko haram inspired clothing? Una go just dey open mouth anyhow!
Politics / Re: Governor El-Rufai Demolishes Graceland Zaria, Kaduna (Photos) by Organs(m): 4:48pm On Oct 04

Well. I graduated years before you were born. I am not interested in politics but I have friends in politics who have bigger clouts than El Rufai. I am far bigger than any member of your family little boy! Ask me how and I will break it down for you, thug!

Liar!!!. Its in your DNA to lie and keep lying. How do i know? You don't even know me but you'd mentioned you graduated years before i was born. Also, you don't sound educated, if you are educated and like you'd mentioned, not following politics, then you little brain would've at least educated you on how its not about clout. What is clout We are talking about bad governance and how the Country is really bad and you are boasting about clout. Now who sounds like a little man with little brain? Now, listen and learn, I am not a 100% El Rufai fan, because sometimes he talks anyhow, he is brash and he is also very arrogant. Maybe because he is actually very brilliant. But, he is a performer. He is one of the best performing Governors, check it out not Igbere tv or propaganda oh. Also, Nigeria would've been a better place and better Country if mumu Buhari had groomed El Rufai for 2019 and pushed him to run. One advice, go and read "Accidental Civil Servant" by El Rufai, also, listen to his lecture at Chatham House UK and pay attention, hopefully you will learn.
Politics / Re: Governor El-Rufai Demolishes Graceland Zaria, Kaduna (Photos) by Organs(m): 3:09pm On Oct 04
Midgets like El Rufai always want to be relevant when they are not in the news every now and then undecided

What that guy is and what he has achieved, your whole generation cannot come close. Firstly, he graduated university with first class degree. Now, lets start from there. Have you even graduated?

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai Condemns Killing Of 34 Residents, Attack On Kaduna Community by Organs(m): 5:53pm On Sep 27
Taliban in power ,condemn openly and praised them in secret ,ISlam has no love to offer the world ,some of this Muslim you see in the south that are very good doesn't practice the religion to the letter , religion will destroy Africans , love doesn't hate , is not ill mannered ,it forgives easily , love is all we need permanently to be human beings God created us to be ,if u don't want to be wrong ,do wrong to no one ,if you want to be forgiven ,forgive those that offend you ,this is what life is all about ....

I guess all the Igbos selling fake drugs in the east and invariable killing people actually love them? Those killing people in the East or those that were at Ozogbulu and shot people praying in Church are Muslims? The Ipob members killing and attacking Police and prisons are all Peace loving Christians? Conclusively, how come, historically, (look at 1940 to date) you have lots of Igbos, Yorubas, other Nigerians, Europeans etc living amongst those same people in Northern Nigeria that have no love and you can count the numbers of other tribes living, doing business and striving in Igboland that is full of love? Also, how come, the other States, Calaba, Cross River, Bayelsa, etc will rather align with the North that are predominantly muslims and has no love than with you fellow Igbo Christians with all the love in the World?
Education / Re: 400 Level Benue University Student Impregantes 14-Year-Old Girl by Organs(m): 9:39pm On Sep 15
At 14, she's started sneaking out of the house in the dead of the night to go receive Vit.D from broda Michael

And when caught, she used the line: I went to urinate.......at 14...... At 14....ooh

Shut up ya mouth. She's a kid. She doesn't know any better. The boy is the matured one here, he should go to Jail.
Politics / Re: Amir, Aisha Yesufu's Son Graduates From Regent University London (Pics, Video) by Organs(m): 9:31pm On Sep 15
who told you that,most of housa people are benefiting from government in one way or the other I spend more than 20yers in the north

Where is your proof? Also, who is not benefitting from Govt one way or another? Is it Niger Delta that has a king per kM sponsored by NDDC and collecting oil money and their folks wallowing in poverty? Or westerners that dominated the civil service. Osinbajo then had so many workers with some as PA to PA's PA.
Politics / Re: We Will Cut Off Ears Of Anyone Enforcing Monday Sit-At-Home Order — IPOB by Organs(m): 3:56pm On Sep 14
i beg help me tell them, Nigeria should allow Biafra to go, you can't force people against their will..

Self determination is a right...

Who is holding you back? Request it the right way, follow due process, who wants you anyways? Even those youre closest to in religion and culture will rather go with others than you. How many foreigners live comfortable in Igboland?
Politics / Re: Umahi: South East Loses ₦10 Billion Every Sit-At-Home Day by Organs(m): 6:17am On Sep 14
Coming from the ibo sold out Gomina,the hausa will use you and the dindin in imo And later fire your furo.
Ask Gowon and Obasanjo. grin grin

Mumu talk. So NK that was arrested after running away like the coward that he is is your hero abi? Even Sowore refused to run away. Sit down there and be running your mouth. I sincerely wish the Governor and all the rest keep quiet, na Igbos go hearam on the long run.


Politics / Re: Bandits Kill Pastor Kibori-Asha Awuce In Kaduna, El-Rufai Appeals For Calm by Organs(m): 10:38pm On Sep 13
You will kill in the night but condemn in the morning. El Rufai is a midget terrorist

Part of the problem in Nigeria is the fact that People say things and get away with it. If this mumu is asked to show proof or spend 1 year in jail, other mumus will watch what they say.
Crime / Re: Slay Queen Busted After Sending Fake Transfer oF N65,000 To A Vendor by Organs(m): 10:28pm On Sep 13
There is no need for too much noise. The lady on the background was right. All she needs to do is show us a debit alert from her bank. I guess she doesn't have that. If we calm down and just calmly ask the right questions, we can at the very least get a scammer to admit that He/she is a scammer at least for the disgrace and humiliation.

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Politics / Re: Shaibu: I'm Loyal To Obaseki But There Are Unresolved Issues In Edo PDP by Organs(m): 10:12pm On Sep 13


U ll be plain stupid to ever think there’s an iota of difference between these two Party Platforms. They have same agenda, chop, chop and chop.

This picture is very funny. Imagine people with no electricity, no hospitals, no security even to travel in peace, yet they have time to yab Buhari trousers, we are laughing at ourselves.

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