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Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜ Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 16 ➜ ➜ ➜ by ovcwality(m): 9:40am On Jun 04
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mesmer is the name


Romance / Re: Perfect Gentleman:boy Spotted Carrying The Bags Of Two Girls(photos) by ovcwality(m): 9:37am On May 29
This is foolishness, nothing gentle about it
Crime / Re: Fatima & Her 4 Children Killed By IPOB In Anambra: Adamu Garba, Shehu Sani React by ovcwality(m): 5:20pm On May 24
ipob terrorists, murderers will never know peace. Hope they get killed too when caught

What have this innocent woman and her children done to deserve this?
Politics / Re: How Igbos Went From Being Asians To Becoming Blacks by ovcwality(m): 8:40pm On May 20
igbo and inferiority complex, no one cares

Aba economist lol
Politics / Re: Deborah Samuel: NBA Bows To Pressure, Postpones Sokoto SPIDEL Conference by ovcwality(m): 5:31pm On May 17
theme “Rule of Law and Democratic Evolution in Nigeria” hahaha grin

If they still hold the convection in sokoto then they should change the theme to “Rule of Lawlessness and Democratic stagnation in Nigeria”

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Education / Re: Ramdom Colorized Photos Of Life Before The Enlightened Era by ovcwality(m): 4:54pm On May 17

JFK fuçk this woman. He even pass her give him brother. cheesy

Kai. This life.
Power of money and power
Religion / Re: That Is Blasphemy - Rev. Yinka Yusuf Faults Buhari For Saying Jesus Is A Prophet by ovcwality(m): 4:45pm On May 17
You don't understand Hausa, the translation you read trending online is not complete. The translator didn't complete the last sentence of her statement where she insulted the Prophet because of the gravity and heaviness of the statement on the tongue of a Muslim to repeat it.

Moreover, that audio that has been trending was not even her first statement where she insulted the Prophet. It was a reply to a threat where she was asked to retract her comment and apologize which she stubbornly refused. Bragging that nothing will happen to her.

No Muslim will bother himself when you call Muhammad false prophet. If Muslims were forcing other adherents to believe in the message or prophethood of Muhammad, their wouldn't havebeen a single Christian in the North.
I have not listen to the audio, i have only been reading everything online and i can speak hausa very well

Believe you me muslims will kill anyone that say muhammed is not a prophet of God except if you don't live in a muslim dominated region, i am not an idiot.
I have argued with muslims that got angry just because i made reference to saudi not been good people either compare to whites, the guy was really angry saying bla bla bla, that the saudi people are too bless whatever and whatever, mind you he is uneducated fellow and so many exist like that
So just imagine saying muhammed is not a prophet of God in the mist of this kinds when muslims are the majority, you will be slaughter, i am not an idiot, i know what i am saying
Religion / Re: That Is Blasphemy - Rev. Yinka Yusuf Faults Buhari For Saying Jesus Is A Prophet by ovcwality(m): 4:06pm On May 17

Mr man you didn't get the point. The girl insulted the Prophet, she was not lynched because she disagreed with Muslims belief. If someone believes in the prophethood or message of Muhammad then that person is a Muslim, just like if someone believes in lordship of Jesus then the person is automatically a Christian. The point is, disagreeing with someone's belief is not the same thing as insulting someone's must reverent religion figure.
You lie, I swear if someone say muhammed is not the prophet of god in muslim region he/she will be kill.
It is even allege she was just furious with them always sending religion stuff in the school whatsapp group and she said stop posting stupid religion stuff or whatever in the group and she was killed and acused of blasphemy
I am very sure she doesn't even understand arabic
Religion / Re: That Is Blasphemy - Rev. Yinka Yusuf Faults Buhari For Saying Jesus Is A Prophet by ovcwality(m): 3:43pm On May 17

I have never seen re.tarded people in existence except Christians. Since you believe a mortal human being is a God, so everyone must have the same belief as you otherwise it is blasphemy. This means there is no more freedom of religion in this country again if a citizen didn't share your beliefs.
The girl that was killed didn't believe as you said, it is a freedom, so why the Bleep was she lynched?
Jesus christ is a prophet too, but the issue is muslims don't believe he is the son of God. Imagine if reverse is the case, thousands or millions of christian will have been kill by now.

