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Politics / Re: Why Buhari’s Men, Security Chiefs Oppose Operation Amotekun by oz4real83(m): 6:58pm On Jan 19

Well, talking about the last election, I hope you are not one of those Nigerians that voted Buhari for second term that he did not deserve.
I voted Gej in 2012 but didn't vote him in 2015. I voted PMB in 2015 but I stayed at home, eat and slept in 2019. I didn't vote anybody. That is the kind of person I am. U can't receive me twice.

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari’s Men, Security Chiefs Oppose Operation Amotekun by oz4real83(m): 6:32pm On Jan 19

I get you bro, but the honest truth is that Civil Police are trained for Civil Duties, no police would leave Civilisation and head to the bush to search for or arrest bandits and criminals, that is why Amotekun like any other vigilantee secuirity group where equiped with rangers truck and bikes to reach remote areas, and local hunters are part of the people enlisted

as for the constituition, SouthWestern Governors informed the IGP as it is required by anyone who wants to set up a vigilante group and IGP gave them dos and donts like type of gun they can lisence and the flashpoint they have issues with, again the went for aproval from Office of the NSA and he cleared them.. even when they visited Buhari after the death of Afenifere leaders daughter they notified Buhari.. the respective governors had issued executive orders within their jurisdiction and all SouthWest Houses already has the bill in process

the security votes they always allow governors to take, what did they expect them to do with it? If governors are allowed to collect security votes, they should also be allowed to provide security. I want us in the south to also launch a security outfit to compliment our Western brothers. Obaseki, Okowa, Udom, Woke, Ayade and Lyon should put their political differences aside and float a security outfit to protect the south. The earlier the better.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari’s Men, Security Chiefs Oppose Operation Amotekun by oz4real83(m): 6:25pm On Jan 19

Of course it is all about Fulanization agenda that Obasanjo warned about.
don't mention Obj in this. He only cries out anytime he doesn't benefit anything or his nominees don't get anything. We must take the bull by the horn now. We should never wait anymore for people like Obj to lead the way. Who would have even thought that Obj will collect money from Atiku during last election?. But sadly, it happened

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari’s Men, Security Chiefs Oppose Operation Amotekun by oz4real83(m): 6:17pm On Jan 19

so you are no more from Edo
I am a Nigerian and Edo. I have never denied it but I hate injustice. Nobody will ever consider floating a security outfit like Amotekun if the Federal govt has done it's duty of protecting everybody. I watched news of a man in Benin city who borrowed money to plant crops and the fulanis came to the farmland and stood watch while their cattle consumed everything in the man's farm. There are many other cases. The security agencies won't do anything even when u call them. This is purely evil. I still stand by my statement that whatever u do to protect yourself is constitutional.


Politics / Re: Military Is What Empowered North. Under Democracy They Are Weak. by oz4real83(m): 5:59pm On Jan 19
When our Southern Nigerian brothers are in the military, ministries and other security agencies, when a relative or friends wants their help in joining any of the agencies, they will keep giving excuses. They don't help anybody. But when a northern Nigerian is in any govt agencies, all his family members and friends will be recruited into such agencies. That is why u see so many northerners in Federal parastatals, ministries and other agencies. This is what is empowering the north. There are so many of their people in all the ministries, agencies and others. We are our own problems in Southern Nigeria. Many of us don't want to help others to climb while a northern Nigerian Carrys his people along.


Science/Technology / Re: Leatherback Sea Turtle Caught In Bayelsa - Foropa Kingdom Island (Photos) by oz4real83(m): 3:47pm On Jan 19

I disagreed " and God created man and said have dominion over every creatures both on land and seas and in the air" they can't extinct. Human should have extinct the way we kill each other everyday. ". As long as Earth remains the creatures shall always be
u are wrong. There are parts of nature that are sustainable and there are also others that are not. Where are the dinosaurs, mammoth, sabre cats, dragons and many other creatures today? They are all gone. There are many others that are about also going into extinction. There are some creatures in the world that are less than 100 in total worldwide. If we don't protect creatures like that, they will disappear forever.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari’s Men, Security Chiefs Oppose Operation Amotekun by oz4real83(m): 10:12am On Jan 19
This is time for Nigerians to unite against evil. Whatever you do to secure yourself is constitutional. No matter what anybody says or does, as far as Hisbah was allowed to operate in the north, Amotekun and others must also be allowed to operate in other regions.

