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Crime / Re: Just In: IPOB Declares One Month Sit-At-Home Protest For Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by Spicycat(f): 3:52pm
If seating at home for one month or more will lead to the release of your leader then whomsoever that believe in such movement should follow as commanded but don't threaten the lives of people who what to go about their normal day to day business.
Politics / Re: Photo: Biafra Will Be Declare October 30th If Nnamdi Kanu Not Release- Gen Orji by Spicycat(f): 10:53pm On Oct 19
One Thing about Biafrans is that they allways mean what they say and do what they say they will do, the world are warching whow Buhari is playing with fire that may cunsume the nation.

Hmmm my dear, nothing will consume the nation, not that i support the Nigeria government about how it's handling things but think about what is happening in the North East, the terrorist have man power and superior weapons but no matter the fight they bring on to the Nigerian state, the military still find a way to contain it in that region, if any hostility of what ever kind should start in the South East it will only lead to the destruction of the South East region just the way it is now for the North East, the only problem that might plaque other regions may be the inflows of refugees from the South East just the way IDP's from North East can be seen in other parts of the country.

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Crime / Re: How My Friend Was Abducted In Abuja/Nasarawa State (Please Read and Be Careful) by Spicycat(f): 10:26pm On Oct 19
From Nyanya to Mararaba to Masaka and Ado to New Nyanya to One man village to Kuchikau down to Keffi, they have been lots of unreported kidnapping related activities going on there, some of the victims may gain their freedom after paying some form of ransom some may escape and sadly some may never be seen again by thier loved ones cry cry cry.

A lot of youths have lost their purpose in life, parents have failed in bringing up children the right way, some idiots bring children to this world without having any plans for them all thanks to religion without rational thinking which destroy the human brain to lunacy.


Crime / Re: Eight Dead And Many Injured In California Shooting by Spicycat(f): 3:56pm On Oct 12
Islam may be the source of this attack. And foolish Americans were busy taking refugees from Afghanistan.

Fool Very Big Fool !
Crime / Re: Man Sends Nude Pictures, Pornography To 16-Year-Old Niece In FCT, Lands In Court by Spicycat(f): 3:47pm On Oct 12
This Nigeria would have been a better place without all this aboki them, whatever you see them condemning is what they love.

How can you be plugging your old dirty smelling dogoyaro in your niece body.

1. she's your niece
2. She's just 16

That girl life will never remain the same again.

Bad leaders, Bombing, kidnapping, rape, paedophile, killing, and daga. This abokis are curse to Nigeria, the only good thing about them is the suya and shoe shining.

How do you know his tribe?
Politics / Re: APGA Campaign Tour Train Arrives Onitsha South LGA (Photos) by Spicycat(f): 5:20pm On Oct 08
How do these people feel putting on a death man picture on your party regalia. grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Two Killed As Gunmen Attack Neighbourhood Watch Office In Enugu by Spicycat(f): 9:14am On Oct 06
To be honest with y'all, this things happening in SE is planned by the enemies of the state just to paint IPOB evil, I know say IPOB self get their own but from the things I've seen happening in Jos, then I can categorically tell you what the government cannot do does not exist. Btw I'm not an Igbo person but the truth is obvious. Just yesterday there's been pressure on the United States to designate IPOB a terrorist organisation.

Yeah i agree with you, even Boko Haram is planned by the enemies of the NE just to paint the people evil undecided undecided undecided undecided

Leaving in self delusion is a death sentence on its own. grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Ipob Threaten To Burn Churches Opposed To Their Idealogy by Spicycat(f): 11:35am On Oct 04


So what are you guys doing about it? or are you just going to allow a Fulani man destroy your land using your own people undecided


Politics / Re: Operation Golden Down: Military Begins Movement Of Troops Nationwide by Spicycat(f): 11:11am On Oct 04
They have always planned to invade the south. This movement is to deploy the terrorists up north to southern cities.

That's why everyone who is discerning enough will understand their need to cause chaos in the south and blame either yoruba nation agitators, South south cultists or IPOB.

