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Literature / Re: Murica: My River Wife by ozila(m): 7:58pm On Sep 11
Chapter four
I didn't answer him, I just took my phone and started playing game, I don't have his time at all and all I care about is to return to my kingdom, I don't mind having accident all the time so far I get what I want.

My friend cook indomie in which he invite me to eat but I refuse saying am not hungry, all my body are paining me but I refuse to take drugs maybe if I pass out I will see myself in the kingdom.

My friend left later in the night while i thinking about my problem.

The next morning which is Friday I got a call from him.

“Hello” I answered.

“Oz, the girl wey hit you with her car they find you oh, she has place your name on every board on school promising to give fifty thousand to anybody that find you first” he said.

“Guy abeg that's her own, it doesn't have anything to do with me” I said.

“Come on, the girl is worried, they said you run away from the hospital when she went out to buy you some food, why not let her finish treating you?” He said.

I didn't reply him I just cut the call, I know I shouldn't have left but am so concern about going back so I don't have anybody time now.

I remain indoor all through, I got different calls from my friends asking about my where about that somebody is looking for me, the call was too much and I know that somebody must surely bring the girl to my house because they know me well in school, so I decided to go out, I covered my face with cap and continue drawing one leg on the road till I enter school, I look at the notice board in the back of the gate where they normally place admission list, I saw the paper where she place my name and my department, she drop her number so I took the number on my phone and return to Victor’s house.

Victor is my friend he is the guy that make me visit the spirit world the first place, he has recovered from the accident and he is doing well, he saw me and was shock.

“Oz, no be you them they find for school?” He ask.

“Abeg let me pass” I push him out of the way and enter his room to relax on the bed.

“The way you they get accident I wonder why you still they alive” he said.

I think he is right, am not suppose to be alive because the way the Lexus jeep even kick me off my feet I suppose no dey alive, but anyway maybe am being protected by some magic because fate knows that I have a role to play in murica’s kingdom and I must surely return even if it cost me my life I don't care, I don't have any meaning here but there I have many purpose.
Literature / Re: Murica: My River Wife by ozila(m): 7:57pm On Sep 11
Chapter three

How come a Muslim girl is bearing Angel? I don't think Muslim bear that name though I don't know Sha.

“By the way what were you doing in the middle of the road?” She asked.

“I honestly don't know, all I remember is that my lecturer drive me from his class saying I should go and treat myself because i wasn't feeling fine” I said.

“Oh, so sorry and now your illness have increased no thanks to me” she said bending her head.

“Don't blame yourself, I should have be more careful” I said trying to take the blame just because she's beautiful.

“Let me go get something for you to eat, the doctor say you will be here till tomorrow so that he can check on you” she said.

“Alright then” I replied.

She left me alone and I started thinking how to leave this hospital, I don't care about any check up and all I need now is to return to Murica in the ancient city.

I remove the drip from my body and stand up, I took my bag and walk out of the ward, I started staggering out of the hospital and some people started looking at me mysteriously, some nurses try to talk to me but i just told them that I have been released, I found my way out of the big yellow hospital and when I come out I saw myself in Okene/Abuja round about close to Omega fir ministry headquarter, I took a bike to my Lodge in school I met Joe in my house.

“Joseph, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I come see you na” he said.

“How come you take get my key?” I ask as I sat on my bed.

“You done forget say I know where you they keep key?” He said.

“Oh okay, so what can I do for you” I ask.

“Wetin they worry you self, and why all this plaster for your body?” He ask..

“I get accident for road” I said.

“Jesus, so na you motor hit for poly road?” He said with concern.


“But they said it was serious that you can't even move after the accident, why are you not in the hospital?” He ask.

“Am okay, wetin I want they do for hospital? abeg no bother me at all, if you done see wetin you they find jeje leave me alone” I said.

“This one you are just getting accident so, last time you claimed you went into another world, I hope you are not going crazy” he said.
Literature / Re: Murica: My River Wife by ozila(m): 10:25am On Sep 07
Ozila are you really back for real
I used to admire your stories before you went awol

Yeah am back, let me complete this story first
Travel / Re: Beautiful Photos Of Different Places In Nigeria by ozila(m): 6:13am On Sep 07
Literature / Re: Murica: My River Wife by ozila(m): 6:05am On Sep 07
Chapter two

I woke up in a midst of confusion.

