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Politics / Re: Pics: Bola Tinubu Will Win DELTA State by Proudpolygamist: 3:45pm On Nov 19
is that why you raped your nephew and mother

Mynd44 lalsticlala Rule 2

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 8:30pm On Oct 30

They usually send details to participants that will participate in the MVP tournament and the participants are those that have purchased challenge acct in the past I think
The open challenge is for those with free trial account I think. Maybe outsider can join too but I am not sure.

I did not even know about the open challenge until today.

I am not the one hosting it.
At @Adiadi1 is sponsoring it, @donsheddy coordinate it and I will only hold the prize and disburse it.

Thanks for the update boss
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 8:06pm On Oct 30

I will reach out to him and get back asap.

Competition are lovely especially when participants embrace sportsmanship spirit. Best wishes to all going into the TFT competition /contest.
E8 is running a contest at the moment for two weeks with mouth watering rewards..... Even me sef join..

Prop firm related contests are actually better as more people will get knock out due to the rules and it then gives responsible traders the opportunity to win

Please do inform us if a new competition begins. Thank you
Celebrities / Re: Davido, Chioma, Cubana Chief Priest, 30BG On Private Jet To Israel DMW's Wedding by Proudpolygamist: 9:12pm On Oct 22
When you are big you are big beg.
People wey dey complain about Chioma Boobs get serious problem. How is he Boobs your concern? The owner of the boobs dey her front and he no complain but see all the poor church rats ranting ontop another man's property.

But Chioma carry boobs sha cheesy

Mumu men like you are the problem we are having in Nigeria


Celebrities / Re: Davido, Chioma, Cubana Chief Priest, 30BG On Private Jet To Israel DMW's Wedding by Proudpolygamist: 9:10pm On Oct 22
Like something is wrong in this our society cool because I don't understand why our men will dressed up cover their whole body why the Lady's will dressed half naked cheesy just compared Davido and Chioma dress
Men don't hold women accountable, that's the problem. If davido had asked chioma to change into something descent or she should forget about attending the wedding she would comply


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 6:03pm On Oct 22


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 5:36pm On Oct 22

Mehn this one make super sense.

You will miss out on some trades though
Trust me, you'll miss out on more losses than you would miss out on profits too
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Proudpolygamist: 9:45am On Oct 13
"Knowing where to Draw the line"

Multiple Award Winning artist Teni decorated with MON award ahead of Tiwa Savage, Yemi-Alade, Niniola, waje etc.

This here is an example of Individualstic Pan collectivistic effort geared towards restoring order, sanity and moral descency to the society. This is the Nigerian government saying " We don't care if you go nude all you want in your music videos(Individualstic decision), have your soft porn or porn videos leaked to the public because it's your personal life, BUT don't expect to be Nationally celebrated for your misadventures"(collectivist reward)

This is one of the ways to hold women accountable for their actions by deploying societal dread mechanisms.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Proudpolygamist: 1:09pm On Oct 12
All women are Hypergamous that is they want better, taller and stronger, it's their innate nature when selecting for a partner, but the issue is the ruthlessness Nigeria girls advance their hypergamy, they don't want to add value at all to the man, only to extract and extract, no matter how much a woman makes she wants someone higher or at least on the same income, but men can date women regardless of income bracket because innately we have that providers instinct and burden of performance that is intrinsical to the masculine.

The ruthlessness with which southern Nigerian women advance their hypergamy is because Nigerian Men don't hold their women accountable for anything, it is as a result of the weakness and Social liberalization of Southern Nigerian men and the society. Women are like children, they need not just be told how to behave in a society without instilling some level of fear in them, accruing some level of purnishment and shaming tactics to deter them from going haywire. The Southern Nigerian society can only be compared to Western countries that tend to be individualistic society as against say Northern Nigeria, Ethiopia and Asian countries that tend to be collectivistic society.
Southern Nigerian women have this notion that "it is my life and I'll live it however I want" and the society emboldens and condoles this behavioural decline even though we all know that the adverse effect of such decadence affects everyone and the society in general.

There's a thread on Nairaland where a South African lady is seen advising Nigerian ladies on how to love Nigerian men and I know it's an effort in futility because Nigerian men seem to have switched their masculine frame and are sheltered in the frame of their women. I would prefer if such messages was coming from SA men instead to our Nigerian Men because SA women are only less hypergamous because they're conditioned by their men and society.

The question should be, what are South African men doing differently from southern Nigerian men that their women are less hypergamous and somewhat traditional than Southern Nigerian women. Because just as Southern Nigeria is socially liberal and progressive, so is South Africa even though there's some touch of conservationism in it (so herein lies an actual comparison).
This brings us to "knowing where to draw the line". SA, just like Ethiopian men know where to draw the line. (Remember that Ethiopia being a 70% Christian dominted country has the tendency to drift into social liberalism/overwesternization leanings just like Nigeria but hasn't and may probably continue to be a deeply conservative collectivistic society).

