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Politics / Re: Emefiele: Nigeria To Save $3 Billion From Petroleum Imports Annually by pennyseo: 7:36am On Jun 05, 2021

We will, we shall, we will soon. When will you guys ever be serious

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Politics / Re: FG Suspends Twitter's Operations In Nigeria by pennyseo: 4:51pm On Jun 04, 2021

Twitter is a US company and this ban if put into effect will lead to counter reaction from the US.

If US reject our oil... Hope this government no go cry

This country sha

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Politics / Re: Niger Islamic School Abduction: We ‘re negotiating with bandits – Niger Govt by pennyseo: 4:06am On Jun 03, 2021
Negotiating will kill all of una there

if na issues from the Eastern part you send military to kill everyone in the street, you remind us with threat how you slaughtered our people during the war, you remember how to send secret memo on why you should suspend the constitution and declare state of emergency in the East

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Applied For 188 Jobs On Linkedin, No One Clicked. I'm Done Searching! by pennyseo: 8:56am On Jun 02, 2021
When one of my brother was through with school, he went to lagos for job hunt.
He told me things about discrimination and how they always say he is not from the west.

That's Nigeria for you and the black man's way of doing things. We don't believe on merit... East, west, North same. Everyone will prefer his brother over Merit.

But we know those who tends to be close to us hardly perform better because they know we won't bark at them when they do wrong

That's why Nigerian will not or hardly emerge in terms of economic growth.

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Webmasters / Re: Has Anyone Received Adsense Payment Yet??? by pennyseo: 4:00pm On Jun 01, 2021
Please I would like to see your website. Post the URL and your contact please

Why should he post his url
Do you want his website duplicated?

If you are in his shoe will you do that?
Autos / Re: Toyota Highlander 2008 model Forsale by pennyseo: 11:50am On Jun 01, 2021
Oga, what I am saying sir is Lexus E300 was upgraded to E330 in 2004 and comes with 3mz engine but your headline is E300 with a 3mz engine which is wrong because es300 comes with 1mz engine 3.0 ltr, your car is es330 not es300 unless your engine picture is not its own

Na middle man.. Probably he has not seen the car in question
Politics / Re: Herdsmen Kill 50 People In Ebonyi Communities by pennyseo: 11:38am On Jun 01, 2021
This Government will not deploy soldiers to affected communities but if its IPOB they will show military strength.
There is an agenda they want to achieve

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Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 4:12pm On May 31, 2021

I have downloaded it, but don't know where to find the root level domain. It's a wordpress site. Maybe my hosting provider can help me upload it.

Your cPanel or you can talk to your hosting provider

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Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 3:22pm On May 31, 2021
Click on "fix now" and download the adtex file. Upload it to your root folder where u hosting your site.

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Webmasters / Re: Has Anyone Received Adsense Payment Yet??? by pennyseo: 3:59pm On May 27, 2021
they sent $148.50 and i got 59,350 naira into my gt bank savings account


The exchange rate was 59000/148=399 naira.

When if you ware paid in dollar you could have sold it 485 which is 148 *485= 71,780

You have a shortfall of let's say 11,000.
Thats the price of half bag of rice tongue

Now if you are receiving huge amount of money the differences will be much. That's the reason we strive to get dorm account

Go get a dorm account please because your earnings might grow and the differences between the official rate and black-market is too wide for now

$ is now closing 500 USD on black market shocked

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Webmasters / Re: Has Anyone Received Adsense Payment Yet??? by pennyseo: 10:41am On May 25, 2021
This is Zenith Bank with bad customer care. I work 10 to 18 hours and bank is crowded as end of month (it's a civil servant state, so many workers wants their ATM on standby for end of month withdrawal, it's crazy). Even if I have the time, I would suffer to enter and suffer to be attended to.

They didn't give me answer.

My brother... No bank will give you proper answer like this because if CBN policy.. Which states that bank should request for 2 referee of current account.

I said walk into the bank and meet a marker and explain things to them. they will assist you.
You can show them your previous payments as prove.

If they refuse, visit another branch and do the same.

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Webmasters / Re: Has Anyone Received Adsense Payment Yet??? by pennyseo: 10:38am On May 25, 2021

Nope , current account can not be used .. Also you can add payment details anytime

We are talking about referee of which current account is valid... Very certain

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Webmasters / Re: Has Anyone Received Adsense Payment Yet??? by pennyseo: 10:37am On May 25, 2021

Okay bro. Appreciate your time... Please can you explain one thing. You mean current account in Naira? I only know one with dollar account (that would agree but of cause can find many with current account).

