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Family / Please Help A Brother.... by Sanbuchi: 1:28pm On Nov 08, 2021
I am a 300L student of wood engineering, university of calabar. I started as a full time student but with difficulties of meeting my tuition, hostel and feeding expenses, I opted for a part time job..

this has had a detrimental effect on my studies. the situation got worst last June when I lost my part time job. i have been relying on my savings for considerable time now and within the past weeks, my safety net of my savings came to an end..

now with the loss of income, this is not something I ask lightly, however if you can help me out, IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED..

Although, I am in need of money..I am reluctant to ask this Favour, this is something I wish I could do alone but it's getting tougher with time....thanks for you understanding....

Ugwu maduabuchi
First bank.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Skill Can I Learn In A Short Time To Start Making Money ? by Sanbuchi: 12:23pm On Jun 08, 2021
It depends on how much money you want to make

how do you mean?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Skill Can I Learn In A Short Time To Start Making Money ? by Sanbuchi: 12:17pm On Jun 08, 2021
Cocoa business... Make millions in a short time

Gabriel, how is this cocoa business? can you chat me up. 09034745421
Politics / Re: Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi's House: Where Man Who Designed Nigeria's Flag Lives by Sanbuchi: 9:51am On May 01, 2021
Useless outrage...There is no Outrage.

His condition is a representative of country's flag he designed.

How is green white green cloth a design for heaven's sake? A piece of cloth for that matter?

Tunde Ednut should change his condition since he is more concerned..

Nonsense and stupid flag.

for heaven sake, why are so dumb to think....

(1) what does these colours symbolize?

(2) if there's no picture, what would the lines of a poet mean
Investment / Difference Between Forex Trading And Sport Betting by Sanbuchi: 4:31pm On Jun 21, 2020
They are both means of making a little side earnings, and both are gambling from my understanding but which is better? Please your opinion matters alot
Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Meets Ramaphosa, Advisory Council Over South African Economy by Sanbuchi: 5:42pm On Mar 07, 2020
God why do we not value what we have. Who did we offend

The gods

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Sports / Re: Ronaldinho Detained For Entering Paraguay With A Fake Passport (Photos) by Sanbuchi: 4:59pm On Mar 05, 2020
Ronaldinho of all people... How are themighty falling! No matter how much you made or how famous you were in your career, if you failed to plan ahead but rather you squandered your fortune in frivolous lifestyle, you'll end up becoming just another do away with in any society.
Lesson learnt in a hard way

And who told you Ronaldinho is broke, not in this life okay

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Romance / Re: My Ten Year Struggle With Sex Addiction Is Ruining me. by Sanbuchi: 11:31am On Jan 10, 2020
Good evening everyone.

I have struggled with sex addiction for the past 10 years with out permanent success especially with regards to visiting and sleeping with prostitutes and keeping my mind off sex.
Presently I cant seem to keep my mind of sex and focus on my life and career.

I have a good Job and a beautiful damsel whom i have promised marriage and I am afraid I might loose any if not both of this if I don't stop,think and act NOW.

Since is a habit I learnt over time, how do I unlearn this habit permanently.

Please has anyone been able to get over sex addiction successfully.

My recent relapse after 10 months of celibacy threw me off balance and presently I have lost touch with God, friends and family because of this demeaning lifestyle.

Today after 2 weeks of relapse and wallowing in self pity, I have decided to restart all over again with strong determination to take into consideration the lesson learnt from my last relapse as I plan to adopt a better approach to ensure I conquer this habit.

I have spoken with one of spiritual director who understands sex addiction above my expectations and he is very supportive.

I have also opened up to my younger Cousin brother who also understands what it feels to suffer addiction.

I also confessed to my lady about my relapse and strong determination to quit and she is helpful and supportive but with the condition that she may not cope if I should suffer another relapse.

My addiction and its resultant consequences have made close family and friends loose their respect and confidence in me.

Above all, i feel so separated by God who have done so much for me .