South Africa operates an individualstic pan collectivist society, there's a limit to how individualistic you can be really, when it begins to have an adverse effect on the society they collectively adopt a dual leaning to end individualism. That's why the societal intuition in SA is such that you can abort babies, but you can't sell harmful drugs to the society, even though they themselves are the consumers.
SA African men are not as Hardworking as their women, but SA women seem to be loyal and submissive to them regardless.
SA men know they're the consumers of hard drugs sold by Africans(SA included) but they also know that SA women have an hypergamous tendency to be attracted to foreigners especially Nigerians who spend money lavishly from legitimate earnings or the sales of drugs on women (unlike SA men), so how to deter their women from associating with some of these men they blacklist Nigerian men and brand them as Drug Lord's whilst ostensibly pushing a narrative that neighboring African countries are stealing their jobs, then boom xenophobia Sparks up. This is a collectivistic effort that seeks to instill fear in SA women from freely associating with potential Nigerian money spending machines ruining their societies( a supposedly individualistic decision).
This is how to hold women accountable and protect what matters most to you, SA men ordinarily wouldn't give a shit if you sell drugs but it's repulsive to entice their women with such money or any other money and disrupt the status quo. Xenophobia was a war to protect SA's societal leaning on monetarily induced relationship than it was a war to get their jobs back to me.

Presently there's some form of resentment for Nigerians in SA for their drug peddling history by SA women themselves so much that there's a natural inclination to think that any young Nigerian in SA living lavishly is into drugs or cyber fraud. This profiling of Nigerians by SA men is a dread tool used by them to prevent their women from frolicking around foreign (Nigerian) men without thinking of some underlying consequences.

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 2:50pm On Oct 11

All this currency pairs na mumu dem be.. e wan go up as I Dey see am

The thing tire me
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 7:11pm On Oct 10
Guys I have a very powerful book which is precise and concise and give all you need to know about smart money concept. If you need it drop your email.

Thank you boss
Religion / Re: What Is Your Opinion Concerning This Type Of Evangelism? by Proudpolygamist: 11:26am On Oct 09

This one no be problem for the native doctor, it’s like he’s even enjoying their noise. Maybe he has some stubborn Children that don’t like waking up early to perform their chores.

If he really wants to get rid of them all he has to do is adorn his full babalawo regalia, paint his face white, tie chicken feathers and cow horns on his head, cut raffia palm frond leaves, dip it into red paint and hold it in between his lips, carry a black calabash in his hands and step out of his house.

He will then perform a slow dance while hopping on one leg and turning around 7 times in front of those cele worshippers then slowly start approaching them with his hands lifting the calabash and his mouth mumbling some incoherent jargons grin

They will FLEE and even forget their loud speaker and microphone never to return again wink

Guy you're so funny, you had me rolling down in laughter

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 11:42am On Aug 27
Politics / Re: How Kashim Shettima Thwarted The NBA Conspiracy And The Last Show Of Shame by Proudpolygamist: 8:24pm On Aug 26
Even before the event started I had already praised BAT for not attending. It was going to be a bait to humiliate him
Romance / Re: Ladies, Who Is Your Favorite Actor? Kunle Remi Or Frederick Leonard? by Proudpolygamist: 10:51pm On Aug 25

Yeah he's a very masculine character.
But the thread is for the ladies

Lol, if you need the opinion of women, Goan get it on Instagram or Facebook guy.
Women don't use nairaland all that, the few using it will rather widen their pussy with cucumber masturbating to Frederick Leonards picture than admit they like him on nairaland

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 8:38am On Jul 23

Why not stay out during ranging markets?

Im working with this advise right now boss and it's working. Thank you

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 8:53am On Jul 16

If retracement is hitting your sl Use fibonacci to enter after the retracement
Thank you boss
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 8:52am On Jul 16
You have already found what work for you, great.

Why not focus on trading trending market then.

Thank you boSS
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 11:36am On Jul 15

What determines your entry?

For me I use price action

I use price action too but I'm not a graduate of baby pips yet
av been sticking to swing points, resistance/support level and trend line to make entries and it works for me unless the market is ranging or consolidating.
I know how to identify morning stars and evening stars, tweezers top and bottom, engulfing bar , pin bars and shooting star etc.
I think my main problem now is how to make entries when the market isn't trending. because some times after e pass my resistance level on impulse movement and I go place trade, the retracement ehn, na till e hit my SL.
I'm thinking of working with 15mins time frame for rangers.
but I don't like anything scalping
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 7:23am On Jul 15

Time frame?

4hrs time frame
euro cad

Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 3:32pm On Jul 14

Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 3:16pm On Jul 14
Every Time Frame chart has different Trends in them. And if u get cut in lower time frame chart trends that's when u go against the Higher Time frame Trend which will result in woto woto if you dont close the trades even earlier than ur SL.