Three accounts can go :

Current account
Corporate account... Am sure of this two

Then I think dorm account will go also but I have not used it

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Sports / Re: Ibezito Ogbonna's Home In Israel Hit By Hamas Rocket Fired From Gaza by pennyseo: 9:55am On May 25, 2021
A Nigerian Home has been hit by Hamas Rocket let us protest and burn the flag of hams
Let's remember that this is our own how can Hamas destroy his home like that grin grin grin

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Webmasters / Re: SEO WRITING OPPORTUNITY OVER 50 TOPICS by pennyseo: 5:24am On May 25, 2021

1500? For 1000 words? That's at a rate of #1.50 per word?
You for just carry gun and bazooka too, let's know it's Armed Robbery you want to do.
That's a fair rate.
1.5 for per word.
Webmasters / Re: Has Anyone Received Adsense Payment Yet??? by pennyseo: 5:08am On May 25, 2021

Thanks for the reply.... I seems like a lot of stress as people with dollar account might feel suspicious of one. I think would increase the threshold for AdSense pay-out so it is worth the trouble.

Do you have just one person in your family with current account or dorm account? If yes then go back to the bank and ask for a marketer tell them you have just one referee and this is what you do with the account.
That's how I open

If GTBank no free try Uba, access etc they will help you out

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Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 6:08am On May 08, 2021
I didn’t mean ad, I just meant your website address.

Why should I give you my websites address?

Do you know how long and how many millions I have poured into it in terms of contents? Do you want my investment gone down the drain? Do you want someone to just go there and copy my keywords and dilute all my sweat n blood?

Or don't you know this is a public forum. Seun can tell you how much he earns because it's difficult for you to do a photocopy of his forum which has been existing for over 20 years with millions of content . But not a 2 years blog with just 130 blog posts

I am contracting the blog design and hosting and everything to a web developer. So, that handles the blog designing abi?

If you know simple WordPress installation and how to install themes, plugins, etc then you can do that your self. Because I do all my self. Refer to YouTube many videos are there.

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Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 1:06am On May 08, 2021
I was the one who created the thread which this is a rejoinder to, in other words it is i who this response thread is intended for. Thanks for the extensive reply and rejoinder. May I ask, please can I have your blog URL? I’ll like to visit it and perhaps you can earn from my clicks on your website. Thanks, hopefully we can be of advantage to each other as I have some honest questions to ask. For instance, can I have someone to create a blog for me then i blog on my iPhone 7 ? A laptop is a little expensive for me to buy now so I want to know if I can operate the blog with my phone efficiently? Also, I’ll really like to have a link to this your blog where you earn so much from please.


Clicking on ads intentionally is bad, those who click should have genuine reason to click on ads.
If you have a blog please don't ask friends to do that else every reasonable CPC ads company will show you the exit door.

you can blog on your phone. There are many Web developers here on nairaland so contact them. Am not a Web developer.
Travel / Re: Keke Napep Vs Korope Bus: Which Is More Profitable? by pennyseo: 9:36am On May 05, 2021
Keke is far better. I have interview guys that are into it (they bring me supplies) one said he makes 10k on a very good day like Monday, Tuesday, Saturdays.

Secondly Keke is easy to maintain and the parts are cheaper n won't drain your finance but u see that small bus. When it starts u will cough out the whole money u kept

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Romance / Re: 10 Exceptionally Unique Romantic Names You Can Call Your Partner by pennyseo: 9:25am On May 04, 2021

What about my tomato Jos?
Beautiful potatoes poraro


Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by pennyseo: 4:17pm On May 03, 2021
Time to give my reviews, or just wait for the remaining cars to land?
Please give because am about to order


Politics / Re: Amaechi: We Have Been Printing Money, But Swore Oath To Lie - Peoples Gazette by pennyseo: 12:30pm On May 03, 2021
Buhari is not fit to run or head a small provision store let alone a country.
He practically has no experience , he has only succeeded in plunging the whole nation into a big mess.

Honestly This Zainab Ahmed is not qualified to hold any post in the ministry of finance, let's tell our selves the truth


Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 1:09am On Apr 29, 2021

Jumia pays little
Oh thanks for that. I have not used them, I don't have a blog that talks about their products.
Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 8:23am On Apr 28, 2021

Please dear, can you shed more light?
When you talk about adsense you are talking about Google which controls over 90% of Internet traffic and this give them edge above other competitors as far as cost-per-click (CPC) is concerned.

From Mediavine, marfeel, ezoic, adthrive and over 50 partners all get their ads served through adsense. They are adsense certified publishers which means if you get banned from adsense you can't monitized with any of this certified partners.

Then when you come to affiliate the easiest is amazon associate affiliate program. There are other affiliate programs like that gives you 50% commission like click Bank but they mostly don't accept Nigerians or they pay via PayPal. That's said.

Guest post is not a best way to monetised a blog and those that does it maintain over 30 blogs to even 100 blogs and huge numbers of hoisting accounts with distinctive class A IP address.

