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Crime / Re: Man Banished For Impregnating Daughter Twice In Anambra (photos) by oz4real83(m): 1:30pm On Dec 10, 2019
Na wa oooo. This is a nollywood story happening in real life. I just have pity on only the girl. Growing up with an evil parent is a very bad predicament. From a young age, whatever such parent does will look right even when it is an abomination like this one. The first time may be assumed to be a mistake but happening a second time shows that they know and also accept what they are doing. They see nothing bad in this abomination.

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Travel / Re: Federal Government To Introduce A New Visa Policy by oz4real83(m): 2:06pm On Dec 08, 2019
Hope this new visa policy favours Nigerians.

Invest in travel business
how will a new visa policy favour Nigerians? Do Nigerians need "Nigerian visa"? Once you are a Nigerian with a geniune passport, u don't need a Nigerian visa. We need new visa agreements with reasonable and good countries that will guarantee free visa travels for Nigerians not this free visa to hungry countries like Chad, Benin, afghanistan, cameroun, Guinea, mali and others. We need free visa to Us, canada, Europe, Asia and Australia grin
Politics / Re: Sincerely Rate Between Yar'adua, Obasanjo, Goodluck And Buhari All 4 Presidents by oz4real83(m): 12:12pm On Dec 08, 2019
Obj was very corrupt and never respected the rule of law. He massacred innocent people in Bayelsa and Benue states. He sold off all govt's properties to himself and his cronies. He had Dangote, Otedola and many others as his business fronts. He only gave license for private telecommunication birth in Nigeria and this was his only achievement. None of the MDG's were acheived in his time. He removed principle members of the legislature, judiciary and even his party as he wishes. He was only pretending to fight corruption. I will rate him 1/10. Yardua was flexible with the rule of law. He gave some freedom and such freedom allowed people like Oshiomhole to gain power in Edo state. He agreed that the process that brought him to power was flawed and promised to change it but his health failed him. He campaigned with seven points agenda and none was achieved. Nigerians were even advising him to focus on just only two instead of seven that he won't achieve. At the time he should have handed over power due to ill health he didn't. I will still rate him 3/10 due to his honesty and the way he started. He still remained the only leader who was honest enough to admit that election rigging brought him to power.. Gej is a very deceptive individual. Southern Nigerians have erroneous belief that Gej worked in the north but when you visit the north, you won't find the work. Corruption was consolidated in his time. The only achievement was that he promised to dualise the country from north to south thereby reducing travelling time. He was already on it despite the slow pace, before he was voted out. He also claimed to have achievements in agriculture which was false. Nigeria imports everything in his time. India was even bringing processed garri and canned egusi soup to Nigeria before people opposed it. He was a total pretensive failure. He only left because the system manipulated itself against him, not voluntarily as he always claims. I will rate him 1/10 . PMB promised alot but denied all the promises. Nigeria still imports petroleum products and exports crude oil. Refineries are still not working. Power still very poor. Education is still low standard. Election manipulation still on. Human rights are still being violated, Corruption fight is still very weak, security still very poor, infrastructure still poor. Few things I will give to him is the 2nd Niger bridge gradually taking shape, the infrasture he is building in the north, the border closure which is good if we do the right thing to encourage local production. Another plus for him is the rail transportation gradually taking shape. I will rate him 3/10.
But they are all very corrupt. If all our past and present presidents had achieved 40% of all their campaign promises, we won't be in this mess.

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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Suspended From Edo APC. NWC's Reconciliation Committee Annuled by oz4real83(m): 9:12am On Dec 08, 2019
Anything that will weaken APC on a national level ahead of 2023 is perfect to me
unfortunately, APC will continue to grow stronger because most of the oppostion parties are filled with hungry, unprincipled, self-centred members. Ize-Iyamu who was the strongest contestant in the last guber election and a member of PDP is planning to decamp to the APC on the 13th of december. This will further kill the PDP in Edo state. Gej and his political family are now secret members of APC in Bayelsa. Same thing is happening across the country. At the end of the day, Nigeria will become a one party state unless APC self-destruct. It is easier for opposition parties to die or weaken in Nigeria than for the ruling party because there will always be food in the ruling party and that is what Nigerian politicians are after.
Celebrities / Re: 10 Famous Nigeria Celebrity's Kogi State by oz4real83(m): 6:17am On Dec 07, 2019
And u failed to add Dino grin. Any kogi celebrity list without Dino is trash.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Who Will Be The First Trillonaire In The World ? by oz4real83(m): 6:15am On Dec 07, 2019
I will be the first trillionaire in the hardest currencies grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Nigeria Judiciary Is Really Going Down by oz4real83(m): 7:55pm On Dec 06, 2019
The Judiciary is so deep into corruption and that is exactly what the executive blackmails them with. They have lost their voice, independence, integrity and everything the judiciary stands for. Funny enough, it didn't start now, it is only getting worse. At least 95% of the members of the judiciary must be done away with and replaced with people of integrity before we can have a similitude of what a judiciary should be.
Politics / Re: Senator Warns Gov. Fintiri Not To Constitute Himself To Be The Chief Security Th by oz4real83(m): 6:50pm On Dec 06, 2019
The sex toyshop senator himself grin. This man defines completely what an average Nigerian politician acts like when in power.
Politics / Re: Throw Back Sowore:sowore Must Apologise To Jonathan For Forgiveness by oz4real83(m): 6:37pm On Dec 06, 2019
You are the one that needs to apologise. Sowore and most of us knew we had a clueless leader in Gej and we made attempt to change the status quo by voting PMB. We substituted a clueless leader for another one, we made a mistake, which we realised and didn't vote PMB the second time even though he found his way in, unlike u, who uptil now, hasn't realised that Gej is as bad as PMB. We didn't make a mistake by voting out Gej but we made a mistake by voting PMB. We won't stop voting until we vote in the right people to run the affairs of this country. We will make mistakes just like with PMB, but we won't let that discourage us.


