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Politics / Re: # Buhari, Sanwo Olu Stop Paying Government Teachers by SIRmanjar(m): 8:03am On Jul 09
Do you know you can call attention to your plight without clamouring for the stoppage of Govt teacher salary because I don't see how stopping the govt teacher salary makes your life any better

I get the guys point.

Hiz trying to let us know that government govt teachers are one of those pressuring government not to resume schools yet because they are lazy to go back to work,and because they receive salary every month.Hiding under safety.
If the salary stops they will change tone and be eager to go back to work.
Its Not that he is really against them..its just that he is against there selfish stand on the matter using safety as excuse.


Politics / Re: FG Meets State Govts Tuesday To Discuss School Resumption by SIRmanjar(m): 11:34am On Jul 05

Abeg no vex, no be person wey him pikin dey alive main go concern with school? You state your opinion and allow parents/guardians and even medical experts state their own na.

Some Nigerians are naturally wicked by nature.

When there was full lock down..Some people were shouting and protesting for govt to lift it because there job was affected. They were crying of hunger,they were saying that the virus is not deadly..As soon as govt lifted the lock down and still closed other businesses they remembered that the virus is deadly..Those same people are now encouraging the same govt to leave other peoples business closed.
Politics / Re: FG Meets State Govts Tuesday To Discuss School Resumption by SIRmanjar(m): 10:58am On Jul 05

NUT was on strike for a whole session in the past, nothing happened. We cannot take risks by mere gambling.

Its like u are been spoonfeed by the govt.

Keep typing nonsense while chilling wherever u are.

U know deep inside that school resumption be safe but people like u don't want to see that happen.So u guys hide under children's safety to frustrate it.
Politics / Re: FG Meets State Govts Tuesday To Discuss School Resumption by SIRmanjar(m): 4:14am On Jul 05
What is the rush about? They should please listen to NMA and NUT, they are major stakeholders. We understand they have shared the school feeding money and other monies earmarked for education purposes and they need cover it up. However, it shouldn't be at the expense of the public/masses whose plight they have not improved.

What do u mean by what is the rush?

Reading what is written we can see private schools have put the right measures and are ready to resume while government schools and there teachers are lazy to go back to work.
Government should adopt no work no pay for teachers. To cure there laziness.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Experienced A Turn Off From Someone On Your First Date With Him/he by SIRmanjar(m): 8:49pm On Jun 08
There is this gel she no sabi speak english and i know but she tooooooo set.So i dey manage am.So for that any time we hang out i go carry am go bar wey nobody know me.

So one unlucky day my friend bumped into us in a bar as we dey drink the gel come high come dey tabor.Dis na gel wey quiet before.The last tabor wey she do be say,,my friend ask am her state she talk,,my friend come praise her state say them get plenty buisness mogul..The gel say Nooo we no get buisness MUGU ooo our buisness men get sense well well..I put the gel for bike sharparly form say i wan go house. cheesy

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Health / Re: Israel Shuts Schools As Pupils & Teachers Contract COVID-19 After Reopening by SIRmanjar(m): 1:35pm On Jun 08
Isreal is not nigeria.

Schools are open in some countries with the virus.

I beilieve it will work in our country especially lagos.

Anti school resumption people will hold onto this to spread fear forgetting that opening of school worked in some other countries
Education / Re: Don’t Reopen Schools Now, Lagos Parents Tell Govt by SIRmanjar(m): 12:07pm On May 29

U r pained, yes I know. off my mention pls

I pained?

I wrote someone to make him see reasons why government should open up schools..U came from no where charging like a mad cow that escaped from an abattoir and called me a hungry teacher when I am not.

