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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu, Lawal, Dogara, Others Submit Tinubu’s Presidential Nomination Forms by teamsynergy: 5:38pm On May 11, 2022
Ok na
Travel / Re: How Much Is Enough To Live In Oshogbo by teamsynergy: 12:19pm On May 06, 2022
If you are moving from the main city of Kaduna, you won't have to spend more to live in Oshogbo .. food is cheap too in Oshogbo. Wish you the best

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TV/Movies / Re: When Last Did You Watch A Local TV Station? by teamsynergy: 1:35pm On Apr 12, 2022
Apart from the very dull unappealing 240p resolution cheesy cheesy angry .. they are mostly propaganda tools of the sitting governors.
It is definitely not worth it .

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Career / Re: I Just Lost My Job !!! by teamsynergy: 1:10pm On Apr 12, 2022
Mr Poor & Proud, I sabi employees like u, lazy bones wey go blame everyone except hinself like say hin perfect. abeg if u no want any superior to hold u to account, go start ur own company and do anyhow. shikena. Shiorr

Judge of the jungle

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Career / Re: I Just Lost My Job !!! by teamsynergy: 1:07pm On Apr 12, 2022
Sorry about that .

If you are in a state like Lagos , you will surely get another one soon, by God's grace.

Your dignity and mental health should be your first priority.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Tel Aviv Shooting: Two Dead, Eight Wounded (Photos) by teamsynergy: 3:29am On Apr 09, 2022

No two State solution will solve anything.
Did the exit from Gaza stop rockets and missiles from coming from there into Israel?

So the illegal expulsion and expansion will solve the problem?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Tel Aviv Shooting: Two Dead, Eight Wounded (Photos) by teamsynergy: 7:52pm On Apr 08, 2022
With the number of terror attacks just increasing in intensity and frequency over the last two weeks the fuse has been lit!

We can so clearly see where this is headed! The local Arab Muslim preachers in mosques inside Israel predict, according to calculations based on some Koran verses, that Israel will be completely destroyed by July 8, 2022!

The spike in violence coincides with warnings that tensions look to escalate next week as Israeli settlers and far-right activists announced plans to storm al-Aqsa Mosque during the Jewish Passover holidays, to perform religious rituals inside the site.

This guy ehn and his mumu predictions


Foreign Affairs / Re: Tel Aviv Shooting: Two Dead, Eight Wounded (Photos) by teamsynergy: 7:49pm On Apr 08, 2022
A two state solution where every citizen have equal right is the last solution to this yearly tensions and deaths. This situation will spiral out of control again as it does every year.

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by teamsynergy: 5:59am On Apr 07, 2022

Impressive! Any idea on the pricr of the fridge now?

I am not sure .. should be between 140-170k.

Most of the new designs now are non frost. It doesn't last as long as the frost type when there is no power.

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by teamsynergy: 10:02pm On Apr 06, 2022

Wanted to make a contribution to a discourse a few days ago regarding refrigerators, but events overtook me.

Even the thermocool no dey too retain frost (i assume you mean ice).

I use two thermocool deep freezers (100l and 240l), and the much they can retain frost for is less than 24hours. Really don't know if that is long enough
though. But the good thing is, they are "light-weight"/inverter-friendly (even though they are not originally inverter referigerators). I use the 100l on my 1600w inverter and it carries it well. So I am sure there is constant light to keep it frozen. While I use the 240l on gen and nepa.

For me, times are changing. People should be more focused on the energy-efficiency of a refrigerator and how easily it can be powered by inverters, because as long as you are in Nigeria, Nepa will definitely fall your hand much longer than your refrigerator can retain frost. And it can be hard to find a refrigerator that retain frosts for several days and is energy-efficient. So, if your refrigerator is energy-efficient, you can be sure your inverter will always power it for as long as you like.


I have the thermocool double door fridge (pix attached)

The freezer stays frozen for more than 48hrs without power . Something even on the 3rd without using it on gen it is still chilling. Thercool try for the fridge
These non frost technology is not really for us o. We need that extra layer of ice to keep our things chilled during power outage .

