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Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP Winner Of ALL Elections In Zamfara by SamMilla1(m): 4:51pm On May 25, 2019
It is so good to know that we have a president who does not intervene in the rule of law.

This can never ever happen in the 16 years of election malpractice in the time of PDP, the party of fraud and corruption.

God bless our darling President Muhammadu Buhari.
God bless Nigeria.
This is democracy @ it's peak.

The will of Nigerians will not be subverted. Never! A President once told us in this country that the coming polls would be do or die. Not with President Buhari. Fair is fair. No foul play. Under his watch, his political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has lost gubernatorial elections in Bayelsa, Zamfara and Anambra states.
At the recent Council of States meeting, Gov Willie Obiano publicly registered his appreciation to President Buhari, for the level playing ground he made available during the election in his state. With do or die apostles, and a certain political party in power, such would never happen. Not with their garrison mentality. All states are territories that must be conquered, willy-nilly.

APC has won gubernatorial positions under Buhari in Kogi, Ondo and Edo states. The victories were fair and square. The party lost in Bayelsa, Zamfara and Anambra.
This President would never manipulate victory for anyone, not even his own party. And you ask us not to trust him? We will, and no mistake.

Children of hate and perdition, you can hereby take the floor......

Please....if Goodluck had been intervening in the judicial process, Buhari won't be president. Don't celebrate mediocrity

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Investment / Re: I Am About To Lose My Dad's Contributory Pension, Bankers/Lawyers Help! by SamMilla1(m): 5:51pm On Apr 26, 2019
You are only entitled to your fathers gratuity (if he has not been paid). As for pension, you are not entitled to it. The bank has to return all pension paid to the acct after your fathers death back to the pension office

Say's who? So who is entitled to it? The should get PENCOM involved. If the money is in the banks, irrespective of the source, if it is not liened, they have a right to access it as the legally declared beneficiary.

If the money is still with the PFA, they should ask PFA for it or ask his employer to help with the request.

In fact if he died in active duty, they may be entitled to group life of 6* his gross emolument
Politics / Re: GDP Growth Rate Of West Africa, Nigeria Becomes Last On The List by SamMilla1(m): 5:35pm On Apr 26, 2019
Let's blame Obasanjo (16yrs ago with average growth rate of 7%) and Goodluck (4 years ago with average growth rate of 3%). It can't be PMB's fault, he is too honest and hardworking............culled from the zoombies diary


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Business / Re: 272 Firms Shut Down In One Year – MAN by SamMilla1(m): 7:48am On Aug 24, 2016
How the world allowed a dullard from the desert to determine how business men in South east and south west do their business baffles me.

Oh, it's the ugly drunk fanatic in Bourdillion that helped him to power with the help of his fellow iddddiots.
Its time to cry but nothing lasts forever.
We are back to 1985, I just hope another IBB, Abdsalami and co doesn't show up again, otherwise we keep running in circles.


Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 4:43pm On Aug 11, 2016
Thank you.
1688 has good shoes and that is my interest, but I don't know if i can use my gtb master card to make a purchase from there because it seems one cannot make a purchase with his/her card anymore on alibaba. And this translation issue of 1688, how do you go about it sir.
Thank you.

Unfortunately you cannot buy anything on 1688 with your card.
They don't just have good shoes, 1688 is the Chinese version of Alibaba. Like i said, it was created for the locals to buy things cheap and sell to foreigners on Alibaba.
Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 1:54pm On Aug 11, 2016
when buying, will the equivalent of yuan be deducted in naira from somebody's account or will be converted to dollar first?

If you are buying with PayPal or anything from Nigeria, the Yuan could be less than what I posted. 58 to 59 is for the current dollar rates.