And you should never question anyones believe, if muhammed is not even God it makes it worse killing because of him, when someone say he is not a prophet for instance or something since even you have said jesus is not God.
You can see the intolerance right?
Crime / Re: Deborah Samuel: 34 Lawyers Arrive Court To Defend Suspected Killers by ovcwality(m): 2:04pm On May 16
34 terrorist not lawyers

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Politics / Re: Deborah Samuel Was Killed For This Reason-Course-Mate by ovcwality(m): 7:53pm On May 15
the most important thing is she was lynched,let others learn from her..her death sweet me

Are you really a muslim or just a fake account trying to give muslims bad name?
If you are really a muslim then i am learning alot this past few days
Politics / Re: Deborah Samuel Was Killed For This Reason-Course-Mate by ovcwality(m): 7:51pm On May 15
Just imagine, so she didn't even insult any prophet mohammed? and muslims are not condemning this babaric act
Politics / Re: Azman Airline Disowns Jamil Abubakar's Comment On Deborah's Murder by ovcwality(m): 7:41pm On May 15

We not from Afghanistan. We from Nigeria. And Nigeria is not an extreme case. This happen every now so often but I dont think everyday the northerners go about burning people for blaspheming. So I won't generalize with the exception . I see them here they are on average peacefully group. Some are your gateman. Others amend your shoes or bags as,cobblers The rest bring food all the way from the north is a hard job. Why Is no one talking about such abviouse things about them even though its scarily obviouse. Because it does not suit the narrative they wish to spell out.

So no I do not wish for a free society cuz too much freedom may return as bondage neither do I wish for a strict tyrannical society. I wish for a balance between the two. And we will get there somehow someday. But first let each man respect what they have now including their laws.

All said and done you still prefer to be free then?
Who tell you i live in the south? I live in the middle belt and i swear i have defended muslims more than you when my friends talk bad about them, but seeing the support this incident got from muslims i have finally open my eyes on their tendencies to be violent. Infact we live together, i am not saying that all muslims are bad because there are so many good ones too.

Talking about business, are they giving their goods to people in the south free? because it is in their interest too, if it is free then in the future i might be moving to the south

I have even forgotten what we are argueing about but all in all even in the presence of law you can know what is right and what is wrong

Is because you are free that is why you are saying all this things if not you will appreciate being free
Politics / Re: Insulting Our Prophet Mohammed Is Our Uncompromising Redline – Adamu Garba by ovcwality(m): 7:12pm On May 15
But kaduna governor joke about party using mary name and nothing happen, and this stupid adamu garba is lieing whether in slip of tongue or intentionally countless of muslims have blaspheme against christian and no one lifted a finger against them. Muslims should learn to be less violent

The same logic with men that think raping a woman is justifiable because she wore a sexy dress which tempted them, and infact instead of blaming the criminal they blame the victim because she caused it ofcourse, but guess what even ladies that don't wear revealing cloths have been rape. Violence is violence no matter the cause and violent individual will always find a way to be violent anyways
Politics / Re: Azman Airline Disowns Jamil Abubakar's Comment On Deborah's Murder by ovcwality(m): 6:42pm On May 15

The strictness is emerging from the arrogance in which many of you dismiss with the laws of other. The condescending way you all look down on peoples culture yet you can't manage a civil systems yourself.

You always call the northern fools yet they are the ones ruling you for half a century. If fools rule you what does that makes you? Lesser intelligence than a fool am thinking. Its scary what many of your are. I say this as truth observation not as insult mind you.

What you say is true, I don't like afganistan strictness that is why i will never go there.
But imagine you are from this country and you don't like the law and want to escape but according to the law if you are caught you will be killed. Just because something is law doesn't mean it can not be evil
Do you know that in the western countries and even south africa during the apartheid regime black people are kept apart from white people, it was the law but is it right?

So personally which one do you prefer a strict society you don't have a say or a free society?
Politics / Re: Azman Airline Disowns Jamil Abubakar's Comment On Deborah's Murder by ovcwality(m): 6:33pm On May 15

You don't believe does not mean others don't. .

Your pity won't do anything for them there are just killing and unjust killing. They know the difference.

