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Crime / Re: How Yahoo Almost Ruined My Life (18+) "True Life Story" by slayminder(m): 9:32pm On Jan 02
Nawa oooh

When i see young guys craving to be Yahoo boys I just laugh because they don't know how deep the game of Yahoo is

Yahoo is not all about making money and taking pills , fvcking some nice sexy girls, there are more to it , except you're the type that only makes lil funds like $1k to $200k

No one introduced me into the game of Yahoo , it all started in 2014 when men around me were just Living large
Honestly I was tempted to ask them to show me the way but self respect kept me still while hunger continued to show me no mercy as a broke student

I'm from a non buoyant family but feeding ain't no prob , all thanks to my struggling mom, lost my dad at a very tender age of 6, and I've always had that zeal to make it big seems none of my rich relatives care about us

I visited a friend of mine named chuks (wrong name ) in Lagos _maryland _Mende 2014

Chuks is also a student of Ambrose Alli univ same school
We were broke ass niggas who girls never felt fun to be with cuz no funds at hand to make everywhere bubble

Chuks then told me of his plans to join Yahoo which I actually found irritating , I advised him not to indulge in such , just because his neighbor was cashing out hugely , he changed cars like clothes
I never knew I will later end up being the boss in the game
I didn't practice what I preached according to Damien marley

One Saturday morning this chuk's neighbor and some three of his guys came out of their room and started playing gongo aso by 9ice and in few minutes time about 5 sexy tall girls came in to join them

Different drinks were flowing , girls were smoking s.k (weed)
Tbh I was thrilled but I made no silly move , I sat outside just thinking about my life , asking myself just one question
"Guy when you go make am". Shey na to pray and fast ?
I don fast tire and pray tire sef , even God sef know say I they call him name everyday but I still never touch better money

I couldn't hold it no more I went inside to meet my friend ,

Me: guy those men are chopping life , which work he dey do

Chuks: na Yahoo guy o , but he they claim say na him papa for u.s.a they send am money but we know the secret , na Yahoo boy

Me: how he take they make the money from Yahoo

Chuks: na just to open Facebook or any dating site, register and use better white man picture then you go find any single lady make her fall , bla bla bla

Me: wowed , just like that ? How the woman go take pay the money if na just love related stuff

Chuks : you too ask questions , when d woman don love you , you fit just find excuse bill am

Me: I had more questions to ask but I didn't wanna disturb him further

I am the kinda person that gets motivated by what I see , I got self belief that if that guy can cash out so big I'll surely make it bigger cuz back then i was worse than a smooth talker

A year passed I was in my second yr in school , 2015 , to pay school fees problem , to change new wears bigger problem , to feed for school nko biggest problem
So I remembered all the guidelines chuks said the other time that I have to open up a Facebook and all that

I opened up a Facebook acct , and used some wrong informations , used a very handsome man in his 40's pictures
I followed some pages like love pages and dating pages
I kept meeting fake users just like me , for about 6 months I had no single client , they were all same hustlers like me
I gave up and angrily deleted the acct , but all these while no one knew about it including my friend chuks

One day i visited (Iyamo ) Adams oshiomhole's village in Edo state , a friend of mine had an accident so he was in an orthopaedic surgeon's home
I spent about 3 days with him and the young guys there live larger than life

I noticed how they were trooping in and out of a particular house so I was interested in knowing what's up in there

Finally I realised they were Yahoo guys who were making charms to make their white clients pay them money without stress
I was like damn , I've heard another one
Anytime they come around , they just share money to every elder there, there was an herbalist there , very respected

When I went back to my town , the thought of Yahoo entered me again , so this time around I decided to focus more
I went on Google to type "which Facebook group has more white women"

I found some pages so I followed the pages and started getting some replies
I posted my picture on one of the groups saying I need true love , so many comments came in as the admin approved my post

I had so many messages both from scammers and real people cuz I claimed I'm so lonely and I wanna settle down

I noticed some clients will ask me for a video call , that's when I knew they must be real , so I kinda use my finger to cover the camera so they won't see my face but I can see theirs to confirm they're truly whites and when they ask me why they can't see me I'll tell them some lies , some will fall for it while some won't