I want to pick my self up and fight because of

3. Family
4. My girl friend

At this point I need all the help I can get to snatch out my life out of satanic bait to ruin me forever

Any professional here can please save a frustrated brother. I have not give up.

no mind my English ooo

My guy you're not alone, no mind this boys wey de rant for here according to my Guy 2pac " they never see your struggle, they only see your troubles"......it all begins and end in the MIND...your mind is what you can use to fight against anything in your life......., I understand you're trying not to go against GOD and what you believe but to abstain from sex for 10 months isn't the solution...

let me give you how I started to overcome sexual addiction in my life......

You must understand that there is a difference between TRUTH and REALITY.. The Truth is that anything related to sex outside marriage is wrong while REALITY is that we can't avoid them but we can only try to control them....

1) Remember prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlock the door..

2) Make up your mind about what you want.

3) Start avoiding porn....(once in awhile visit them my guy )

4) Have sex every 2 days, from there you can start growing.....don't just go on a long break from sex but remember it foundation have sex once a week......

Just know I believe in you and I know you can overcome it too
Family / Re: Finally, I Have Decided To Leave Him by Sanbuchi: 6:16pm On Dec 15, 2019
When I read some things, I just laugh and cry over them...

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Romance / Am Indecisive Please I Need Your Help by Sanbuchi: 10:34pm On May 29, 2017
never mind my grammer.

am a girl of 25, rip for marriage, my priority has been education. I met some people that promise me education but on conditions that they preform some marriage rites then I can go to school. the truth is I don't have feelings for them.....
now I have the opportunity of going to school again and happy for that...also, marriage is on my mind with a man i developed love for. I have some fears, am confuse please help what do you think I should do...mature minds please

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TV/Movies / Can You Please Help Me With The Download Link Of WARRIORS OF MUSANGA by Sanbuchi: 7:19am On Jul 09, 2016
Family / Who Should Resign In These Family.... by Sanbuchi: 4:12am On Mar 15, 2016
In a family where the husband earns #40,000 every month, and the wife earns #1 million every month, and they both work for thesame company...the kids are lacking parental care and love....who among them should resign to take care of the kids?
TV/Movies / Re: Which Nigeria Movies/films Has Been Your Best Since 1980 Till Present. by Sanbuchi: 5:31am On Feb 23, 2016
State of Emergency, Most Wanted and one other, i've forgotten the title. cool
lolzzz. please try to remember them ooo
TV/Movies / Re: Which Nigeria Movies/films Has Been Your Best Since 1980 Till Present. by Sanbuchi: 5:28am On Feb 23, 2016
TV/Movies / Which Nigeria Movies/films Has Been Your Best Since 1980 Till Present. by Sanbuchi: 10:13pm On Feb 22, 2016
Time has fly so fast over the years,yet memorys still remember the good old days............. I remember :IGODO, LAST BURIAL, AHANNA, ANINI, FULL MOON, THINGS FALL APART, WORLD APART, NEVER END, LIVING IN BONDAGE, BILLIONAIRES CLUB, KARASHIKA, EVIL MEN, ANOTHER BONDAGE, SISTER MARY,
Sports / Why Are Upcoming Footballers Tag By Most As Irresponsbile? by Sanbuchi: 1:35pm On Dec 12, 2015
Sports / Re: La Liga; Why Its Currently The Best League In The World.... by Sanbuchi: 5:06pm On Aug 05, 2015
Every major in the europe,always have two contenders..fact over the past 10yrs in england we have manchester united and chelsea (now mancity joined),in spain barcelona and real madrid (now athletico joined), in italy ac milan and inter milan (now juve joined), in france lyon and massillie ( now psg joined), in turkey bastikas and fenabache (now gala joined), in germany bayern munchen and bayern lervekusen (now dortmund joined)...

Epl is indeed great and exciting to watch,but lacks the beauty of the game on like laliga and german liga side plays better football....