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Science/Technology / Re: Leatherback Sea Turtle Caught In Bayelsa - Foropa Kingdom Island (Photos) by oz4real83(m): 10:07am On Jan 19
Nooooo. U can snap pics with it then release the beautiful creature back to the ocean. Even though there is hunger in the land, we shouldn't kill and eat everything. Let's preserve a bit of nature for our kids and future generations.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Navy To Name New Aircraft Carrier After Black Pearl Harbor Hero(Pics) by oz4real83(m): 9:48am On Jan 19

Do you think Vietnam or other nations have been snoring or folding their arms since the war ended decades ago?

Many nations are upgrading their arsenal, developing war/military technology discreetly.
I never said only America was improving. I even went as far as saying that weapons used during vietnam may even be obsolete now. Was it only American that used weapons? . Every nation is growing and improving in warfare even if it is at very very slow pace like Nigeria.
Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Navy To Name New Aircraft Carrier After Black Pearl Harbor Hero(Pics) by oz4real83(m): 9:28am On Jan 19

America isn't the only country experiencing that improvement and discoveries in science and technology. Other countries are are experiencing it too, Iran, North Korea and the rest are not in the stage they were in the 50's. wink
exactly. U mentioned Vietnam that was why I told u never to use that to judge. Many countries have past that vietnam level, even though countries like Nigeria are still there.
Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Navy To Name New Aircraft Carrier After Black Pearl Harbor Hero(Pics) by oz4real83(m): 9:00am On Jan 19

Sit down there. Go and read about Vietnam war and you will see that victory does not always come with the number of weapons you can deploy.
life is all about improvement. Do u know how many years it has been since vietnam? Do u know how many discoveries in science and technology since then? Personnel and equipments keep changing. Some Weapons used in vietnam may even be obsolete now.

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Romance / Re: Kano Father Gives Conditions To Son’s American Lover by oz4real83(m): 8:42am On Jan 19
Our people will allow a family member to marry a very old foreigner of totally different religion and ethnicity but will never allow a family member marry another Nigerian no matter how decent, educated, worthy and industrious because of either religion or tribe. It is family war when an Edo wants to marry an Esan, war when hausa/fulani/muslim wants to marry a southern christian Nigerian, war when Igbos want to marry yorubas, war when hausa/fulani/muslim wants to marry another hausa/fulani that is a christian. An "igbo free" won't want to marry an "igbo osu" but will want an american orother foreigner that even fellowships in the church of satan! What an irony.
Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Navy To Name New Aircraft Carrier After Black Pearl Harbor Hero(Pics) by oz4real83(m): 8:12am On Jan 19
$13billion on just one aircraft carrier out of many others while Iran spends about $20billion on defence and they want to fight war with US. This is a joke of the century. War is different from terrorism. "War" is total attack, only your human side considers civillian welfare. I am not undermining Iran but when it comes to US, they are centuries apart. Peace is always better.
Back to the story, the African American had every reason to abandon ship and run away. America marginalised him because of his colour, he was even trained for the task all because of hs colour. They were even treating him as a second class citizen. But he didn't abandon his country in time of need. He fought and defended his country. He would have lost his life if not for God's grace. America didn't give him the reason for this but his patriotism was unshakeable. Nigeria is not what we want it to be but we shouldn't dump the country. We have no other country. Every fight we fight must be geared towards making the country better.

