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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Seeks Negotiation With FG Over Alleged Terrorism Charges by otipoju(m): 3:14pm
One day in my neighbourhood, there was was a fracas with government officials during something. I don't recollect wether it was voters registration, election or census or national ID card data collection. But it had to do with the government.

Some boys had an altercation with the officials and they called police for backup.

When these Mobile Policemen descended on the small neighborhood fully armed about 70 of them parading the streets looking for the boys.

All male souls vanished into thin air. I was young but I felt the raw power of government.

Since them, I no dey follow police argue or do gra gra. I try to neutralize you before anything escalates. Once I am calm and respectful, I usually get the same treatment back and win.

Police can turn a small issue into a very big issue for you quickly.


Politics / Re: Observations On President Tinubu's Administration And Policies by otipoju(m): 1:45pm
Una never know the market wey una buy.

Lagos residents were warning y'all that the man no get substance, all na just packaging, una sey no be so.
Romance / Re: VIDEO: Husband Catches His Wife And Daughter Cheating With His Landlord by otipoju(m): 1:42pm
Fear women. For your own good.

As much as you enjoy their company, always leave space for betrayal and back stabbing.

They will betray you and still blame you for it.


Celebrities / Re: “akoi Grace Wey No Dey Disgrace”– Congratulations Pour In As Portable Buy A Thre by otipoju(m): 1:40pm
" I am King of myself. "

....Portable 1930
Crime / Re: Nigerian Woman, Sharday Bakare, Arrested For Murder Of Her 2-Year-Old Son In US by otipoju(m): 1:37pm
Last Sunday we were about to go home when the other kids said they did not see their sister.

Car park had just 3 cars left and inside building were empty.

In that split 1 minute when I ran inside the building and shouted her name and scanning the car park for her....I was extremely anxious.

Child neglect case no be small wahala.

I go need to install cameras inside house sef.


Romance / Re: I Want An Educated Man Who Can Pray, Cook, Do Laundry, Loves PDA & Can ‘perform by otipoju(m): 1:27pm
With thus your big nose you still dey get acceptance criteria
Politics / Re: Nigeria As Fallen Into The Hands Of Dangerously Evil People by otipoju(m): 12:59pm

You accepted the nigerian Constitution.. I haven't lived in Lagos I don't care for the city

But based on the nigerian Constitution if I move to Lagos today me and oba of Lagos have same right

You can't eat your cakes and have it

If you don't like people interfering tell Tinubu to restructure the nation simple

You are right. Constitutionally you have the same rights. I no get power to the argue with person wey no fit accept reality.
Sports / Re: Ghanaian Court Orders Auction Of Michael Essien’s Properties by otipoju(m): 6:08am
I'm surprised. This guy had a very long career at the top top level.

I no dey pity professional footballers sha. Some of them are the worst set of people to be friend with.

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Education / Re: VIDEO: FUOYE 400 Level Student Arrested For Allegedly Raping A Male Student by otipoju(m): 5:57am
I remember one heavy built chemist In my neighborhood trying to date me. I was in my early 20's , and this guy was giving me stuff from hid shop.

I don know what's up but played along until he said there was s birthday event that he wanted me to attend.

Na the last time wey I enter him shop be that.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria As Fallen Into The Hands Of Dangerously Evil People by otipoju(m): 5:52am

Lol you obviously haven't done business in Nigeria before at least not to a big level ... So no need to talk about import policies of Nigeria

Tomorrow North would come and tell us Abuja is what it is because Northern people are this and that... See what Abuja is after 30 years Lagos was capital for 70 years

Everything that makes Lagos Lagos was built by the colonial government or federal government

Lagos is still a glorified Ghetto. I was born and lived there for at least 30 years of my life. It still does not remove the fact that some people are indigenes of the state and should not be told that because it was once a capital city, therefore it is no man's land.