“So you were sleeping in my class” said Mr Johnson, our practical lecturer.

I didn't know what's going on because am still confused, then it occurred to me that I slept off when he was teaching and started dreaming about the mysterious ancient town again.

“Sir, am not feeling fine” I manage to say as all eyes fall on me.

“You are not feeling fine so why didn't you remain at home,”? He said looking at me with anger.

“Sir, the fever started this morning, after I left home” I said.

“So go home” he said walking to the front of the class.

Mr Johnson is one very wicked lecturer and if you miss any of his class be expecting carry over, when he said it last semester we thought he was joking but when result came out then many people started crying.
I know if I walk out he will cancel my name from attendance list so I stay put.

He face the class and as he wanted to continue teaching he saw me still sitting at the back of the class.

“My friend what are you still doing there?” he ask.

“Sir, I will go and treat myself after class” I said.

“No, go and treat yourself now” he said.

“Sir, I……”

“Get out of my class my friend” he blasted without letting me finish my word, I didn't think twice before packing my bag and walk out of the class following the back door, I know he will cancel my name from attendance list for sure.

I came out and started walking home, I wonder what that dream mean, I hope Murica and her men are not getting decimated, I wish there is a way I can go back to that ancient city.

I continue thinking not knowing that am in the middle of the road (auchi poly tarred road) and then it happened, a nice Lexus Jeep throw me off the ground inside gutter, I close my eyes praying to God to return to Murica.

I opened my eyes and saw myself in a hospital in Auchi, was really really disappointed.

“Welcome back” I look who said that and saw a beautiful damsel beside me.

“Who are you” I ask.

“Am angel, am the person that hit you with my car” she said.

Mehn this girl is beautiful, and with the way she dress I believe she's Muslim.

“I see, it wasn't your fault so don't feel bad” I said.

“No Mr Ozila, it was and thanks to Allah no serious injury apart from the one in your head” she said.

“How did you know my name?” I ask.

“Your ID card” she said showing it to me.

“So who are you exactly, how can a small girl like you be riding a Lexus jeep?” I ask a stupid question.

“My father is the Utako (Ruler) of Auchi” she said.

I look at her very well, oh boy this one Na millionaire daughter oh, see gbedu.
Literature / Re: Murica: My River Wife by ozila(m): 6:03am On Sep 07
Murica 2: How Do I Return?
OR EMAIL ozilla111@gmail.com

After Murica struck my stomach and I woke up in the real world, I became convince that I was dreaming all along, I fall in love with a beautiful girl sent by the wicked Queen in the other world. I didn't know the girl was sent to keep me company and prevent me from going back to the other world to rescue my people, I fall in love with her and I forget my mission, beside I don't even know how to return back so I forget about everything and concentrate my life with my new love.

Chapter One

I was riding a white horse leading more than ten thousand people to the battle field, few of us can afford horse while others use their ordinary leg, I look front and saw our opposition, they are ten times more than us.
Fear grip my men but I told them to hold their ground that they shouldn't be afraid and we have backup, all my men were putting on dark armour while our opposition put on blue fine armour with spears everywhere.

I command my second in command to blow the horn after the horn we started running to our opposition, they too started running towards us, we hold our sword firmly while they position their spear coming at us with full speed, it is normal for them to be more equip because they have the money and gold to buy everything. The wicked queen claim everything in the kingdom so we are not surprised that they have more weapons and strong armour than us, the best we can do is to try and defeat her army to reclaim the throne, but can we really defeat them? Oh well let's see how it goes.