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Politics / Re: Blackout As National Grid Records First Collapse In 2020 by oz4real83(m): 4:13pm On Jan 16
This National grid no dey tire to dey collapse?
what did u expect from a national grid in its old age? What level of modernisation has happened to the national grid since independence despite budgets for power over the years? Unfortunately, it will keep collapsing until we do the right thing.
Politics / Re: Falana Educates Malami On The Law Regarding Amotekun, Labels Him A Hypocrite by oz4real83(m): 6:11am On Jan 16
No matter what anybody says, what I know is that the North is a role model for every other region in Nigeria. Hence, if the north is qualified to own and run Hisbah police, other regions can also own and run Amotekun and other outfits. If Sultan can announce public holidays even when he doesn't have the power, other traditional rulers in the other regions should also take on such power. If northern states can implement sharia in the north even though Nigeria is a secular state, somebody like wike is right to say that Rivers state is a christian state. If Fulani herdsmen and hisbah police can carry arms, then Amotekun and others can carry harms. It is a constitutional and human right to protect yourself. Whatever any region does to enforce that right is constitutional. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia's PM And Government Resign As Putin Proposes Changes To Constitution by oz4real83(m): 7:51pm On Jan 15
Everybody knows that Putin is the absolute owner of Russia and he can do just anything he wants to do with Russia just like Kim owns and can do anything with North korea.

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Politics / Re: Statement From Emeka Ihedioha On The Supreme Court Ruling On Imo Election by oz4real83(m): 7:19pm On Jan 15
Rochas was given enough time to loot and vandalise the govt house unlike Ihedioha who was given less than 24hours to vacate the govt house. I even suspect he went home directly from the court house yesterday lipsrsealed.

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Sports / Re: Super Eagles Goalkeeper Maduka Okoye: Why I Chose Nigeria Over Germany by oz4real83(m): 6:40pm On Jan 15
Everybody knows the reason. Germany still has Manuel Neuer , Mac-Andre Ter Stegen, kevin Trapp, Benard Leno, Sven Ulrich, which of these goal keepers can he bench?

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Politics / Re: NERC: 50% Of Nigerians Now Have Meters by oz4real83(m): 2:44pm On Jan 15
How I wish so much that what happened in the bible to Ananias and Saphira for lying should happen to these acute and unrepentant liars embarassed. Imagine such blantant lie. Even the devil will be surprised? angry
Foreign Affairs / Re: Breaking!!! Iranian Police Open Fire At Protesters by oz4real83(m): 11:17am On Jan 13
War has not even started and Iran is already scoring own-goal. I just pity the common Iranians who will be victims of irrational leadership.
Politics / Re: Life Pension: SERAP Asks Court To Order 36 Govs To Publish Payment Details by oz4real83(m): 12:40pm On Jan 12
The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) should be ashamed of themselves whenever the issues of emoluments for politicians are being discussed. That is when you hear about 300% basic allowance for furniture, 500% for healthcare, 150% for security and many other precentage multiples as allowances for other issuee but when that of Nigerian workers are being discussed, you will hear 20% new increase of mininum wage for level 6 and below, 17% for levels 7-12, 15% for levels 13-15 embarassed . This is very shameful and not even up to 10% of what the politicians are getting even when everybody shops in the same market, buy fuel from the same filling station at the same price.


Politics / Re: Nigeria Losing $1 Billion Annually To Medical Tourism by oz4real83(m): 11:33am On Jan 12
PMB accounts for at least half of the money spent by Nigerians on medical tourism. I won't have blamed him if it was only during his first term in office he engaged on medical tourism because everything was already messed up before he came. Still Proceeding on medical tourism in his second term in office shows that he didn't do anything meaningful to change the status quo.
Politics / Re: No Light For A Month Yet PHEDC Brings Bill Of Zero Naira (Photo) by oz4real83(m): 5:01am On Jan 10
U don't know what u are in for. Bedc did the same thing to us in Benin. They always bring N14,000 estimated bill to my place every month even if they supplied power for only 2 days a month. For up to three months, they brought zero naira bill because there was no electricity supply at all that period. Bedc blamed TCN and TCN blamed Bedc for the problem. In the fourth month, they brought a bill of over N100,000. Which is more than an accumulation of those months they brought zero naira bills. Govt always collude with distribution companies to rob Nigerians. Prepaid meters are still unsupplied despite govt's order and nothing is still being done. Govt has even increased tarriffs as a solution to the problem! What an insult to Nigerians.

