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Health / Re: China Hotel Used As Coronavirus Quarantine Centre Collapses, 70 People Trapped by oz4real83(m): 4:05pm On Mar 07
The moment China proposed editing the holy bible to suit communist idealogies, calamities started befalling them. I no talk again oooo lipsrsealed

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Phones / Re: My Experience after Switching from Samsung devices to an iPhone by oz4real83(m): 2:44pm On Mar 07

Dude if you have 10k you'll get an iPhone 4,your argument aiiint valid.
And the exchange rate is 367 not 370.
what services do iphone 4 phones support? Is an app like whatsapp still working on it? Which iphone4 do you say costs 10k? Stolen ones maybe. No new iphone4 costs that amount.
Phones / Re: My Experience after Switching from Samsung devices to an iPhone by oz4real83(m): 1:20pm On Mar 07

Go to eBay and you'll see iphone 6 for as low as $80-100,the most expensive phone currently is the galaxy fold which cost twice as much as the 11pro max.
Iphones are not expensive, it depends on your budget.
And s20 ultra is not even in the leagues of most expensive Android phones.
at an exchange rate of N370/$, $80 will be N29,600. There are android phones of as low as N12000. This implies that there are android phones for every class of people unlike iphones.
Phones / Re: My Experience after Switching from Samsung devices to an iPhone by oz4real83(m): 11:24am On Mar 07

Android are affordable? are you shitting me,the s20ultra is more than $200 more expensive than the 11pro max
u went to the highest range of android phone in your argument, start with the lower android phones. What are the lowest prices of android that u know? Compare the prices with the lowest iphone model prices u know and see the price differential.
Phones / Re: My Experience after Switching from Samsung devices to an iPhone by oz4real83(m): 5:18am On Mar 07

I don't seem to get your point. I only compared the iPhone 10x Max with my friend’s iPhone11 Pro Max with a view to confirming or dispelling the claim that iPhones have not changed since Steve Jobs died. Mind you, most of the points I raised are arguments I’ve heard from people on both sides of the debate in the past - my use of both ecosystems only gave me the opportunity to carry out the research and experiments that either validated or refuted such arguments. I still use my Android phone.

You are also wrong. iPhones are not the most expensive in the world. There are android phones that are more expensive than iPhones. The Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra for instance.
you will find an android phone of virtually every price range. Which new iphone can u get for N15,000?, N30,000?, N50,000 or even N100,000? But u can get an android for even N10,000 even if it is 500mb ram or 1g ram.

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Phones / Re: My Experience after Switching from Samsung devices to an iPhone by oz4real83(m): 4:30am On Mar 07
OP is very crafty grin. You claimed to be a new user of iphone but your analysis and comparison speak otherwise. You even went as far as comparing old models of iphones, analysing iphone improvements post-steve job and many other areas and claimed u only compared it with "a friend's own" grin. Abaaa, we are not all that dumb grin. iphones are great and expensive, android are affordable even if not as great as iphones, depending on users' preferences. Variety is the spice of life, enjoy your iphone, let others also enjoy their android grin

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Politics / Re: Niger State Places Total Ban On Street Begging - Vanguard by oz4real83(m): 8:08pm On Mar 06
They will migrate down south because of the ban. Our governors in the south keeps accomodating them because they don't want it to be used against them in future because of federal appointments supposing they take actions against them. They fail to see the security threats these beggars are posing to the society. Most of them are fully fit but still masquerade as beggars.

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Politics / Re: Buhari’s $22.7 Billion Loan Spending Plan: $1.25bn For Abuja Rail, $500m For NTA by oz4real83(m): 11:16am On Mar 06
The total is still not up to the proposed loanundecided Out of over $22b, this govt intends spending $500m on education. That shows the value they placed on education. Also check the intended spending on health, less than $100m. They are spending less on health and education because they still want a reason they and their families will continue going abroad.

