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Crime / Re: Laolu Martins, Co-Owner Of Bukka Hut Reportedly Commits Suicide by salem1996: 3:09pm On Sep 28

Really? I doubt a vice chancellor of a university can be a punter. Sports betting is for the poor and low lifers

You never ready, u go to abuja and watch people with rovers and rich men in betting shops
Career / Re: Angry UBA Customer Grills Bank Staff Over Fraudulent Transactions In His Account by salem1996: 4:13pm On Sep 14
The only bank in Nigeria not having problem is ____?
Sperm bank


Sports / Re: Queen Elizabeth II: Premier League Fans To Honour Her Majesty At 70th Min by salem1996: 4:11pm On Sep 14
So what if a player is in the 16 yard and he wants to shoot the ball and the clock suddenly turns to 70

Shey they will freeze the players and short then press play abi? Because I can't imagine me stopping that kind of opportunity because of the Queen ooh. undecided
Romance / Re: Newly Married Man Caught His Wife In Hotel Room With His Friend (Video) by salem1996: 9:35pm On Sep 13
No mind the mumu man. E wan popular like NwaAmape by fire by force.

But where is this guy na, I really miss him
Health / Re: Surgeons Struggle To Remove Live Snake From Woman's Ear (pictures/video) by salem1996: 11:03am On Sep 13
Omo how come?
how come the head isn't inside the ear abi it's the other side of the ear the snake entered

Exactly the reason why I may never live to believe this staged and photoshoped surgery

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Sports / Re: Hilarious Notice Board Spotted At A Viewing Centre In Gombe (Photo) by salem1996: 10:00pm On Sep 12
What do you expect from that side of the country. Northerners that hardly go to school and even when they manage to go they will almost use religion and ethnic sentiment to scatter the school. So am not surprised if they can write this.

Well, a very misconstrue idea from you. I come from the north and all my studies have been in the north. A lot of carcase brains hailing from the eastern and western side too these days. Most comments here on nairaland are self explanatory for you to understand the kind of people I mean, Bigots inclusive
Foreign Affairs / Re: Throwback Photos Of Buhari And Queen Elizabeth by salem1996: 9:44pm On Sep 12
Buhari would have been better off as Minister of Vacation and Tourism.

Bad belle, with all the the effort this man has been putting to make Nigeria better, his hardwork, development and insight, for me he deserves to be MINISTER OF NOTHING except COWS and GORO.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Queen Elizabeth II's Secret Letter To Citizens Of Sydney To Be Opened In 2085 by salem1996: 9:34pm On Sep 12
If na some countries, boys or men go don run that location street cheesy. 2085 bawo? cool tongue

Comrade no fear, just mention Naigeriya

They will bury her on 19 and by 20th that letter will be opened by Bad boys not even mayor... grin


Phones / Re: Woman Dies After Her Phone Exploded While She Was Sleeping (pictures) by salem1996: 9:26pm On Sep 12
buy iphone una no go gree
even if na 6

now see wetting android cause you
even samsung use to explode

I will only buy iphone on one condition, when Samsung has decided to end their phone production aside from that, Samsung till the end of time, in Samsung I trust kiss phone product way no get part 2
Crime / Re: Man Kills Newly-Married Woman For Jilting Him In Adamawa (Photo) by salem1996: 9:02pm On Sep 12
Ibrahim Savanna ko, Musa Rainforest ni

Comrade, tru tru you no well..... grin grin grin
Health / Re: Carter Oshodin, UNIBEN Official, Commits Suicide Over Hardship by salem1996: 4:55pm On Sep 11

Na rope I dey find up and down
grin grin
You no serious. But stop it if you mean it ooooo na joke I deh joke abeg.

There is always a better way out
Health / Re: Carter Oshodin, UNIBEN Official, Commits Suicide Over Hardship by salem1996: 2:02pm On Sep 11

If u guys knew the good he has done for himself, u won't feel pity for him......

Life wey be sey na wahala full am.