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Religion / Re: Outrage As Leke Adeboye Calls RCCG Pastors ‘goats’ by teamsynergy: 7:02pm On Apr 06, 2022
I kinda have issues with pastors' son or daughters becoming pastors. Sometimes , it is had to know if it is God's call or human decision.

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Car Talk / Re: This Is What Happens When You Buy A Car To Impress The Society by teamsynergy: 5:44pm On Apr 04, 2022
Sorry to say... but too many shallow minded poverty mentality folks in the thread.

All cars from 2010 above are Digitally inclined, as virtually all have OBD plugs. To scan and detect faults. Which makes repairs easier and a simple scan would lead to parts to be changed. The world would keep progressing and not remain stagnant for Africa as we even have electric cars today.

The problem we have in Nigeria is mechanics whom have refused to upgrade and users whom never pay attention to their cars. Your feed yourself, workout and do regular check ups to maintain your body, your car should be treated accordingly aswell. In cars, when you catch the fault young, it saves you a lot of stress rather than when it escalates.

That rangerover is a very solid car, with regular required maintenance, the engine lid may not be opened for years, the balloon shocks can take you for years without change while all you need is a N5,000 calibration when you detect irregularities. Cars dont last a lifetime unless well maintained. Moreover we should understand that it does its job by getting you from point A to B in grand style, gives you all the accolades and tags, comfort and bridges, yet putting in considerate proper care is termed excessive.

Range rover has a bad reliability rating . It is a huge liability , that is why they usually get dumped as they age.


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by teamsynergy: 9:03pm On Apr 02, 2022

I bought it on Monday, installed it on Wednesday, bought a gen on Thursday and that was when I noticed it wasn't chilling. I mentioned it to him and he said it'll need stabilizer.
Nepa light came today and that was when I had to call someone to look at it. I’ve spent 8,500naira installing it and this is aside Tfare. I just thought that informing him and fixing it would be better since I already spent some money…this whole thing is frustrating, I should have just returned it anyways.
Let someone check the capacitor of the compressor for you too.. if possible let them swap it .. cos it will cost you money again to uninstall the AC . Just exhaust all options and be sure the compressor is bad. If the compressor is truly bad, the seller should have mentioned it to avoid the unnecessary stress... Not cool
Phones / Re: What Is The Best Power Bank You Have Ever Used? by teamsynergy: 4:40pm On Mar 26, 2022

K, but how do you know the usable ones?

Get a volt meter and check the voltage . Then , i only used batteries with 2.9v and above and they served very well

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Phones / Re: What Is The Best Power Bank You Have Ever Used? by teamsynergy: 4:27pm On Mar 26, 2022

Hmm. How do you source the batteries which you change to?

Loom. This one don tey o..
You can source for bad laptop batteries in computer village . You can salvage many useable batteries that way .
Politics / Re: Poor Electricity, High Diesel Cost: Manufacturers Count Losses, Banks Affected by teamsynergy: 6:38pm On Mar 22, 2022
The fact that the same people that led protest years back even when things weren't as hard as this, are now mute or in government. Hummmm I just sorry for naija... How can we not have a working refinery after all these years .

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by teamsynergy: 7:22pm On Mar 21, 2022
please which box would you recommend at a 23k budget?

I would advice you go for MI TV stick , you can search it here on NL , chikizzy sells it. It is one of the best you can get in that price range 23-27k. Most of the less popular brands need some extra work to remove bloatwares to make them more responsive.
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by teamsynergy: 5:42pm On Mar 21, 2022
How much can one get that andriod TV box

It depends on your pocket. Some go for as low as 15K. MXQ pro 4k 5G or go for a more expensive Mi TV box (performs better). Please read online reviews about any box before buying o. x88 pro is a good one too.
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by teamsynergy: 12:35pm On Mar 20, 2022

Do you watch free movies with the firestick

Android tv box is your best bet for free channels including sports. Amazon prime account costs like $10-12 a month to explore the channels.
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by teamsynergy: 7:53pm On Mar 17, 2022

Relocation sales
Ibadan peope grab better quality things here.

