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Education / Re: Video Of Out Of School Children In Northern Nigeria Stir Panic Online by revolt(m): 11:20pm On Jan 17
Wow ....a lot of knacking takes place there o....Hot ppl...
Crime / Re: Man Allegedly Throws Girlfriend Off 5th Floor Apartment In Onitsha (Photos) by revolt(m): 11:12pm On Jan 17
You must marry me o. I carry belle for you whether you like it or not. I'll give birth for you. The guy decided to end it. Now jail coming. Who do we blame?

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Crime / Re: My House Boy Impregnated All My Daughters, Help Me! by revolt(m): 7:00pm On Jan 06
Aunty ur daughters na Mia Khalifa oooo... that boy fit dey innocent ..
Foreign Affairs / Re: The 230Mph Hellfire Missile That Killed Soleimani (Photos) by revolt(m): 4:53pm On Jan 06
Ever since this bullshìt started, many nairalanders have shown their true colors. They've shown that they know nothing and carry empty heads. grin

One was arguing with me that Israel is more advanced than China in military technology

Another said Israel has a stronger military than Pakistan, India and turkey.

Another claimed Russia begs Israel for technology.

Another said Iran is no match for Israel and the Persians would be crushed like a bug.

grin. Well I can't blame them . 2018 Shiloh I was there live when Oyedepo claimed Israel was the most powerful nation on Earth and they have an economy that cannot be rivalled. Many of you shouting and screaming Israel up and down know nothing about international politics and how it's works and are only religiously sentimental. That small country is only a puppet of the western world created to distabilize the middle East. They get rewarded with weapons here and there for their loyalty and asslicking. It was worse during the regime of Ariel Sharon and that of olmert. The same Israel isn't even among the ten most powerful military in the world yet someone had the guts to say after Russia and USA, they come next lol. If not for the substandard Machatz-1 drones they produce and export to needing nations like Saudi Arabia which are inferior to their rq5 and mq1 counterparts as well as their Tavor rifle, and the tips they get from their sugar daddies in the west, nobody would have been saying all these.
Israel though not with a very large army by population has one of the best tanks, and precision missiles, plus a network of infiltrators ...iran isnt a walkover and whoever claimed Russia begs them for knowledge is definitely mad. Russia even outperforms the u.s in weapons manufacture and technology.
Foreign Affairs / Re: 3000 U.S. Soldiers Deployed To The Middle East After Soleimani's Death by revolt(m): 5:12pm On Jan 05
People dont understand. With that useless impeachment move, the president will simply start a war where he can suspend the constitution based on protecting the lives of the people. What were they thinking? IMPEACH THE MOSY POWERFUL MAN ON EARTH.. Now all attention has been diverted to national security plus the u.s military cannot be kept idle. All it takes is a general to take over power and the biggest dictatorship in history will emerge.
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Acquires New House In Los Angeles(usa) - Photos by revolt(m): 11:51pm On Jan 04
these lying artists and bloggers... where is his house in naija?

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Family / Re: How To Prevent The Boy Child From Sexual Abuse by revolt(m): 4:41pm On Jan 03
As a kid .... our househelps turned us to sex dolls. Once my parents travelled the house became a porn club. They'd feed us (we had about 3 living with us) then they'd bring us out one by one to the slaughter room, and while singing nagin the snake girl sound track bang the shit out of us. They once tried to fix me on top of my sister who was just a year then because they were angry my mum beat them. Thank God nothing worked. They even threatened to beat me. Now I remember I'm very pissed . They're all married or single mothers with big kids now. Our driver had a field time with those girls.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Qasem Suleimani Killed In US Airstrike Near Baghdad Airport by revolt(m): 4:31pm On Jan 03
They thought they were dealing with an obama..... this one will level all of Iran. Power is power.


Crime / Re: Police Has Arrested The Woman That Flung Her Underage Maid- Picture by revolt(m): 7:53pm On Dec 22, 2019
Some women can be heartless I swear
See d shapesless woman with her yam leg angry
as far as I'm concerned women are all the same. If you were put in that situation in not sure wht yous do to the little girl if your child fell from the car. I've seen the kindest women show brutality to maids and stepkids. Just pray you're not in that situation
Foreign Affairs / Re: Breaking! Donald Trump Set To Be Removed As U.S President Today by revolt(m): 4:17pm On Dec 18, 2019

