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Celebrities / Re: Court Orders A Lady To Pay 150k For Collecting 3k Transport Fare From Her Boyfri by samyj2477: 8:55pm On Jan 19
na now Nigeria court get sense. Ladies are now into scamming. Very good news
Family / Re: My Mom Just Rejected My Girlfriend's Gifts by samyj2477: 8:52am On Dec 25, 2022
op no even care where she get money to buy all those things and he quickly bought her story of saving for it. This op no sharp gaskiya
the guy no sharp true. the mum get sense pass am and the mum know say even if they marry, e no go last....me sef done analyse am know already

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Nuclear Convoy Departs Royal Airforce Brize Norton, United Kingdom by samyj2477: 9:01pm On Sep 23, 2022
only 8 nuclear weapons dropped in UK will destroy the whole of UK. They should not joke with Russia


Politics / Re: BREAKING: ISWAP Claims Responsibility For Attack On Nigerian Police Checkpoint I by samyj2477: 8:08pm On Sep 23, 2022
The Islamic jihadist soldiers are coming.
Biafrans are ready but I don't know about oduduwas
Politics / Fulani Terrorist Desperately Trying To Make Victims Out Of Themselves by samyj2477: 9:51am On Sep 15, 2022
Fulani Desperately Trying To Make Victims Out Of Themselves, When They Are The Ones Terrorising Indigenous People

I have read on Vanguard how "SOME concerned Fulanis have raised the alarm over growing insecurity across the country, saying the situation was capable of undermining the sovereignty of the Nigerian State, if not halted immediately."

Again, I read where a Fulani man was issuing out plans on how he can end Unknown Gunmen in South East.

Fulani will never stop. I have said it before that Fulani is crudely smart and some people thought I was just exaggerating. I mean every word of it, Fulani are good player of dub-ious politics in Nigería and they are still doing it fine.

Have you seen how the same Fulani that was the root cause of insecurity in Nigería are now singing about how insecurity is about undermining the sovereignty of Nigería? This is same Fulani that have used Fulani herdsmen terrorists to terrorise indigenous people across Nigeria.

This same Fulani herdsmen went to Agatu in Benue State and kîlled about 300 people in one night. It was this same Fulani people that went to Uzo Uwani and many other parts of Enugu state kîlling people in their sleep. In Benue, they went to a Catholic Church, kîlled 2 officiating priests and 13 worshippers in a morning mass. Fulani herdsmen terrorists have been sacking villages, renaming and occupying them. Their csttles eat up crops in people's farms and if you complain they kîll you. Their people in government are also trying to use laws to take over indigenous lands and hand it over to the Fulani herdsmen terrorists, in the name of Ruga and grazing Reserves. These are the people now crying about insecurity. They are the people talking about unknown Gunmen in South East.

The North have seen Boko Haram attacks. communities are constantly attacked in the North. Hundreds of school children have been kidnapped. Fulani herdsmen terrorists attacks are going on in every town and villages in the name of bandits. They are kidnapping and enriching themselves. In Imo State, they kidnapped a Methodist Venerable and took 100 million Naira from him. These are the people talking about ending unknown Gunmen in South East. These hypocrites have never tried ending Boko Haram or Fulani herdsmen banditry in the North, but they are always singing about South East.

But I know the game they are playing. The Fulani in Nigería are always trying to fool the world into thinking that Fulani tribes in Nigeria are victims, peaceful and loving, when in the actual sense they are dub-ious, wicked, evil and terror minded. They will always use the media to talk about the East and attributing her to insecurity and terrorism. While you laugh at them, conventional news media are carrying everything they are saying. They are gradually making the world think they are good, while others are bad.

This is exactly why they hated Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and spent billions in dollars to kidnap him. They had to commit international crime, bribe Kenyan government just to have Mazi Nnamdi Kanu kidnapped. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will always expose them. He will expose their dirty agenda and make the people be aware of Fulani game plans. With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the world will always learn about the attrocities of Fulani herdsmen terrorists.