Unsympathetic, wicked soul.
Education / Re: Don’t Reopen Schools Now, Lagos Parents Tell Govt by SIRmanjar(m): 11:44am On May 29

May that curse go back to your head n that of your generation in 1,000,000 fold Mr babalawo. May u and your generation loose everything u have worked for since u cannot express yourself without laying curses. May u sleep on curses n wake up on curses expect if what I'm saying is not true as regards the safety of my children being at home. May all the curses fall on u except if my children are not my children. If I'm fighting for d safety of my children, what then is your problem Mr herbalist? May the earth frown at your feet, may every step u take bring to u disappointments from hence forth.
In your next world, u would learn to express yourself without laying curses. Useless fellow

I can see u are a sex starved lunatic..Dem no dey tell mad man to comot for express road..After today u will learn a bitter lesson not to call anyone u see hungry online.
Keep rejoicing over another mans misfortune urs is coming with the speed of light.U will surely learn the hard way.
Education / Re: Don’t Reopen Schools Now, Lagos Parents Tell Govt by SIRmanjar(m): 11:20am On May 29

Another hungry teacher spotted. It's best u go look for business to be doing till a new session resumes by September rather than crying n arguing so hard for govt to open schools now. U haven't seen hunger, this is just d beginning. As a parent, I have zero my mind about 3rd term. My children will only resume school by September. Even if Govt likes, let them open d schools, that's their fucken business. My children r already doing well with their everyday free online classes n we r good with that. Only selfish hungry
teachers clamor for schools to open n even if schools r opened, the teachers n school owners should get ready to teach themselves

If I am a teacher or a hungry teacher may what I am looking for never come to me but if I am not,may what u are looking for never locate u and may u lose everything u cherish.
How dare u use such word on me u wicked soul?How can u be happy for another mans joblessness and misfortune?

I see jobless people especially teachers I feel nothing but pity and help them in my own little way..while u are online rejoicing over there suffering.May God punish ur wicked soul.

U guys know that the increasing number will keep on rising if school resumes or not,but all u sadist are just using it to scare the govt from opening school.
Education / Re: Don’t Reopen Schools Now, Lagos Parents Tell Govt by SIRmanjar(m): 8:57am On May 29
touote author=martineverest post=90054268]such a selfish thinking[/quote]

U are the selfish thinker here.
Whether school remains closed or not the numbers will keep increasing in an alarming rate.

What's the point of locking schools down?Did govt lock schools down to protect the school building or children.U and I know it was locked for the safety of children.
It was closed to stop them from contacting the virus by staying at home safely..Which is good.
But the children u are trying to protect are still moving around freely.
Some follow there parents to market, some go on errand to market and mix with different kind of people,some hawk tinz around,while some enter public transport.In all what I mentioned they still go back home with out falling victim to the virus.

Its not as if children are all locked up in there houses in this lockdown.They move around like every other person. So why continue holding them down when they are moving around freely doing nothing and havent contacted the virus.

Some have even joined criminal gangs,while some go around robbing innocent people because of idleness.

The virus is here to stay for a long time so let's learn to live with it. Becos they can't remain at home for long.

There is no point in locking schools when the children u are trying to save are still moving around.Teachers need to feed.Some last received there salary on Feb.if u are one of them how will u feel..show sympathy.
Many people are out of job waiting patiently for schools to resume so they can apply for job.

To me sonwu olu is the only reasonable governor.

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Health / Re: Hotels, School Dormitories To Be Used As Isolation Centres - FG by SIRmanjar(m): 8:17am On May 29
It's obvious people don't understand the situation right now. Where were they getting the idea that schools were opening soon when there was consistent increase in cases

What situation?

I was thinking the way u are thinking till I reasoned every tin deeply.

Whether schools opens or not the virus will still spread in an alarming rate.
The reason for locking schools is for the safety of children not the safety of school buildings..which is good but the children u are trying to save are walking round the streets moving around freely mixing with different kind of people..Some even assist there parent in market,while some hawk tinz around to support there parents.
Its not like every body caged there children during the lock down from going out.
My point is if children are still playing around,moving around entering buses and going on errand to stores and markets like every other person.Then what's the point in holding them down from going to school when they still go out and mix with there fellow children and adults.Its not like children are all locked at home during this look down. Think it tru
I am tired of seeing my kids at home.

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Health / Re: Hotels, School Dormitories To Be Used As Isolation Centres - FG by SIRmanjar(m): 7:44am On May 29
there is an outbreak already,but Nigerians arent dieing like the westerners..many Nigerians are having mild symptoms like loss of taste and smell

U are a very wicked soul and ur wickedness will kill u if u don't change.