Almost converging our men from back stop running and position their bows and arrows, they release it and then our opposition stand firm using their shinning shield to shield themselves from the arrows, they did a great job because the arrow hit only few of them, our men throw arrow again and when they gather to shield again from the arrow my men release another batch of arrows this time with fire. They didnt expect the fire because they were guarding themselves from our arrow unfortunately they didn't know we have other plans, the fire burn them and destroy their line, those of us running towards them enter their battle line and started fighting them, we disorganise them, they were confuse and no time to hold the line again so they join the fight, the battle was hot I even thought the fire will cause confusion but didn't know that the confusion won't last for long, we fight all day and seeing that they are winning because they are more than us I command my men to retreat, as we run away they chase us and slaughter us like chicken, as I was running with my horse someone throw arrow at me which hit my right leg, I fell down and the person came closer and raise his sword up, as he wanted to smash my head then….
Literature / Re: Murica: My River Wife by ozila(m): 6:01am On Sep 07
Let me continue the season 2 here for those that were unable to read on my website
Literature / Re: Heart Of A Lucifer by ozila(m): 8:17pm On Jan 03
Nice one i really enjoy all your stories Ozila may God almight give you more strengh and wisdom to keep up with your job

Thanks baba
Romance / Re: The Day I Decided To Cheat on my Husband by ozila(m): 9:28pm On Oct 12, 2021

Your blog link?

Romance / Re: The Day I Decided To Cheat on my Husband by ozila(m): 9:27pm On Oct 12, 2021

I usually don't allow that my dear. They are people's confessions and I won't like it litter everywhere. I hope you understand

Romance / Re: The Day I Decided To Cheat on my Husband by ozila(m): 5:10pm On Oct 07, 2021

You mean, women don't cheat again? Very good of you to think so highly of women.

Hi, I love the stories on your blog, can I copy some to my blog, u will be fully credited
Crime / Re: 4 Dead As Thugs Burn Police Station And INEC Office In Edo State (Graphic) by ozila(m): 8:17am On Mar 13, 2019

Are d ladies in d pictures d police that were killed?
Crime / Re: 4 Dead As Thugs Burn Police Station And INEC Office In Edo State (Graphic) by ozila(m): 8:02am On Mar 13, 2019
. pregnant woman shot dead

Crime / Re: 4 Dead As Thugs Burn Police Station And INEC Office In Edo State (Graphic) by ozila(m): 7:23am On Mar 13, 2019
Imagin a police station being burned down, dont they have gun atleast to put up a fight

Their gun cannot match the bandits own, police gun wey be like drum.


Crime / 4 Dead As Thugs Burn Police Station And INEC Office In Edo State (Graphic) by ozila(m): 12:14am On Mar 13, 2019
Thugs burn police station in Afuze Emai, owan east local government area in Edo state.
Four dead and many injured.
hoodlum came with hilux car and attacked afuze division in Edo state, several police officers were feared dead including the DPO, DCO and CRO. The fracas is still on going.

"We do not know the cause of the attacks. A colleagues serving in Edo command hinted"


Politics / Re: Darius Ishaku Declared Winner Of Taraba State Governorship Election by ozila(m): 8:14am On Mar 12, 2019
pdp should take it easy na, they just clearing all states.
Who would thought pdp will win Oyo state, kudos to all Oyo people out there.

20 Likes 2 Shares

Romance / Re: Edo Woman Catches Her Husband's Side Chick. Photos by ozila(m): 12:37pm On Mar 11, 2019
undecided I'm surprised to hear that an Edo woman is lamenting dix way let her do d needful...

We have change
Politics / Re: Is Dave Umahi Most Hardworking Governor In Nigeria See Pictures ? by ozila(m): 5:55pm On Mar 07, 2019
Is he better than obaseki of Edo state

The wake and see governor

And yet you don't have any picture
Celebrities / Re: Top 10 Black Filmmakers Announced By Black History Month Diversity In Cannes by ozila(m): 1:21pm On Mar 04, 2019
I can see kenya and Ghana there, where is Nigeria because I believe we have the biggest film industry in Africa.

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NYSC / Re: NYSC 2019 Batch A Corps Members Thread by ozila(m): 12:55pm On Mar 04, 2019
PCMs in Osogbo, Owode Ede, Ede Town, Ilobu, Ifon Osun, Ikirun, and other part of Osun, the best place for you to be for your registration is DTOBS CONSULT

call/whatsapp: 08062957916

Can u stop with this spamming, how many times are you going to post it? Is this how to advertise?

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