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Crime / Re: H.Money: EFCC Arrests Emmanuel Oluwaniyi, Hemeson Edson Edwin by oz4real83(m): 4:32pm On Nov 26, 2019
The punishment for criminal activities for Nigerian big men is too lenient. That is why our big men always run to the courts when caught. Even if this man is convicted despite this henious crime, he won't get more than 5 years imprisonment. Somebody like this deserves a long term sentence of at least 50 years. If this is done, our people will run away from crime.

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Politics / Re: Border Closure: Benin, Niger Haven’t Met Our Conditions – FG by oz4real83(m): 4:28pm On Nov 26, 2019
The way the borders were closed is unheard of. No consultations were made, analysts didn't debate on the pros and cons...He just woke up one money and closed the borders rendering the lives of Nigerians who borrowed huge amount of money from the bank hypertensive
if there was a deadline announced concerning the border closure, the level of imports into this country would have been unprecedented. The quantity of rice import alone will be so much that it will last more than 10 years. Nigerian importers would have imported anything importable. The country would have been overflooded with imports which would have killed our currency and economy as a whole. FG took the best option but they should also do everything possible to make us self-sufficient.

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Education / Re: FUTA Finally Expells Six Students Who Bullied Colleague In A Viral Video by oz4real83(m): 3:02pm On Nov 26, 2019
Congrats. They just graduated faster than their mates.
Pets / Re: Conan, Dog Honoured At The White House After Chasing ISIS Leader, Al-Baghdadi by oz4real83(m): 2:59pm On Nov 26, 2019
My great grandfather was among d captured slaves to be taken to US but dat wicked man escaped and denied us d privileged of been a native of United States.... Imagine a country honouring a dog.. if it is in Nigeria, a hunter and his family will savour and even devour all d bones from a rabbit a dog caught and eat d dog too wen not satisfied ..... better to be a slave in US than a freeman in Naija
with your moniker, are you sure it was India or Bangladesh your grandfather was sent to? I don't think it is America ooo grin


Politics / Re: Border Closure: Benin, Niger Haven’t Met Our Conditions – FG by oz4real83(m): 2:46pm On Nov 26, 2019
A country that cannot secure its borders will always suffer insecurity and can never grow its economy from within. I pray that the federal govt also extend this to other numerous and unpopular illegal routes all over the country.

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Crime / Re: Lady Whose Bf Was Jailed For Killing Her Sugar Daddy Marries Another Man 4 by oz4real83(m): 11:03am On Nov 26, 2019
Two things you should never die for are: a politician and a boyfriend/ girlfriend. They will move on without you leaving your family to bear the loss.

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Politics / Re: How My Father Would Have Reacted To Kogi Election Violence — Audu’s Son by oz4real83(m): 8:55am On Nov 26, 2019
That your father that promised to return all the money he stole when he spent one term as governor if elected? Kogi and Abia states are the most unfortunate states in the whole country, they have always had bad leaders. The voters are always given options of either being in the frying pan or jumping into the fire and both options have the same consequences.
Career / Re: Car Painter, Oguntunbo Dies While Sleeping Inside A Car Parked In An Oven by oz4real83(m): 7:22am On Nov 26, 2019
May his soul rest in peace
Politics / Re: Atiku Returns To Nigeria After Spending 7 Months In UAE by oz4real83(m): 4:54pm On Nov 25, 2019

na my own expectation be that. You have your own expectations from him.
Food / Re: Rice Price Rises By 29.41%, In Two Months Following Border Closure by oz4real83(m): 4:27pm On Nov 25, 2019
Na now you wake up? It is "tay tay long: grin grin


Politics / Re: Atiku Returns To Nigeria After Spending 7 Months In UAE by oz4real83(m): 4:22pm On Nov 25, 2019
I expect him to visit America now that the elections are over. This will put a total end to the insinuation that America allowed him in only because of the last election.

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Education / Re: Kindly Assist With This Quantitative Reasoning Task by oz4real83(m): 4:16pm On Nov 25, 2019
It is a power quiz. 3 to the power of 2 is equals 9. 4 to the power of 3 equals 64. 9 to the power of 1 equals 9.


