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Romance / Re: Is Glory Stealing Possible? by SavageResponse(m): 8:35pm
I don't believe it's possible
Romance / Re: I Just Discovered I Have Gamophobia by SavageResponse(m): 8:34pm
I'm just scared because anybody can change. My friend is enduring her marriage, she married my grand aunt son, she was a virgin before her marriage and she has a very good character. My mother was the one that recommended her when my cousin said he needed a wife, he is based in US, they have been married for more than five years now but she is still in Nigeria. The embassy denied her visa two times, I feel something is fishing, it seems he is the one doing things wrongly. If it is just courtship, I would have personally broken it but it is marriage, there is nothing I can do about it, she has to keep enduring.

All those long distance marriages are a pain in the arse!
Romance / Re: How To Get Free Pussy by SavageResponse(m): 8:12pm
only handsome men like me get free punna....every other person must pay something.

This is not true
Celebrities / Re: Nkechi Blessing Sunday Arrives UK, Kisses Her Husband After Mum's Burial (Photo) by SavageResponse(m): 3:09pm
Ok we have heard
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze: Tiwa Savage Sex Tape Will Stay In My Head For A Long Time (Video) by SavageResponse(m): 3:03pm

Make i watch am small to confirm if its original �

What's your opinion? Is it original or fake? grin
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Moved Back To DSS Custody As Court Adjourns Till Nov 10 by SavageResponse(m): 2:53pm

Shut up!

See him...e pain am! grin
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Moved Back To DSS Custody As Court Adjourns Till Nov 10 by SavageResponse(m): 2:52pm

He's not an agitator. He's a scam using his people to get his daily bread.

He knows his people very well. He knows they are too emotional.

He started off by cursing and denigrating Yorubas, forgetting that most of you actually make your living in Yorubaland.

Then he began to source for funds to buy weapons.

If he indeed is a freedom fighter, can you tell us what job he was doing at over 40-something years old in London before agitating for Biafra?

What you have said is the plain truth, unfortunately it's not what his adherents want to hear

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Moved Back To DSS Custody As Court Adjourns Till Nov 10 by SavageResponse(m): 2:51pm

Cos buhari will continue to rule you till thy kindgom come... Ewu!

You people do not like to hear the truth
Business / Re: The Many Advantages Of Steel Recycling In Melbourne by SavageResponse(m): 2:34pm
There are countless benefits of steel recycling in Melbourne, which you need to know. Steel is the most recycled metal, which is not surprising considering its excellent properties. It is common to have steel appliances in the home. If they are of no use, it is better to sell these scrap to expert dealers. It will allow you to earn some money, make some space in the house, and save the environment from various pollution. Recycling this metal will garner some great results and help make the world a little bit greener.

Metal Recycling prices in Melbourne is cost-effective, which also makes the resultant product cheaper. Hence, recycling not only solves environmental issues but also helps the world economically. People take recycling for granted, thinking how a small number of steel scraps can save the planet. Firstly, someone has to start from somewhere as tiny drops make the mighty ocean. A small contribution from every citizen can make a big difference in the world. Secondly, every ton of this reprocessed metal can save one and a half tonne of iron ore, half a ton of coal, and nearly forty per cent of water. Therefore, by using reprocessed steel, you are saving the environment from various intensive scars.

The most crucial advantage of scrap steel reprocessing is that it saves a lot of natural energy. The recycling of metal scraps takes less energy while creating a new item. As this metal is already available, all it needs the modification into a new product. The necessary amount of energy-saving transforms into a cheaper commodity for consumers. In a way, it benefits everyone- the environment, industries, and consumers.

Reprocessing decreases the diminishing of natural resources. The extraction of raw materials involves many intensive processes such as drilling deep, recovering new base metals, and high water usage. One can save such wastage of natural materials by recycling the already present metal. When people use existing material repeatedly, it preserves the natural landscape and protects the current wildlife. The mining tasks cause considerable disturbance to the natural habitat of the earth. After such a hassle and hard work, it is natural for mining companies to sell pure metals at costly prices. Hence, you can stop such issues by selling the old steel scraps to specialised dealers.

Reprocessing also reduces landfill growth. It is a crucial aspect of an environment as many metal items take a long time to biodegrade. If you want to contribute positively to the environment, get in touch with the leading expert dealers in the city.