Rest well ovi- oba

I wish you can back up your comment with actions just like he did

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Religion / Re: Uju Anya Celebrated T.B Joshua's Death (Throwback) by salem1996: 5:02pm On Sep 10
Very strong and erudite Igbo woman!
She says it as it is. Calls out the powerfully evil both when they're alive and when they're dead!
Doesn't pander to all sorts of wired sentiments. Typical traits of her forefathers.
Very very proud of this woman!

I would have consider her strong if she did it when they were alive... fear runs through her veins...


Phones / Re: What Is The Highest Amount You Can Spend To Buy A Phone? by salem1996: 12:21pm On Sep 10
mowiz don teach u something grin grin

Ah.... without Mowiz, a football fan is nothing grin. Although I knew of it from same Mowiz about 2 to 3 years ago before yesterday's show

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Phones / Re: What Is The Highest Amount You Can Spend To Buy A Phone? by salem1996: 7:23am On Sep 10

All these if you get money you go buy am , na cus the person no get the money ... The statement can be annoying at times... If one lives with some of this wealthy people ones I know spends like they are poor ... You won't like some of them cuz they dont spend anyhow ... Inshort some have met sabi manage money die... I no fit argue sef...
As am talking to you now ehn... A customer of mine wants to spend extra 220k plus his iPhone 12pro max to get 13pro max... I was just like wetin you dey find sef... Na this kind thing to me be that poverty mentality... His body no gree calm down... I was like nothing dey this technology like that na... The screen Samsung had on Samsung s6 is qhd still qhd on s22 ... This guys need to keep selling you know... Those indians uses old phones wella...
I have seen many people here using phones of 600k and not earning constantly 400k monthly... Please is this not poverty mentality... People go carry 700k phone for hand then later broke to the level of begging for sub or food ... Is this not poverty mentality...

Very sad, and it is mostly in Nigeria we have this mentality well and a part of Ghana. Due to lack of work and half baked celebrities we have, we have tight our ego and value to things rather than ourselves. Till today I don't know I naturally dislike iPhones. I like their casing and designs that's all but anything else is not welcome to me. I saw one guy with a phone he bought around 98k here, and to be honest I think he is not earning up to 40k.... my amount for buying phone as far as i am now is 50k and am not thinking of adding.... I don't have P with people that spend big on phones if their aim is to use it and earn something legally for themselves.
Phones / Re: What Is The Highest Amount You Can Spend To Buy A Phone? by salem1996: 11:04pm On Sep 09
Aswear you funny bro. my plan now na redmi or sammy A52.but calculator, no no for me. i dey plan to drop this transsion by da grace of jah.

My next target is Samsung a12. Am still trying to round up my school so I will budget like 45k for the second use here in Kaduna..
Phones / Re: What Is The Highest Amount You Can Spend To Buy A Phone? by salem1996: 10:53pm On Sep 09

Talk your own... No everybody phone dey freak...
Why is Elon musk not using the most expensive everything... Even sadio mane dey use iphone 6s...

I tell you.
Moses Simon eat meat twice in a month, he don't take alcohol, he dont go to party, he don't spend unnecessarily. Ngolo Kante still drives a mini cooper...

Sometimes we think every thinks the same as we do, but is not true. There is this lady that donates money for building of hostel in my school. She do invite my school Provost and some top professors for dinner in US. Our Provost as of this year testified to us that as at the time he was speaking, The woman still uses Button phone and laptop. That they asked her and she said she do make calls with the phone and use the laptop for other stuffs so she really don't see a need for phone..

I was shocked

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Phones / Re: What Is The Highest Amount You Can Spend To Buy A Phone? by salem1996: 10:47pm On Sep 09
200K... with superglue hand sef.

but even if i have all the money in the world,i will never an iphone.

Me and you na same mama born us for this aspect... either Samsung or Redmi or calculator kiss
Foreign Affairs / Re: Jeff Bezos Slam Professor Uju Anya For Wishing Elizabeth An ‘Excruciating’ Death by salem1996: 8:34am On Sep 09
The world does not like the truth.
For some people condemning this lady, they have forgotten that she is a professor in a country like USA.
She knows what is going to be the consequences ( if any) of her tweet about the late queen.

