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Family / Re: Skin Care Recommendations Needed by Slimdan360: 6:58pm On Jul 16
See a dermatologist first, you can find one in most general hospitals.
Okay, will do just that
Family / Re: Skin Care Recommendations Needed by Slimdan360: 6:57pm On Jul 16
Like the first comment above, don't buy anything skin material. Go see a dermatologist and follow through any treatment recommended.
Okay, thanks a lot.
The doctor I plan to see is not a dermatologist though. I have to go back to school so I don’t know if I can wait to get an appointment with a dermatologist.
Family / Skin Care Recommendations Needed by Slimdan360: 6:40pm On Jul 16
Greetings boss and bosses. Please I need your help
During my younger days (still in my early 20s though), I battled severe case of eczema and pimples. For this reason, I relied on antibacterial and antifungi cremes like epiderm and funbact A to clear them. Although these cremes worked initially, my skin soon became overly dependent on them. What I mean is, each time I stop using these cremes, i get eczema and pimples on my face coupled with intense itching.
Due to Continued use of these cremes, my face now suffers from multiple pigmentation, that is while some part remains light, others remain dark.
Trying to solve this, I ordered cerave face cleanser and mosturizer from Jumia, still yet the problem got even worse.
Currently, I’m planning to get this skin care products:
Face wash = simple face wash
Moisturizer = Neutrogena
Vitamin c serum = Dr Rashel
Sunscreen = Dr Rashel.
I also plan on seeing a doctor to get drugs that could help combat eczema in my blood.
Pls if you’ve used any of the products I listed above, I would like to get a review from you. Also, if you’ve had similar skin issues in the past, I would be grateful if you could let me know how u resolved it.
Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Yenagoa, Bayelsa's Capital City by Slimdan360: 11:26am On Jun 14

Are you based in warri at all? Warri developed? Maybe you have not travelled to better climes and location. Warri is underdeveloped. Warri, Effurun, okpe are all underdeveloped considering the inflow from FG and IGR. You never really see developed lands or you just dey support paymasters. So you dug borehole for 45k is development? The water table in parts of warri is high. When my septic tank was being dug, water came out and we couldn't dig it to the recommended depth. I once dug a hole for cloth line with a cutlass and water came out! Sapeleboy is correct. The amount of money coming into delta state is not commensurate to the progress being seen. That's the basic fact

Once again, say what u know. I was born and brought up in Warri. Yes, not as developed as the western world but definitely not as bad you are trying to paint it. Rest with your water depth story. Visit other states then u Will appreciate Warri and delta state as a whole
Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Yenagoa, Bayelsa's Capital City by Slimdan360: 9:57am On Jun 14

Haha else you go burst bottle for my head? Bro from Effurun round about to DSC is an eye sore bad roads , same roundabout to Sapele road, pot hole fit swallow motor tire. Guy man you funny oh drilling bore hole with 45k has nothing to do with a city being developed, I once drilled borehole with 25k in Sapele. Well I guess everybody has his/her standards to my standards Warri is DILAPIDATED.
Lol, funny how the places u mentioned are not even Warri, and how the roads you mentioned are federal and not state roads. I would love to know your definition of development boss
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Need A Youtube Script Writer by Slimdan360: 9:36am On Jun 14
I need a YouTube script writer urgently for news niche. Send me an email or drop your WhatsApp number.
Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Yenagoa, Bayelsa's Capital City by Slimdan360: 9:31am On Jun 14

Lol I am a core Delta boy, Ughelli to be precise.
And you are saying this. Omo u nor try. I use to think Warri was bad and delta was under developed until I traveled out of the state. Omo, delta state remains one of the best in Nigeria. From Pti road, down to airport road to edjeba road just to mention a few places, that state is blessed. A city that has clean water, good roads, viable business environment and where drilling of borehole cost as low as 45k. Abeg never repeat that “Warri is dilapidated” statement again o.
Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Yenagoa, Bayelsa's Capital City by Slimdan360: 9:03am On Jun 14

