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Politics / Re: Construction Of Regional Road Will Ease Traffic On Lekki-Ajah Axis - LASG by phantom(m): 4:03pm On Sep 27
Nice one! Governor wike i hope you are seeing? No be to dey build flyover ontop that same Aba Road. Meanwhile oyigbo and eleme need to open up.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Saga Breaks Down In Tears Over Nini’s Disappearance by phantom(m): 7:20pm On Sep 22

Honestly, this is quite funny..

Who go love me the way Saga love NiNi for the forum undecided

You no too fine like that na..... angry

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TV/Movies / Re: Queen To Whitemoney: Stop Feeling Special, I Don’t Love You (BBNaija) by phantom(m): 11:18am On Sep 20
I love her like that , and she can do no wrong in my eyes.
Besides, she jokes alot smiley smiley smiley

You are very correct Mrs ejyke.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Should I Get Vaccinated? by phantom(m): 9:01pm On Sep 14
[s][/s] Your papa na fool .

grin grin grin......you should have just trickled down your popsi's legs and ended up as a dirty brown offensive smelling stain on the bedsheet.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Should I Get Vaccinated? by phantom(m): 8:58pm On Sep 14
[s][/s] Rubbish as usual. The first sentence has automatically disqualified every fvcking thing

grin grin this guy na fool las las.....waste of time. 10minutes i'll never get back. Watching paint dry would have been a far better use of my time.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Should I Get Vaccinated? by phantom(m): 4:58pm On Sep 14
[s][/s] You're a young fool who is swimming in ignorance.
The Coronaviruses are a unique specie of viruses that have existed since you were born . Examples of Corona viruses are SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), MERS (MiddleEast Respiratory Syndrome) and Ebola viruses. What you're dealing with now is a new species of the Coronavirus and it's called Covid-19. Secondly, the minimum period for vaccine development is 5 years . If you doubt , check reputable bodies like the CDC and WHO and see the standard period for vaccine development. And while you're it , ask yourself why such a long time is needed . Mumu

Oga you are the one swimming in ignorance and making a fool of yourself. Yes, most vaccines take up to 10years for full development but in the case of covid, it was accelerated via the millions of dollars(in excess of 500million dollars) pumped in over a short period BECAUSE of the danger it posed.
Read the article below
SOURCE: https://wellcome.org/news/quick-safe-covid-vaccine-development

How have Covid-19 vaccines been made quickly and safely?
How have Covid-19 vaccines been made quickly and safely?
Unprecedented international cooperation and focus have led to multiple effective and safe Covid-19 vaccines in less than a year, and created a blueprint for future vaccine development. Here's how.

The first vaccines for Covid-19 were developed in under twelve months. How was this possible and what can we learn from this?
The Covid-19 pandemic threatens every one of us, wherever we are, which has demanded a new global approach to vaccine development. There has been unprecedented international attention, cooperation and use of resources, enabling us to act at speed to stop people dying and protect livelihoods.

For most diseases, developing a vaccine can take more than 10 years. The development process is expensive, so to keep costs down development takes place slowly, each stage only beginning when the previous stage is successfully completed.

This has meant a fundamental redesign of the staggered approach of conventional vaccine development, so that Covid-19 vaccine development can safely be done much faster.

So far, it has been an extraordinary success – a brilliant example of what we can achieve when we work together.

It’s a bit like driving across a busy city in rush hour. Normally you spend lots of time waiting at traffic lights, but when you have a police escort, you can take the same journey and get to the same place, just as safely, but faster.

**Vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Oxford-AstraZeneca are the first Covid-19 vaccines to get emergency authorisation**

The usual vaccine development process
All licensed vaccines currently available have been made using a traditional vaccine development model. Because of the high costs and failure rate, this usually follows a linear sequence of steps.

There are five stages to the process:

Discovery research – normally takes between 2 and 5 years and involves lab-based research looking to find ways to induce an immune response at a molecular level.

The pre-clinical stage – takes up to 2 years and involves testing in animals to assess the safety and suitability of potential vaccines for humans.

Clinical development involves testing potential vaccines in humans and has three phases:
phase I: testing for safety – takes 2 years and requires 10-50 (usually healthy) people to take part in trials.
phase II: understanding the immune response, safety and dosage – takes 2 to 3 years and requires hundreds of people to take part in randomised trials, including a placebo control group and people with the target disease.
phase III: assessing if the vaccine safely protects against the disease – including prevention of infection and related immune responses – takes 5 to 10 years and requires thousands of people to take part in trials, including a placebo control group.