Nairaland / General / Re: 15 Million Naira Cash Or Relocate To Canada, Which Will You Choose? by oz4real83(m): 4:06pm On Nov 25, 2019

Gud idea. Buh remember dat no work is waiting 4 u there. Ur jux goin to add to d numba of immigrants suffering there.
the topic assumed that the relocation to canada and permit were already certain. It also assumed the 15million naira to already be available. Under these conditions, relocation to Canada is a goal.
Nairaland / General / Re: 15 Million Naira Cash Or Relocate To Canada, Which Will You Choose? by oz4real83(m): 3:51pm On Nov 25, 2019
Canada provides one of the best environments to raise a family, school and do business. Nigeria is one of the worst places to do business. If not for myself but for my children, I will prefer Canada. My kids need a better and secured future in canada than in Nigeria where the only secured future is for political, religious and traditional rulers.

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Sports / Re: Highest Goal Scorers In Laliga This Season.(see Top 18) by oz4real83(m): 2:28pm On Nov 25, 2019
Messi has eight goals despite missing a larger part of the new season. I wonder how many goals he would have had by now if he had started the season with everybody.

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Politics / Re: ttorney-general by oz4real83(m): 2:23pm On Nov 25, 2019
Buruji Kashamu on the beat again. Instead of him to go to US and clear his name, he wants to become a Buruji Kashamu 2. How long will he be a fugitive? This action alone shows he is guilty as charged.


Politics / Re: What Will APC Regime Do To Match The Achievement Set By PDP Admnistration Led By by oz4real83(m): 11:45am On Nov 25, 2019
You can't call a person of 16 years old a baby anymore. There are expectations and responsibilies you can demand from such a person. What was was the power situation as at 2015? Nothing to write home about. What was the quality of education, healthcare and other infrastructure? Nothing to write home about. Stella Obasanjo died in a spanish hospital in Malaga. Our elites patronise foreign health facilities. How was food security and agriculture? Nothing to write home about. We were still importing basic food stuff. Our borders were smuggling areas for food from other countries. How was security? From militancy to armed robbery, kidnapping, oil theft, boko haram, shia problems and many more. Political killings of Bola Ige, Harry Marshal and many more are just few examples. No new refinery was built and even the old ones were not working. We exported crude oil and imported its derivatives, which unfortunately, APC is still doing now. How about corruption? According to Fayose, Obj had less than 30k in his account as at 1999. What about now? He is a multi-billionaire in dollar terms. There is no difference in corruption between PDP and APC. What about election transparency? We can't easily forget the bad and corrupt elections spearheaded by Abel Guobadia, Maurice Iwu under PDP. INEC was a ringing machine. That was why many politicians who never deserved second term in office had Second terms because people's votes and choices never counted. There is no difference between PDP controlled INEC and APC controlled INEC. INEC is a rigging machine for the incumbent power at any level of govt. Yardua promised to change it but didn't live long to fulfil the promise. For the issue of Telecom you spoke about, telecoms companies were looking for a large market and Nigeria provided it because of her population. Obj only approved it. He never contributed anything apart from his approval. The minister of communication in Obj's regime once said that telephone or handset is not for the poor. This statement alone testifies to how far they went with telecommunication. They alone wanted it for the elites but they were disappointed, business like telecom sector needs large market to make it profittable. APC is towing the same path with PDP. 5 years is going now, we haven't seen anything tangible. Ajaokuta is same way PDP left it. No refinery is still working. Power is still poor. Political killings is still existing. Bad infrastructure still everywhere. Poor quality education and healthcare. May God save Nigeria.
Travel / Re: How Much Is Benin To Portharcout By Road. by oz4real83(m): 9:13am On Nov 25, 2019
Muyi line is currently doing promo on Port Harcourt route. I think it is either N2,000 or N2,500 with muyi line because of the promo. Good luck.

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Culture / Re: We Are All Osus by oz4real83(m): 10:41am On Nov 24, 2019
An average Nigerian will celebrate if his or her relation marrys an American, a Briton, canadian, Australian, Japanese, singaporean or other Europeans even when we don't know their history. That family will be assumed to be the most "fortunate" family in the whole community. They won't even bother to do any investigation as the person is certified qualified to marry their son or daughter because of these countries I already mentioned. When it comes to within us, we start discriminating. You will start seeing or hearing statements like "he/she is an osu", "our family doesnot marry from their family", "there is a curse in their family" and several other nonsense statements. Africans treat other Africans like trash. We need all our brains to be formated.

