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Romance / Re: Is She Inviting Me To Do It? by Pstarogood0100: 8:53am On May 07
Romance / Re: . by Pstarogood0100: 1:31pm On Dec 14, 2020
Romance / Re: . by Pstarogood0100: 1:30pm On Dec 14, 2020
Romance / Re: . by Pstarogood0100: 12:25pm On Dec 14, 2020
Romance / Re: . by Pstarogood0100: 12:24pm On Dec 14, 2020

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Romance / Re: . by Pstarogood0100: 11:53am On Dec 14, 2020

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Romance / Re: Heartbroken On A Birthday by Pstarogood0100: 11:36am On Dec 14, 2020
Happy birthday [right][/right]
Romance / Re: . by Pstarogood0100: 11:34am On Dec 14, 2020


Romance / Re: . by Pstarogood0100: 11:32am On Dec 14, 2020
Let's come home to our topic. These wrong view are without number. They will make a volume of their own. This devil-oriented statement that Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman, I propose to be rejected. I will catalogue men who succeeded without or terrible wives . I am grieved in my spirit how week men live in hypocrisy ,giving the world the impression they have wonderful marriages-men starved of food and sex, yet they come to preach to their wives.

Marriage is the will of God. Whatsoever is the will of God is object of Satan's attack . Hypocrisy is not the way out. Read along with me and find solution to your demon-oppressed wife, then live and succeed having her behind her.


Romance / Re: . by Pstarogood0100: 11:28am On Dec 14, 2020
Behind Every Successful Man Is Not A Women ---- Death To Feminism, From Biblical Perspective.

There is no controversy that " BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL NAN IS NOT A WOMAN ". Any man born of a woman, born again, heaven bound spirit - filled and focus ; can succeed with or without a woman.

After all, Adam was created first and allowed to succeed for a while ; before a rib was taken from him, embellished and brought back to Adam, to compliment him. In order words, Adam was succeeding before Eve was brought to make him to succeed further. So then, why should the non-chalance of the woman - Eve , now make Adam to fail?

This is the controversial,complex and perennial problem that the rugged and level-headed men of our time grapples with.

The logical outlay of the tittle " BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN IS NOT A WOMAN " In this thread, stand the test of time and scholarship . It deals , head on, with practical and obvious aspect of existence. This pain-staking Research is capable of making the man " not to throw in the tower" , as well as humbling the woman - " to take her place of assistance "
Any man who intends to succeed on this planet earth, must implement the ideals of the icons mentioned by this thought- provoking philosopher.

My candid advice is that everyone should follow this thread to the end before judging.

There are many quotes and songs we are used to and we have so blindly quoted and sung them that we have never given thought to them. Such as " Behind every successful man is a woman" , as if to say no man has succeeded without woman a woman behind him. This statement has made men who would have succeeded, having terrible wives behind them to accept themselves as failures. Again, as if to say marriage is for everybody and so everybody and so anybody that is not married should not succeed .

The purpose of this writing is to prove this to be wrong and encourage men to succeed. Women or no women, bad or good women behind, successful or failure woman behind.

Similar farce is " Christ is the head of this house, unseen guest in every meal and a silent listener in every conversation". How can Christ be the head of the house and the same time a guest? No wonder some homes are what they are because Christ is only a guest and when he goes, man is the head. The church sings " since the church is only on the defensive and not launch an aggression into the enemy's territory, she continues to lose battles. Has the church not held the forth too long to launch out into Satan's camp? The master did not as us to continue being static holding the fort and writing for his coming , achieving nothing .

The church sings " in the sweet bye and bye...." Did Carl Marx not say that religion is the opium of the poor? I refuse that song. Join me to sing " in the sweet now". It is in the area of material blessing the missionaries unevangelized us. They never told us we could sow here and reap here, only in the bye and bye. If not God who is on our side, let all Nigerian Christians say if not God who is on our side , we would have been poor as church rat because of Poverty- orientation given to us by those who brought us the Gospel.


Romance / . by Pstarogood0100: 11:25am On Dec 14, 2020


Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCA$HIN: (2020) Girls Who Love Sex Die Poor by Pstarogood0100: 12:55pm On Dec 01, 2020
Nice one
Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: (2020) A Man's Commitment Gives Women Orgasms. by Pstarogood0100: 11:00pm On Nov 26, 2020
Nice one

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Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: (2020) Femininity. by Pstarogood0100: 9:05am On Nov 26, 2020
Nice one
Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: (2020) If The Milk Is Free. by Pstarogood0100: 9:04am On Nov 26, 2020
Nice one

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Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 8:59pm On Nov 24, 2020
There are many ways to get a lady, being too nice is not one of them. You must be willing to lose her to get her.
Whenever you demostrate a nice guy character always cancel that niceness with your next action and vice versa. Become unpredictable.

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Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 8:51pm On Nov 24, 2020

You caused it.

You have made her to despise you.

Its normal for a girl to reject you but that doesn't mean you should shout at her and be animous. It means she Doesn't like you that well. I know you still like her ftom the look of things.