In 2months I already have about 50+ sure clients for a romantic relationship , I don't sleep no more at night and it affected my academics

There was this particular lady who was so obsessed with me , she will chat me anytime she's not at work

Note: just one client can change your life for good

I set my time to hers , when she's awake I'm awake , we sleep same time , we joke about everything and she has a daughter of 8yrs , she's a baby mama abs fully loaded

We do voice calls , I got an American accent from the love of 2pac including old school foreign musics in general
And she loves music as well that's why we vibe so much

I told her I'm from Stuttgart Germany and she lives in New York U.S.A. Aged 43

I was so scared to ask her for money , so i needed someone who's deep in the game to teach me the format , at the same time I didn't want no one to know about what I was newly into , so I was adamant

I went on Google lol , typing how to Bill clients funnily I got some answers tho
I picked up some ideas there , at night when she was free from work I knew shellobe expecting my message so I hid my last seen
She kept messaging me but I didn't respond, I didn't even make no post for about two days
She was so worried that she was even calling me on Facebook and she was totally restless because I've gotten into her deeply
She even sends me her nudes from the way i sweet talk her

On the 3rd day I told her that I had an accident that's why I haven't been online and because I know she will be worries that's why I came online to ensure she's fine
Damn she was so worried and said she wanna take a week off from work just to come check up on me that i should drop my home address

I didn't know what else to say than " babe you don't have to stress yourself I'll be fine "

Me: I just want to try all means to clear the hospital bills , but my sister is here taking care of me

Client: oh that's a relief can I at least speak with her and thank her specially?

Me: sure you can but she's gone home to bring some items

Client : alright whenever she's back pls beep me up

Me: okay babe

Wahala where I wan get lady to make this call wey get better accent
My ex girlfriend came to mind , luckily we didn't quarrel or fight we just couldn't flow no more

I called her up immediately, she had this sweet voice and she got a very good accent

Me: fine girl how fa na , I don miss u like mad that's why I say make i check up on you

Ex: you don forget me na, how u dey

Me: I'm good where you at , I got something important to tell you

Ex: important you ? Abi na those ur tricks to fvck me again , cuz u no know pass fvck

Me: u too play , na something important and u go benefit from am

We later fixed a date for her to meet me the next day by night hours
I explained everything to her , she's a fast learner , so we did a quick rehearsal
When i checked my Facebook page , my client had messaged me about 7 times already

I replied immediately

Me: how're you doing darling

Client: oh thank good Lord I'm sp worried about you

Me: I'm sorry about that , my sister delayed she just came around she was held in traffick

Client : can I pls speak with her ?

Me: sure you can

Client : Hi dear , my name is Alicia (wrong name,) I'm your elder brother's girlfriend bla bla bla

Ex: he's told me so much about you and I can't wait to meet you in person

Client: yeah me too , he told me how you've been taking care of him , hope he's not badly injured

Ex: kinda but he's recovering rapidly , but he's set to go home as long as we're able to pay up all the fees

Client : I will discuss that with him

Meanwhile my mind was beating hard , hoping she doesn't change her mind
I took the phone from her and continued......

Me: hey sweetie I gotta rest a bit

Client: I've missed your TLC , and how much is the fees you have to pay , can you afford it or you need my help?
I'll gladly help

For my mind ehn , did she just say she'll gladly help
I kept cool , didn't want to sound too excited yet

Me: it's not much but I'm just down for now else i would've cleared the bills long ago

Client : just tell me how much I wanna know pls my love

Me: it's about £7500

Client : how can I send it to you , I'm not familiar without money transfers except within the states

Me: I will tell you how to do it , you don't have to be in a hurry babe

Client : I want you home I've missed your presence online

Me: me too babe I've missed you more , give me just 30mins I'll be back I wanna take my medication

Meanwhile I went on Google searching how to receive money from u.s, I was totally confused , my head was full
I saw some options like Western Union and others so I read their privacy and policies