Football is simply entertainment,that's even the lowest team in spain and german play we enjoy the contain of their game

Epl is the best to people because it is the most watched in the globe...

When we talk of good football, epl is no match in europe to italy, france, spain, germany even portugal.....

Epl believes in strength, which was why mourinho returned to england,but germany, spain and Italy believes in both strength and tactical games...

Mourinho find it difficult adapting in spain because of their style of play, using strength against tactic the chance of winning is slight if both teams have quality players...

Epl teams and players are always over hyped,even till today their national team is blessed with talent but can't perform outside england both in other leagues,Europe and the world.....

In all aspects in terms of achievement both national teams and clubs, england is no match for germany,spain and italy.....

All the soccer greats at the moments plays outside england....

At the moment the biggest player in england hazard is no match for neymar. As a team and individual ( Statistic and fact) ACHIEVEMENT...

.....I still wonder why epl should be the best league in the world..........


Romance / Which Of The Following Make Relationship Work? by Sanbuchi: 8:29pm On Jul 31, 2015
A. Love
B. Attention
C. Gifts
D. Care
E. Money
Politics / What Would Happen If Same Sex Marriage Is Legalise In Nigeria? by Sanbuchi: 8:29am On Jul 05, 2015
As seen last week we live in a world of endless possibilities (U.S.A). ..NO TO SAME SEX MARRIAGE IN NIGERIA
Romance / Husband Scarcity by Sanbuchi: 6:41am On May 19, 2015
It might be long but try and read Through without minding the grammatical errors...

This may not be the best time for me to write on this because of misinterpretation,but due to concern for our girls,I can no longer resist the push..

"husband scarcity" is one of the challenge faced by many young girls today. if you go to prayer houses,majority of the intention are prayers for life partner. And this calls for concern..

casting our minds back to the days of our mothers and grandmothers was there really much of the" husband scarcity" problems? Or maybe they were more men than women then, or they was a corresponding number of both genders..I don't think so.. "maybe then,the women have values and were prepared to build a home and not packed into a built home"..then, once a young man comes of age and can at least feed himself and his wife,he goes out in search for a wife and the woman really. Appreciate him and helps him to build a future..

what am I really trying to say? we created what we now see as "husband scarcity" for ourselves..today,the reverse is the case. ask an average girl to define her dream husband;you get to hear things like: he has to be tall,handsome,rich,owes a house at least,be presentable and then she adds "GOD FEARING" In other not to sound so worldly..then,check out the number of girls around you and the number of men that meet that standard,and you will see the problem. you'll hear a girl Say "I can't suffer in my father's house and then go and start suffering with a man".

what a wonderful dream..what if from the beginning,you have everything you wanted and there is no suffering,and later in the marriage,the table turns around and there comes suffering? Will you run away? No one prays for suffering but it is good to start small and end big,than start big and end small..the problem is that the description majority of girls give about their ideal man is virtually the same. when 50 girls want the same kind of man and the man that fits is just 1 man.. Now the man only picks one, what Then happens to the remaining 49? They simply start lamenting of "husband scarcity"..another irony of our time is that it is hard due to economic reality to find a man who is of marriage age who possesses the qualities,these ladies want legitimately (except those involved in internet fraud/scam,419);even the number of those involved in these fraud are not enough to match all those searching for already made husbands...if you look around,majority of the ladies of substance,of good value and virtue,who are ready to build a home with a man who has prospects,are married and are not complaining of "husband scarcity"..
the easiest way to find a husband now is to change your view of who a husband is: a husband is that man God made and then saw that it will be hard for him to actualize is purpose of making him without a help mate and then made the woman and gave to him and he felt compete and fulfilled..