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Health / Re: Coronavirus : Italy Closes All Schools And University Over Virus by oz4real83(m): 3:41pm On Mar 04
This is one illness our Nigerian leaders won't run abroad for medical treatment for. The countries they may even think to run to for healthcare can't treat their own citizens. This is where building your own quality health system is very important.

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Politics / Re: Release Of Repentant Boko Haram: Rights Group Demands Same To All Inmates by oz4real83(m): 7:01pm On Mar 02
During Yardua/Gej/PDP govt,what graduates and youths corps members should have been enjoying were given to militants all in the name of amnesty. Militants were paid huge allowances and even sent abroad for trainings and seminars. This legislature is now also planning to reciprocate the gesture by doing the same thing for murderous terrorists. Imagine terrorists that should have been facing the firing squad, lethal injection or death by hanging are being pampered embarassed
Meanwhile, graduates and youths corps members that should have been enjoying these benefits are suffering. May God help us.
Politics / Re: Heckler Shouts Down Governor In Public Over Failure To Complete Hospital. by oz4real83(m): 6:55pm On Mar 02
How I wish so much that the crowd would have supported the man in taking further action by pelting tge governor and his entourage with stones, rotten eggs/vegetables/fruits and satchet water. These failures, irrespective of political parties deserve stoning.
Romance / Re: *I Waited Nearly 20 Years For My Lover To Leave His Wife – Then She Died And He by oz4real83(m): 6:55am On Feb 29
The woman died of cancer. Read it well
I read where it was said the man's wife was ill but I haven't seen where it mentioned cancer.
Romance / Re: *I Waited Nearly 20 Years For My Lover To Leave His Wife – Then She Died And He by oz4real83(m): 5:09am On Feb 29
I don't blame the man. The man needed someone young, fresh and trustworthy, not some old cargo who have been praying and wishing evil for her fellow woman for 20 years!. Who knows if u don't have a hand in the woman's death?


Health / Re: Anxiety In Edo Over Coronavirus Detection As Screening Begins At Benin Airport by oz4real83(m): 10:32pm On Feb 28

It's obvious you didn't read the post patiently. He said every family in Edo has got a member in Europe, especially Italy and that an Edo indigene coming home must have been on that plane fueling fears of the virus entering Edo. Very sensible reasoning!
u are very dull. The man never visited Edo. He came from Italy, landed in Lagos and went to Ogun state. Go and read it again and then keep shut next time.

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Health / Re: Anxiety In Edo Over Coronavirus Detection As Screening Begins At Benin Airport by oz4real83(m): 10:26pm On Feb 28

Why don't you think fast and also try to understand little things....
Anyways let me make you understand, If a co traveller who is from Benin and was on the same flight frim Milan with this infected man, let's assume they landed in Lagos, won't this same traveller that's a Bini Man/Woman board a flight from Lagos to Benin Airport , thereby bringing the said Corona Virus to Benin City??

Think about it
you are as dull and thoughtless as your post. Can't u sense some level of tribalism in the post? So only Edos and the italians boarded the aircraft? It went directly from Italy to Edo state? The flight didn't land in Lagos? The italian didn't go to Ewekoro in ogun state but came to Edo state? Edo immigration officers screened him at Lagos airport? Some of u pretend alot. Are u telling me that in your family, u have nobody in Europe? Only Edos visit and have people in italy/europe? It started in china, which tribe is notorious for travelling to china? Has that tribe been spoken badly against regarding the issue? Why single out Edos? Why don't keep quiet? Must u talk?
Food / Re: Snake And Cane Rat For Dinner (Photos) by oz4real83(m): 9:35pm On Feb 28

Oh really? What snake is it?
it looks more like a puff adder. I am 100% sure it isn't a python.


Health / Re: Anxiety In Edo Over Coronavirus Detection As Screening Begins At Benin Airport by oz4real83(m): 8:35pm On Feb 28
This period clear shows how incompetent the Buhari government is... I could recall all the measures put in place during the Ebola outbreak.