I later resulted to choosing Western Union, at this stage I've totally forgotten about reading my books and my exams were fast approaching, school fees I never pay sef , money no get money my head full

I later chatted my friend who's in the u.s , he quit school and travelled to the states cuz he was opportune to meet a white man in a construction site who helped him up there
We were together in my 1st yr in school

Luckily he replied , he's mostly online
He told me he'll provide an account for me to give the client when she pays the money he will send it to me through Western Union but I must give him his cut , I agreed

It took him so much time to give me the account and my client was already worried , i woke up by 2am to meet his message on Facebook , he's dropped the account details

I sent it to my client , told her it's from my friend over there in the states he'll just send it directly into my German acct ,told her I don't wanna stress her by making her go through so many process

She sent the money after 8 hrs of steady chat , I didn't sleep nor delayed any of her chat , I became extra sweet

"The only thing on my mind was i must make this money "

My friend messaged me that he's gotten the money but he can't sent it all at once , he asked me to provide 5 different names to receive the money

I asked him why but he said it's because Western Union has a limit and they can easily refund the money as well when they sense something fishy

I gave him my friend's name chuks , I told chuks that it was my friend that sent the money for me from the u.s.a he believed after having a video call with my old course mate

He sent £1200 at first

And I gave him my own name , he sent them accordingly without cheating on me
I gave him £1000 out of it , and everyone was cool

I was in raw cash , chuks only knew of the £1200 he received ony behalf but didn't know of others and I couldn't tell him because he will surely get disappointed to know that the same person preaching against Yahoo is now also cashing out

We enjoyed life , paid my fees , made mama smile but to an extent so she won't notice, she thought it was the handwork of God chai life Sha
and more clients were coming in , I became extra sweet with the client

Years passed , sometimes I'll get some , sometimes I won't even get anything at all , my sure client remained very loyal and trusted me so much , I weed from morning till night , drink squadron mixed with yoghurt all day

Every girl wanna come close, why won't they come close
Money they na
And more clients were still paying me

I started hearing some informations on guys collect account details from their clients and run wire transfers into it and cash out big time , I was thrilled and I was eager to do deeper into
Luckily I came out with flying colors

And at that moment I already have my own house even my own Mom didn't know about it cuz there was no good explanation to give when she begins to question me on how I got the money

so I relocated fully to port_harcourt so I can always have my freedom

I rented a two bedroom flat in OLD G.R.A in Port Harcourt
Stayed there for about 1yr and half so i moved to Lagos to love close to my guy chuks

I later got an apartment in ikoyi dolphin estate
I met some guys there who were also cashing out big , they were strictly into wire jobs
I mingled with them but none was ready to show me the way , they would take me to the club to party, get me sexy girls, feed me up with weed but wouldn't show me the way

It was now 2017 I was very eager to learn more in the game cuz after tasting the good life I didn't want to ever go back to how I was before

I decided to travel out , I moved to United Arab Emirates but my rent in Nigeria was still reading though
The only person I told about my house which I built in my village was my elder bro cuz he's very secretive
And that was after I've travelled , I made him to Lagos to live in my place in dolphin while I sort the bills over there

Dubai is a country with some of the top wire transfer loaders don't let anyone deceive you

A different life entirely started that's when I knew I've not even gone far yet in the game of Yahoo , I realised I was still making small small change while I thought I was living good lol
I saw boys who were cashing out at least $400k daily from Monday to Friday except on weekends when U.S banks are closed

It became thrilling to me , everything about food and drinks were inside their house , they do everything indoors
They had more than 6 fridges in their tower in Dubai Doha road
All filled up with different drinks , food everywhere
Weed everywhere , who says they don't smoke weed in Dubai lol , life they Dubai lol

To be continued ..............

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TV/Movies / Re: Wizkid - No Stress (official Video) by slayminder(m): 12:27am On Sep 18, 2020
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija! Erica's Mum Fires A Dreadful Shot At Laycon, Tells Fans Not To Vote Him by slayminder(m): 1:23pm On Sep 13, 2020


U sure say u dey this country, video of since when
Education / I Need Education Expert To Advise Me by slayminder(m): 2:25am On Sep 04, 2020
Good day nairalander

After leaving my previous school where I was studying Animal physiology, I was not interested in the course, so I left for another course.