The campaign against the atrocities of the Fulani must be resurrected by IPOB. Their games must be countered so that the world will know them for whom they truly are.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

Politics / Re: Breaking News: Goodluck Jonathan Says Nigeria Existence Must Be Discussed VIDEO by samyj2477: 9:49pm On Sep 14, 2022
Bring the video here
check the link on my post you will see the video live and direct. even channels TV was present

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Politics / Breaking News: Goodluck Jonathan Says Nigeria Existence Must Be Discussed VIDEO by samyj2477: 9:43pm On Sep 14, 2022
Breaking news
"60 years ago, there was no country called Nigeria. We must discuss the unity of Nigeria; we must discuss if we are staying together"---
Goodluck Jonathan former president of Nigeria.

Thanks to Chukwu Okike Abiama

Referendum now o
Biafra country and Oduduwa country loading. Any other country that wants to spring up is welcomed. Let's talk about the existence of Nigeria.

Goodluck says Nigeria was created by the british and still existing because of the selfishness of Britain. In 2 years from now just watch and see. Northern Ireland will break up.from Britain. Catalonia just got her independence from Spain without shooting any gun. We too in Nigeria will get our independence without fighting a war.

Watch the video and see GEJ speaking

Politics / Re: Peter Obi visits Femi Kuti At The Afrika Shrine (Photos) by samyj2477: 1:27pm On Aug 17, 2022
is this Charley boy really 72 years...the guy agile o

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Politics / Re: Insecurity: Intelligence Report On The Movement Of Bandits by samyj2477: 2:09pm On Jul 31, 2022
the fuulani leaders terrorist knows that state police is the solution to all these killings that is why they kept standing against anything state police but the stupid southern governors does not have the balls to call for urgent state policing that is why we biafrans call Nigeria a zoo. A country where the governors and leaders who are supposed to talk are just there like monkeys watching their forest being surrounded by terrorist....ESN will never allow the terrorist to enter our land...never again....they enter they die.
Politics / Breaking News; Fulani Herdsmen Terrorist Fight With ESN Today by samyj2477: 8:17pm On Jul 04, 2022
Breaking news !
Today 4th July 2022 the Fulani herdsmen and terrorist have returned again on the Benue and Ebonyi border
communities and there is an on going exchange of gunfire going on now .
Let’s all be alert and understand that there is danger in our land . Pray for ESN operatives in the frontline. The have
brought the war to our door steps .
More details coming in …..

By Umuchiukwu Writers

Politics / Re: Breaking News: Fulani Terrorist Who Wants To Burn A Church Was Burnt To Ashes by samyj2477: 8:11pm On Jul 04, 2022
What is really happening?
Nigerian government is sponsoring terrorism in the anambara
Politics / Breaking News: Fulani Terrorist Who Wants To Burn A Church Was Burnt To Ashes by samyj2477: 8:08pm On Jul 04, 2022
Breaking News !
Four Fulani Terrorist sneaked into Awada Grace of God church this evening in an effort to bomb the church. As few people were still in the church.
One of them was captured and burnt to ashes. While three of them escaped and ran into the Nigeria military barrack in that area .
More details coming soon ….

This happened at a church in Awada Onitsha

Chinasa Nworu


Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests Lady For Selling Her Photos, Facebook Account To Fraudsters by samyj2477: 8:05am On Aug 12, 2021
but the real criminals in politics are not touched


Business / Re: Kyari Assures AKK Gas Pipeline Project’ll Be Delivered On Schedule by samyj2477: 7:59pm On Jul 29, 2021
No gas will ever move from Biafraland to the north, it belongs to Biafrans. Put that in your fvcking head and let it sink. All gas pipeline supplying gas from the eastern region will be destroyed.
Politics / Re: I Don't Get Why Exactly Yoruba Are Protesting by samyj2477: 4:28pm On Jul 03, 2021

Shut up you ikewerre thief and descendants of stolen igbo properties, we say we won't want to live in Nigeria with fulanis and even with you ikewerre anymore is is by force and the real yorubas are not coweda like you ikewerre that killed igbos for the fulanis in 1967 yes we remember
Shut up ur dirty mouth you Fulani fool. both of you are Fulani terrorist.