Only God can save us o cry
BTW, where is that pastor that said he is going to China to destroy Ebola? No need spending money on flight anymore, he can now start from here. No need for propaganda, if he has the power let him step forward
liar. Both PDP and APC are the same. If not for the doctor who even lost her life in the course of detaining patrick sawyer, ebola would have spread to many others. Our govts irrespective of political parties have always failed us. They make us believe that everything is under control when actually it is the opposite.

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Health / Re: Anxiety In Edo Over Coronavirus Detection As Screening Begins At Benin Airport by oz4real83(m): 8:29pm On Feb 28
Nairaland moderators should ban op for false post. Does Edo state have international airport? Anybody that comes by air to Nigeria must come through Lagos, Kano, ABUJA, Port harcourt or Enugu. These are the first points of call. Please stop spreading fake news.

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Politics / Re: Peeled Leather Chair Of Osagie Emmanuel Ehanire, Nigeria's Minister Of Health by oz4real83(m): 10:36am On Feb 28
The same way state house clinic has not even a paracetamol tablet according to Aisha Buhari, despite yearly budgets being allocated for it. These people will continue to loot as long as Nigerians continue to look and do nothing.

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Politics / Re: Buba Galadima: My Family Scattered In Relatives’ Houses by oz4real83(m): 6:11am On Feb 28
Is it true that you are owing N900million? Is it also true that despite efforts to make u pay over the years that u still refused? When last did u pay interests on the debts? These are what Nigerians want to know,not whether your family members are scattered everywhere.

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Crime / Re: 43 Rifles Recovered From Bauchi Forest (photos) by oz4real83(m): 3:04pm On Feb 27
Why not just take action and keep quiet? Why tell the whole world that some people within and outside the community are helping u with information. The govt and security agencies with their loudmouths just put some people in danger, everybody becomes a suspect and target in the community.

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Business / Re: Analysts Predict Naira Devaluation To N400/$ by oz4real83(m): 12:47pm On Feb 27
We don't need a soothsayer to tell us this. Increased Vat, increased minimum wage, high cost of production, poor electricity supply are some factors that breed inflation which in turn manifests in low currency value.

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Crime / Re: SARS/FSARS: Men Of The Nigerian Police Force, Why Do They Look So Scary(Photo) by oz4real83(m): 12:40pm On Feb 27
For those who don't know, SARS look this way to enable them blend in with criminals in the joints. They go undercover too. Sometimes, you need to assume the personally of a thief to catch a thief. They even go as far as helping plan a robbery with other members of the gang and end up bursting the armed robbers on game day.

Stop comparing SARS with SWAT. SWAT is simply a Rapid Response Team trained in Special weapons Handling and Tactics. They rarely go undercover.

Go check out the DEA agents and Army Special Operations Personnels; they wear tattoos, earrings and beards just to blend in.

The problem we have is that bad news spread faster, so the bad acts of a few end up overshadowing the gallantry and heroic deeds of the entire unit.
na wa for u ooo. They want to blend with criminals and they have SARS boldly written on their uniform . Dressing for undercover work doesn't involve putting on your uniforms. Undercover works are done in mufty.


Crime / Re: SARS/FSARS: Men Of The Nigerian Police Force, Why Do They Look So Scary(Photo) by oz4real83(m): 12:33pm On Feb 27
Their looking scary is a way of telling us that they are not our friend which is against the erroneous belief that "police is your friend". In civilised societies, you always pray to meet the police when u are in trouble or in need unlike here where the coming of police officers will most likely worsen an already bad situation.