And to think some nairalanders are now crying more than the British is quite surprising.

It is also very unfortunate that a noble social media like Nairaland has turned out to be where some disgruntled Nigerians now uses to express their hatred for other tribes.

If it were the opposite hmmmmmm. You will probably be the first to shout racism
Travel / Re: Lagos State: Pity Cele/Ejigbo/Jakande/Ikotun People, Bike Situation Is Killing by salem1996: 3:55pm On Sep 07
FalseProphet1 post=116442007:
The number of votes APC gets next year would determine the number of mentally slow people we have in Nigeria.

I see hardship biting harder, I see Peter Obi winning Lagos next year because Lagosians are tried of suffering.

This I have seen.

I don't think it that way though, they may decide to hike the numbers by thousands or millions; ghost numbers. So even if the slow people are few, you will think they are much. If we will go by transparency, APC should not get more than 200 votes.. (majorly from their family members and fellow deranged people)

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Will Have No Choice Than To Support Tinubu When Campaign Starts -SWAGA by salem1996: 8:04pm On Sep 06
Correct.... grin cheesy

their track records will decide who wins.. grin grin grin

What are obidiot track records absolutely nothing... grin grin

Mention something different, but if we must go for track record, though I will LP in the coming election, but track record should be given to PDP then.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump: Joe Biden Is An Enemy Of the State (Video) by salem1996: 11:12pm On Sep 04
God Dosen't make Mistakes
Thats why Trump never won the Re election
He woukd have supported his Evil Friend Putin.
Biden is the best thing to ever happen to ukraine and the world.

As for Russia, the worst most depressing place on earth filled with sadistic inhumane backward mentality. Not all of them

Putin is already a loser a Big Loser
When i see the massive huge pile of dead russian soldiers it gives me joy.
I literally love watching them get blasted with HIMARS. It gives me orgasm.

I posted a link to a vkontakte group in russia that document russian dead soldiers.
19,250 russian soldiers dead
Thats enough to fill up a Wembley Stadium grin

HIRMAS you do this one..

I laugh at your comment you know. Go do your research on Ukraine lost. You guys are the worst evil to happen to ukraine than Putin Himself. I will like you to share a link on your documentary if you don't mind.

For someone to rejoice at the dead of others means he's wishing for an annihilation of the state. My real problem always is this;

Why will you praise Ukraine for killing Russians and call russia EVIL because it kills Ukrainians?

I read Zelensky's speech and they are full of weeping calls wishing the whole world stand against russia. Am not in support of the war as a person, but my problem is, if you kill the other and find it happy doing and also happy others support your killings, why do you think others who support your enemy are evil?
Sports / Re: Financial Fair Play: UEFA Hit PSG, Inter, Juventus, Others With Fines by salem1996: 6:17pm On Sep 02

It's now difficult for epl teams to violate FFP cos they generate huge income from TV rights.

What's your qualification/metric to assess that what they bought were rubbish?

And learn to control your tongue, if a billionaire is a "clown" i wonder what that makes you.

Rule No1, dnt quote a psycho
Phones / Re: HACK ALERT! If You Are Making Use Of Facebook Lite, Please Read This!! by salem1996: 8:46pm On Aug 31
They want to use Facebook but cannot buy data

I don't even like the graphics, i uninstalled it immediately when I tried it cos of its size

When a poor man buys pair of shoes for 10k, he thinks he is wearing the most expensive shoe on earth. If you have sense, think.

There are people who uses Facebook lite, yet spend over 10GB sub per months. Small 2GB sub for month you are doing, you now think you own CBN grin


Phones / Re: HACK ALERT! If You Are Making Use Of Facebook Lite, Please Read This!! by salem1996: 8:27pm On Aug 31
I have never heard of Facebook Lite in my life. I know of Facebook, Facebook Mobile, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Web. I had never heard of GBWhatsapp if not for being a member here. You Nairalanders with una poverty mentality always use the cheapest and buggiest of options. This is the only place in my life I know of people patronizing Freebasics. Tufia!