Regulatory approval – can take 2 years and involves submitting data and information on the vaccine’s safety and efficacy to regulatory authorities for review, to gain approval. Pharmaceutical companies continue to monitor effectiveness and safety after the vaccine has been licensed.
Manufacturing and delivery – require specialist facilities that are highly regulated and expensive to set up.

Using this approach, a vaccine would usually take more than 10 years to be developed and cost between $200 and $500 million.

Each of these stages happens in sequence, one after the other. At each stage, and between stages, there would be a lot of waiting.

With Covid-19, we couldn’t afford to wait. Because of how deadly and disruptive Covid-19 is, we simply had to find ways to speed up the usual vaccine development approach.

What changed to develop a Covid-19 vaccine at speed?
Developing Covid-19 vaccines in one year instead of 10 has been a monumental task. To succeed, new collaborative approaches to science and global manufacturing and distribution have been created.

The result has been faster vaccine development than we’ve ever seen, but without cutting back on testing and safety measures.

This has been possible thanks to public, private and philanthropic collaboration and investment on a never-before-seen level.

The investment needed for Covid-19 vaccine development is significant. $2 billion has been spent by COVAX alone, and they require a further $6.8 billion in 2021 to achieve their goal of delivering 2 billion vaccine doses globally.

While this sounds costly – at least four times the cost of usual vaccine development – it’s a good investment, given that we’re losing $375 billion from the global economy every month due to the pandemic.

To work together at speed, researchers, developers and funders have had to seek three things:

1. Unprecedented collaboration
To work at speed has meant carrying out different stages of development and production at the same time, to get to a vaccine faster.

Vaccine trials have been carried out in parallel around the world, not just in high-income countries, to give us the best chance of finding vaccines that are safe and effective for everyone.

2. Funding for multiple vaccines
We didn’t and still don’t know where the best Covid-19 vaccines will come from, so teams are trying as many different innovations and technologies as possible. This gives us the best chance of finding ones that work, and a diversity of vaccines with different requirements to make sure they work in a variety of contexts and populations.

3. Creation of additional manufacturing capability
To meet the demand for the billions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines (in addition to all the other routine vaccines that still need to be manufactured, such as MMR and polio) requires various steps to be taken:

manufacturing was started before the Covid-19 vaccines were proven to be safe and effective. This was done to avoid delay when a vaccine was approved, but at a risk to the vaccine manufacturers. If a vaccine wasn’t approved, they would have to bin what they had made, a bit like making a lot of food for an event that doesn’t go ahead.
some new manufacturing sites have had to be built, and more might be needed. This is because many existing sites are still needed to produce routine immunisations which must be kept up where possible to limit the burden of additional outbreaks. Also, new sites were needed to manufacture some of the novel vaccine technologies that are being tried for Covid-19, which have not been produced at scale before.
production sites have to be spread around the world, to help make sure vaccines are equitably distributed to communities everywhere.
a diverse pool of vaccines is needed to get control of this pandemic, so we must continue to develop additional safe and effective vaccines, particularly ones that are easier or cheaper to manufacture and deliver. This could include vaccines that only require one dose. We will stockpile new vaccines, ready for trials and emergency authorisation for future outbreaks, beyond this pandemic.

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Health / Re: COVID-19: Should I Get Vaccinated? by phantom(m): 12:49pm On Sep 14
As for me I will never take the vaccine even if I'm to lose my job. Nobody has right to take any vaccine. Hunger and hardship is not their concerns but vaccine. Don't take it stand on your ground in the Lord

grin grin grin grin
Health / Re: COVID-19: Should I Get Vaccinated? by phantom(m): 12:25pm On Sep 14
My question is if those vaccinated are protected more from the virus why are they concerned about those not vaccinated since they ought to pose no risk to the vaccinated? That will mean what you want to give me is not a covid vaccine but something else you want to experiment with and I will not be used as an experiment.
Secondly most of our governors all claimed they had COVID last year when the vaccines were not out and they all recovered, which drugs did they use and why are they not promoting it?
Finally it time to think of working for yourself because if you were self employed you won't be in this fix, even if you spend 50yrs working for that organization, one day you will still leave or be fired.

No problem my brother. Please don't take. We are not forcing you. Na your life.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Should I Get Vaccinated? by phantom(m): 12:17pm On Sep 14
Foo.ls everywhere. Continue in your folly. But before you do, go and price a cylinder of oxygen. When done, enquire about how many cylinders you would need a day if you were to land in the ICU with severe respiratory distress.