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Business / Re: CNN:Airline Founder Accused Of Bank Fraud And Laundering Money To Shop For Jets by oz4real83(m): 5:17am On Nov 24, 2019
This is more detailed. Some of our people will soon start insulting and blaming CNN same way somebody was blaming premiumtimes. This is the situation we find ourselves, some Nigerians cannot differentiate between good and evil anymore. They assume that everybody treats issues the same way. America is not like Nigeria that nortures crime and corruption, even the president can go to jail if he is found wanting.

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Politics / Re: The Demystification Of Nigerian Billionaires by oz4real83(m): 4:52am On Nov 24, 2019
I believe Nigeria should be the only country in the world where most richmen have no business addresses or business history. While some only have strong ties with the govt, others just became rich overnight.

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Politics / Re: ‘Lemonade’: Dino Melaye Joins Nollywood, Bags First Cinema Movie Role by oz4real83(m): 8:14pm On Nov 23, 2019
Nice one. Davido or wizkid will soon feature him in their songs. Mr Ibu and the other comedians also have roles for him in their movies grin

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Business / Re: 25 Most Expensive World Currencies In 2019 by oz4real83(m): 5:57pm On Nov 23, 2019

Can you explain why yen is so low me I don't even understand those people self. no the list is incomplete the Brazilian Reias isn't even there.
it is all about business and politics. If you are highly producing and exporting country, the cheaper your goods are, the more quantity other countries will buy. Japan produces alot. At the end of the day, the quantity exported will be so high that it will make up for the cheap prices and low exchange rate. The political aspect of it is that America does not treat china the same way it treats Japan with respect to low currency value. If tbis happens, china will flood American market with very cheap goods and it will kill American industries.
Nairaland / General / Re: Lightning Strike Kills 19 Cows In Iba, Osun by oz4real83(m): 4:18pm On Nov 23, 2019
The gods are angry indeed grin. The gods should have also struck the herdsmen to serve as warning to others or is it that the cattle were more valuable to the gods than the herdsmen? grin

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Politics / Re: N3bn Election Largesse Causes Stir In PDP by oz4real83(m): 10:02am On Nov 23, 2019

But if it's about Osinbajo and the 10000000 cabals, you will believe the news? Continue Wailing
Your comment just showed the kind of personality you are- blinded. I don't support any political party for your information. I only said the post should have been more detailed. Is it a crime to mention those involved? By concealing them, the journalist is protecting the criminals but as usual, some nigerians talk before they think and you are a typical example of such people.
Business / Re: 25 Most Expensive World Currencies In 2019 by oz4real83(m): 9:49am On Nov 23, 2019
Sometimes it is a matter of choice. The japanese yen would have been even stronger than the strongest currency on the list if they wanted it so. Their economy is strong enough for that.

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Politics / Re: Air Peace, Allen Onyema Indictment: My 7 Thoughts by oz4real83(m): 9:43am On Nov 23, 2019
Your opinions are in order. One thing with Karma is that you can be the smartest person in the world but one very dumb move will be your downfall. What is $20million dollars to somebody like him? He has far more than that but Karma doesn't consider this when it is time. Even if he succeeds in extricating himself which I pray he does, his reputation is already tarnished.

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Business / Re: Onyema Denies US Fraud Allegations, Says All Money Transferred Went Through CBN by oz4real83(m): 8:56am On Nov 23, 2019
All I know is that they want to tarnish his image and bring him down but I know Chukwu Okike will shame all his enemy
what will America gain by bringing him down? Which American airline or businesses is he directly in competition with? We should only watch and see and wish him well instead of this noise some of us are making.


Business / Re: Onyema Denies US Fraud Allegations, Says All Money Transferred Went Through CBN by oz4real83(m): 8:48am On Nov 23, 2019
Let's hope so. America doesn't engage in media trial like Nigeria. They must have done extensive investigation which may even have taken years before this came to the media. I just hope he is clean because he is one of the few "shinning lights" we have at the moment even though we don't know how it all started.

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Politics / Re: N3bn Election Largesse Causes Stir In PDP by oz4real83(m): 6:31am On Nov 23, 2019


this kind of news deserve sanction from the regulatory body. This is weak, unsure-of and fear-fear journalism. That is why I love premium times, they will give you even if not all, but some details about the individuals involved. Apart from Premiumtimes, cablenews, channelstv, the rest news media are like hungry bloggers.


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