If you get dollars less than what is being sold at the black market now, the Yuan will reduce.
My numbers are totally hinged on dollars.
Politics / Re: Budget Padding: Dogara Shuns Police Invitation by SamMilla1(m): 11:55am On Aug 11, 2016

The people who padded the budget did it irregardless of the so called ethnic, religious topographical and climatic divisions in the country. Apparently, it is no hindrance when they are concerned because they are worldly wise enough to know that sentiments don't put a kobo in their pockets. The question is, are you going to allow it get in your own way when you come asking for accountability, transparency and justice? Are you going to be just like a bloooooody peasant and throw up all the tribal and religious excuses or are you going to demand what's rightfully yours? There is nothing wrong with Nigeria. They have acted, how are you going to react?

It seems you are not aware that there is no longer freedom of anything in Nigeria.
Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 11:35am On Aug 11, 2016
Pardon my Ignorance bro, I read your commentand checked out !688 immediately, the prices seems to be in Yen, and when I did a google search less than 4 naira buys a yen, no I saw a jeans there priced at 55 yen, doing the math for the naira terms, that was ridiculously cheap, or maybe I am missing something. The page didn't translate properly so maybe the minimum one can buy is like 10,000 or something.

1 Yuan is currently 58 or 59 naira depending on how much $ is changed for the day. Unfortunately, Dollar is flying everywhere since may 29 last year.

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Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 10:05am On Aug 11, 2016
Those Chinese sites you listed, can you give tips on how a Nigeria can buy and import from them.

They are designed for Chinese locals.
The only way is to find a way to get the contacts of the seller and talk to him or her outside the website.
Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 10:04am On Aug 11, 2016

bros pls I need your assistance on this, I dont know how to Use the PM link. ...pls how can i get across to u

There is an email on my signature
Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 9:34am On Aug 11, 2016
Bros I want to be your friend. Are you on facebook ?

I am everywhere.
Send me a mail.
Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 8:00am On Aug 11, 2016

Thanks for this info. Pls can you send me email address. i need to discuss some things with you as regards me starting an importation from China. My email is olatundejj@gmail.com. Thanks

You may create a thread here to ask anything you want. I like open business.
I will respond to your email

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Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 7:58am On Aug 11, 2016

Bro, Pls where in China is this battery market. Cos I am really interested in getting some quality battery. Thanks.

There is a place called Nanfang in Guangzhou. That's where you get every phone access at cheap price.
Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 7:57am On Aug 11, 2016

Sir, please can I partner with you. I have been looking for who to help me out on this. Please I'll send you a pm. Seriously need help

I will respond to you email shortly.
Business / Re: What Is Your Greatest Challenge In Importation Business? by SamMilla1(m): 6:48am On Aug 11, 2016
One big challenge is payment method which I have offered a lot of help for people buying with RMB since China is the biggest market at the moment.

The truth is that due to the exchange rate, things are generally more expensive on Alibaba and Express, Far cheaper on Taobao and 1688.
However, Tao and 1688 were created for locals to buy and sell to foreigners on Alibaba. But with help, you can still buy from there.

I am advising the youths to go into small importation business during this time of recession. It will help them quit channeling all their energy on Blaming Buhari.
The truth is that Nigeria is in a mess. APC just don't want to be honest with the truth.

You can create a free shop on Konga and Jumia, start with something as small as phone batteries.

A boy sent me 15k to buy few phone batteries for him in China, that was his starting capital. Because of his dedication to the small project, I had to leave office and go to the battery Market while it was raining.
Now he is sending 25k and he swore he did not add a kobo outside the initial 15k.

Because of his determination, I will ship his batteries from China for free until he gets to 100k.
So focus more on business section if you are still young, don't go wasting your time with Fashola and Dasuki craps, Ipob, Afonja hatreds, Nothing you say here changes anything if you are nobody.