Yes Warri is dilapidated, travel and see.
Where are you from? Let’s start from there.
Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Yenagoa, Bayelsa's Capital City by Slimdan360: 8:53am On Jun 14

Oh, Bob I tire, the only noticeable infrastructure in that whole of Yenagoa is the Tombia roundabout and Julius Berger flyover, and that same Yenagoa remains the most developed city in the state. From the government house to Swali, down to local content are all slums. Inside these same Yenagoa men still fetch dirty water from the river for cooking and bathing. Still, they will come and ridicule this state by uploading useless aerial view pictures. Don't you guys travel? As dilapidated as Warri it is still more developed than Yenagoa a state capital receiving billions of allocations monthly.
Warri dilapidated ke. Please say what you know.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 500k Per Month In Nigeria Or 2000pounds Per Month In The Uk by Slimdan360: 10:11pm On Jun 13

One of the reasons you need to travel and live outside Nigeria even if it is for 1 month, you ll see how a changed man you ll become, you ll be more civil with your choice of words to strangers, you ll learn how to give your opinion on matters without being rude or using foul languages.
So travelling is really important not just for economic gains but self growth and development.

More reason you have to stay in Nigeria, even if it’s for one year. Then u will know words used in banters are just for cruise and shouldn’t be taken seriously. I still hope to hear ur arguments countering my listed points Sha.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 500k Per Month In Nigeria Or 2000pounds Per Month In The Uk by Slimdan360: 10:08pm On Jun 13
Is only God that can punish the foolish mod that banned me for no reason.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 500k Per Month In Nigeria Or 2000pounds Per Month In The Uk by Slimdan360: 6:17pm On Jun 10

You have no argument bro,
House rents in the whole UK are not the same, there are more cheaper places to live, in life the ability to become rich is greatly dependent on your lifestyle and discipline, if you want to save money go for cheaper rents, cut down on unnecessary expenses, be focused and develop your self and you ll save money.
If you are a single man in the UK and earns 2k monthly, and you're really keen on amounting to something, your bills and monthly expenses should not exceed 1k, and save the rest.

So you know all these, but when it comes to comparing the 500k in Nigeria, u will start listing things like cars, apartment in lekki and all. Keep deceiving yourself. The kind of life u choose to live in the uk with 2k pounds where u rent a studio apartment in the village just to avoid high house rent, if you choose to live it here in Nigeria with your 500k monthly income, you might end up saving more. Abi ur dumb skull nor tell u say 30k per month hux Dey for this same Niger? Double standard kill u all.
When it comes to talk about uk, u all expect the traveler to manage fundz and all, but if it’s in Nigeria, you want the earner to live as large as possible. God forbid


Romance / Re: What Would You Do If You Were in this Dramatic Relationship? by Slimdan360: 4:08pm On May 27
Reminds me of my ex. Lol.
It was my birthday so i decided to do some birthday shopping. Moved round town buying goodies upon goodies, got home and was fucking tired, yet continued replying to birthday messages.
Banny showed up around 8 wearing a skimpy dress. Kissed, hugged and wished me happy birthday, then went off to drop something. I never knew she planned returning back. Omo, that was how sleep carried me o.
Woke up around 1am to countless missed calls on my phone and texts on WhatsApp. Babe started accusing me of carrying another girl on my birthday. Man weak.
Present babe is as clingy as Bleep and she go Dey use style Dey bill person. I nor kukuma dey give that one chance to manifest her madness. We done quarrel tire, na for her to breakup I Dey wait for.
In my opinion, na kdrama dey give all these girls mumu ideas of how relationships Dey be


Romance / Re: What Would You Do If You Were in this Dramatic Relationship? by Slimdan360: 4:00pm On May 27
Na me and Sonia be dis that year. I wan craze. Na you say u nor do again, me wey don kuku taya for your soap opera free you one time.

She call me begin cry like small Pikin, say na whyne she dey whyne me. I tell her say I don take the whyning seriously. Relationship wey you don end like four times before! Next thing, I begin seeing different yeye WhatsApp status. I block her everywhere on socials.