Now I'm in another school studying another course (human kinetics and health education), but alot of pple has been discouraging me about the course, they usually refer to us as jumpologist.

Is there anyone who studied the course here, what are ur experience and did the course contribute to your life.
Education / Re: What Is The Advantages Of Studying Human Kinetics And Health Education by slayminder(m): 11:58pm On Nov 12, 2019
Education / What Is The Advantages Of Studying Human Kinetics And Health Education by slayminder(m): 12:24pm On Nov 12, 2019
Good day nairalander

After leaving my previous school where I was studying Animal physiology, I was not interested in the course, so I left for another course.

Now I'm in another school studying another course (human kinetics and health education), but alot of pple has been discouraging me about the course, they usually refer to us as jumpologist.

Is there anyone who studied the course here, what are ur experience and did the course contribute to your life.
Business / What Can I Invest 100k In by slayminder(m): 9:06am On Jun 17, 2019
I have 100k which I will like to invest, I need something visible which I Can be doing and managing by myself, I school in calabar
Business / Re: I buy and sell Stellar lumen by slayminder(m): 7:34pm On Mar 30, 2019
Are you still available
Business / I Need Help Of Business To Do In Calabar by slayminder(m): 12:57am On Mar 04, 2019
I'm going to start school soon in calabar, I have 200k savings that I will like to use to invest in calabar, but I'm really confuse of what to do. These are what I have in mind

1) to buy fairly use tricycle, and ride it my self when ever I'm less busy

2) to open a football viewing centre

3) thinking of having a table tennis and snooker joint

I'm really confuse please I need suggestions, my continuation of school and paying my school fees depends on what I do with the money, I really need lucrative business to invest on.
Education / Re: Apply For 2018 Government Of Hungary Scholarship Program For Young Christians by slayminder(m): 1:25pm On Feb 27, 2019
im applying this year
Science/Technology / How Can I Apply For Mast Installation On My Site by slayminder(m): 2:01pm On Feb 16, 2019
Please if there is anyone that know the procedure on how telecommunications company can use my land for mast installation, please I want to know.
Location ikorodu
Religion / How Can I Get A Recommendation Letter From A Catholic Bishop by slayminder(m): 3:24pm On Feb 06, 2019
Please how can I get a recommendation letter from a Catholic bishop or archbishop, I'm just two months old in the church, do anyone have experience
Investment / Make 4% Of Your Investment Daily by slayminder(m): 6:29pm On Jan 04, 2019


*MINDMATCOOP* Is a platform that specialize in import and export, We also buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin at a lower price from our member, And also generate funds by investing in agro companies.
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*Join us and u won't regret it*�‍♀�‍♀�‍♀

Properties / Where Can I Buy House In Lagos For 5 Million Naira by slayminder(m): 9:16pm On Nov 10, 2018
I will really like to buy building of my own in Lagos coming next year I am already budgeting 5 million naira, the problem now is where can I buy it, 2 bed room and 3 bed room in anywhere in Lagos
Politics / BREAKING: Stalemate As Minimum Wage Committee Adjourns Till 10pm by slayminder(m): 8:22pm On Nov 05, 2018
The meeting of the tripartite committee set up to come up with a new national minimum wage has ended in a stalemate .
The Chairman of the committee , Ama Pepple , told journalists at the end of their marathon meeting that they would be reconvening at 10 pm .
She , however , said the committee arrived at two figures of N24 ,000 and N 30 ,000 as the new national minimum wage .
She said the committee had appealed to the labour leaders to call off the strike and they have promised to consult and revert when the meeting reconvened at 10 pm .
But the Minister of Labour and Employment , Chris Ngige , said the meeting at 10 pm was meant to get appointment on when the report will be submitted to the President.