If many Nigerians are not dieing and having only mild symptoms is it not unwise to lock peoples means of livelihood down becos of few people in govt wants to make money?countries are learning to leave with the virus cos it will be around for a long time.
Its either u are a government worker making money from this virus or a pure sadist that don't like peoples progress.Teachers haven't received salary since Feb and some of them have children.Try and show sympathy it won't cost u money.

Kids are at home idle and jobless.In my area Some secondary school students are joining deadly gangs on a daily robbing innocent people while u are online displaying wickedness..just pray u won't fall victim to one of those idle student u don't want back in school.

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Education / Re: Private Schools Teachers, How Are You Coping During This Lock Down? by SIRmanjar(m): 1:10pm On May 20
Govt should open up schools next two weeks.They should consider private school teachers especially the widows and family men amongst them.
Politics / Re: UPDATE; Buhari Receives Madagascan Native Formulation Against Corona Virus by SIRmanjar(m): 9:17pm On May 16
What is wrong with blacks

We are meant to be at the fore front promoting the use of traditional medicine.

Lets support ourselves..AU,ECOWAS and co should support Madagascar.
Politics / Re: 603 Ex-Boko Haram Terrorists To Be Re-integrated In June – DHQ by SIRmanjar(m): 9:06pm On May 16

Now that they are all surrendering they should pls surrender Leah and the chibok girls with them

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Education / Re: When Do You Think FG Of Nigeria Will Approve The Opening Of Schools In Nigeria? by SIRmanjar(m): 7:55pm On May 16
June will be best

If govt can open up markets why can't they open schools.

To avoid over crowding..creche,nursery and primary 1 and 2 should open two times a week.while primary 3 to six should open the remaining 3 days.

By doing so it will make students easy to control by there teachers..Teachers will find it easy to make them obey laws like washing of hands and wearing face mask.

Break time should be scrapped to avoid unessesary play.

If students and teachers don't come to school every day it will make schools reduce school fees which parents will benefit from and teachers won't waste money on transport becos there salary will be reduced.
Schools should open so teachers especially the widows,single parent and those that have families amongst them can earn something.

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Politics / Re: Ikpeazu Returns To“classroom”, Teaches Senior Secondary Students Biology(photos) by SIRmanjar(m): 8:20pm On May 12
Nawa o

Our governors should do sometin about this kids staying at home.They are involving themselves in unproductive stuff..An idle mind is the devils factory..They can't keep staying at home for months.

If they can open markets for three days..Schools should open as well..All levels shouldn't operate at once..
Nursery,primary 1 to 3 can open on monday and tuesday while others should open on the remaining 3 days by so doing the school won't be crowded so teachers will be able to control students and make dem observe any laid down rule like washing of hands and wearing face mask.

They should scrap brake time to avoid unnecessary play.

Teachers won't come every day cos there won t be any need..All levels won't operate at once..it will make dem save transport money.

It will make schools reduce school fees till school resume fully.which will help parents in this our harsh economic condition.

It will make teachers earn something dis hard time.

Teachers and student can't keep staying at home for long especially teachers.They need to earn something.
I know a female teacher suffering,a widow with two kids.she has no one to help her..I have helped her in my own little way but I can't help her for long.

The distant learning is not for Nigerians..its for white kids and we are not ready for it yet.we must not copy dem every time let they copy us.


Religion / Re: Satan, The Cherub That Covereth And The Inverted Pyramid by SIRmanjar(m): 8:52am On Mar 08
Sports / Re: Churchill To Support African Football Players, Partners With UK Sports Academy by SIRmanjar(m): 9:17pm On Mar 07
Da-One-Minit-Man grin


Crime / Re: Gang War: Ewet Technical College Shut Down, DPO Injured, 34 Students Suspended by SIRmanjar(m): 5:59am On Feb 22

Wasted generation, Generations of snakes and vipers.

Cultism is Nigerias biggest unforeseen problem.