What you are saying is true but it doesn't mean it is right.
If there is so much violence even you will not be enjoying the peace you have right now, we will be killing each other anyhow. we should learn to be tolerant
Politics / Re: Azman Airline Disowns Jamil Abubakar's Comment On Deborah's Murder by ovcwality(m): 6:23pm On May 15

. Christian are not killing People because that's Christianity. Islam is killing because its Islam. By comparing them the way and manner you do. You supper imply Christian as a go to standard religion that Islam ought to emulate. Its not so. Both are what they are autonomouse. If you don't like it. Stay in you confine.

Its their system non is better than the other. Many of you see the nonsense that our weak chrsitianity is promogating. but you are mute. How many Islam music do you see the level of immoralities you see from our section. The way our women dress in public and all. All because we can't regulate ourselves with strong laws. Some Shame are reserve for you too
Why not go and live in afghanistan since you like very strict law. Even saudi is loosing up, women are now driving, doing things they don't use to do before and even in future they might change so many old laws, infact i believe qatar their neighbour is very free with laws.
If you don't like free society, there are many strict countries for you to migrate, don't force some of us that prefer to be free


Politics / Re: Azman Airline Disowns Jamil Abubakar's Comment On Deborah's Murder by ovcwality(m): 6:17pm On May 15

Your don't know what evil is?. Evil is complete breakdown of law. Christ later said to the woman "I do not judge you but go and sin no more" In other words he does not condone her action. He also said he did not cine to abolish it rather to complete it.

.Christ has gone to his heaven. Here you are on earth with Humans capable of breaking down your doors, raping your wife and killing your child while carting away your properties. The laws are usefull as deterrent. be careful how you judge It or you might just be the hypocrite you are talking about.

stop beating around the bush, i also agree that anybody that break the law of Nigeria should be punish. You say that violent exist to check the law, So why do muslims cry when they are killed too, taste of their own medecine or crocodile tears i think.
No pity for them, muslims should continue to be killed because the hurt the feelings of their killers according to you
Mind you i am only trying to be rational because i don't believe in this type of violence
Politics / Re: Azman Airline Disowns Jamil Abubakar's Comment On Deborah's Murder by ovcwality(m): 5:44pm On May 15

Someone has to be. Don't judge it harshly. The world us too carefree. Too much freedom is bondage. This two religion emerge From one source. I.e Abraham. Christian toll the liberal should we say Democratic stance. Islam toll the totalitarian tyranical stance. Both are usfull on their day. If the world gets to liberal, something has to check it. like gayism, and all.

It means that israel is checking palestinians too right? because they are misbehaving

Look i am a christian but i can never support evil, even israel killing innocent palestinians or muslims killings

Even jesus christ checked hypocrite, because no one is completely just or saint, they wanted to kill the prostitute but forgot about their sins, if you were in his shoes you will join hands to kill her
Politics / Re: Azman Airline Disowns Jamil Abubakar's Comment On Deborah's Murder by ovcwality(m): 5:26pm On May 15
I use to be blinded by hypocrisy from muslims thinking they are decent humans, but it is better to be a sinner than to be a killer
Politics / Re: Azman Airline Disowns Jamil Abubakar's Comment On Deborah's Murder by ovcwality(m): 5:23pm On May 15
This is the problem with free speech...if one say something to the left the right acts and vice versa. What if the girl actually insulted the prophet. How come no one is exploiting that angle. What if according to their religion, It purnishable by death? How come no one is exploiting that angle.

Should we dismissive say its a stupid religion. Or think again?

Muslims say that jesus is not the son of God, christians laugh it off and everyone one is happy at the end, they will even discuss the issue in logical way. christian say mohammed is not a prophet of God, then they kill. Even indians, china everybody is tired of muslims logic, indians hindus/bhuhist have been fighting back recently, you can see the reason?
I swear i have seen muslims say shit numerous times about christianity, and no one cared, at the end there is peace. Why are muslims so violent?
Politics / Re: Azman Airline Disowns Jamil Abubakar's Comment On Deborah's Murder by ovcwality(m): 5:12pm On May 15

Ok please answer this without sentiment... Will you be happy if someone insulted your mother?!