Just forget about her for now. Focus on other ladies

he has gotten her already so, let him take over. He demonstrated Redpill . That was a good redpill application every redpiller should know.
Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 8:45pm On Nov 24, 2020
have a question. had an issue with a lady because she was resisting my seductive move and refuse to reciprocate the move I got angry and shouted at her telling her that the world does not revolve around her and that she is boring and if i had known earlier would not have anything to do with her. We don't talk on all platforms. I ran into a library to do some stuffs and saw her she greeted I answered in monotone.recently I see her at the library but I noticed when I sit and she is close to my seat she becomes restless. going out to talk to other guys and before u know it she packs her books and leaves the library. does ig mean she sees me as a simp? though I am not interested infact my mind was like if she comes close she would receive barrage of insults and no attention.

You did the right thing bro even though you weren't aware of it. The best way to get a lady is by destroying her selfesteem,which she would want to seek validation afterward. That was why she started to come close to you to make up for the resisting of the seduction she was giving you initially.
Don't be offended by her resistance for that is their way. Now, that you have destroyed her defense,she is now yours. Take over and dominat her.


Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 1:11pm On Nov 06, 2020
I stumbled on this thread cos I knew I'm a certified simp.

My girlfriend just broke up with me for a stupid reason saying we have different ideologies

I'm still reading at page 10 just realized it was all my fault I tried to be the Mr nice guy, promised to stick with her even when I was gaining nothing from the relationship.

The break up was last week, I pleaded for acceptance up till Monday this week she refused that she can't be in a one sided relationship.

Which means e don tey wey she lose interest.

I stopped asking for her back, but then I felt my ego has been bruised.

Cos I'm good looking, and have a reasonable job.

I still want her back ( she is sort of a good girl) but I have stopped all communication with her cos the more I try to reach out to her the more simping

My question is how do I get back to her and regain my lost glory.

Bashing is allowed cos I messed up big time

One thing about being too nice in a relationship is that you will be taken for granted. Women hate nice guys subconsciously because they don't have the life of their own. Being nice has its own value when you mix it up with bad boy character which makes you a good bad guy.

How can you keep presurrizing a lady consistently to reconcile with you. Relationship is never done that way.

In a relationship, begging a lady to reconcile with you is different from when she begs you to come back. When a man presurrizes woman to come back he looks disgusting to her but when a lady presurrizes reconciliation she becomes more attractive to the man because she is now submissive and the guy will be willing to accept her back. But, in the case of a lady the man looks disgusting to her for pressuring her and nothing will make her accept such man. Even if she pitied him she will be in absolutely control and everything will be done in her own term.

Let me leave you with this quote : A lady does not want a man to need her but to want her. If your want becomes need then, she no longer wants you.

At all time you must keep making her to depend on you for the relationship to exist not you depending on her. This is the rule of relationship. Whenever you break this rule you will suffer it, this is the phonemenon of how relationship works for men.

Since you love her and don't want to loose her. no 1. thing to do is to give her some space to miss you like 1 to 2 weeks. She must surly want to hear from you 100% guaranteed. This is the advantage you have got. Keep all your nice attitude to one side and subtly show her that you have moved on.

Ladies desire a man that other ladies wants not a man that have never double dated them for once. No matter how handsome and rich you are if she knows you don't have option she would take you for granted.

Even if you are not the double dating type, fake it and watch and see how it works.

Don't get it wrong, being nice to your woman is good but learn to draw the line let's she will take it for granted.

If truly she is your woman, learn to Bleep her very well. it also matters a lot.

listen : Not that she doesn't like you but you have killed your relationship with too much of niceness

tips: after reconciliation, Don't always pick all her calls. Dont call her all the time. Cause dramas once in a while. Accuse her of cheating on you even if it's not true. And make sure you double date her once in a while not because you like to do it but because all these are the formulas to attract ladies into your life.

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Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 5:43pm On Nov 04, 2020
For those who wanted to reach me via NL mail here is my gmail: d.psychologist1@gmail.com

have sent you message already
Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 3:07pm On Nov 04, 2020

Boss you have a wealth of knowledge there..
I also intend to learn some new skills from udemy, just recently saved up and purchased it...

am also interested in learning some of the skills you mentioned there..
Right now am thinking about forgetting girls and relationship for now

whoever that want self-improvement on digital skills should dm me on my what's app no 07086778178
Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 1:21pm On Nov 04, 2020

dope bro and true asf best gift to give one self is more or less self improvement
Interested in all the skills man as a matter of fact, had most of em aiidy in my to do list deleted my WhatsApp, buh cuz of u gon install it back or at most,bgon text you I'm prince
you are welcome
Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 1:04pm On Nov 04, 2020
Me too. I want to learn the skills you listed, it is good I add advanced computer skills to my repertoire. I have saved your number, and a DM notification is about popping on your phone.

TRP for life!!!


have gotten your message
Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 12:36pm On Nov 04, 2020

True bro.