The bastards complain of bad government but during election they collect money from bad clueless candidates that won't perform and rig dem in only for dem to lavish the money and return to the street to constitute nuisance. angry


Politics / Re: RUGA: You Can’t Force Us To Donate Land To Herdsmen - Governors Reply Miyetti by SIRmanjar(m): 9:57am On Nov 10, 2019
Hmmmm angry

Who made dem south wests mouth piece. angry

Pls kindly remove south west from that list..From our beautiful fertile lush forest in kwara to our breezy water front in Lagos the Fulani's can occupy any place of there choice.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Powerful Forces Want Oshiomhole Sacked Over Tinubu's Presidential Ambition by SIRmanjar(m): 8:24am On Nov 05, 2019
Crime / Re: Killer, Gracious David-West To Be Arraigned In Court (Photos) by SIRmanjar(m): 2:11pm On Oct 21, 2019
Rubbish angry

Fake remorse.Someone pls collect that Bible from his hands he is bringing shame to Gods name.if u Free him he will still commit the same crime again.

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Politics / Re: Kogi Election: El-Rufai, 6 Governors, Others To Relocate To Kogi by SIRmanjar(m): 2:01pm On Oct 21, 2019
Elrufai the quantum man that does all the result rigging calculation from his hotel room before the result is announced for APC.
I like him a little becos he is not scared of any god father.

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Celebrities / Re: BBNaija: Nkechi Blessing Sunday 'Tacha Made Things Difficult For Me' by SIRmanjar(m): 9:37am On Sep 28, 2019

Failure no get mama and papa
Crime / Re: Woman Gang-raped On Her Birthday By South Africa Tourist by SIRmanjar(m): 4:52am On Sep 13, 2019
Rape is an achievement and culture in South Africa.

In Zulu culture before they see u as a man U must rape at least 10 girls.If u rape more than 10 women in ur lifetime that means u have qualified for a chieftancy title.

They call dia chiefs Induna nkosi,kwakwula yezizwe.

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Crime / Re: Ebonyi Cult Clash: Three Killed, Houses Burnt by SIRmanjar(m): 11:03am On May 02, 2019
Nice one..The villagers should deal with all of dem..Cultism is not an Igbo or Hausa tin na we Yorubas get am.

Nigerian youths need to be united,instead of bin divided by cultism.

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Politics / Re: 2019: What Buhari Told Miyetti Allah In Aso-rock Today (PHOTOS) by SIRmanjar(m): 9:06pm On Jan 18, 2019
Sai Baba!

Well said my amiable president..Ipob flat head Jews are the real terrorists terrorizing Nigeria.

As a sophisticated hardcore omulabi we are ready to donate Osun,Ogun,Oyo and sum part of Ondo for grazing for peace to reign..Thanks for speaking well sir.

4+4 till manababyque get sense cheesy

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Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland #10YearsChallenge: Upload Your Throwback Pictures Here by SIRmanjar(m): 11:37am On Jan 15, 2019

I will luv to have a girl from Enugu so she can feed me free achi soup with fufu, eat free abacha and ugba and wash it down with fresh nsukka palmwine whenever I visit..All for free kiss

No be only abacha, what of Babangida?

As you talk free food the gel run but if for say you put am say you go send am 100k to prepare the food before you visit na she go dey disturb you.
Nairaland gels never see food chop talk less of preparing for person.
Some of dem dey chop half square meal a day. grin

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Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland #10YearsChallenge: Upload Your Throwback Pictures Here by SIRmanjar(m): 8:07am On Jan 15, 2019
Then and now, have always been cute tongue tongue embarassed cool cool

Im be like say na you dey hold your village shrine key. smiley

Nice pics


Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland #10YearsChallenge: Upload Your Throwback Pictures Here by SIRmanjar(m): 7:47am On Jan 15, 2019
10yrs ago

Omo dis your head fit break yoke oo

See as you garnish the head with baby oil cheesy


Sports / Re: "I Want To Fight Wilder In April" - Anthony Joshua by SIRmanjar(m): 6:31pm On Dec 14, 2018

Why didn't you mention Nigeria. Why? Just tell me why?
Nigeria is Joshua's home so wilder will never give him home advantage over him,again I don't think Nigeria has the capacity to host a big fight like dat.

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