Politics / Re: Leicester City Owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Confirmed Dead In Helicopter Crash by slayminder(m): 11:35pm On Oct 28, 2018
Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha confirmed dead in helicopter crash
• Thai owner’s helicopter crashed on Saturday night
• Vichai bought Leicester City in 2010
Jacob Steinberg
Sun 28 Oct 2018 22.00 GMT Last modified on Sun 28 Oct 2018 22.04 GMT

Leicester City’s owner, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, died in the helicopter crash outside the club’s stadium on Saturday night, it was confirmed on Sunday night by the club.

He was one of five people killed – all on board the helicopter – when the accident occurred around an hour after Leicester’s draw at home to West Ham United. The Thai owner’s helicopter crashed near a car park near the south-east corner of the stadium shortly after taking off from the pitch at around 8.20pm.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha: the quiet man behind a sporting fairytale | Stuart James
Read more
“It is with the deepest regret and a collective broken heart that we confirm our chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, was among those to have tragically lost their lives on Saturday evening when a helicopter carrying him and four other people crashed outside King Power Stadium. None of the five people on-board survived,” read a club statement.

“The primary thoughts of everyone at the club are with the Srivaddhanaprabha family and the families of all those on-board at this time of unspeakable loss. In Khun Vichai, the world has lost a great man. A man of kindness, of generosity and a man whose life was defined by the love he devoted to his family and those he so successfully led. Leicester City was a family under his leadership. It is as a family that we will grieve his passing and maintain the pursuit of a vision for the club that is now his legacy.”

Vichai, one of Thailand’s richest men, bought Leicester City in 2010 and six years later celebrated one of English football’s greatest achievements when the club won the Premier League.

“A book of condolence, which will be shared with the Srivaddhanaprabha family, will be opened at King Power Stadium from 8am on Tuesday 30 October for supporters wishing to pay their respects,” continued the club statement. “Supporters unable to visit King Power Stadium that wish to leave a message can do so through an online book of condolence, which will be made available via lcfc.com in due course.”

The club confirmed that both Tuesday’s fixture against Southampton in the EFL Cup and the development squad fixture against Feyenoord in the Premier League International Cup have been postponed. The club added: “Everyone at the club has been truly touched by the remarkable response of the football family, whose thoughtful messages of support and solidarity have been deeply appreciated at this difficult time.

The 60-year-old, a hugely popular figure at Leicester, normally leaves in his Augusta AW169 helicopter after home matches. On Saturday he was due to travel in it to Luton Airport and then take his private jet to Thailand.

Eyewitness reports indicated that on Saturday the helicopter only just cleared the roof of the stands, stayed in the air briefly and spiralled down to earth after reportedly developing a fault with its tail rotor.

A huge fireball erupted and the air smelt of burning fuel in the hours after the crash. Emergency services rushed to the scene to tackle the fire and search the wreckage, with the area eventually cordoned off by Leicestershire police.

The helicopter crashed on land owned by the club, landing near car park E, which is used by Leicester’s staff. The site was empty at the time.

Members of the public travelled to the stadium to leave tributes on Sunday. Players in Premier League matches on Sunday wore black armbands as a mark of respect. Minute’s silences were held at Manchester United and Burnley and a minute’s applause, in tribute, took place at Crystal Palace. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, Leicester’s vice-chairman and Vichai’s son, flew to the United Kingdom from Thailand on Sunday. Leicestershire police pleaded for patience from the public as crash investigators took control of the site.