1M time frame can say SELL and stays for 15m and then reverses back to BUY which might now go in line with the 1H time frame which is the real trend for the Daily Candle.

Thank you oga this was really helpful

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 3:11pm On Jul 14
congrats at DestinyDjohn
congrats ObiorahMichael
congrats to everyone

guys please this week has not been so good for me, most of the profits I made last week, na only small thing remain this week.
90% of my trades this week have been hitting stop loss after which it starts returning back to profit when I'm not watching or have moved on to another trade.
I use a 50pips SL and 100pips TP, pls is it too tight?
what if I increase the SL and it doesn't return back to profit?
Politics / Re: Why I Accepted To Be Peter Obi’s Running Mate –datti by Proudpolygamist: 4:18pm On Jul 08
Good for you man.

A better Nigeria all around is all we want.

Unfortunately, it is the sets of Barbaric, archaic, uncultured sets of species supporting you that will make you lose and come a distant 4th.
Anyone these things support is always a failure, not talking about how they are going along with their current campaign, threatening, petitioning, cursing, abusing whoever is not in their idiotic movement, they don't know anything about politics, just some hooligans shenanigans.

We like you a lot Datti, unfortunately for you,
You are with the wrong sets of unfortunate, uncultured tins, that abuse and curse their mothers online 24/7.

(If this gets to you, quote this post now , as we did not mention or quote any mongrels in our comment, anuofias dem. Una think say na only una papa get mouth to abuse sane people shey?
Una neva see chomtin, Nigerians will give you back in your own brutish coin.
Make una thank God say dis forum gets rules and regulations guiding..... ebi tins)

Check your email
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Iphone4 by Proudpolygamist: 3:22pm On Jul 08
just sent a PM
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 3:08pm On Jul 07

M1? grin grin grin

Is it not possible? I no too Sabi plenty explanation. But I know say u fit draw all those things and e fit start to cast from 1 minute time frame even if everything fell in line when u entered the trade. The trend fit kom change entirely, till e hit ur SL.. na to pray make e continue to follow the trend Wey u sell or buy put period. Abi if trend one change, no be from 1M pesin take dey start to know?
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 2:45pm On Jul 07
XAGUSD is bae

Been Riding two

My biggest improvement this months is to focus on XAU pair GU, by looking at it I've captured the direction,

GU is my major pair, because I trade support, resistance, W, N, and Three button grin
so GU is the best pitch for that.

In my time of entry anticipation, I'll hop into XAU to check for trend with good support or resistance.

I can't risk enter a. 1.1 RR on XAU because it has no respect for support and resistance. cheesy

How I plan trade. (scalper)......

For MAJOR trend

1. Switch to H4 and draw a horizontal line above and under the first TWO candles, Whenever another candle break that line , whether up or down horizontal line, boom! The next two candle that will form, must follow the trend.

2. Then we switch to H1 and check for CURRENT trend.
Find your support and resistance area, draw your line.

3. Then switch to M30 for confirmation.

4. And M15 for entry line and SL markup.

5. M1 for entry.


Find one pair and marry, so you'll dey alright when other side chick pairs break your heart grin

Nice one bro, but keep it in mind say news fit change the direction from M1 sha grin
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 22 by Proudpolygamist: 2:00pm On Jul 07
Politics / Re: South-West PDP Demands Senate Presidency, SGF, Party Chair From Atiku by Proudpolygamist: 7:24am On Jun 25
Why not demand fot the whole juicy positions left? They did not even ask what about other geo-political zones (South-East, North-Central and North-West) as Atiku is North-East and Okowa is South-South. Why showing greed all the time?
Anyway, as noted earlier in previous posts, it is their headache as a party and as a result, their panadol to swallow.

This is because as for me and my household, we are totally willing and OBIDIENT and we will eat the good of the land - Isaiah 1:19

It's called negotiation for a reason. Atiku can go fvck himself if he can't reach an agreement with the southwest. And as for yeebos, it is nobody's fault that you all lack political sophistry

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Politics / Re: South-West PDP Demands Senate Presidency, SGF, Party Chair From Atiku by Proudpolygamist: 7:22am On Jun 25
I know you guys is not about Tinubu but the hate you all have for yoruba people but we will keep feeding the nation until one Nigeria ends one day you will all regret taking advantage of our beautiful heart … yoruba not the president candidate and not the Vp in PDP so se senate President is too much to ask from the people that have been feeding the entire nation ?

I see people who take Peter obis candidature and his supporters serious as clowns. We all haven't forgotten how they overrated amaechi even above tinubu until he he received the trashing of his life at the primaries of the APC, the same thing they're doing to Peter obi.
The election is between tinubu and Atiku

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