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Politics / Re: Two Law-makers Pictured Kneeling Before A Governor Okorocha by SamMilla1(m): 4:52am On Aug 11, 2016
Emperor Rochas of the Kingdom of Imo State.
Health / Re: #SaveMayowa: Police Unfreeze Fundraising Account.. by SamMilla1(m): 4:46am On Aug 11, 2016
Expect Toyin Amok to come blaring into a large club in VI with Range Rover Evogue soon.
All Thanks to the sick Mayowa, there is positivity in sickness afterall.
Business / Re: Nipost Collecting ,money From Nigerians For Receiving Their Mails by SamMilla1(m): 4:40am On Aug 11, 2016
What do you expect when every little money they used to make to sustain themselves have been channeled to one evil vault called TSA which is guided by emperor Napoleon of the North.
When a snake is pushed to the wall, it has no other option than to turn around and bite.
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Clash With Two Ex-pdp Governors Over Economy by SamMilla1(m): 4:33am On Aug 11, 2016
The way they go about PDP and 16 years, it is obvious they came together and agreed to use the stale lines to cover their incompetence.

Isn't Oshiomole part of the 16 years?
Wasn't he the leader of the group that sued Federal Government over its intention to save the Excess Crude Account?


Politics / Re: Budget Padding: Dogara Shuns Police Invitation by SamMilla1(m): 4:30am On Aug 11, 2016
If the speaker is the 4th citizen in this country, where are Nigerians placed in this totem? grin grin grin

The bottom or the top?

I wonder if Osus are even on the totem. Biafran totem......probably the dirt under the totem.

This is what I am saying.
The supposedly unprotected THINGS are already turning the issue into a tribal war against one another.
And these are the same things that has no electricity, buys petrol at high prices and depend on rogues for salvation.

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Politics / Re: Budget Padding: Dogara Shuns Police Invitation by SamMilla1(m): 4:16am On Aug 11, 2016
Dogara is not the problem.
The problem is Nigeria.

Nigeria, a vast mixture of desert and Greenland, is so divided along religious and ethnic lines in a way that it shields rogues from prosecution depending on who is at the helm at a particular period.

Who still talks about Buratai and the house he bought in a foreign land with Millions of naira he saved from Army barracks that owes other military men.

Buratai is cool and forgotten because the same people who are fighting Fayose for buying a house in Lagos, won't fight Buratai for buying two houses in Arab Emirates.

The online blockheads will no longer talk about Dogara soon. They will throw their hands up in the air and wail to one God or Allah who lives and operates from beyond the clouds. They will leave judgment for the cloud man while Dogara and co judges them and their future here on earth.

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Politics / Re: BUSTED: Prove That Aisha Buhari Didn't Go To USA. by SamMilla1(m): 2:26am On Aug 11, 2016

oyyeeee...you people just dont want to get it!!!...

we dont care if she was in japan,singapore,india,america,south-pol,sahara,sambisa,irak,umuahia,,,,,,,

we dont care!!!!...

Well, I hope you also don't care if people call her thief and corrupt.


Politics / Re: Budget Padding: We’ll Crush Any Attempt To Remove Dogara —oke by SamMilla1(m): 2:19am On Aug 11, 2016
Oke simply means Rat in Igbo language.
Who takes a rat serious?

Let him continue to back up the rogue Dogara against Justice.
His children will grow to meet the country he will leave behind.


Politics / Re: Urgent! 3 Innocent Citizens About To Be Silenced. . . by SamMilla1(m): 2:14am On Aug 11, 2016
One thing I would want us to know is that nearly every adult in Nigeria is guilty of some offence he or she committed willingly or unintentionally.
Most were not aware of what they were doing because the system itself was super corrupt.
So whenever someone is arrested, do the only thing you are programmed to do, Pray.
If he gets released, see it as your prayers answered.
If not, understand that you have been ignored from Heaven.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Suggested ‘avengers’ As Name During Formation Of NDA – Splinter Group by SamMilla1(m): 2:10am On Aug 11, 2016
We also heard it was him who suggested Boko Haram's name to the fanatics up in the North East.
What a wonderful man Jonathan is.


Politics / Re: Nigerians Showing Their Regret For Voting Buhari by SamMilla1(m): 2:05am On Aug 11, 2016
There is no need complaining.
Get up, pick your placards, return to the slave Park in Ojota where you mounted a hate-campaign against a peaceful and listening president.
Hiding under your bed to complain won't change a thing.