How does this concern us here in Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home: Aba Roads Deserted As Nnamdi Kanu Appears In Court (Pics & Video) by SavageResponse(m): 2:08pm

Yes bro.
Ndigbo should be allowed to have their own country.
If they then wish to sit-at-home all year long. Its non of your business.

You people need to stop deceiving yourselves.

The South east is landlocked therefore being a separate country will put it at a serious disadvantage especially when you consider the fact south easterners are the major importers in Nigeria.

The implication of this is that all imports will have to pass through Nigerian seaports then transported by road to Biara where it will incure additional customs duties, likewise any airplane that wants to leave the south east must first get permission before entering Nigerian airspace!
Business / Re: Is It Possible To Deposit A USA Cheque Into A Bank In Nigeria? by SavageResponse(m): 5:26am
Do you guys know of any bank that does international handling of USA checks? As in accept a check drawn on a USA bank in dollars into domiciliary account.


Do you guys know of any bank that does international handling of USA checks? As in accept a check drawn on a USA bank in dollars into domiciliary account.


You asked a question yourself and you answered it yourself
Investment / Re: Bamise Ajetunmobi & Wife Elizabeth Accused Of Fleeing With ₦22Bn Investors Money by SavageResponse(m): 5:15am
The same thing one is doing now,claiming to be in real estate for only six years and already a multi billionaire,telling people to come and invest in his scheme.

What's the name of the company? Is it something you can share here?
Politics / Re: Police Arrest Armed Hoodlum At Lekki Toll Gate by SavageResponse(m): 5:07am

Easy on your response to things that did not happen in your presence

That pic you posted of a person with what looks like a bullet wound does not prove the person was actually shot at the Lekki Toll Gate
Celebrities / Re: Charles Okocha Destroys Friend's Car For Taking His Teenage Daughter Out by SavageResponse(m): 4:59am
Probably a comedy skit cheesy

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Investment / Re: What is the meaning of Negative Acct bal? by SavageResponse(m): 4:46am

What would happen if he doesn’t make a deposit of the said amount into his account as a refund?

Well the bank is not necessarily going to arrest him because of this incident but anytime he makes a deposit the bank will first deduct the negative balance amount.
If for instance he makes a deposit of N20,000 his account will show a balance of N14,900Cr.

The only way he can avoid this is if he abandons that account but this will be rather foolish. The downside of doing this is that the system of the bank might treat the negative balance as an overdraft or loan and will automatically charge interest on that account on a compounding basis therefore in about 2 years the negative balance may increase significantly from N5,100 to N8,000 for instance.

My suggestion would be for him to pay in the money especially since he was the one who spent it and not that his money was stolen
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Things You Should Look Out For Before Taking A Job At A Company by SavageResponse(m): 2:15pm On Oct 20
Job seekers don suffer for this Nigeria

I swear.

Everyday new advise grin


Investment / Re: Royal Q Crypto Trading Robot (Updates) by SavageResponse(m): 1:27pm On Oct 20

You can decide to be blind, na your palava be that wink, zebu.

i dare you to post you Royal Q trading results so you can put me to shame! grin
Politics / Re: EndSARS Massacre Is False - Lai Mohammed Replies CNN by SavageResponse(m): 11:13am On Oct 20
they have shown you guys bodies, now its left for you to believe or not


Please post pics of the bodies of the 78 people that were allegedly killed at Lekki Toll Gate!


Business / Re: Introverts, How Do You Manage Your Business That Deals With Speaking To People R by SavageResponse(m): 9:22am On Oct 20
I find it difficult to market my business due to how introverted i am.

Now I'm not just the everyday introvert, my introversion is so critical and extreme that i hardly talk to my family.

My business involves me coming in contact with people regularly and i just end up with anxiety and panic attacks.

Please how do you guys take care of your business?

Start interacting with people more frequently and learn to speak more in public so you can boost you confidence

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Business / Re: How Can I Protect My Business Idea From Being Stolen By Potential Partners? by SavageResponse(m): 9:12am On Oct 20

Do not tell him, get a laptop and learn programming for 1year, then go ahead and do whatever u want to do yourself

By the time he's done learning either someone else would have thought of that same idea or it's economic viability would have been overtaken by changes in technology grin
Business / Re: Piggyvest Users Panic, Platform Loses N2billion Investment To Fraudsters by SavageResponse(m): 9:05am On Oct 20

I thought the company already denied making this investment
Politics / Re: #EndSARS Memorial: Police Arrest Protesters At Lekki Tollgate by SavageResponse(m): 8:51am On Oct 20
If you do anyhow you go see anyhow!