Trump is singing poor white Americans greatest hits. Pls let's not argue about this.
well that's what the media says but in reality the progress far outweighs the retrogressions. To be honest WE ALL , BLACK WHOTE, LATINO all hve some form of racism in us. Let's not be hypocritical.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Breaking! Donald Trump Set To Be Removed As U.S President Today by revolt(m): 3:27pm On Dec 18, 2019
I dont know why this makes me smile anytime I think of it. smiley
The Trump sef too do. But will the majority republicans in congress allow this? Most of them hate his guts but their party comes furst.
nope trump is actually one of U.S best presidents ever. Hes brought back production and cut down on their unnecessary benevolence ... more important he put america first.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Breaking! Donald Trump Set To Be Removed As U.S President Today by revolt(m): 3:24pm On Dec 18, 2019
Lol... have you ever heard wher an American president was removed. THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD.. LOOOOLLL. JOKE OF AN EXERCISE.
Business / Re: Dangote Buys 800 Trucks From Anammco Assembly Plant In Enugu by revolt(m): 6:54pm On Dec 13, 2019
We are NOT Nigerians,we are Biafrans.We shouldn't be selling any of our great technologies to the shithole until Biafra is acheived.Now they need our trucks.Nonsense!
all you children that talk a lot of bs online...pls say you are biafran the rest of we igbos no follow touts dey shout biafra. You probably haven't read a single history on biafra. Biafra indeed.
Car Talk / Re: New Trailer Shows James Bond Using Headlight-popping Machine Gun On The Aston by revolt(m): 7:37pm On Dec 08, 2019

This should be great.
But I wish we could bring back the days of Roger Moore as James Bond.

As a veteran who has seen every single one of the 007 movies, I can authoritavely declare that no other actor has done justice to that role.

Daniel Craig being the worst of the worsts.
soooooooo pls go and sit down. Timothy and the guy in ..on her majesty secret sevice....are the worst. I prefer Daniel Craig to even the likes of roger moore.
Politics / Re: Youtube Video That Showed Gowon Released Chief. Awolowo From Prison In 1966 by revolt(m): 6:22am On Nov 23, 2019

Lol bro you don’t need to search too much for these answers. You should be the one to question your thought to free your mind.

Like you rightly said, Gowon came out to release a statement and said he released him. Why are you still in doubt bro? Even in the face of evidence on this thread, why is your heart still doubting this?
because the same gowon lied after signing the aburi the same gowon claimed there was no genocide, the same gowon denied using hunger as a weapon of war , he denied the air raids etc. So like I said we need real proof from people that lived then. Our history has been so tampered with, that till this day ppl think the 1st coup by nzeogwu was an igbo coup.

To end this, you may be right gowon released him, we may also be wrong he didnt but for now I haven't seen any proof that ojukwu released him neither.... So I'll keep searching.
Politics / Re: Youtube Video That Showed Gowon Released Chief. Awolowo From Prison In 1966 by revolt(m): 3:19am On Nov 23, 2019

When was Awolowo released? When did the civil war started? When did the military government declare police action? when did Ojukwu took control of federal establishments in the East?

Go online and search for the dates of the above scenarios and come back here to apologize to people for being so ignorant about your nation history!
honestly you have a point. Gowon came out and said he released him. I dont think gowon would lie but some people debunked it. It's a pity the black man continually tampers with his history instead of learning from it. Well I'm still searching for the answer to this rhetorical question.
Romance / Re: Dark Truth About Couples Above 30's Getting Married. by revolt(m): 10:19am On Nov 22, 2019

You married a single mother (not a widow) as a virgin??

so u believe that's a man typing that? Wake up.

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Romance / Re: Dark Truth About Couples Above 30's Getting Married. by revolt(m): 10:11am On Nov 22, 2019

The fact that you, a grown ass man with a thinking faculty, can assume that, females above 30 were once automatically promiscuous speaks volumes at your level of education, reason why I said those things to you, so it hurts right? Good, the fact that ladies of age 30 are promiscuous where you are doesnt mean all of them are like that, next time, do not generalise,

And FYI, my brother married a 31 year old virgin, so get sense, even if it's a little.
you went into her p..zzy to check she was a virgin right? Looooollll


Romance / Re: Dark Truth About Couples Above 30's Getting Married. by revolt(m): 10:10am On Nov 22, 2019

You also have reading.comprehension Mr white Knight in.shinning garment.

I never said all. I said MOST, but it seems your wife's case seems to be confusing you. You married at 30 as a Virgin. Was your wife one too?

Cause if she was not a virgin like you, she saw you as a male provider, after all her own experience with various men. I can purely see she has you under her control with the number one manipulation tool of men ( Toto). You can not just beleive the pure truth.

She took you at the beginning of your prime years all in the name of love and marriage. While her prime years were over. She gave you her emotional trauma's and garbage which you must have been noticing silently at home. But you are here claiming Captain save a hoe.