Even though Abuja is the capital city, I will not deny that it is the ancestral home of certain ethnic groups and I will never tell them their land is no man's land.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria As Fallen Into The Hands Of Dangerously Evil People by otipoju(m): 8:12pm On Jun 18

Firstly I love how arrogant Yorubas are getting, I love it... Hopefully This arrogant would make u guys push for restructuring before you realise the truth

Secondly you can't make such laws... Only when Nigeria is restructured... And once nigeria is restructured Lagos looses all.. I mean all its advantage

We are waiting for them with their lekki sea port... The only that would make it viable would also make it unviable because same laws frees South South ports...

I don't know your age but you are definitely not a realist. I observe and state the simple facts. If you are yet to understand how Nigetia really works. There is no rule of law anywhere.

Anyone in power makes whatever laws and gets away with it.

Imagine if a new law is made in Lagos state that that retroactively requires home owners to renew their certificate of occupancy at hefty prices.... Law will be general and implementation will be deliberately selective.

You don't pay up, the tear your house down...with the law backing it.

Na their you go realize sey no be your hometown you dey.

Their message will be very clear to you then.
The Law will be general but the enforcement will be selective. When you scream the response from other Nigerians will be you sef go your papa house.

Before the Igbos set foot in Lagos, Lagos has been doing international trade.

We pray it never gets to that( because it will involve fighting) but Lagos will still be standing if the Igbos leave en masses.

Even your Obi Cubana don run from him state come Lagos


Politics / Re: Nigeria As Fallen Into The Hands Of Dangerously Evil People by otipoju(m): 6:46pm On Jun 18
It is actually quite irritating how these low self esteem idiots always rant that Igbos are "claiming" Lagos. I don't understand it. Which Igbo man isn't proud of his state of origin and ethnicity?

Is any Igbo man jostling to be Oba of Lagos or what? People do their business, buy property with their hand earned money, invest, and generally go about their way, yet you are feeling threatened. Claiming "host" and accommodator. How? You dash anybody free land? If anything, it is the Igbos and other Nigerians living and doing business in Lagos who give value to the land. It is the vast population of Nigerians as a collective who generate wealth for Lagos.

Even though the state benefitted immensely and even unfairly from its status as administrative, political and economic capital of Nigeria for several decades, nobody is dragging with indigenes of Lagos especially with regard to the perks of indigeneship. Let the real indigenes of Lagos stand up and own up. Enough of other Yoruba interlopers making grating noise and forming mgbaati solidarity and tribal condensation when matters concerning Lagos State come up,

So stop complaining when they are showing you that they do not need whatever value you think you brought by tearing down those structures. And showing you who really owns the land.

If someone buys land in your village and start telling you years after that he owns the village...I am very sure you will not be grinning and laughing.

Where i dey so...my citizenship can be revoked if i do pass my self...but pikin wey be real citizen can never have his citizenship revoked no matter what.

I can never become the President even though I am a citizen. There are limits and boundaries to hosts and guests. If you don't respect that, you take anything that comes your way.

Your wings are being clipped in Lagos by the indigenes. It is deliberate, it is targeted and its strategic but you brought it on yourself.

That is the stark reality. Interestingly Igbo boys that were born and bred in Lagos don't say such nonsense...na those wey come as adults dey overdo.


Politics / Re: Nigeria As Fallen Into The Hands Of Dangerously Evil People by otipoju(m): 6:37pm On Jun 18

Where did this narrative of no man’s land come from?

I don't know where you have been in the last 6 or so years. A lot of Ignos were saying Lagos is no man's land and even saying it was the Benin that founded Lagos and if not for them, (the Igbos,) Lagos would not be eloped.

These kind of inciting statements you will never hear from other yorubas from other states and subgroups like Ijebu, Egba, Ekiti, Yagba, Ibadan,Ijesha,Akure,Igbomina,Ife,Ketu.

To claim a man's ancestral land is not his is to dishonour him. To claim that it was you who came from your towns and villages across the Niger to develop his is to add salt to injury.