For night, she visit me unannounced. She accuse me say my eye don dey outside before. She beg beg beg, I no gree. Las Las, she say she don accept my stand, but make we do the do to mark the end, I accept that one, W'allahi. 😄

Following morning, she still dey beg make I no break her heart, but her drama don taya the boy life.🙂

Next thing, my guys begin call my attention to the very venomous and toxic statuses wey shey dey post everywhere. Even though she no mention my name direct, dem know say na me she dey attack.

The knacks were good, while it lasted, but the drama no be here.

On to the next! We move!
This your Sonia na Igbo girl based in the south south region? Cos e be like say na my babe u describe so o😩
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Programming. Which Language Should I Start With? by Slimdan360: 3:48pm On May 21
Please I need resources most especially books to learn react. I have downloaded quite a lot but they seem outdated, like most of their concepts no are outdated.
Please I’m begging you all to help me out here
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Content Writer Needed by Slimdan360: 7:56pm On May 09
We are looking for good writers primarily focused on AI content.

Please provide details on how many words you can complete in a day, and your expected payment, and send samples of your previous work.

Send this information to udoangelica990@gmail.com

Check your mail
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Network Content Writer Needed by Slimdan360: 8:46am On May 09
Your telegram link or username please.

My username = daneywriter
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Network Content Writer Needed by Slimdan360: 8:21am On May 08
Hello Content Writer's

Please be aware that the content of this post is only for content writer's who can offer very good quality write-up.


1. I am paying #3,000 naira for 1000 to 2000 words count of Affiliate Marketing / Affiliate Network article that's well structured, copy-paste free, grammatical error free and Plagiarism free.

2. I will be giving you the topic and keywords to include or you can propose your topic and keywords. (I will let you know, if it's okay or not)

3. I'm planning to buy upto 50 article's to push a page.

4. I will pay after each service. After our agreement and research, you deliver the first one or two articles, then I will pay.


1. I will not take or pay for a Plagiarism / copy paste / grammatical error article.

2. Please be aware that, I will use multiple tools to check, if your write up is Plagiarism, Copied and grammatical errors.

Please only comment, if you can do this and you are experienced in this.

Only unique and quality write up.

Contact me on WhatsApp, I’m really good
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Article And Blog Post Writer Present by Slimdan360: 2:07am On May 04
Still taking gigs
Education / Re: Has Anyone Seen Their JAMB Result! by Slimdan360: 11:46am On May 02
omo I once scored 284 in jamb. Got like 94 in math and still didn't get admission that year. But now that I am done with school I can't even relate with anything exam again even thou I am supposed to be preparing for one.

Same here, scored 267 and thought I had already entered, omo I was shocked when I nor see single admission.
Almost done with school and each time I remember those experience, I will just smile.
We’ve come a long way
Education / Re: Has Anyone Seen Their JAMB Result! by Slimdan360: 3:09pm On Apr 30

This life na stages sha. I remember those years

I swear, toughest 4 years of my life

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Programming / Developers And React by Slimdan360: 10:12am On Apr 22
I have been on this web development journey for quite sometime now and after successfully mastering HTML, CSS and having a wide knowledge of JavaScript (cause I feel no one can actually master JavaScript), I’m now ready to move on to React. However, I’m having problems getting materials. I’m the type of person that excels in learning through pdf rather than videos. Going through w3school, I feel the resources there aren’t enough to grasp the concept of React. Pls developers in the house, what resource did you use in learning React?
I’m also opened to advice on the best way to go about learning the JavaScript framework.

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Politics / Re: Naira Opens Shop Below ₦‎1,000 Against Dollar At Some Segments Of Black Market by Slimdan360: 4:58pm On Apr 15
Can you produce at the rate of 1,700 to a dollar and sell below production cost just because dollar has crashed to 1000 or below?. Remember production is continuous in the manufacturing sector. If they bought raw materials at 1,700 to a dollar and set the cost of their final product at 2,000 for instance, and they have loads of that raw materials in their warehouses, they must first exhaust those ones before producing with fresh ones bought at reduced imported costs.