Phones / Re: Lenovo Has Gone Mad! by oz4real83(m): 11:55am On Dec 06, 2019

who told u it doesn't have radio
check the specs yourself
Phones / Re: Lenovo Has Gone Mad! by oz4real83(m): 6:35am On Dec 06, 2019

who told u it doesn't have radio
check the specs and u will see that it doesn't have. I did before my comment.
Phones / Re: Lenovo Has Gone Mad! by oz4real83(m): 4:04am On Dec 06, 2019
I love radio more than anything. Any phone that has almost everything like this lenovo but still lacks radio is a capital NO. I can't be using data to download and also use data to play radio undecided. Samsung also does the same rubbish. Why will a company fail to put radio in a phone?


Politics / Re: The Senate Without Dino by oz4real83(m): 6:47pm On Dec 05, 2019
A senate without Dino will be a senate that is very focused, without the usual drama, stand up comedy and distractions. The only thing that won't change is the business of the day, which is LEGISLOOTING.


Politics / Re: Which Between These Two Is The Major Cause Of Traffic In Lagos? by oz4real83(m): 6:38pm On Dec 05, 2019
Also add the police to the list. Sometimes you see very long traffic and wonder what caused it. When u finally get to the beginning, you will see a bunch of uniformed men mounting road blocks, boldly collecting their usual allowances from drivers. Some will even be checking for expired papers as if they were road safety officials. No matter how much u horn, they won't give a care about u.
Politics / Re: 2023: Orji Kalu Has What It Takes To Lead Nigeria To Greater Heights - Tinubu by oz4real83(m): 8:39pm On Dec 03, 2019
Why not just put Evans the"billionnaire kdnapper" instead of Orji kalu? Evans will do the "work" faster.
Politics / Re: FG: Border Closure Hikes Customs Daily Revenue To N8bn by oz4real83(m): 8:02pm On Dec 03, 2019
Nice one. The federal govt should also add the Nigerian Police force officially to their list of revenue generating agencies like customs,immigration,Firs etc. This will mandate them to remit their "revenues" into govt coffers instead of private pockets. These people are even killing innocent Nigerians in their bid to "generate" the "revenues". Imagine combining the revenue generated by NPF with those of other agencies! Nigeria will even start lending to world bank instead of borrowing grin grin

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Crime / Re: Man Trying To Use Coffin To Smuggle Petrol Into Togo, Caught (Photo) by oz4real83(m): 5:24pm On Dec 03, 2019
Some Nigerians are negatively smart. How I wish we can channel some of these negative smartness into positive ventures!!!

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Phones / Re: MTN Is Cheating You And Stealing Your Data Codedly by oz4real83(m): 4:39am On Dec 03, 2019
Everybody wants to steal from everybody in Nigeria, the govt, private sector and even some religious leader will steal from you. Firstbank just charged me almost N200 last month for alert notifications. I wonder how many alerts I got last month to warrant such deduction. Everything is just messed up in this country.


Politics / Re: Buhari Punishing South-South And South-East With Bad Roads — Ijaw Youth Council by oz4real83(m): 7:02pm On Dec 02, 2019
This is exactly why Gej still needs serious flogging with koboko. He left his home and focused on the North. Now PMB who knows the fact that no matter how far you go, you will always return home is still focusing on the same North his home while Gej is swimming flooded roads with his people.

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Crime / Re: Exposed: How Drugs Produced In Nigeria Find Their Way Into South Africa by oz4real83(m): 2:06pm On Dec 02, 2019
Does this mean that south Africans don't produce drugs? . This post is putting all the blames in respect to drug production on Nigerians and it isn't correct. Many nationals including south Africans are also part of the illicit business.