Even though we are one Nigeria, I know I can not live in Enugu for 50 years and start taunting them that it is no man's land. It is highly disrespectful and anything wey my eyes see, I go take am like that.

So I perfectly understand why the indigenes of Lagos are starting to "reclaim" their land.

It is deliberate , it is calculated and it's not going to stop anytime soon until they are done with whatever plan they came up with in response to the taunts of Igbos.

I pray it never gets to the point where they start revoking Cerificate of Occupancy or turn it to something that you will have to renew every 10 years with almost the cost of building a new house....I know the indigenes of Lagos, when they mean you, they will go all out.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria As Fallen Into The Hands Of Dangerously Evil People by otipoju(m): 3:48pm On Jun 18

In 2015 a whole oba asked everyone to vote a certain candidate and anyone who won't align to such directive should just walk into the lagoon and drown.
The truth is that everybody already know what the Yorubas represent, you want respect as a birthright but the truth is that respect can't be forced, it could only be earned.

While i don't support and will never support such uncouth messages from the Oba. There have been provocations that pushed him to that point.

I am Yoruba from Ekiti. Born and bred in Lagos but I will never claim that Lagos is no man's land and because I have several houses in Lagos, I am the one that developed Lagos.

That is the crux of the harsh treatment that Lagosians are giving easterners at the moment.

They are letting it be loud and clear that the Land belongs to them. If you push them too far, they will start revoking C of O's and will make your doing business extremely difficult.

Look at Israel and Gaza killing themselves in thousands over Land. It's a very sensitive issue and I know an Lagosian will not go to Abuja to go claim it is no man's land....because he built a house there or does business there


Politics / Re: Nigeria As Fallen Into The Hands Of Dangerously Evil People by otipoju(m): 3:10pm On Jun 18

Do you realise that even your individual choices is being gradually eroded,the elite are gradually taking control of every choice in NIG, even your right to date or do business.

Also,Yorubas will have to surrender the LAGOS they hold so dear if they'll continue the one Nigeria experiment,it will eventually happen.

LAGOS is a Nigerian creation not a Yoruba creation

No wahala, na this mumu talk go make the yoruba continue to dey destroy una shop and houses. One day they will enact a law that will revoke C of Os and tax you heavily for doing business in Lagos.

Continue to dey find trouble. Shebi Lagos na Nigerian creation. I.e all the Nigerian tribes gathered and created Lagos .

Even Yoruba from other states like Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo and Kwara will not say they own Lagos or its a no man's land. We respect the boundaries and do not claim rights as indigenous of Lagos.

We know our boundaries and do not disrespect the indigenes of Lagos State by saying their land is ours.

Dem dey revoke C of O.

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Politics / Re: The Presidency Has Slammed The Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi by otipoju(m): 2:32pm On Jun 18
The wickedness of Nigerians ehhhnn.

You tell the people to sacrifice for the good of the country....but can't sacrifice and must buy private jets worth billions of naira

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Sports / Re: NFF To Punish Victor Osimhen Over Improper Conduct by otipoju(m): 2:28pm On Jun 18
NFF should just get him to apologize to Finidi George; tender a public apology and everyone will be fine. Most times, people focus on how we react to things without asking what led to our reactions. For saying that Osimhen doesn't want to play for the Eagles, Finidi was inciting Nigerians against Osimhen.

Sadly there is no evidence to prove that he said so.


Politics / Re: Nigeria As Fallen Into The Hands Of Dangerously Evil People by otipoju(m): 2:25pm On Jun 18
Nigerians are in a dicey dilemma situation which is extremely terrible and no one knows the eventual outcome or result.

Now NIGERIANS cannot complain of bad governments, they have boxed themselves into a corner. This was caused mainly by the Yorubas with their tribal stance against the igbos.

Once the Yorubas took that tribal stance against people who should naturally be their allies.They boxed themselves in to chains.The Yoruba can never be trusted ever again.