The person who created this thread and the guy I quoted are Fulani fools.
Foreign Affairs / Let Us Lecture Kenyans Of Their Forgotten History by samyj2477: 9:33am On Jul 03, 2021
"Jomo Kenyatta", "Mau-Mau", Eastern Nigeria and Uhuru Kenyatta
Let us lecture Kenyans of their forgotten history.

The father of the present Kenyan president, Jomo Kenyatta was to be hanged for freedom fighting! Same Britain planned to hang him because he was fighting for the freedom of Kenyans. Mind you he lived and schooled in Britain. Any corollary witt the present man in the eye of the storm?

Nnamdi Azikiwe, the premier of Eastern Nigeria, Biafraland,
said over his dead body for Jomo Kenyatta to die. Zik used money from Eastern regional government, hired local and International lawyers, went to Nairobi and pulled out the head of Jomo Kenyatta from the British hangman's nose. Mind you, he was accused of leading a terrorist organization called Mau-Mau and they claimed he supervised the killing of hundreds including British colonial occupiers of the Kenya highlands.
Jomo's son is the present president of Kenya, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta. Mind you, 'uhuru' means freedom! Can someone tell Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, that the Nnamdi he just allowed the Nigerian hangman to put his nose around his head is related to the Nnamdi that saved his father from the hangman's nose.

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Politics / Re: Odua Nation, Yoruba Nationalism And The Deceit Of Sunday Igboho by samyj2477: 10:07am On Jun 29, 2021

The north aren't scared of Nigeria's break up after all we have boko haram that want their own country.

The write up itself discussed about the Deceit of sunday Igboho using yoruba nationalism to help his people get the presidency rather than actually fighting for their own nation.

Aboki headslammer
Politics / Re: I Don't Feel Comfortable About The Large Gas Deposit Discovered In Imo by samyj2477: 9:04am On Jun 29, 2021
Darling, this is more reason i support a sovereign state of Biafra . I can even give my life if that's what it will take for Biafra to come.

I was antibiafra agitation before, but seeing the evil that's going on in this zoo, there's no way i am a Nigerian.

Upon our money they loot to north, nothing positive to show there. High level of illiteracy, almajiris littered everywhere, beggers, bandits, bokoharam, iswap. Rubbish of a region.
Politics / Re: Unusual Large Numbers Of Fulani Migrating To Unilorin Campus Today. Why? Pix by samyj2477: 4:50pm On Jun 28, 2021
they want to increase the population of Fulani in Yoruba land. very soon Yoruba states will turn to states like Nasarawa, Jos, Kaduna and Niger where Fulani and Hausa would be dragging political post with Yoruba's because of Fulani/Hausa massive numbers in the state. I pity Yoruba people, you don't know the grand plan of the Fulani, their plan is futuristic. They plan ahead. They will soon take over all Yoruba land, it will be a gradual process and it may take years maybe in 50 years to come, Hausa language would be more spoken in your states instead of Yoruba language. Una go see am e go happen. I just pity una future generation.

The time to end the Fulani grand plan is now, stop playing politics with the lives of your children and grand children.
Igbo and Yoruba politicians must stop playing politics and end Nigeria now. If Yoruba and Igbo leaders agrees to leave Nigeria, fulani/Hausa/Britain cannot stop it.


Politics / Re: 39 Ipobs /esn Fully Armed Arrested During A Meeting With Native Doctor-photo by samyj2477: 6:47am On Jun 22, 2021
These are vigilante group.. what nonsense is this. They are vigilante group that is meant to protect the people of Ebonyi from criminals and u are arresting them? Are there no vigilante groups in the North. Ebonyi governor must be an idiot for allowing this nonsense arrest to happen. The Fulani terrorist leaders are currently trying to disarm Ebonyi local security architecture, to enable an easy attack from those Fulani fools
Politics / Attack On IPOB Or Biafrans Is An Attack On Oduduwa; Igboho by samyj2477: 10:16am On Jun 16, 2021
Chief Sunday Igboho has waited for days for a possible reaction from the relevant Security Agencies on the reason for the bloody and violent invasion on the Anambra state country home of Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor's but all to no avail. Those that attacked his home tried to assassinate him and in the process they killed his personal assistant and several other people in his home and burnt their bodies to ashes. They did this as Barrister watched the whole episode helplessly from where he hid in his home.