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Politics / Re: We Are Elected To Pad Budget – Abiodun Olasupo by SamMilla1(m): 1:41am On Aug 11, 2016
They see the masses as bunch of blockheads and they are not far from the truth.

When a full grown adult still believe that fish swallowed one Jonah, a human being and he lasted 4 days in the belly of the fish before coming out alive, won't you simply say the person is a Blockhead?
Half of these people studied about oxygen in secondary schools.
When a full grown adult still believe that one Muhammed flew away on a horse, won't you call him a Blockhead?

And the way they are permanently programmed is to start attacking me instead of considering and studying the possibility of a woman giving birth to a son without sexx or any form of sperm.
I have one shot at this life and I chose not to waste it around people who would pray rather than think.

Please don't ask your Jesus or Muhammed to have mercy on me because of my post and my belief. If you want to help, ask Buhari and his government to give me good roads, electricity, water and other basic amenities first.
I will discus about the gods when I am dead, I heard that's the only time you can meet them.

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Politics / Re: Discriminatory Appointments Against Non-muslims In Nigeria by SamMilla1(m): 1:19am On Aug 11, 2016
You all need to get this into your skulls
The Dullard doesn't care what you think, he still believes Fulani should do whatever they want in Nigeria.
He only used the SW to climb to Power, then he quickly appointed their son Adesina as one Useless propaganda Media crap to shut his own brothers up.

Apart from the mandatory 'One minister from each state', there is no other important post managed by anybody in Nigeria except the Fulas.

One clear thing the Zombies and the Wailers refused to see is that no minister is doing anything in Nigeria. The only thing we hear and see is pictures of Fashola inspecting one old useless power plant with yellow helmets, or his pictures in front of every junk newspaper announcing to the world that the current administration has achieved the feat of sending contractors back to sites.

Or Lie Muhammed sitting at the head of a table telling people that the government 'will' or that by 2030, Nigeria will be begging Buhari to continue ruling.

Or Rotimi Amechi taking a joyride inside train coaches purchased by Jonathan whom he sold out.

When was the last time anybody heard anything about my brother Chris Ngige? The last time I saw him doing anything important was at the Burial of his father. That's a medical doctor, what's his ministry again?

What about the one who said Nigeria will start exporting pencils in 2020? Ladies and gentlemen, your minister of Technology is still discussing production of pencil in 2016 and he is still there after one year.

What about that one from Imo State?
Even GEJ who left office over a year ago is more active than all the ministers combined.
There is hunger in the land and the Agriculture minister won't resign.
The forex policy is Zero trial and error and the CBN Governor is sitting tight.
There is no electricity and the power ministry is still combined with works and whatever.
Our Olympic team got stranded and searched for money themselves but hey, the sports minister was in Brazil. To do what?
So I ask again, What exactly is working? Nothing whatsoever.
But no one has resigned.

I was watching Audu Ogbe, your agriculture minister a few days ago on TV where he blatantly threatened to close private businesses if they export their goods.
The senile dullard should have retained the immediate past Agriculture minister but he chose his old colleague Audu because they planned to create grazing way for their cows.

The DSS is full of young Illiterates and half graduates from the north.
The EFCC is the same.
The two agencies created to tackle corruption is headed by one tribe, one religion, one everything and you expect justice against the rest of the people.

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Politics / Re: Serious Hunger, Poverty Killing Nigerians – APC Senator, Shehu Sani by SamMilla1(m): 7:18pm On Aug 10, 2016
Tell that to the stubborn Dullard and his wasted dead brain die hard followers who think that He needs 4 years to stabilize the price of dollar or Rice.


Business / Re: Why ATM Pin Has 4 Digits Only by SamMilla1(m): 12:29pm On Aug 10, 2016
My Chinese cards use 6 pins.

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