It was a terrible mistake they made.The consequences will be clearer in future not now. The elite evil political system as taken advantage, they have have the upper hand with total control because,any one that criticises the government is labelled an obi supporter or Igbo, this renders the igbos themselves in a weak position because they are being singled out for attacks ,it therefore chains down the Igbos.

The hausa-fulani have no say at this point,they have to wait for 8 years atleast.This renders them also chained,because they can't predict what will happen after 8 years.

The 3 major tribes have been successfully conquered by the ruling evil elite.

Now the joker are the minorities, if they can put their act together, the minority have a unique slim chance of being the only polity capable of challenging the ruling evil Elite.
They showed this by the pattern of the voting in the last election.

The Yoruba have successfully rendered their state power to be dishonourable, they have broken the trust of several tribes.

The Yoruba will forever be dishonourable for the stance they took ,being so blatantly anti igbos and minorities.

In this the Yoruba have lost a chance to build allies.

Respect is reciprocal. You don't taunt a people that are hospitable to you for decades and call their land " no man's land " and tell them it is you that came to develop their land and their lucky to have you.

They are sending you some clear messages.

1. This is our land and we can decide whatever we want to do with it at any time.

2. Take your land developing skills to your region. There are state and land boundaries for a reason.

3. Since you don't appreciate the warm and conducive business and social climate, let us make it hot for you using all the levers of power that we have.

4. Nobody has a monopoly of hate, since you hate us , let us hate you in return and demonstrate it for you.

At the end of the day, the tribal bigots on both sides, all of una dey craze. If una like make una kill una self over which tribe is superior ro the other, life will go on and both tribes will continue doing business with each other with their men and women fu**king and marrying each other.

You don't look for trouble and then start claiming victims when your taunts become unbearable.

Liberal people like me go still dey relate peacefuly with my Igbo friends and nack my Igbo girlfriends steady. We no send una message.

Hatred is a mental disease.

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Sports / Re: Verydarkman The Releases Video Of Osimhen & His Doctor Speaking To Finidi George by otipoju(m): 2:06pm On Jun 17
Verydarkman the releases video of Osimhen & his doctor speaking to Finidi George about his injure


Omo.no be everybody suppose be content creator at all.
Politics / Re: Eedris Abdulkareem Drags Pastor Adeboye: During Jonathan, Your Voice Was So Loud by otipoju(m): 1:12pm On Jun 17
seems in Nigeria when people complain, its simply because them no follow dey chop national cake. ones they are given the opportunity to dine, they forget the troubles of the common man.

That is why the corruption persists. The day it dawned on me that Nigerians do not dislike corruption . In fact they love the lifestyle of the powerful people it and endure the pains corruption brings believing that one day it will be their own turn too...that was the the day I mentally left this country.

My body followed about 3 years after.


Properties / Re: My Landlord Is Endangering The Health Of Everyone In The Compound. by otipoju(m): 9:50pm On Jun 16
How old are you first? undecided All these shameless men we have nowadays, some of them are not ashamed of saying that they still live as tenants at their age. Some of you are not ashamed of yourselves... Young boys of 23 years old that some of you know when they married their mothers are building houses, buying cars worth millions, owning multimillion naira businesses, have hundreds of millions sitting in their bank accounts, but some of you at your age are not ashamed to say that you still live in landlords house, i spit on your bald heads. The most annoying part is that instead of them to go and Hussle for money, na woman be their number one priority, stupid men everywhere. God please anything that will make me have anything to do with a broke man in rebuke it in the mighty name of jesus.

Only broke girls talk this way.

As long as a brother is focused and earns a honest living, he will succeed one day.

Having excess money or not should not define wether a person is good or not

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Sports / Re: What I Experience Gambling by otipoju(m): 6:57pm On Jun 16
I used to officiate at a pool table we owned where young men gambled everyday...and i got my cut as boardman for each round of play.