Before the naira's strength could have some positive impacts, we will enter june or july.

It’s the same thing we are all talking about. You choose not to reduce ur price after the crash of the dollar because according to you, products you produced when the dollar was high is yet to be exhausted but you can increase the price of your commodity the minute the dollar increase even when it’s clear the products you produced when the dollar was still low hasn’t been totally consumed. That’s an opportunistic behavior and Nigerians are master opportunists
Programming / Re: My Tech Writing Portfolio by Slimdan360: 4:06pm On Feb 08

Hello bro really nice progress.. I've also been thinking about writing, like a tutorial about a project I'm currently working on. Can I reach out to you please, on some guidance
Drop your number, I will contact you
Sports / This Is Exactly What The Nigrrian High Commission Was Trying To Say by Slimdan360: 11:57pm On Feb 07
When the Nigerian high commission issued a warning to Nigerians living in South Africa, some South Africanlanders came here blabbing about how their country men weren't capable of starting another xenophobic attack because of football, well the image below is from a South African X (formerly Twitter) user. And don't say its a joke cause I can't seem to see any laughing emojis there.
Bunch of Zulu infested xenophobic beasts

Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa AFCON 2023 Semi-Finals (4 - 2)pens On 7 Feb 2024 by Slimdan360: 8:50pm On Feb 07
Banter time, time to drag those xenophobic bastards

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Sports / Re: AFCON: Nigeria High Commission Issues Advisory To Nigerians In South Africa by Slimdan360: 6:39pm On Feb 06

It is not cowardice, It is common sense. Compare the number of Nigerians living in SA to the number of SOuth Africans living in Nigeria, Nigeria stands to lose much more. Forget burning shoprite, u are only going to render d poor Nigerians working there jobless, and kill nigerian businesses operating there. Majority of them living in Nigeria are not even accessible to be lynched. It is wise. It is not cowardice. These are all the consequences of bad governance and bad system in Nigeria, we will take shit. The people that have escaped Nigeria, although they may have escaped the rot and hardship of Nigeria, but Nigeria will still happen to them somehow. And this is an example, u will be out there in another mn's land respecting the laws of the land but u will not be totally free to express yourself. People should start voting wisely so we can have a better Nigeria and their children will not experience all these rubbish

And this is exactly what I hate the most, blaming the nigerian system for bad decisions nigerians make. I'm a nigerian living in nigeria. I don't have Dangote as a a parent neither is Otedola my dad, yet here I'm making the little at what I can from life while being satisfied at it. I did not say because I came out from school and didn't get a job, so I need to travel to the United States, neither did I say because a friend got kidnapped so I have to run to the United Kingdom. Nigeria is our motherland and its our responsibility to make it work. Who ever decides to run away shouldn't blame the country for his bleeped up decisions, cos the last time I checked, the countries you all are running to also have their peculiar problems

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Phones / Re: TCL And Hisense: Which Is Best TV Brand by Slimdan360: 10:34pm On Feb 04

Always go to official LG show rooms. U can't get original LG products from shops

Those ones are the worst, they sell fake TVs same price the originals are sold. Bought a TV from one of their bleeped up showroom, and the moment the warranty period elapsed, the TV developed a screen issue, having vertical lines running through it. Painful part is the TV was rarely used.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Angola: AFCON 2023 Quarter Finals. (1 - 0) On 2nd February 2024 by Slimdan360: 6:48pm On Feb 02
Moses Simon be making great impact 👏


Business / Re: Naira Falls To Record Low Of N1,515 /$1 At The Black Market by Slimdan360: 9:18pm On Feb 01

Geegpay dropped it's rate from 1500 to 1380 today... He is right.
But that geepay be like thief. They are buying for 1385 but selling for 1550. Na only their rate drop below 1400
Sports / Re: South Africa Vs Morocco: AFCON Round Of 16 (2 - 0) On 30th January 2024 by Slimdan360: 11:13pm On Jan 30

Their loss today is also for Arab nation,Arab nation shouldn't accept victory and run away from loss.
Nairalanders self😂😂😂
Bad mouth opor😂


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