Well done Sir, your case too might have been an exception indeed lipsrsealed grin
so you really believe that was a guy that typed that. Mtchweee... dont u know these feminists are trying to mke the world believe single mothers are bae.... lool


Politics / Re: Youtube Video That Showed Gowon Released Chief. Awolowo From Prison In 1966 by revolt(m): 7:18pm On Nov 21, 2019
You're a complete fool, so Gen. Buhari the chief commander cannot release a prisoner kept in Abia prison?

in this case Gowon was the head of state, he has the right to release Awolowo, Gowon was more powerful than your coward Ojukwu who disguised as a woman after puting millions of Igbos in trouble.

just burry your head in a bag full of dicks, shame.
oga ALL FEDERAL establishments had been taken over by the eastern regional government. Th as ts why the federal govt had to institute police action<the civil war>
Do you people even read history.


Romance / Re: BABCOCK SEX VIDEO: Monogamy Was Created To Oppress Women by revolt(m): 7:12pm On Nov 21, 2019
Thanks for proving my point about blacks and IQ.

Of course every Nigerian is as wealthy as Abiola. How could I be so blind not to see the truth? grin

And Obviously, guided by your "logic", India with a population of 1.2billion should have a clear advantage over Germany or Japan in terms of economic productivity shouldn't it?

I knew there were so many useless low IQ blackraced people but this particular one seems to top the list in stupidity. The analysis just tire me. We need a purge in africa ...imagine this person reproducing 5 more if their kind(they're usually quick at overpopulating)


Politics / Re: Youtube Video That Showed Gowon Released Chief. Awolowo From Prison In 1966 by revolt(m): 11:13am On Nov 21, 2019

Of cos awolowo pledged loyalty to Gowon once he crossed to western region ...so this video was made to sale his story

We were in a military regime ,coup failed in the eastern region ,tell me how Gowon had control of the prision to release awolowo from calabar move him all the way to Lagos with ojukwu getting the information and trying to stop it
why are u wasting time replying that illiterate. Awo locked up in the east released by gowon, isnt that the most stupid argument.

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Romance / Re: She Keeps Insisting On Having Sex Without Protection by revolt(m): 5:23am On Nov 21, 2019
Babymama loading.
Education / Re: 43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make by revolt(m): 7:45pm On Nov 09, 2019
Mtchweee ... this is for ppl wey no plan write ielts. For band 8(ers), like us....this is a "no brainer".
Car Talk / Re: Design And Features Of The IVM G40 Presented To Mercy, Winner Of BBNaija by revolt(m): 6:21pm On Oct 09, 2019
2.4litre engine...hmmm how much power can that garner. Well it's still assembled by us so.......we go support am.
Celebrities / Re: Olakunle Churchill Seeks Forgiveness From His Mother In Birthday Post by revolt(m): 6:17pm On Oct 09, 2019
They must hve warned him bout Tonto dike....see how tonto was insulting his mother. That showed her home training. Gutter girl
Education / Re: Sex For Grade: Lady Exposes Another Lecturer Who Asexually Harassed Her (photos) by revolt(m): 10:39am On Oct 09, 2019
This lecturer did nothing wrong. Matter of fact we should congratulate him for not letting half naked graduates because of pussy.... he tried as far as I'm concerned. The girl is useless and needs more lecturers to shift her womb.

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Romance / Re: The Truth About Having A Big Dick by revolt(m): 9:51pm On Oct 08, 2019

Where did this one crawl out from?
that's my line. Find yours

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Romance / Re: The Truth About Having A Big Dick by revolt(m): 4:53pm On Oct 08, 2019

So u rada be fûcking sensible guys with small Preeq, well my gal ain't complaining, she loves it rough big and hard. I pray u meet me someday so I can temporary scatter ur Cubicle with my AMUNITION grin
your giving a bad name to big boys....stop being senseless


Education / Re: Who Is Kiki Mordi? Biography, BBC Journalist Exposed Sex For Grade In University by revolt(m): 4:51pm On Oct 08, 2019
Lies jo... why didnt she mention the name of the lecturer..... bio sef

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Education / Re: Video: ‘sex For Grades’: UNILAG Sub-Dean And Pastor 4square Church Exposed by revolt(m): 5:59pm On Oct 07, 2019
Yet we wonder why the nations is bleeped... when education sector has ppl like these. ....randy goats...
Sports / Re: Kenyans Dominate First Onitsha City Marathon- Dailytrust by revolt(m): 11:53pm On Oct 05, 2019
Una wan try Kenyans for race loooooolllll

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