The one time when I gambled my own money and lost, I hated that feeling and I never bet again on myself or anyone.

Gamblers are a special breed. Their heart no dey normal.

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Sports / Re: “Don't Let Me Nod Your Face” - Osimhen To His Guys Trying To Calm Him Down by otipoju(m): 9:31pm On Jun 15

The day I understood who Victor Osimhen is was when the team was being welcomed at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja after the finals of the Nations Cup - Press men just wanted to have a word with him - he dismissed them saying "make ona free me joor" pushing them aside - who da fvcccccck does he think he is ? - even the GOAT Messi never dismissed his Argentine press when he lost the finals of the world cup to Germany in 2014 - Let me ask one question, because this Osimhen pride is so irritating --- Is Victor Osimhen the first U-16 World Cup winner who became an African Player of the year with Nations Cup silver medal and a League Winner medal in Europe? --- NOOOOOOOO

Before him was a certain Kanu Nwankwo -- He won the U-16 World Cup in Japan 1993, Won Atlanta Olympics Gold Medal in 1996 scoring 2 great goals against a Brazillian side that later had 2 world footballers of the year (Ronaldo and Rivaldo) - same Kanu won the Dutch Eredivisie League Shield, Won the Dutch FA Cup, Won the European Champions League Cup, Won the World Football Club Cup with Ajax Amsterdam (with Finidi George as his team mate) - Won 2 African Footballer of the Year for the years (1996,1999) - Won the English Premiership and FA cup with Arsenal - Won the FA Cup with Portsmouth, AND yes, Kanu won a silver in the African Cup of Nations, 2000 (it should have been gold if Goal line technology was there then to validate Ikpeba's penalty miss) ----- In World Football reckoning - can Osimhen lace Kanu's boots? have we ever heard Kanu insult anyone like Victor just did ? when someone lacks home training selling pure water in the traffic and fortune smile's on that person - this is always the result - gutter attitude....

One can make as much money as he can - but CLASS cant be bought!!! - Victor Osimhen is a tout and if he were a French, Spanish, English, Brazillian or German National Team Player - he will be given at least 2 years ban for this travesty ---swearing ogun on social media - what a pile of sh IT behavior! angry

He should go and ask why David Ginola AND Eric Cantona did not make the French National team of 1998 that won the World cup as talented as they were then? INDISCIPLINE, they were chased out of the French National Team ------- Victor must tender an unreserved apology to Finidi George-- a Nigerian hero who scored that lone goal in Algeria to give Nigeria that first world cup ticket in 1993 -- after so many near misses for almost 50 years of trying ----- that Finidi goal sent Nigeria to our first world cup ever --- Long before Osimhen was born ---- I watched that match live - Algeria scored through Cherif Quazzani - the same man that scored the lone goal to give Algeria victory over Nigeria in 1990 Nations Cup Finals ---- That match almost gave 180 million Nigerians High BP as it was tension soaked from the blast of the whistle - Na Finidi goal that night give us that ticket ----- to tell you how that qualifier series was so important then - Ghana under the great Abedi Pele AND Tony Yeboah - as hot as they were then in Europe did not qualify for that world cup in USA 1994---- I hate nansense!!!!!! small money and small fame, Victor just dey swear ogun for everybodi

NIGERIA too big VICTOR OSIMHEN - with or without you - we will get it right -- you better be humble because your decline is about to start with this your gutter attitude --- nansense!!! angry angry angry angry

A great player may not be a great person.

Any good coach will shield his players from blame and take it upon himself...because he is responsible for team selection and tactics.

To blame a player for the teams loss who was not present, who told you he is injured, let you speak with his doctor and sent you MRI scans of his injury is way out of pocket for Finidi and deserves whatever insult he is getting from Victor and his outburst only showed how pained and hurt he was to loose coordination.

Especially when you know how Nigerians don't forgive players whom they believe cost them a game or tournament. It was pure wickedness if it true.