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Sports / Re: "Give Me Your Shirt, I Give You My Mum" - Boy Begs Messi by SavageResponse(m): 8:47am On Oct 20
hope is not the mum standing beside him
Leo belike take my shirt I don't want your mum grin

Celebrities / Re: Georgina Onuoha: Any Man Who Loves You Will Never Record You During Intimacy by SavageResponse(m): 6:06am On Oct 20
I'm still wondering why people believed Tiwa sex wasn't done without her consent.. For me she is just an embarrassment to the niche of her age and those around..

When Tonto Dike case came out, she cried and reported to the police and KPOKPOGARRI is being investigated... So why is Tiwa yet to report her case so that somebody would pay.. I watched the video and the camera moved showed the foolish mama pikin knew what she was doing.. But if all these, from wizkid to this current tape are thought to help her remain relevant, she must be a jaackass of high calibre

It was done without her consent and this is very obvious!
Celebrities / Re: Georgina Onuoha: Any Man Who Loves You Will Never Record You During Intimacy by SavageResponse(m): 5:59am On Oct 20
I doubt if she was even in a relationship with the guy
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Officially Changes Name To "Ye" by SavageResponse(m): 6:11pm On Oct 19
If you like change your name to Ze, it's none of my biz!
Celebrities / Re: Blackmail: Fans React As Video Of Tiwa Savage, Lover Surfaces by SavageResponse(m): 6:10pm On Oct 19
I watched the video and I feel ashamed for Tiwa Savage....

Sex is a normal part of life. The person who should be ashamed is the person who leaked the video
Business / Re: How Can I Run A Ptc Site In Nigeria by SavageResponse(m): 2:10am On Oct 19
Invest in Africa's most profitable PTC business . Visit https://shoplife.africa/

Is that so?
Romance / Re: Crying Bride Creates A Scene At Her Wedding (video) by SavageResponse(m): 2:07am On Oct 19
Na serious cry o cheesy
Romance / Re: Why Hausa And Fulani Women Hardly Sleep Around by SavageResponse(m): 1:55am On Oct 19
Romance / Re: Discreet Relationship In Abuja With A Mature Female by SavageResponse(m): 1:52am On Oct 19
A mature female interested in a discreet relationship in Abuja ? I’m a good looking guy , young and vibrant too.
Emphasis on the discreet please , thank you.

Why are you so particular about being discreet? Are you already married?
Business / Re: Franchise Is A Sure Way Out Of Bad Economy/business by SavageResponse(m): 1:49am On Oct 19
Franchise is the way out of bad economy.
Starting a new business and building the brand from the ground up can be taunting. From planning your marketing strategies to creating engaging campaigns, and more, building up a strong acceptance and recognition can get extremely expensive. An even riskier event this model could trigger is the possible failure of your new business.

Buying a franchise on the other hand, saves you the trouble of building a brand and acquiring customers. It eliminates excessive marketing costs, years of trials & errors, and places you right in a revenue model that works.

While franchising may have it’s advantages, it also has it’s flaws, but some of the best franchise opportunities can have your new business up, running, and highly profitable instantly.

Examples of profitable Franchise in Nigeria.

Telecommunications e.g Dstv, mtn
Transportation e.g ABC transport
Logistics e.g dhl
Coffee franchise
Resturant franchise e.g tantalizers, kfc
Oil and gas franchise e.g NNPC
Mobile phones franchise e.g slot
Movie franchise e.g ozone cinema
big business franchise e.g choscharis motor, Tara house
Construction e.g Dangote
Drink and wine e.g Coca-Cola, Nigerian brewery
Small business franchise e.g crystal embroidery
Online freelance/ affiliate e.g fiverr

If you have a small business you can turn it into a big flourishing business
Your business needs the push to attain great success and be a multi million naira empire.
If you are without a job, this is the cheapest and most efficient way of getting yourself a business and be counted.

Standup and do something today.
If you have questions ask and i will gladly answer

Most of those companies you listed especially MTN and Dangote are not operating franchise

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