what kind of fake news is this
Travel / Re: Thread for South Korea prospective students by slayminder(m): 12:33pm On Sep 28, 2018
Please when is the final submission for the Korea government scholarship
Education / Re: 2019 Korean Government Scholarship Program For International Graduate Students by slayminder(m): 12:29pm On Sep 28, 2018
When is the final submission
Education / Japan Mext Scholarship Preparation by slayminder(m): 3:45pm On Jul 29, 2018
This thread is for people who applied for Japan mext scholarship and they have been contacted, how are you preparing for the exam, have really been up all night studying but the maths is too tough, you can reach me on Adelajadaret@gmail.com if you are in Lagos maybe we should study together
Crime / My Encounter With Nigeria Police, Nigeria Police Are Never Our Friend by slayminder(m): 10:41pm On May 25, 2018
Ooh lord why am I born in this country, this is the photo of police station in surulere, Bode Thomas @policenglagos Are never our friends they are always very sad and unhappy u hardly see them smile, even immigration @immigrationg how can someone get passport at 35k and when you misplace it you will pay 60k this country is better of no leader, I had the worst experience of my life today, so I need to send some of my credentials to the embassy on Monday so I went to do some photo copies of my credentials, in the process of coming back home I misplaced my international passport I can't cry have been telling my self where will I start from where will I see 60k for renewal of the passport, even the last one I did I know what I went through before seeing the money, seriously I almost cried, so I went to the police station to lay a report, this country is bleeped up, can you imagine the police officer asking me what type of international passport did I misplaced, I told him the real international passport, can you imagine this man telling he is busy I should come tomorrow, I told him what if they use my passport for illegal stuff, he just kept mute and stop answering me, to God, this man was not doing anything he was watching African magic with his Colleague, I was just like is this the pple we are paying, I know his name but but I'm withholding it because I know if he loose his job his children will suffer it, I had to go home we need redemption in this country, please incase the passport is found name ADELAJA SAMSON OLUWADAMILARE, last seen around Rita Lori

Jobs/Vacancies / I Need A Job In Surulere by slayminder(m): 3:50pm On May 22, 2018
I'm really in need of job in surulere axis I'm and ssce holder
Travel / Re: 10 Most Popular Yoruba Cities In Nigeria by slayminder(m): 5:25am On Jan 15, 2018

Lagos is not a Yoruba city, stop land grabbing, it won't do you any good
BTW, Which part of Lagos State is Yoruba city

what is this one saying, so Lagos is igbo city? is just like saying Abuja is not an Hausa state

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Investment / Re: I'm Within 6 Month by slayminder(m): 1:12pm On Dec 03, 2017
What's your location?
Lagos, but I school in ogun state
Investment / I'm Within 6 Month by slayminder(m): 10:57pm On Dec 02, 2017
I'm reall
Investment / Re: Mute by slayminder(m): 8:39pm On Dec 02, 2017
Business / What Are The Step Someone Will Take If you're To Borrow 100k From A Bank. by slayminder(m): 10:23pm On Nov 23, 2017
I will like to take a lone from my bank to start up my little business, what are the step I will take?
Properties / Investor Needed by slayminder(m): 10:55pm On Nov 22, 2017
if you know you are looking for where to invest ur money in, there is this federal university school which I school there, but we lack swimming pool and club, if you can invest into this it will really be nice, everybody around there are just building hostel which is too much now. u can reach me on whatsapp.

zero eight zero eight zero two five eight one two three

or check my signature for my email
Investment / Investor Needed by slayminder(m): 8:40pm On Nov 22, 2017
imagine in a federal university which there is no social life at all, no swimming pool no club no hotel no sport center, investor will be really appreciated, just for us to swim we will have to use 500 naira for Tfare, I will like to meet every investors in person so that I can show my plan and things have jotted down, you can reach me on whatsapp.

zero eight zero eight zero two five eight one two three
it check my signature for my email
Investment / Bitcoin Needed by slayminder(m): 5:01am On Nov 09, 2017
bitcoin worth of 30 dollar needed which I will like to buy for 10k
N:B u will send it first b4 I pay, because I can't be dupe on Nairaland again
Investment / Re: I Want To Buy 30 Dollars Worth Of Bitcoin. by slayminder(m): 11:11pm On Nov 06, 2017
Send btc to you first? What if YOU scammed the person? Guy I'll recommend lady f to you. she's legit search for her here.
dey scammed me dat is y I can't risk it
Investment / I Want To Buy 30 Dollars Worth Of Bitcoin. by slayminder(m): 10:22pm On Nov 06, 2017
I will like to buy 30 dollar worth of bitcoin. I have 7k, and u will send the bitcoin to me first b4 I pay u because have been scammed once

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