Location – beisde Owu Crown Hotel(5-10 minutes from Iwo road) , Ibadan

6 by 6 bed 45,000
Deep fryer (hardly used): 15,000
Home Theater 5.1 Tall boys speakers: 25,000
Fan 2(celling): 4,000 each
1 18” Duravolt standing fan: 8,000
Curtains 10 pieces in total (neatly used) : 30,000
Plastic chair: 3,000
LG TV 42 inch 50,000K with free DVD
DSTV with dish:15,000
Generator Tiger 2.7kva 40,000
Thermocool Freezer (210 liters) 100,000
Thermocool Table top fridge 40,000
1 kenwood blender: 13,000
Mini washing Machine N15,000 price
Pressing iron 5,000
Clothes Wall hanger 6,000k
Water Drum (210 liter) 2: 9,000k each
Gas cylinders (2) 12.5kg– N15,000 each
Mattress 6 by 6 :- 50,000
Mattress 6 by 4 (1 ): 40,000
Mattress 4 by 4 (2) : 15,000
Wall clock, 2,000
Pressure cooker (used just thrice): 13,000
4 gas standing cooker with oven: (hardly used): 50,000
Center Rug: 7,000
Center table plus 4 side stools: 30,000
Electric Kettle: 5L: 8,000
HP Printer inkjet: 12,000
Duvet: 10,000
Bedside Fridge: 20,000
Sofa Set: 80,000

Contact Zero seven zero eight eight six zero eight six eight zero for more info and pictures

Picture of the generator
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by teamsynergy: 10:06pm On Mar 16, 2022
This Tv console must go this Saturday. Quote me with an offer

Politics / Re: Epe Youths Chase Herdsmen And Their Cows Out Of Their Town (Video) by teamsynergy: 8:11am On Jun 19, 2021

Some of these cows are also owned by the southerners,#foodforthought

No more open grazing for any herder, wether southerner or northerner... Let them buy land to keep their cows...

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Politics / Re: Epe Youths Chase Herdsmen And Their Cows Out Of Their Town (Video) by teamsynergy: 9:45pm On Jun 18, 2021
No grazing route in the south.. they should all go back to the north and rear their cows there

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Politics / Re: LIRS: Workers To Pay More Income Tax In Lagos by teamsynergy: 9:36pm On Jun 18, 2021

Yoruba politicians not "our politicians".

So na only Yoruba politicians dey selfish for this country ??
Politics / Re: LIRS: Workers To Pay More Income Tax In Lagos by teamsynergy: 7:47pm On Jun 18, 2021
These our politicans are mad.. in this hard economy, they live large on the wealth of the nation while choking the people with their inhumane policies

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by teamsynergy: 7:14pm On Jun 15, 2021
grin grin grin and you are on miui12.5
Mine is on MIUI 12.5 and I see a lot of people on gsm area and YouTube complaining about different issues, while mine runs like a dream. No issues At all..
Maybe I am just lucky
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Twitter, Liable For #endsars Destruction In Nigeria by teamsynergy: 3:12pm On Jun 15, 2021
Who is liable for the toll gate shooting , indiscriminate killings by herdsman?

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Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by teamsynergy: 9:28pm On Jun 13, 2021

Tempered glass screen protector

Redmi 6pro
Mi A3
Redmi Go
Poco F1
Poco F2 pro
Redmi note 9

Price: 500 each for tempered glass

Please note that screen cleaning paper is not included


Redmi note 7(leather, rubber, TPU)
Redmi 9 rubber
Redmi Note 9 armored
Mi 9 Armored

Price: 1k each except for TPU case which is 500

Location: Ifako-Gbagada, Lagos

Whatsapp 08057407671

Do you have casing and screen protector for RN 10 PRO
Religion / Re: Howard Nyoni: TB Joshua & Oyakhilome Had Terminal Diseases, Took Drugs Secretly by teamsynergy: 11:24am On Jun 08, 2021
Taking drugs for an illness is not a Sin..

But teaching your followers to pray into water and drink while you take drugs is highly hypocritical and criminal

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Phones / Re: My Redmi Phone Screen Is Totally Broken by teamsynergy: 8:28am On Jun 04, 2021
It is a LCD screen
Phones / Re: Samsung Galaxy A52 Review: Perfect Affordable Midrange! by teamsynergy: 11:57am On May 28, 2021
.... Pls can the 5g variant work in Nigeria

Yes .. it has 2G,3G,4G bands of all operators in Nigeria

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