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Business / Re: Bank Of Ghana To Introduce New GH¢100 And GH¢200 Banknotes by oz4real83(m): 9:52am On Dec 01, 2019
Did you hear that? It's c200 not c1000
I feel like being a Ghanian
you don't know what they meant. Nigeria can do what they did if we want. The Ghanaian economy didn't improve to warrant a high currency value. They only redenominated their currency which means that supposed they had C1000, they simply removed a zero or more. It only has temporary power of reducing inflation and if you don't do anything to improve the economy within that period, the advantage will disappear and that is why they want to reintroduce higher denomination now because their currency keeps losing value. They need higher denomination to maintain liquidity. Nigeria can remove three zeros from our N10 and it will turn to N100. But does that improve our economy? Simply NO. Nigeria even imports toothpicks!!!. We must produce more, export far more than we import and create good policies in order to achieve a bigger and better economy to achieve better currency value. People bought cars and built houses when they earned N100 minimum wage than now that they are earning N18,000 and above as minimum wage.
Politics / Re: Why We Can’t Initiate Death Penalty Bill For Looters – Nigerian Senate Explains by oz4real83(m): 6:22am On Dec 01, 2019
The simple reason is that looting/corruption is a crime committed by politicians, political office holders and appointees. It is a "big man crime". "Big man crime" like this carrys very little or no punishments while "poor man crime" like kidnapping, armedrobbery, yahoo-yahoo carry harsh punishments. You can't expect a sane human being to set a trap for himself. A legislature composed of thieves can never make meaningful laws to fight corruption. A legislature that still continued paying a convicted legislator even while still in prison and not performing legislative duties, cannot make meaningful anti-stealing laws. A legislature that closed legislative duties to go and give solidarity to a member facing corruption charges, cannot make meaningful anti-corruption laws. A legislator who is a career politician, without any other sources of income apart from politics, cannot make meaningful anti-corruption laws. The list is endless.
Politics / Re: Zamfara Residents React To Past Leaders’ Jumbo Allowances by oz4real83(m): 6:08am On Dec 01, 2019
At a salary of N40,000 a month, the N10m monthly upkeep allowance for a zamfara ex-governor will pay 250 workers. At the new minimum wage of N30,000, the ex-governor's monthly allowance will pay 333 workers and there will still remain a little change. In a year, it will pay 4,000 workers at N30,000 minimum wage and 3,000 workers at N40,000 monthly salary. These people are heartless. That is why I have always supported the idea of compulsory public medical tests for anybody going into political offices or public appointments, these people act too abnormal. Their greed is unnatural.

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Politics / Re: Border Closure: Pandemonium As Imo Rice Traders Flee From Custom by oz4real83(m): 2:48am On Nov 30, 2019
Some Nigerian traders will go and buy quality Nigerian rice , repackage them with foreign rice bags and then resell them expensively as foreign rice all because some other Nigerians prefer foreign rice. I see this as a nice move by the Nigerian Customs service but our farmers must produce more. Private sector should invest more into farming. Govt should provide the necessary inputs and structures to encourage farming. And above all, govt and farmers should do something about the prices, the prices of local rice are too outrageous no matter the quality.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Former Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone Dies by oz4real83(m): 8:50am On Nov 29, 2019
May his soul rest in peace. He died in a "Tokyo hospital" unlike our leaders wey dey die for London hospital, German hospital and Saudi Hospital. First lady don even die for Malaga hospital, Spain grin

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Politics / Re: Blame Our Governors, N’ Assembly Members For Increased Hunger In SE– Ohanaeze by oz4real83(m): 7:25am On Nov 29, 2019
Nooooooo. Keep blaming PMB and other Nigerians. South east has the capacity and resources to develop itself but unfortunately just like other regions of Nigeria, they are unfortunate with bad leaders but while other regions try to hold their people accountable, south east does otherwise, they ignore leaders from their region and blame others. South west, north and Edo in south south always vote out party not bringing quality development to them but only south east keeps voting a party not because of quality performance or leadership but political affinity.

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Politics / Re: How Ikpeazu Uses Marketing Tools To Drive Development In Abia State by oz4real83(m): 7:17am On Nov 29, 2019
Almost everybody is united with the fact that Ikpeazu is the worst performing governor currently in the whole of south east. He competes with Yahaya Bello of Kogi state at the national level for the same trophy. No matter how op trys to twist this with this post, deep down in the heart, op knows this post is a lie.
Politics / Re: Share Your Customer Service Experience At A Government Parastatal. by oz4real83(m): 12:18pm On Nov 27, 2019
This is exactly the same reason Nigerian importers choose to use the ports of neighbouring countries instead of Nigerian ports. We make life difficult for ourselves all in the name of patronage. A Nigerian worker, agency, ministry or institution being paid to work always feels they are doing somebody favour by working. This mindset must change.

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Politics / Re: Njidda Pariya: Fintiri Pays Atiku A Condolence Visit Over The Death Of His Aide by oz4real83(m): 10:44am On Nov 27, 2019
It won't surprise me if this same governor doesn't pay a condolence visit to the family of the aide despite being the direct bearer of the loss. Our politicians know where the food, drama and the attention are and they will always go for them. Atiku can provide all these and that is why they are all trooping to pay him condolence visit instead of the family.

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Politics / Re: Air Peace’s Allen Onyema Dissociates Self From Human Rights Suit by oz4real83(m): 9:09am On Nov 27, 2019
The NBA should come into this. A lawyer like that should be barred from practising.
Politics / Re: Buhari Wearing Bottega Venta Shoes (Photos) by oz4real83(m): 8:01am On Nov 27, 2019
I thought they said he does not have shoes
it was Gej that had no shoes grin. PMB's format was that he borrowed money from bank to buy election form. grin

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