For the records, Barrister ifeanyi Ejiofor is not only the lawyer to IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu but also lawyer to our leader Chief Sunday Adeyemo and our group. He is also a personal lawyer to our dear brother and highly respected Uncle, Chief Femi Fani Kayode, former Minister of Aviation and he is a friend and supporter of the sons and daughters of Oduduwa. On many occasions he has stood for us and our members and today we are standing for him. We have said it before and we say it again that any attack on IPOB or the people of the East is an attack on us. We stand shoulder to shoulder with them in this battle.
It is on the strength of these hard facts that we wish to warn the relevant Security Agencies that if anything onward happen to Barrister Ejiofor that the consequences will be serious, and no one directly or indirectly connected with this desperate hunt for an innocent life, will go scot free. We know the individuals who are funding this whole thing and we wish to put it on record that this is the second time they tried to take our lawyers life. It must be the last. Such an attempt must never happen to him again.

We demand that all Bar Ejiofor's domestic staff that were abducted during this bloody attack on his peaceful home be released by the security agencies without further ado. We counsel for peaceful co-existence. Let wise counsel prevail.
Chief Sunday Adeyemo
(aka Igboho)
16th June 2021
Olayomi Koiki

Politics / Re: Topic; Is Nigeria Breaking Up? Today 6pm @punchlinetv Kenya by samyj2477: 5:55pm On Jun 15, 2021
What is the meaning of tyrant?
the meaning of tyrant is buhari


Politics / Topic; Is Nigeria Breaking Up? Today 6pm @punchlinetv Kenya by samyj2477: 5:09pm On Jun 15, 2021
Today 6PM Biafran and Oduduwa Time. Don't miss it guys
@punchline TV Kenya
This evening bombshell on PunchLine Africa.
Join as we discuss “Is Nigeria Breaking up”?
Watch live on https://enterbiafra.com/channel1/
Time: 6pm Biafra and Oduduwa.

Politics / Re: Ikwerre alone has 1.1 million of the 2.5 million Rivers votes- Wike by samyj2477: 2:42pm On Jun 14, 2021
Rivers is pure Igbo state
Delta is pure Igbo state.
Bayelsa is Igbo state.

Igbo tribes have different Igbo languages, but it doesn't mean those tribes are not Igbo, even if you don't understand their Igbo dialect very well.
Ebonyi state Igbo doesn't sound like Igbo language but ebonyi people are pure Igbo. Anioma and Ikwere Igbo is even clearer than ebonyi Igbo but some fools thinks Ikwere are not Igbo... very funny. Anyways Wike has just 1 vote during a referendum and his vote is irrelevant. Even Amechi the formal governor said he is Igbo but this Wike is jonsin around because of politics....tueee.

Nwike is rejecting his tribe because of his political ambition, thinking that the Fulani would back him up...foolish man
Politics / Re: Breaking: Faces Of Armed ESN/ UGM Leaked! by samyj2477: 10:48am On Jun 14, 2021
idiot, these are men who were organized to protect villagers from your Fulani terrorist and the men are doing their jobs in the bush perfectly. Any Fulani terrorist found in the bush is a Bush meat. However, how about the real terrorist who are well known by the terrorist Fulani leaders. Your terrorist leaders are even eating from the same pot with those terrorist.

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Politics / Nigerian Armies Are Mad by samyj2477: 5:43am On Jun 14, 2021
they went to Ohafia and started burning peoples houses and destroying their market because some stupid terrorist soldiers were killed by UGM. They Nigerian army should not just try such nonsense act again. How many times have they destroyed markets or burn down peoples houses in the northern terrorist ravaged region? None at all, they don't do such stupid things in the north. Bokoharam kills soldiers in hundreds but the foolish terrorist soldiers doesn't go to the street to burn down peoples houses or destroy markets.

The eastern foolish Governors, elders and leaders should come out openly and criticise this stupid acts often done by the terrorist Nigerian soldiers. We are watching the stupid soldiers....this nonsense act must never happen again

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