If your class A is the same and class C is different it tells Google that it all comes from one hosting platform and thier algorithm will hit on all blogs Linking to them and the said blog
Google has recently warned bloggers to give No Follow links to guest or sponsorship post and believe me their algorithm will be hard on those those that don't comply to them

Lastly if you are are having Nigerian traffic the best way to go is adsense because affiliate won't just work because Nigerians hardly buys stuff online with exception to jumai affiliate and their like that sells gadgets, but if you are aiming amazon you should have foreign traffic.


Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 7:59pm On Apr 27, 2021

This shows that you have networks of blogs in different niches that are bringing you money every months.

Is it necessary to hundred of contents on my website before I could make substantial amount with Ads platforms like Ezoic and Mediavine?

Make post lengthen like 2000 to 2500 words and yes hundreds of post because with this there will be high chances of winning easily.
Yes I have several blogs and like 3 unlimited hosting accounts. That's why I can't say it's this niche or this niche
Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 6:53pm On Apr 27, 2021

This guy is a scam!!!
Guys beware oh.

Black market guys drop money with cashier and get your account credited?

What the fuc.k man?!

You think we're babies to this things?? �

The cashier hands the money over to black market through a means you communicate?!

Oh lord!!

If you fall victim, na una sabi.. Peace!

Hahahahaha when next you go to the bank ask your cashier.... The one in charge of dollar, ask him if they buy dollars and get their response..

The way they rush $ dollars elm e go shock u cos they sell it about 490 if not 495 to those that need it above that abokifx guys fixed at 485

If you are looking to buy fx at official rate you are on a long thing grin even bank will direct you to blackmarket

Who Are the blackmark? They are the business men and woman... You can join the business and work hand to hand with the bank cashier in charge of $$ over the counter.. Where you give them a share.
Business is all about creativity, instead of waiting for your customer at the shop with huge risk why not set a kinda easier means right on the counter by working a means by which you can credit a customers account from your end after getting a positive response from the cashier that a customer have left some $$ for him


Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 6:49pm On Apr 27, 2021

Okay no qualms, I am already a staunch follower my Journey section of BHW, I am planning to start a journey there too. Anyways thanks for taking time to reply though you don't answer most of my questions smiley smiley

Welcome sister. What's the questions about

Okay I just read your questions I will answer some.

There are some blogs I don't do link building but it takes time to grow.

But there are blog that I do buy links on.. Let me say this.... I earned close to 4m this month as opposed to 2.8m which is from a single account.
I have other accounts that are picking up

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Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 6:30pm On Apr 27, 2021

Thanks for sharing this report. Even if you do the video proof of earning, most will still not believe as majority of them are close minded and cynic.

If you wouldn't mind, I have some questions to ask you I am planning to start a blog in automobile niche.

1. What's the niche of your website is it pet or outdoor, or automobile (I am not asking for URL)?

2. how many articles you have on your blog and what is the average word count of the articles?

3 do you write all the articles yourself or you outsource or you do both?

4. have ever done link building to the blog, or your blog attract backlinks naturally?

5. You mentioned about that you have a mentor, no name was dropped, is he Jon Dykstra, Haw Spencer, or Morten Storgaard?

Looking forward to hearing from you. I ask for the mentors name perhaps I can also enrol on his or her blogging course. Thanks in advance.

One thing with all those guys from Brian Dean, Matt Cutts, Neil patel etc is that they are affiliate marketer and that's where their revenue comes from.. So I don't take their lesson serious because at the back they still role $$$$ to buy good links to get to the top.
These are people who earn 100k to 250k$ monthly. So they can easily throw 20k$ to links over an extended period of time at the back scene

I got connected with a guy on black - ha-t w0rld -

Just join a journey thread there are 100 of them where bloggers started with 0 naira and end up making 10kusd , there is also a YouTube thread where a guy started with just 4 videos per month on and before 8 months is was earning 9k$


Webmasters / Re: Rejoinder: Blogging Is Not Dead In Nigeria by pennyseo: 6:17pm On Apr 27, 2021

I'm not saying you're lieing o.. But it sounds funny to me

You change 5k dollars to naira from your bank.. When you can withdraw the funds and go to black market and sell at a higher rate?!

That's a whole lot of funds wasted

But I don't know you and I don't know the validity of your post.
I just hope everyone stays safe.

How much is black market? The last time I checked its 480 get your fact right okay .

Even I don't need to take money to Black Market as the black market guys usually drop their contact with the cashier and get my account credited after handling the money over to the cashier and the cashier inform the exchanger through a means they communicate ... Thats how have been doing for the past years since I moved over dorm.

I have never taken huge amount of money saying am going to look for aboki everything is done in bank

But in this case bank said I will buy from you at 486 and black market said 480


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