Politics / Re: Phones Of NSA Boss, Other Top Officials Discovered To Have Been Cloned by oz4real83(m): 10:46am On Feb 27
They want to also start blaming phone manufacturers now as the cause of continuous insecurity. Meanwhile, they keep releasing captured terrorists back to the society to continue to perpetuate their evil.
Politics / Re: Repentant’ Boko Haram Members Arrive Maiduguri From Niger With Military Aircraft by oz4real83(m): 9:43pm On Feb 26
They should have used the presidential jet instead of this military jet! These are "heros" that deserve national honours. The dead are turning in their graves right now

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Culture / Re: Bini Traditional Calender by oz4real83(m): 8:56pm On Feb 26
I don't have the calender but it will suffice u to know that 15th february was Eken. You can add four days to get the next Eken which will be 19th. Do this for every 4 days in the remaining days of february till u get to march and then april. I hope it works.
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy Sentenced To 66 Years In Jail For N21m Fraud by oz4real83(m): 8:51pm On Feb 26
And Olisa Metuh is spending seven years in jail for stealing N400million! Nigeria is a joke.

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Politics / Re: NERC Bars Discos From Billing Unmetered Residents Above N1800 by oz4real83(m): 1:36pm On Feb 26
Will customers also pay the N1,800 any month there wasn't electricity? I don't know what is so difficult with forcing discos to give prepaid meters. If there are no meters, don't bill anything. Let the discos be at loss with their inability to provide prepaid meters.

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Politics / Re: Buba Galadima’s Company Taken Over By AMCON Over ₦900 Million Loan by oz4real83(m): 10:20am On Feb 26
Like I said you are uninformed.Most of those ATMS you see in Nigeria are refurbished and not made specifically for Nigerian environment.They breakdown at will as ATMS have so many sensors and solenoids that dust getting trapped into them make them to malfunction and put them out of service.About cash withdrawal,you are oblivious of the CBN cashless policy .Embrace technology and stop carrying cash up and down like a pepper seller.Most traders in alaba,island markets,tradefair etc have all embraced transfers and e-channels.
You better change your style and quit dishing out insults.
even as cashless as the US and Europe are, there are still several transactions they perform using cash. No country in the world is 100% cashless. Have u ever been in an atm in the morning and there was no money to dispense until after a long time, a cashier goes into the atm room and refills it? The atm within a short time starts displaying unable to dispense until the cashier still goes in again to refill it? The initial cash the cashier puts in wasn't even enough, they keep collecting cash deposits from inside the bank which they keeps refilling their atms with. The same atms u claimed have faulty sensors are being used to perform other transactions apart from cash withdrawal, u can even carry out transfers with the atms. These are symptoms of a weak bank.
Politics / Re: Buba Galadima’s Company Taken Over By AMCON Over ₦900 Million Loan by oz4real83(m): 9:55am On Feb 26

Do banks experience long queues because of bad debts? Do banks charge exhobitantly because of bad debts? Is it because of bad debts that u go to ATMs and d ATMs didn't dispense?
a bank without strong cash reserve won't have enough cash to give to customers. What will make a bank not to have strong cash reserve? So many reasons of which bad debts are part of them. Bad debts are debts not being serviced by the borrower for many years and the capital isn't even gradually paid back to the bank. When a bank has several big bad debts in its holdings, the bank becomes weak. This weakness can manifest in several ways like what I said in my previous comment. A bank can also not have a strong cash reserve due to bad investments but our concern here is how bad debts limit or reduces the strength of banks.
Politics / Re: Buba Galadima’s Company Taken Over By AMCON Over ₦900 Million Loan by oz4real83(m): 9:07am On Feb 26
Words spoken like an uninformed. So long queues translate to poor bank.Do you know how many factors could be responsible for any queue? So when ATM does not dispense cash it means the bank is broke? Laughable!!!
you are the uninformed here and it would have been wiser to have kept your trap shut. Why will a bank have just one atm dispensing and the remaining atms without cash? The same bank will at other times also have all atms working?. Are Atms not supposed to be 24/7 working? Why will some banks only have their atms working only as from 8am after they might have collected cash from customers to fill their atms with? Have you ever been directed by a bank to go to their other branch because they don't have up to the amount u want to withdraw? In my case, I was withdrawing N500,000 for business purpose but I couldn't. Stop saying what u don't know. Not everybody is dull on this forum.

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