All Jamil said is don't insult his maker don't insult my God


so as a human being killing and insulting maker is the thing?
rational reasoning should be even if somebody insult your maker you shouldn't kill, i now understand why china is killing mislims and isreal doing the same, so by your logic even when i know that this countries are doing something wrong but because they feel muslims are wrong/radicalise,/blasphemy individual or whatever reason they feel against them it is justified then, if that is the case then i wish intolerance people death from this countries and society that feels threaten/insulted from them, no pity for killers. Amen
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜ Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 16 ➜ ➜ ➜ by ovcwality(m): 10:23am On May 15


bet9ja, you can edit. goodluck


Politics / Re: Deborah Samuel: Northern Governors Call For Calm by ovcwality(m): 10:15am On May 15
They should kill like they use to, violence hypocrites
Politics / Re: Ibrahim Maqari On Deborah Samuel: Muslims Have Red Line That Must Not Be Crossed by ovcwality(m): 10:13pm On May 14
The same way I got to know that christians act porn calling themselves nuns is the same way you knew a man penetrates a woman to procreate when you were younger without ever doing it or seeing it. Several vices are acceptable in Christianity. We term them as haram in Islam but you term it as nothing in Christianity. Talk about secularity today,its very synonymous to christianity and secularity is what's ruining this world. Sure one would always have bad eggs but 99% of secular singers and entertainers promoting fornication,drugs,prostitution,misogyny,killing,armed robber,homosexuality, etc worldwide are christians. Even Shakira,Lesbian queen Latifa and Riahanna are christians amidst their islamic names. Mia Khalifa that's believed to be the only Arab IndecentStar is a christian lebanese. Christianity is extremely loose and seems to lack rules,regulations,not organized and its affecting the world entirely. Supporters of LGBT,proud zoophiles and homosexuals are christians because they see their religion as one that tolerates anything. Such secular acts can even make God angry and end the world. And you would rarely see any muslim get involved in such evil acts i mentioned . even the few that may be doing them would do them under the closet and not proud of them like christians

Is better to watch porn than to be a terrorist, a killer, a cold blooded taker of life. That is why every nation is avoiding muslims like you, always reasoning like terrorist

The worst of the lows that can happen to a human is to be a murderer and you are proud of it, what a shame
Politics / Re: Ibrahim Maqari On Deborah Samuel: Muslims Have Red Line That Must Not Be Crossed by ovcwality(m): 12:21pm On May 14

We Muslims respect & honor Jesus Christ son of Mary (AS) and other God, Prophets. Insulting any one of them has consequences, if you lack respect to your, elders & parents keep it, at home, but displaying it in the public has repercussions.
Those that killed her went too far, by not reporting her to the authority, because they couldn't control their emotions just like her.
Today mear denying the holocaust will land you in Jail, in Europe.
The freedom of speech dose not cover holocaust denial, but you can insult prophets of God, what an hypocrisy

Fucking bastard they couldn't control their emotion to kill a person? take a life?
This is the reason china, japan, india, europe, americas, everyone is tired of muslims. you guys are so intolerant, just because somebody insult your prophet doesn't mean you should kill them.
I don't have sympathy for muslims again after this, china should kill them all, boko haram destroy yourselves, isis etc. All this while you guys only shedding crocodile tears, your real colours have been reveal, i am dissapointed

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Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜ Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 16 ➜ ➜ ➜ by ovcwality(m): 10:35am On May 14
NYSC / Re: Deborah's Murder Reminds Me Of My Service Year In Yobe by ovcwality(m): 6:09pm On May 13
I have been defending muslims because we live together, but muslims core north is something. why will you kill somebody because of blasphemy, disgusting. copying middle eastern behaviour while we are africans, just because of religion you don't have to copy everything, why will a good God be happy you are killing someone for him, we should use our brain sometimes. I hope everybody involve in this killing is killed too, this is totally babaric angry

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Education / Re: African Students Learning How To Use Condom In School (pictures) by ovcwality(m): 5:16pm On May 09
Op you be mumu, what is wrong with that. And what about you start teaching the technology that you know, everyone is doing his part. I am sure this is not the only subject they offer in that school?


Crime / Re: Butchered By Unknown Killers( Viewers Discretion Advised) by ovcwality(m): 8:13pm On May 02
This is so sad cry

How can somebody be living just to kill
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜ Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 16 ➜ ➜ ➜ by ovcwality(m): 12:49pm On May 02

Uzormar hiding behind fake account... i sight u
thank you bro

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Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜ Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 16 ➜ ➜ ➜ by ovcwality(m): 12:06pm On May 02

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