A drunk conspiracy theorist, grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

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Food / Re: The Big Python I Killed Last Night (Pictures) by Spicycat(f): 4:12pm On Oct 01
Chelsea disappoints me, embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed You say that python did you wetin last night? Hmm shocked shocked shocked

Where on earth are you guys getting this kind of hilarious pictures grin grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Esn Strikes This Morning Burning Another Bus And Its Passengers GRAPHIC VIDEO by Spicycat(f): 9:57am On Sep 27
Leave ESN alone... Everytime ESN or IPOB. Don't u have any other job to do? This is Monday morning, pls go and get something better to do

You IPOBS are killing innocent people without any provocation just like the terrorist that you are, and you defending and justifying the action as an online player of the dreaded terrorist group. Well done mr online terrorist


Celebrities / Re: Nigerians React To The Death Of Davido's Photographer, Fortune (Photos) by Spicycat(f): 10:00am On Sep 22
We shall not bury and we shall not be buried IJN.
I follow him on IG and love his shots. He was just 24.. this one shock me
Education / Re: Confusion As Kano Promotes Primary Six Pupils To Class 7 by Spicycat(f): 11:54am On Sep 21
North first! Meanwhile those from Islamic schools has been promoted to Class 9 or abi 10.

How did Islam enter this matter?
Politics / Re: If You Think That IPOB Is A Terrorist Group Then You Should See These Pictures by Spicycat(f): 1:10pm On Sep 17
A terrorist trying to use terrorism to justify his terrorist activities, don't worry continue with the killings in the south east since it's not up to the numerus herdsmen killing in Banue.
Y'all terrorist days numbered
Crime / Re: Man Who Bombed Mosque In America Is Now A Woman.sentenced To 53 Years In Prison! by Spicycat(f): 10:55am On Sep 15
So this guy got convicted at last, Trump tried to fustrate the whole process during his time in office, he even acted as if nothing happened at that time given room for speculators to presume he may have a hand in it cheesy but the FBI remain resolute in their pursuit for justice, all terrorist should be treated as terrorist and be purged out of every society before they pollute people mind into terrorism just like it's happening in Nigeria from the north to the south.
Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home: IPOB Looted Bread Van In Enugu & Set It On Fire by Spicycat(f): 10:09am On Sep 15
There was a simple instruction...

“Sit at home” but the idiot disobeyed.

The stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave.

I’m sure the owner of the bread business has made all his profit now.

Terrorist, you and your compatriots days are numbered. tongue

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Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home: IPOB Looted Bread Van In Enugu & Set It On Fire by Spicycat(f): 10:03am On Sep 15
Too bad. Ndi Igbo, we shouldn't loose our conscience. We should try as much as possible to avert this shame about to befall on us.

ESN must as a matter of fact, deal with these Miscreants so strongly even if it means eliminating them when they are caught in action, with that, they will regain their reputation and support that is moving on a downward slope

You want terrorist to deal with themselves or what are you saying grin grin grin grin grin

ESN in collaboration with IPOB leaders are destroying people's properties and you are hear calling on ESN to deal with ESN, what an ironi shocked shocked cheesy cheesy grin grin

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Politics / Re: Hisbah Police Destroy 3600 Bottles Of Beer (Photo, Video) by Spicycat(f): 10:40am On Sep 14

Hisbah is for the poor in the North. The rich are doing what they like. Very hypocritical

In which North? Do you know the number of states in the North at all, stop displaying your ignorance online grin
Politics / Re: Hisbah Police Destroy 3600 Bottles Of Beer (Photo, Video) by Spicycat(f): 10:34am On Sep 14
Bunch of hypocrites. Na North all calamities full. They will pour alcohol inside plastic kettle like they want to perform ablution befr u realised boom they are alright. Come to talk of weed, drugs, sex enhancer na them. These people will leave major issues that concerns the society and be tackling irrelevant things. Imagine them banning the use of mannequins like it will make them cum wen they look at it too much.

Hope you know north comprises of 19 state including the FCT. tongue
You really need to travel and see things for yourself, read alot also to have an independent mind.
Politics / Re: Tinubu’s London House: The New Mecca For Politicians (Pictures) by Spicycat(f): 9:52am On Sep 07

Well Sha Yoruba Muslim can not be president doing by the religious/ethnic balance that always play out

Poor Yoruba Muslims

Igbo Jew's wannabes a.k.a ipods, and Igbo catholic will never ever become president.