No one brags like a poor man really cool


Crime / Re: Teenager Accuses Policeman Of Raping Her, Friend In Port Harcourt, Recorded It by salem1996: 11:22am On Aug 30
The way I see this, they are both culpable. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a hook-up gone wrong.

So many small girls doing hookup left and right on social media cos they want to use brazilian hair that their mothers cannot afford. The randy policeman too, sleeping with girls and allegedly recording them is to be blamed. . .

Make all of una just getat! angry

The only reasonable comment I have read so far, other commenters are only gender base defenders.

Why should a girl of 17 years go that far to look for a job? Where were her parents or guardians? I really think they are hookup girls too. The idiot on the other hand wanted to sleep with them as anytime he want reasons why he used his card as a decoy. Left to me, both parties should be jailed but again, the so called little girl will go away unhurt because is Nigeria embarassed

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Education / Re: ASUU Declares Indefinite Strike, Plans Increased Media Engagement by salem1996: 8:47am On Aug 30
ASUU is just being unreasonable...

Really? You think so? Am not happy the strike is actually going on, but on the other hand this Nigerian government don't care about anything education, reasons why they will never pay attention to ASUU. You think the money ASUU is asking is much or what? Is it not same Govt. that just sign N6B+ for cattle ranching? Is it not same people pouring out millions just to buy Presidential tickets? There children ain't studying here, and they don't even need schools to gain employment cus with looted money they can open businesses and employ educated ones to run it for them. Here you are, blaming ASUU? In as much as I use to hate ASUU, I can't shift from the fact that when a dog bites its owner, it means the owner acted like a thief or stranger.
Crime / Re: We Are Still Searching For Deborah Samuel’s Killers - Police by salem1996: 8:46am On Aug 29

I can imagine how many innocent people that's already locked up...

Investigation is a difficult thing for the intelligence units of all Nigerian forces ....

Because we don't ha e CCTV cameras in cities and in major roads to monitor crimes.....

Even if that was possible... thieves will go there at night to remove it and sell ...

Well, in this case it has nothing to do with unavailability of street cameras rather, a show of nepotism and religion because the killers proudly took a selfie of their selves and posted it on the internet

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Pets / Re: US Police Shoot 18ft Pet Snake As It Strangled Its Owner To Death (Pics) by salem1996: 10:22pm On Aug 27
I actually don't have anything to say..

But If I must say something, then honestly and truthfully speaking, I say NOTHING. lipsrsealed

Are they not suppose to arrest the police for killing the pet like they did to Zuma

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Crime / Re: How I Murdered Sheikh Goni Aisami - John Gabriel (Soldier) by salem1996: 8:04am On Aug 25

What self defense? someone offered him a ride and you are shouting self defense cos the victim is a Muslim.

I've never seen anyone more hypocritical than the said Christians.

Then you have not met a Christian then.

Even a true Christian will tell you that John that killed that Cleric is worth dying too. How can somebody be so concerned and help you in the midst of this terrible security situation we are in and yet you have the heart of murdering him?

People sha.
Crime / Re: Anambra Lawmaker, Nnamdi Okafor, Slumps & Dies In South Africa by salem1996: 12:43pm On Aug 24
Another Bad News Trending Worldwide Now

Proudly Brought To You By NAIJA COVER

Mind your English sir. How can you be proud of bringing bad news
Science/Technology / Re: Texas: Dinosaur Tracks From 113 Million Yrs Ago Discovered After Severe Drought by salem1996: 12:40pm On Aug 24

They are showing you the prints but you don't believe.

A Nigerian would tell you plucking another man's ears would bring money yet you would believe.

The Nigerian is a complex being.

I would rather believe the latter than the former. Oyinbo dishing nonsense everyday because they know there is a black man to take them serious always. If it were the opposite now, you will be the first person to call it a myth. Even small piking know say this them TRUTH is a Lying TRUTH.

Las las, we all have the right to believe anything we want to so no offence. My offence against you calling somebody complex for not believing what you believe �

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