I am a doctor. I had Covid. It was not funny. Its a deadly disease. Yes you may survive it but afterwards you will not be 100% whole. This disease does extensive damage that doctors are just beginning to discover ranging from heart disease and stroke to erectile dysfunction.

People are dying left right and center. Ask around. I'm sure there are deaths in your extended family you can't explain. Especially deaths of young people who were previously healthy. Its covid! I can assure you.

Be wise! Take the vaccine. It would be stupidity if you refuse to take it but allow your kids to get the polio and TB vaccines. Jokes on you.

Get vaccinated. You may be saving a loved ones life. Please. Forget all these conspiracy theories. I wish I could sneak you guys into ICUs and isolation centers all over so you see with your eyes the horror going on. How people are losing their lives needlessly.

Once again, I am on my knees. Get vaccinated!

For the pregnant ladies in our midst who have not been vaccinated, you better pray not come down with it. Unless your husband is wealthy enough to blow more than 50k daily on oxygen if you land in the ICU. Pregnancy, normally reduces your immunity, then you now add covid ontop. E NO FUNNY O!



Politics / Re: Highlights Of The Lagos State VAT Bill by phantom(m): 1:24pm On Sep 09
Probably the best life changing action in this Nation in recent times.
For those of us screaming restructuring, this is a masterstroke!


Health / Re: Striking Doctors’ Salaries Withheld, Says NARD by phantom(m): 8:15am On Sep 03
Yeah! Everyone else is feeling the heat
Your parents must be counting their losses. Heavy Minus 1 na im you be.
I pray to God they have other kids. And I hope those kids are worth the 2 minutes used in procreating them.
Family / Re: What Could He Be Doing Spending 4hours And More In The Bathroom? by phantom(m): 4:29pm On Sep 02
I used pentazocine an opiod ( the general family of drugs including, tramadol,codeine and heroine) for 5 years plus to treat a pain condition and got addicted.
I used to inject it in my thighs as it comes as injectables. No tablets.

I'm a doctor, so I know how to inject myself but for non medically experienced people, they inject high up in the leg which is the dangerous area. Continous injection there overtime can give serious damage to the major vessels of the legs like an aneurysm which can result in an amputation.
Did you ever see injections in the toilet? He may have been careful to discard them.
Maybe you can look at his legs properly and ask him about drug use.

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Education / Re: Strike: We’re Still Consulting, Says ASUU by phantom(m): 7:32am On Sep 02
Ngige is just a big fool. No cap
Dude has bungled the issue of doctors strike and is trying to run from ASUU. I think say im get 2 heads? Goat!

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Travel / Re: Buhari Completes The 10-Lane Superhighway Linking Port Harcourt & Oyigbo (Video) by phantom(m): 8:09pm On Jul 28
Very good. Now Wike has to link oyigbo from rumudara.
A flyover is needed at rumudara going over the East West Road and continuing into an expanded eliowhani-rumunduru-eneka-oyigbo Road. (Red circle and redline in images)

I should be able to hit oyigbo in 15 to 20 minutes from eliozu Junction.

The flyover at Tank has been awarded. Another flyover or interchange should be built at the rumukrushi-igwuruta Road intersection with the proposed eneka-oyigbo express Road.(green circle)

The state should also consider an eleme junction type interchange where this 10lane highway crosses umuebulu rd

Refer to the images


Politics / Re: Wike Begins Construction Of Ikokwu Flyover Port Harcourt: Pictures & Video by phantom(m): 8:29pm On Jul 01
1. Artillery Junction
2. Rumuola
3. GRA Junction
4. Waterlines Junction
5. Garrison Junction
6. CFC/Kaduna Street Junction
7. Ikokwu Junction
8. Wimpy by Ada George
9. Rumuokoro Junction
WOW shocked

Please make it 10 (Round Figure)

You forgot the recently awarded TANK flyover
Adverts / Re: Learn How To Make Millions With Defi by phantom(m): 7:40am On May 24
You are making millions with Defi yet you are here charging 3000naira... grin grin

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Celebrities / Re: UN Rescue Service Affirms Legitimacy Of Ambassadorial Recognition On Tonto Dikeh by phantom(m): 9:36pm On Apr 10


Business / Re: International Funds Transfer: Flutterwave Teams Up With PayPal by phantom(m): 8:30am On Mar 17
Please for those that saw PayPal on Thier dashboard, did you use Nigeria as the location of your business?