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Politics / Re: *obaseki Receives Hero’s Welcome At Oshiomhole’s Hometown, Electrifies Auchi Day by oz4real83(m): 9:15am On Jan 09

Forget it
Obaseke has outplayed oshomoloe

Any mistake from APC PDP might take over
it would have been a very big opportunity for another party to take over Edo state but unfortunately, PDP is dead in Edo state. The few remaining people there are PDP in the day and APC at night.
Family / Re: My Kids Nanny Is Leaving - Urgent Advise by oz4real83(m): 3:11pm On Jan 06
Assuming she gets a better job or an opportunity to improve her life through education, will u still insist she stays and continue being your nanny? Just learn to move on no matter how good she has been to your family. Don't create problems for yourself and family. If u love/like her so much, give her enough money as a pay-off from working for your family to enable her start a new life without her husband.


Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Military Spend ₦7.2trillion Annually On A.C. In Iraq And Afghanistan(2011) by oz4real83(m): 1:25pm On Jan 06
Would it not have been better if they use 50percent of their military spendings to aid countries that are in extreme poverty.

The truth is that as long as there's life on planet earth, there will always be threats of war and tensions. It has been always like that from post world War 2. World leaders know that the collateral damage of full scale war is so enormous. They'd do everything possible to avoid it.
No war is starting anytime soon.
even if America gives half of it's budget to help poverty stricken countries like Nigeria, they will still waste it on projects like building religious houses, palaces for traditional rulers, secondhand military equipment from pakistan and many other private, unnecessary and useless ventures instead of building the economy and infrastructure to create more wealth.
Business / Re: Aliko Dangote’s Net Worth Grows To $14.8bn by oz4real83(m): 4:38am On Jan 03
With the kind of atrocities and mass murders always committed by dangote trucks nationwide, I think dangote would have reduced from being a billionnaire to a millionaire due to frequent compensations he would have being paying to families of his victims if we were in saner climes. Unfortunately, Nigeria is not a sane society, Dangote trucks will keep on killing, he will keep on getting richer, never paying any compensations and the Nigerian govt keep on turning blind eye to his atrocities. Dangote trucks, bokoharam and killer herdsmen are the three greatest killers in Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerian Embassies Employ Foreigners by oz4real83(m): 4:20pm On Jan 02
It is the same reason our leaders prefer foreign healthcare to local hospitals, holidays abroad to holidays within. We don't have confidence in the abilities of our fellow Nigerians due to inferiority complex.


Politics / Re: The Highest Paid Presidents In Africa - No 1 Is In Central Africa by oz4real83(m): 11:37am On Jan 02
These are official salaries. The unofficial salaries are in billions, infact an average African president has full access to the country's treasury and can do anything with it even without the approval of the country's parliament which most times is even a "rubber stamp" parliament to the executive.

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Education / Re: Studying Mathematics is Killing Me by oz4real83(m): 5:20am On Jan 01

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Education / Re: Studying Mathematics is Killing Me by oz4real83(m): 5:20am On Jan 01
This is how Nigerian universities keep killing bright students. I am 100% sure u never applied for mathematics because u had no passion for it and it doesn't move u. I also suspect the university gave u the course despite applying for medicine or another life science course and because u didn't want to spend another year at home, u accepted it. Now u are confused, bitter and frustrated. It is not too late. If u can't change your course for something u have passion for, then write jamb again. Passion drives goals. U can't succeed in a business u don't have passion for. I maybe wrong but that is my opinion. Good luck.


Politics / Re: Just In - Ganduje Appoints Five Female Special Advisers (See List) by oz4real83(m): 5:46pm On Dec 30, 2019
Please are there separate state executive council meetings for male and female govt officials in Kano state? If yes, who presides over the female meeting? It shouldn't be only in keke napeps men should be separated from women in Kano state, the kano state govt should also implement his archaic law on flights, state council meetings, markets, political rallies/parties and other places. Nigerian leaders keeps making laws to oppress and divide the masses.

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