Ohhh Poor igbo catholics and jews sorry for your losses grin cheesy


Politics / Re: IPOB Sit At Home And Taliban Rules - The Future Of The Igbos by Spicycat(f): 11:50am On Sep 06

One question, why are people still observing sit at home weeks after IPOB suspended it?

The modus operandi of Terrorist is to inflict fear on people in other to control them.
Politics / Re: Last US Military Plane Out Of Afghanistan Ends America's longest war by Spicycat(f): 10:50am On Aug 31

U are a normal terrorist Muslim.
U guys are evil than the devil himself

You are the terrorist here, your terrorist way of life is glaring.
Politics / Re: ESN Releases Graphic Video As They Kill Civil Defense Officers This Morning by Spicycat(f): 4:49pm On Aug 30
The FG is acting Soap Opera ro justify another onslaught on the SE and SS

The tragedy of a foolish government is this - it Invests the highest resources in spreading hate and division so the masses will not hold it accountable.

That's what the Idiotic government of idiots, by idiots, for idiots is doing.

What sort of reasoning is this undecided

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Politics / Re: Ghanaian Police Arrest IPOB Members by Spicycat(f): 8:27am On Aug 30

Kindly point out to me where terrorist meeting is mentioned and the meaning of terrorist meeting.

Stop defending terrorist and terrorism unless you are one of them which is even certain, your days are numbered mr terrorist

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Politics / Re: Bishop Ndubisi Obi: Leave IPOB/ESN Alone, Go After Bandits & Terrorists by Spicycat(f): 8:19am On Aug 30
Those sponsoring terrorism are now coming out boldly to show their faces one by one because of the clueless and braindead leader we have at the top of the food chain we.


Crime / Re: BREAKING: Bandits Kill Senator Na’allah’s Son, Two Others In Kaduna by Spicycat(f): 8:08pm On Aug 29
The children of the poor that you refuse to train will hunt your kids that you are keeping the stolen money for..

On point.

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Crime / Re: Richard Gyamfi Arrested As 3 Human Heads Are Found In His Fridge (Graphic) by Spicycat(f): 5:36pm On Aug 23
Repent now of your sinful evil ways to avoid spending your eternity in hell fire after you die. Jesus Christ love and warns you to repent and convert now to Christianity to avoid hell fire. Only Jesus Christ can save you by his death on the cross and his blood which washes away your sins, any other ways ( Islam, paganism, Hinduism, atheism, etc) can not save you. Be wise while you still have the chance accept Jesus Christ now and save your soul from hell. Be wiser than Satan and follow the one true God. This is the eternal truth from the spiritual realm.

But the cannibal guy is a Christian undecided

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Politics / Re: We Won’t Enforce Sit-At-Home Again – IPOB by Spicycat(f): 10:06am On Aug 23
Why is Punch always lying to the public?
IPOB has never enforced sit at home. People stayed at home willingly according to the interview of granted many people in Igbo land.

Those you see killed were all DSS plans to give people in IPOB bad name. Nothing to enforce

Classically foolish somebody shocked shocked shocked shocked grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Buhari Arrives Kano For Two (2) Weeks Trip For His Son's Wedding (Photos) by Spicycat(f): 3:45pm On Aug 20
May the souls of the Innocents Christians Buhari and his Terrorists groups killed in Nigeria rest in peace

How about the souls of the innocent Traditional Worshippers, innocent Jews, innocent Atheist, innocent Muslims, and innocent Free thinkers, don't they deserve to rest in peace? Where is your humanity? Y'all over religious folks are too extreme in reasoning towards others. undecided
Humanity comes first before any other thing, see everyone as human and live a peaceful life.


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Places $5M Bounty On Antonio Indjai (Former Guinea Bissau Coup Leader) by Spicycat(f): 1:53pm On Aug 20
He should Just port to Afghanistan and become like the lady below.

Wow very beautiful pictures kiss

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