MARRIAGE IS NOT A POVERTY ALLEVIATION PROGRAM..it is a mission to building the family God here on earth..for those who sees marriage as away out of poverty,it is a way into bondage..women's are HOME BUILDERS not HOME WARMERS..DON'T CONFUSE A MAN'S PATH WITH HIS DESTINY...where he is today,may only be a route to where God has destined for him to be tomorrow..another truth is that YOU MAY BE THE ONLY FAST MEANS TO THAT HIS DESTINATION..join in alleviating "husband scarcity"..PICK UP THE RIGHT VALUES...am not saying you should pick anyone that comes your way and proceed into marriage, not all man are husband materials!..what am i saying you should stop setting your standard on material acquisitions and physical appearance,look beyond the physical..WHAT MAKES A MAN WHO HE IS, IS NOT WHAT HE OWNS OR HOW HE LOOkS. BUT IT IS WHAT HE IS MADE UP OF...and that which he is made up of 'most times' are not seen with the physical eyes. only it effect can be seen...marriage is a permanent thing..whatever is seen are temporal and that which is not seen is permanent...relax and go to God in prayers..God did not just make EVE for making sake...he made her for adam needs to be met.

Romance / Re: Where Does The Power To Move On After Break-up Comes From? by Sanbuchi: 10:35pm On May 04, 2015
its no power bro...with time, you will forget about her and move on. #believe me. wink

And then you'll learn never to love any biitch again...just play along with the game and keep furcking em all
lolzz...true bt learning neva ends
Romance / Re: Where Does The Power To Move On After Break-up Comes From? by Sanbuchi: 10:34pm On May 04, 2015
shocked op is it u going thru break up?
it must not be me dear
Romance / Re: Where Does The Power To Move On After Break-up Comes From? by Sanbuchi: 10:33pm On May 04, 2015
sambisa I think
bro be serious jare
Romance / Where Does The Power To Move On After Break-up Comes From? by Sanbuchi: 10:24pm On May 04, 2015
I have wondered but couldn't get an answer to it...
Romance / Re: Please What's Your Say On These... by Sanbuchi: 10:33pm On May 02, 2015
Not in this planet
lolz..jst cnt stop laughing but still they reason am

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Romance / Re: Please What's Your Say On These... by Sanbuchi: 10:27pm On May 02, 2015

Good evening
Aaawwh, Yes Yes Yes Yes they do OBTAIN. Including MYSELF.
hmmmm..it's up to you but I don't think so
Romance / Please What's Your Say On These... by Sanbuchi: 9:31pm On May 02, 2015
Girl: Baby pls I want to fix my hair and I need you to give me some money to do that, (the guy reaches his pocket, takes out N10,000 gave it to her and said)

Guy: baby pls take dis N10,000 I kwn it's too small bt pls manage it.. ( The girl collected the money jst as he said, she took N1,500 and returned N8,500 to the boy and said)

Girl: baby N1,500 will be okay for me so take the N8,500 balance and use it for something good, you don't have to start spending on me now, when we get married you can do that..does this kind of girls still exist..

Romance / Please Help !!! by Sanbuchi: 1:49pm On May 02, 2015
My girlfriend is dating a solider, I can't take that anymore and I want to go and warn him in the barracks.

Romance / Re: How Long Does It Take Women To Realize They've Lost A Good Guy? by Sanbuchi: 11:28pm On Apr 16, 2015
Even until the end of her life,the pains would never leave her heart... ETENITY...
Romance / Re: Will I Live With Regrets by Sanbuchi: 2:17pm On Apr 14, 2015
What's all this talk about friendzone...in as much as its a feeling we guys have I sincerely think its immature to think that way cuz you are supposed to date/marry your best friend not your enemy, I understand the few side chicks rule but I will be damned if you don't score her at least cuz that's what friends that close do they screw each other and never agree to date its a Win Draw situation and everyone is happy
thank you...so many reasons to believe you
Romance / Re: Will I Live With Regrets by Sanbuchi: 10:53pm On Apr 13, 2015
*in chipmunks voice* of you ask emi , na who I go ask, the matter Wei you type so, e heavy for mind, no be me go talk am............ don't remember the rest.
bros follow your heart or remain in the friendzone, capicse!

thank you

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