I took a very long social media break
deleted all of em apps
taken into reading
and surprisingly I found it rather more exciting

finished 3 books last month (rich Dad poor Dad, how to make friends and influence people, 48 laws of power(still reading tho) etc.)
I still have more than 20 in my phone shelf to go

learning a skill rn
Graphics designing, for a couple of months now anyway
and making some major significant progress, honestly
after that wanna go into programming (most likely web)

before that wanna see if I'd be able to write a book
I have a penchant for it
even tho I don't even know how to go about it yet
(aiidy designed the cover anyway, lol)

No plans for girls now bro

Thank God I'm still in my early twenties anyway
no time.

P.S: Do you mind sharing the 10 skills you gat, and how you came about learning em.

Reason why I succeeded in mastering more than 10 skills at a time was because I shifted my focus from women to self-improvement.
These are the skills am able to lay my hands on anytime any day :
Website design
Graphic design
Mini importation
E-book creation and publishing
3d Logo designs
Content creation and other trivial skills

You can chat me up on what'sapp 07086778178
If you need any of this skills.

This is the reason I must thank trp. The red pill is the best gift any man should have. It helps you to shift your focus from women to personal self improvement. Even if you are in the midst of women and still bleeding them at the same time, with the power of trp you will remain focus.

Solving problems of women through the red pill implies that approximately more Than 50% of your problem in life is solved. It dawned on me that many men livies their lives to impress women directly or indirectly.

I know of a guy who spent almost his lifetime to maintain a lady living with him in his two bedroom apartment. The lady in question was my ex. I got to know when I suspected her cheating on me. She finally confessed to me that the guy brought her to Lagos and opened shop for her. The same guy paid for her apprehenticeship where she learnt beauty saloon taking responsibilities of her upkeeping.

The guy would called her when am on top of her f**king the hell out of her and she would lied that she was in the shop. As am typing this write-up, the girl had left the guy in misery and agony.

Nice guys will always carry last in this game I swear. The red pill is the � key.

Without the red pill, man will be living in wonderland of women's world. Even a woman will be glad to marry a red pilled man because no other women from outside will manipulate her man and break her marriage.

If I were women my first question for any man that comes my way would be "are you a redpiller"
If yes, we are good to go. And if no, I wont go further because, other women would likely to manipulate such man and finally destroy her home.

Am kind of feeling for those who think red pill is mysoginy or hating on women. On the contrary, red pill helps a man to secure his life and the lives of his wife and children.

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Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: The Sisterhood by Pstarogood0100: 4:52am On Nov 04, 2020
nice one

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Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: The Sweetest Thing In The Universe by Pstarogood0100: 3:36am On Nov 04, 2020
nice one
Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: The Female Source Code. by Pstarogood0100: 3:02am On Nov 04, 2020
nice one

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Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: The Story Of The Red Pill by Pstarogood0100: 2:28am On Nov 04, 2020
nice thread
Romance / Re: Red Pill Memes For Our Entertainment. by Pstarogood0100: 1:46am On Nov 04, 2020
nice work matinez

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Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 11:02pm On Nov 03, 2020

I swr.
that's how I got my previous girlfriend to ask me out.

rn, I'm just tryna invest in my self first
no relationships again (for now tho)

Best decision. Anyone that wants to succeed with trp must first give a break for self-improvement. Focus on yourself.
Learn a business. online business(copywriting) is OK Because , is the future.
work on your Physical appearance.
Develop yourself on public speaking.

I have a secret of success I would like to share with you guys.
Secret of success number one:
Teach people what you want to learn.
For example: If you want to become good at trp, first teach others about the trp. Give people what you want. It will help you to master what you want to learn. It's psychological and very effective. This is my secret of mastering 10 digital skills.

Teach other people what you want to be good at. Keep practicing it. you will fail multiple times.
The secret is, embrace failure like daily food.

Trp is real and it works. But you will fail multiple times. It will appear as if it's not working for you, with time your failures will make you flexible.

Please no one should blame trp when he encounter failures. It not about the red pill but the person that uses it.


Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 10:33pm On Nov 03, 2020
Thanks a million times OP for the insight. May l know if ladies too have their own dose of red pill against men.

I guess you are referring to feminism
Romance / Re: The Red Truth by Pstarogood0100: 11:41pm On Nov 02, 2020
Feminists reframe male subordination as equality, whilst allowing and even encouraging female supremacy to flourish under the same guise.

Women need men to be superior to them to be attracted to them, but out of ego do not wish to admit inferiority.

This is why you have this strange compartmentalisation where women only pursue men of superior genes, wealth and status to them, but then claim equality in all aspects in which they are inferior.

If women truly believed in gender equality as an absolute, they would be attracted to men who are objectively inferior to them.

As they don’t, we can deduce that women (even feminists) don’t really believe in gender equality, but merely use it as a tool of no real defined shape, which in all its fluidity, is utilised for no purpose other than to provide women with short-term benefit.

This one loud

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