People react to stuff like this differently and so while I won't behave like he is doing, I won't blame him either buy just tell him to be patient and tell him how he could have handled it better.

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Sports / Re: “Don't Let Me Nod Your Face” - Osimhen To His Guys Trying To Calm Him Down by otipoju(m): 9:21pm On Jun 15
Edo pple. It's part of their nature.. anger, disrespectful, pride and I don't care attitude.

Don't ask me. Ask Oranmiyan why he ran away from Bendel state then.

So na generational thing. No be today hey start.

The name if the city itself means land of anger.

Ile - Ibinu

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Celebrities / Re: You Are A Failure – Singer Portable Continues To Drag Davido After He Unfollowed by otipoju(m): 4:57pm On Jun 15

not everything in this world is collab, and not all collab should be signed and sealed after ONE meeting in the US.... its obvious Portable is desperate while others around him aint... he has to chill. stressing people out like that will only close doors rather than open them.

now the important question IS: do you think Davido is desperate for collab with Portable?!

No he is not desperate and does not want a collab but promised to take him to the studio the next day.

Portable' grouse is that they were toying with am and saying and doing disrespectful things to him...while trending at the moment for him being in their precense.

He felt he was being used.

Portable is like Trump he is trending everything even for things not related to music.

And it takes a lot of intelligence to ACT like a fool.
Celebrities / Re: Bianca Censori's Unusual See-through Dress At Dinner With Kanye West In Italy. by otipoju(m): 1:22pm On Jun 14

But, Kim is a porn actress na undecided

As a mother and as one grows old certain things o longer become appealing especially since she started studying for a law degree.

Meanwhile she was not a professional porn actress, she had a sex tape with Brandy's younger brother.
Celebrities / Re: You Are A Failure – Singer Portable Continues To Drag Davido After He Unfollowed by otipoju(m): 7:41am On Jun 14

dont misunderstand the music industry... Portable needs Davido more than Davido needs him... so by inviting him in his home in Atlanta, Davido is doing the unknown brotha Portable a HUGE FAVOR. barely nobody (part from Nigerians) knows portable outside Nigeria, get real... the exposure that Davido brings to this unknow artist outside of Nigerian shores is HUMONGOUS.... thus why i will repeat; this is either a publicity stunt or a very ungrateful brotha!

even if is doesnt see eye to eye with Davido, to insult one of the biggest artist in Nigeria today, he must be high on some cheap drugs.

Do it'd okay for him to go to school a place and they demean him and try to make him feel less of a man.

First they are buying clothes and shoes for him as if he is a child. Second Davido smoke blunt. give portable to puff but refused to collect it back when portable returned it to him

Next you take him out and ignored his request to talk business. I.e collaboration. Meanwhile guy na hustler and no get time to dey dance for club for 5 hours without anything tangible being said.

Based on Zlatans C- caution to davido.

Nigger has a right to be very very angry.


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Celebrities / Re: You Are A Failure – Singer Portable Continues To Drag Davido After He Unfollowed by otipoju(m): 12:48am On Jun 14
either this is just a fake marketing feud OR this is just the definition of "animals biting the hands that feeds them"

How did Davido feed Portable?

Na him give am visa abi na him buy him ticket, abi na Portable call Davido to come see am?

Young man has a very solid point. He hates being used and believes in mutual benefits.

And he is damned good at singing and composing. You either accept him as he is or leave him alone, the boy no send you message.

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Celebrities / Re: Bianca Censori's Unusual See-through Dress At Dinner With Kanye West In Italy. by otipoju(m): 12:36am On Jun 14
This is what Kim could not do and they just had to go their seperate ways. His crazy ways had become way to crazier than expected and it lost its attraction


Properties / Re: Charming 3-bedroom Bungalow In Matogun, Ifo - 10M (negotiable) by otipoju(m): 12:33am On Jun 14
How can this be someone's dream home. Pride dey worry you oo

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