Just signed up but can't seem to find PayPal on my dashboard.
Its ONLY for business accounts for now. Your account is a sole trader/freelancer account. You'll see it in the coming weeks.
Business / Re: International Funds Transfer: Flutterwave Teams Up With PayPal by phantom(m): 8:09pm On Mar 16
Didn't see it on my dashboard.

Edit: saw on it on the Dashboard of my second account which is a business account.

My first account is a freelancer/sole trader account which does not have the PayPal option for now, though flutterwave says it would give that option to freelance accounts in the coming weeks or months.
Politics / Re: Uproar In Rivers Over Wike’s ₦500 Million Donation To Sokoto by phantom(m): 9:37am On Jan 26
We warned. They didn't listen.
Tiger no dey born goat. We remember his stint as local govt chairman of obio akpor under Peter Odili and saw first hand the toutish, criminal nature of this idiot called Wike. He introduced multiple taxation by area boys under the guise of a task force. Taskforce made up of failures,riff raffs,thieves, cultists and armed robbers. He stole the place blind!

For this reason and considering his antecedents, we advised he shouldn't be elected.
It was for this same reason Amaechi didn't want him as governor so Amaechi referred him for a ministerial post in Abuja just to be rid of him because he was so high handed as Amaechis chief of staff. He could stop amaechis convoy just for amaechi to sign documents. It was that bad.

Of course he didn't like the idea of a ministerial position and was unhappy with Amaechi for recommending him to Abuja when Amaechi knew fully well that he wanted to takeover as governor from Amaechi.

Wike is a beast! And I use that word freely. No apologies because he is actually a wicked beast!
Go and ask some top ikwerre men who know him and his family.

People like wike should not be within a thousand kilometers of an SS3 class monitor position.I mean it. I personally know a classmate of his in the law dept of Rivers state university who was shocked to her bones to see him elected governor.

She said that in school back then, he was one of the unintelligent, unserious students hanging out with cultists and people who cheat in exams. He was the worst of the worst according to her. So seeing him elected made her weep cos she knew Rivers state had entered serious one chance!

And this is the riff raff people are comparing to Amaechi. Seriously, are you kidding me?

Rivers people, NTOR!!!!!
Politics / Re: Wike Donates N500 Million To Sokoto To Support Rebuilding Of Central Market by phantom(m): 11:39am On Jan 21
But did we not warn them? We told them wike is a beast and a tout who has no business being within a thousand kilometres of even an SS3 class monitor position.

But because of their hate for amaechi they happily loaded the gun, turned it to face their feet and shot.

Sad. Very sad!
Business / Re: Mary Ehiabhi: How To Make Millions Monthly In Export Business by phantom(m): 4:20pm On Jan 17
Would it not be better and wiser to make better use of your time by actually making these millions you speak of instead of spending time on nairaland trying to sell your wonderful ebook for 2,500 naira? You sef reason am na. You leave the millions only to be chasing 2,500 up and down nairaland.
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by phantom(m): 9:37am On Nov 25, 2020
lipsrsealed wink wink

Politics / Re: EndSars:Moment Sowore Took The Protest Alone To IGP, But held By police(Video) by phantom(m): 9:00am On Oct 17, 2020
Sowore dey vex sha... grin grin


Education / Re: Umahi Inspects Ebonyi State University College Of Medicine (Photos) by phantom(m): 8:45am On Sep 27, 2020
The man is a phenomenon! An Umahi/Zulum ticket would be fantastic!

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Politics / Re: Timipre Sylva And NNPC Board In Akwa Ibom, Meet Governor Udom Emmanuel (Photos) by phantom(m): 3:15pm On Aug 22, 2020

Honestly.. People are moving back to Akwa Ibom now..
Give it in the next 3yrs let all the multi million project goes complete then you will believe why its called Akwa Abasi Ibom Kingdom (Kingdom of God)

Story!! grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley Wants To Give This Elderly Man 1 Million Naira For Performing Mafo by phantom(m): 8:26am On Jul 06, 2020
This man is an actor.


Business / Re: Get USA Phone Number For Free Calls, Text Message, Whatsap And Verification by phantom(m): 12:45pm On Jun 20, 2020
What's the difference between this and getting a Dingtone number for instance?
Health / Re: Tension As Port Harbourt, Kano, Kampala Top World Most Polluted Cities 2019- PIC by phantom(m): 2:10pm On May 15, 2020
I wont be surprised. The soot situation in PH is alarming, but I think the story wont be too different in the other industrialized cities in Nigeria
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by phantom(m): 4:59pm On May 04, 2020
wink wink smiley

TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by phantom(m): 10:26pm On May 01, 2020
grin grin shocked shocked

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